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of Chicago
Editor of the Epworth World
will address the
Epwbrth League Mass
In Grace Methodist Episcopal Church
| Wednesday Eve., March 17, 1915 i
at 8 o'clock \
Stevens Memorial Male Chorus Will Sing j
Hill Men's Association
To Show "The Kiss
of Judas" at Theatre
', To-morrow
Or. O. A. Smucker Flans 'second An
nual Course of Holy Week Ad
dressee With Fifty-five Minute
The first of a series of motion pic
tures on Bible themes will be shown
at the picture theatre on South Thir
teenth stTeet near Market to-morrow
afternoon at 3.30 o'clock, by the Al
lison Hill Men 's Christian Association.
The title of the picture to-morrow will
bo "The Kiss of Judas."
An address will be given on the
betrayal of Christ, and music will be
rendered. The capacity of the picture
house is six hundred, and the associa
tion is making efforts to have a large
At Pine Street Church
At Pine Street Presbyterian church
to-morrow evening the second of the
sermons in the series on "God" will
be preached. The topic will be "The
Unescapable God," Psalm 139:7,
"Whither shall I go from thy Spirit
or whither shall I flee from fhy prns
ftnee?" The possibility and the ad
visability of an escape from God will
be discussed. The services will be pre
ceeded by an ongan recital at 7.15
o'clock when Mr. McCarrell will play:
"Choral 'Ein Feste Burg, " Martin
Luther: "Choral prelude on 'Ein
' Feste Burg,* - " Bach; "Fantasia in
C," Tours.
The theme of the sermon to-morrow
morning will be "The Gospel of the
Hands," John 20j2i7. At this service
the choir will sing "The Lord's Owu
Holv Day," Shelly, and "Spirit of
Go<f." Humason. The music by the
choir at the evening service will be
"tftill. Still With Thee," Lansing,
and a solo by Mr. Sutton; "Recitative
aud Air," (Elijah), Mendelssohn.
In the afternoon at 1.40 o'clock
the Sunday school meets with its grad
ed work for the children and its many
organized Bible classes for adults. In
point of attendance this is the lajgest
school in the city and has a record of
doing wonderful work.
The Christian Endeavor Society
iß?ets in the lecture room at 6.30
o'clock. The singing is spirited and the
testimony heljrful to all who are pres
The mid-week service for prayer
and meditation is held in the lecture
room on Wednesday evening at 7.30
o'clock. The topic will be "A Study
of Temptation." Matthew 2«:41.
Music at Market Square
At Market Square Presbyterian
church to-morrow the choir will sing
"Hear My Prayer," Mendelssohn. The
text is from the ftftv-difth Psalm and
the music in especially beautiful. This
is the work which contains the solo
"O Kor the Win-gs of a I>»ve." Mrs.
Harris will be the soloist for the oc
Tue orgiuist. Mrs. John R. Henry,
will plav the following numbers: Morn
ing, Prelude, "Prologue," Lutenmez
-20, Rogers; offertory, "Spring Song;"
postlude, "Porthide in K." Evening,
prelude, "Oiorale Priere a Notre
Dame," from suite "Gothique,"
Boellmaun; offertory, "Andante, from
Sixth Sonata/' Mendelssohn; postlinle,
"Soccata from Suit? Gothique," Boell-
A Holy Week Mission
The second annual course of Holy
Week addresses, "arranged in the so
cial interest of men and women who
are earnest in their desire to find the
truth," by the Rev. I>r. Clavton Al-
g— ■■■ ■■ '
Fannie Crosby
the composer of more than six thousand hymns, now
sings with the angels. Her six best are—
Blessed Assurance (
Pass Me Not, O Gentl? Saviour
Saviour More Than Life to Me
Safe in the Arms of Jesus .
x Some Day the Silver Oord Will Break
Hear all about them in An Evening With Fannie
Crosby at the
Fifth St. Methodist Church
To-morrow evening at 7.30 o'clock
'' i
Bert Stnucker, in the Stevens Memorial
Methodist Episcopal church, will begin
on Palm Sunday and continue up to
Easter Sunday. The addresses will
comprise a consecutive meditation on
the darkest period of Christ's life. The
week night services will be fifty-five
minutes tn length, from 7.45 to 8.40
p. m. The public is invited to attend
the Holy Week mission.
The «*fular order of services in the
local churches to-morrow follows:
Redeemer, Nineteenth and Kensing
ton Streets—The Rev. E. Victor Ro
laud, pastor. 10.30, "A Lesson in
Heavenly Arithmetic." 7.30, "Idle
ness Reproved." Sunday school at
9.30. Junior C. E. at 2. "Senior C. E.
at 6.30. Meeting of men at 3. The
men of the Redeemer Lutheran church
will meet Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock
in preparation for the every-meinber
canvass to be made Sunday afternoon,
March 21.
