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Do you know, friend reader, that there is U
a doctor named Moroney? He pre- B
scribed for a patient and the latter B
went to the druggist to have the J
prescription refilled. The J
apothecary looked up in sur- K
prise and said: "Why bless 'K
you, we could never refill J
Moroney and get away J
with it** The drug- &
gist knew, for J
he drank J
Moroney's J
Army and
Whiskey B
. himself.
laresey*! Amy and Navy Whiskey hoe file at all first-cleat bersea^cefee
llue Take Intercollegiate Title by 1 Beat
ing Dartmouth—Stack pole
Captains Winners
local Athlete Leader of Yale Five
Which Won 8 and Lost 2 Games
' Xerv Hiaven, Conn., March 13.—8y
ffeating Dartmouth. 36 to 15, in the
>sti basketball game of the season, j
jre last niglii, Yale won the chain- j
ionship of the Intercollegiate League,
he Blue was not forced to extend it
ilf at any time.
During tfae season Yale won eight
lines and lo&t two. The last time Yale
on a basketball championship WHS in
Yale. Dartmouth.
innev F Williams
r eiper F Eskeline
mifh .C Rector
aft G J. Polletier
rnokl G. . ... .. . Wuiship
Goals from field—Kinney, 3; Arnold,
:• Stackpole. 3; Smith, 2; Weiner,
Uett, VVinehip, 3; Polletier, 2; Rector,
rskine. Goals from fouls—Arnold, 6;
illiams. Substitutions—Kinney for
'einer. Sfca-ckpole for Kinney, B. H.
sson for Williams, Steel for Eskeline,
>nway for Tal't, Garfield for Smith,
liett for Kinney, B. H. Polletier for
eele. Referee—T. Thorpe, Columbia,
mpire—F. Thorpe, Columbia. Time of
lives—2o minutes.
Muting Manager Goes to Three I
Peoria, 111., (March 13. H. C. (Izzy)
three years a coae'h of the
liladelp'hia Athletics and last year
uiager of the Reading club of t<he;
i-State League, yesterday was ap
inted manager of the Peoria Three I
«gue team for 1915, succeeding
jrewe Rowland, now of the Chicago
liite Sox.
Hoffman comes with highest recom
mdatione from Connie Mack. He will
port here about Ajpril 1. Hoffman is
outfielder. 'He hit .337 in the Tl-i-
Ite last year.
j Trout Fry for Lebanon Streams
Lebanon, March 13.—Lebanon coun
trout Bshermen are planning the dis
tention of a number of cans of fry,
fyh arc expected to be shipped to
» city from the State hatchery at
Van Haagin & Backenstoss
General Insurance and Real Estate
Life, Fire, Health, Accident, Liability, Automobile, Plate
Glass, Steam Boiler, Live Stock, Tornado, Burglary—in fact
all lines of INSUBANCE.
Real Estate Bought and Sold
Rents Collected, Bonds and Mortgages Negotiated
Agents for the Mutual Life Insurance Co.
of New York
Offices—4o6 Kunkel Building
Ball phone 2428
» V
Girls' Division in Dual Attraction Take
Fast Game From Emerald Club
of Columbia
Last evening Cathedral Hall was
taxed to its rapacity by the crowd of
patrons who witnessed the' double-head
er with t'he York and Columbia fives.
Hassetts after a few minutes took
a spurt and led throughout tbe first
half, score 10-14. Their lead continued
until withiu five minutes of the close
of the game when York caged a goal
and followed, it with two fouls. This
lead the Hassetts could not overcome,
I and the final score was 35-29. Mc
| Curdy was the star of the game with
23 foul goals and with his field goal
earned 25 of the toam's total. The
Yorkers passed cleverly, and showed
the calibre of team work that has won
for them an enviable reputation. The
Hassett. York.
j McCurdy F Cole
El. Soulier iF Seaslioltz
Ed. Sour'bier . .C M. Ways |
(El. Sour'bier)
Hinnenkamp G Shetter
Weitzel G Barnes
■Field goals—Hinnenkamp, 2; Mc-
Curdy, Seasholtz, 5; Cole, 2; Shetter.
