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It would seem that
in fashioning men's
wear for Spring, the
style creators have
outdone all their pre
vious efforts in beauty
of model and fabric.
In fabrics the
Glen Urquhart Plaids
They may be had in pro
nounced or subdued pat
terns in grays, browns,
blues, tans and other
shades, while the range of
models is wider than ever
A selection from our stock
insures the maximum in
style and value.
sls and S2O
each backed by our guar- !
antee of absolute satisfac- j
14 North Third Street
Next door to Gorgas' Drug Store.
> PLAN $3,000,000 MINE DRAIN
Lehigh Valley Company Orders Prelim- j
inary Surveys Made
Hazleton, March 18.—Preliminary;
purveys are to be ordered by the Le- i
high Valley Coal Company at Hazleton
lor a $3,000,000 tunnel, which will
drain the Hazleton coal basin iujo But
ler Valley.
Pumps now hoist the water out of I
ti'o Hazle mines. Laurel Hill No. 3, |
fSugarloaf, Shaft and No. 6 mines at |
Hazleton, and tbe cost grows greater
annually, as gangways are robbed out 1
aud new workings driven. It is now i
{'j'anned to run a tunnel at a grade of I
one inch per 100 feet, a distance of live I
and a half miles, putting down a shaft J
from the surface every mile to cheek
upon driving and also to afford ventila- 1
tion to the workmen. The tunnel will ;
drain the Buck mountain eighth lift. !
which is the lowest portion of the Ha
zleton basiif.
Foimer President of Lauer Co. Found <
Guilty on Charge of False Pretenses !
Reading, Pa., March IS.—George F.
Lauer, formerly a wealthy brewer of i
this city, was found guilty in criminal j
court here yesterday on the charge of I
false pretense, preferred by the whole- |
nale firm of Acker, Nerrill '& Condit, of i
New York who alleged that he pur
chased from them cigars, wines, etc., j
to the amount of $lB7, representing!
himself as president of the Lauer
Brewing Company, of Reading. He
lias been succeeded in this capacity by
his brother, Frank P. Lauer.
Lauer'g defense was that he had
made no false pretense in buying the
goods, and that he had merely said that
he was Lauer, the brewer, from Read
This—and Five Cents!
DON'T MISS THIS. Cut out this!
slip, enclose five cents to Foley & Co., ■
Chicago, 111., writing your name and
address clearly. You will receive in re- j
turn a trial package containing Foley's
Honey ami. Tar Compound, for coughs,
colds and croup; Foley Kidney Pills,
for pain in sides and back, rheumatism,
backache, kidney and bladder ailments;
and Foley Cathartic Tablets, a whole
some and thoroughly cleansing
cathartic, especially comforting to
stout persons. Geo. A. Gorgas, 16
North Third street.—Adv.
Srranton Young Woman Will Marry'
Supervisor of Schools in Manila
Scranton, p a „ March 18.—Culminat- j
ii'fi a romance that had its inception at
college. Miss Helen Hodges, daughter of;
Mr. and Mrs .J. A. Hodges, of this citv, '
will on Saturday, March 27, start on |
a 10,000-mile trip alone to wed her
fiance, tiilbert S. I'erez, who is division i
industrial supervisor of schools at Ma- I
nila. P. I.
Miss Hodges, after graduating from I
the local high scnools, entered the Bos- j
ton School of Domestic Science and j
then went south to teach. There she I
niet Mr. Perez. f'.ho later became « j
member of the faculty of Darlington !
Seminary, at West Chester, Pa. S>hej
resigned a short time ago to preparo
lor the trip. I,
■ , . * , • -f - , v • t ■. - 7 • , . '"* r . '
Bridegroom-elect's Shave Came Near
Causing Tragedy—Fiancee Relents
Chester, Pa., March 18. —Stephen
Melikizey and Mary Luskovisky, a
young couple, are sweethearts and
their wedding day was fixed. Stephen
wore a mustache of which Mary was
proud. Tuesday Stephen had the hirsute
adornment shaved off.
When Mary discovered this she de
i elared that she would not wed Stephen
until the mustache was regrown.
Yesterday morning Stephen, distract
i ed, declared that life had no 'bright- !
11 ness for him without Mary, and he
I made a dash for a nearby water-filled
! 1 quarry hole. Mary followed, attended ;
|by a great crowd. At the edge of the
quarry hole Mary caught her fiance by
' the coat tails. Stephen slipped out 01
the coat. Mary again seized him and
1 two men assisted her. Then she prom
ised she would become his bride, mus
tache or no mustache. The dive into '
' the watery depths was postponed in j
] definitely.