Augsburg, Fifth and Muench Streets
—The Rev. Amos Maxwell Stamets,
pastor. 10.30, "Christ Crucified Evi
dently Set Forßh." 7.30, "Why Join
the Churchf" Sunday school at 2.
Christian Endeavor at 6.30.
Christ, Thirteenth and Thompson
Streets—lo.3o, "The Brow of the
Hill." 7.30, "What Is a Christian
Churcht". Sunday school at 2. Men's
Bible class at 2. The Reese children,
violinists, will play.
Bethlehem—The Rev., J. Bradley
Markward, D. D., pastor. 10.30, "The
Changeless Christ." 7.30, "Confess
ing Christ." Sunday scuoo? at 1.45.
C. E. prayer meeting at 6.30.
St. Matthew's, Green aud Seneca
Streets —The Rev. E. E. Snyder, pas
tor. 11, "The Supreme Privilege."
7.30, "The Supreme Sacril« *o.'' Sun
day school at 10. C. E. jciety at
6.30. Lenten services Wednesday and
Friday evenings at 7.45.
Trinity, South Ninth Street—The
Rev. R. L Meisenhelder, pastor. 10.30,
"An Old Testament Invitation." 7.30,
"Christ or Baraibbasf" Sunday
school at 2. C. E. at 6.30.
Trinity, Cam-p Hill—lo.3o, sermon
by the Rev. D. A. Leader. 7.30, ser
mon by the Rev. L. M. Stray er. 9.15,
Sunday school. 7.30 Wednesday,
prayer meeting. 7.30 Friday, cate
chetical instruction.
Holy Communion, State and Seven
teenth' Streets —The Rev. John (Henry
Miller, pastor. 10.45, "The Prospects
of the Cross." 7.30, "The Triumphs
of tihe Cross." Sunday school at 9.30.
Luther League at 6.30; Miss Fay Moy
er, leader. Mid-week Lenten service at
the church at 8. Cottage Lenten serv
ice at 1728 Penn Thursday at 8.
Memorial, Fifteenth and Shoop—The
Rev. L. C. Manges. D. D., pastor. 10.30,
"Our Participation in the Passion."
7.30, "The Appeal at His Passion."
Sunday school at 2. Junior Luther
League at 5.30. Senior Luther League
at 6.30; topic ,"The Inner Life,"
Luke, 17:21; leader, Miss Marion
Calvary, South Thirteenth and Reese
Streets —The Rev. Edward- H. P«ar,
pastor. 11, "The Lord's Test Ques
tion to Plhilip." 7.30, "Christ Before
Herod." Sunday school a| 10.
Zionv South Fourth Street —The Rev.
S. Wintield" Herman, pastor. 10.30,
"Anointing for His Burial." 7.30,
"The White Raiment." Sunday school
at 1.45. Men's class at 1.50. Senior
catechetical class at 6.30.
Messiah, Sixth and Forater Streets
—The Rev. Henry W. A. Hanson, pas
tor. 10.30, "Prisoners of Hope."
7.30, "Balaam, the Son of Beor."
Sunday school at 2.
Pine Street, Third aud Pine Streets
—The Rev. Lewis Seymour Mudge, D.
!D., pastor; the Rev. J. S. Armentrout,
assistant pastor. 10.30 a. ra., morning
service. Sermon on John 20:27, "The
Uospel of the Hands." 7.30 o'clock,
evening service. Sermon on "The Un
esc»pai>le God." Psalm, 139:7. 1.30
p. m., Sunday school, elementary de
partments. Graded lessons. 1.40 p. m.,
Sunday school, advanced departments.
Ailult B?ble classes. 6.30 p. m., Senior
C. E. Society. Wednesday 7.30 p. m.,
mid-week service, subject, "A Study of
Capital Street, Capital and Forster—
The Rev. B. M. Ward, pastor. Morn
ing service at 10.4 , 5. Subject «f ser
mon, "Feet Beautiful." Evening serv
ice at 7.16. Subject of sermon, "Spir
itual Blindness." Sunday school at
12.30 p. m. C. B. at 7.15 p. m. Prayer
meeting Wednesday at 8 p. m.
Market Square—The Rev. William
8.. Cooke, minister in charge. Mopiiag
service at 11 o'clock. A them, "The
Lord Is My Shepherd," Sbubert-Emer
son. Evening service at 7.30 o'clock.
By the chorus choir, Mendelssolhn's
motet, "Hear My Prayer," Mrs. Har
ris, soloist; M l *. J- H- Henry, organist.
Sunday school at 9.4'5 o'clock. Y. P. S.
C. E. at 6.30. Monday, Little Light
Bearers. Wednesday at 4.30, Junior
Endeavor; at 7.30 congregational Bible
study in Galatians; at 8.30 Home Mis
sion Beading Circle, "In Red Men s
Land." Friday at 3, Women's prayer
meeting; at 7.30 communicantsclass
in Christian doctrine; at 7.30, ad
vanced sewing class. Saturday at 10.30
beginners' clase; at 7.30 choir prac
Olivet, Derry and Kittatinny Streets
—The Rev. William O. Yates, pastor.
