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    ; T - s
The Star-Independent Gives Away 2 Orpheum Tickets Daily
The Name of the Person to Whom They Will Be Awarded To-day Is Somewhere Among the Classified Ads On This Page
Perhaps you are the lucky person. Look until you Qui oit. If Y)i t'a; ticiits please call for them before 8 o'clock to-morrow evening
or they will be forfeited. (These names are drawn from the Directory by a blindfolded girl,)
Death and Obituary
JENKINS—On Wednesday afternoon.
March 17. 1915, Elsie Louisa Jenkins,
wife of Raymond C. Jenkins, aged 19
vears, S months and 26 days.
Funeral on Saturday afternoon aP 2
o'clock, from the residence of her moth
er. Mrs. Louisa Luta. No. 1345 Howard
street. Relatives and friends are in
vited to attend without further notice.
WEAVER—John S. Weaver died Wed
nesday. March 17th. 1915, at his home.
L'Of Ptne street.
Funeral services will be held M Zion
Lutheran church. Saturday afternoon,
March 20th. 1915. at 2.30 o'clock. *n
terment will be made In the Harrisburg
J. W. Xey and sons wish to extend
to their neighbors and friends their
thanks and appreciation for the many
favors shown them during their recent
Illness and bereavement; also for the
manv beautiful flora! designs.
—J. W. Xey. 1046 N. Fourth St., City.
Real Estate
MY PROPERTY. No. 153 North Cath
erine street. Middletown. Pa. Harris
burg electric cars pass every twenty
minutes. Apply to J. W. FORTNEY,
171 S. Front St., Steelton, Pa.
54 ACRES—3 miles east of river, in
Fishing Creek Valley, frame dwelling;
6 rooms, frame sta-ble. large variety of
fruit; elegant spring: price $900.00.
BR INTON - PACK ER CO.. Second and
Walnut Sts.
FOR SALE—IS4I Whitehall St., oppo
site Reservoir Park. 3-story brick. 9
rooms, bath, steam heat; lot 22x93.
1217 and 1219»Mulborry St. 1217 Is a
corner property; lot 30x7 4; will sell sep
arate; learn our price and you will buy.
Walnut Streets.
FOR SALE—In Penbrook; 2 -story
frame house; 7 rooms and bath: all
modern improvements; combination
range: cemented cellar; front, side and
back porches; hot air heat; tine lot of
fruit and grapes; cement walks; lot 36x
350 feet. Apply 2803 Canby St., Pen
IF YOU WANT a place for chickens
and a garden. Inspect this -Daaphin
property: 8-room house. chfeken
houses, fruit trees, lot 95x121 ft.t price
>1.200. H. G. PEDLOW. 110 S. Thir
teenth St.
FOR SALE—A corner plot, on Derry
street, close to town, with 20 feet of
paving, drive allev in rear; size 20x120
ft. 11. G. PEDLOW. 110 & Thirteenth
>1.500 WILL BUY a frame house on a
main street on the hill, within Ave
minutes walk of business section. H.
P. PEDLOW. 110 Thirteenth St.
FOR SALE—City and suburban homes
and home sites; first class business
propositions. KOUGH. BKIGHTBILL &
KLINE, Sixth and Reily Sts. Both
HOUSES FOR RENT and 2H-storv
dwelling houses for sale. Elder Real
Estate Co.. 24th and Derry Sts.
W VXT Er' — house or cottage, in
Dauphin county, with 4 to 5 acres
of ground, within about four miles of
city. Address 3720, care Star-Independ
four rooms, bath and kitchenette, bay
window front, city steam heat, $30.00
per month. No. IS N. Third St. Apply
Commonwealth Trust Co., Market
APARTMENTS for rent 2456 Jefferson
street: also a house. 641 Schuylkill
St.; possession at once. Apply J. C.
MEHRING. -439 Sixth St.