Fouls—McCurdv, 33 of 29; Ways, 19
of 2'5. Referee—Clint White. Timer
j —McCauley. Scorer—(Houston. Time
' —2o minute periods.
. After the boys' game the Hassett
[girls administered a defeat to theEmer-
I aid Club, of Columbia,
McCarthy after five minutes was in
! jured by t'he extreme roughness of tlhe
Columbia guards, and Sweeney was
substituted. Elscheid and Sweeney led
their five in scoring, while Miss Hook
gained all Columbia's points.
Hassett Co-eds. Columbia.
IMiss Burns F Miss Dick
Miss Devine F Miss Hook
j Miss Elscheid .. ..C Miss Mack
Miss Cashman . ... G. . . Miss Matthias
! Miss McCarthy . . . G Miss Smith
Goals—Escheid, 2; Sweeney, Hoo'k.
Fouls—Elscheid 6 of 7; Hook* 6 of 9.
Jasper To am of Eastern League to
Play Here Tuesday
On account of numerous requests
made by business men and others who
are unable to attend the Saturday
night games tbe management of the In
dependents have arranged for a game
with the Jasper team of the Eastern
League in Chestnut street auditorium
on Tuesday night.
The game will be called at 8 o'clock
and will be followed by the usual
dance. This is tihe first exhibition game
the Jasper team has played anywhere
this year and their regular line-up wjll
j Eastern League Team Will Meet Inde
pendents To-night
The Independents are ready for their j
game with the Camden Eastern League ]
five which will be held in Chesrtnut
street auditorium to-night. The game
; will be called at 8 o'clock and will
Ib e followed by the usual dance. The
Camden. Harrisburg.
da ' ns F McCord
V Rote
P° h " C Geisel
Brown G McConnell
Deig'ham G Ford
Central, 28; Forney 7
Central Grammar of Steelton won
from the Forney Grammar school five
on* tho Felton Hall floor yesterday aft
ernoon, score 23 to 7. The lineup:
Central. Forney.
Krou t F Kirk
Srtell F . . Yentzer
McCauley ....... C Snoody
| Miller ......... G Hoerner
j Jones G .......... Beck
P. B. R. T. M. 0. A. LEAGUE
Athletics win easily from Senators—
Mathiaa ... 222 157 2M- 683
Mumma ... 126 178 1»0 494
Gregory ... 182 138 178— 499
G. k. Smith 175 170 157 502
Green 1&4 159 170— 469
Totals . . 839 802 806—2547
Brinser ... 163 146 156 455
Beck 162 187 180— 629
Crist 167 113 114— 394
Stull 137 159 I<so 446
Ebner 141 161 178— 480
Totals .. 760 766 788—2804
Elephants top Leopards—
Dlllcr 193 159 207 659
Houk 20a 151 * 139 498
Totals .. 376 310 346—1052
Beck 182 160 178 — 520
Knaby 185 165 189— 539
Totals . . 367 325 367 —1059
Easy victory for Bears —
Green 168 152 166 486
Manuel ... 168 155 114— 427
Totals . . 326 307 280— 427
Fordev ... 171 166 157 494
"Walters ... '175 190 175 — 540
Totals . . 436 356 332—1034
" Tigers lick Wolves t>y 41 pins—
Bitner 210 156 196 562
Shettel ... 182 127 148 — 457
Totals .. 392 .283 344—1019
Hoyer 154 173 172 499
Gilliland . .