Morning service at 10.30 o'clock. Sub
ject of sermon, "Three Things God
Expects of a Christian." Evening serv
ice at 7.30 o'clock. Sufoject' of sermon,
"The Christ rn History." Sunday
school at 2 o'clock. Mid week prayer
service Wednesday evening at 7.4'5.~
Immanuel, Sixteenth end Juniper—
The Rev. H. Everett Hallman, pastor.
Morning servfte at 10 o'clock. Even
ing service at 7.30 o'clock. Sunday
school at 11.15 o'clock. C. E. Societies
at 6.30.
Covenant, Fifth and Peffer Streets—
The Rev - . Harvey Klaer, pastor. Morn
ing service at 10.30 o'clock. Subject
of sermon, "The Life Everlasting."
Evening service nt 7.30 o'clock. Sub
ject of sermon, "KJod's Last Word."
Sunday school at 2 o'clock. Y. P. S.
at 6.30. Sunshine 'Mission Band
at 6.15.
Westminster, Green and Reily
Streets —The Rev. E. E. Curtis, pastor.
10.30, "God's Care and Our Ingrati
tude." Sunday school at 1.45. C. E.
at 6.30. 7.30, "Credit to Whom Cred
it Is Due."
Calvary, Cameron and Sycamore
Streets—The Rev. Frank P. iM'ao'kejiaic,
pastor. Mroning service at 10.15
o'clock. Sutojewt of sermon, "Number
ing pur Days." Evening service at
7.30 o'clock. Subject of sermon, "The
Unpardonable Sin." at
9 o'clock. Christian Endeavor at 6.30
p. m. Mid-week service Wednesday
evening at 7.30.
Salem, Chestnut and Third Streets—
The Rev. Ellis X. Krcmer, pastor. Morn
ing service at 10.30 o'clock. Evening
service at 7.30 o'clock. Sundav school
at 1.30 o'clock.
Second, Broad and Green Streets—
The Rev. Hftrry Nelson Bassler, pastor.
Morning service at 10.30 o'clock. Sub
ject of sermon, "Simon of Cvrene."
Evening service at 7.30 o'clock. Sub
ject of sermon, "The Wife of Pilate."
Sunday school at 1.30 o'clock. Y. P. S.
C. E. at 6.30.
St. John's, Fourth and Maclay Streets
The Rev. G. W. ffartmjin, faster.
Morning service at 11 o'clock. Subject
of sermon, "The World or Christ."
Evening service at 7.30 oVI-ock. Sufo
ject of sermon, " Religion and Woman
hood." Sunday school at 9.45 o'clock.
P. S. C. E. at 6.30 p. m.
Fourth, Market. and Sixteenth
Streets—The Rev. Homer Skvles 'May,
pastor. Morning service at 10.4.")
o'clock. Subject of sermon, "'A
Home." Evening service at
7.30 o'clock. Subject of sermon,
"Willing to Live Unto Him." Sunday
school at 9.30 o'clock. Hei.lefoere C.
E. at 6.30. e
St. Andrew's, Nineteenth and Mar
ket Streets—The Rev. .Tames F. Bul
litt, pastor. Morning prayer, ante-com
munion and sermon at i 0.30. Sundav
school and Biible classes at 12. Even
ing prayer ami sermon at 7.30.
St. Paul's. Emerald and Second
Streets—Fourth Sundav in Lent. Holv
Communion at 8 a. m. Service and ser
mon at 11, Sunday school at 2.30.
Service and sermon at 7.30. At 4 p.
in. service at the Reformed church,
Enola. Wednesdays at St. Paul's, at
7.45. Thursdays,* Fridsvs and Satur
days at 4.30. •'
St. Augustine's, Thirteenth and
Hcrr Streets—Archdeacon E. L. Hen
derson, rector. Morning service at 11.
Evening service at 7.30. Sunday
school at 12.30. Holy Communion at
7 a. m.
Mount Calvary, Camp Hill—The
Rev. O. H. Bridgman, pastor. Evening
service at 7.30. Sundav school at
Ridge Avenue, Sixth and Herr
Streets—The Rev. John H. Daugherty,
pastor. 10.30, sacrament of the
Lord's Supper reception of menvbers
and baptism of infants and adults.
7.30, "Why OhrLt Receives Sinners."
6.30, devotional meeting of Epworth
League. 2, Sunday school. 9.30, love
feast. (
Epworth—The Rev. J. D. W. Deavor,
pastor. 9, class praise meeting. 10,
Sunday school. 11 and 7.30, Holv
Communion. Subject of evening ser
mon, "Christ's Attitude Towards
Those Who Hesitate to Accept Him."
Epworth League at 6.30.
Stevens, Thirteenth and Vernon
Streets—Dr. Clayton Albert Smucker,
pastor. Early morning class at 9.30.
