The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, March 13, 1915, Page 11, Image 11

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J Eight Cylinder
7-Passenger Touring Car, $1975, F. 0. B. Detroit ' J
lAn Opportunity I
To See the Inside of the New 1
Eight Cylinder Cadillac Motor f
Factory Cut-Open Chassis |
Exhibited at the Harrisburg Automobile |
Show - 1
j|j 113-417 South Cameron Street pj
LEGAL SUE FOR $200,000
luflS Y«. JL
V t ■
V//« 'ML, ■ lj\ \
/ V> iii » ■. v \
aOeiNCC "vA/EEKS '^''O
Mrs. Florence Mayo, who lives with her three grown daughters In £cran
ton. Pa., says she is the undlvorced wife of Vlrginius J t Mayo, head of the
Mayo Radiator Company, of New Haven, Conn,, and that when he married
her. in 1890. he said he was a widower. Despatches from Scranton.quote Mrs.
Mayo as saying that she bad determined to "take every legal step necessary
to substantiate her story." It is reported she has retained counsel to begin
an action for >200,000 damages against Mayo, alleging that he had deserfed
liis lawful wife and ieft her to educate and rear their three daughters. She
■ays that the wedding took place on Mav 14. 1890, at Binghamton. N. Y.
Dr. Nathan C. Sehaeffer, State Super
intendent ot Public Instruction, en
dorsed woman suffrage here to-day be
fore the Citv Teachers' Institute at the
Central Higb scuool.
• i "When the opportunity cornea to
vote on woman suffrage in Pennsylva
nia," he said, ''l will embrace it. I
; C. A. FAlß— Carriage and Auto Works
Auto Tops, Seat and Dust Covers, Curtains, etc.,
made to order by expert workmen.
Satisfactory Repair Service
j have been in States where women have
, the vote and I want it in Pennsylva
Superintendent Schaeflfer's endorse
ment followed a brief speecCi on the
subject of equal suffrage delivered to
the four hundred teachers attending the
institute by Miss Emma MacAlarney,
one of the organizers of tihe Pennsyl
vania Woman Suffrage Association.
An Increase of Sixty-One Per Cent.
1 Shown Thus Far—National Rec
ords Made at Auto Show 3 a Fac
tor in Big Gain
Sixty-one per cent, is the substantial
gain in the sale, manufacture j.txl de
| livery of cars the Paiga-Detroi? Mo:or
i Car Company shows for the months of
j January and February, 1915. over the
I corresponding mouths of tast year.
Tuis is the jjer:o«l during wliioli,
IP: ige executives believe, the Paige
' Company established new records for
i cars sold at outomoixle shows. Daring
I a period of two weeiss—at the Now
j~i oi.» and Chi.'BjTO shows alone—one
| million dollars worth of Paige cars
j were purchased. At New Yoik a record
1 was made by the talc of 51 Paiges
|and at Chicago oue dealer alone sold
I 2 , 6;{ Paige cars. At other shows in cljf
| ferent i arts of the country similar
| remits were attained.
While ri ,'o:d -lates at shows, such as
j those indicated above, were an import
i ant factor iu reaching a giin of 61
j per cent, over last year, thia tdvanco
in volume of business was not due
I alcae to large increase in special scc
j tions of the country. The Middle Wost
i with the sale of its large crops and
| consequent aibundauce of money has.
j uaturiJiy, been especially active" in its
i demand for cars, yet ' >ales records
j made at such points as New York, Chi-
I cajjo, Philadelphia. Boston and Los
I Angeles, indicate that tho increased
I demand is wide-spread—a condition
| that is significant not-, merely because
j it indicates the success of the Paige
! in building and marketing a ear whose
| value is appreciated—>ouf in a broad
i er sense because it is proof of natural
| prosperity and wkle-spread business a.'-
j tivity.
I The Paige record of sales increase
for the first two months of the year is
; likely to be broken as the rush is con
: tinuing. The factory has been operat
ing, and will continue to operate,
and day, but the production is still
I considerably behind the orders for
| cars.
j Oeonge R. Bentley, of the Riverside
garage, is the local de«lcr ami is ex
plaining the Paige car at the sixth
annual auto show Arena and Rex gar
age, March 13 to 20.—'Adv.*
Mrs. Philip Wilvert Was Resident of
Elizabeth villa AU Her life
Elizaforthville, March 13.—Mrs.