Totals .. 324 353 301— 978
Cubs trim Pirate crew by 67 pins—
Grimes ... 113 115 104— 332
Lewis 142 139 117— 398
Totals .. 255 254 221 730
Black 139 103 117— 359
Coulson ... 144 147 147 438
Totals . . 283 250 264 797
Giants have easy nailing—
Dieder '. 166 150 134 —450
Gross 166 138 133 —437
Totals ... 332 288 267—887
' Potteiger .. . 128 143 169—440
| McNear ... 124 112 131—367
Totals ... 252 255 300 —807
Superiors defeat Orioles —
Gulbrandson 189 143 203 — 535
lHaines .... 133 143 132 408
Deiseroth • 170 204 190 — 564
Wihite 135 152 161— 448
iHeisey ... 199 169 199 567
Totals .. 826 811 885—2522
Eisenhart . 134 136 250 520
MacDouald. 11l 119 140 — 370
Gough .... 133 154 168 — 455
Fletcher . . 131 150 197 — 478
Cunningham 211 216 179 606
Totals .. 720 775 934—2429
Dull class team victorious —
Ellis 170 125 166 461
R. Cook .. . 14 6 134 144 424
Wagner ... 166 160 144 — 4io
Bitter .... 110 126 127 363
Sliker .... 235 13S 18 * — 560
Totals .. 327 688 768—2278
Atkinson .. 166 106 199 471
Bricklev .. 137 185 166 488
Richwine ... 44 144 119— 407
Santo .... 173 10l 132 45b
Koerner ... 113 110 114 — 337
Totals . . 733 096 730—2159
Dauphin-Perry Representatives to
Frame Schedule
Representatives of the Dauphin-
Perry Baseiball League will meet here
on April 8 when the schedule will be
•finally adopted and final plans for the
opening of the season made. Presi
dent Bubendall declared plans were
rapidly maturing and that all of the
j clu'bs would 'be ready for the opening
i of the seasou.
Players have already been signed
up by all o*f tho clubs, most of whom
will present almost the same teams as
last season.
Lancaster Falls Hard in Game in Felton
Hall, Scoxe 46 to 26
Steelton High school won from the
Lancaster Hi#h champions fast night in
a one-sided game, 46 to 26. The local
quintet led at the close of the first
period, 32 to 4.
Steelton. Lancaster.
Brandt F Hoover
Starasinic F Marshall
Crump ,<•••• C Wolf
Gardner G Jones
Davhoff G Siwank
Field goals. Crump, 5; Brandt, 4;
Dayhoff, 3; Coleman, 2; Gardner, 2;
Hnrtman, Starasinic, 1; Hoover, 5;
Wolf, 3; Harbison, 2. Foul goals, Day
hoff, 10 out of 17; Hoover, 6 out of
11. Substitutions, Coleman for Stara
sinic; Hartman for Crump; Harbiion
for Swank. Referee, Boyles. Time, 20-
minute halves.
Gable Sets New Bowing Match
In a dual ten-pin match on the
Holtzman alleys last evening "Archie"
Galble set up a new city record of 725,
battering the former mark set by
Ibach", of the Casino League, by 14
pins. Gable defeated his opponent, 'F.
W. Kimmel, by 200 pins. The score:
Gable 245 234 256 725
Kimmel... 148 201 176 525
Union Club to Meet Thespians
The lccal Thespians will meet the
Union Club, winners of the Industrial
League championship of Middletown, in
the first of a series of games to d«eide
the amateur championship, which- the
locals £old. Between the halves the
Crescent A. C. will meet the Methodist
Scrub team. The big game will start
at p. m.