Counsel FUe Notice in Case Their
Habeas Corpus Falls
New York, March 18. —Counsel for'
Harry K. Thaw yesterday filed in the '
office of the County Clerk notice of an I
appeal from the decision of Supreme j
Court Justice Page, refusing to grant a i
motion to return him to New Hamp !
shire, whence he was extradited to 1
stand trial for conspiring to escape!
from Matteawan. This notice of ap- :
peal, it is believed by Thaw's counsel !
will automatically prevent their client j
| being returned to Matteawan until the :
Appellate Division has reviewed the j
The notice, it was said', was a pre ;
cautionary mensure designed to keep i
Thaw out of Matteawan in the event
of the habeas corpus proceedings ;
brought in his behalf being dismissed, i
Upon this writ Thaw will be produced]
on Friday before the Supreme Court i
Justice who signed it. It was this writ !
which prevented the slayer of Stanford 1
White from being removed to the in- '
satie hospital after the motion to re- '
j turn him to New Hampshire had been i
"Spirit of Greece Must Go Shod,"
Dancer's Lament
Boston, Mass., March 18.—And now '
it is bare feet that have been placed j
on the tabooed list in this puritanical !
city. Mayor Curley did it yesterday,!
when he decreed that feet when ex- !
posed are shocking to public morals.
This latest edict hits young society \
women who were to do barefoot dancing '
at the 1915 dance carnival for the!
woman suffrage fund. It has never been I
customary to wear stockings in Greek"!
interpretative dances, they protested: |
i but Mayor Curley replied that he is go- j
j ing to smash custom.
All feet must be hidden in hosiery,!
| says the Mayor. Unless his order is I
obeyed the show cannot be given.
"Bare feet are as innocent as bare!
hands or bare faces," said Lalla V.
\\ vman, society dance introducer.!
"The Mayor interferes with a work of I
i art and says nothing about suggestive j
j jokes that are used in musical come-
I dies in some of our most respectable)
; theatres. In Boston the spiiit of Greece j
must go shod."
Former Pugilistic Champion Will Marry ;
Portland (Ore.) Divorcee
Newark, N. J., March 18.—Robert
I Fitzsimmons, former heavyweight
j champion, came to the City Hall here
Tuesday and applied for a marriage li
cense, but as he lacked the proper oer-1
■ liticate of his divorce, Clerk Frank!
Crissey was unable to comply with the j
! request. Fitzsimmons said he would re- 1
| turn with the evidence.
The ex-pugilist announced that on I
j Saturday he would take for his fourth |
j wife, Mrs. Temo Simonin, the divorced I
j wife of Henry Simonin, a wealthy res:
dent of Portland, Ore. Fitzsimmon
| lives in Dunellen, N. J. He is 53 years!
old and his bride-to-be is 28. " j
Fitzsimmons' first wife divorced him
; and married Martin Julian, a wrestler.
\ who was the fighter's trainer. Fitzsim
; tnons then married Rose Julian, a sis- j
ter of Martin Julian. Upon the death!
of his second wife he married Julia
j Gifforif, the actress, who recently ob
| tained a divorce from him.
Scientist Discovers Specific Through
Error of Assistant
! Vienna, March 18.—Through a mis '
! take of a laboratory worker in filling
| a bottle with anisol, instead of anise!
| "j l -. Professor Sigmund Fraenkel. of the I
University of Vienna, has discovered ;<
preparation which kills the louse that
; transmits the infection of sipotted tv
j phus. Anisol is one of the derivatives
of anise oil.
Professor Fraenkel says that the'
mixture is absolutely effective within i
10 minutes.
Pneumonia Fatal to Student
Williamstown, Mass., Mareh 18 '
Harry E. Funk, of Bloomsburg, Pa., a I
member of the Sophomore class, died of i
pneumonia at the college infirmary 1
j here yesterday afternoon after a nine I
j days' illness.' His father was unable |
|to arrive until after his death. He |
j was a son of Mr and Mrs. Nevin U.'
Funk, of Bloomsburg. Mr. Funk is a
1 graduate of Princeton of the class of
1874. His son entered Williams with
: the class of 1917. Last year he was a '
member of his class football team and i
represented his class in the annual un
derclass debate.
Chinaman to Wed White Woman
Lancaster, Pa., March 18.—For the
first time in Lancaster county a mar
riage license was issued yesterday to a
Chinaman and a white woman. They
are Yip aged 48, who conducts "a
restaurant, and Mrs. ISllic Whittle, 32
years old, a widow of two years.
Sweaty and Sore Feet
These annoying and embarrass- '!
