The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, March 25, 1915, Page 12, Image 12

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Friday Specials-Interesting to Read Because They Are Profitable to Buy
No Friday Specials Lace Veils I of of Trimmed In the Carpet Section Basement Specials Men's Furnishings
Bwt P fl n nr Mail nr Pattern laec veils in white, OJJCOId.I I—AJ yp c ij no leum, short Floral lace shelf paper, reg- Men's 25c lisle web elastic
Bent O. U. U., or man or large range of patterns; for- TJ + 1h r of lengths. Special Friday only, ular price 5 yards for sc. suspenders. Special Friday
'Phone Orders Filled merly were $1.50 to $2.50. JtlcllS I rlQciy dl v7OC- square yard 59* Special Friday only, 10 yards only, 18?
Special Friday only, ...49* A shipment of new hats with some hairbraid C0(, . 0a nmts ' Sp^ a i for t * V "I"; Men's blue chambray shirts
______^———— Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart . . p . .. Friday only, 49* K\. Japanese white tissue —collar attached—yoke and
_ . . Street Floor. sluipos tmnilied with tlowers tor 11 S. J Lie list 40c rubber door mats. Spe- toilet paper. Special Friday double seams. Special Friday
bilk bpecials includes satin, straw braid and silk turbans and cial Friday only, 23* only, 4 rolls for 23? only, 25*
SW black messaline silks, sailors trimmed with pompons. Special Friday . :>ot> Wilton rugs, 18x27 &)C laundry size fine crimp 10c pad garters. Special
•>t> inches wide. Special I'n- Furniture Specials i qq> inches. Special Friday only, "Old Reliable" wash boards. Friday only 4?
day only, yard 69c f , ° • * Special Friday only, . . .17* .35,. WHt ,, h fobs Snp .. ial
59c stripe inessaline in s!nt,-inl K.'i, I«v'nnlv'lo.9s *' Div ° B ' Pomerov 4 Stewart. Fourth street Aisle. .roc cork linoleum. Special 83c glass shelf for bath Friday only .....10*
brown, grev and Copenhagen ' , "• ———————— ~~~~————Friday only, square yard, room, 24 inches long. Special m i r
with white stripes. Special \\illow chairs, cushiona 1,1- 39C Friday only 69* 19c heavy police suspend
triday only, yard 35* 1 luti. . |>< ua ' Boys' Shoes Men's $12.50 Suits, 75c Brussels carpet. Spe- Three 10c cans Climax wall ' '' ' °'-|gv*
II $1.25 washable chiffon voile ~ , *• „ . Mllll . „ p„ 0 ,: u „ JK7 SO . cial Friday only, yard, 47* paper cleaner. Special Fri
with maise floral designs. sl<.oo golden oak din,ng Hoys $2.00 tan Russian *1 * blue rairian rum 30x day only, .....25* Boys 10c elastic suspend-
Special Friday 0n1y,.... 79* l ' hairs - Special Friday only. calf button shoes; sizes 1 and Men - S browu diagonal 60 Snecial Friday only 97* 15c steak nounders Sue erß, Spei ' ial * nday only *
L-n p' * , $15.95 I'-. Special Friday only, worsted suits, 3-button model, bu. Special r nday only, trr* loc steak pounders. Spe- Pomeroy & Stewart.
*!®.oo walnut ta.. s,„- W-» sizes i»and only. Keg- <M Mm raglan n«, 36 eial Friday only. .. 10* s J oel
street floor, Front. cial Fridav onlv. .. .$49.00 Boys'sl.s9 "black kid skin ular $12.50 value. Special x - Special Friday only, &>c hand-forged scissors.
