The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, March 24, 1915, Page 13, Image 13

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    The Star independent Gives Away 2 Orpheum Tickets Daily
The Name of the Person to Whom They Will Be Awarded To-day Is Somewhere Among the Classified Ads On This Page
Perhaps you are the lucky person. Look until you find o'tt If yn ret th; please call for them before 8 o'clock to-morrow evening
or they will be forfeited. (These names are drawn from the Directory by a blindfolded girl.) i m
1 ■ 1 ■ ' == . . , = ■ __ A
Rml Estate
h—— J
A TWO-STORY brick house. with all
improvements, ;i!j Mark Ave. Ap
ply C. S. KOOII. 3110 N. Seventh St.
ISJP Derry. Srd floor .....135.00
131« Derry. :nd floor, M 5.00 ;
1315 Market. (34.00 I
:*9 S. ISth. ...130.00. SS£.SO and JSi.OO
III* Market. IS J. 50
:3C.3SS 8. I»h—HOUSES. *SS.OO '
1314-1447 Berryhlll »:^SO
1213 Market $15.50 i
133 S. Fourteenth 5t..,. I.'O.otV
i3O S. 19*». all Improvements... .$15.00 I
1547 Darry, 4 Urge rooms, imp....51i.00
1440 Vernon. 111.00
13;t) N. Front. for colored 111.00
1830 B*rryhlU St.. 3 rooms. SB.OO
HARVEY T. SMITH. 504 & 13th. Bell '
FOR RF.NT— A three-story brick. all
fmpro\ cments. 1713 N. Third street
Apply 1100 N. Front.
FOR RENT—An S-room house, 317 t
Hamilton street. Apply to 1101 N. j
Front street.
FOR RENT—COS State St.: three-story
brick houee; modern Improvements.
Steam beat. Electric light. Inquire
1501 N. Second St. Hell phone '.'.•S4R.
TOR RENT —Two reserved tickets were '
awarded to-day to William E. Dixon,
109 S. Second street. Steelton. Rood for
the evening performance at the Or
pheum. March '.'6. Call .for tickets at
Star-Independent office before S p. m„
March ;5. or they will bo forfeited.
Boon FOR RENT. 11H Market street.
9 rooms, bath and steam h#at; newly
papered. Inquire 1113 Market St.
rot: RENT—No. 1011 N. Third St.—
House and store room; all conven
iences: stefe-n heat.
No. 111S N. Fourteenth St.; corner of I
Cumberland street: all Improvements; 1
back and front stairs; largo front
porvh: a flne location. C. H. ORCL'TT,
i.'t>7 Cumberland St.
FOK RENT—Frivate rooms for house
hold goods. in new fireproof building. !
Clean and safe. Inspection invited. 437-
415 S. Second St. HARRISBURG SI OR- I
FOR RENT—House* with all improve- '
ments. at moderate rentals, J. E.
GIFPUE. 1351 Market St.
REDUCED RENTS—Three modern, im
proved 7-room apartments for rent to
adults. All conveniences. Location 239 '
S. Thirteenth St Apply on premises or !
WANT E D-—A large store room near'
Market street, west of railroad, for.
Immediate possession o *" possession Mfcy '
Ist. Address, full particulars. M. R. r
FOR RENT—Secor.d floor front room;
electric light and use of bath, cen
trally located, on South street near
window front oil Ijocust street; tiled
entrance, tiled bath: looker, hall
phones, fully equipped kitchen. Apply
Peniia. Realty and Improvement Co., 13C
locust street.
WANTJSD —To buy farm, any siie and
location. Also road house and hotel.
Write complete details. Brionne, -3
I'uane St.. New York.
FOK RENT—Two or three unfurnished
rooms, suitable for light housekeep
ing; steam heat, electric light, gas and
use of bath. 61$ Camp St
dwelling houses for sale. Elder Real
Estate Co.. 24th and Perry Sta
ROOM W ANTED—Rerined voung lady
desires room; Hill location, state
terms. Address 37:5. care Star-Inde
floor, corner room, well lighted and
heated; all improvements. 114 Wash
ington St.
FOR RENT—New furnished front rooms
facing Capitol Park; stationary wash
stands, hot and cold running water;
electric light in each room; also use of
phone and large bath. Apply uo North
Awarded Improvement Bonds
Messrs. X. W. Halsey & Co. have
been awarded $16,000 Princeton, Illi
nois. 5 per cent, water improvement
Printed at this office in best style, at
lowest prices and on short notice.
