The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, March 13, 1915, Page 10, Image 10

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"Thm Standard of Vmlmm and Quality"
"That Paige Is A Great Car"
DO YOU KNOW why people say that—why YOU yourself say it?
Perhaps, you have heard that In actual sales Paige cars led every
American-made motor car at all the Automobile Shows this season.
Perhaps, you know that the Paige "Six-46," a big seven-passenger "Six" for
$1395, has proved easily the most popular "Six"— at any price—on the market
this season. Perhaps, you have heard that at the new price, $1075, the Paige*
Four-36" has already dominated the "Pour" field this season. Perhaps, you
know that Paige Sales have increased 61 per <ient over the corresponding
period of la«t year; that the huge Paige factory is working 24 hours a day to
fill Paige orders. These things are proofs that the Paige car "Six" or
"Four"—lS "a great car," as you say.
.k B . B u B ' .P o , yOU know of any othet The same with the Paige Glenwood "Four-
Six that has the beauty and distinction of 36". Do you know of any other "Pour" that
design, the seven-passenger roominess of the has the beauty and flve-passenger comfort of
Paige, the power and flexibility of the Paige- the Qlenwood, the power and reputation for
°5 lill! mo * or ' the Gra >' & Davis starting service, the Gray & Davis lighting and start
ana lighting system, the Bosch magneto, the ing system, the Bosch magneto, the silent
Ka> field carburetor, the Paige-cantilever chain drive, the multiple disc cork-insert
spring suspension, the general elegance and clutch, the elegance and excellence of gcn
' aige " Slx " — at a Price eral design of the Glenwood—at a price
within S.OO of the Paige "Six" price? within 1200 of the Paige price?
That is $1395
It is good to know that Paige cars are at the pinnacle now in popu
larity, sales, national confidence. But we want the world to know
Come and see and drive these two wonderful Paige cars. We'll
leave the verdict to you.
Paig» Detroit Motor Car Company, Detroit, Mich.
RIVERSIDE GARAGE, Rear 1417 N. Front
Oeorge B. Bentley, Dealer Bell 5»751 B
Exhibit at Sixth Annual Auto Show—Arena
and Rex Garage-March 13th to 20th
Union Sales Company Has So Increas
ed That They Purchased a Fac
tory in Louisville
The Union Sale* Company, Inc., lo
cated at Second and North streets, re
port that the demand for their tires i
and self-sealing tubes has increased to
suih an extent that they have pur
chased their own factory equipment
having their own special compounds j
and formulas, and are now manufac
turing their products in Ivouisville, Kv.
It is understood that efforts are be- I
ing considered to have them build a |
factory in thi< city. The vice president,
Mr. Bender states they have had over- 1
tures from several cities relative to lo
cating a'factory, but for the present
they would continue to manufacture in !
I.ouisviUe, where they have the bene
fit of an up-to-date, complete power
plant, vulcanizing vate and other fea- I
Harrisijurg now has a chance to get
this industry located in its midst. Tiie j
company was started here and would I
Distributors for United States and Goodyear
Solid and Pneumatic Tires
Myers Myers
WSB| Repaired Repaired
\ 'J \J lj
Tire repairing 0 f all kinds. Located in new build- '
inp equipped with latest improved machinery. '
Have ample and every facility to take care of I |
autoists needs in most approved fashion. I ,
Cameron and Mulberry Sts. ;
J prefer to build in this locality.
Their self-sealing tubes which they
are exhibiting at the Arena and Hex
garage automobile show have attracted
world-wide attention. They report in
| quiries from Canada, the Philippine
| Islands and South America.—Adv.*
Motor Critic Says Machine Has Accel
eration From Slow Running to
Passenger Train Travel
An interesting illustration of the im
pression which is invariably produced
; by the new eight-cylinder Cadillac is
! furnished bv an extract from an article
written by a mechanical expert and
motor car eritie. who makes it his busi
ness to dissect and analyze without fear
or favor motor ear design, construction
and results. Following is tflie extract:
"The writer must admit that prior
j to some actual road work with the new
i Cadillac he was somewhat inclined to
I be in the skeptical division and ques
' tioned the appreciable advantage of
tacking on two extra cylinders. A
j HO-mile run over rolling country where
f '
i hills abounded, some quite steep, re
; suited in complete conversion to the
'Eight' and great surprise at its per
i formanee, however.
j "Gear shifting proved to be almost
an unnecessary operation, speeds any
where t'rom 2 1 . to 55 or 60 miles an
1 hour beir.g attainable on high gear.