10.30, "The Recruiting Department of
the Church." Sunday school at 2.
Epworth League at 6.3(i. Sunday even
ing closing service at 7.30, "The Ene
mies of Harridburg Women." You are
invited to attend all services.
Curtin Heights, Sixth Street Near
Camp—The Rev A. 8. Williams, pas
tor. 9.30, class meeting. 10.30,
"Paul's Gospel." Baptism oif chil
dren. 2, Sunday school. 6.30, ijp
wor*h League. 7.30, reports from all
departments. Tht church closes up a
most successful yea/. The pastor will
speak on "A Great Denomination and
a Great Conference."
St. Paiul 'g, Vine Btreet—The ttev.
Roibert W Runyan, pastor. 10.30,
"What Is Our Goalf" Evening serv
ice at 7.30. school at 1.45.
Kpworth League at G. 30. The Holy
Communion will be celebrated and re
ception of members and baptism. In
the afternoon at 3.30 the pastor will
address the men's mass meeting at
Grace —The Bev. J. D. Pox, D. D.,
pastor. 9.30, class meeting. 10.30,
"The Christian Crowned." 1.45,
Sunday school and men 's Bible class.
•.45, Bpworth League. 7.30, " Chal
lenge to Universal Gratitude.'
Fifth Street—-The Rev. B. H. Hart,
pastor. Praise meeting at 9.30. Morn
ing service at 1'0.30. Sunday school at
2. Junior League at 3. Kpworth
League devotional meeting at 8.30. At
7.30 six of Fanny Crosby's most papu
lar hymns will be studied and sung by
the congregation.
Market Street, Market and \Fif
teenth Street* —Tlie Rev. W. H. Dall
maa, pastor. Morning service at 10.30.
I- There Is no genuine |
I |f I I unless It has this trade- |
Iwi J f■ mar k on the package 1
Subject, "The Baptist Conception of
a Christian Church.'' Evening service
at 7.30. Siibjee-t, "Are Sprin*kled Peo
ple Christians?" Sunday school at
11.30. This is denominational day
among Baptists and will be observed as
such by this church. Young People's
meeting at 6.30.
Second, Cameron Street —The Rev."
Albert Johiah Greene, A. 8., pastor.
Morning service at 10.30. Subject,
"'Reasons Why 'We Are Baptists.''
Evening service at 7.31). Subject, "In
the Divine Mind." Sunday school at
13. B. Y. IP. U. at 6.3*0. Evangelistic
services continue. Preaching every
night, services begin at 7.30 sharp.
Young People's meeting at 6.30.
First, Second and Pine Streets. —
The Rev. W. S. Booth, pastor. 10.30,
"(Hindrances That Help." Sumday
school at 11.30. C. E. at 6.30. 7.30,
"Prayer." Baptism.
St. Paul's, State and Cameron
Streets—The Rev. E. Luther Cunning
ham, pastor. Morning service at_lo.3o.
Subject, "The Personality of the
Holy Spirit." Evening service at
7.30. Special evangelistic service. Sun
dav school at 13.30. B. Y. P. U. at
6.30. At 3 p. m. special platform serv
ice in connection with tag day rally.
Visitinlg ministers will discuss "The
Mission of 'the Church." Inspiring
singing by choir at special evangelistic
service in the evening. Prayer meeting
Wednesday at 8 p. m.
Penbroc-k, 2733 O-.nby Street—The
Rev. Jay C. Fomcrook, pastor. Morn
ing service at 10.30. Evening service
aP 7.30. Subject, "Creation's Groan
ings." Sunday school at 9.30. C. E. at
6.40, At 3 p. m. the Re*. Charles P.
Ranch, of Mechanict'burg, will speak
to men. Subject, "A Man's Job.
Nagle Street—The Rev. J. A. Staub,
paiftor. Morning serviee at 10.3 th Sub
ject, "Fi:ith and the Evidence of
Faith." Evening service at 7.30. Re
vival services. Sunday school at 1.30.
C. E. at 6.43.
Fourth Street —The Rev. William
N. Yates, pastor. Morning service at
10.30. Subject, "Message to Members
No. 2." Evening <ervice Sub
ject, "Life's Purpose." Suaday school
at 1.40. Jr. C. E. at 3. Senior and In
termediate C. E. at 6.30. Missionary
meeting Wednesday evening. The men
of the Fourth Street Church of God
Bible class expect to present living
tickets at the door on Sunday at 1.40.
Fourth and Maelav Streets —The
Rev. F. I. M. Thomas, pastor. Morning
service at 11. Subject, "Strengthening
a Chain." Evening service at 7.30.
Subject, "Repentance." Sunday school
at 0.45. Y. P. S. C. E.-at 6.30. Prayer
service Wednesday, evening at 7.30.
Good music by a choir of trained
Pleasant View—The Rev. George W.
Harper, pastor. Sunday school at 9.45.