- <«
For Rent
Warehouse and
Storage Space
Two' floors (-14,000 sq. ft.) or
parts thereof, in the new Emerson-
Brantingliam Implement <V build
ing at Tenth and Market Sts.
Klfvator service—P. R. R. siding in
the building.
Apply to
t v
Rial Estate
i —— J j
KV>R SALE—I-coem bungalow. with 11U
linprovi'nwnts. large lot. 35x110. side
ami rear entrance. gardeu nntl fruit
: trees; good property, price reasonable. i
■ lVal with owner. 2419 Reel St.
I The Hoard of Commissioners of Pub
lie Grounds ntid Buildings will offer at
public sale, in front of State Capitol
' Bullilinit. at entrance. Fourth and State
i streets. Harrisburg. Penna., at 10 o'clock
ja. nv, April l>th. IS1 5: the following
(building* and structures upon the prem
' ises within the boundaries of the pro- ;
i posed extension to Capitol Park. In •
Eighth ward. Citv of Harrisburg:
Cowden street—lls. 117. 119, 121. 123.
40<. Jl» SH.
Filbert street —10$. 110.
North street 4 25, SOT. 509. 311. 7IT.
Short street —1.". tS9. 143.
South street—so". 510. 51S. sot (rear of
No. 121 Cowden street'. *o*. 70;:.
■State street—4l3. 413-rear. 415. 417, 419.
421. 423.
Walnut street —4IS. 510. <OO. tio2.
The purchasers shall pay to the Com- |
monwealth of Pennsylvania, through
the ofßce of the Superintendent of Pub- !
lie Grounds and Buildings. Harrisburg, ;
Pennsylvania, by certified check or
United States currency, the amount at
which the said building or buildings and
. structures are awarded to them, as fol- !
i iows: A cash payment of 25 per cent. '
shall be made on day of sale and the
balance before entering upon the prop- ,
erty to remove the material purchased.
In all cases where the premises are
unoccupied, possession will be given
;lie purchaser immediately. Where the
premises are tenanted, possession will
be given immediately after the premises
are vacated. The Commonwealth will ,
not be responsible for any damage to
property after possession is given. Pur
chaser shall state at time of their
offer the time required to remove the
buildings and material after being given '
possession by the Commonwealth, which
in no c.twse shall be longer than 60 days.
All building refuse shall be carted
away from the premises bv the pur
chaser. All foundation walls must be
taken down and removed at least three
feel below level of street.
The Board of Commissioners of Pub
lic Grounds and Buildings reserves the
right to accept or reject any or all bids.
The work of removal shall be perform
ed under the direction of and to the
satisfaction of the Superintendent of
Public Grounds and Buildings.
The sidewalks and street pavements
are not to be removed by purchaser of
buildings or structures under this
By order of the Board.
(PouItry Business) running (Spring
" ater) Tine meadow, all kinds choice
fruit ti>io) bushel apples (1914*. Home.
Barn, outbuildings, land xnosttv level to>
acres good (woodland). Only (half
mile) to Trolley and Railroad Depot at
Arg - Market Jblning Susquehanna river.
(-'.' young horses (1) fresh cow t2) hogs
(55) chickens, ducks, guineas and
geese. All hay, straw, corn and oats,
farming Machinery. (42) acres only
($1900); w ; yi everything above i.52400).
Cify Market land) State Hospital,
Trolley and Railroad Depot and Beau
tiful River within (4* squares to Dandy
100 l acre farm, land level facing South,
mostly New Buildings, water on porch.
Choice Fruit (7) acres good woodland
and great chance for Early Vegetables,
Remember (match team! horses, (2)
fresh cows *.5) hogs v«o> poultry (30)
bushel oa:s (50) bushel corn (3) ton
hay and straw. Farm alone (12000):
everything above ($2700). P!ione (7 to
St Evenings.
Only (mile* to Court House and City
Market, i.- » fruit orchards (meadow)
running spring water, loam soil mostly
level (13i acres good woodland. Handv
to (o) Railroads and (2) Trolley Lines.