FOR RENT—Three modern new apart
ments; 7 rooms, bath, electric lights,
steam heat, telephone, gas range, laun
dry trays; hard wood floors: No. 239 a
Thirteenth St Can be seen 10 a. m.
to 4 p. m. Apply on premises or call
Bell 2283U
r~ i ■ ' ■
Houses For Rent
12S Ann St, 2 s. f., 5 r $7
1332 Cowden St., 2 s. f„ 6
2011 Moltke Ave., 2 s. b. 6 r >lO
1929 Forster St, 2t» s. b., 6 r. b.. *l2
U0 Linden St, 3 s. f.. S r. sl2
1130 S. Cameron St.. 2 4 s. f. sl3
2141 Atlas St, 3 s. b., 7 r. (13
2116 N. Seventh St., 3 s. b SI3
1512 Allison St., 2% s. b sl4
1501 Allison St. "'is. b., 7 r. b., Sls
1317 Williams St., 2 s. f.. 7 r. b. >l.l
1538 & 13th St.. 3 s. b.. 8 r *1«
1500 S. li'th St. 214 s. b.. Br. b... $lO
651 Schuylkill St, s. f., 7 r.,..518
(160 Emerald St, 3 s. b., S r„ ....sl7
666 Schuylkill St.. 24 s. f. *IIC>O
<OO Broad St. 3 s. b.. 10 r., $25
1103 N. 2d St., 2(t s. f.. 6 r. s. h.. s2*
2;u2 N. sth St, 3 s. b., 7 r. b $.12
1933 Market St.. 3 s. b., 7 r S4O
*230 N. Second St., P, s. b $43
209 S. Front St, 3s. b., lor. 2 b.. $75
23 S. Front St, furnished, 4 s. b.
243 Muench St.—apartments. ....sl2 f
1007-9 N. 3d St, store room S4O
West Falrview, Main street $7
I Penbrook, 28th and Herr Sts., $lO
Enola, Adams St. 2 s. f.. 6 r sl3
Houston Mills, Mechanicsburg,. ,sls
Penn Twp., near l>uncannon, . ..S2O
North Lemoyne, »94 Market 5t.,..818
Lucknow. 4th & Forge Lane .$25
Newport Marshal! property SOO
Hamlin (near Colonial Country
Club)—o s. f.. 20 r. & 4 b $75
133 X. 13th St., 3 sb
1425 Walnut St., 3 s. b„ 8 r $25
23 N. 18th St.. 3 s. b
Derry .St. (Paxtang). s. f s3u
612 N. 16th St.. 3 s. b & f. *3O
2220 X. Third St.. 3 s. b $32.50 I
122 Chestnut SL, 3 s. b $4.-; !
Twenty-first and Chestnut 5t5....555
1838 X. Second St.. 3 s. b. (single), |
12 rooms—-steam heat—garage, SOO
Klre laturaace Sirclr Uoada
Locust and Court Street*
, | "N I
Real Estate
FOR RENT—A two-story brick dwell
ing; 8 rooms and hath; all improve
ments. Apply at 21SS Jefferson St.
1330 Perry. 3rd floor 133.00
1317 Derry, 2nd floor $35.00
1315 Market 130.00
239 S. 13th. ...J30.00, *32.50 and >35.00
1216 Market. >22.50
225*228 & 19th—new $25.00
1214-1443-1447 Berryhill. >22.50
1202 Market >22.50
133 S. Fourteenth St $20.00
2116 Derry >IB.OO
450 Crescent St, SIB.OO
1417 Swatara, >17.00
530 S. 19 l s, all Improvements, >15.00
11S Crooked St.. all Imp $14.00
2015 Kensington. improvements,
1847 Derrr. 4 large rooms, imp., ..$12.00
1440 Vernon $ll.OO
1320 X. Front, for colored. >ll.OO
IS3O Berryhill St., 3 rooms, SB.OO
HARVEY T. SMITH. 204 & 13th. Bell,
24SM. '
TOR RENT—Modern Houses. 2113 Derry |
street, 2131 Derry street. Inquire P.
VAXDERLOO. 2119 Derry St.. or Third
and State, Masonic temple. I
FOR RENT—I9II Market street; mod- '
ern three-story brick dwelling, all ini- !
provements; hard wood floors; furnish- '
ed throughout with window shades and j
screens. Apply 1909' Market street. Bel!
phone 2SO3R.
FOR RENT—Two reserved tickets were |
awarded to-day to Samuel Cohen, 521 1
Brown street, g-ood for the evening per- )
forma nee at the Orpheum, March 22.
1915. Call for tickets at Star-lnde- j
pendent office, before 8 p. m., March I
19, 1915, or they will be forfeited.
FOR RENT— ir.35 X. Fourth St.; three
story mansard roof; nine rooms; im
provements; wide paved street; trolley
passes the door; house in good condi
tion 1 ; possession April Ist. Apply to A.