&.SF: , Mi, I'HI | ILL" J
W. L. Pet.
<... 38 28 .676
Senators 36 30 .545
Orpbeuvui 84 29 .540
Monarcha 29 81 .483
Nationals 30 36 .455
Colonial# 25 38 .397
W. L. Pet.
Federals * ' 33 21 ,«11
Americans 34 23 .596
Tri Staters 27 27 .500
Nationals 26 28 .488
W. L. Pet.
Nobles , 20 10 .666
Cardinals 17 13 .566
Orioles 15 15 .500
Alpines 13 17 .433
Ideals ' 13 17 .433
Superiors 13 17 .433
P. X. R. Y. M. O. A. LEAGUE
W. 1,. Pot.
Federals 39 16 .703
Giants 30 24 .555
Eagles 29 2 5 .537
Athletics 27 27 , .500
Senators 26 28 .482
Bisons 25 29 .463
Barons 24 30 .444
Braves 17 37 .315
W. L. Pet.
leopards 10 5 .667
Bears 9 6 .600
Tigers 9 6 .600
Lion* 9 6 .600
Elephants 5 10 .333
Wolves 3 12 .200
W. L. Pet.
Biplanes 4 2 .667
Hydroplanes 3 3 .500
Dirigibles 3 3 .500
Monoplanes 2 4 .333
W. L. Pet.
Braves 9 3 .750
Giants 7 5 .583
Pirates . 4 8 .333
Cubs 4 8 .333
W. L. Pet.
Mrs. H .B. McCorniick . 21 9 .700
Mrs. H. B. Dull 19 11 .634
Ftank '....1413 .518
Ben Whitman a 22 .148
For Selling Emergency Relief
Johnstown, March 13. —The Em
ergency Relief Commission has called
off all work provided for the unem
ployed of the city, as it was found
tfiat men were selling their orders at a
discount for cash or were buying silk
neckties, gold cuff buttons, dress shirts
aud liquor.
*». ; C
Putauant to decree of the Conrt of Common
Plane No. 5. fo: I'blladelp.iis Couaty, ma e la
lb- above entitled CAN.- November IS, IHI3. ••
AMENDED Octooer 10, lull satf.u 1 ITEA. Subsil.ut
rd trustee under the inritg IL.T-a »ud execut
ed July 1. IS7O. I»> Ivnniy.vtiiila ( unal COMPANY
to Herman Lomnaert AS o.lglagl tiuo;E.'. tn
secure th* pitriuoni. of Ita co..pu OUU .a to the
amount of U'MW.UNI, of the ittuimiination of 11.-
UMI. UIIT* July 1. 1910. of whlca ootids to tbe
an*, unt of S1,1H*.(100 ARE oulstaudm l due and
uupxld. upon which drfau.t was toadr when Ihey
fell due on aald tlrot day »f July. lftio, will sell
at ,'llbllv AA. tl<I« . at 12 O'l loiL noon. „t 1021
Chestnut street. Philadelphia. I'a. on Wednesday.
April 7. lUIA. the T,r ipertlw, I Klit. and prlvl
let'* hereinafter briefly des.'rilioJ, re'er.uice BEMT
■««' to aald decree tor a fnll des.r'ptlon, an ih»
couCltluns und terms of sale liertlnalier act forth.
la.) That portion. being about d 71-100 MLLOE ta
length, af tbe Wyoming Dlvialon of the Canal ex
tending from NortlinmiMuii ottoet. in (he City of
wlliia» Bari». to the ruat.'tu oounda y of that por.
TLNN uf LLI»- Canal vriilch AA* I oti.PJ. d by the Oaaftl
Co. to Hairy K. Kaua«'R \>J dted DETAIL L-ebruary
24. 1BWI: «ULIJ".t AT io p-iri tioroi., .O tlie rljhts
•nd oaecinrnt far taliroad pu.F "EA FI JUTE > BY Ilia
Co. to the North AUD 'AE«T Pratcli RAILWAY
Ca. BY deed d-tr'i Auinat U. and I\ror .ed
LA Luaerne CotmU In Deed 800. 23», I' 11 3A«;
•nd aulijvet to the arant of >U«I Vl.d other min
eral*. etc.. ulllieihlnc ISUM- pn it THEREOF mide
by Ih# Canal v'U. LO ' LA rife I'llM* by RT F* I DAI»D
lieo-mbei- 81. rerorded IN L.ADII.IF C.unu LU
DAEIL Book No. 1. page 3».