(4* valuable horsea fresh cows (7)
hogs (lie) poultry, all hay. straw, oats
and corn. Farming: Machinery. i 92)
acre farm with t2) set of buildings
only iS3SOO); with Stock (machinery)
crops low price i 54900). Handv to Sh'a
niokm. Sunbury. Danville and" Blooms
burg markets.
Danville Telephones Sunbury
Mornings i? to Si Evenings
EOR SALE—IISOO will buy a frame
house, s rooms, hot water heat, lot 21
xlos, good location. Also other proper
tie* on easy payment. BELL REALTY
CO.. Bergner Building.
$-200„ W 'I} buy a 55-acre farm along
. .f- J*- 3 from Millerstowii
All details regarding this farm, picture
SL~H U i?i n S s - e, °- are available at BELL
Rr~ALT\ CO.. Bergner Building.
t\JR SALE—3 houses on Jefferson St.,
at reduced prices; part brick eon
structlon. « rooms and bath, finished
* ii • also 1 new brick home with
all improvements, near the central part
or the city: also building: lots near Pen
brook. 30x150; reduced in order to close
them out; also building lots at River
side and Paxtang. For terms and prices
apply to S. HALDEMAN & CO.. Carpen
ters and Builders. 3222 N. Sixth St
Harrisburg. Pa. Also job carpenter
work promptly and neatly attended to
by calling Bell phone 3i>2:j3.
68-ACRE FARM. 3 miles from Golds
boro. for sale, together with stock
and implements; house, barn and oth*r
buildings in good condition: variety of
fruit: good water. Possession at once.
BELL REALTY 00.. Bergner Building.
FOR SALE—No. 919 S. 20*4 St.; frame
house; 9 rooms, bath. gas. porches,
■ ruit: lot 40x15; stable; chicken house.
Particulars at BELL REALTY CO.
Bergner Building.
FOR SALE—Some new brick; 7-rooirs
and bath: gas and electric liaut;
steam heat: hardwood finish, for s2">o.
Can be bought for SIOO and easv month
ly payments. H. G. PEDLOIV. 4 io S.
Thirteenth St.
ONL\ THREE of those new brick
houses left, that can be bougiii for
SSO cash and balance on pavments of
$15.00 per month. H. G. PEDLOW, 110
S. Thirteenth St, ,
FOR SALE—Fine new homes at River
side: all conveniences, large porches;
also No. 92:. Green street; fine large
home, side alley: steam heat. E. MOES
LEIN. 424 State St.; L M. /(EIFKER,
222 Market St.
MY PROPERTY. No. 153 North Cath
erine street, Middletown. Pa. Harris
burg electric cars pass every twenty
minutes. Apply to J. W. FORTNEY
171 S. Front St.. Steelton. Pa.
FOR SALE—City and suburban homes
and home sites, first class business
propositions. KOUGH. BRIGHTBILL ft
ixLINE, Sixth and Reily Sis. Both
Harrisburg Hospital
The Harrisburg Hospital is open
daily except Kunday, between 1 ami
Jo clock p. m. for dispensing medical
advice and prescriptions to those unable
to pay for them.
Sale eod Exchange
FOR SALlC—Rlryvlee. |S. slo.* fit
each. Investigate. Try Keystone Re
i pairs. Aive money. Quirk service, .
Keystone Cycle Co., Sl4 N. Third St. 1
j FOR SAlJ2—Cheap. Roll-top desk. .-ash'
register. phonograph and lot record*. I
lounge, mis r«u>'. leather rocker, <i\*x
S'* Seneca View Camera: two smaller.
evtrn backs and Hash light outtlt; anas- !
tic mat lens, at onee, u a. m. to
11 p. w- OWL. STriWO. :0« Market.
SAUK -One road horse, rubber- '
tired Jenny Li ml, rubber tired surrey. '
bo<h pood as new: market wagon and
' sl\ sets harness. Lincoln street, !
i Steelton. Pa. Bell plume tfX or IY.
FOR SAUK—Motorcycle bargains: 1913 1
Indian machine, one new tir.\ in run
ulna: order. IS5.0O; Prestollte tank with,
fixtures. Iti.n); motorcycle tandems, $3.
15: vacuum cups, red inner tubes, ,
I-.50 each. Ap;il> Keystone Cycle Co., 1
| SI 4 X. Third St.
