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Base hits are in the air! H
Watch Cravath, Becker, H
Mclnnnis and Lajoie give the H
ball a ride to the fence.. They I
rrtake the fans go dippy with their I
ringing, clean-up wallops. But
rooting is bad on the tonsils.
Keep your rooting voice in pen-
nant condition by downing a
I Moroney Army and Navy high- .
I ball before and after the game.
. I It's not the kind of a drink
I that will put a watch on
H wrist
Moroney' j Anay and Navy Whiskey it oa »ale at aD first-class ban aad cafes
Annual Interscholastic Games at Penn
State Saturday Afternoon—Tech
Will Send Eighteen Athletes aud
Central Fifteen
Both lotal high schools will son«l
track ms to the interscholastic games
at P«>ii 11 t»t*:e next Saturday. Cetitral
"IViJI be represented bv fifteen while
Tech 1 send- eighteen.
Central entries follow :
100-Yard Dash—Smetzer, Mays. Fos
220-Yard I >:> - ii—gnieltzer. Mays.
440-Yard Dash—Smacker. Hail.
SSO-Yard Kin—Kreider.
One Mile Run—McMamee. Hall.
Hwo Mile Run—MrMainee, Kroider.
120 High Hurdles—Houtz, Winn,
220 L<o« Hurdles —Houtz. Sciiham
«r. Winn. X!>Manioc.
One Mile Relay—Houtz. Winn,
Smeltzer aud Mv.Vlaniee. Substitutes,
Mall. Dennv aud Seilhamer.
High Jump—Denny, Winn, Seil
Broad Jump—Foster. Winn, Houtz,
Beiihauier, Hall. 4
Pole Vault—Denny, McMamee. !
Shot Put Houtz. Smacker, Dift'en
b.i'h. Marcus, Soil ha mor.
Discus Throw— j Hout*. Suiucker. Dif
feubach, Sei.hai. 'r.
Hammer Throw—Diffeuba h. Soil-'
Technical Team
The com: icte Tech ii«t:
100-Yard Da«h—Heffeltinper, Ra
leigh, Kvans. Kyster, Beck. Da vies.
4 40-YarJ Dash—Stanstield. Stiteler, .
Balph. Kvans. Heffelfinger.
One-Mile Run—Garland, Roger. Har
120-Yard Hurdle—Anderson, Beck,
High Jump—Anderson.
Broad Jump—Anderson. Eyster,
(Heffelfinger, Raleigh, Evans.
Haif->Mile Bun—Dentining F cking
er. Euiauel.
Twi»-Mile Run—Garland, Sutch.
220-Yard Hurdle—-Be k. Wolfe. An
Pole \ ault—Anderson, Kmanuel, .1.
iM iller.
Weigit Kvent<—Beck. Kmanuel, ,1.
Miller. .V. Kay.
Relay Team—Heffelfinger. Dem- (
TJu 3 tfewark Shoe Ma.lcerSays~^
Cease Pacing $359 for
Shoes. Try a Pair of
tifiiJMl SAVE ~A -DOLLAR.'O "
pair of NEWARK Shoes will be a great
revelation to you. It will teach you that $2.50 is
enough to pay for Shoes. It will open your eyes to a
new and superior $3.50 shoe value, with 237 beautiful
styles to select from. It will initiate you into this
wonderful shoe economy that allows vou to buy a 53.50 ?
value shoe DIRECT FROM THE MAKER at the maker's
( price of 52.50. What the shoe j
jobber and retailer lose by your m
enlightenment— YOU make— S9 MA
former dollar. Try a pair *S
/ For Ba*'», $1.50,
\ 52»J2.5« |
NewarK Shoe Stores Company
315 MARKET ST., Near Dewberry St.
Open Saturday evealaga until iu..?o to accommodate our tutoaur*.
Mall Order* Filled By I'arcela Poali %
Other Newark stores Xearbyi York. Reading, Altooaa, Laicaiter.