1 Dives,"pomerov * Stewart. shoes, sizes BVi to 13H. Friday only, $7.50 s l - 9 * Special Friday only, 19c •
_ .. Third Floor—Three Elevators. Special Friday only, Sl.lo »Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart Pomeroy ft Stewart oe tack lifters. Special Art Nflfdlework
Ribbon Specials JWDives, Pomeroy & Stewart Second Floor. Kear—3 Elevators. Floor—Three Elevators. Friday only 3? Art INeeaieWOrK
Printed warp, satin taffeta street Floor, Rear. ! $1.25 decorated china lem- 25c to 39c IS to 27-inch
Men's Night Shirts ZZZZ=Z: „ f , St SLtfflW
Inrge range ot mnriin ni B h, shim, V Children . s and M,ta,o#k DIaWW » SC * rfs ""f f"""" Ijn y 89<H onlv, jj I
to 25c. Special Friday onlv, neck, trimmed with blue, red wmiuieu s <" IU Nainsook drawers, lace or 29c scarfs and shams; hem- $9.98 KMKpiece dinner set; 10c art canvas collar stamp
vard .15* °r white braid; sizes 15 to 18. Shoes embroidery trimmed. Regu- stitched with beading inser- floral decoration. Special ed ready to embroider. Spe
.. .. . .. , ~ . . Special Friday only, .. .39* . lar price 50c. Special Friday tion; size 17x50 and 30x30 Friday only, $8.75 cial Friday only, 5*
11 H j i!"ii "??•„. ° tJ 'Dives. Pomerov & Stewart ~ " 11 ' 1 '" '' — 0 an on j v inches. Special Friday only, SI.OO Welsbach Chic gas Children's rompers in lin
-1 i' inches wide good range , • lugli cut button shoes, sizes •. 1 , ~® . , 1 1 • 1 t
of colors. 7c to 10c values. Men s Store. ft to 8. Special Friday only, Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, 17 ? lamps, complete. Special Fri- en colors chaml ray size Ito
Special Friday ouly, yard, * 75V Second Floor —Three Elevators. 59c to 60c scarfs and day only, - 4 years. Special r ndayMly,
tr Dives Pomerov & Stewart ————————— , .... ... ~ . ———i———. — shams, imitation Cluny lace MDives, Pomeroy & Stewart 121/ of
Street Fioor. ' ' Children's Pajamas lac^shoef IP to " trimmed; size 18x54 inches Basement. wDives, Pomeroy & Stewart
... „ e siuies, sizes 11, > -. anf j 3Q x 2O inches. Special i Third Floor—Three Elevators.
——————— Children's ioc one-piece Special I*nday only, ...75* Nainsook Corset Covers Friday only 39*
~~~———— ___ cambric and madras pajamas. ty Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Nainsook corset covers fcrniv** Pnmpmv & Stewart _ . __
Women's Handker- Special Fridav onlv, .. .50* _ t v , • Na | lorsct covers, lomeroy 4 Stewart Linen Specials
wuiueuo xxctiiuiitsi > ■ • > v Street Hoor, Hear. lace insertion and lace edge street Floor tjpwxwxa Uoffavn Plftflic,
„!,• r. K Dives. Pomerov & Stewart, , • i o i -n otreei rioor. "atuem IslOtilS
cnieis M —— trimmed. Regular price 50c. 25c bleached cotton table
i! i , ,■ , ens tore. Special Fridav onlv. damask. 58 inches wide; neat 98c mercerized pattern ta
,.h S a . nJ" , "L, .5f" d ST fcr Dives, Pomerov '& Stewart. designs. Special Friday only. ble cloths, good size and
i SrfoVL full H U rS int , -■■■ Nainsook Gowns Second Elevators. White Goods yard 19* quality. Specal Friday only,
I tials, i... dozen in fancy box. Men S bilk bhirtS Nainsook gowns, empire r»c white nlisse crene 30 10c brown part linen towel
-35c value. Special Friday Men s $2.98 all silk shirts, style, bell shaped sleeves; inches wide• fine quality for ing, lti inches, blue border. orDives, Pomeroy & Stewart
only, box 25* sizes 15 to 17 only. Special trimmed with embroidery in- -Rrawtkm underwear ' and children's Special t nday only, yard street Hoor, Rear.
