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fit, comfort or satisfaction
than the two million or more £S/t£S&^KM£&^^
men in the Uuited States * mm
who wear the " Save-a- ffig
Dollar" NEWARK Shoe at |KU*mS!
12.50. BOTH are made of the TvJbi%3L&
SAME leathers and on the -
SAME Goodyear Welt Process of sewing. WAR K
u ™ "™P.' In SHOES FOR
the 93.&0 Shoe, you pay the jobber s and Bnvi
retail ™»X ofit £ the NEWARK Shoe Cl JL A _
youDOrrr. You Mve that for YOUR- * l -®°.f2.00
MAKBamRB^T 1 BUY FROM THE and $2.60.
TWavttr and iw U
the NEWARK iaaks* . %>_
■ingle virtae of
you know of. aSafv?
Newark Shoe Stores Co.
315 MARKET ST., Near Dewberry St.
Open Saturday evening* until 10.30 to aeeommodHte our eu*tomera,
Mall Order* Filled By I'arreln Po»t«
Other Newark Stores Nearbyi York, Heading, Altoona. Lanenater.
—— 137 Stores in 97 Cities—
Manager Messersmlth Will Start Weed
ing Process Early Next Week—
First Game on May 8 With North
York Nine
The North York team, one of the
strongest independent teams in the
State, will meet the Harrisburg Inde
pendents in the first home game of .the
season Saturday, Way 8. Manager
•Messersmith is arranging a schedule
for the remainder of the season.
The Regulars and Yanigans played
a game on the H. A. C. field yesterday
afternoon, the Regulars winning easily
'by the score of 12 to 1.
Manager Messersmith and Captain
Miller will start the weeding out pro
cess early next week. Many of the play
ers will be farmed out to nearby teams
and places have been provided for fif
teen men. An efficient umpire will ibe
named next week and it is the aim of
the management to provide clean base
ball. Following is a list of players who
are trying for places on the local team:
George B. Easterly, second 'base.
School of Commerce! E. E. Miller, cen
ter field, State College; Harry Rote,
third base, New Cumberland Central
Penn League; I. M. Kline, pitcher; Ray
mond 'Boss, second base; C. R. Kepford, j
catcher, West Fairview; Karl Stewart,
shorstop, Tech High and Hig'hspire Cen
tral Penn; Charles iMudden, second
base; C. C. Rhoades, catcher, Dauphin
and Steelton Central Penn. League; T.
N. Palmer, first base. Lemoyne; E.
Bheesley, first base; Simon Beach, cen
ter and left field; Don Wertz, pitcher,
New Cumberland Central Penn. League;
H. R. Wastiinger, Lemoyne, pitcher; W.
G. Cunningham, shortstop or outfield.
A. E. Atkinson, pitcher; Hurry j
Snow, pitcher; 'R. Challenger, pitcher.
Tech High; B. G. Kline, catcher, Le
moyne; John Winters, pitcher; Ray E. |
Johnson, first base; W. R. iMvFadden,
left field; Joseph MeKee, outfield; P. j
R. Keister, center field: J. A. Garber,
catcher and center field. New Bloom-1
field Academy; J. M. Walter, second !
base, Duncannon; J. Gardner, pitch
er; James Larkitn. first base; Russell'
Leedy, center fielt, HigUspire Central
Penn. league; Charles Bowers, first 1
base; C. G. Harman, first base; K.
Miller, third base, Highspire; R. E. Wal
ters, first base, IHuminelstown.
Distribute Bowling Prizes
The closing of the bowling season
at the P. R. R. Y. M. C. A. will be
celebrated at the association building
this evening. Following the distribu
tion of prizes to the winners the Fed
., eralu, winners in the league, will bowl
a picked team of stars taken from the !
s other teams in the league.
Highspire to Hold Shoot
Highspire, April 29. —The High- 1
spire Rod and Gun Clutb will hold its j
regular cup shoot 011 Saturday after 1
noon at 1 o'clock. There will also be
a shoot for prizes and a good entry
list in promised.
To Play Final Match
Billv Adams and Bob Chenoweth
will play the final pool match of 150
points for the city championship this
evening at the Castor pool room, Four
teenth and Derry streets. Play will
start at 7.30 o'clock.