(Baltimore. >
—137 Stores in 97 6jtics~ j
, V
■ ming, Stansfield, Stiteler, Evans and
i President Rogers Resigns When Home
-1 Run Baker Is Not Barred
From Baseball
I Philadelphia, May 13.—The Inter
> state Association of Baseball Leagues,
' at a special meeting last night, refused
' to bar J. Franklin Baker, the home
run King, who is under a three years'
contract with the Athletics, from play
ing professional baseball with the Up
land Club, of the Delaware County
League. Eight leagues which compose
' the organization voted on a motion of
F. M. Hackney, president of the Phila
delphia Suburban League, that Baker
• be barred, the final vote being nine
■ against the motion and seven in favor
of it. Immediately following this ac
tion Assistant District Attorney Joseph
P. Rogers, president of the association,
i tendered his resignation, stating that
. he refused to be associated with an or
ganization which harbored contract
'jumpers, deserters or quitters.''
The action was taken after a three
hours' session spent in going over the
( case. ,1. Borton Weeks, president of the
i Delaware County League, stated that
Connie Mack had said that Baker could
plav bail with a local clu>b providing it
was not in Philadelphia, and that under
, this agreement Baker is not a contract
Managers With Crippled Teams Wel
come the Day of Rest
Philadelphia. May 13. Another dou
ble-header was added to the Phillies'
list yesterday, when the second game
of the series with Pittsburgh, was
postponed on account of rain. This
makes four double-headers the Phillies
will have to play later in the
tw 0 here, one in Boston and the other
in Brooklyn. The Braves gained on
the Phillies by beating St. Louis, but
the Cubs lost to Brooklyn and dropped
back a few points.
The day's rest did not cause much
disa.:' ointment in the ranks of the two
teams. Manager Moran has several
cripples on the hospital list, and a day 's
re<! will help tile team. "Die Pittsburgh
pitchers are not going any too well, so
t. at Manager Clarke was satisfied when
I tiie game was called off.
W. L. PC.
Philadelphia 14 7 .667
Chicago 14 9 .609
Boston 13 9 .591
Cincinnati 11 11 .500
Pittsburgh 11 13 .458
Brooklyn 10 13 .4 35
St. Louis 11 15 .423
New York 7 14 .333
Yesterday's Results
Boston, 6; St. Louis, 2.
Now York, 6; Cincinnati, 5.
Brooklyn, 11; Chicago. 5.
Schedule for To-day
Pittsburgh at Philadelphia.
Chicago at Brooklyn.
St. Louis at Boston.
Cincinnati at New York.
Schedule for To-morrow
St. Louie at Boston.
Chicago at Brooklyn.
Cincinnati at New York.
Pittsburgh at Philadelphia.
W. L. P.C.
Detroit 11 8 .692
New York 13 S
Chicago 15 10 .600
Boston 10 9 .526
Cleveland 11 13 .458
Washington 10 12 .455
Athletics S 14 .364
St. Louis 7 18 .2SO
Yesterday's Results
St. Louis. 3; Athletics, 0.
Chicago, 4; Washington, 1.
New York, 4; Cleveland, 2.
Boston, 4; Detroit. 1.
Schedule for To-day
Athletics at St. Louis.
Boston at Detroit.
Washington at Chicago.
New York at Cleveland.
Schedule for To-morrow
No games scheduled.
W. 1.. P.C
Pittsburgh 17 8 .6SO
Newark 14 11 .560
Chicago 14 11 .560
Kansas City 13 11 .542
Brooklyn '. 12 12 .500
St. Louis 10 13 .435
Baltimore 11 15 .423
Buffalo 8 18 .308
Yesterday's Results
Pittsburgh, 3; Buffalo, 2.
Other games postponed—Rain.
Schedule for To-day
St. Louis at Baltimore.
Kansas City at Newark.
Chicago at Brooklyn.
Pittsburgh at Buffalo.
Schedule for To-morrow
Brooklyn at Baltimore.
Newark at Buffalo.