C. YOUNG. 26 X. Third St. Open even
ings. i
COURT STS.—AII outside rooms;
city steam heat; elevator and janitor
service; reasonable rentals. MIL.UEK
BROS. & CO.. Opp. Postoffice.
I FOR RENT —Store room. 430 Market
I St., with small house in rear; apart
j ment in Belvidere apartments, Second
and Walnut streets; one rooai, 33
; \23 feet, second floor, 420 Market St.
Several very desirable seven and eight!
room brick houses with furnace, bath, '
front porch and lawn, sl4, sls and sl6. '
MILiLaER BROS. & 00. |
FOR RENT—Houses with all improve
ments, at moderate rentals. J. E.
AIPPL.E. 1251 Market St.
FOR RENT —New furnished front rooms
facing Capitol Park; stationary wash
stands, hot and cold running water;
electric light in each room; also use of
phone and large bath. Apply 410 North
FOR RENT—Second floor front room;
electric light and use of bath: cen
j tr&ll.v located, on South street near
I Third South St.
Sale and Exchange
TWO light delivery wagons, one with
top and other without. Phone 751J1,
| or apply LOSER. Paxtang.
C. W. H. LU'GLGTZ, I.umber—We are
overstocked with all kinds and
grades of lumber and we can offer you !
big bargains. It will pay you to see i
us. Otfice Cameron and Mulberry Sts. !
FOR SALE—Lot of steam radiators; I
pipe, expansion tank, furnace, boiler, j
gas water heater. All good as new. I
Address 3715. care Star-Independent. j
j FIVE-PASSENGER two-cylinder tour- i
| ing car, in good mechanical condi
tion; equipped with top, curtains, wind- i
shield. Splitdorf magneto, rear view |
mirror, shock absorbers, good tires, '
spare tire, three spare tubes. Pregtolitc
I tank, tools, etc. Cheap for quick sale. ;
. Address P. O. Box 392, Harrisburg. Pa. :
I FOR SALE—'Match team road horses, !
rubber tired Jenny Eind, rubber tired
surrey, both good as new; market wag
:on and six sets harness, ;14 Lincoln
street, Steelton. Pa. Bell phone 6X or ,
\VL ; !
j FOR SALE—Rabbit hound pups, black
and tan, line Kentucky stock. H. H.
DANXER, Second street and Third Ave., ;
Wormleysburg, Pa.
FOR SALE—One >12.00 adjustable dress '
form; will sell for s7.ou; never been j
used. Call 1407 N. Sixth St.
FOR SALE—One 8-foot floor case. Ap- :
ply Batly's Pool Room, 114 S. Second
FOR SALE—Eggs for patching, from I
thoroughbred White Leghorns, live j
cents apiece. O. M. NEUMYER, 45
Chestnut St.. Penbrook.
FOR SALE—Mathewson 6-cyl. 50 H. P. !
Speedster. Demountable rims; good
running condition. Will demonstrate.
1 Rex Garage.
TOR SALE—High grade upright piano, j
used four months, for sale at a sac- i
ritice. Easy payments, if desired. Also
, small Victrola with records. Address
1708, care Star-Independent.
FOR SALE!—Toledo scales; computing, 1
30 pounds capacity, drum shape
(blue); selling price 5 to 65 cents. Used
but a short time. Cost $l4O. Will sac- j
ritice. inquire J. M. SHATZER, 529 S. J
Sixteenth St. Bell 2293 J. j
i FOR SALE—AT GABLE S, 113, 115 an«T
117 South Second street, 5.000 gallons |
; New Era Ready Mixed Paint. Acme
quality. All the full line of the Acme
1 make.
I FOR SALE—At GABLE'S, 11J-117 South
Second Bt, 5,000 sets new Sash, Bxlo
I xl 2 L.. primed and glased, at >LIS per
set. Also other sisea
j ' =B! *
Workmen's Bill Hearing March 3»
A public hearing on Governor Brum- '
I baugh '8 workmen's compensation bill
, will be held in the hall of the House
of Representatives next Tuesday after
i noon, March 23, at 2 o'clock. The
J Judiciary General Committee of the 1
1 House and Corporation's Committee of .
■, \ v • ' ~ " \' •, x^F'
N «V ~• *
WANTED—Ten thoroughly experienced
operators on our machines. Apply
JENNINGS MFG. CO.. 414-416 State St.