10.45, "How God Estimates Christian
Character." Junior C. E. at 3. Sen
ior C. E. at 6.45. 7.30, "The True
Christian Needed To-day." Prayer
meeting Wednesday at 7.30.
First, Boas Street-—The Rev. J. T.
Spangler, pastor. Morning service at
10.30 o'clock. Subject of sermon,
"The Angelus." Evening serviee at
7.30 o'clock. Subject of sermon, "The
Plight of a Skeptic." Sunday school at
1.45 p. in. Christian Eudeavor at 6.45
p. m.
Sixth Street, Sixth and Seneca
Streets —The Rev. P. H. Balstoaugh,
pastor. Praise service at 9.45 a. m.
Worship at 10.30 a. m. Subject of ser
mon, "Joy in Heaven." Worship at
7.30 p. m. Subject of sermon, "From
Desert to Garden." Sabbath school at
1.45 p. m. Junior Christian Endeavor
at 5.45 p. m. Senior Christian En
deavor at 6.30 p. m. Saturday evening
cottage prayer meeting at the home of
U. S. G. Broomall, 2519 North Sixth
street. "
State Street, Eighteenth and State
Streets —The Rev. E. A. G. Bossier,
pastor. Morning service at 10.45
o'clock. Subject of sermon, "Give Ye
Them to Eat," a missionary sermon.
Evening service at 7.30 t>'clock. Sub
ject of sermon, "Impressions of the
Billy Sunday Campaign." Sumitay
school at 9.30 a. m. Baptism of children
at the morning serviee. Junior Chris
tian Endeavor at 6 p. m. Y. P. S. C. E.
at 6.30 p. m. Mid-week prayer service
Wednesday at 7.30 p. m.
Otterbein, Fourth and Reily Streets
—The Rev\ S. Edwin Rupp, pastor.
Morning service at 10.30 o'clock. Sub
ject of sermon, "Christ and the
fSaved." Evening service at 7.30
l o'clock. Subject- of sermon, "Christ
land the City." Sunday school at 2 p.
m. Christian Endeavor at 6.30 p. m.
Derrv Street, Fifteenth and Derry
Streets—The .Rev. J. A. Lvter, D. D.,
pastor. Morning service at 10.30
o'clock. Evening serviee ait 7.30
o'clock. Sunday school at 2 p. m. Y. P.
S. C. E. at 8.30 p. m.
Associated Bible Students' Associ
ation—The regular Sunday services
i will be held in Cameron's Hall, 105
North Sreond street, at 3 p. m. Sub
ject, "The Psyvhologftal Moment in
Saul's Life." Prov. 16:3'2. Bereau
study at 2 p. m. Any interested in Bible
rtudy are invited.
Fourth Street Church of Christ—
Supplied by layman. Morning service
at 11 o'clock. Subject of sermon,
"Tongues of Fire." Evening service
at 7.30 o'clock. Sunday school at 10
a. m. Wednesday evening prayer meet
ing at 7.45 p. m.
Christian aud (Missionary Alliance,
Swaib building, Thirteenth and Market
Streets, Second Floor, Boom 3—The
Rev. W. H. Worrall, pastor. Sunday
school at 9.30. Preathing at 10.30
and 1.30. Meeting Sunday evening at
Church of the Brethren, Hummel
Street —Sunday schiool at 10 a. m.
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m.
toy the Rev. A. K. Bollinger. Christian
Workers at 6.45 p. m.
A. M. E.
Bethel, Briggs and Ash Streets —The
Rev. U. G. Leeper, pastor. Morning
service at 10.30 o'clock. Subject of
sermon, "The Evening of Liife." Even
ing service at 7.30 o'clock. Subject of l
sermon, "Human and Divine Agency j
United in the Salvation of the Soul."i
Sunday school at 1 p. m. Christian En-1
.deavor at 6.30 p. m.
Wesley Union, Tanners and South!
Streets —The Rev. W. A. Ray, pastor, j
Preaching in the morning at 10.45'
o 'clock. Subject, '' The Closets Re- 1
ward." Preaching in the evening at
7.30 o'clock. Subject, "Some Lessons
of the Evening." Junior Ohristian En
deavor at 5.30 p. m. Senior Christian
Endeavor at 6.30 p. m.
Atfbury, Herr Street—The Rev.
Irving H. Cai'penter, pastor. Morning
service at 11 o'clock. Subject of ser
mon, "The Invisible Influence," Even
ing service at 8 o'clock, the Rev. J. S.
Morrison. Sunday school at 2 p. m.
Ijeague at 7 p. m. The Rev. W. Toliver,
speaker, at 3 p. m.
Local Evangelistic Chorus Will Leave
For Lancaster on Tuesday
at 6 O'Clock
Final plans for the excursion of
Harrisburgers to Lancaster next Tues
day evening to hear Dr. Henry W.
Stough, the evangelist will be maiie at
a meeting Monday night in Ridge
Aveuue Methodist Episcopal church.