Philip "Wilvert, 92 years of age, died
"rtiis morning at 1 o'clock at her home
on East Main street. She was the old
est resident of the town and had lived
herein her life. She leaves four daugh
ters, Mrs.'Lydia Lentz, Mrs. Alfred
Be eh tel ami Mrs. Wellington Klinger,
of KliaaJjebhville, and.Mrs. Daniel Mil
ler, of Dietrich. James L>entz, vice
president of the Dauphin County Re
publican committee, is a grandson.
Funeral services will be held on
Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock.
Exhibitor* of AsMdatJai Open Week
of Big Show la Kelker Street Hall
To-night*—win Continue Till
March 90
The Capital City Automobile Deal
ers' Association will open the Arst night
of their show this evening in Kelker
Street hall. There will be* thirty Arms
represented In the association, "which
will continue their exhibits until Sat
irelay evening. March 20. Following are
the exhibitors:
Knsniinger Motor Co., Thtr<l and
Cumberland streets—HupmoMle, Uewla.
Dart trucks.
Hotteiutein * Zech. U6-11R Straw
berry ntreet —Bulck and Chevrolet.
Benti-Landis Auto Co., ISOS Logan
street —J->ffery. Pullman. Vim.
Kast End Auto Co., Thirteenth 'and
Walnut streets—Oldsmobile, Studcbak
er. Detroit Electric. •
Commercial Car Co., Thirteenth and
Walnut streets —Brockway trucks.
Roberts & Holn. 331 Chestnut street—
The Ha.vncs.
E. W. Shank, 334 Chestnut street—
l'ord Sales Co.. Cameron apd Mul
berry street* —Ford.
Ream & Son, 108 Market street—
Metz Sales Co.. Monn Bros., Seven
teenth and Swatara streets—Metis.
Conover & Mehring, 1713-17 North
Fourth street —Dtttrolter.
King Car Sales Co.. of Harrlsburg,
Pa.. BU-84 South Cameron St., W. P.
Kc-lster, proprietor—King car.
J. I. Case T. M. Co., 429 S. Second |
street—Case car.
Paul Messner. 1116 James street—
Stanley steam cars. White trucks.
City Auto Supply Co., 118-130 Market
C. H. Mnuk, Sixth and Kelker etreets
—Auburo. .
P. H. Kebocli, Berrysburg, Pa.—Jaw
I* W. Gllmor. Carlisle, Pa.—Kissel
Wm. T. Taylor. Abbott Building,
i Philadelphia. Pa., Apperson.
Regal Sales Organization, 620 North
Broad street, Philadelphia. Pa. —Regal.
Wlnton Motor Carriage Co.. J46 N.
Broad street. Philadelphia, Pa.—Win
Bettern-Alr Tire Cushions, 1308 Cal
lowhill St.. Philadelphia. Pa,
F. Satz. 805 N. Third St., Harrisburg,
Pa., auto radiator and lamp works.
Samuel M. Gingrich, 202 Bergner
Building—insurance of every descrip
The Star-Independent.
Harrlsburg Telegraph.
The Patriot.
Horseless Age, Motor.
Automobile Topics.
Lunch Room.
Dodge Brothers' Department of Metal- j
lurgy Said to Be Largest of Its >
Kind in Industry
Realizing the importance of au ex
tensive and thoroughly equipped
metallurgical department, lJodge j
j Brothers have just completed exteu-1
j sive additions and changes in this de-'
. part men t of their big Detroit plant.!
If. 10. McCleary. a tuoroughly experl-1
I enced metallurgist. Is in charge ot the]
I department.
All. materials entering into the manu ■
faciure of the car, including steels. ■
| paints, varnishes. and numerous'
(Others, must ilrst pass the critical tests j
of the physical or chemical depart
i lucnts. And not until the metallurgist;
iO. K.'s a particular hraud of material,
does the purchasing agent concern Lliii- !
self In dealing witu the outside manu- 1
1 factum*. At Dodge Brotuers' Detroit j
factory, the metallurgical department!
is moie than a m<?re testing laboratory.'
It serves in a larger capacity as aj
"checker-up" on the entire manufactur
ing pro;esses of the big twenty-four'
acre i>lunt and is one of the greatest |
aids to efficiency in the entire organi
While the claim is made thai the;
chemical and physical laboratories of
Dodge 111-others are the largest in the
industry, the founders of the business!
take a personal pride in the testing and]
r \!
