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    Witmer, Bair & Witmer Witmer. Bair & Witmer
May Clearance Sale of Suits & Coats
Complete and Ip-to-Date at Popular Prices
Supply your Travel, Vacation amd Motoring needs
Suits, SIO.OO to 53G.50
Coats, $0.50 to $29.76
Witmer, Bair & Witmer 202 st^ ut
Successful Benefit Affair Arranged by
Mrs. Boy P. M. Davis and Commit
tee of the City Suflrage Associa
One of the most successful suffrage
benetits ever held by local suffragists
was held yesterday at the Harrisburg
Country Club, when ■ the bridge party
and tea was held under the auspices of
the City Suffrage Association, with
Mrs. Roy P. M. Davis as chairman of
the committee.
Decorations of yellow prevailed
throughout the club house. Miss Helen
McFarland presided over the literature
table and Mrs. Harvey F. Smith, chair
man of the Dauphin county committee,
and Mrs. John Oenslager, chairman of
city organization, presided over tlie tea
The sixteen bridge tables were in
charge of the following:
Mrs. Wilmer R. Batt, Mrs. Roy P.
M. Davis, Mrs. Solomon Hiney, Mrs.
George Preston Mains, Mrs. Horace M.
Witman, Mrs. Karl Kaltwasser, Miss
Letitia Brady, Mrs. Thomas M. Jones,
Mrs. Frank A. Smith, Mrs. Edgar
Marks, Miss Eleanor Darlington, Miss
Eleanor Walter, Mrs. Paul Smith, Dr.
Ruth A. Deeter. Mrs. Christian Lynch
and Mrs. Lew Russell Palmer.
The affair was not only a social suc
i ess, but a financial one as well, for
the receipts were considerably over
Eastern Star Entertainment
A dance and card party was given
last night in Winterdale hall by the
Order of Eastern Star Chapter 14 6.
Morgan's orchestra furnished music for
the dancing and during intermission
refreshments were served by Phillips,
the caterer.
The committee of arrangements in
cluded Mrs. Oharles Woelile, chairman;
(Mrs. Charles Hoover, Mrs. Charles Kelir,
IMrs. Gustave Koster, 'Mrs. Billett Law
son and Mrs. John C. Gitt. Among the
guests were: Dr. and Mrs. H. Range,
IMechanicsburg; Dr. and Mrs. R. E.
'Holmes, IMr. and Mrs. George Kline,
'Mr. and Mrs. Harry Barley, Mr. and
Mrs. W. B. Sloan, Mr. and Mrs. S. A.
D. Barr, Mr. and Mrs. A H. Fraiin, Mr.
and Mrs. C. L. Sheaffer, Mr. and Mrs.
J. J. Weaver, Mr. and Mrs. John 'Burk
liolder, Dr. and Mrs. C. L. Wright,
iMr. and Mrs. Earl DeWald, Mr. ami
Mrs. Charles Wohle, Mr. and iMrs. A.
G. Shantz, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Paul,
Mr. and Mrs. Billttt Lawson, Mr. ami
IMrs. Charles Boyer, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Hoover, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Kehr, Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Cook,
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Neely, Mr. and
IMxs. John P. Shelley, Mr. and Mrs.
(ieorge Drake, IMr. and Mrs. Gustave
Koster. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Gitt, Mr.
and Mrs. G. M. Eshleman, Dr. and Mrs.
E. K. Lawsou, Penbrook; Prof, and
IMirs. George Henchman. Mr. and Mrs.
Oharles Shetto, iMrs. Joseph Sweigart,
IMrs. I. S. 'Brickcr, Mrs. A. K. Drake,
Mrs. E. Helen Boyer, Mrs. Jeanettc
Shelly, Mrs. Lillian Beard, Mrs. C. W.
Davis, MTS. C. Koons, 'Mrs. M. H.
Hickok, 'Mrs. Maurice c. Beard, Mrs.
Carrie E. Miller, Mrs. Irvin Ricker,
-Mrs. Anna Bacon, Mrs. Laura Wallow
er, Mrs. Martiha Schuyler, Mrs. Kath
arine Brunner, Mrs. Katharine Drake,
iMrs. Harry Christ, Mrs. C. W. Sebourn,
Mrs. Katlierine Caley, Mrs. Kate G.
