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    Just One More Week Of
Stieff's Big Removal Sale
Just one more week of Stieff's Big
Rembval Sale!
Just one more week of the greatest
piano buying opportunity Ilarrisburg
has seen in years; just one more week in
fM/ W f which to get a Stieff piano or player
f piano at
10 Per Cent. Off
Our warerooms absolutely MUST be cleared of all instru
ments by March 31 to make way for rebuilding operations
on April 1. ,
Many people have already taken advantage of the Big
Removal Sale to put a piano or player in their homes at the
big saving which the ten per cent, reduction affords.
Will YOU be one of those who profit?
You make no mistake when you buy a Stieff.
For seventy-three years every Stieff piano has been built
as though therein depended the future of the house it
Soup of Mrs. Bradley, Whot Shot U. S.
Senator Brown, Have Fatal
Dispute in Utah
Price, Utah, March 25.—Matthew
Bradley, 20 years old, son of Mrs. Anna
Bradley, who shot and killed former
I nited States Senator Arthur Brown,
of Utah, at Washington, I). C., in 1906,
died here yesterday of knife wounds
inflicted in a quarrel Tuesday night by
Arthur Brown Bradley, his half-brother,
15 years old, who is a son of the for
mer Senator.
In the temporary absence of their
Made to Order
from your own hair combings
at reasonable prices.
203 Chestnut Street
Ladies and Misses Spring Coats
Were Never as Beautiful as
These at $12.75 to $25
Styles are numerous—each one in perfect harmony
with Fashion's Spring Mandates—each with its in
dividual grace and beauty.
Bolted—Semi-Fitted—Boxy Covert Coats and Box
Pleated models—the "Army" and "Tommy Atkins"
Coats are also featured. Many are lined throughout
with pean-de-cygne.
Ladies' Motor Coats at sls to $22 50
English Checks and Tweeds that fairly radiate the
atmosphere of "Old England." New Mixtures that
contain innumerable Scottish colors. Three quarter
and full length with adjustable collars to meet all
weather conditions.
< Ladies' Mannish Motor Hats $1.50 and $2
Scotch Tweeds and English Plaid effects, in man
nish looking, comfortable, jaunty hats.
Spring Coats for Little Girls, Built Along
Childish Lines—at $4.95 to &9.75
Beautiful Plaids—Mixtures and Gabardines that
look worth double the prices.
| mother, Matthew Bradley and his two
| half-brothers were keepijg house, and
the quarrel is said to have arisen over
the manner in which the dinner was
| prepared Tuesday night. Arthur seized
j a butcher knife from the table aud at
tacked Matthew, slashing him in sev
! eral places in the abdomen and about
| the limbs. Doctors atteuded the wound
ed boy, but were unable to save his
■ life.
Recalls Sensational Shooting
Washington, D. C., March 25.—The
J shooting of former Senator Brown in
j a hotel here, December 8, 1906, by
| Mrs. Bradley was the sensational cul
| mination of an affair which four years
j previously had involved a civil court
, proceeding, in which Mrs. Bradley
| charged Brown with having been the
; father of her two children. Mrs. Brad
i ley entered Brown's room in a hotel
j and shot him three times, twice in the
1 stomach and once in the hand. He died
j later. Brown's prominence and the
I sensational disclosures which fur
| nished part of Mrs. Bradley's defense
! attracted wide attention to the shoot-1
j i"K-
Mr. and Mrs. Poulson Entertained in
Honor of Their Six-Year-Old
Mr. and Mrs. Marry 8. Poulson en
tertained at their home, 104 Conoy
street, last evening in honor of their
little daughter, Gladys, who yesterday
celebrated her sixth birthday artniver-
' The rooms were prettily decorated
'j in a pretty color scheme of green and
*; white and the children spent a merry
( | evening with music, games and con
i tests. A birthday luncheon was served
! |to the following:
" j Clair Hartwick, Geraldine Stevens,
' I Sarah Balthaser, Nellie Bnxton, Dora
j i Shoemaker, Elizabeth Romick. Christine
I Romick. Margaret Shellenberger, Mary
' Bate man, Beulah Kauffman, Luetta
Kauffman, Gladys Commel Boulson, Syl
' i vauia Lenhart, Richard Hartwiok, Hor
aee Lenhart, John iieichert, Albert
Chenoworth, Henrf Graham. Stewart
Romick, Mrs. Bateman, Mrs. Dear.iorf
and Mr. Kauffman.