Boston Braves Buy Ragan
New York, April 29.—Pitcher Pat
rick R-agan, ot the Brooklyn National
League Baseball Club, was yesterday
sold to the Boston' Nationals. The
Brooklyn Club asked waivers on Ragan
and Boston claimed him.
Bowling Classic Starts on Casino Al
leys—Leaders Score 2,668
! Points
■! Team No. sin the Casino bowling
, classic led a field of tour in the live
man team class, first matches in which
were rolled last night. The teams fin
ished in the following order:
No. 5, .2,668; No. 4, 2,584; No. 8,
2,57 t; No. 3, 2,456.
The scorer:
NO. 4
Basch .... 152 214 179 545
j Earley ... 159 146 156 461 J
I Norris .... 129 184 157 470 I
[ Acheubach. 189 160 171— 520
|A. Miller . 184 186 218— 588 ■
Totals .. 813 890 881—2584
NO. 5
Bitner 179 259 167 605
Hopwood .. 139 147 182— 468
Gourley ... 198 188 176 562
Burger ... 186 171 150— 507
1 Buttorff ... 181 164 181— 526
Totals .. 883 929 856—2668
NO. 3
1 Kozel . >.. 213 176 176 565 |
Johnson .. 155 167 176 49s
j Rementer . 168 134 154 456!
Trace .... 172 206 148— 526
Montgomery 180 182 170— 532 j
Totals .. 888 865 824—2577'
NO. 8
Eisenhart . 133 148 194 475 i
Weber 168 160 159 487 i
Green 192 124 140— 456 I
| Wilson ... 221 161 190— 572 (
' Morrison .. 125 179 162 466
, Totals .. 839 772 854—2456
Lancaster Bowlers Win
The Lancaster bowling team defeat
j ed the Harrisburg howlers on the Ca
sino alleys last evening by a margin of
j one pin. The Harrisburg team won
| two of the three games. The score:
Black .... 162 204 I? 9 545
I Jacoby ... 189 211 157 557
1 Kcibb 156 176 145 477
Early .... 234 171 156 561
• Atticks ... 156 203 204 563
Totals .. 897 965 841—2703
'Broome .....168 201 243 612
iKuhn .... 180 159 188—527
Brown .... 189 174 165 528!
Gerlach ... 153 174 168— 495
Singleton . 193 161 188— 542
Totals . . 883 869 952—2704
No Farm Offer for Baker
Pa., April 29.—The story
: that Frank Baker, whq left the Ath-
I letics to play with the Upland team
| of the Delaware County League, is to
| manage the stock farm of John P.
Crozer, millionaire manufacturer and
I farmer, and one of the principal back
| ers of the Upland Club at a salary-of
SIO,OOO a year, is denied. Manager
Frank Miller, of the Upland team, yes
terday declared' the story to be with
out foundation.
Dickinson Trackmen Win
Carlisle, Pa., April 29. —The Dickin
son College and Carlisle Indian School
track teams concluded their dual meet,
which has been carried on during two
afternoons. The final score was 64 to
62 in favor of tine Dickinson team.
Cincinnati Releases Fittery
Cincinnati, April 29. — Manager
1 Charles Herzog, of th P Cincinnati Na
tionals, announced last night that he
« had released Pitcher Paul Fittery to
1 the Salt Lake City Club of the Pacific
Coast League.
I • . ' " • " , \ -~ } ' ,> ' '
| "Eddie Collins" versus "Nap" Lajoie l|
* ■ V
■jjjiLWhen •Connie" sold hi* star |:
i\ -<«5gL&% . sgmgjm ln »d baseman, "Eddie" Collins, to th
| iVhltn almost enough money t<
4 Vi'l ! noke up the Athletics' losses of last srr
E non he chose Laloie. one of the oldes 1 JraQß
K •< in of service In the
It vm HI o-day. to hold down the keystone sac lIISBA II
Iwk or the Athletics, declaring that a cha n;' mr 9B
surroundings would greatly benefit th
I'renchmari. A comparison of the war
if these two stars from the opening of th<
ij|BWgS» -eason through April 23 therefore is in
tereating, Collins in ten
peats this result:—Times at bat,
' runs, two base
||H|bPS|||i '5: assists, 28; stolen bases. 4, and e:
"Or, 1. In eight games "Larry" per I
] ormed thusly:—'Times at bat, 32; runs.