Hegner, Mrs. Joseph Lester, Mrs. W. H.
IMeyers, MTS. Ernest Cady, Mr. and IMrs.
Frank Mountz, Mrs. S. Egolt', Mrs. F.
Hunter, M\ss Gertrude Campbell, Ijeb
anon;lMliss Louiseßrechel, Lebanon; Miss
Quick, Accurate Thinking
requires mental faculties thoroughly energized.
Energy conies from food —right food. Not heavy,
indigestible food, but food easily digested and at
the same time highly nutritious. This double re
quirement is splendidly combined in
Made of choice wheat and malted barley, this
famous food retains all the nutriment of the grain,
including those priceless mineral elements that
must be furnished the system for the best activ
ities of body and brain.
The delicate nut-like flavour of Grape-Nuts, its
concentrated energy and ease of digestion make
this wonderful food a standby in the homes of
thoughtful people everywhere.
"There's a Reason"
Sold by Grocers everywhere.
tHelen Barley. Miss Sarah Anna Swartz,
'M'iss Ruth Graybill, IMiss Elizabeth
Snyder, Mass Hazel 8. Fraim, (Miss
Elizabeth M. Feltenberger, MiRS \M«y
ißorlev, Miss Johanna Reese, iMliss IMi&r
garet Turner, iMiss Mildred Erelmyer,
iMiss Mabel Charles, Miss ißerfcha IMot
ter, Miss Irene Horner, IMliss LMalml Wal
lower, Miss Madeline Batter, ->iiss Jo
sephine Koser, Miss Francis Hamilton.
Miss Daisy 'Martin, Miss Edna V. Smith,
Miss Hulda'h Rice, Charles W. 'Boyer,
Howard Fraim, J. J. 'Monroe, Kenneth
'-NT. Rhoads, Charles S. Fisher, Roy Bor
ley, Isaiah Reese, William Hicks, C. A.
j Hoke, (Harry Finnerfrock.
Entertained at a Bridge Luncheon in
Compliment to Her Guest
From Philadelphia
Mrs. George King Keet, 268 Boas
street, gave a bridge luncheon yester
day complimentary to her guest. Miss
[ Catherine Mullin, of Philadelphia.
I The guests included:
Mrs. Leroy H. Hagerling, Mrs.
j James G. Hatz, Mrs. William S. Ham-
I maker, Mrs. 8. Reuel Sides, Mrs. W.
Calder Metzger, Miss Elsie Brinser,
J Miss Lorene Shelley, Miss Marian
I Leib, Miss Helen Leib. Mrs. Earl Mack
enson, Miss Edith Troup, Mrs. Robert
I W. Troup, Mrs. Frank Nead, Mrs.
| Gecrge Porter Hammond, Mrs. Edward
j Stuntz, Mrs. Harry T. Neale, Mrs.
i Frank Long, Mrs. Paul Chadwick, Mrs.
I Baird Potts, Mrs. Henry Clay Kennedy,
Miss Katharine Warden, Mrs. William
| S. Raub and Miss Esther Goll, of Lan
j caster; Miss Mullin and Mrs. Keet.
Members of Sunday School Class of
Maclay Street Church of God
Were Her Guests
Miss Martha Shoop, 611 Forrest
! street, entertained the members of the
Friendship class of the Maclay Street
Church of God at her home Tuesday
j evening.
Those present were Mrs. R. V. Rit
j ter, teacher; Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Ram
j sev, Mrs. W. Wilbert, Mrs. Ella Forney,
Miss Helen Merkle, Miss Helen Ram
j sev, Miss Helen Sellers, Miss Owe
: English, Miss Grace Gallagher, Miss
Bessie Bixler, Miss Emma Sheetz,
Miss Sue Groff, Miss McCoy, Miss
May Adams, Miss May Merkle, Miss
Paulino Wilbert and Miss Margaret
1 Shoop. The next meeting will be held
j June 1 at the home of Miss Grace Gal
lagher, 344 Harris street.
Dames of Malta Were Guests of Mrs.
C. G. Duey
The degree team of the Dames of
Malta was entertained toy Mrs. C. G.