BARGAIN—Large new wooden yarn j
I cases for sale. New Cumberland Knit- !
i ting Co k
810 BARGAINS In unredeemed Dla- 1
mends. Watches. Jewelry, Firearms, 1
Musical Instruments, etc. Cash paid for '
old gold and silver. Repairing a spe
cialty. CITY LOAN OFFICE. 411 Maf
ket street.
FOR SAUK—WiII sacrifice mahogany
SS-note player-piano like new. includ
ing music cabinet, bench. scarOvuid 40
rolls of music, for |33S> Addreks M.. I
care Star-Independent.
HAVING received new lister piano on !
a business deal, will sell same to re- I
liable party at .i bargain on monthly
payment. Address M. C. 8., 3733 ( cat* :
i Star-Independent.
FOR S A UK—White enamel bed. springs,
and mattress, in good condition. Nine |
I dollars. Apply 131 a Howard St. ,
1 FOR SALE—New baby grand piano, for j
balance on loan: highest grade make; |
month!* payments accepted. Address
J. V.. SI2S, carj Star-Independent.
FOR SALE—AT GABLE'S, 113, 115 and
117 South Second strtet. 5,000 gallons
New Era Ready Mixed Paint, Acme
quality. All the full Hue of the Acme ,
FOR SALE—At GABLE S. 111-117 South
Second St., MOO sets new Sasltt SxlO
lit L, primed and glased. at ILIS per
fret. Also other sisea
1 -S
PACKING—A. H. SHRENK. 1»0£ North
Sixth street, first class packer of fur
niture, china aad brlcabrac. Bell phone
J• WENRICH. 339 Hamilton street—
*urniture, china and piano packing
shipments loosed alter at both enda
*'2"'w kinds of haululg. Bell phone
At TO and motorcycle storage at reas
onable rates, in Keystone Garage, ;*l9
Myrtle avenue. Inquire N. Tturd St.
IRE-PROOF STORAGE warehouse. di
vided into private rooms for storage
of household goods. New building. Low
insurance. Inspection invited. 437-415
South Second slieet. HAURISHIIKU
tRLIUHT DIiAYAGE, storage, shippers'
and distributors of merchandise of all
kinds, prompt and effluent service.
\\ arehouses on F. K. H, auu P. i* R.
tracks. MON I'vioMLit V oc CO., Peiplier
Line, I'entn below Market St.
ALL KINDS oi razor blades resharpen
ed; made better than new; safety, .:3c
per doien; Star, 15c; old style. .jc;"leav«
orders Henry uilbert & Soils Hardware,
:19 Market street.
for honest working people keeping
house. Kates less tliau legal. Pay
ments weekly or monthly. No noti
rioation of employer or friends.
204 Chestnut St.
Authorised Capital. tIuO.OOO
ANT person needing money in amounts
from |5 to |SO holding a salaried po
sition. would be benefited by calling
on us. Employes' Discount Co. 3o North
Third St. n—__
ALL kinds of hauling; Urge two-ton
truck; furniture, pianos, freight In
the city and suburbs. Prices reason
able. Picnic and pleasure trips, day or
evening. Wli. H. DARE. 1461 Vernon
St. Bell phone 3&17 J.
MONET TO IX)AN upon real estate se
curities in any anraounte and upon
any terms to suit the borrower. Ad
dress P. O. box 174.
Lest and Found
POUND—The way to end your cleaning
and dyeing worries by calling either
phone for Eggert's Steam Dyeing and
French Cleaning Worlts 1245 Market
St. We call and deliver.
FOUND—A decided Improvement in my
appearance since having my clothing
cleaned and pressed at Parisian Dye
Works. 140S N. Third. Branch, Hoffman-
Kerns. 337 Chestnut. Bell phone. Call
ing and delivering.
tOST—White and brlndle bull dog;
male; small round spot In center of
head. Reward If returned to 1851 Swa
lara i'U
i YOUNG MKN to prepare for government
examinations. Thorough private coach
ling for all . branches of Civil Service.
H«vf a few open dates. Address P. O.
Bo* 4>l. Harrisburg, Pa.
WANTED—To sell wall paper from
! sample hooks. We are tne largest
wholesale wall paper house In Central
Pennsylvania anil carry the largest line
of cheap and medium priced papers on
the market. We attribute our suc
cess to our low price*, prompt ship
ments and fair dealings, us send
you our ISIR line of samples on ap
proval. Write to-day to Monarch Wall
Paper Co.. 420 Market St., Harrisburg,
| Pa.