The songe to be sung by the Harris
burg Evangelistic committee under
whose direction the trip is to be held,
will be rehearsed at this meeting un
der the. direction of Charles F. Clip
pinker, ihe leader.
Special round trip tickets at $1.50
for adults, and 75c for children can
bo purchased at the following places:
Fountain grocery, Mulberry and Derry
streets, Central book store, Cotterel 'a
book store, ScheH's seed store, Thir
teenth and Market streets, the grocery ;
stores of G. E. Runkle, State and Lynn
streets, S. R. Harris, 1929 North Sixth
street, S. T. Kinsinger, Fourth and
Woodbine streets, and the MeCurdy
drug store, Steelton.
Railroad pass privileges will be
recognized on the special excursion
train. The special will leave the Penn
sylvania station for Lancaster at 6
o'clock sharp, and returning reach
iHarriaburg at 11.30. The Hqrrisburg
party will be met at the I>ancaster sta
tion* by the Lancaster tabernacle
First ChuTch of Christ, Scientist,
Board of Trade Hall. Sunday 11 a. m.
and 7.30 p. m. Testimonial meeting,
Wednesday, 8 p. m. Free reading rooms,
Kunkel building, 1.30 to 5 p. m., daily,
also Monday and Saturday evenings.
Local Option Demonstration Will Be
Held Sunday, March 21
Mass meetings for the purpose of
making a demonstration in the cause
of local option will be held on Sunday,
LMaroh 21, at Grace Methodist church,
Professor F. F. Holsopple, speaker; at
the Augslburg Lufheran church, the
Rev. William N. Yates, speaker, and at
the Fourth Reformed church, the Rev.
E. E. Curtis, speaker.
Will Be Succeeded by H. L Oarl as
Teacher of Dsrry Street Men
Efforts are being made by the Men's
ißible class of Derry Street United
Brethren church, Fifteenth and Derry
streets, to have an attendance of 350
to-morrow as a farewell boost to O. P.
Beckley, one of the teachers who is
going on a business trip to the South.
IMr. Beckley has been teaching the
'big class for several mouths. Sunday
will be the last day he will teach for
some time. Beginning with Sunday,
March 21, H. L. Carl, another of tho
teachers, will be in charge.
As a reminder of Beckley's departure
to the South, the membership commit
tee of the class sent poet cards to each
member this week bearing the slogan,
"Wanted—3so Men to Say So Long
to Beckley." 4
Get Bid of Lingering Colds, Coughs
and La Gripps
Spring fimte many afflicted with
lingering, haoking coughs that weaken
the system. Slush and wet cause more
colds than zero weather. Croup, bron
chitis, and pnerifcionia are prevalent.
Every family should have a safe and
reliable cough medicine ready for use.
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Musical Selections, Both Vocal and In
strumental, Marked by High Ap
preciation of Audience—A. C.
Dean Beads History of Union
Great musical attractions were given
by the Harrisburg Christian Endeavor
Cheral Union in the Technical High
school auditorium last evening, when
fully 600 people wee in attendance.
The program was opened with a short
history of the Choral Union bv A. 0.
Dean, president of the Harrisburg C.
K. Union. He said, in part: "The
Harrisburg C. E. Choral Union was
founded in 1909. E. O. Zurkcr was
tihe first chorister and was followed by
Prof. J. Raymond Swartz and l'rof.
Frank A. McCarreil, who is now the
present chorister. The Rev. F. E.
Clark, D. D., of Boston, founded the
great C. E. movement 34 years ago
with 40 rftembers. and the society has
grown to 80,000 societies, with approx
imately 4,000,000 members. The
Choral Union is a part of the great or
ganization and is doing "excellent work
i nthis city and vicinity. ft is com
posed of many music-talented members.
A uumlber of cantatas have already
\ been rendered and 'The Nazareno' pro
duction is more difficult than any tlhus
far rendered."
The soloists, Mrs. Roy G. Cox, so
prano; Mrs. H. L. Hertzler, contralto;
Earle D. Rhoads, tenor, and George
Sutton, baritone, rendered the solo parts
throughout the cantata with much ap
preciation by the audience.
The orchestra, composed of the fol
lowing, violins, W. Walley Davis,
Claude R. Engle, .lames McCormick,
Jr.; cornets, H. D. Sollenberger, W. D.
Reed; clarinet, W. S. Wire; nutes, Miss
Frances Dunlap, George A. Roberts;
celJLo, I. N. Rider, W. G. Dunlap; bass
violin, W. P. Brandt, accompanied by
Bliss Catherine D. Heikes, pianist, ren
dered thp musical attractions.
Prof. Frank A. McCarreil is the ef
ficient chorister of the Choral Union.
Following are the officers and menvbers:
Officers —President, J. Frank Palmer;
vice president, Forest E. Svhwartz;
secretary, Anna McKelvey; treasurer,
Mary Dellart; pianist, Catherine D.
Heikes; director, Frank A. McCarreil.