gKiajfaßt -
| "ists, 20; no stolen bases and 6 errors. T I
fellow in the middle of the road it wouli
•• pnnie" rniiiNQ. " ' " "appear that Collins Is several laps ahea> '■ " ttitP- 1
Tech Track and Field Games Go to
Upper Classmen Who Score Big
Total of ttO Points
The Seniors outclassed the three
other track teams competing in the
Technical High School inter-class meet
yesterday afternoon 011 Island Park
winning the meet with sixty noints,
more than twice as many as the Sophs
who took second place. The Sophs
scored 27, Juniors, 12 and Freshmen,
8. The summaries for the meet fol
100-Yard D/ish—Won by Heffelfin
ger, 'ls; Eyster, 'l7; Davies, 'l7
Time, .11 seconds.
Mile Rlll1 —Won by Garland, 'ls;
Harmon. 'l7; Sutch, 'l7. Time, 4.54
One-half Mile Run —Won by Flick
inger, 'ls; Demming, '18; Shipp, 'l6
Time. 2.13.
220-Yard Dash—Won by Davies,
'l7; Stanafield, 'ls; Kvans, 'l6. Time,
24 4-5 seconds. . ,
220-Yard. Low Hurdles—Wan by
Beck, 'ls; Wolf, 'l7; .Lloyd, *l#. Time,
2 7 1-5 seconds.
Two-mile Run-—Won by Flickinger,
'ls; Garland, 'ls; Sutch, 'l7. Time,
High Jump—Won by Fitzpatrick
'l7; Anderson,' 'ls; Shellenberger
'lB. Height, 5 feet 3 inches.
Pole Vault—Won by Anderson
'ls; Moore, '18; Gilbert, 'l7. Height
9 feet.
Broad Jump—Won by Heffelfinger,
'ls; Eyster, 'l7; Evans, 'l7. Distance
19 feet 5 3-4 inches.
Discus—Won by Emanuel, 'ls; Mc-
Kay. 'l6; J. Miller, 'ls. Distance,
93 feet 7 1-2 inches.
Hammer Throw—Won by J. (Miller,
'ls; McKay, 'l6; Wrenn, special.
Distance, 116 feet 2 inches.
Shot Put-—Won by Emanuel, 'ls;
McKay, 16; M. Miller, 'l6. Distance,
43 feet 3 inches.
120 High Hurdles—Won by Ander
son, 'ls; Beck, 'ls; Britsch, 'l7.
Time, 17 seconds.
East End Plays Progress
The East End A. A. will meet the
Progress team 011 the East End grounds
Saturday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock.
Worst in 40 Years in East, Say Gov
ernment Weather Experts
Washington, I). C., April 29.—The
longest early spring drought in forty
years now exists over the more eastern
portion of the country, the National
Weekly Weather ami Crop Bulletin an
nounced yesterday.
Cotton and truck crops in the eastern
part of the South are suffering for lack
of raiin, but in the great wheat and
corn sections of the Middle West the
weather of the last week has been usu
ally favorable. In the far Western
States the • outlook for fruits of all
kinds continues promising.
Runaway Cars Tie Up Mine
Shamokin, Pa., April 29. — When a
chain broke on a train of loaded coal
cars that were 'being hauled up a steep
slope at the Sterling colliery of the
•Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron
''ompany here yesterday they shot to
the a mile-a-minute clip, do
ing several thousand dollars' damage
and tying up the mine until repairs can
be made.
* Superb I
W. L. P.C.
Philadelphia .' 11 1 .917
Cimiinuati S 5 .615
Boston 6 6 .500
Chicago 7 6 .538
St. Louis 7 S .467
Pittsburgh 5 8 ,380
Brooklyn 4 9 .308
New York 3 .8 .273
Yesterday's Results
Philadelphia, 3; Brooklyn, 0.
Pittsburgh, 7; St. Louis, 6.
Chicago, 9; Cincinnati, 8.
New York-Boston, postponed.
Schedule for To-day
Brooklyn at Philadelphia.
Boston at N.ew York.
Cincinnati at St. Louis.
Other clu'bs not scheduled.
Schedule for To-morrow
Boston at New York.
< I liieago at Pittsburgh.