Colored rolled edge hand- Friday only ...$1.95 sertion and edge. Regular cidbbieies rompers; needs no ironing. b
kerchiefs in pink, light blue, «"Dives, Pomeroy 4 Stewart price sl.oo. Special Frulay Brassieres, lace or embroid- Special Fridav only, vard, 9* Bed Spreads
lavender, white and black: Men's store. only, $1.0« cry trimmed. Regular price 1 * . u us . Hosiery Specials
5c values. Special Friday crDives, Pomeroy & Stewart SI.OO to $3.00. Special Fri- inc he S wide • %-inch check $2.50 summer weight satin Women's 25c navy blue
3 for 10* Second Floor-Three Elevators. da > 011 95< mehe^ wide cnecK bed spreads, good patterns Hs]e hose> seamlees . Special
Hemstitched linen hand- Sweater Specials Pomeroy 4 Stewart be used for curtains,*dresses ,mlv qUH ' , P " ia si 39 Friday only 12y 2 t
kerchiefs. Special Friday , .*,-«■ Second Hoor—Three Elevators. a nd anrons Special Friday "1:" Me n ' S white feet black
only, 6 for 25c Mpl ! 8 and bo > 8 ,ier " - Qft 2v yard . _ ... 10* " D ™' V t °™ r ° y t lislp hosp - of 25c !
, ir , XT , seys in maroon grey and Cotton Dress Goods i street Hoor, Bear. quality. Special Friday only,
Women's Neckwear navy, special 1-Yiday only; 50c crepe cords, 34 inches q nepial « loc hne scalloped damask He
Imported lace collars in wide; half silk; in nine choice 'trnnri and mial —— Women's 25c Burson cot
white, eeru and some with a Infants' SI.OO fancy weave shades. Special Friday only, Voile waists, trimming otter, good jar ferns ami i - Lace Corner Samples I toi hose, tan only. Special 111 I
touch of color- values up to coat sweaters, with belts, red yard 29* hand embroidery, bunch ".v. special rnaay oniy.+ x- Friday onlv 12K>*
SI.OO. Special' Friday only, "»d "avy, 2to 4 years size. 50c silk poplin in solid tlu ' ks - lacp insertion hem- r Agents samples lace cur- Children's silk lisle tine
25* Special Friday only, . .39* shades, half silk. Special Fri- pitching and pearl buttons $1.39 English longcloth 10 F ndav JnW ribbed hose, seconds of 25c
Shadow lace guimpes in Women's SI.OO knit vests day only, yard 39* Regular pnee *I.OO. Special yards to a piece; % inches an. hpedal Unlay only Special Friday only,
white and ecru, 25c values. and cardigans, navy, grev; 59c crepe de chine; 36 F^- V onl - V 69 < wide; fine chamois hnish. St " P ' "' D I" 7 11*
Snecial Friday only, .. 15r small sizes 34 and 36 only! inches wide; solid shades and Pomeroy fc Stewart Special Friday only, piece erDn-es Pomeroy & Stewart orDlvc.Poß.oroy & Stewart
Dives, Pomeroy i: Stewart Special Friday only, ...39* j neat figures. Special Friday | 3ecc ' d Floor "~ Three Elevators - | | street Floor ' | | street Floor. |
street Floor. t. Dives. Pomeroy & Stewart. only, yard 25* 29c stripe crepe, 32 inches
■ Men's Store. 5c challie* for comfortable —————■ wide, four good patterns for ———————
nnverinoM Spppial Frirlnv Bungalow Aprons |
Lace and Embroidery onl>, yaui,,.......... .3 2 * Bungalow aprons, blue * ' ..1" 50c correspondence cards. ' :fse ha lf wool challis, fig-
Valenciennes lace edges Boys' Wash Suits 10c percales 36 inches . .de check gingham or light or P l wide ftoe Special Fnday only, box „red; shades navy and pink,
and insertions, on. in.-h wide; Boys'white piqne »„d .in. ' S°pS ? pk T'"'' jL £> •££*»£ i I » Special PHd., only, yard "
good range of patterns; val- ene Russian wash suits, mil- Fridav onlv \ard . oil* fecial t nday only. .. .29* dav o n,y, yard, ..... 12V,* n papcr " Special Fmky 12'4*
