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The Exploits of Elaine |
A Detective Novel and a Motion Picture Drama
H Tht «*V ffc L n
I OnSr V l>» "CMi Alfci |
PteasaOsri la MhfcmNM WMk (fee Niks Ftmn sad the Rdoctk IBa Qaapony
| OewrrtgM. WK fcr tW B*mr O—jaay AllTMwlgm Ktgfcf ltmmt
Tits New Tork polkf ar* mrstlflad kr i
serifs of raurdor* of premir.Mit men rrhc
principal clvw to th« murderer is ihe warn-
Uf letter * hlch ti Mini the victim* sinned
with a "clutching hand." The latest vic
tim of the mysterious is T«>* r
Do\lf». the insurance pmldest. .Js
diUfhtw, Kljune. ♦mpk»y* CYaig Kennedy,
the functus vieteclive. to try to
unravel the mystery. What Kennedy ac
oempilph<*s i«» told by his* friend. Jameson,
a new*p ; >.p<»r man Kennedy frwutratw .*
dartr.f attempt to rob a jlewelry atoiv and
rescue* Elaine from bv*iler where she
feed been imp. isoned by the thiurs.
The Froien Safe.
Kennedy swung open the door of
our taxicab as we pulled up. safe *t
last. before the Dodge mansion, after
the rescue of Elaine from the brutal
machinations of ihe Clutching Hand.
Bennett was on the step of the cab
In a moment, and together, one on
each side o? Elaine. they assisted her
out of the car And up the steps to the
Elaine's -Aunt Josephine was wait-
In* for us in tue drawing-room, very
much worried The dear eld lady was
quite scandalized as Elaine excitedly
told of the thrilling events that had
Just taken place.
"And to think they—actuallv—car
lied you!" she exclaimed, horrified,
adding. And I not— '
"But Mr. Kennedy came along and
•ared me .lust in time.'* interrupted
ISlaine with a smile. "1 was well
Aunt Josephine turned to Craig,
gratefully. "How can I ever thank you
enough. Mr. Kennedy." she said fer
Kennedy was quite embarrassed.
With a smile. Elaine perceived his
discomfiture, not at all displeased by it.
"Come into the library'" she cried
gayly. taking his arm "I've something
to show you "
Where the old safe, which had been
burn through, had stood, was now
a brand-new safe of the very latest
construction ami design—one of those
globular safes that look and are so
"Here is the new safe." she pointed
out brightly. It is not only proof
against explosives, but between the
plates is a lining that is proof Against
thermit and even that oxyqibetytone
blowpipe by which you rescued me
from the old boiler It has a time
-clock, too. that will prevent its being
Opened at night even if any one s'-.ould
"learn the combination.
They stood before th. safe a mo
ment. and Kennedy examined it close
ly with much interest.
he admired
"I knew you'd approve of it." cried
Elair.e. much pleased "Now I have
something else to show you."
She paused at the desk, and from a
drawer took out a portfolio of large
photographs They were very hand
some photographs of herself.
"Much more wonderful than the
safe,'' remarked Craig earnestly Then,
hesitating and a trifle embarrassed,
he added. "May I —may 1 have one?"
"If you care for it." she said, drop
ping her eyes, then glancing up at him
"Care for it?" he repeated. "It will
be one of the greatest treasures —"
She slipped the picture quickly into
on envelope "Come." she interrupted.
"Aunt Josephine will be wondering
where we are. \ She —she's a demon
Bennett. Aunt Josephine and my
self were talking earnestly as Elaine
and Craig returned
That morning 1 had noticed Ken-'
tedy fussing some time at the door
of our apartment before we went over
to the laboratory As nearly as I
could make out he had placed some
thing under the rug at the door out
Into the hallway.
"Well." said Bennett, glancing at
his watch and rising as he turned
io f.iaine. i m afraid I must go now."
He crossed oTer to where she stood
*nd shook bands There was no doubt
that Bennett was very much smitten
by his fair client
"6ood-by. Mr Bennett," «he mur
mured. "and I thank you so much for
what you have done for roe today."
But there was something lifeless
•bout the words She turned quickly
to Craig, who had remained standing.
"Must you go too. Mr. Kennedy?"'
the asked, noticing his position.