Well-Known American Tenor Will Be
Assisted by Maude Powell, Violinist
Evan Williams, the widely known
American tenor, who will appear iu
joint recital with Maude Powell, one
of the really great violinists in the
Chestnut street auditorium, on Thurs
day evening, April 8, is a fine interpre
ter of Handel songs, and especially J
those of the oratorios. One of the num- I
hers Mr. Williams will sing is "Total I
Eclipse, No Sun, No Moon," taken i
from Hundel's "Samson," the oratorio j
to be sung by the Harisburg Choral I
Society at its musical festival the lat
ter part of April.
A critic says of Maud Powell and '
her playing: "Between what an ordi
nary person can do and the feats of «
genius like Maud Powell the gulf is
immeasurable, there are plenty or men |
and women who can fid.lie, but there j
never are more than two or three per
sons in the world at the same time
who can work the miracles she can."
Sale of seats will open Friday, !
April 2, at the J. H. Troup Music I
Entertained Members of the V. N. A.
Club at Her Home Last Evening
Miss Mildred Bomgardner enter-,
tained the member? of the V. N. A. ■
Club at her home, 310 Reily street, |
last evening.
Those present were Misses Helen |
Burris, Lenore Smith, Sarah C rane. I
Catherine Plowman, Beatrice Welsh.)
Martha Brunner, Mil-dre.! Yeatter, Mil
dred Bomgardner, Esther Bidaman, i
'Mrs. Plowman, Miss May Crouse, Mr.
and Mrs. Myers and Mr. and Mrs. H.
Father, Mother and Son in Hospitals
Wilke«-Barre, Pa., March 25.—Three]
members of the family of Walter Seeley, ]
of Wapwallopen, near here, are hospital
paitaentl Seeley received two frac
tured legs yesterday when a log skidded
while he was working in a lumber camp
in his home. A week ago, his sun,
Frank Seclev, while engaged in the
same work, fractured a leg. Five weeks
ago Mrs. Seeley was removed to a
Philadelphia hospital for treatment for
cancer. The father and son are in the
Nanticoke State hospital.
Hard Times Defeats Loan Issue j
Pottsville. Pa., March'2s.—Returns
to the clerk of the ■courts office yester- !
day showed that the voters of St. Clair ;
Tuesday defeated by a vote of 310 to i
135 a proposition to 'borrow $30,000
for improvements, chiefly pave<l streets.
Minei's working only two and three days i
a week were opposed to any propositi®*
which mi£ht involve increased taxqs,
almost solidly fought Hie loan.
Dramatic Critic to Speak at Lebanon
Lebanon, March 25. —At a meeting
of the Men's Club of Bt. Luke's Episco
pal parish held last evening announce
ment was made that Reginald Wright
Kauffman, of New York City, *he well
known author and dramatic' editor and i
critio of the New York "Sun," 'will be j
in Lebanon some time in April to
•peak before the club. j
Friend* Greet Bride and Groom at
Their Home Upon Their Return
From Baltimore, Where They Were
MT. and Mrs. Boy P. Wheeler were
given a reception and wedding supper
at their home, 541 South Fifteenth
street, last evening, upon their return
from their wedding trip.
Miss Alice L. Nissley, daughter of
! Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Nissley, 15 North
(Cameron street, and Roy P. Wheeler
married Tuesday in Baltimore, by
IJ the Rev. Joel T. Rossiter. Mr. and Mrs.
I Wheeler returned to this city yester
i day and have taken up their residence
I at 541 South Fifteenth street Supper
, was served to the following guests:
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Nissley, Mr.
I wnd Mrs. .1. T. Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs.
| Daniel Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
i Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wheel
er, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shadle, Mr.
and Mrs. E. R. Sanderson. Mrs. Mor
ris Sinionetti, Mr. and Mrs. Sheehey,
Mr. and Mns. A. Strock, Miss Blanche
Wheeler, Miss Bliinche Nissley, Miss
Klizabeth Nissley Sinionetti,
and George Nissley.