Duey at her home, 617 Delaware street,
last night. After a short business ses
sion a social hour was spent and re
freshments served. Those present were:
Mrs. Sallie Howenstine, Mrs. Mar
garet Keller, Mrs. Eflie Barger, Mrs.
Cora Warren, Mrs. Dollie Grubb, Mrs.
Mildred Michaels. iMrs. Agnes Reed,
Mrs. Margaret Leedv, Mrs. Jessie Kuhl
wind, Mrs. Marv Feihls, Mrs. Fink, IMrs.
Blanche Harling. Mrs. Cora Ri'ber, Mrs.
Carrie May and Mrs. Duey.
Diocesan Meeting Which Will Be Held
In St. Stephen's Episcopal Church,
May 10-18, Will Be Attended By
Many Churchmen
Clergymen and layipen attending the
diocesan convention which will be held
at St. Stephen's church, May 10-13,
will be entertained during their stay
in the city as indicated in the follow
ing list:
H. M. Ake, by W. P. Maguire, The
Loohiel; A. Aune, by W. B. Hammond,
1609 North Front street; W. E. Allen,
bv W. K. Mevers, The Bolton; F. R.
Allison, by F. W. Watts, 2112 Chest
nut street; E. S. Barlow, by C. B. Mc-
Conkey, Stanley apartments; F. M.
Bed dell, by J. P. Jones, The Bolton;
R. Bell, by B. F. Burns, The Bolton;
D. A. Blose, The Lochiel; G. R. Bishop,
by W. W. Davis, 117 Pine street; G.
C. F Bratenahl. Mrs. M. E. Olmsted,
ID'S North Front street; G. I. Browne,
by Dr. John Oenslager, 115 South
Front street; Bishop Burgess, Bishop
Darlinigton, 321 North Front street;
F. G. Oaruthers, by Johu Heathcote,
The Bolton; T. I. Lacey, The Lochiel;
F. C. Charlton, by B. F. Meyers, The
Bolton; W. C. Clapp, by the Misses
Lett, 218 Pine street; F. A. Cook, by
Mrs. Moorhouse, The 'Bolton; F. M.
Crouch, by C. H. Lloyd, The Boltou;
.1. V. Davies, ibv G. Reinoehl, The Bol
ton; L. P. Davies, by J. Clement, The
Lochiel; A. R. Dewitt, by W. M. Don
aldson, The Bolton; P. R. Dix, by Mrs.
R. A. Lamberton, The Metropolitan;
F. W. Dorset, by W. S. Hurlock, The
Bolton; C. H. Doupe, by Lesley Mc-
Creath, The Commonwealth; W. Dor
wart, by Dr. John Oenslager, The
Lochiel; F. T. Eastment, by Mrs. T. R.
Smith, 307 North Second street; G. 0.
ljskins, by A. S., The Met
ropolitan;" E. M. Frear, by Mrs. John
Reily, The Lochiel; F. L. Gardiner, by
P. T. Meredith, 1605 North Front
street; R. F. Gibson, by Frank Payne,
612 North Front street; D. P. Griffith,
by Frank Smith, The Commonwealth.
W. Heakes, by G. I. Beattv, The
Bolton; F. N. Hinkle, by Mrs. Matchett,
342 South Sixteenth street; W. B.
Hooper, by W. T. Hildrup, The Com
monwealth; Bishop Hodur, by the
Misses Lett, 218 Pine street; G. G.
Hoyt, by H. H. Bowman, 1516 North
Second street; A. A. Hughes, by A.
Lutz, 309 North Second street; Bishop
Hulse, by J. F. Bullitt, 2220 Chestnut
street; C). C. Kelsey, by Frank Pollock,
405 South Fourteenth street; C. J.
Kilgour, by the Rev. Mr. Appleton; W.
E. Kunkel, by C. B. Ely, The Lochiel;
C. S. Kitchin, by Mrs. A. W. Norris,
207 South- Front street; J. H. Lamb,
bv R. A. Sawyer, 309 North Front
street; ,T. H. Lamb, Jr., by R. A. Saw
yer, 309 North Front street; A. Mc-
Millan, by Mrs. J. C. Kunkel, 11 South
Front street; M. D. Maynard, by W. B.
Hammond, 1609 North Front street;
J. A. Miller, by G. Coloviras, 1908
Market street: R. R. Morgan, by G. A.