Chicago at Pittsburgh.
(Others teams not scheduled).
Superintendent's Office Defeat Division
The Superintendent's Office bowlers'
won from the Division Engineers on I
the P. R. R. Y. M. C. A. alleys last !
night by the close margin of 16 pins. ;
The scores:
Jenkins ... 120 90 107— 317 I
G. A. Snyder 106 123 135 364
C. F. Snyder 150 118 132 400
Fisher .... 168 164 203 535
Myers 233 139 176 548
Totals .. 777 634 753—2164
Price 9S 103 142 343
Nicholas .. 137 129 124 390 i
Long 138 117 99 354 I
Dieffenbach. 180 185 184— 54 9 !
Starr 155 167 190 — 512 i
Totals .. 708 701 739—2148
William C. Roberts' Bird Wins Hun
dred-Mile Event
A pigeon owned by William C. Rob-j
erts came home first in the special
100-mile race from Manassas, Ya., toj
Harrisburg for yearlings held by local
farcers Tuesday, averaging 1.351.09 j
yards per minute. The summary:
Yds. per Time of
minute. Arrival. I
Wbi. C. Roberts . . 1,351.09 1.00.56 ,
Jos ; ah t'rutchlev . 1.337.66 2.02.28
Josiah Crutchley . 1.332.05 2.03.04
Wm. C. Roberts' . . 1,327.39 2.03.27,
John Fisher 1,174.52. 2.25.24)
E. Weaver 1.145.52 2.30.15 1
E. Weaver 1,144.74 2.30.22!
C. A. Martz 998.17 2.34.18
C. A. Martz 994.84 2.54.49
Enola Without Game
The Enola Country Club wants a
game for Saturday at home. Open
dates also for May 31 and July 5, ei
ther at home or away. Address A.
C. Keel, Enola.
Game Wanted
The P. R. R. Electrics would like
to arrange a game for Saturday. Any
managers wishing to fill their schedules
should address Emory P. Cook, 1554
Vernon street.
West End Festival
The West End A. C. will hold an iee
cream festival at Fourth and Woodbine
streets Friday and Saturday evenings :
for the benefit of the baseball team.
I • Snpe**' I
\JmmQQ-Cent- BLACK
Marked to Sell Regularly
Four Largje Tables to Select From. Hundreds of
- the Best and Newest Shapes—For Only
Save-a Dollar On Your Hat
New York, 6; Cincinnati, 5
New York, May 13. —Mathewson
won his first victory of the 1915 sea
son yesterday, defeating Cincinnati by
a score of 6 to 5.
R. H. E.
Cincinnati .00300000 2—5 11 3
New York .11000130 x—6 111
Dale and Clark; Mathewson and
| Meyers.
Brooklyn, 11; Chicago, 5
Brooklyn, May 13.—Cheney was easy
in the first two innings yesterday and
1 Brooklvn won from Chicago, 11 to 5.
R. H. E.
j Chicago ..01101000 2 5 10 6
; Brooklyn .25 0 01201 x—ll 14 2
Cheney and Archer: Pfeffer aud Me-
Boston. A; St. Louis, 2
Boston. May 13.—A clean single by
Gilbert, a pinch hitter, scored the first
two runs of five gained by the Braves
in the sixth inning yesterday, making
: possible Boston's victory over St. Louis,
6 to 2.
R. H. E.
St. Louis ...00100010 o—2 9 1
Boston 00000501 x—6 8 1
Perdue, Meadows and Snyder; .lames
and Gowdy.
St. Louis, 3; Athletics, O
St. Louis, May 13.—Weilman proved
; too much for the Athletics yesterday
j afternoon, and the result was a verdict
! in favor of the Browns, 3 to 0.
R. 11. F..
Athletics ...00000000 o—o 2 4
! St. Louis .. 0200100 0 x—3 6 2
Pennock, Wvckoff and Schang; Weil
man aud Agucw.