(LI.I riffht aa the C..nsl Co. N:*y LIE*E tn
reconetinet and maintain thu UM IIRTMI ME
[,Weat Uranch of tbe Misauobanna Ui.EI- Aar
Montfomery. in the County nt U' ro I, I f u 1
KMIEN AS the Uuury PAM. and the purticn of me
IV'eftt llritni'h DlTisloh F the ahoiit |»B
■ ll' lu li'tilth. , lo tbe site OF tie all
darn, cttriidlnit from a point iCQ foet Maaiwardly
rne.icured alouj the Smith proprru line • f nld
Canal from the of old PROPERLY IINE
with a line In prolongation .southwardly taeiuu
the canal) of :he brej»T of aaid Money I) .in. to
a point In • line in prolongation SOUTHWARD!),
AET.'FA the ennui, of th« Woacerly LINO of the
Lock Home lot at Lock No. 19. IN tlie Townnblo
oi .sialley v'ounty o. L-ycximing,
together with tiie rigrht to llood certain
lan'la chove said dam.
(C.) That part of the portion of the Weal
Mrancli Dltlalon «f the Canal In Sn?d»r Count?
attending from SelKuXime railroad brldfe to tho
farmer »ite of Penn a Creek Anuolurt. g dig
t»N.-e of eiiont J.i-LO mlle«. which MI
lo the Canal Crmpany In Ita deed to tb* Northern
Central Connecting Bailrond Comiitay. dated OC
loJoi 24. 10D.1. and recorded In Snyder Co. i(
Mlacnllanmui Rook No. «. page 375«.
id. l 'Hint portion haying n length of nbont .'><>
foot of ihe luiilau IHvlalon of the Congl nt
Jnnlnta Junctioa. Dauphin County, eg, ending from
Hie Eaitward boundary of the Cgnnl a* cotiteyed
by 'he Cxnal Co. to I lie p. R. R. Co. by dood
doled October I*. LSBB. to tbe Weateru boundary
of Ibe Euotoru Dlrlolon of aald Conal.
(el That portion of the Kaatera Dlrlaloß of tta
OonaJ. .it said Juniata Junction, eit-ndlag Sontk
wardly frnin tbe Southern boundary of the Canal
aa coateyed hy the Caaal Co. to the Northern
Central Connecting ft. R. Co. by .L»ed dated Octo
ber 24, LLKIA, tg and Including the lock to tho pool
at Clark's Kerry Jam. louelher with
the four frame dwelling houses thereon.
If.) TIE bridge acrona the Saadaehanna EITOT
at Clarke Ferry In the Townahlp of Heed. County
of Dauphin, known as Clnrka Ferry ltl*er hr dco.
haying a length of twenty hundred and etcnty
flgh: OOUM F»»T more or LEAF, onbiect to condem
natlea proceeding' heretofore Instituted IN tho
Connty of pauphln to amnlre the bridge, together
with the right to tbe damages awarded therefor,
Ig.l That portion OF the Wlconisco Dielaioa OI
the Canal In Daushln Couaty extending from a
point 180 roet aliore the head of the outlot 1M
known aa "No. 1" at Clarfca Ferrr. WestaaadS
a distance of 400 feet, aaore or L.ia. to a point 4
the lataka alio from the Susquehanna River ■*,
dan acram aald RUor at Clarkg Ferry, togetkat
with the frame dwelling' tkereoa, bayln( aa aatl
mated area of about one aero.
Also, all tbe peraonal property OF the Canal 00.
and ail the eatate. right, title and intei>«t of tIM
Oaaal Ca. of. In anil to all real aataie. real prao
arty rights and prlrlieges of every kind METER
forming part of. connected with or belonging or In
any way appertaining to the worka and property
now or heretofore known aa tho Pennsylvania
Canal (excepting tho parta and portlona heretofore
•old and conveyed by tho Canal Co.) snd all and
singular the corporate rights and franchisee ot the
Caaal Ca. lad generally all property whatever and
whereoooyor. real, peraonal nnd mixed, thereto be
longing and In any way Appertaining.
1. Thaiseveral abate described premlsee will
bo ft rot offered for gale aeparately, and thea all
of the aald Premlsee aa a whole, to the blghoal
sad beat bidden, oohjeet ta coalnnatloa by the
A. Twe»ty-d»e nor coat, af the nsnoant of gay
aeeeptod bid ahall be paid at the ttaae of aale. In
caat, and tho balance ot the purchaae money akall
ho paid npon eondrntatlon of the aale by tho
Coart. with oat anf. liability of tho pankaaar to
soo ta the application of the purchas^monay.