Gorgas, The Bolton; L. C. Morrison, bv
Dr. C. S. Rebuck, 412 North Third
street; F. O. Musser, by W. H. Hender
son, The Bolton; Bishop Murray, by
Bishop Darlington, 321 North Front
street; L. Nichols, by Dr. G. B. Kunkel,
118 Locust street; L. R. Powell, by
!W. T. Hildrup, . The Commonwealth;
|W. C. Pugh, by Mrs. G. D. Ramsay,
! 101 Locust street; W. M. Parchment,
by W. E. Herron, 1245 Bailey street;
li. B. Pulsifer, bv Mrs. A. W. Norris,
207 South Front street; 11. E. Scbmaus,
by Mrs. W. Eglc, The Bolton; J. C.
Skottowe, by Allen Donaldson, The
| Commonwealth; F. C. Smileau, by Mrs.
jH. D. Boas, The Lochiel; Bishop
Sweeney, by Mrs. M. E. Olmsted, 105
North Front street; H. D. Speakman,
by W. H. Speakman, Cloverly Heights;
i Bishop Talbot, bv' P. T. Meredith,
i 1600 North Front street; A. R. Taylor,
I by G. M. Whitney, The Commonwealth;
■I. W. Torkington, by J. A. Herman,
i The Commonwealth; C. G. Twomblv, by
William Henderson, 25 North Front
street; C. A. Tvndell, bv A. Perlev, The
Bolton; A. P.' Wilson,'by W. F. Ran
dall, The Commonwealth; F. C. Wood
ward, by F. Gannett, 122 Woodbine
street; D. Yule, by R. Morrison, 615
North Front street.
One Hundred Members of Junior
Branch Will Help With Affair
One hundred girls of the junior de
partment of the V. W. C. A. will hold |
a bazar at the building Saturday, May I
S, beginning at 11 a. m.
These girls have been working ev-1
ery Saturday afternoon this past win
ter and are now ready to have a dis
play and sale of the articles they have
made. There will be on sale iron-hold
ers, tea towels, picnic napkins, kewpie
| cushions, strings of colored silk thread,
j children's handkerchiefs outlined, pen
j wipers, utility aprons, dust cloths. The
| mothers of the girls will contribute
| cakes and candy. The ladies in charge
of this work are Miss Edna Sprenkel,
j Miss Anna May Miller, Miss Cordelia
i,V. Brenneman and Miss Mabel Ar
j nold.
Members Were Guests of Mrs. Kirby
Members of the M L. 0. Club were
j entertained at the home of Mrs. Kirby
I Imwson, 2533 Main street, Penbrook.
| Those present were:
Mrs. John Wetzel Jacobs, Mrs.
! Charles Wagner, Mrs. Bruce Taylor,
j Mrs. F. M. Hunter, Mrs. Bruce Knight,
! rs. Paul Wallower, Mrs. Clarence
Towsen and Mrs. Edward Kirby Law-*
j sou.
W. C. T. TJ. Meeting
The regular meeting of the East
Harrisburg W. C. T. I'. will be held to
morrow evening at 7.30 o'clock in the
Fourth Reformed church, Sixteenth
and Market streets. The topic for dis
cussion will be "Florence Nightin
gale" and the leader Mrs. J. M. Re
Missionary Society Entertainment
The Lucknow Missionary Society of
Grace M. E. chur<<h will give an en
tertainment, consisting of music and
rea/dings, to-night at 8 o'clock in the
lecture room of the dhurch, Everybody
is invited to aittend.
Habecker-Warfel Wedding
Lititz, .May 6.—Muss Edith Warfel
was married to John R. IHabecker, of
Lancaster, by the Rev. Dr. Haupt, pas
tor of the Grace Lutheran church, Ijan
caster, at the home of the bride. The
ring ceremony torfts used and the couple
was unattended.
News of Persons
Who Come and Go
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Fox, 228
North Front street, have removed to
their country place on the Yellow
Breeches creek.
Mr. and Mrs. John Campbell, 106
Walnut street, will leave shortly for
their summer home near New Cumber
Mr. and Mrs. Blackwood Cameron
and children, of Reading, have return
ed to Mr. Cameron's former home at
Richmond, Va., where they will make
their permanent residence.