>9.00 P«ER WEEK will be paid to com
petent male or female agents to sell
a necessary and useful 10c kitchen
utensil. Permanent employment. Ad
dress E. 11. CONDON. Box 3718. care
WANTED—A drug clerk, Q. A. Address
3719. care Star-Independent.
Wanted-Local Manager
A large mfg. concern, whose goods
are now on sale at retail stores in all
leading, cities, desiies a live, wide
awake. hnstling local representative in
the Harrisburg territory. Requirements;
I Ability as a salesman to call on the
I retail trade as well as handle other
salesmen, a man whose past experi
ence will make his ability and efforts
worth SSO per week to begin on. Cap
ital of $350 necessary to carry the in-
Itial stock. Bring references. If you can
meet with these requirements see Mr.
■lack Blakley. representing the com
; pany, who will be at the Plaza Hotel.
In Harrisburg, on Monday, March 22nd
] WANTED: Ablebodied unmarried
j men between age of 18 and 35; citizens
of United States, cf good character and
i temperate habits, who can speak, read
and write the English language. For
I information apply to Recruiting Officer,
I Bergner Building, 3d & Market sts.,
•H . r slmrg. 4> .V Queen St., Lancaster.
353 Pine St., Williamsport. 37 W* Mar
ket St.. York, or 113 Independence St_
MtamoKin, Pa.
WANTED—Good appearing men to
work in Lancaster, Reading. Sunbury,
Harrisburg and nearby towns; good
i money to hustler. Call betwettfi 8 and
.* a. m., 4 and 6 p. in. 409 Partiot BUlg.
To Join our Pressing Club —Your Suits
steamed and pressed and kept in shape
for une dollar a month (four suits a
month). This Special Price is for six
months only. See us now and save
money. Drop us a card and we will
! call. The 20th Century Cleaning and
Dyeing Works. 225 Market street, above
Palace Confectionery, SAM ADEL-
I STEIN, Manager,
WANTED—Machinist, shaper and plan
er hands. Apply MIDDLETOWN CAR
j CO.. Middletown, Pa.
• THOUSANDS of chauffeurs will be
needed within three or four months,
in the city of Harrisburg. for public
taxicab service. PrepVre yourself at
| once. Make application for training to
I Auto transportation and Machine Shop,
5 and 7 North Cameron St.. Harrisburg.
Pa. Full, unlimited course, $35. Both
WANTED—Men prepare as firemen,
brakemen, motormen. colored porters
Pennsylvania railroads. Experience not
; necessary. SSo to »100 month. \s"rite
Inter Railway Dept. 101. Indianapolis,
AUTO transportation school wants men
to become practical chauffeurs and
earn $75 to |iuu per month. We give a
thorough course in crude and practical
work tor $35.00. No. i S. Cameron,
Bell phone 1710.
WOULD like position as janitor or ele
vatorman; well experienced; can fur
nish best of reference. Call or address
907 Sarah St., City.
MACHINIST and draughtsman wants
situation; if not in own line, willing
to take anything; can furnish best of
reference. Address 3716, care Star-in
BOOKKEEPER (.lis) desires position
with well-established firm, tight
years experienA", single and double
entry, excellent penman, A 1 references,
i capable of taking full charge of office,
moderate salary. Audress r». B. Engel,
■ caie of Askin 4: Marine Company, 36 .V.
Second St., Bell pnone 356 J.
I MAN wishes work of any kind in store
I or restaurant; gooti education and
i steady. Can give good reference. Au
dress "N," 1820 Briggs St., city. Phone
j 2955 W.
, YOUNG WHITE MAN wishes a position
! sawing, cutting and splitting wood
j by day or by {lour. U rite or call to the
address 1529 rulton St., City.
AGENTS make big money selling "New
1 Heatless trouser press." t'reaser,
! stretcher and hanger. Whirlwind sell
, er. Send 50c for sample press and
agents' proposition. WALTER SEIT£,
1616 W. Walnut St., Shamokin, Pa.
AGENTS Handle something people
need. They need our Egg Substitute.
Fix Manufacturing Co.. Bunalo, X. Y.
; WANTED—Experienced child's nurse,
at once., Apply to the Superintendent,
| H«rripburg Club, Market and Fiorn
WANTED—Ladies to solicit for large
Arm on big commission; easy and
pleasant work. Address H. S., 3712,
care Star-Independent.