To Join t>ur Pressing Club—Your Suits
steamed and pressed and Kept In shape
for one dollar a month W>>ur suits a
; month). This Special Price Is for sts
months only. See us now and save
money. Drop us a card and we will
i call. The 20th Century Cleaning and
I Dyeing Works. 123 Market street, above
, Palace Confectionery, SAII ADEL
i STEIN. Manager.
THOUSANDS of chauffeurs will be
needed within three or four months,
' In the city of Harrlsburg, for public
: taxicab service. Prepare yourself at
once. Make aj»pllcatlou for training to
! Auto Transportation and Machine Shop.
: o and 7 North Cameron St.. Harrisburg.
Pa. Full, unlimited course. »35. Both
phones. •
WANTED—Men prepare as firemen.
brakemen, inotormen. colored porters.
Pennsylvania railroads. Experience not
necessary. SSO to 1100 month. Write
Inter Hallway Dept. 101. Indianapolis,
YOUNG married man. colored, wishes
position as chauffeur; willing and
useful around the house; reference,
moderate wages. Apply 616 Forstot St.
YOUNG MAN, 24 years of age. wishes a
position as chauffeur; private famity
desired; can furnish best of reference.
Address W. P. OMMBRT, Williamson.
AN experienced truck and commercial
car operator desires employment at
once. Address WILLIAM SIiEAKER,
Oberlin, Pa.
FIRST-CLASS COOK wants position in
hotel or cafe, in or out of town. Call
or write «3s Brlggs street.
MAN wants trimming and pruning. Ad
dress 1012 N. Nineteenth St.
YOUNG MAN, IS years of age, wants
work of any kind, not afraid of hard
work. Address 2017 Wallace St.
YOUNG MAN, !1 years old. wishes to
learn barber trade, or to work In
store. DALLAS MOW HEY, P. O. Box
263. Newville, Pa.
WOULD like position as Janitor or ele
vatorman; well cxperlenct-d; can fur
nish best of reference. Call or address
DOT Sarah St.. City.
AGENTS make money selling the adver
tised Baldwin Double Service House
Dresses and Aprons. Clean—lucrative
occupation for ambitious ladies. Repeat
orders. Write to-day for particulars.
Baldwin Garment Co., Holyoke. Mass.
like wildfire. We need more men
and women to help distribute. Full
time or spare time. Wholesale Supply
House, 23 North Third St.. top floor.
WANTED —Young lady bookkeeper with
a knowledge of stenography; one with
experience preferred. Address 3727,
care Star-Independ;nt.
1150.00 SALARY for «»lt days work paid'
lady in ea.h town to distribute free
circulars and take orders for White
Ribbon Concentrated Flavoring. J. S.
Ziegler Co.. Chicago.
A GOOD position open for a lirst class
millinery saleslady. Apply ASTRIOH'S,
Fourth and Market.
WAKIED—For Easter rush, at once,
jacket and skirt operator and skirt
presser. Apply WITMER, BAIR & WIT-
M E R.
WANTED Girls over 16
years of age to learn cigar
making. Paid while learn
ing. Apply at Karrisburg
Cigar Company, 500 Race
WANTED—Housekeeping for widower
and good home, by a young widow
with no children; small family; can
Hive reference. MRS. ELLA CLARK.
General Delivery, Harrisburg, Pa.
WANTED— Position as housekeeper, by
young woman of experience. Ad
dress 3726, care Star-Independent.
A YOUNG LADY would like general
housework or day work. Call or ad
dress 1005 N. Third St.
WANTED—Young lady wishes position
li. office, can give reference. Call or
write 12451 Market street
WANTED—Young lady wants work by
the day or week, in private family.
Apply 1005 N. Third. '
COUiI'KD WOMAN wants days work or
washing and ironing; will do office
cleaning; can furnish reference. Ad
dress 1417 Marlon St.
WANTED —Washing and Ironing to do
at home. Call of write to 647 Wood
bine street.
WANTED —Young lady wishes a posi
tion as assistant matron or as attend
ant in an instltutlpn; experienced. ADDIV
2026 Green street.
MIDDLE-AGED colored woman would
like to have day's work or cooking.
Apply at 28 Linden street.
Printed at this office in best style, at
lowest prices and on short notice.