"I'm afraid Mr. Jameson and 1 must
jet back on the job before this Clutch
ing Hand gets busy again," he replied
"Oh. I hope you—we get them soon!"
the exclaimed, and there was nothing
l!fe!ess about the way she gave Craig
V.?r bend, as Bennett, he and I left a
n:o3tent later.
When we approached our door, cow,
Craig p?use<j. By pressing a little
concealed button he caused a panel
la the wa". outside to loosen, disclos
ing a sn.ail. boxlike plate in the wall
It was about a foot long and perhaps
four inches wide. Through it ran a
piece of peprr w'jich unrolled from one
coil and wound up on another, actu
See "Exploits of Elaine,
In Motion Pictures, Victoria Theatre, Saturday, March 13
. ated by clockwork. Across the blank
white paper ran an Ink line traced by
a stylographic pen, used as I had
seen iu mechanical pencils used in
offices, hotels, banks and such places.
Kennedy examined the thing with
"What is it?" I asked
"A new kinograpb." he replied,
still gating carefully at the rolled
up part of the paper. "1 have in
stalled it because it registers every
footstep on the floor of our apartment.
We can't be too careful with thia'
Clutching Hand. I want to
whether we have had any visitors or
not in our absence. This straight line
indicates tha" we have not. Wait a
moment "
Craig hastily unlocked the door and
"niered Inside I could see hitn pac
ing up and down our modest quarters.
"Do you see anything, Walter?"
he called.
I looked at the klnograph The
pen had started to trace its line, no
louger even nnd straight, bul
at different heights across the paper.
He came to the coor "What do you
think of it?" he inquired.
"Some idea." I answered enthusi
We entered and I fell to work on a
special Sunday story that I had been
forced to neglect. I was not so busy.
howeTer, that 1 did not notice out of
the corner of my eye that Kennedy
had taken fA>m its cover Elaine
Dodge's picture and was gating at It
1 had finished as much of the article
as I could do theu and was smoking
and reading it over. Kennedy was
still gating at the picture Miss Dodge
had given him. then movtng from place
tc about the room, evidently
wondering where it would look best. I
doubt whether he had done another
blessed thing since we returned.
He tried it on the mantel. That
Wouldn't do. At last he held it up be
side a picture of Galton. I think, of
i finger print and eugenics fame, who
hung on the wall directly opposite the
fireplace. Hastily he compared the
two. Elaine's picture was precisely
the same site.
Next he tore out the picture of the
scientist and threw it carelessly into
the fireplace. Theu he placed Elaine's
pit'ure in its place and hung it up
again, standing off to admire it.
I watched him gleefully. Was this
Craig? Purposely 1 moved my elbow
suddenly and pushed a book with a
bang on the floor Kennedy actually
jumped. 1 picked up the book with a
muttered apology. Xo, this was not
the same old Craig.
Perhaps half an hour later I was still
reading. Kennedy was now pacing up
aud down the room, apparently unable
to concentrate his mind on any but
one subject.
He stopped a moment before the .
photograph, looked at it fixedly. Then
he started his methodical walk again,
hesitated, and went over to the tele-
phone, calling a number which I rec
"She must haTe been pretty well
done up by her experience." he said
apologetically, catching my eye. "I
was wondering if—hello!— oh. Misa
Dodge —l—er—l—er—just called up to
see if you were all right."
Craig was very much embarrassed,
but also very much in earnest.
A musical laugh rippled over the
telephone. "Yes. I'm all right, thank
you. Mr. Kennedy—and I put the pack
age you sent me into the safe, but—"
' Package!" frowned Craig. "Why, I
atnt you no package. Miss Dodge. In
the safe?"
"Why. yes. and the safe is all COT
eret" with moistur®—and so cold."
'Moisture—cold?" he repeated
"Yes. I have been wondering if it is
all right. In fact. I was going to call
you up. only I was afraid you d think
I was foolish."
T shall be right over," he answered
hastily, clapping the receiver back on
its hook "Walter," he added, seizing
his hat and coat, "come on—hurry!"
A few mlnntes later we drove up In
a tax! before the Dodge house and
rang the bell.
Jennings admitted us sleepily.
It could not have been long after we
left Miss Dodge, late in the afternoon,
that Susie Martin, who had been quite
worried over out long absence after
the attempt to rol her fa'ther, dropped
in on Elaine. Wfde-eyed. she had lis
tened to Elaines story of what had
"And you think this Clutching Hand
has never recovered the incriminating
papers that caused him to murder
your father?" asked Susie.