Sopranos—Miss Gertrude Seitz. Miss
Maude Parker, Miss Margaret 'Matthias*
Mrs. John Smith, Mrs. George Maddux,
Miss Lydia Kutz, iMiss Daisy Criswell,
Mrs. Hilbush, Miss Grace McKelvey,
Mrs. Charles R. Bartley, 'Miss Anna
Ludwig, Miss Jane Kinzer, Mrs. J. W.
Weaver. Miss iMargaret Khumaker, Miss
Myrtle Del Hart, Miss Ruth Martin, Mrs.
J. B. Hess, Mrs. W. G. Hoover, Miss
Verna linker, Miss Sarah MMirari,
Miss Christine Miller, Mrs. E. E. Clark,
Mrs. William Hamer, Miss Emily Ed
wards, Miss Julia Eenn, Mrs. J. Frank
Palmer, Mrs. William Deal, Miss E.ina
Miller, '.Miss Eleanor Bricker, Miss
Grace Long, Miss Katherine Rea, Miss
Edna Hoover, Miss Katherine Uermer,
Miss Anna Bockus, Miss Edna Forrer,
Miss Ida Sowers, Mrs. J. F. Stoece,
Miss Ella Morrison, 'Miss Elizaibcfh
i Beliman, Miss Ethel Harbolt, Mrs. H.
D. Sollenberger, Miss Esther Smith,
Mrs. J. E. Watson, Miss Ida Conner,
Mrs. Evaiine Bornman, Miss Sue Dun
kle, Mrs. H. 0. Pedlow, 'Miss Margaret
iHeikes, Miss Martha Graham, Miss
Beulah Drawbaugh, Mrs. Mattel Draw
'baugh, Miss Elda Pannebaker, Mrs.
Ella Brig'hfbill.
Altos—Mrs. Anna Edgar, Miss Marv
Church, Mrs. E. S. Schilling,' Mrs. Lydia
Williams, Mrs. J. F. Swengei, Mrs. H.
C. .Baum, Mrs. John Whistler, Miss
Mary DeHart, Miss 'Jlyrta Bbner, Miss
Anna M'eKelvey, Miss Helen McKelvey,
(Mrs. Daniel Kecvie, Miss Nell Jones,
Mrs. Perry Beck, Miss Anna Dimni,
Miss Bessie March, Mrs. C. L. Bressler,
Miss Nell Morley, Miss Marie Ripper,
Mrs. C. E. Williams, Miss Ida Dimm,
Mrs. Samuel MctElhose, Mrs. Violet
Bolan, Mrs. W. F. Eilder, Miss Sara
Slieesley, Miss Elisabeth Bowman, Miss
Hazel Drawbaugh.
Tenors—Charles Bartley, Ira Charles,
'M. A. Morrison, F. F. Hetrick, J.
Frartk Palmer, H. S. McKelvey, C. E.
Whitman, H. W. 'Buttorf, Mr. Stouffer,
Ralph Brightbill, Russell Brightbili, ill.
E. Trostle, Lewis Markley.
Bass —John Harder, Henry Stewart,
Henry Bruce, Forest Schwartz, Walter
Dumm, H. C. 'Baum, W. G. Hoover,
Alfred Lewis, Oliver Sensenig, T. E.
iStep'henson, Edward Bennett, Dr. E.
31. James.
Fanner Dies Suddenly While at Work
iLe'banon, Mare»h 13.—Christian Bst
do*f, a farmer living at East Lickdale,
was fatally stricken with paralysis on
Thursday as he was in the act of look
ing after the chores at the barn. His
dead body was founji a few minntes
later, death having been instantaneous.
He was in his 85th year. Funeral serv
ices will tie 'held to-mOrrow morning at
10 o'clock, with burial in the ceme
tery at the Union church near Lick
Church to Celebrate Anniversary
Marietta, March 13.—St. John's
Lutheran church, Maytown, is prepar
ing to celebrate its one hundredth and
fiftieth anniversary during the first
week in April. A .new pipe organ is
'being installed and other improvements
made to tJie interior of the church. It
is the oldest congregation in t)bis sec
tion of the State. The Bev. Joseph D.
Krout is pastor.
Lesson Xl.—First Quarter, For
' March 14,1915.
Taxt of the Lation, | Sam. xi—Memory
Vara**, 12, 13—Qoldan T*xt, Prov.
xvi, 32— Commentary Praparad by
Rav. D. M. Staarna.
After tbe Lord bad brougbt to Samvel
tbo mail whom He bad cbosen as king
for Israel and Samuel had anointed
htm he returned to his home, having
met on his way all whom Samuel said
he would meet, for all came to pass
Just as Samuel said. Tbe Spirit of the
Lord came upon him, and he became
a changed man (chapter x, 6-10). All
this was a prjvate matter between the
Lord and Sauiuel and Saul, for when
Saul reached home he only told that
Samuel hud assured him that tbe asses
had been found, but be suld nothing of
the kingdom. Then Saui culled the
people to Mizpeh. reminded them of
tbe Lord's deliverance from Egypt and
all etfemies and of their rejection of
God In demanding a king and then
proceeded to have them elect a king
with God's permission. It was. nu
doubt, done by lot, as the land was di
vided, for "the lot Is cast Into the lap,
but the whole disposing thereof Is of
the Lord" (Nun), xxvl. .18. 06; Prov.
xvi, 33). First tbe tribe was found
und then the family and then the man
(chapter x. 20, 21; compare Josh. vii.