Party For Warren Leedy
Mr. and Mrs? David Leedy enter
tained i:t their home, 629 Itauphin
street, Tuesday evening, from 4 to 6
o'clock in compliment to their little
grandson. Warren, who celebrated his
second birthday anniversary. Each lit
tle guest received a pretty Easter bas
ket as a favor. Those present were:
< atharine tellers, Jessie liarlan,
M;:rv Weber, Margaret Hanlen, Edith
Bcward, Nancy Fleck, Violet Fleck,
Lillian Fleck, Anna Ross, Leota Mar
tin, Murgaret Hench, McCullen Heuch,
Clovd Hench, Kelsey Robinson, John
Robinson, 1-nnies Howard, George Kob
ler, Edwin Mc.Hatl'ee, Joseph Mulligan
and Robert Leedy.
Important Business Transacted at Semi
monthly Session Held at Home
of George Fox
The semi-monthly meeting of the
"Argus ' staff was held last evening at
the home of George Fox, 216 State
street. Important business was trans
acted and it was decided to have the
girls fill certain positions on the staff
of next year.
Nine pages of the March "Argus."
•out to-day,-have been given over to the
life and work of the late Prof. W. S.
Steele. Members of the stuff present
at the meeting were: Karl Peters,
William Bingham, Edward Roth. Ray
mond Meek, Richard llanier. Samuel
Ficehlich, George Fox, Paul Clouser,
I Lcroy Smucker, Heroert Springer, Dan
| iel Rurkholder, Prof. Karl Richards and
Prof. John A. F. Hall. The next meet
ing of the staff will be held at the home
of Richard Hamer on April 12.
i Entertained at Cards the Members of
Her Card Club
Mrs. William Windsor entertained
the five hundred club .of which she is
a member at her home, 228 Woodbine
street, yesterday afternoon. Following
the cards dainty refreshments • were
seryed. •
. Those ♦present were: Mrs. Gustave
Kostei, Mrs. Harry Evans, Mrs. William
Kpark, Mrs. 11. C. lilershev, Mrs. F. L.
Mount/., Mrs. \Y. 8. Bricker, Mrs. M.
V. Wareham, Mrs. Charles Crull, Mrs.
Baker, Mrs. Albert Rexroth, Mrs. Wil
liam Rexroth, Mrs. Ashmead Caley,
Mrs. C. L. Wright, Mrs. Charles N.
Fry and Miss Garverieh.
Mrs. Reuse. Mrs. Wren and Mrs. Foll
weiler Joint Hostesses
Mrs. A. H. Rouse, Mrs. M. E. Wren
and Mrs. Follweiler were hotsesses at
a tea for the ladies of Immanuel Pres
byterian church yesterday afternoon.
Those present were: Mrs. Cunningham,
Mrs. Skinner, Mrs. Ciroff, Mrs. Elliott,
Mrs. Young, Mrs. Bent, Mrs. J. M.
Wren, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Pennel, Mrs.
Anderson, Mrs. Beckwith, Mrs. Heffle
tinger, Miss Boyd, Mrs. Burkheimer,
'Mrs. Stoc kdale, Mrs. Harter, Mrs. Boyd
and Miss Fryer.
St. Stephen's Choir to Sing Cantata :
The choir of St. Stephen's Episcopal !
church, under direction of Alfred C. I
Kuschwa, will sing LMaunder's cantata, '
"Olivet to Calvary," at the 4.30 !
o'clock vesper service Sunday. after- i
i: Every Man Read"i:
j! This
I This treatment is said to have j!