WANTED Girls over 16
years of age to learn cigar
making. Paid while learn
ing. Apply at Harrisburg
Cigar Company, 500 Race
Lost and Found
FOUND—The way to end XPUr cleaning
and dyeing worries by calling either
phone for Eggert's Steam Dyelns and
French Cleaning Works, 1245 Market
St. We call and deliver.
FOUND—A decided Improvement In my
appearance since having my clothing
cleaned and pressed at Parisian Dye
Works, 1409 X. Third. Branch, Hoffman-
Kerns, 337 Chestnut Bell phone. Call
ing and delivering.
the Senate will jointly conduct tie hear
l^ l Hi
3 WASTED —$20 to 135 per month extra
IT money to any employed person wlth
. out interfering with regular work. No
selling. No canvassing. I'osltlvely no
- investment. Unemployed need not ap
-1 ply. Address The Sliver Mirror Co., Inc.,
» 123 \V. Madison St., Chicago, 111.
s :
like wildtire. We need more men
! and women to help distribute. Full
> lime or spare time. Wholesale Supply
[ House. 25 North Third St.. top floor.
j ¥ituati6ns~ WANTED-^ENLALE.
1 ■ BOOK KEEPER and stenographer, ex
' perienced in general office work, de
. sires position. Kindly state nature of
• ; work and salary. Address H. D. S., P.
® , O. Box 25. Hill Station.
" i WANTED—Young white woman would
s ; like washing, office cleaning or work
" by the day. Apply 2017 Wallace St.
1 COLORED I«ADY wants work by the
'• i week or by the day; can furnish
' j good reference. Apply 1130 N. Front
j i street.
; MIDDLE-AGED LADY wants to keep
house for widower; no objections to
j j children. Address 318 Briggs St.
| WANTED—Position as housekeeper for
! I widower by young woman who would
I j like to take child with her. Address
' | or call 7 Hoffer St.. Steelton, Pa.
' i WANTED—Young lady wishes a posl
; ! tion as assistant matron or as attend
ant in an institution; experienced. Apply
' i 2026 Green street.
, ' MIDDLE-AGED colored woman would
1 like to have day's work or cooking,
j , Apply at 28 Linden street.
1 1 WANTED—PIain sewing to do at home.
Apply 111.0 Montgomery St.
! | WANTED—A young woman would like
! general housework or day's work.
Call or address BESSIE BKOWN, 1003
> 1 X ' Tfrlrd St.
[ WHITE GIRL would like position to do
general housework. 31!* Briggs. Can
; furnish city reference.
work of any kind. Call or address
. | 1215 Fulton St., City.
WANTED—Young lady wishes general
,! housework;'can give references. Ap
ply 1022 Market St.. room 2.
MIDDLE-AGED lady would like day's
j : work or offices to clean. Can give
best of references Call or address
1 735 Fulton St.. Harrisburg. Pa.
YOUNG WOMAN wants day's work of
any kind; Can give reference. Ad
dress or call 22 Aberdeen St.
mi as m
PACKING—A. H. SHRENK. 1804 North
Sixth street, rtrst class packer of fur
' miuie, mina and orltabtac. Bell phone
T iaaw. »
W. J. WENKICh, 339 Hamilton street —
r urniture, cilia a and piano packing,
shipments -looked alter at both ends
. Also all kinds of hauling, bell phon*
i m ' w -
I LOAN WANTED—I3,OOO on first mort
gage ai 6 per cent., good investment.
iiAuuiess 3713, care Star-Independent.
' | STORAGE in 1-story brick building,
' rear Iu a Market St. Housenoiu goous
m ciean, private rooms. Keasonable
I rates. Apply to P. G., Jeweler,
_ ! tus Market St.
I ui video into private rooms loi stor*
1 age ox nousenou goo us; low insurance.
• inspection i.oiieu, Vjcnerai merchan
uioe warehouse and nousc-noia goods
J i warehouse aie located on tracks ot
1 Penna. iU boutn second Su
M tiAittilSiilJKU STUliAur: COMPANY.
j FR i£IGHT DHAYAGE, storage, shippers
j ana aistributors ui merchandise ot all
I kinus; piompi ana efficient service.