Dives, Pom 2roy& Stewart
Agents For
Best Grade Guaranteed Pufl- j
man Tires and Tubas
When ordering state Clincher, |
Quick Detachable or Straight Side, j
Plain or Non-Skid.
Plain Non- Gray Rod |
Size Tread Skid, Tube Tube I
2.8x3 $7.10 $7.45 $1.70 $2.10 i
30x3 7.50 7.85 1.75 2.20
30x3 '/i 9.65 10.1'5 2.05 2.50
31*3% 10.10 11.60 2.10 2.55
32x3 Mi 11.10 11.65 2.15 2.60
34x3 Ms 12.40 13.00 2.25 2.75
36x3 M 13.00 13.70 2.35 2.85
30x4 14.H0 14.95 2.70 3.35
31x4 14.95 15.70 2.80 3.40
32x4 15.20 15.95 2.85 3.50
33x4 15.85 16.65 2.95 3.60
34x4 16.15 16.90 3.00 3.70
35x4 18.80 17.65 3.10 3.80
36x4 17.05 17.90 3,15 3.90
37x4 17.70 18.60 3.25 4.00
34x4& 21.60 22.70 3.75 4.60
35x4 Vs 22.45 23.55 3.85 4.70
37x4 V& 23.60 24.75 4.00 4.90
35x5 ' 25.55 26.85 4.55 5.60
36x5 25.90 27.20 4.65 5.75
37x5 26.85 28.20 4.75 5.85
38x5% 36.40 38.25 5.15 6.30
Pullman Factory Guarantee
Pullman Automobile Tires are
guaranteed to give 3500 miles of
service under usual conditions, and
this guarantee is expressly waived
by any purchaser of these tires, #ho
uses therein any substitute for air,
or who uses them under weight in
excess of those for which the va
rious tires are recommended or who
does not keep tires inflated to the
pressure recommended by us.
Weight and Inflation Schedule
Size Inflation Rear Wt. Front Wt.
3 55 375 450
3% 60 500 600
4 70 750 925
4% 80 1000 1200
5 85 1150 1350
On 0. O. D. Orders we require a
10 per cent, deposit.
Dives, Pimerty & Stewart
nspp*' —W . lira I
f I \
I In Call 1991—Any Phone Founded 1871 <
Good Service -j- Good Service = :
Better Service
I When you purchase tires or other auto acces- <
\' sories from a Department Store that stands for '<
\ y G-ood Service, you'll recognize the same advantages i
: \ \ that go with the purchasing of other merchandise '
1 \ there—advantages that only a Departmeht Store
\ \ can offer. Then when a "break-down" occurs'way <
A \ out from nowhere, a telephone call will bring to <
' you—no matter where you may be—the long arm <
yj\ of Bowman Better Service to repair the damage. '
®||\ You'll profit also, by investigating our LOW "
IfjiK Kelleg-Sp,;
■ B Goodyear, •
m m Capitol Tires ;
All are guaranteed. We carry a complete stock <
including the hard-to-find sizes, for autos, motor- . «
Full line of tubes and other
« <
research work of this department, and
it is probably that they will continue to
add to the equipment and faclltties of
this degmrtment as long as they remain
lu business. —Adv. *
Wonderful Wurlitzer—Hope-
Jones Unit Pipe Organ Unit Or
chestra at the Victoria
Next week will be celebration week
at the Victoria Theatre. The entire
theatre has been beautifully remodeled
and refurnished and the opening will
be observed with a program of extra
ordinary merit.
Tlie most important feature and one
that will interest every lover of music
will be the grand opening recital of the
wonderful new Wurlltaer Hoi>e-Jones or
chestra unit pipe organ, which lias lust
boen installed at a cost of $25,000.
This great instrument is truly a mar
vel of musical genius and mechanical
skill. It is the creation and life work
of Mr. Hope-Jones, who had a wonder
ful career as a builder of pipe organs
in Europe and later in America.
This unit orchestra combines the
grandeur of the eathedral organ with
the finest symphony orchestra. Unlike
any other instrument of its character,
th" tones are effected by the touch of
the performer's fingers upon the keys.
By means of its many tone controls he
can reveal the same sensitive feeling as
an artist upon his violin, regulating the
shades of expression at will. In a word,
it brpathes the very temperament of the
operator, and expresses his every mu
sical instinct.
It is made Jtfi of innumerable pipes,
stops, strings, flutos, clarinets, drums,
cymbals, xylophones, harp and cathe
dral chimes, all at the command of the
performer, who by his slightest touch
can make eagh or all do his bidding.