Speculation Broadens to a Marked De
gree in the Morning Session, Trad
ing in the First Hour Aggregating
About 200,000 Shares
New York, March 24.—Wa1l Street
—The upward swing of the stock mar
ket was resumed at the beginning of
to-day s business, many loading isgu<w
and a of less prominent qnes
making new- 'high prices for the current
iihivoinont. Among: thfcra woro U. s.
Steel, I nion Pacifie, tkuitheru Paoufio,
American Smelting, Baltimore and
Ohio, American Can ami svune of the
equipment >fn>ui». notalbly American Lo
, emotive and American Oar and Foun
dry, in which the rise extended (between
1 and 2 points. Bethlehem **te»-l added
another (mint to yesterday'« decision.
Trading was again very active with
further short covering.
Speculation broadened to a marked
decree during the balance of the
morning session, trading in the first
hour ajfjfregatin<{ about 300.000 shares,
with soane diminution of activity to
ward a.:.!,lav. Prices oontiuued to rise,
however, the feature being Union Pa
cific, which was the most prominent
stock at an advance at 2-% points. Tak
ing the morning's best prices as a basis,
the level of quoted values was highest
of any time since the exchange resumed
operations. Bonds were active and
Philadelphia Prodnee Market
Philadelphia, Pa., March 24.—Wheal
steady; No. 2 red spot, export, 15SfT
lt>24: Xo. 1 Northern. Duluth export.
1«:<H if ltitity.
..Con. steady; No. 2 spot, export. 77#
18; No. - yellow, local. SO'u #Bl
Oats steady; No. 2 white. tis®s;~ii.
"r m; winter, per ton. »2«.j0«
i 9.00. spring. per ton. *26.00W26.50.
Refined sugars Arm; powdered. 8.00;
80 5.90; confectioners' A,
Butter firmer: western creamery, ex
tra. nearby prints, fancy. 32.
Eggs firm; nearby ilrsts, free case,
$8.15; current receipts, free case, $6 00'"
western extra firsts, free case, $6.15
firsts, tree case, 16.00.
Uve poultry steadv; fowls, liiih 17-
old roosters. 114@12: chickens, H»J7;
turkey s, 1j •! I<, ducks, 1 o161 sees© l"
G 16.
Dressed poultry firm; fowls, fancy
19U -0; do., average. IS® 18; unattract
ive, 146 15; old reosfers. 14; frozen
fowls, 1 69t IS; frozen turkeys, fancy l
I'd'J2; do., fair to good, IS If '2O; broiling
chickens. 22027; frozen ducks. 12®1S;
frozen geese. 12® 16.
Potatoes weak; Pennsylvania, per
jushel, jO®ss; Maine, 45@50; New York
331f 40. *
_ Hour weak; winter straight. 6.90®
| ..10; spring straight, 7 00® 7.25: do
patent, 7.50®>8.85.
Hay Weak; timothy. No, 1 large baits
18.00; No. 1_ medium bales. 17.50<J 18.00-
No. « do., 15.50(Jt? 16.30; No. J do., 14.001i>
15.00. Clover mixed light, 17.00® 17.50;
No. 1 do.. 16.00®16.50; No. 2. do., U 50
Chicago Live Stock Market
, M««vh 24.—Hogs—Receipts,
£»*"?•» weak at yesterday's average
\?<?.®. 6,75: "f'U- 6 »0_®6.75; mixed.
b.«>ofo.SO, heavy, b.2«»(|i)6,15; rouxh 6
®'M5: pigs. 5.25®6.30
Cattle—Receipts. 10.000; firm. Native
steers, 5,55®8.75; western, 5.35@7 40-
cows and heifers, 3.00® 7.75; calves, 7 U0
Sheep—Receipts, 12.000; steady. Sheep.
7 50®9 80* yearllnKS ' '-8569.15; lambs,
Paris. March 24, via IjodiK>u, 3.38
P- M.—The following account of yes
terday 's events at the front was given
out this afternoon at the War Office;
"A division of the Belgian army has
mad eprogress on t<he right- hank of
the Another has captured a Ger
man trench on the left bank.
"At Hart man ns-Weilerkopf we cap
j tured th<» first line of trencihes referred
,to in the preceding communication;
I lik/wise a second line. On this sevtiou
of the front our troops J reorganizing
; themselves, on the further sule of this
| second line. Within a short distance
j from the summit we captured some pris
| oners, including officers."