lies to 10c. Special t rida y itarv stvle* 4 5 6 and 7 *' *• \ v cs, Pomeroy & Stewart, < ioe striped voile, silk mix
only, yard 5o vears sizes - $l5O to 50 ■ gmghams, ol Second Floor —Three Elevators. °. n ! eroy ' ' tcwart * ta- Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, cd. Special b riday only,
Swiss embroidery floun- Friday tnW. SUCet Street Picon Kear. yard ; .39*
cing, 27 inches wide; beauti- 69* cial day only, yard, 50c serge, 3b inches wide;
Jo' e - velet and a t: Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart vacation cloth for bovs* Muslin and Sheets B'>tM 8 ' >tM W ' 371/^
Embroidered voile floun ' only, yard 12V,* lin. Special Friday only, Men's sl.oo heavy Egypt- oOe black serge, 36 inches wide; striped or plain. Spe
cin- 45 inches wide - cood o ,«,• mx • „. x 18c crepe, neat styles, fig- yard, 614* ian cotton ribbed union wide. Special Friday only cial Friday only, yard, 48*
range of patterns. Specif Boys' Oliver Twist Suits ures and plain shades. Spe- 10c 39-inch unbleached Special Friday only,. , 9 1.00 yard,
a' ridav onlv. vard 49d Boys' Oliver Twist wash cial Friday only, yard, 10* rauß ij n Special Fridav only Men's $2.50 heavy natural hoc black Canton crepe, all inches wide, tour styles. Spe
ta-Divea, Pomeroy 4 Stewart suits. 4-year size, regular 50c or Dives. Pomerov & Stewart. vard,..' 7* wohl union suits " wool. Special Friday only, cial I'nday only, yard, 4»*
Street Floor. value. Special Friday only, Street Floor. fi( 7 , )qn . . . J Friday only, yard, 59<) $1.25 navy serge; o4 inches
' 25* . b9e ,2x90-inch and « 6x90- Children's white cotton SI.OO Panama, 54 inches wide; all wool Special *n-
— » Dives, Pomeroy k Stewart y e onfy yard' peelal ' Scintu'la,' 'siik and
Drapery Remnants " K " ;tr - Turkish Towels "' D '™;Z7Z7 tluality - fecial Friday only; $1.20 black serge iTd' P 9s*
_' >e to 29c remnants of 29c heavy bleached Turk- ' wide. Special Friday only, and wool crepf
drapery material in deniin, w nme r.» e ish bath towels, pink and blue Women's 12% white cotton yard 98? »'■-r "; u '' V L '
etamine and other materials Women S Slippers border, large size. Special ribbed vests; sleeveless. Spe- $1.50 black fancy Santoy; and li'pec.daf FrUlay
Ito •> yard lengths, bpecial Women's $2 patent leather Friday only 19* Fillow Cases eial Friday only, 9* s ;ik and wool. Special Fri- ()U | V " an | 69*
trulay only, yard. ..... .9* slippers with two and three 19c hemmed bleached Turk- 33c 45x36 bleached pillow Women's 37i/ 2 c and 50c day only, yard, ...95? ' SV.SO faille, silk and wool,
hem, ivory and white scrim straps, hand turned soles ish towels, large size and cases, embroidered and hem- ribbed drawers; ankle length $1.50 black Tussah royal, 40 inches wide, color Amer
curtains, _ 4 yards hing. Spe- with high heels. Special 1-■ri- quality. Special Friday only, stitched. Special Friday only, —none exchanged. Special 44 inches wide. Special Fri- ican Beauty. Special Friday
cial Friday only, pair, 49c day only .SI.OO each 25* Friday only, 12%? day only, yard, .... .$1.19 only, yard, 69*
Pomeroy & Stewart Dives, Pomeruy & Stewart, tjr Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, t* Dives, Pomeroy i Stewart tar Dives, Pomerov & Stewart ir Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart. M'Dives. Pomeroy & Stewart
Third Hoor—Three Elevator*. Street Floor, Rear. Street Floor —Bear. Street Floor, Rear. Street Floor. Street Floor. Street Fioor.