Ing troubles can easily be over- '>
come. Here is the quickest and !'
surest known: "Two ta
blespoonfuls of Calocide compound
in a warm foot bath" gives in
stant relief. Don't endure foot
torture of any kind. By this treat- !
ment corns and callouses can be
peeled rigiit off and sore bunions '
reduced. It acts through the pores,
removing the cause. Large box of '
faloclde twenty-live cents at anv
drug or general store. Prepared
at Medical Formula Laboratories,
Dayton. Ohio. !
Apply to
For Boys
Boys' Norfolk Suits at
$3.75 — form er 1 y $4.95;
some with two pair of knick
ers; sizes 6 to 16 years.
Boys' Oliver Twist Suits at
590 —formerly 98c; blue
and white; sizes 2 J /a and 3
Boys' Fireman Suits, 980
—formerly $1.69.
Third FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Swiss Curtains, 750 pair
value 95c; white; Colonial
patterns with 2-inch hems;
37 inches wide.
Velour, at 55* yard—
value 65c; light olive, 27
inches wide.
Bed Rolls at sl.l0 —value
sl.2>; collapsible; in yellow,
pink, blue and white; space
for pillows.
Ecru Curtain Lace. 5* and
8* yard—values 12y 2 c and
18c; 12 to 17 inches wide;
finished edges: slightly soiled.
Cushion Cords, 3 yards, 1*
—formerly >c yard; can also
be used on furniture; red
Lace Curtains, 50* pair—
formerly SI.OO and $1.2.); 2 , <>
and 3 yards long; only one
pair of a kind; samples.
Curtain Samples, 12Vfc*
piece—value 2.3 c; to" 3
yards long.
Fourth FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
39c to 75c fancy Rib
bons, 5 to 7 inches
wide. Friday, yd.
Hosiery and
Women's Hose, 23* pair—
regularly 39c; silk lisle, in
tan only; wide garter tops;
double soles.
Women's Hose, 9* pair; 3
pairs, 25* —plain black cot
ton ; double heels and toes.
Women's Vests, 12Vo*—
regularly 17c; bleached, "tape
neck and sleeves: fancy lace
Chil dre n's Underwear,
12 1 o* —regular 1 y 25c;
spring weight vests and
pants; long and short sleeves;
knee and ankle length pants;
Main FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Leather Goods
Leather Hand Bags at 590
—value $1.00; satin lined;
tit ted with purse and mirror.
Hand Bags, at 39*—value
50c; real leather; fitted with
purse and mirror.
Leather Belts at 5* —val-
ues 23c and 50c.
Main FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Men's Working Shirt 3,
35*, cr 3 for $l.O0 —plain
blue chambray; military col
Men's Neckwear at 10*,
or 3 for 25*— value 25c: cut
silk and knitted four-in
Men's Hose, 10* pair—
values 12V-jc and 15c; plain
black and colors; double
Main FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
On the Carpet
Cocoa Matting, 69* yd.—
regularly ,98c; fancy stripes;
1 V% yards wide.
Cork Carpet, 59* sq. yd.—
extra heavy quality. This is
less than half price.
Ingrain Stair Carpet, 25*
yard regularly 45c; 22
inches wide.
Cocoa Fiber Door Mats,
17* —regularly 25c; 13 r /L>x
23 inches*
Ingrain Carpet Samples,
9* —18x36 inches; wool and
cotton mixed.
Fourth FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Marietta Burgess Celebrates Birthday
Marietta, March 18.—Isaac Kauff
man, burgess of Marietta, yesterday
celebrated his 72<1 birthday anniver
sary at his home. He is enjoying good
health. Mr. Kauflfman was for many
years employed on the Pennsylvania
railroad, as a Mason of high standing
and a member of the Knighto of
Call 1991—Any Phone Founded 1871
Dollar Day In
the Shoe Dept.
Women's High Shoes,
Women 's J,ow Shoes,
Women's Pumps,
Women's Colonials,
Women's Slippers,
Boys' Tan Shoes,
Boys' Black Shoes.
Values $2.50- to $3.50,
SI.OO pair
Not exchangeable or sent
C. 0. D.
Third FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Cross bar and plain hem-,
stitched handkerchiefs, 4 for
Plain all linen hemstitched
and initial handkerchiefs, at
Main FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Women's Gloves
Lambskin Gloves, 750 pr.
—regularly $1.00; 2-clasp; in
white and grey, also a few
Chamoisette and Cashmere
Gloves, 190 pair—values 25c
and 50c; in black, chamois
and brown.
Children's Gclf Gloves,
150 pair—value 25c; small
Main FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Art Linens
Crash Cushion Tops, 170
—value 25c; with back;
stamped for embroidery.