London, March 24, 4.28 P. M.—
The British admiralty this afternoon
issued a statement saying that a Brit
ish air raid had been successfully car
ried out to-day on German submarines
at Uoboken, three miJes outside'of
Aji twerp. The text of the admiralty
statement was as follows:
"The following has been received
from Wing Commander Longmore: 'I
have to report that a successful air at
tack was carried out this morning by
five machines of the Dunkirk squad
ron on the German submarines being
constructed at Uoboken, near Antwerp.
Two of the pilots had to return owing
to thick weather but Squadron Com
mander Courtney and Flight liieuten-
Well Established Bakery Stand
Boas and Oowden Streets
Two-story bake house, 21x44 feet, 1
with two good ovens.
Dwelling, 9 rooms and bath, and
store room.
All in good condition. Easy terms.
Immediate possession.
T. B. Rockafellar
to Meet You
Vil J '"'lf way on any business proposition.
I " ttßf. " you want to borrow money on good
"ecurit.v or open 1111 account with ua we
treat our visitors with courtesy and
i ' FTF J
' \\ n \ I ' OTIOr WlloU with tl>o
v S\\\® First National Bank
IFor Rent
Desirable offices in the
Union Trust Building.
; Apply
Union Trust Co.
l —i___—
' / >
j and hold a salaried posi
tion, we can supply in
1 amounts from
$5 to SSO
Will take your plain
note. All transactions
36 N. Third St.
Licensed Room 2 Bonded
Frank R
& Son
Real Estate and Insurance
Office No. 18 N. Third
St., Harrisburg, Pa.,
Elegant Suburban Home
on West Third St., New
Cumberland. Detached l
dwelling 011 lot 50x140;
has all improvements.
Owner moving to Phila
delphia and will sell at a
reasonable price.
No. 1()28 X. Fifth St.—
3-story frame dwelling, 10
rooms, bath and gas. Lot
Price right to quick
ant Rosher, reached their objective
and after planing down to 1,000 feet
dropped four bombs euch on the sub
"It is believed that considerable
damage has been done to both the
works and two submarines. The works
were observed to be on fire. In all, five
submarines were observed 011 the Slip.
Flight Lieutenant B. Crossley-Meates
was obliged by engine trouble to de
scend in Holland. Owing to the mist
the 1 two pilots experienced considerable
difficulty in findiug their way and they
were subjected to a heavy gun fire
whilst delivering their attacks."
Death and Obituary
j BOWTERS—On March 24, 1915, Edwin
. Bowers, 318 Cumberland street, aged
11 73 years, .1 months and 9 days.
Kuneral services In charge of Rev.
'John H. Daugherty, of Ridge Avenue M
E. church, will be held Saturday after
noon at 2 o'clock, from his late resl
| dence.
JULIUS—On Sunday morning, March
21, 1915. Daniel Julius, aged 89 years,
1 month and 9 days.
Funeral service Tuesday evening at
7.30 o'clock, at the residence of his son,
George H. Julius, So. 106 Hoerner street
Relatives and friends are Invited to at
tend without further notice. Further
service and burial at Elliottsburg, Perry
county. Pa.. Wednesday, leaving P. R.
R. station at 7.55 a. in. Perry county
papers please copy.
| ~
■ ;
Harrisburg. Pn.. March 24, 1915.
To depositors of Bonds of Cumberland
| Valley Telephone Company, Under
1 Bondholders' Agreement, Daited Au
gust 11. 1911:
You are hereby notified that the Bond
holders' Committee of Cumberland Val
j loy Telephone Company have prepared
and adopted a plan of reorganization
I for said telephone company and have
tiled the same with Commonwealth
I Trust Company, at Its office. No. 212
Market street. Harrisburg. Pa., being
I the trustees under the mortgage, where
said plan may be inspected by any on«>
l interested on any business day between
the hours of 9 a. m. and :t p. m., except
| Saturday, and on that day between the
: hours of !> a. m. and 12 m. You are
: further not I tied that said plan will he-
I come effective thirty days after the tlrst
; publication of this notice, unless dissent
in writing shall be filed by depositors
I holding certificates of deposit repre
senting In the aggregate more than one
third In amount of the bonds deposited
under said bondholders' agreement; a
copy of said plan having been malted
to each depositing bondholder.