Mrs. Berne H. Evans, of the Elphin
stone apartments, Front and Forster
streets, has returned from a visit in
New York City.
Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Bradley, of
Boston, are visiting the former's
mother, Mrs. William H. Bradley,
Front and State streets.
Mr. and Mrs. James Andrews, 1606
State street, are spending the month
nt the Aldinger cottige, near Liugles
Mrs. J. Newton Deeter, 204 Wal
nut street, and Miss Lillian Quigley,
263 Boas street, have returned from
a visit with Mr. and Mrs. James Y\
Rippin, of Overbrook.
Mrs. Charles F. fitter, 904 North
Second street, has returned home after
visiting her sister, Mrs. Alexander
Snyder, of Ardmore.
Miss Ethel Fair, of the Harrisburg
Public Library, staff, is spending at few
days in Philadelphia
Miss Annie Lewis, of Malvern, is
the Sliest of Mr. and Mrs. William E.
Lewis, SO9 Capital street.
Miss Emily Bailey and Miss Fran
ces Bailey, Third and Maclay streets,
have returned from Bellefonte where
they visited Miss Sara Hastings.
Miss Margaret Stackpole, 1525
North Front street, has returned from
a visit with her sister, Mrs. Bruce
Caldwell, at Sharon.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bushoell, 1531
North Second street, have returned
from a short stay in Atlantic City.
Mrs. John Stine, of the Reynard
apartments returned yesterday from
Among those who attended the fu
neral of W. Eugene O. Hake, which
occurred yesterday afternoon were the
following: Mrs. E. F. White, Miss Sara
White, Mrs. George B. Noss, Duncan
non; Mr. 'and Mrs. Edmund Constan
tine and daughters, Dorothy and Ruth,
Roanoke, Va.; Miss Albert Thomas, of
Philadelphia; Mrs. A. E. Black, Miss
Minerva Black, Altoona; Mrs. Ham
aker, Miss Minnie Thomas, Johu C.
Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Seltzer,
Mm. John Kohr, Middletown.
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. von Hoffs and
their children, Carolyn and Kerwin,
have moved from 1928 North Third
street, to the Metropolitan annex,
formerly the United States hotel. Mr.
von Hoffs has taken over the manage
ment of this hotel.
Miss Anna Glass, 40 North Seven
teenth street, has returned from Sun
Miss Elizabeth Holmes, of Paxtang,
is home after a visit to Philadelphia.
Miss Bessie Lutz, of Lititz, lias re
turned after spending several days with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Lutz,
328 South Fourteenth street.
Mrs. Thomas McGeehan, of Chester,
is spending several days with Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Gilmer in Paxtang.
Miss Eva E. Reber, of Washington,
I). C., is the guest of Miss Ruth D.
Shure, 3'52 South Thirteenth street.
Mrs. Ross Ferno, of York, is the
iguest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
C. Smith, on Cottage Ridge.
Henry Fink has returned to Mer
cersburg Academy, after a visit with
his mother, Mrs. Henry Fink, 2i2'9 Pine
Miss Emorld Swartz, 424 North
street, left to-day for a several weeks'
stay in Pittsburgh.
Mrs. Thomas McFadden, 1622 Dcr
ry street, is home from a short stay in
Mr. and Mrs Harry ; Gochenauer and
Mrs. Charles Swartz, 1311 Swatara
street, are home after a motor trip to
Mrs. Jacob Eckert, 708 North Sixth
street, is home from Carlisle.
Miss Anna Kyle, 1514 Penn street, I
has returned from a month '8 stay with
Mrs. H. Holler in Rahway, N. J.
Frank Bowers, 1329 Kittatinny
street, has been called to Newville by
the death of his mother.
Mrs. J. M. Wheeler, 1264 State
street, left to-day for a trip to Ham-'
burg and Reading.
Mrs. H. M. Geiger, of Northuinber- !
lahd, is the guest of Mrs. Charles E.:
Williams, 1501% North Sixth street.;
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Beale, of Al-;
toona, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. |
Charles Black, 311 Walnut street.
Mrs. Joseph Kuepley, 634 Verbeke
street, is visiting in Philadelphia.