Cincinnati at St. Louis.
Brooklyn at Philadelphia.
W. L. P.C.
Detroit 11 4 .733
New York 7 4 .636
Boston 5 5 .500
Chicago 9 6 .600
Washington 7 5 .583
Cleveland 6 9 .400
[Athletics 3 8 .273
j St. Louis 411 .267
Yesterday's Results
Washington, 1; Athletics, 0.
Detroit, 12; St. Louis, 3.
Chicago, 7; Cleveland, 3.
New YorkJßoston, postponed.
Schedule for To-day
Athletics at Washington.
Cleveland at Chicago.
New York at Boston.
St. Louis at Detroit.
Schedule for To-morrow
St. Louis at 'Cleveland.
Athletics at Washington.
New York at Boston.
Detroit at Chicago.
W. L. P.C
Newark 10 6 .625
Chicago S 5 .615
Pittsburgh 8 6 .571
Brooklyn 8 6 .571
Kansas City '. 5 6 .455
'Buffalo 6 9 .400
'Baltimore 6 9 .400
St. 'Louis 4 8 .338
Yesterday's Results
Chicago, 13; Kansas City, 1.
Other games postponed.
Schedule for To-day
Baltimore at Brooklyn.
St. Louis at Pittsburgh.
Other clubs not scheduled.
Schedule for To-morrow
Kansas City at IBaltimore.
St. Louis at Newark.
Pittsburgh at Broklyn.
Chicago at Buffalo.
Colonel Trexler's Herd, Near Allen
town, Steadily Increasing
Allentown, April 29.—Yesterday
for the second time in a year, three
buffalo calves were born on the range
of Colonel Harry« C. Trexler, on the
Jordan, 10 miles north of Allentown.
The herd now numbers eighteen. The
oalveeget on their feet as soon as they
are born, and can run and swim as
well as the adults.
Colonel Trexler's collection of bison
is thg largest this side of Yellowstone
Pr.rk. The growth of the herd is re
markable. He bought five in 1911 and
has loet three adults by death, one of
which, Comanche, weighing a ton, was
killed by a younger and more active
rival. He was pronounced by Buffalo
Bill the finest bison on the continent.
High School Girls Form League
Sedalia, Mo., April 29.—A baseball
league has been organized among the
girls in the Sedalia High school 1 and
the higher classes in the ward schools
and a series of games will be played
each Saturday throughout the season, j
McGraw Trades Murray, Robertson and
Perritt to Brooklyn
New York, April 29. —A big deal
was completed here yesterday after
noon between the New York and
■ Brooklyn Nationals by which Zach
J Wheat, the crack left fielder of th«
1 Brooklyns, and regarded by many as
the star outfielder of the National
League, will come to the Giants.
In exchange for Wheat, Manager
MeGraw, of New York, has turned
over Outfielders John Murray and Dave
Robertson, together with Pitcher W.
D. (l' Perritt, to the Brooklyns.
Perritt is the former St. Louis Na
tional pitcher, who jumped to the Pitts
burgh Federals last winter, but was
persuaded to jump back to the Giants,
tie has lost all three games in which
lie started this season, being knocked
out of the box in three irtniugs in each
of his last two games.
The New York Nationals, in further
cutting down its roster, has released
Pitcher Kirmayer to Decatur, Pitcher
Press to Jersey City and Infielder Reed
to Troy.
I Hill School Wins Swatfest by the Score
of le to 1 Yesterday
Pottstown, Pa., April 29. —The Hill
School baseball team yesterday
swamped the Harrisburg Academy by
\ the score of 16 to 1. For the Hill,
Ircns and Bok figured in a triple play.