. j Uai t-nouatrs on K ti, ic. anu P. & K.
j tracas. & lu, I'eipher
: | Lane, lentii oeiow Market s>u
ALL KINDS of razor blades resharpen
. | eti; mane better than new; safety, 25c
■ per uozen; star, 15c; oiu style, 2ic; leave
. orders Wenry olioert ac Sons' Hardware,
| 21J .uai Ket street.
i PIANO moving by experts. WINTER
! PIANO CO.. 23 N. Fourth St. CkU
' ' H». LleU phjne.
AMOUNTS Payments to suit
borrower. Small loans a specialty.
, Positively lowest rates iu the city.
1 Up-to-date methods. Licensed,
' | bonded aud incorporated.
IS3 Walsot Street
Watches, Jewelry, Firearms, Musical
Instruments. Highest cash prices for
old gold aud silver. Repairing a spe
cialty. CITY UJA.M OFFICE. 411 Mar
ket street.
for honest working people keeping
II house. Kates less than legal. Pay
I; nients weekly or monthly. No noti
fication of employer or friends.
204 Chestnut St.
Authorized Capital, 1100,000
ANY person needing money In amounts
from |5 to 150 holding a salaried po
sition. would be beneiiled by calling
' on us. Employes' Discount Co., 38 North
Third St.
ALL kinds of hauling; large two-ton
truck; furniture, pianos, freight. IB
the city and suburbs. Prices reason
able. Picnic and pleasure trips, day or
evening. WM. H. DARE, 14il Vernon
St. Bell nhone 3617 J.
Weakness of the Stock Attributed to
Fact That Interstate Commerce Com
mission Has Affairs of the Anthra
cite Roads Under Review
New Vork, March 18.—Wall Street
—The feature of to-day's early market
was a one point decline in Reading, de
spite tho maintenance of the regular
dividend. The stock was the most ac
tive of the leaders in the initial trading
and offerings suggested short selling
rather than liquidation. Other promi
nent issues were affected in lesser de
gree, the Pacifies ami United State*
I steel falling under yesterday's close.
! Coppers. American smelting and motor
I shares and .Mexican petroleum were
j fractionally higher.
Reading continued to be the over-
I shadowing feature of the morning ses
j sion, supplying over 30 per cent, of the
I first hour's business and declining to
142% or 1% points. Jhc fact that the
Interstate Commerce Commission now
I has the affairs of the anthracite roads
under review was . the chief argument
advanced in connection with Reading's
j weakness. Lehigh Valley, however,
j was dull and scarcely affected. Other
j leaders held within ftwv range of their
; opening prices, while coppers made sub
j stantial gains. Pressed steel scored a
j new high price at 58' 1 4, 'but U. S. steel
I was under pressure. Minor bond issues
1 were weak.
Philadelphia Produce Market
! Philadelphia, March 18. —Wheat firm;
No. 2 rod spot, export. 157H if 162H; 1
No. I northern, Duluth export, 16T>H" ( i i
, 170ti.
t'orn firm; No. 2 spot, exi>ort. 76H®
77 H.
] Oats steady; No. 2 white. 65®6, r >H.
j Bran firm; winter, per ton. $26.50®
I 29.50; spring, per ton, $26.00#26.50.
Itertned sugars tirm; powdered, 6.00;
tine granulated. 5.90; confectioners' A.
I 5.50.
I Butter weak: western creamery, ex
| tra. l'SJj.29; nearby prints, fancy, 32.
I Eggs firmer; nearby firsts, free case,
6.15; current receipts, free case. 6.00;
; western extra tirsts, free case, 6.15;
firsts, free case, 6.00.
i Live poultry weaker; fowls, 16&17H;
roosters. 11'1 fy 12; chickens, 14® 17; tur
keys, 15@17; ducks, 15®16; geese, 12
, ®l6.
Dressed poultry Arm; fowls, fancy.
19® 20; average, unattract
ive. 14@15; old roosters, 14; broiling
chickens, nearby. 18®23; western, 14®
22; roasting'chickens, 17}i20: turkevs.
fancy, 21®22; fair to good. 18®20;
ducks. 12@18; geese, 10®14.
Potatoes steady; Pennsvlvanla. per
bushel. 50®55; Maine. 45®50; New York
38® 43.
Flour weak; winter straights, 7.00®
17.25; spring straight, 7.25® 7.50; do., p:\t
-1 ent. 7.50®8.25.