"The condemnation proceedings here
tofore Instituted to acquire Clark*
Ferry River Bridge (see 'T 1 aupra) hava
been dtsmlgsed' by tbe Court alnce thla
advertisement flrat Appeared, and there
lore the aale of eaid bridge will aot
be subject thereto."
Athlete Manager Will Meet Buoball
Candidate* at Otab'i Head
quarters, March 10
Former Mercersburg Athlete Who Haa
Been Elected Athletic Manager
of the Albion A- A.
The new athletic organization which
■will take part in all outdoor and many
indoor sports in the city is the Al
foiou Athletic. Association, with head
quarters at 1136 Market street, organ
ized with the idea of promoting clean
sport for the benefit of its members.
In Harold Stebbins the general athletic
manager, the club has a capable man
to arrange the details of the games
and meets which the club will sched
- Mr. Stebbins will meet all promis
ing baseball players in the rooms of
the association Tuesday evening,
March 16. Plans for a fast amateur
team will be made.
Quarrymen Lose Eyes
Allentown, March 13.—The task of
removing three eyes fell yesterday to
the surgeons of the Allentown hospital
in consequence of a delayed explosion
Thursday afternoon in the Ormrod
cement quarry. Mike Sh.ul'ensky lost
both eyes. Peter Bodoskv lost hie right
eye, and may lose his left.
Prefers Death to "Dopeless" Life
Reading, March 13. —Preferring
death to life without morphine, which
he was unable to procure since the
federal "dope" law became effective,
Curtis Gcubb, 60 years old, yesterday
threw himself in front of a freight
train. He was so seriously injured that
there is little chance for his recovery.
ft at
A** M Jl* k»n u bM. Mai. AI M> |
Vr mi 81 DEMISTS ftf BVWtfH
I | x x : • ■
&*m HRBP W
'" " -II" " m I" ' I "—— ' "" 1 ' " -- ■'■■"■ -
A periodical several months old
proved the inspiration for writing the
successful new Americarf play, "Under
Cover," Which Selwyn & Co. will pre
sent at the Majestic Wednesday, mat
inee and night, according to Roi Cooper
Megrue, author of the piece.
"The plot came to me as I chanced
Lancaster's Favorite Brew
JNO. G. WALL, Agt.
Harrisburg, Pa. Frank J. Rieker, Mgr. -
Ykj /
PI rite Team of Philadelphia Leads
First I>. W. B. A. Tournament
New York, March li3.—The first, en
try for the national bowling tourna
ment, which is to be held at the Orand
Central Palace, New York City, be
ginning March 27, was received Tues
day morning by Secretary Gage. The
entry came from tsc Pirate team <jf
Philadelphia, one of whose members
is President Dungan, head of the Na
tional Association. At the same time
word came from George M. Moss, who
has the Philadelphia entries in charge
that there would be not less than ten
teams entered from the Quaker City.
Along with this piece of news came a j
message from Billv Weingarth, the
dean of ibowling in Newark, N. J., that
he would send over fifteen teams from
Newark. "Doc" Tate, of All'oany, N.
Y., in a letter to the secretary stated
that he would lead a cohort of five
teams from the capital. Further word
from Oswego, N. Y., Harrisburg, Pa.,
Scranton, Pa., Paterson, N. J., New
Brunswick, N. J., and several other
points states that from one to five
teams will 'be entered from each of
the cities.
Those are the advanced guard of
dozens of other cities whicJi are re
questing entry blanks and who will be
prepared to send a goodly entry to the
affair. Advices from many club* and
teams in Greater New York form the
basis of an estimate of at least 100
five men teams from the Metropolis.
Altogether it looks like an army of at
least 250 teams of five men each will
I struggle for the estimated sl'S,o'oo
prize fund.