Elaine shook her head. **No. Let me
show you the new safe I've bought.
Mr. Kennedy thinks it wonderful."
"I should think you'd be proud of it,"
admired Susie. "I must tell father to
get one. too."
At that very moment. If they had
known it. the Clutching Hand, with
his sinister, masked face, was peering
at the two girls from tte other sid*
of the porticros.
i Suala rose to go and Klalna followed
her to the door. No aooaar had aha
| gone than the Clutching Rand came
' oat from behind the curtails. He gated
) aboat a moment, then, mavlng over to
tha aafe aboat which the two girls had
been talking, stealthily examined It.
Ho must have heard someone corn
tag, tor with a gesture of hate at the
safe Itself, as though he personified It,
he slipped back of again.
Elaine had returned, and as she sat
down at the desk to go over some pa
pers which Bennett had left relative
to settling up the estate the masked
intruder stealthily and silently with
"A package for you. Miss Dodge, M
announced Michael later in . the eve
ning, as Elaine, In her dainty evening
gown, was still engaged in going over
the papers. He carried it iu his hands
rather gingerly.
"Mr. Kennedy sent it. ma'am. Me
says /it contains clues, and will you
plojyse put it in the new safe for him."
Elaine took the package eagerly and
examined It. Then she pulled open
little round door of the globular
f "It must be getting cold out, Mi
chael," she remarked. "This package
is as cold as Ice."
"It Is. ma'am." answered Michael
She closed the safe, aud, with a
glance at her watch, set the time took
and went upstairs to her room.
No soouer had Elaine disappeared
than Michael appeared agalu. catlike,
through the curtains from the Arawing
room, and. after a glance about the
dimly lighted library, discovering that
the coast was clear, motioned to a fig
ure hiding behind the portieres.
A moment aud Clutching Hand him
self came out.
He moved over to the safe and
looked it over. Then he put out his
hand and touched it.
"Listen!" cautioned Michael.
Someone was coming, and they
hastily slunk behind the protecting
portieres. It was Marie. Elaine's maid.
She turned up the ligh'ts and went
over to the desk for a book for which
Elaine had evidently sent her. She
.paused and appeared to be listening.
Then she went to the door.
"Jennings!" she beckoned.
"What Is it, Marie?" he replied.
She said nothing, but as he came up
the hall led him to the center of the
"Listen! I heard sighs and groans!"
Jennings looked at her a moment,
puezled. then laughed. "You girls!"
he exclaimed. "1 suppose you'll always
think the library haunted now."
"But, Jennings, listen," she per
Jennings did listen. Sure enough,
there were sounds, weird, uncanny. He
gated about the room. It was eerie.
Then he took a few steps toward the
safe Marie put out her hand to It and
started back.
"Why. that safe is all covered with
Cold sweat!" she cried with bated
Sure enough, the face of the safe
was beaded with dampness. Jenning
put his hand on it and quickly drew it
away, leaving a mark on the damp
"W-what do you think of that?" he
"I'm going to tell Miss Dodge," cried
Marie, genuinely frightened.
A moment later she burst into
Eiaine's room.
"What is the matter. Marie?" asked
Elaine, laying down her book. "You
look as if you had seen a ghost."
"Ah. but mademoiselle—it ees just
like that. The safe—if mademoiselle
"A Package for You. Miss Dodga."
will come down stairs. I will show It
Puzzled, bat interested, Elaine fol
lowed her. In the library Jennings
pointed mutely at the new safe. Elaine
approached it. As they stood about,
new beads of perspiration, as it were,
formed on it. Elaine touched it and
also quickly withdrew her hand.
"I can't imagine what's the matter,"
she said. "But—well—Jennings, you
may go—and Marie, alsq."
When the servants had gone she still
regarded the safe with the same won
dering look, then turning out the
light, she followed.
She had scarcely disappeared when,
from the portlered doorway near by,
the Clutching Hand appeared, and.
after gazing out at them, took a Quick
looH at the safe.
"Good!" he muttered.
Noiselessly Michael of the sinister
faao movad ta -ad took a position In
tha cantor of tha room, as if on guard,
whlla Clutching Hand sat bafora tha
aafe watching It iataatly.
"Someone at tha door—Jenning* Is
answering tha ball." Mlchaal whis
pered hoarsely.
"Confound It!" muttered Clutching
Hand, as both moved again behind tha
heavy valour curtains.