Harrisburg was outhit, outtielded and
outplayed in general. The score:
R. li. O. A. E.
Bennett, p 1 2 0 2 0
Jennings, c 0 1 8 4 0
Krall, lb 0 0 12 0 0
'Laudermilch, If .. . 0 0 1 0 0
Holler, cf 0 0 0 0 0
Senseman, 3b .... 0 1 1 0 0
Edmunds, rf 0 0 1 0 0
Lawson, ss 0 1 1 2 1
Saltman, 2b 0 1 0 4 2
i Totals 1 6 24 12 3
R. H. O. A. E.
Irons, 2b 3 2 4 5 0
Woodford, If 1 2 0 0 0
Hockaday, If ... . 0 0 0 0 0
Scheerer, ss 2 1 2 1 2
Bok, lb 2 2 8 0 0
Moore, 3b 0 2 3 1 0
Shcvlin, rf, 3b ... 0 0 1 1 0
Gilbert, rf 0 0 0 0 0
Fishor, c 1 1 3 1 0
Snowden, c 0 0 3 0 0
Cochran, c 1 1 2 0 0
E. Babcock, cf ... 1 1 0 1 0
Cook, cf 2 0 0 0 0
R. Babcock, p.. . . 1 1 0 0 0
Porter, p i. . 0 0 0 0 0
Fuller, 1 1 0 0 0
Davidson, p 0 0 0 0 0
Scott, p 0 0 1 0 0
Droune, x 1 1 0 0 0
Totals 16 15 27 10 2
xßatted for R. Babcock in fifth.
•Harrisburg ... 00000001 0— 1
Hill School ... 25204003 x —l 6
Two-base hits, Babcock, Jennings,
Senseman. Home runs, Bok, Fuller.
Triple play, Irons and Bok. Struck out,
by Bennett, 8; Babcock, 1; Porter, 4;
Fuller, 1; Davidson, 1. Bases on balls,
off Bennett, 1; Babcock, 2. Umpire,
Nearly All Urge That the Sentence Be
Atlanta, Ga., April 29.—-No time for
a hearing on Leo IM. Frank's applica
tion for commutation to life imprison
ment of his death sentence on convic
tion of the murder of Mary Phagan will
be set by the State Prison Commission
until after tJhe Supreme Court of the
United States "has issued its mandate
which probably will be on 'May 19. The
Court denied Frank's application for
hearing on habeas corpus.
At tihe Governor's office it was said
yesterday that more than 15,000 let
ters bearing on Frank's application had
been received. With few exceptions the
writers urged tihat the sentence be
For a sturdy spring drink, try Fink's
Woman, 07, Dies, Leaving 7 Children
Marietta, April .29.—Mrs. Susan
Sheiik. 67 years old, died last evening
from a complication of diseases after a
short illness. She was a member of
the Mennonite church. Seven children
and a number of grandchildren survive.
If you feel that you B
would like to spear one, B
pace around the nearest dis- B
pensary and get a Moroney B
Army and Navy highball into I
your system. This whiskey is as
clean as a new ten-dollar bill right
off the press. Experts all along the
line have given it their official O.K.
■ We intended it to be the best
■ whiskey of the universe and it
B has made good. Dispatch a
I bottle home to make your Jw
B visitors happy.
Moroney'i Army and Navy Whiskey is on sale at all first-class ban and cafes
Washington, 1; Athletics, 0
Washington, April 29.—-Brilliant
support behind Walter Johnson nave
t'he Senators a l-to-0 victory over the
Athletics hern yesterday in the second
game of the present series. .
R. H. E.
Athletics ... 00000000 o—o 7 2
Washington .10000000 x—l 4 0
Johnson and Ainsmith; Wyekoff and
McAvoy, 'Lapp.
Detroit, 12; St. Louis, 3
Detroit, April 29. —Going into the
eighth inming of yesterday's game one
run behind and up to that time having
made only four hits off James, Detroit
staged a terrific batting rally, two dou
bles, two three-baggers and five singles,
with a 'base on balls and an error to
help, driving ten runs across the plate.
The final score was 'Detroit, 12; St.
Louis, 3. >
R. H. E.
St. Louis 1200000 00— 3 4 2
Detroit .1 0 1 0 0 0 0 10 x—l 2 13 2
James, Baumgartner and Agnew;
Dauss and McKee.
Chicago, 7; Cleveland, 3
Chic ago, April 29. —The Chicago
Americans defeated Cleveland, 7 to 3,
yesterday, winning their seventh
straight game.
R. H. E.
Cleveland ..1 0 0 00 0 0 2 o—3 8 2
Chicago .... 20004010 x—7 9 1
Steen, Mitchell, Harstod, Coiimbo and
O'Neill; Benz and Srfialk.
Big Horse Sale in Middletown
A big horse bazar will be held to
morrow at the stables of D. B. Kieffer
& Co., in Middletown. One hundred
horses and a complete pony outfit will
be sold at auction.