Will Handle Rittman Process for Mak
ing Gasoline and Dyestuffs
fl.iy Associated Press.
Washington, March 13.—Secretary
Lane announced after the Cabinet
meeting yesterday .that he had entered
into a coutract with private interests
to build a $25'0.000 plant to handle
the invention of Dr. Walter G. Ritt
man, of the Bureau of Mines, a pro
cess for the manufacture of gasoline,
dyestuffs and explosives.
Marine Hospitals Bar Dope Fiends
Washington, March 13.—Distressed
drug users, prevented from getting
their narcotics by the new federal law
and unable to pay for scientific treat
ment, cannot be taken into the United
States 'Marine hospitals. Governor
Dunne, of Illinois, Thursday to
have rhe marine hospitals at Chicago
and Cairo opened to thom, but Acting
Secretary Newton of the Treasury yes
terday notified him there were no fa
cilities and no legal authority for such
a proceeding.
Not Planning; Municipal Hospital
A majority of the City Commission
ers, among them Harry F. Bowman,
yesterday denied the report that the
city is contemplating opening a munici
pal hospital. Bowman said Harrisburg
is without funds to provide it.
to read an article on the customs in a
well-known magazine last summer,"
said Mr. Megrue recently. "I believed
~fliat a play on this subject might prove
interesting to the public, as it was be
ing much discussed. T was impressed
with another idea, recalling a cjlat with
a claim agent of one of "the big insur
ance companies who told me the com
Children Under 16 Must Be OS Streets
After O P. M.
Carlisle, March 13.—Passing,a new
curfeiw ordinance that keeps ' children
under 16 years of age off the streets
•after 9 o'clock; passing over the bur
gess' veto the Alexander newer ordi
nance; ordering the removal of the
Security Storage Company signs, and
other important topics were considered
'by the borough council Thursday even-,
Woman Ordered From Town
Gettysburg, Pa., March 13.—Ai'tw
spending the night in jail, "Miss Pran
ces LeMar," one of the principals in
Thursday's scrap at the Lincoln Way
hotel, was ordered to leave the town
after a hearing yesterday before
Squire Hill. District Attorney Wible
and Chief of Police Emmons were pre
sent before the squire and aigreed to
this disposition of the case.
"Miss LeMar' could not furnish
■bail that was satisfactory to the jus
tice of the peace, and late Thursday
afternoon she was placed in jail to
await a disposition of her ease.
Youth Held For Hearing
Waynesboro, March 13. —'Raymond
Gsell, who lives east of Fayetteville,
was given a hearing yesterday after
noon, by Magistrate John A. Potter,
on the charge of stealing a box from
8. P. Myers, New Franflin, and act
ing as an accomplice with his
Jn*cob Brice Gsell, in stealing chickens,
and wns held tn S2OO bail for court.
He was not able to obtain bail and
was taken to Chamibcrsburg on the 3
o'clock trolley car and placed in jail.
Down Good Roads Day Plan
Carlisle, March 13.—Evidently la
boring under the impression that the
State Department was back of the
inoveiflbent and wanting some work .
done by the farmers without pay, the
members of the Cumberland County
Association of Supervisors in their
second annual session yesterday, voted
! down the resolution asking for the set
] timj apart of May 26, as a State-wide '
| Good Roads Day.
May Open Playground
•Chamberdbung, Pa., March 13.—0n
Tuesday, March 16, at S o'cloak in
the court house there will be held a
meeting to discuss the establishment
of a playground for children. Every
one who is interested in this great
question which confronts ail growing
towns is invited to be present and all
organizations are asked to send a rep
Ten Years' Misery Ended
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Ark., writes: "Foley Kidney Pills
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Most middle-aged men and women are
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16 North Third street. —Adv.
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pan.v was often forced to pay falfte
claims, the companies preferring to pay
rather "than raise a qestion on account
of the prominence of the insured. An(l
the result was "Under Cover. ' I be
lieve the taste of the public is the same
as it was ten years ago. They still like
melodrama, a play of thrills and