Boston, 4; Detroit, 1
Detroit, Mich., May 13. —A rally in
' the fifth inning, which Gainer, a for*
mer Tiger, led with a home run. gave
Boston a 4-to-l victory over Detroit
here yesterday.
R. H. E.
Boston 00003010 o—4 8 1
Detroit .... 00010000 o—l0 —1 8 3
Shore and Cadv; Covesleskie and
Baker, Stanage.
New York, 4; Cleveland, 2
Cleveland, 0., May 13.—Wood's er
ror, Peckinpaugh's triple and a wild
I pitch by Walker were the principal fac
tors in New York's four-run rally in
the seventh inning, which gave New-
York the victory, 4 to 2.
R. H. E.
Cleveland -..01010000 o—2 6 2
New York . 00000040 o—4 8 1
Walker, Mitchell and Egan; Warhop
and Nunamaker.
Chicago, 4; Washington, 1
Chicago, May 13.—Urban Faber
held Washington to two hits yesterday,
which came in the ninth inning, and
saved the visitors from a shutout, Chi
cago winning, 4 to 1.
R. H. E.
Washington . 00000000 I—l 2 2
Chicago ....10200100 x—4 8 1
Gallia, Bentlev and Henry, Ain
smith: Faber and Daly.
New Hosiery Mill for Lebanon
Lebanon, May 13.—The W. F.
Taubel incorporation, Riverside, N. J.,
manufacturers of hosiery, will start its
factory in operation in this city in ten
days in the newly-built Central" Market
House building. It is expected that
the company will put 300 persons to
Faber, of Chicago Americans Claims
World's Record
By Associated Press.
Chicago. May 13.—A world's pitch
ing record was claimed to-day for
I rban Faber, of the Chicago Ameri
cans as a result of his performance in
defeating the Washington club four to
one, here yesterday.
According to baseball experts, Faber
pitched only sixty-seven balls during
the nine innings, five less than the rec
ord established by Christy Mathewson,
of the New York Nationals, several
years ago.
In the third and fifth innincs, Faiber
retired «ix men on six pitched balls,
each batter hitting the first ball for
an out.
East End Without Game
The Fast End A. A. is without a
game for Saturday. William Shaffer,
manager, 1917'Derry street, is anxious
to schedule a fast team. He can be
reached by Bell phone 842 J.
Halifax H. 8. Wants Games
The Halifax High school baseball
team would like to arrange games with
all High school or other amateur teams
either at home or away. The manager
is Herman Richter, Halifax, Pa. x
At Buffalo— 1?. H. E.
Pittsburgh 3 8 1
Buffalo 2 7 0
Barger and Berry; Krapp, Ehmke
and Blair.
Other games postponedf rain.
Bakers Without Game
The Bilker A. A. is without a game j
for SatnrdajK and would like to sched- j
ulo a strong amateur team for that!
date. Would prefer to play away from j
home. Address Fred Evans, 307 Resse- j
mer street, Steelton. United phone'
22 W.
For a sturdy spring drink, try Fink's j
National Celebration to Be Observed '
Here By Keystone Club
The celebration of the national mo
torcycle week all over the United
States, from May 24-31, will be ob
served in this city by the Keystone
Motorcycle Club, under whose direction
a program is being prepared. A big
feature is what will be known as "tag
week,'' which has for its purpose the !
advancement of "safety tirst" with
regard to motorcycles.
The daily program for the week is
as follows:* Monday, May 24, Demon
stration Day; Tuesday, Commercial
Day; Wednesday, Carnival Day; Thurs
day, Ladies' Day; Friday, Bicycle and
Motorwheel Day; Saturday, Sunday
and Monday, 29, 30, 31, will each be,
'"Wing of Sports Day."
In connection with the general cele
bration, Heagy Brothers, dealers in the
Barley-Davidson motorcycle will enter
tain members of the Keystone Motor
cycle Club and all motorcycle riders |
of the city with a chicken dinner at
Lebanon, Sunday, May 30.