Youth Arrested on Charge, Also of
Trying to Sell Hired Team
York, April 29. —-Pawning the
watch of his prospective father-in-law,
Raymond Moore, 17 years old, of Lan
caster, it is alleged, eloped to this city
with 16-year-old Catherine nick in a
livery team which he offered for sale
in order to obtaj/i the price of a mar
riage license.
Moore was located yesterday morn
ing and arrested by the York police at
the instance of the girl's father, who
had traced the couple here. He took
his daughter home with him and Moore
returned in custody of an officer. It
was the girl, Moore says, who took the
Taking Care of the Children
No parent would consciously bo care-
I less of the children. Joe A. Rozmarin,
Clarkson, Neb., uses Foley's Honey
and Tar for his two children for croup,
coughs and colds. He says, "We are
never without Foley's Honey and Tar
in the house."' A distressing cough.
I sleepless nights, and raw, inflamed
throat lead to a run-down condition in
which the child is not ahle to resist con
tagious or infectious diseases. Foley's
Honey and Tar is truly healing and
prompt in action. It relieves coughs,
colds, crotip anil whooping cough. Geo.
A. Gorgas, 16 North Third street. —
Buried in Revolutionary Cemetery
Marietta, April 29..—The body of
William J. Sterrett was buried yester
day in tho old Donegal Presbyterian
cemetery, near town, the oldest ceme
tery in the State and of Revolutionary
fame. This was his request. He was
89 years of age and a former cashier
of the Exchange bank of Marietta.
v. j
Philadelphia, 3; Brooklyn, O
Philadelphia, April 29. —Erskine
Mayer, who has the only defeat suf
fered by the Phillies this season regis
tered against him, pitched winning ball
yesterday against Brooklyn and, aided
bv sensational fielding, shut out the
Dodgers by a score of 3 to 0.
R. H. E.
Phillies 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 x—3 6 0
Brooklyn ...0 0 0 0 00 0 0 o—o 8 0
Mayer and Killefer; Appleton, Ra
gan, Codore and McCarthy.
Pittsburgh, 7; St. Louis, O
R. H.E.
Pittsburgh ...0 0 0 2 0 1 3 I—7 10 0
St. I..puis 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 3—6 10 1
Harmoti, Cooper and Gibson; Sallee,
Nichaus and Snyder.
Chicago, (>; Cincinnati, H
Cincinnati, 0., April 29. Excep
tionally hard hitting marked a see-saw
game between Cincinnati and Chicago
here yesterday, the visitors eventually
winning, 9 to 8.
R. H. E.
Chicago 200402 011 o—9 1 6 3
Cincinnati ..41001011 o—B lfi 1
Cheney, Adams, Standridge, Vaughn
and Bresnahan; Lear, Benton, Schneid
er and Wingo, Dooin.
Chicago, 13; Kansas City, 1
Chicago, April 29. — Chicago made
17 hits for a total of 26 bases off
Chief Johnson and Adams yesterday
and pounded out a 13-1 score against
Kansas City. ,
Chicago ...0 0250 1 1 4 x—l 3 17 1
Kansas City—
-0 1 000'0 00 0— 1 84
Brown and Fisher; Johnson, Adams
and Easterly.
Chester County Special Agent Calls
Woman's Charge a "Frame-up"
West Chester, Pa., April 29.—A1 8.
Jackson, of Coatesville, special agent
of the County Citizens' Committee arid
who was active in the fight against
liquor licenses, was placed on trial here
yesterday on a charge made 'by liffie
Jackson's defense is fhat the charge
is a ■"fraime-up" on the part of the
liquor interests. The woman has di
vorced two huslbands.
Pottsville Planning Commission Illegal
Is Labor Charge
Pottsville, April 29. —Adding to
charges made against city conncilmen
several weeks ago, in which indict
ment of city officials for alleged mis
demeanors was asked, the Central
Labor Union yesterday sent to Judge
Koch a statement declaring that the
City Planning Commission as recently
appointed, is an illegal body.
The Central Labor Union charges
that the law requires that only one
member of the commission ehall be ap
pointed from one ward, but that four
of the five members of the commission
are from the same ward.
AW m r«»ki">vaSift,AlwyifcaUaUt