Mrs. John Troy, of Pittsburgh, who
was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. Ed
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Get at the
Cause and Bemove It
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the sub
stitute for calomel, act gently on the
bowels and positively do the work.
People afflicted with bad breath find
quick relief through Dr. Edwards' Olive
Tablets. The pleasant, sugar-coated
tablets are taken for bad breath by all
who know them. ,
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act gently
but firmly on the bowels and liver,
stimulating them to natural action,
clearing the blood and gently purifying
the entire system.
They do that which dangerous calo
mel does without of the bad after
All the benefits of nasty, sickening,
griping cathartics arc derived from Dr.
Edwards' Olive Tablets without griping,
pain or disagreeable effects of any kind.
Dr. F. M. Edwards discovered the
formula after seventeen years of prac
tice among patients afflicted with bowel
and liver complaint with the attendant
bad breath.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are purely
a vegetable compound mixed with olive
oil, you will know them by their olive
Take one or two every night for a
week and note the effects. 10c and 25c
pel 1 box. All druggists.
The Olive Tablet Company, Colum
bus. O.—Adv.
■ft THING—to have beautiful JML
n hnlr It TOO apply Emprra* ,lj
jf/ InNtantaneoua Hair Color Vl i
V/l Restorer. One applleatlou 1/
WM restores gray and faded H|A
JM L hair to any color desired
Iff inatantly An.v one can ap- 1J
I|H Ply it. No aftemanhinK Pj
K* necessary. >1.041 per box. M
ttA Sold by Geo. A. Gorxaa,
W niven, l*onteroy A |
ward Groce, 1254 Walnut street, has 1
returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Spicer, 313,
Walnut street), are spending some time i
at Galen Hall, Atlantic City, where the |
former is recuperating from a serious j
Miss Elnora Snyder, 826 Cowden i
street, spent yesterday in Philadelphia. ;
Mrs. Annie Lutz and daughter, Miss j
Alma Lutz, of Liverpool, are guests of j
Mrs. Martha J. Hartzell, 1501'/j North
Sixth street.
Members Were Guests of Mrs. Albert
Chesley Yesterday Afternoon
Mrs. Albert Chesley entertained the '
members of the Study Ciub at her home, I
212 North Third street, yesterday aft
ernoon. The club has been studying
"Pennsylvania" during the winter and j
the subject of yesterday's discussion |
was "Mural Decorations of the State
Capital, are Artists and Their Works."
Those present at the meeting yester- :
day were Mrs. James Andrews, Mrs. L. '
D. Perry, Mrs. .Tames 'B. Carruthors,
Mrs. E. H. Gottschall, Mrs. Homer S.
May, Mrs. Henry Slay maker, Miss Kliz- ■
abeth Mueneli and Mrs. William Cooke.
Recovering From an Illness
Miss Minerva Greager, 402 North
Third street, is recovering from a re
cent illness due to overwork in writing
plots for photo plays.
BILL CARRIES $32,497,406*
The general appropriations bill is on j
its way through the House, being re- '
ported out last night by Chairman |
Woodward. It carries a total of $32,- |
497,406, which is about $5,000,000
less than for the two preceding years :
and well within the revenues, according
to the way the Woodward committee
has figured it out.
If there are no after discovered big
items to tack on to the bill, it will call
fot less than any bill of a similar char
acter in. a number of years. The total
this year is hardly a fair comparison
with the sum of two years ago, which
carried with it funds for the State
Highway Department and for the tu- j
berculosis division of tlie State Health !
Department, all of which this year'will j
be cared for in separate bills.
This table gives amounts for the j
coming two years:
Department Expenses
Executive Department... $07,567 \
Executive Comptroller . . 15,600 !
State Department 287,500 i
Auditor General 4 38,200
Internal Affairs 163,325 !
Treasury Department ... 160,300 j
Attorney General 216,200 j
Banking Department .... .218,500
Public Instruction 110,000 |
■ Professional Education . . 25,000 !