Hay weak; timothy. No. 1 larlfe baits,
18.00; No. 1 medium bales. 17.50® 1S.00; I
No. 2 do., 15.50® 16.50; No. 3 do., 14.00®
15.00. Clover mixed light, 17.00@17.50;
No. 1 do., 16.00& 10.50; No. 2, do., 14.50
4* 15,50.
Chicago Live Stock Market
Chicago. March 18.—Hogs—-Receipts.
23,000; strong; 5c above yesterday's av
erage. Bulk. 6.80®6.55; light, 6.65®
6.90; mixed, 6.65(3 6.92^4; heavy. 6.35®
6.90; rough, 6.35®6.D5; pigs, 5.'50@5.75.
Cattle—Receipts. 3,000; Arm. Native.
5.90®8.75; western. 5.35@7.55; cows and
heifers. 3.15® 7.90: calves, 6.50® 10.25.
Siiee—Receipts, 9,000; slow. Sheep,
7.00®5.00; yearlings. 7.75®9.10; lambs,
7.40 @9.75. , !
Charles S. Hall, 20, Will Be Burled at
Duncannon To-morrow
j Duncannon, March 18.—Charles S.
I Hall, aged 29 years, died at his home
jiu Lemoyne Sunday evening. His
death was due to an abscess in the
•brain. The deceased is survived by
! his widow, father and mother, Mr. and
j Mrs. John Hall, of Wheatfield town
ship; one sister, Mrs. Ijewis Smith, Jr.,
of Cove Allen; three brothers, George
I B. Hall, of Brooklyn; William J. Hall,
of Millerstown, and James L. Hall, of
Madison, Ohio.
The funeral services will be held in
the Methodist Episcopal church here
to morrow morning at 11 o'clock and
will be conducted by the Kev. Mr.
Musselman. of Tjemoyne. Interment
! will be in Evergreen cemetery.
I * — -
Letters testamentary have been
granted upon the estate of Margaret
Duncan, late ol Oberlin, Swatara town
ship, Dauphin county. Pennsylvania, de
ceased, to Ed. C. Duncan and Harry C.,
Duncan, to whom all persons who are
Indebted to said estate are requested
to make payment and all persons hav
ing legal claim against or demand upon
said estate shall make the same known
without delay.
131 Old Crescent St., Harrisburg, Pa.
, Middletown, R. F. D. 3, Penna.
I. B. SWARTZ, Attorney,
108 ,N. Second St. Harrisburg, Pa.
Eotate at \V. E. Eatrlkrn, I.ate of the
City of Harrisburg, Pa., Drrenaell.
Nottcs is hereby given that letters
testamentary upon the estate of said
decedent have been granted to the un
dersigned. residing at No. 1644 North
Third street. In said city. All persons
Indebted to said estate are requested
to make payment, and those having
claims or demands against the same
will make them known without delay
The Harrisburg Hospital
Requires a daily delivery of twelve
gallons of the very best milk obtain
able. Must stand the scrutiny of a
daily bacteriological examination.
What have you to offer? Address
the Superintendent.
V. MI.I—» ——^
Having Decided
upon the advisability of immediately making a Will, the
next step of importance is the selection of an Executor.
An individual Executor may prove unfaithful to the
trust committed to hiin: he may make unwise invest
ments for the estate and he may die.
When this company is named as your Executor there
is no one man upon whom ftlone rests the responsibility
of administering your estate and it is in a position to
give constant attention to your affairs at all times.
Consult us.
Xow York, March 18.—Five mem
bers of the cr»>w of the American
steamer Evelyn, sunk February 19, by
a mine in the North Sea while on her
way from this port to Bremen with
cotton, reached New York to-day
aboard the steamship Matanms from
According to these survivors all the
Evelyn's crew were rescued. It had
been variously reported heretofore that
one, eight and thirteen men were«Jost.
The five men who reached here to-day
said the vessel struck a mine at 4
o'clock in the morning and remained
afloat for seven hours thereafter. The
crew took to the boats. One boat was
rescued by a German patrol boat, an
reported, and survivors aboard the
others, they said, were picked up and
landed in Holland.
Paris, March 18, 3 A. M. —The cor
respondent at Athens of the Havas
Agency in a dispatch dated March 17,
ssys the naval operations of the allies
at Smyrna, Asiatic Turkey, have been
temporarily suspended, and the Turks
are profiting by this respite to repair
the damage to their batteries and
forts. They are pursuing the same
course also at the Dardanelles and on
either shore of the sea of Marmora.