! acquired a wonderful reputation ]|
| throughout the ICast. owing to Its <|
| peculiar propensity to fortify the «'
i nerve for".- and generate health j |
' and R consequent pergonal mag- <>
| nctlsni. r<o essential to the happi- <[
i ness of evury normal human he- ] i
| ing. 1: is claimed to be a bless- i|
, Ing to those who ar • physically ]|
i Impaired bloomy. despondent, i>
| nervous and who have trembling 1 1
i of the limbs, dizziness, heart pal- |i
| pltatlon. cold hands and feet. In- <'
i soinnla, fear without cause, tlm- ]|
i idltv hi venturing and general In- <>
] ability tc act rationally as others '[
i do. Also of vast benefit to writ- Ji
' crs, |>r if.-sslonal men, office work- <|
, ers and the victims of society's ||
i late l'ouis and over-Indulgence in
| wines, liquors, etc. ;
By preparing the treatment at |i
| home, secretly, i; , one need know <'
, of another's t.iouble, while the ]'
i Ingredients are much used In nil- i>
| Ing various pi e.< rip*lons, so that
i even the pi'.ichaae of them sep- ji
; arately m-ed occasion no tlm- <!
i idlty. ] |
i If thi' reader de.,!des to try It, ii
j get three ounces of ordinary syr- 1 [
i up saisaparllla compound, and i
' one ounce compound fluid balm- i 1
| wort: mix and let stand two ! !
i hours; then get one ounce com- i i
| pound essence cardlol and one 1 |
i ounce tincture cadomene com- ] i
; pound (not cardamom), mix all < '
I together, shake well and take ] |
i a teaspoonful after each meal and ' i
| one at night. i 1
i This contains no opiates what- ] i
' ever and may also be used by i 1
I women who suffer with their j "
i nerves with absolute certainty of ! >
| prompt and lasting benefits. ' ;
News of Persons
Who Come and Go
Mrs. Elleif H. E. Price, of Philadel
phia, superintendent of the Department
of Education of the Society of Frierods,
spent yesterday the guest of Dr. 'Ruth
A. Deeter," 132 Walnut street.
Miss Daisy Shockley, who has 'been
the guest of Miss Opal Pro well, 1618
Hunter street, has returned to her 'home
in Salisbury, Maryland.
Miss Extaa Floyd and' Miss Clara
Floyd, of 'Carlisle, will spend the week
end at the home of Miss Malbel Farldng,
406 Spring street.
Harvey Zitoh, sou of Mrs. Miary
Zitch, 426 Chestnut street, and Clarence
Harman, of the Cove, sailed last week
for Glasgow, from Newport News, Vir
Oliss HJertrude Troy has removea
I from 'her home, 1618 Hunter street, to
' Des Moines, lowa.
Miss Frances Woiti|lson, of lObens
burg, has returned after a visit with
Mrs. H. T. Sihearer, 130 Locust street.
1 Mrs. T. Johnston, 3020 North
Second stree4, is spending a week with
her daughter, IMrs. William Franks, of
Fort Washington.
The Rev. and Mrs. Rankin S. Cald
well and daughter, of Morcersburg, have
returned home after a visit with the
former's mother, MTS. Sara ! h Caldwell,
501 CaJder street.
William Jo>tinstou, 3020 North Sec
ond street, is spending a few days in
iMrs. David Attig and son, "David
MeConnell, 511 Reily street, have re
turned from a trip to Liverpool.
Mr. ami Mrs. Damon Victor, of Phil
adelphia, have returned home after a
visit with Mr. and Mrs. George Hamer,
12l Cumberland street.
MT. and Mrs. D. Willis, 38 Schuyl
kill ..street, are spending several days
in New York.
Miss Belle Pancake, 109 Boas htreet,
returned to-day from Marietta..
Chester Watts, of Carlisle, is the
guest of Daniel Graham, 1623 Marset
Mrs. Elizabeth Ford, 1916 North
Third streeL is spending several weeks
in McVeyt<wn.
Mrs. J. Odin Hoffman, 140 Sylvan
Terrace, left to-day for several days
in New York.
Mrs. H. H. Heieher anj Miss Kath
erine iHeieher, 439 South Fourteenth
street, are visiting in West Chester and
| Mrm Rlizafoeth Shearer, of Cumber
i land street, has returned from a visit
I to Philadelphia.
I James Carroll, Briggs street, is
| spending several (lays in York.
:Mts. Beuiah Ro'binson, 1408 licrr
street, lias returned from Philadelphia.
'Miss Adeline Emerick, of 'Hood <'oi
lege, Frederick, Aid., returned 'home to
, day for her Easter vacation with her
parents, i.Mr. and Mrs. Morris Emeriek,
35 Evergreen street.
Miss Julia Zudrell, 1633 Market
street, has returned from Philadelphia.