16-18), and thus they were guided lo
tbe man whom He had already chosen
and unointed. Although elected. be
could not for a time be found, so they
Inquired of the Lo.'d. and He told them
where to tlnd him. Whether it he a
person or a thing that cannot be found,
He that is perfect In knowledge knows
where to find tbe lost (Job xxxvi, 4i
When the people looked upon tbs
man whom God bad chosen they could
not refrain from shouting. "God sav»
tbe king!" or. as in the margin. "Let
tbe king live!" (x. 23-25.) The band of
men whose hearts God had touched
were a coml'ort to him. so that he was
able to seem as a deaf man to his ene
mies (x. 20. 27). Our lesson chapter
shows how Saul by the Spirit of tbe
Lord began to deliver Israel and to ob
tain tbe confidence of the people. 1
suppose there is scarcely a day in tb«
life of any child of God when there in
not an occasion to say. "Now, the ser
pent'' (Gen. 111, 1). for he Is ever going
about to make trouble. Nahash, whoso
name signifies "serpent," was moved
by the devil, whose he was and whom
he served, to seek to bring reproacli
upon Israel (verses 1-3). Saul heard ol
tbe distress of Jabesh Gileud aud in «
very striking way summoned the peo
pie to gather unto him and Samuel
and 330.000 gathered, and word wai
sent to the distressed that they would
have help by the morrow. That night
or in the early morrting (verse 111
Saul came suddenly upon the Ammon
ites and so completely routed theiu
that two of them were not left togeth
er (verses 4-11).
Tbe morning deliverance* of tbe Bi
ble are full of interest and are ail sng
gestlve of the morning that is coining
when the Lord shall Anally and for
ever deliver Israel (Vs. xivl. 5, mar
gin). Compare Ps. xlix. 14, and sei
Ex. xiv, 24. 27. Think also of Dan. vl,
19-23. and of the deliverance that cam«
to the disciples In the morning watch
(Mark vi. 48). But. while believers mas i
well rejoice in the glorious morning
that is coming and in Him who is to
us the Morning Star (Tl Sam. sxiil, 5;
Rev. xxii. 16). it Is also written that
there will be no morning for such a*
do not believe God (Isa. viii. 20; mar
gin and revised version). When tbe
people saw the great deiiveranc*
wrought by Saul they asked to hav«
Baul's enemies put to death, but Saul
would not listen to It. saying. "Ther«
shall not a man be put to death thii
day, for today the Lord hath wrought
salvation In Israel" (verses 12, 13). II
was the same power that wrought foi
Israel at the Red sea (Ex. xlv, 13, 30|
and on so many occasions in all tbeii
history, and their greatest dellveranc*
is yet to come (Zech. xlv, 3, 9). Samuel
then gathered the people to Gllgal, and
there they made Saul king before the
Lord, offered sacrifices, aud all Israel
rejoiced greatly (verses 14. 15). Thus
far all,seemed to be going well, but
when man has his way there is soon
failure, for "verily, every man at hli
best state (apart from God) is alto
getber vanity" (Ps. xxxix, 5).
Chapter xii tells how Samuel rehears
ed the history of the nation from tbeii
coming out of Egypt, the Lord's deal
ings with them under Moses and
Aaron and how many a time He de
llvered tbem in the dajrs of the Judges
He also asked them to testify as t«
whether during ail tbe time that h«
had Judged them he bad ever taken
anything from them or defrauded anj
one or taken a bribe to blind bis eyes
but they called God to witness thai
they could find no fault in him in anj
of these matters (xii. 1-5). To show
them that he x was right before th«
Lord as well as In their eyes and that
they bad done wrong in asking tor s
king when the Lord Himself was tbeii
King be asked the Lord to send thun
der and rain that day. and He did so.
The people seemed to see their sin and
asked Samuel to pray for them (xll
tt-19). Samuel assured them that
though they hnd done this great wrong
yet if they would truly turn to the Lord
and fear Him and serve Him in trutfc
with all their heart lie would for His
great name's sake forgive them and
Dot forsake them and he (Samuel)
would not cease to pray for them.
Declined With Thank*.
Beggar—Won't you gtve me a nickel
for my starving wife, lir? Pedestrian
—Nothing doing. I'm married already.
—Philadelphia Ledger.
Quit* Logical.
Teacher—Freddie, why do yon spell
bank with such a large "B?" Freddie—
"Cause pa said that a bank was no good
Unless it had a large capital!