There are about 180,000 Turkish
troopH west of Constantinople, accord
ing to the litest information reaching
Athens, the correspondent continues.
Forty thousand men are on the Galli
poli peninsula; 30,000 are in European
Turkey and the rest are ou the Asiatic
side of the Dardanelles.
It is reported here that the Turks
are placing guns 011 the principal
heights surrounding Constantinople, on
both the European and Asiatic s|des of
the Bosphorus.
Now York, March 18.—Work is be
ing rushed to-day in the loading of more
than a dozen stejyners here with food
supplies, ammunition, guns, motor
trucks and other material for the i'se
of the allies in the war. Several steam
ship companies have been compelled to
charter additional vessels to carry to
Europe heavy cargoes waiting on Now
York piers. The steamer Malte was at
the French Line pier to-day taking on
board a 12,000-tou cargo, said to be
chiefly of war supplies, while anotiher
French vessel, La Gaseogne, was being
prepared to take horses to the allied
armies on the continent. The steamer,
which was formerly in the passenger
service, was equipped with (tails for
that purpose.
The Philadelphia was to leave for
Liverpool to-day with a large cargo
and the St. Louis and Orduna were
loading to sail Saturday. The Kuropa
and other Italian steamships sailing this
week had their decks crowded with
horses and their holds well filled with
army supplies.
Agree to Exchange Interned Women
Nish, Servia* March 18, via London,
1.17 P. 'M.—After prolonged negotia
tions through the medium of the Span
ish legation at Bucharest the govern
ments of Servift and Austria havo
agreed to exchange interned women ir
respective of their age, and men under
18 years and over 50.
Heavily Fined for Violating Order
Brussels, via Berlin and London,
March 18, 10,25 A. M.—The firm of
Henri Leten has been fined 20,000
marks ($5,000) for violating the order
look here! Do yon want to buy a
new homo? Go to 626 to 630 Geary
St. I am Just finishing four three
story brick, mansard roof huuses,
with wide front and back porches
and balcony. Hay windows, grano
lithic pavement and' steps; cemented
! cellar, hot and cold water In cellar.
Parlor and dining room, large kitch
en, live bed rooms and bath, six large
| closets, vestibule and open stairways,
I Gas and electric lights. Parlor and
1 dining room finished floors. No
houses In the city for the price ask-
I ed. Buy now and you can select
I paper to suit, Uo to see them at
once, before too late. The price will
surprise you.
F. H. Hantzman
Office 4)60 Rrlggi St.
|For Rent
Desirable offices in the
Union Trust Building.
Union Trust Co.
V——.— —j
of Governor 'General Von Biasing pro
hibiting payments to creditors in
Will Use U. S. Army Vessels to Carry
Commodities From Philippines
to America
Washington, March 18.—Because of
the lack of shipping facilities betweeil
the Philippine Islands and the United
States, army transports will be utilized
for carrying goods from the islands
which could not be transported in any
other way. Secretary Harrison to-day
called President Wilson's attention to<
the report from Governor General Har
rison of the "unfortunate condition"
in the Philippines because of lack of
ships for exports to the United States.
At first it was suggested that naval
colliers returning from tho islands be
used but Secretary Daniels was ad
vited, that was not authorized by law.
Secretary Garrison found, howover,
that there has been no objection to us
ing returning army transports provided
their freight is first made over to the
island government.
The quartermaster general of the
army has found that about 3,000 tons
space will be available on each ship.
Secretary Garrison will instruct Gover
nor General Harrison to invite pro
posals from shipping companies to car
ry all exports offered to the govern
ment transports so that nothing will be
carHed by the government which cquld
be handled by private shipping. Presi
dent Wilson has approved Secretary
Garrison's plan and it will shortly be
put in effect.
Prior Engagement Kept Him From
Pennsylvania Launching
WellKboro, Pa. ? March 18. —State
Treasurer Young, in explaining his ab
sence from the launching of £he battle
ship Pennsylvania, yesterday said at
hia home here:
"The statement to the effect that I
was not invited by Governor Brum
baugh to attend' the launching of tho
Pennsylvania at Newport News is not
true. As a matter of fact, I did re
ceive a cordial invitation to attend the
ceremonies from Governor Brumbaugh
and regretted deeply that prior business
engagements of importance prevented
my attendance."