Miss Sarah McC'onkey, 209 South
Front street, has gone to New York
Oity for a week.
Ceremony Was Performed by the Rev.
J. H. Highoy
Mountvillp, Mareh 2 5—A pretty
wedding was solemnized yesterday
when Miss May me Shelley was married
to Urover C. Sheckart, of Lancaster, at
the groom's home, the Rev. J. H. High
i by, pastor of the Baptist ehufeli, ofti
| ciating. The attendants were Miss
• Faith L. Brenneman and John Sheck
! art, brother of the bridegroom. The
I bride is a graduate, of the Lancaster
High school, class of 1906. A recep
! tion followed.
Wednesday Club Choral Concert
Miss tiara Lemer and W. Walley
Davis will play the' violin accompani
ments to the chorus, "The Snow," by
Elgar, one of two which the Wednes
day Club chorus will sing at their
'■•horal concert this evening. A special
feature of the concert will be the can
tata, " Death of Joan of Arc," by Hem
berg, which the members will sing undef
t he direction of Miss Ruth Swo|>e Conk
Parent-Teachers' Meeting
Two meetings of the Parent-Teach
ers' Association will be held this even
ing at 7.3 X) o'clock, one at the Oalder
■building and one at the Forney build
ing. Interesting .programs have been
arranged for both meetings. Humane
treatment of animals was requested by
John T. Olmsted in an address before 1
tihe memlbers of the Penn Parent-Teach- I
ers' Association last night.
Final Organ Recital a* St. Stephen's
The sixth and final Lenten organ re
-1 cital at St. Stephen's church will be
given by Frank A. McCarrell, organist
at Pine Street Presbyterian church,
next Saturday afternoon at o o'clock,
1 assisted by George Sutton, baritone,
j Mr. McCarrell will play the same pro
, gram he intended giving last Satur
j day but was prevented from doing so
on account of illness.
Detweiler-Detweiler Wedding
Mrs. Bertha Detweiler, wi'dow of Jo
seph Detweiler, and Harry R. Detweiler,
brother of the latter, both of Middle
town, were quietly married last evening
at 7 o'clock at the parsonage of the
Presbyterian church, Middletown. The
ceremony was performed by the Rev.
T. C. McCarrell, the pastor, and the
couple were unattended. Mr. and Mrs.
Detweiler will reside in Middletown.
Kent-McMichael Wedding
Oxford, March 25.—Miss Lula Mc-
Michael, of this ,place, and Clarence E.
Kent, of Lancaster, were married yes
terday at the parsonage of the Otter
bein United Brethren church, the Rev.
U. E. Keene officiating. They were un
MHss Swank Visited Friends
Miss Clara <M. Swank, former su
perintendent. of tine Harrisburg hos
pital,' visited friends in this city yes
terday en route to Cedar Rapids, lowa,
from Berwick, Pa. Miss Swank is now
superintendent of the St. Luke 'hospital
at Cedar Rapids, and has been attend
ing "her sister, who has been seriously ill
at h«r home in Berwick. I
Will Beside In Harrlsburf
S. B.Rubiu, formerly of Millerstown,
Pa., has moved with his family to this
city and will occupy the residence at
1923 North Second 'street *
Will Tell "The Story of Harrisburg
Hills as Geology Tells It" Be
fore Alricks Association
Professor G. N. C. Hensehen will
lecture before the Alrieks Association
to-morrow evening at the monthly so
rial meeting of that body in St. An
drew's Parish House. Nineteenth and
Market streets, at 5.30 o'elock. Pro
fessor Hensehen's subject will be
"The Story of the Harrisburg Hill s as
Geology Tells It." It will be illustrat
ed with numerous lantern slides and
with drawings.
Among the features of th* evening
will be illustrations of a local char
acter, including one which will show
those who are listening to Professor
Hensehen just how the earth is con
structed 1 beneath where the v are sit
ting. This drawing will illustrate how
the Reservoir Park hill was formed and
will show the strata beneath the parish
house, running on into Reservoir Park.
Other illustrations will include the
folding of the mountain-making rock
layers between Harrisburg and Al
toona; how the Susquehanna river cut
through the Rockville gap; how the
Cumberland Valley was leveled," ete.