Maude Adams
Maude Adams' revival of "Quality
fitreot'' seems to have beeu very op
portune tor the carlv comedy of Bar
rio's seems to be more popular with the
admirers of the actress than it was
when first made known. Probably Miss
Adams ha t an intuitive feeling that
the time had eonie for the revival of
the play and if it was not that then it
must be ascribed to good business judg
ment. Those to whom the play is new
have found it a welcome change from
tue style of svork with which the stage
lias been crowded for some seasons
past, someone wrote a crook play and
it was a success. The result was the
rapid production of a number of plays
dealing with people of the under
world. Then came plays that dealt
with business and with morals. Sjome
authors went so far as to see the
lengths they could go to in shocking
the public, exposing scenes of life that
are best aired in the police courts, (.'an
one imagine, the sentimental, woman
reverencing Barrie writing such a playf
Jn "Quality Street," in which Maude
Adams is to be seen at the Majestic to
morrow evening he deals with men and
women who are lovable. He shows the
home of two maiden sisters, one of!
whom is very Puritanical. Quaintly, |
whimsically and wittily he lets you into;
the secrets of their life and in the,
love affair of one of them. And when
that fine young fellow that has won j
her heart rushes off to the wars without
ever giving her hope that some day he
will return and claim her you look at
her with dim eyes. There is the odor
of lavender about the play, which is
one of the moit charming that Barrie
has written. To many people Phoebe
Throssell will always remain one of
Miss Adams' best roles. —Adv. *
"Within the Law"
Smokeless powder, noiseless firearms
and a Maxim silencer, such as the Mc-
Namara dynamiters arc alleged to have
employed against their enemies, are
adopted for the first time on the stage
in "Within the Law," Bayard Veil
ler's thrilling new American play of
modern metropolitan life, which Selwyn
and Company is to present at the Ma
jestic next Wednesday matinee and
night. These ingenious devices of mod
ern warfare, which make possible the
killing of .1 person, with a minimum
danger of detection, are adroitly intro
duced by the playwright to inject an
element of baffling mystery into the
I murder that forms one of the exciting
scenes of "Within the Law." Al
though the audience sees a pistol drawn
and the character at whom it is aimed ,
drop seemingly lifeless, there is not
the slightest report from the discharge'
of the bullet nor the faintest trace of
smoke. Tt is the use of these weapons
that makes so puzzling the solution of
the crime ru the play. In New York
and Chicago where "Within the I/aw"!