Stamped Package Goods, i
100 —va lues 2oc to 35c;
baby bibs; button bags and
hair receivers.
Pillow Shams, at 350 —
value 59c; trimmed with
wide cotton Clnny insertion
and lace.
Pillow Shams, at 450 —
value 75c; trimmed with
rows of drawn work and
hemstitching; wide lace at
Second FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Odd neckwear, ves
tees, collars, collar
and cuff sets; values
25c to 50c. Friday
at ea.
4c, 6c and He white wash
braid, yard l£
5c piece white and colored
finishing braid, 3 for
25c jet barrettes, 10?
50c fancy jet hair pins,
20c and 2t5- amber hair
pins: dozen, 50 •
Odds and ends of bone and
silk buttons, values to 25c
dozen; dozen, 10.
Main FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Hair Goods
Natural Wavy Hair Switches,
$3.25 —formerly $6.00; 3
separate stems; 26 and 28 |
inches long.
Hair Switches, $1.65 —
value s''.o(); 24 inches long;
all shades.
Grey Hair Switches, $1.25
—value $2.00.
Second FIoor—BOWMAN'S
Two Important
Nouf in P
—The Annual March Sale of Em
—The Great March Sale of House-
Furnishings and China.
Pythias. He is a veteran of the Civil 1
war, having been a member of the
company raised for service by the late I
Colonel K. D. Hoath, of Marietta. He
is the father of twelve children.
Mason Home Orchard Demonstration
Klizabethtown, March 18. —The or
chard demonstration yesterday at the
To-morrow We
Petticoats of $5.00 Quality
at $2.98
You will know as soon as you see them—but we are not per
mitted to advertise them by name. They are sold at $5.00 in
every city in the country—and every good store sells them. To
morrow only, they will be $2.98.
$2.50 Pure Silk Messalir.e Petticoats, sl.49— this is petticoat
bargain number two. A good one for the woman who does not
want to invest much money in a petticoat.
A Table Pull of Skirts, at $1.98 —tine poplins, soft serges,
novelties, cords; black, navy, brown and mixtures. Skirts among
them that were $5.00, st>.oo and $7.50. Just cleaning up odds
and ends.
Second Floor —BOWMAN'S.
Another Shipment of
Duntley Vacuum
To Sell, Friday Only, at
This is the same "1915 Special" model that we've been
advertising right along. The same model that housewives
have been paying anywhere up to $9.50 for.
The "Duntley" is a combination brush and vacuum
to operate, being "light
Muslin Under
wear and
Children's Wear
Princess Slips at $l.O0 —
formerly $1.50 to $2.00; made
of nainsook; trimmed at top
with lace insertion and rib
bon run bending; flounces of
wide embroidery, lace and in
sertion at bottom of skirt.
Corset Covers at
made of nainsook; trimmed
with neat patterns of em
Children's Bloomers, 19£
—regularly 25c; made of
black sateen ; sizes 4 to 14
Second FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Ticking, 150 yard—regu
larly 20c ; in blue and white,
or fancy stripes; will make
good mattresses.
Unbleached Pillow Cases,
90 each—regularly 15c;
marked Dreamland; 45x36
Sheets at 690 —formerly
85c; 81x99 inches; made of
good muslin; 3-inch hems;
laundered ready for use;
marked Garza.
Unbleached Muslin, 80 yd.
—regularly 12V^c ; 40 inches
wide; smooth even thread;
cut from the full pieces;
bleaches easily.
Simpson's Silver Grey Cal
ico, 4v 2 0 yard—regularly
6 x /4c; 30 different patterns to
select from.
Bleached India Head,
Muslin, 12140 yard—regu
larly 20c; 45 inches wide;
good lengths.
Feather Pillows, 91.37 1 /;,
pair—value $2.00; filled with
sanitary feathers; fancy art
ticking; odorless and moth
Main FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Masonic Home was attended by a large
pumber of people from ail sections, E.
C. Bowers, who had charge of explain
ing the work, wan listened too very
attentively and many asked questions.
i ; Ordained to the Ministry
Brownstown, March 18. —The Bev.
5 1 Alvin Wenger, principal of the Browns-
Imported Cream Pitchers,
—formerly 10c; blue hand
and black line decorations.
German China Salad
Bowls, 29^—formerly 49c;
assorted decorations.
Jardinieres, — value
98e; made of American pot
German China Cups and
Saucers, dozen; value
$1.30; coffee size ; gold band
and floral decorations.
German China Cups and
Saucers, 2 for —value sc;
small size for the little folks.