• ••••• *
"I'm so glsd to see you, Mr. Ken
nedy," greeted Elaine unaffectedly as
Jennings admitted us.
She had heard the bell and was com
ing downstairs ss we entered. We
three moved toward tha library and
someone switched on the lights.
Craig strode over to the safe. The
cold sweat on \lt had now turned to
Icicles. Craig's face clouded with
thought as he examined It more close
ly. There wss actuslly a groaning
sound from wtthin.
"It can't be opened." he said to him
self. "The time lock Is set for tomor
row morning."
Outside, If we had not been so ab
sorbed In the present mystery, we
might have seen Michael and the
Clutching Hand listening to us
Clutching Hand looked hastily at his
"The deuce!" he muttered under his
breath, stifling his suppressed fury.
W> stood looking at the safe. Ken
nedy was deeply interested, Elaine
standing close beside him. Suddenly
ha seemed to make up his mind.
"Quick—Elaine!" he cried, taking
her arm. "Stand back!"
We all retreated. The safe door,
powerful as It was, had actually begun
to warp and bend. The plates were
bulging. A moment later, with a loud
report and concussion, the door blew
A blast of cold air and flakes Ilka
snow flew out. Papers were scattered
on every side.
We stood gating, aghast, a second,
tiler, ran forward. Kennedy quickly
examined the safe. He bent down and
from tho wreck took up a package,
now covered with white.
As quickly he dropped it.
"That is the package that was sent,"
cried Elaine.
Taking it In n table cover, he laid
it on the table and opened It. Inside
was a peculiar shape flask, open at the
top. but like a vacuum bottle.
"A newar flask!" ejaculated Craig.
"What Is it?" asked Elaine, appeal
ing to him.
"Liquid air!" he answered. "As it
evaporated, the terrific pressure of
expanding air in the safe Increased
until it blew out the door. That Is
what caused the cold sweating and the
We watched him, startled.
To Be Ccntinued
P. R. B. Said to Have Allowed Refund
on Coal Shipped Outside State
Philadelphia, March 11.—Two in
dictments were returned by the Federal
Grand Jury yesterday, charging the
Pennsylvania R lilroad Company with
granting concessions with respect to the
transportation of coal and coke in In
terstate Commerce, and with wilfully
failing to observe the tariff as required
by law.
The railroa i is accused of granting
a rotund of ten cents a ton on coal and
coke transported from Kittanning. Pa.,
to T'.cnton. HoVuken and Wood Haven
Junction, X. Y. The Pennsylvania, with
the West Shore Railroad and the Ling
Island Railroad maintain a joint
through line for the transportation of
coal and oke from the Glen-White
Company's mine at Kittanning.
Xo time has been fixed for the trial
of the suit.
Mass Meeting to Criticise Reading
Courts and Police
Reading. Pa., March 11.—The local
Socialist organization is making piaus
for a mass meeting in the Hip,odrome
theatre next Sunday afternoon to pro
test against the treatment which the
striking employes of the Reading Hard !
ware Company and the Xolde and Horst I
hosiery plants have received at the '
bands of ilie local courts and the police !
The courts have granted injunctions
against the men, restraining them
from practicing their method of
" j eaceful picketing," on the ground
that it has led to numerous street riots,
in which scores of arrests of strikers
and their sympathizers have been made.
Tho offenders were imprisoned and
heavily fined.
Governor Urges That California Pur
chase Western Pacific
Sacramento, Gal., March 11.—Gov
ernor Johnson has initiated a move
ment for the purchase of'the Western
Pacific Railroad, now in the hands of
receivers, by the State of California, it
was announced yesterday in the Gover
nor's office.
The announcement was made after
Governor Johnson bad hell a Confer
ence with Uudolph Spreckels. n Sau
Francisco financier, from whom the
original suggestion for Government
ownership of the Western Pacific came,
and with Charles S. Wheeler, of San
Francisco, an atorney who has appeared
for the Western Pacific as counsel in
special eases.
| v /SqpeA I
likes a rooster for its
crow and the spurs with
mm which it backs up the crow.