Medical Education and Li
censure 33,500 |
State Board of Education 30,000 j
College and University
| Council 1,000 j
j Dental Council 4,000
i Adjutant General 178,960 I
| State Armory Board .. .\ 12,000
Insurance Department . . . 205,000 1
i State Fire Marshal 121,000
j State Library 98,1"G0
State Museum 25,800
Free Library Commission. 31,000
Legislative Reference Bu
reau 41,200
State Reporter 191,000 j
Public Grounds and Bldgs 1,081,480
Sinking Fund 3,800
Board of Public Accounts 7,000
Board of Pardons 10,400 l
Dept. of Agriculture .... 371,700 )
Dairy and Food Division. 186,300 1
Live Stock Sanitary Board 366,006 |
Forestry Department .... 735,000
Department of Mines . . . 452,700
Department of Fisheries.. 264j100
Board of Censors 74,920
, Printing and Binding . . . 740,325
| Game Commissioners ....
Distribution Documents., 104,800
! Highway Department ... 890,800 j
| Revenue Commissioners . 3,800
! Department of Labor 644,980
j Quarantine Physician ... 91,270
I Health Officer, Phila 14,040
| State Police 714,635 |
i Department of Health .. . 1,607,980
| Water Supply Commission 148,400
| Public Service Commission 588,320
j Board of Public Charities 101,500
Expenses of Government
The Judiciary $2,933,680
The Senate 254,990
The House 564,896 '
Legislative Journal 7,600
Public Schools 16,000,000
'Miscellaneous 986,180
Totals $32,497,406
The House last'night passed finally
the Senate bill lengthening the hours
of labor for women in hotels, restau
-1 rants and boarding houses to 63 a
week, thereby practically exempting
that class of female labor from the
• women's working hours act which was
, passed in the last session of the Gen
■ eral Assembly. Mr. Maurer, the Soci
-1 alist member, from Berks, opposed the
passage of the bill.
The only new bit of highway to be
made part of the state system, through
, legislation at this session, despite th«
. fact tl»at hundreds of such bills were
, introduced or proposed, is a four-mile
, stretch in Adams county near Qettvs
! burg, a part of the road over which the
■ Southern army retreated after the bat-
I tie there. A bill providing for this
; stretch of state highway was passed in
the House last night.
A bill which would hold railroads
> responsible for fires which result from
s sparks from locomotives, was defeated
by a vote of 23 to- 104. The Swartz
i bill making the Public Service Commis
! sion a Bureau of the Department of
Internal Affairs was amended on third
• reading last overling and laid over for
"We Advertise the Trnth-The Troth Advertises Us"
*■ '
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For Friday Only For Friday Only
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„ J '' ' , . . . Newest Spring styles and colors.
Newest Spnnjj styles, in materials Made of a „ woo , men . s wear e
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and coverts. All sizes.
~ l ~~~~~—™~ For Friday Only
White Chinchilla COATS Worth up to $3.98 Cl aq
Worth up to $7.50 QC For Friday «M*v7
For FridaV Newest yoke, circular and pleateil
" styles, in materials of all wool serae,
Pretty belted styles. All sizes. a „d neat black and white checks.
For Friday Only For Friday Only r
Worth up to $2.50 *1 Ift up to $1.25 7Q C
For Friday For Friday
* Made with pretty deep emhroid-
Pretty styles. Embroidery and ery flounces,
lace trimmed. _____^
~—————^——— , For Friday Only
For Friday Only Thompson's Glove-fitting
POSRTW l AVERTO Magnolia and Princess
Worth up to $3.98 <T| OA Worth $2 00 &$3 oo nn
For Friday....... • For Friday '"C
Sizes 36 and 38 onlv. a . 10 . ,
Sizes 18 to 30 only.