The unit orchestra will he operated
during the presentation bf pictures, be
ginning MoDdav. March 15th. Each
actiou of the picture will be accom
panied by tiie proper tone expression,
thus lending a charm to the entertain
ment that is enjoyed only by the patrons
of a few of the most pretentious houses
in the country, such as the Vitagraph
Theatre. New York City, where the
price of admission is five times as great
as that of the Victoria Theatre.
It will be played for the first time
on Monday by Professor Twadell, who
will render that masterful selection,
"The Btorm," descriptive of army life,
in whieh the soldiers are seated around
the camp fire singing: "Tenting To
night on the Old Camp \l round "
Church bells are heard in the distant
church tower; the church organ is heard
playing "Lead Kindly Light;" while
the chimes are being played, the storm
is heard approaching, then the bugle
call to arms is sounded and the battle
is on; as the armies come closer to each
other, the storm is getting more severe;
a bugle sounds the call to charge and
the battle reaches its height; as the
storm dies down, the war ceases to the
victory of the United States; as the
soldiers near camp, the band is heard
playing: "The Star Spangled Banner;"
as camp is reached, taps are sounded
and all lights extinguished.
This big pipe orpin has a tone-board
manual with 65 stops and 32 foot
pedals, which makes the performer com
plete master of the instrument. He has
but to supply the inspiration to bring
about the most perfect harmonies and
effects ranging from a whisper strain to
tones of mighty volume.—Adv.*
New Insurance and Real Estate Firm
Open Offices in Kunkel Building
Van Haag<an & Backenstoss is a
new insurance and res 1 estate firm
whith has opened an oflfi'e in room 406,
"A Ilaynets Light Six Model 30 cbasis
will lie exhibited at the I'anama-I'acltic
Exposition, San Francisco, In the I'al-j
ace of Transportation." states C, K.
Holn, of Holu & Roberts. distributors
of America's first car. "The chassis;
will be Identical with the one exhibited
at the New York and Chicago Awto- 1
mobile Shows. A skeleton eowl Is
fitted to the chassis to carry the con
trol Instruments In such a manner that
their connections with the various
units may be seen ,at a glance. While
the chassis is complete in all details
ready for running, the important feat
ures are emphasized by uickel plating.
In order to glVe the exhibition an edu
cational value. The latest develop
ments of the automobile industry are
embodied in the design of the Haynes
Light Six chassis. Its simplicity and
compactness will offer a great contrast
to exhibits of former years.
"The "Palace of Transportation con
tains of all means fo convey
ances for travel under the water, on
the water. 011 land, and In the air, but
the hutouioblle section 61 expected to
be the most extensive division. Thei
| Kunkel building. The new tffrm will
'handle life, fire, health, accident, lia
bility, plate glass, tornado and bur
glary insurance and will buy and sell
real estate, collect rents and negotiate
bonds and mortgages.
/Henry E. Van Haagen has twenty- ,
four years' experience in the insurance
business. He was formerly a resi'denl)
of Philadelphia and was general agent
for the Mutual Life Insurance Company
of New York at Reading for a number
of years. For about two years he was
general agent in Harrisburg for the
Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance
Company, and until recently had offices
in t'he Union Trust building.
Mr. Stanley G. Backenstoss is one of
IHarrisburg's younger business men. He
has several years' experience in flre,
casualty and real estate. 'He was for
merly in business, with offices at s'/ a
South Third street. Both menVbors of
tho firm have a wide acquaintam-e in
business circles.
automobile booths, which ocupy the
entire eastern half of the building, will
l>e uniform in design and there will lie
no railldgs or partitions l>ct\\jeen ex
hiblt.s. The decoration of the auto
mobile section comprises some very
appropriate panoramas, that, though
serving as mural decorations, are in
reality topographical maps.
"The Lincoln Highway Is shown in
this manner on a scale of about 10
miles to the foot, no as to form one
gigantic panorama over 350 feet in
length. All colors of the various sec
tions of the country through which the
highway passes are accurately repre
sented. Other sections of the I'nlted
States are exactly reproduced In the
form of these maps that give the im
pression of looking over vast areas.
"Linoleum Is used as floor coveriiig
throughout the automobile section.
The main north and south ulslu passes
through Italian pergolas, and each ex
hibit will be indicated by large vases
at the four corners. The Haynes
trade name will appear on the bowl of
each vase marking the Haynes exhibit.
4 Adv. *