K Moroney can always back up his
K crow with the real goods. Certainly v
H the Army and Navy bottle could'nt H
H populate the city the way it has
been doing, if there was anything
to shine about it. Still, Mister, K
you are the judge, and our
point falls flatter than one of
grandmother's pancakes
unless you buy a
sample drink,
!»r»»iy'iAr*j aid Nary Vkitkeyn Mialeat tllfirtt-diss karaud cafes
' " " - JLIiMJ
Former Lightweight Champion Hopes
to Regain Title in Ton-Round Rout
in New York To-night—Both Are
Confident of Victory
New York. March 11.—Willie Bit
■«• liie, former lightweight champion of
I the world, hopes to regain the title by
a |t nock out tonight when he meets
j Freddie Welsh in a ten-round battle at
| Madison Square Garden. Willie's one
' and only hope of reannexing the crown
j is in landing a knockout blow.
If the null goes the limit there
seems to be little chance of the Cali
j fornian coining out in front. Welsh is
I considered the most marvelous det'en
j sive lightweight that ever lived. Welsh
| undoubtedly is not as good now as
; when he won the title t'roiu Ritchie on
| .lulv 7, last year, in London, but it is
[ doubtful if Willie is as good as he was
Ritchie believes he is going to stop
Welsh. He declares that he lias a
"hunch" that he is going to win by a
knockout and he is confident. He de
clares he will go after the Englishman
from the very start and never stop
flay-in; awav with both hands.
"Welsh will find me hitting harder
and straii'hter than when he was pre
sented with the title." Ritchie said
last night. "I'll force the pace so fast
and hard that he will tire along about
the seventh or eigth round, and when
he tires his guard will surely lower. It
is theu that I intend to soiul over the
knockout punch that will give me back
the title I was robbed of in London.''
From Oceanport, Welsh telephoned
late yesterday afternoon:
"I'm going to prove to New York
fans that I clearly defeated Ritchie for
the title. If there is any knockout, it
will be yours truly who will land the
Wow. I made Ritchie 'dog' it in Lon
don and I'll do it again to-night, too."
The men are making 135 pounds at
2 o'clock iu the afternoon. It will be
a grudiire affair. Welsh has never for
gotten how he was forced to fight for
nothing, not even training expenses
for the struggle that won for him the
crown, and Ritchie will never believe
otherwise than he was "jobbed" out
of the championship
Independents Expect Victory Over
Eastern Leaguers
The Harrisburg Independents are in
trim for their game with Oamden of
the Eastern League Saturday night.
The Camden team is coming to Harris
burg with the intention of avenging j
the defeat which the Independents
handed to them earlier in the season. !
Silvertop Adams will be included in
the line-up as well as Steele, who gave ■
such an interesting exhibition in Har
risburg. The game will be called at 8
o 'clock and will be followed by the ■
usual dance and another interesting 1
exhibition of the modern dances will
be given by L. P. Dickey and Miss j
Marie Boileau.
After a great deal of trou'ble the
nKUiagemetrt of the Independents have
arranged to have the Jasper team of
the Eastern League appear in Harris
burg on Tuesday night. March 23.
This attraction will be an interesting
one as it is the first chance that basket
ball fans have had to see this team as
they do not play exhibition games.
Swarthmore and Pitts, to Play in Phil
adelphia—Taggart An Official
Swarthmore, Pa., March 11.—The
deciding contest for the championship
of the State Intercollegiate basketball
league between Swarthmore College
and the University of Pittsburgh quin
tet will be played Saturday night on
the Grevstock floor, at Twenty-third
; and Christian streets, according to an
official announcement given out yes
terday afternoon by Manager Laurie
Seaman, of the Swarthmore team.
Swarthmore, by virtue of winning the
championship of the Eastern division
of the league and by her defeat last
Saturday of Albright College on the
Lehigh floor, is compelled to fight out
the State championship series with
Pitt, champions of the Western di
vision of the league. The cftge will be
taken down at Cooper Battalion Hall
and the six-inch extension baskets will
be subst : tuted for the twelve-inch
extensions, used by the Eastern league
teams. The floor will also be marked
off according to Intercollegiate specifi
cations. Ed Thorpe, of Columbia, one
of the referees in the Intercollegiate
Association, will officiate; he will he
assisted on the floor by Taggart, of
Harriiburg. who will call the fouls.
Houci to Meet Howard
Lancaster, Pa., March 11. —'Manager
Milly, of the Lancaster Athletic Club,
has matched Leo Houck, of Lancaster,
with Johnny Howard, of Philadelphia,
for the show here on Monday, March
22. Jule Ritchey, of Lancaster, will
meet Eddie Bratton, of Philadelphia,
the same evening.