t For Friday Only Step in and inspect our splendid
WOMEN'S AND MISSES' line of Women's and Misses'
VOILE WAISTS Summer Washable Dresses
Worth up to $1.25 Aft- At sll9 U P to slo>9B
For Friday ...... WASH DRESS SKIRTS
Newest style. All sizes. | At 95c up to $4.98
No Notice for Uniform Inspection
The usual custom of notifying train
men of the Pennsylvania railroad the
day when their uniforms would be ex
amined has been changed and no notice
"The Quality Store"
Ladles' Jersey-top Petticoats with
colored striped silk flounce—only a
few of these—regularly $5.00. Spe
cial for Friday at $3.50
Children's Cotton Pongee Coats —
odds and ends—all good styles and
excellent qualities—sizes 3 to 6
years—worth S2.OH to sß.<lo. Spe
cial for Friday at $2.50
Just to see how many Ladies and
Misses want Rain Coats and Auto
Coats we will offer special for Fri
day our regular $5.00 coats at
Dressing Sacques of good quality
percale and dimity—low neck and
short sleeves—light and dark colors
—an excellent value at 50c. Special
for Friday at ... . 49^
Ladies' Gray Percale Wrappers—
neat patterns and nicely made—reg
ularly 81.00. Special for Friday,
while they last, at 69<*
Save a Dollar on these genuine
Crex Rugs—the most sanitary and
durable of all summer rugs—
Ox 12, Regular price 97.05. Spe
cial for Friday at . $6.95
Bxlo, Regular price $H.75. Spe
cial for Friday at, each, . $5.75
Floor Oil Cloth in new up-to-date
designs and colorings—all perfect
goods—regularly 35c and 30c. Spe
cial for Friday at, sq. yd., . 25tf
Beautiful Wool Porch Rugs—in
blue, brown and green—size 3x5,
only a few in the lot—worth $2.00.
Special for Friday at, each,
$2.00 Fibre Suit Cases, 24 Inches
long, well made and will stand hard
wear—handles sewed and riveted
on—linen lined, with shirt fold. Spe
cial for Friday at, each, $1.39
10c Crepe with light grounds and
pretty neat floral designs. Special
for Friday at, per yard, • • • 51^^
15c White Voile, 27 inches wide,
a tine sheer cloth for waists and
dresses. Special fdr Friday at, per
y ftrd 10<fr
10c neat check white Lawns, suit
able for waists, children's wear and
pajamas. Special for Friday at, per
yard 7^
Brown Toweling in twill and
honey-comb weaves. Special for' Fr
iday at, per yard 4^>o
31c Floral Silks on white grounds
with Belf-colored dots and neat print
ed rosebud patterns in blue, pink,
and hello. Special for Friday at, per
y ard - 24^
25c Bleached Pillow Tubing, 45
inches wide, best make. Special for
Friday at, per yard, . . 19tf
will be given in the future when tile in
spection will 'be made. Some time ago;
trainmen were notified that thev couldi
change to summer uniforms and wouli
bo permitted to let their coati uivbut'
50c large all-over Kimono sleeve
Aprons made of best ginghams in
blue styles only. Special for Friday
at, each I
Short lengths of the best quality
Percales in light, black, gray and
blue styles, 12 M c grade. Special for
Friday at, per yard, . 9VM
7-4 Unbleached Seamless Sheet
ing, good weight and splendid even
cloth, 20c quality. Special for Fri
day at, per yard, , , 1 lo
10c Bleached Muslin of a splendid
weight and quality, free of dressing.
Special for Friday at, per yard,
Lot of slightly mussed White Pet
ticoats special for Friday—
One lot showy embroidery trim
med—with deen flounce, were SI.OO.
Special for Friday at, each, . . 00^
One lot lace and embroidery trim
med were $ 1.25. Special for Friday
at - each 79i
One lot lace, embroidery and rib-<
bon trimmod, were $1.50. Special 1
for Friday at, each 98^
One lot fine $2.25 and $2.50'
Skirts. Special for Friday at, each,
Ladies' Neckwear special for Fri-2
50c high neck styles. Special for.
Friday at, each, 29tf
SI.OO high neck chemisettes, j
Special for Friday at, each, . .
$2.50 high neck chemisettes.*
Special for Friday at, each,
A special lot of 50c neckwear
special for Friday at, each, .
Warner's special striped batiste]
Corsets—new model and a good
St 1.50 value. Special for Friday at,'
eacb 98^:
Men's 50c Silk Sox, seamless—ln
black and white. Special for Fri
day at, per pair, Qsr#*- 3 pairs for
SI.OO. v 1
Men's 25c Fiber Silk Sox—in
black only. Special for Friday at,
pr., 3 pr. for 50c.
Icy Hot Bottle Cases reduced for
$2.00 double pint basket case,
each $1.39
$2.25 double pint imitation
leather case, each, 59
$3.00 double pint imitation
leather case, each, J gg
Palm Olive Soap special for Fri
day at, per cake, 70
5c Kewpie Post Cards special for
Friday at 2 for 5^