A. 10. PKNDERGAST, Secretary,
3 N. Market Square, Harrishurg, Pa.
; Carrie D. Derr vs. Hurry H. I»err—ln
the Court of Common Pies, of Dau
phin County, No. 132. January Term,
! UM-t.
To Harry E. Derr—
You are hereby notified that a he-ar-
I ing will be had in the above stated
j case, before the Honorable, the Judges
j of the Court of Common Pleas of Dau
phin County, on Monday, April 19, 1915,
at the Court House, Market street, Har
rishurg. Penna.. at 10 o'clock a, m„ at
which time and place you may appear
; and be heard in your defense i£ you
I think proper so to do.
I Attorney for Llbellant.
. the Asalitned Mutate of C. A. Kekard.
I Pursuant to an order u£ the Court of
j Common Pleas of Dauphin County, on
! March Bth, 1915, the undersigned, as
l signee for the benetit of creditors of C.
! A. Kekard, will offer at public sale at
the Court House, at Harrisburg, Penna.,
|at L o'clock Wednesday afternoon,
March 31st, 1915, the following real
All that certain lot or piece of land
situate In the Eighth ward of the City
of Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Penn
sylvania, hounded and described as fol
lows. to wit: '
Beginning at a point thirty-six feet
southwardly from the southeastern cor
ner of Sixteenth and Juniper streets;
thence southwardly along the eastern
line of Sixteenth street seventeen feet,
: more or less, to the northern line of a
, ten feet wide alley; thence east wardly
j along the northern line of said alley
; eighty-three feet, more or less, to a
point five feet west of the western lino
of another ten feel wido alley; thence
northeastwardly six feet, more or less,
1 to a point on the Western"TThe of the
last mentioned alley five feet north of
the northern line of the first mentioned
alley; thence northwardly along the
western line of the said last mentioned
alley twelve feet, more or less, to the
line of property of No. 523 North Six
teenth street; thence westwardly along
said line through the center of the par
tition wall between said property and
the property herein described, eiglily
one feet, more or less, to the place of
beginning. Thereon erected a three
story brick dwelling house, No. 521
North Sixteenth street, Harrisburg,
Said property will be sold subject to
a mortgage of Ellen C. Sidle of twenty
five hundred dollars ($2500.00), with
interest from January 11, 1911. Ten
per cent, of the purchase money shall
be payable on the day of sale, and the
balance on the confirmation of the sale
by the Court, April 12, 1915.
Assignee for the Benefit of Credit
ors of C. A. Kekard.
WM. H. EARNEST, Attorney.
NOTlCE—Letters of administration on
the estate of Daniel B. Oottahall, late
of the village of Oberlin, Swatara town
ship. Dauphin county, Pennsylvania, de
ceased, having been granted to the un
dersigned, residing in Harrisburg, all
persons indebted to said estate are re
quested to make Immediate payment,
and those having claims will present
them for settlement to
1317 Green St., Harrisburg, Pa.
Or to H. L DRESS, Attorney,
Steelton Trust Co., Building,
Steelton, Pa.
Notice is hereby given that letter*
testamentary on the estate of Kather
ine Craig, late of the City of Harris
burg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania,
deceased, have been granted to the un
dersigned. All persons indebted to
said estate arc requested to make pay
ments, and those having claims or de
mands will make known the same with
out delay to _
CI,ARK E. DIEHL, Executor,
225 Briggs St., Harrisburg, Pa.
Or JAJIES G. HATZ, Attorney.
Steelton, Pa., Feb. 15, 1915.
NOTICE —Letters of administration
on the estate of George H. Donnelly,
late of the Borough of Steelton, Dau
phin county, Pa., deceased, having been
granted to the undersigned, residing In
Newberrytown, York county. Pa., all
| persons Indebted to said estate are re
; quested to make Immediate payment,
and those having claims will present
them for settlement to
Or to H. L DRESS, Attorney,
Steelton Trust Co. Bldg., Steelton.
NOTlCE—Letters of administration te»-
tamentary on the estate of Samuel S.
Brown, late of Lower Paxton township.
Dauphin county, Pa., deceased, having
been granted to the undersigned, resid
ing in Harrisburg, 1711 Regina St., all
persons Indebted to said estate are re
quested to make immediate payment,
and those having claims will present
them for settlement.