Blue and White Tossera Display Better
Team Work in Last Period and
Run Away With Game by Score of
SI to 34
Steelton High won its second game
J this season from the Technical High
; school in the Tech gy 11111 last night by
i the score of 31 to 24, taking the win
ter's series from the local school, hav
jing won the first game at Felton hall,
| Steel ton.
It was a hard and fast contest from
start to linisli, both teams being on a
par until the middle of the second halt',
I when the Blue and White team play
I triumphed over the local tossers. Tech
seemed slow toward the close of the
j last period of the game and seemed to
j be at a loss to make quick decisions as
to playing the ball.
Crump and Davhoff played star
games for Steelton, while Emanuel and
Melville played best for Tech.
| The scrub teams of the two schools
, played between the halves, Tech re
; peating Micir former good work iu this
j game, downing their Opponents by a
| score of 31 to Hi. The game was well
I played, especially iu the second half,
j offe, Little and MoCurdy starred for
I Tech and Coleman undoubtedly held the
stelliy role for Steelton, making all but
j four points for that team. The line-
I ups:
First Game
Tech. Steelton.
! Melville F Brandt
Harris F Starasinic
> Emanuel C Crump
Scheffer G Gardner
; Beck G Davhoff
Field goals, Melville, 2; Harris,
Emanuel, 3; Scheffer, Brandt, Stara-
I sinic, 3; Crump, 6; Davhoff, 2. Foul
goals, Melville, 10; Davhoff. 7. Ref
j ereo, McConnell. Time, 20-minute
Second Game
Tech. Steelton.
Me Curdy F Coleman
Killinger F Ulrich
Beck C Morette
Little G Levitz
Yoffee G Wuesinski
Substitutions, Tech. Llovd for Mi-
Curdy; Steelton, Wren lor Levitz.
Field goals, MeCurdv, 4; Beck, Little,
;3; Yoffee, 4; Lloyd. Coleman. Mor-
I ette, 2. Foul goals, Killinger, 5; Cole
| man, 10. Referee, McConnel. Scorer,
( Todd. Time, 20-minute halves.
I Methodist Club Wins at Middletowu
j The Methodist Club won from the j
! Middletowu High scrubs last evening at ;
j Middletown by the score of 33 to 20.1
' The winners played an uphill game. |
Flickinger and Rudy played best for I
; the Methodist Club, while Phillips and !
| Suavely played best for Middletown.
j This is the local team's fifth straight
! victory. The lineup:
Methodist Club. Middletown.
'Winn F Bowman
Rudy F Philips
I Flickinger C Mvers
! Bell G Snavelv
j Krepps G Albright j
J Field goals, Winn, 3; Rudy. 5; Flick
linger, 7; Krepps, Bowman, Philips, 3;
( Myers, 3; Snavelv, 3. Foul goals,
, Philips, 3 of 8; Flickinger, 1 of 5;
Bowman, 1 of 3. Referee, Baumbach.
! Tinier, Gilly. Scorer, W. Winn. Time,
j 20-minute halves.
Harrisburg High Girls Victors
Annville, Pa., March 11.—The girls'
j varsity basketball team of Lebanon i
I Valley College lost its first home game
lof the season yesterday. Harrisburg i
I High winning by the score of 14 to 11.
Lebanon Valle>. Harrisburg High.
j Hershey '. F Melville
| Boltz F Kamsky
| M. Engle C Roue'h
| Baehman G Richards
j K. Engle G Rote j
Field goals, Miss Melville, 2; Miss;
i Kamskr, Miss Boltz, S; Miss Rouch,'
• Miss M. Engle. Foul goals, Miss Mel- j
I viDe, 6; Miss M. Engle, 3. Bubstitu-1
| tions, Miss Garman for Miss R. Engle, I
| Miss McCornuck for Miss Rouch, Miss j
Rouch for Miss MrOormick. Referee, r
Wheelock. Time, 20-minute halves. |
Burled In Clothes Bought 20 Years Ago I
Williamsport, Pa., March 11.— '
George Washington Huffman, the city's
oldest resident, who died at the age" of
94 years, was buried yesterday in a
suit of clothes he purchased twenty
years ago and laid away in a chest in
his beiroom for the purpose. He had
also laid away slippers, socks, a shirt,
collar and tie and a cake of soap and
a comb, with instructions to prepare
his body for burial with the articles.