I The quick acceleration from slow run
ning to passenger train travel with no
apparent effort whatever was truly re
markable. Had stretches of road, turn
outs for slow-moving vehicles and oth
• or traffic obstructions very rarely made
it necessary to drop into second gear.
Nor was this higii gear driving done
with any effort; the car controlled with
the throttle alone ju. t as if it were an
electric responding to a current control
lever. There was an undeniable feel
jing of security in driving the ear, for
the idea of killing the motor does not
enter your mind—the reserve power is
Iso great. V Adv.*
Operations Have Commenced on Site
Where Old Building Stood When
Destroyed By Fire
j The Ford Sales Company have be
! >jun rebuilding on the site o its prop
i erty lately destroyed by lire, on South
■ Cameron street. The new building will
be a handsome three-story brick struc
i ture.
Manager Driscoli is pushing the
work of preparation and will endeavor
to have it completed and ready for oc
i cupancy by -June I.
At present the company is oscupy
ing a portion of the office of George
MS. Myers, the tire man, on South
j Cameron street just below the Mul
j berry street bridge. A special price on
| some important auto sundries, which
j means a saving of 50 per cent., will
j continue up to April I.—Adv.*
At New Cumberland Church
New Cumberland, March 13.—At the
Baughman Memorial Methodist church
! to-morrow the pastor will preach in
I the morning on "tfhe Sovereignty of
i God" and in the evening on "The So
cial Message of the Gospel." The ser
mons will be the last 'before confer
| enee.
Golf, Teaals, Boating, BalUu,
fend Cycltag
Tonra Inc. Hotels. shore Excaraloaa.
Loiml Rates.
Sc W r«» S. S. "BE3MUDIAN"
Fastest, aen-eat aad mix steamer laad.
lay passengers at the dock la Be rands
without tra safer by leader.
For fall Information apply Ho A. E.
OLTEHBKIDGE * CO, Agents Oaebe*
8. 8. C», Lit, 3U Broadnay, Nan York,
or aay Tlckst A scat.
Howard B. Coffin's Achievements
Known the World Over Where
Motor Oars Are Used
Probatoly no engineer in the auto
mobile business is so universally known,
and none is held in higher esteem than
Howard E. Coflin, the famous designer
of the Hudson cars. His achievements
; arc the world around, wherever
j motor cars are used. He h*s designed
i nearly a dozen cars, and it is his rec
; ord that lie never built a failure. With
! thousands of brainy engineers constant-
I ly working on motor car problems, Mr.
' Coffin's genuine is shown in the fact
| that whatever he touches, he improves.
He built the first four-eyliivller oar of
high grade to sell at a popular price.
For years he experimented with the
six-evlindcr car, while the public was
contentedly driving his splendid four
: cylinder production. Many users felt
that this four-cylinder car reached the
acme of perfection. When all was
ready, Mr. Coffin produced his six-cylin-
| viler automobile. While many improve
! meats have been made on the first Hud
1 son Six, still it was practically a per
fect production when it was put on th>e
market. Unfortunately this cannot be
said of all new ideas iu automobiles.