Resume Canal Navigation
Easton, Pa.. Mty 13.—Three loaded
boats came down the Lehigh canal yes
terday on their way to Bristol. They
are the first to move since the strike
of the boatmen was inaugurated some
weeks ago. Each boat was heavily
guarded by employes of the Lehigh Coal
and Navigation Companv.
Former School Mistress Dies
Mechanics Grove, M3y 13. —Mrs.'
.lames Griffith, 55 years old, died last
night of a complication of diseases.
She taught school in early life and was
a member of the Mennonite church.
Besides her husband, several children
and a number of brothers and sisters
Coal Company Gives Baseball Park
Knepmont, Pa., May 13.—The Sus
quehanna Coal Companj* has piesented
to the young men of the Knep Memorial
church, this place, a tract of land, 400 x
400 feet, for baseball purposes.
People Say To Us
"I cannot eat this or that, food, it doe
not agree with me." Our advice to
all of them is to take a
D Ta P blet 3 I
before and alter each meal. 25c a bo?
George A. Gorgas
ft /
9 *"•»Maart,AlnylktUibtt I
Lancaster's Favorite Brew
JNO. G. WALL, Agt.
Haip-isburg, Pa. Frank J. Rieker, Mgr.
John Liston to Tell of Electrical
Equipment of Panama Canal
John Liston, of" the General Electric
Company, will deliver a lectnro TVi
day evening before the Engineers' So
ciety of Pennsylvania on "The Pana
ma Canal ami Its Electrical Equip
ment.'' The lecturer will tell of the
usee of electricity in tlie construction
of this great engineering project and
by motion pictures will show the actual
operation of electrically driven ma
chinery used by the government in con
structing the canal. The pictures were
taken at the site and are intensely in
teresting as they show the real condi
tions under which the work was done.
Mr. Liston will also describe the per
manent electrical equipment for the
operation of the canal and will illus
trate this part of his lecture with
stereopVfton slides.
This is the last lecture of the sea
son at the Engineers' Society and will
probably be one of the most interest
ing of a series of remarkably fine lec
tures on engineering topics and topics
of -a general nature bnt allied to the
engineering profession.
Members of the society, State of
fieialSj public service men and others
interested in this branch of engineer
ing, are invited to attend the lecture,
which will be held at the club house,
31 South Front street.
Will Install New Pastor
Cape May, N. J., May 13. —The. Rev.
Curtis O. Bosserman, the new pastor of
the First Presbyterian church, will be
installed this evening and many clergy
men from South Jersey will attend the
installation. He came here from Ship
pensburg, Pa. He was graduated from
Princeton University in 1891 and from
Princeton Theological Seminary in
Open a Checking Account
with us and in a very short time you will find that you
can keep much* better track of your expenses than
under the old plan of paying currency for bills.
A Checking Account introduces system and correct
ness into every detail of your financial transactions and,
furthermore, is a great help to economy.
Whether large or small, your account is invited by
this institution and we assure you of the very best
service at all times.
$5,ui)0,000 Stock Defrauders and Book
sellers Must Go to Prison
New York, iMay 13.—The convic
tion of James J. Farmer Slid VVillian
J. Hartley, tried for using the mail:
to defraud in the sale of rare books
was upheld in a decision rendered ves
terday in the United States Circuil
1 ourt of Appeals by Judge ljacombe
The pair got two years each in Atlautn
last November and appealed. Judgt
ljHcombe reversed the judgment of tin
District Court as to one count in tin
indictments against them, but atUrme<
the other two.
The conviction of Archie L. Wisnci
and John J. Meyers, tried on a similai
charge in connection with the sale ol
mining and oil stocks, was sustained
Wisner and "Meyers conducted the firm
of Wisner & Co., and were charged
with having perpetrated frauds aggre
gating $5,000,000. They received sen
tences in -March, 1914* of six years
each. Meyers, in addition, was liuec
Cures Eczema, Galls, Dandruff
and all skin eruptions.
WM. DEISS, 920 N. 2nd SI,