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Boy»' Division to l(Mt York City Ool
loglans, While Girls Will
Play Columbia
To-morrow evening « he H assett
V.* v " r,,t ~' a l" will the
)ork iHy Collegians. Tho game uroiu
i«H'» I« he fust, «, (|, P hi ?.
defeated practically every llr« ,
i'i n' U ' °» s,or " l«<rt of tho Stale
WiU ,r . V '"VXt to Ullil
on?. Vi, "° ry ,0 thoir *Sv
<Hru'X r |!'' tV* *'?'
. K ir ' s uro «fti»r (•hum
Pjonship honors of Central IVunavlva*
tric't , lv,n . K ,lef <-'atod tenuis of the dis
»Hi '• K<> Clinton White
"I^2:r """• Tk »'»»"
McCurdv !.... K J or . k ',
El Sourer tf"*- O,U
(Seitt) sM. Ways
Kd. JSourbier . c r>„, „
Hiiinenk&mp . ~ ' Br^benuer
Weitsel ... (i K - Wn . VH
"' ' Cole
Sweeney F 1 olum b'«-
Burns p „ .
Elsheid r Beirims
McCarthy ....'.. a 'J"™*"
C nshmni Xelii^
GHikou) K«llingw
l '«org* wins throe honors wncn his
team defeats Nobles
Achenbacli. 165 17a >ll r-,
... u,!;{ ;i't
W.™"* 0 ' • 124 ITS 146 448
Wagner ... 137 JS2 m _
<-eor K e ... 232 222 24 4 ««,s
Totals .. 807 941 896—21:44
Kowl I+3 120 200— 468
«• Martin . 194 188 lfit— 549
*f°"» 162 152 154 488
Shn" I '/ •• 129 201 177 507
Shooter ... 170 173 469
Totals .. 754 831 ~871—245«
Ideals win from Alpines bv 6 pins
Olewiue ... 15S 181 120—* 459
p M 135 151 <3O
t. Martin . IS9 148 204 541
Senor 165 18 134 477
Totals .. 803 802 ~757—2362
Wrtber .... 128 141 12S— 397
® ,de ? 188 172 145 505
Snyder ... 159 152 147 458
Hopwood .. 192 193 171 r.r.u
H. Haines . 144 159 147 450
Totals .. 811 Sl7 740—2368
Tri-Staters pet easv victory—
"'"n 104 96 97 ->97
{Branca .... 110 93 96 299
Martin ... 96 96 110— 302
primes ... 99 88 107— 294
Wharton .. 117 93 98 _ 310
Totals .. 526 468 508—1502
| Herman ... 91 74 108 273
Peffer .... 94 94 70 '>-18
Pox 106 1119 82— 307
| Nathan ... 100 100
X? der 101 100— 201
O Leary .. 99 110 105—314
Totals .. 490 498 465—1453
Ad Room licks .lob Room—-
| Thurston ... 11l 117 n 2 340
Wagner 85 100 85—2 70
Brown 95 95 95 285
Totals ... 291 312 292 595
Carman ... 126 94 90 310
Sohmer .... 110 99 85 291
Peiffer 108 105 107—320
Totals .. . 344 298 282—924
Lanos win bv 2 pius—
I-osh 84 115 100—20S
Fry 116 98 105—319
I HI- Brown .. 87 96. 105—288
Totals ... 257 309 319—915
Ptigelman . . 85 85 85—255
Ziegler 115 105 108—328
Herman .... 130 9 4 110—331
Totals ... 330 284 303—917
Two Extra Periods Necessary to Decide
Middletown Game
After two extra five-minute periods,
York High won from Middletown High
at Middletown last evening by tho
score of 24 to 20. The teams battled
on even terms, making the extra periods
Beard and Dupes played the best
games for the local five, while Kraver
and Briest played best for York. The
Middletown. York.
Beard F Briest
Dupes F Briggs
Brandt C Kraver
Kupp G Shutter
Kain G Stough
Field goals. Beard, 4; Dupes, 2;
Brandt, 2: Briest, 3; Kraver, 2; Shut
ter, 2; Briggs, Ichleberger. Foul
goals, Briest, 6; Dupes, 4. Substitu
tions, Middletown, Bowman for Beard:
York, Ichleberger for Briggs. Referee
Hpumbach. Timer, Eagle. Scorer
Gotwalt. Time, 20-tninute halves.