I Very many engineers in their haste
to get a new thing before the public,
i endeavor to put it in'to commercial form
, and get it into the hands of users
while it is still in a more or less ex
perimental state. One of the reasons
for the wonderful success that has at
! tended cars designed by Mr. Coffin in
' tllis fact that each and" every ear was
i practically a perfected motor car be
fore he allowed it to be produced and
Mr. I. W. Dill, local dealer, is ex
hibiting the Hudson ear and a number
|of commercial trucks at the Sixth An-
I nual Auto Show, Arena nml Rex Oar
i age.—Adv. * «
i ____
Movement to Organize Motorcycle Com
! From F. A. M. Clubs for
Volunteer Military Service
Colonel Mortimer Delano, chief of
the First AViation Corps, United States
Army, has started a movement to or
ganize motorcycle companies from all
jof the F. A. M. clubs for volunteer
military service. If the enthusiasm
with which the scheme has been re
ceived by the clubs to which it has so
i far been presented can be used as a
guide, the movement will meet with
unlimited success. For instance, in
Milwaukee when Colonel Delano pre
sented his plan, thirty-tive riders im
mediately agreed to join the corps, and
it is anticipated that the majority of
1 the remaining members of the Mil
| waukee Motorcycle Club will also enlist.
The longest endurance run ever un
dertaken by the Koqnoke t Va.) Motor
cycle Club is being arranged for June
19. . The course covers 245 alto
j gether through the mountain regions
of Virginia, crossing the highest range
of both the Blue Ridge and Allegheny
Mountains. Riders from all over the
| state arc asked to participate in the
j Moundsville, \V. Vs., has a new mo
torcycle elub of 114 eliprter members.
I The Wheeling club assisted in the or
ganisation of the new body.
A Remarkable Showing for a Eeo Car
| Driven by a Prominent Local
I '
Oil March 12. 1914, Dr. H. Hershey
, Farnsler, of 1463 Market street, pur
chased from the Harrisburg Automobile
Company a 1914 Reolroadster. Up to
the present time Dr. Flimsier has driv
en the Reo car 4,962 miles at an ex
j pense for oil, gasoline, grease, alcohol,
j two new tires and all charges except
jwashing of $109.16 or an average of
I 2 3-5 cents a mile.
Under the guarantee that the Harris
| burg Automobile Company cars
•to its customers there has been no
: charge for repairs. The Harrisbupg
Auto Company's bill against this car on
; their cost sheet for this 4,962 miles'
lis only $2.60 which will make a sum
j total of $ 111.76 or an average of 2 1-4
j cents a mile. This record of Dr.
, Farn«ler "s is not an exception by any
j means. There are a dozen other doctors
in this territory as well as men in oth
er walks of life who 'have hail the same
: success with their Reo cars.—Adv. *
And All Next Week From 11 A. M. to 11 P. M.
Souvenir mmm Orchestra
1915 Ford Car Will Be Given Away
( n M , a^ nifiC c, nt P."?™ 4 .' 01 ! 8 ) ■ ADMISSION 251» A Visit To This Show Is I
, Dazzling Electrical Display j MUmIOOIUII fcUC | Something To Be Remembered I
mm ßßiaiMiaaMaßail P" Ha
Harrisburg Automobile Company Will
Have Exclusive Beo Exhibit at the
Sixth Annual Auto Bhow
The exhibition of Beo ears at the
Arena at the Sixth Annual Automobile
Show of the Harrisburg Automobile
Dealers' Association will consist of a
six-cylinder touring oar, a four-cylinder
five-passenger touring car, a four
cylinder two-,passenger roadster, a four
cylinder coupe, four-cylinder 1914
touring car and a six-eylindej chassis,
the same as was exhibited at the New
York Show.
It was the trainload of seventeen
cars of Reo automobiles that put Har
risburg on the automobile map and that
made a striug of automobile:! when
unloaded on Tenth street reaching from
Market south to the Mulberry street
bridge, the longest string of new auto
mobiles of any kind ever seen by any
resident of Harrisburg at one time and
is proof positive that the Reo is a very
popular car. The sales of the Harris
burg Automobile Company will be close
on to four hundred pleasure cars and
two hundred trucks this year. The Heo
Company are adding to their line of
trucks a three-quarter to a ton truck,
electrically equipped, 120-inch wheel
base, built out of their four-cylinder
touring car engine and their six-cylinder
construction from the flywheel back
that will stand alone for trucks of this
capacity and type at the price which
will be a trifle over a thousand dol
lars. It can be truthfully said that
Harrisburg is one of the numerous
homes of the Reo and that there is an
unlimited number of Reo owners who
are Reo enthusiasts from start to finish.