Many of the formations near Harris
burg are regarded by experts as the
most remarkable of their kind in their
world, and Professor Hensehen will
give brief descriptions of them.
w. C. T. U. Meeting To-morrow
The regular meeting of the Kast Ilnr
risburg W. C. T. U. will be held to
morrow evening at 7 30 o'clock in the
fourth Reformed church, Sixteenth,
and Market streets. Topic, "Neal
Dow;" leader, Mrs. Mary Rollison.
New Device Creates Sensation Amcrug
Once in a while there is something
really new and novel that eoaiies out and
creates a sensation. The newest nov
elty and one of the cleverest in a long
while is called the "Model Suit Mak
er, although the name "magic suit
maker would perhaps be more appro
priate. The first one in
was brought here by Geo. W. Geist
white, tailor, 22 South Fourth street.
Mr. Geistwhite has been wondering
ever siuce he got it why some one never
thought of the device before. It looks
just like a life-size picture of a man
in a ,frame on an easel. The front
lifts away and the body of the figure
is covered with the cloth to be shown.
The front is replaced and the figure
shows the suit .just as it would look
on a person. Style, cut, pockets, but
tons and all the details are brought out
juts as if the suit was made up. It
is a simple device that will prove in
valuable to merchant tailors.
Poor Scores RoUed by Teams Expected
to Do Much Better
Bji Aanocialril Pi cas.
Peoria, 111., LMtirch 25.—Chicago, De
troit arnl Philadelphia bowlers let] in
each of the three events at the Ameri
can Bowling Congress to-day. Poor
scores have been rolled during the last
two days by teams from which much
was expected.
Yesterday no one in tflie five-men
, What We Say It Is, It Is
I Silver Plated, 10 Inches High
Removable Glass Lining—sl.oo
Bud Vases For Easter
Your Easter flowers will show to great
est advantage it' arranged in these at
tractive vases.
Diener is showing a number of stunning
shapes in these fashionable new Hud
Vases of Silver Plate, Solid Mahogany
and Cut Glass. A variety of heights at
extremely reasonable prices.
One of these is an ideal Easter present.
Diener Jeweler I
408 Market Street
Walk-Over Easter Styles
We are showing the most complete line of Fashiou
able Footwear for men and women in the citv.
We ask von to visit our store before doing your
Easter buying and give us an opportunity to prove
our statements. Here you will find everything that's
new this season including all the popular styles in the
newest shapes and leathers. It will pay you to step
out of your way to see our window display. s
Yes We Have— Wm
Stock 4SVER
226 Market St., Harrisburg, Pa.
Ladies' Bazaar
SI.OO Silk Y
Boot Hose, "v
To-morrow only we \
offer Ladies' Silk' Boot
Hose in Gray, Toque,
Sand, White, Black,
Blue, Navy, Bronze and *
Canary, full SI.OO qual- *
ity. Special, -pair, 49^
Limit, 2 pairs to a customer. S
$3.00 Silk 7Q
Waists,. vl*i */
Striped Habutai Silk
Waists, new spring mod- j
els, white background, E*
with stripes of assorted f
shades, $3.00 value. Fri- *
day only, choice, $1.791:
s »
$5.00 ttO f
Corsets, • O
Mine. Binner back
lace, and La Rou, front
and back lace corsets, ;
new models, regular $5 '
. values. Friday onlv, -
choice '..52.75 :
v ->
Come lierc to morrow or Sat
urday aud select your Easter Suit
from a stock of modish garments
that cannot bo surpassed In style
and quality at anywhere near the
prices we quote. Our merchandlE- , r
lng policy enables you to select >
something here that elsewhere
ycu would find priced at
to $25, here
$9.98 to $20.98
v j
Coats, Dresses, Skirts, .
, Waists and other spring ;
apparel at saving prices.
10-12 Fourth Sjreet
event came within l.'iO joints o*f the
Rarry-Ketteler mark ol'- 2,907. Walter
Cook, of Philadelphia, is leading with
697. K. Kelly, of Toleilo, rolled into
eighth place with 640, and A. L. Lewis,
of Ohicago, took tenth position with