is the current dramatic, hit, the play '
was designated "the drama of the min
ute."—Adv. *
At the Orpheum
Music is the charm of the Orpheum "s
bill this week. It is served up chiefly
by Ralph Dunbar's "Eight Royal Dra- i
goons," vaudeville's celebrated singing |
band, who make a striking appearance ,
in white military uniforms against a
background of black plush, and who
are musicians and vocalists. of marked
ability. There efforts on a variety of
brass and reed instruments are expert
and their singing is effective and har
monious. While the act is staged on a
most refined order, the act does not
adhere to high class selections, but in-
I dudes just enough of the popular to
make it appeal to all classes. It in
j eludes a nice mixture of classic, patri-
I otic and popular. Another vocal turn
lon the bill is that of Claire Rochester,
i the fascinating Southern girl, who pos-
I sesses a wonderful double voice, sing
ing baritone just as beautifully and
with as much volume as she sings so
Her voice is excellent either as bari
tone or soprano, but the presence of
both is .indeed unusual. Another inter
esting songstress is Miss Stanley, ■ of
the duo Mulier and Stanley, who is a
clever comedienne as well. Miss Stan
ley can thrill audiences with her splen
did voice just as easily as she can stir
their risibles. Another singing comedy
duo is Hines and Fox. a neat appearing
couple, who might be compared to Van
and Schenck, and they are walking
away with a big bit a* each perform
ance. In short the whole Orpheum bill
is elcver and out of the ordinary.—
Adv. *
At the Colonial
A Keith attraction of sterling worth
is that known as the Six Musical Gor
mans, heading the Keith bill at the Co
lonial for the last half of the week.
Their offering is a refined vocal and
instrumental act and is alone worth
the price of admission in vogue at the
"Busy Comer." A corking comedy hit
of this bill is that of the German lan
guage twisters, Gordon and Marx, who
scored a laughting hit at the Orpheum
several seasons ago. They are good
for one long, loud laugh every minute
they are 011 view. Two other clever
Keith hits of variety and merit will
complete the roster. Interesting fea
tures on timely moving pictures are
also included with the vaudeville pro
gram during the last half. —Adv. *
Photoplay To-day
A melodrama of power and appeal
has been worked up in "On the Stroke
of Twelve." An analysis of this ex
cellent three-part feature play will dis
close elements of pathos, gaiety, love,
intrigue, perfidy rud revenge. In the
will of her father Irene Bromley is al
lowed so much annually by the trus
tee, Sidney Villon, a lawyer of loose
morals, but who enjoys a place on the
list in society. Arthur Colby, a whole
some, straightforward young man, is
in love with her, but. she treats him in
differently. Many interesting scenes
make up these three reels of drama.
At the Regent
"The Bargain," a paramount fea
ture produced by Thomas H. Ince,
which was so well received at this the
atre yesterday, will be the strong at
traction again to-day.
To-morrow, Friday and Saturday,
"Tillie's Punctured Romance," in
which Marie Dressier is the leading
character, will be one of the bitggest
drawing features that has ever appear-
Ed in film pictures in this city. This !
theatre advertised to show "Tillie'si
Punctured Roma.-nce,"' on March 13,
but was prevented from doing so by an !
injunction brought against us by a
rival house. The injunction has been .
dissolved 'by the court and the picture
will bo shown to-morrow and Saturday,
which sustains the management in its .
effort to give the public the best and
most pleasing pietures produced by tho ;
greatest film coni(>anics in the world.
Adv.* j
Ten Years' Misery Ended
«T. T. Chambers, merchant, Jonesboro.
Ark., writes: "Foley Kidney Pills
cured me of a ten-year standing ease of
rheumatism. I suffered miserably. A
friend told me of being cured;, so I
used them, and they cured me, too."
Most middle-aged men and women are
glad to learn that Foley Kidney Pills
afford a way to escape sleep disturbing
bladder weakness, backache, rheuma
tism, puffiness under eyes, stiff and
swollen joints, and other ills attributed
to kidney troubles. Geo. A. Qorgas,
16 North Third street. —Adv.
Aged Woman Dies Near Lancaster
Marietta, March 25. —"Mrs. Harah
Van Dyke, 87 years old, died yester
day in the Long Home, near Lancaster,
from infirmities of age. She is the
last of her family.
To morrow evening, Maude Adams
in "Quality Street.''
Wednesday, March 31, matinee nnd
evening, "Within the Law."
Every ufternoiin and ovouing, hlgk
elasM vaudeville.
Kverv afternoon ami evuiiing, vaiulu
villi) and pictures.
Motion Pictures.
Motion Pictures.
Motion Pictures.