The financial standing of the Reo Mo
tor Car Company, their up-to-date and
progressive policy, their ability to sell
completely their every year's output on
schedule time has made it 'possible far
them to be right on the job in putting
the latest, newest and most up-to-date
equipments on their cars. The fact
that Reo cars can be driven five thou
sand miles on an average cost of less
than o cents a mile for everything ex
clusive of the operator, has brought a
host of Reo owners and enthusiasts to
their camp.—Adv.*
Tests All Youths Must Pass Bsfori
Thsy Become Soldiers.
The Swiss system Is ultra militaristic
and probably would never be accept
able to the United States. But it is>g, nevertheless* as Indicating
how the problem of defense has been
met and apparently solved by the earn
est and patriotic people of a republic
like our own.
The Swiss system Is compulsory and
begins with the early schooling of each
boy. He does not drill or handle Are- j
arms, however, until he Is twenty years
old, when he reports to federal ati
thoritios for physical and literary ex
amlnation He must be able to rend I
and write and figure, and auswer qnes
tlous In elemental Swiss history and
The physical tests require that the
applicant shall cover at least eight feet;
In a running jump, lift a weight of
thirty-seven pounds in both hands at
least four times, and run eighty yards
in fourteen seconds.
Those who fall In these tests are
given an extension of time for further j
training, not to exceed four years, and ;
if physically disqualified at the end |
of that period they are obliged to pay
a tax, or to take some assigned posl
tion which they can fill.—Kansas City
The Sixteenth Century Carver.
At the forinul banquet of the six
teenth century the man who carved |
the meat was bound with the red tape I
of precedent. When curving lor distin- j
guisbed guests he had to remember!
that certain pmts of the birds or meat i
must be set aside. In carving for his j
lord and lady be was expected to exer- j
else great discretion in the size of the !
pieces he sent round, "for ladies will i
be soon angry and tbeir thoughts
soon changed, and some lords are soon I
pleased and some not, as they be of j
complexion." He was expected to have j
the rules both of the kitchen and the;
peerage at his knife's end. A pike, for j
instance, must be dished up whole for j
a lord and in slices for commoner folk.
The rank of his diners, too, determined
whether a pig wns to be served up
whole, sliced, plain or with gold leaf
or whether new bread or bread three
days old should b» eaten.
a 17 New Features In The HI
1915 MAXWELL i
The biggest automobile
offered for less g|q
Powerful, fast, silent and Bl
smooth running. A superb, jgp
fully equipped, real 5-pas igg
senger family automobile.
i jgj A car with a real high tension mag- '1
j' "—' El neto, eliding gear transmission, left- ETZJCJ
=H S hand drive, center control, anti-skid sifflej
ggpg tiros on rear, in fact it has— K
fill! Jj B Practically all the high- Si
gggjps Egn priced features of §p|i|J|
1 1 SHA^Sbuit^^
Central Garage 334 Chestnut St.
At the Auto Show Kelker Street Hall
A Truck for Every Purpose REPUBLIC
1500 Pound Capacity, Gear-Driven 6QQC
Truck, Complete with Body, wOUw
*■ '
Lever Used on the Model R-13 Easily :
Controls Mechanism Through
Simple Devices
Tn keeping with the refinements of
details 011 this Pope model, a font con
trol for tlie clutch has been a'iMe 1
which combines the principal points of
merit of other controls which have
becir produced, and also incorporates!
distinct features of superiority.
The lever used 011 the Model H-1 5 '
for the brake operation is so connected I
with the release lever at the clutch |
I through n swivel joint, that a simple
] downward pressure of this foot lever
i will release the clutch and a further
| downward- pressure apply the brake.
I This, however, not affecting the han I
! lever located at the si' le of the tank.
! The clutch may still be controlled by
)I ho side hand lever, but this lever in
1 no way affects the position of the loot.
| lever nor does it apply the brake. A
fine point of advantage of this method
of clutch control lies in the fact that
it is possible to set the hand lever fric
tion at the best running point for con
| ditiong encountered, then when re-en
| gaging the clutch through the foot con
itrol it always returns to the same posi
jtion without the necessity for attention
I on the part of the rider.—Adv. *