On the
Furniture Floor
Fumed Oak Settees, $5.00
—formerly $12.00; two only;
Spanish leatherette seats.
Living Room Rockers,
$3.75 formerly $5.75;
leatherette seats and back.
Large Arm Rocker, $6.75
formerly $12.00; genuine
leather seat and back.
Fireside Rocker, SIB.OO
—formerly $24.50; genuine
leather; over stuffed.
Chase Leather Couch,
$12.95 —formerly $18.00;
plain top.
Filth FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
95c Utica Sheets at
es; slightly mill soiled;
marked "0." Pillow
Cases to match in 42x
36-inch, at 14£, and
45x36-inch, at 15tf.
Laces and
Val. Laces and Insertions,
39£ bolt—formerly 50c and
tiOe; all match sets.
Odd Insertions, at 2< yd.
—values 5c to 10c yd.—lot
consists of Vals., Point de
Paris and Torchons.
Embroidered Voile Floun
cing, yd.—formerly 75c;
45 inches wide.
Embroidered Ruffled Floun
cing, yd.—formerly 59c
and 75c; mostly short ends;
27 inches wide.
Main FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
town Hiigh school, was yesterday or
dained to the ministry of the Church
of the Brethren by the Rev. I. W.
Brown, of the Neffsville charge, assist
ed by a number of others. Claytou
Heck man, of this place, was chosen
deacon. A large congregation was
Lot of Wall
Paper, 98c
Including 10 rolls side
wall, $1.25; and 20 yards
cut-out border, $1.00; total
$2.2",. Friday at 98^
For Men
20 Suits for men and young
men, in worsteds and cassi
rneres ;■ formerly SIO.OO. Spe- .
cial for Friday $5.00
$12.50 medium weight Bal
macaans, in tan, brown and
green, mixtures. Special for
Friday, $6.50
Third FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
75c 0-oedar Polish Mop
and 25c bottle O-Cedar Pol
ish, 59£ —cleans, dusts and
polishes all at one time; can
be washed and renewed.
Aluminum Rice Boiler,
89£ —formerly $1.69; 2-qt.
Aluminum Omelet Pan,
89£ —formerly $1.69.
Aluminum Tea Kettles,
$1.98 formerly $2.98,
$.'125 and $3.98; assorted
Aluminum Tube Cake Pans
—s9<, formerly 90c; Wear
ever quality.
Aluminum Berlin Kettle,
08<* —formerly $1.49; 6-qt.
White Goods
and Linens
Fancy weaves in Crepe and
Shadow Voiles, at 7'/o<* yd.—
.regularly 12V a c and'lGc; 36
inches wide.
Linen Sheeting, yard
—regularly 79c; 90 inches'*
Absorbent Crash, yard
—regularly 10c ; mill stains. •
Huck Towels, $1.15 doz.
—regularly $1.50; linen fin.
ish; extra large size; 19x40
Guest Size Huck Towels,
29? doz.—regularly 50c;
limit 5 dozen to a customer.
Main FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Superior Lbngcloth,
Friday at
o pieces; perfect
goods; value 75c.
Steamer Rugs
and Indian
Just one of a kind.
At $6.98 —value SIO.OO.
At $6.98 —value SIO.OO.
At $6.50 —value $9.50.
At $5.00 —value $7.50.
At $4.00 —value $6.00.
Wool Plaid Blankets, $2.69
—pink and blue; just a smalt
lot for the first few who want
them; 10-4 and 11-4 sizes;
formerly $4.00.
Crib Blankets, 10f* —white
with blue and pink borders.
Main FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Dress Materials
Poplar Cloth, yard
—value 25c; 36 inches wide;
in navy and black.
Dress Goods Remnants,
25< yard —values 50c and
Dress Silk Remnants,
yard—values 75c to $1.50.
Kimona Crepes, 11 1 yd.
—value 18c.
Silk Finish Poplins, O 1
yd.—value 15c.
Printed Cotton Voiles,
yd.—value 12i/ 2 c.
Main FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Mission roll top Desk and
Chair, $3.39 formerly
College and high school
Pennants, 200 formerly
Children's play Swords,
15£—formerly 25c.
Unbreakable Dolls, 19£ —
value 69c; dressed in romp
ers; slightly damaged.
Children 's Shoofly, $1.29
—formerly $1.98; with reed
back rest ; painted in pretty
Third FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Aged Widow of Physician Dies '
Straaburg, March 18.—Mrs. Mar
A. Withers, widow of I)r. George Witl
crs, died yesterday from a compile!
tion of disease* after a long illnes
She was 79 years of a.<e and was
member of the Presbyterian church,
number of sisters and brothers* su