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Suit No^
- $ K\j CUNNY skies, singing birds and flowers are on Y sj»
the way and will be here before you realize w *
I that it is Spring. \ \ ffl
Custom decrees that you must appear in new, X
seasonable attire. Let your new suit be a Geist- A
white made-to-measure suit —a suit designed and
made exclusively for one man —and that man is
\ ou will get satisfaction in every way —we guar
antee it. Latest style, newest fabrics, high-grade
linings and trimmings —everything put together with |
a view to appearance and wear —not so much as a jj
stitch slighted in the whole suit. You will be cor
rectly dressed and you will get double the price in
wear and satisfaction.
• * S2O to SSO
j 22 South Fourth Street |
Judge Prohibits Court Proceeding
Against Accused Lawyer
i Charleston, W. Va., March 11.—
Judge Littlepage, in Circuit Court ves
iterday, granted a writ of prohibition
staying the Intermediate Court of
Kanawha county from further proceed
ing in the indictments against Leo
Weil, a Pittsburgh, attorney, charged
"with conspiracy in attempting to bribe
|t«e Public Service Commissioners.
Judge Little;>age also overruled the mo
tion of Prosecutor Townsend to quash
'the petition and the rule granted there
ion and also overruled a demurrer to the
■same petition.
i Prosecutor Townsend aske."! a stay
»f proceeding for thirty days, saying an
Appeal would betaken to the Supreme
Court. It is expected the appeai will
be filed to-day.
Men Will Hold March Business Session 1
To-morrow Night
The AlrickS Association will hold i
its March business meeting at 8 \
o'clock to-morrow night at St. An
drew s parish home. Nineteenth and!
Market streets. The association has i
some important matters to consider.
After the business meeting an in
formal program wil be rendered. It will
include talks, songs, instrumental play
ing and some other attractive features.
Most of the songs will be sung from
lantern slides.
friendship Rejoins Firemen's Union
At a meeting of the Harrisburg Fire
men s Union last night the Friendship
Fire Company rejoined the union. The
Company had withdrawn from the union
last veer when a dispute arose as to i
its pface in the firemen's parade. Three!
lew members were enrolled last night, I
Charles E. Wennel, John M. Rahm and
Theodore Fehleisen.
Our Advice Is:
Fben you feel out of sorts from consti-
let us say that if
So not relieve you, see a physician,
□teause no other home remedy will.
IsU only by us, 10 cent*.—
Qeorge A. Gorgas
[ Sisters Married Secretly Same Day on
a Wager
Seiinsgrove, Pa., March 11.—On aj
• secret wager as to who would be the j
i first to get married. Misses Sara Hart - 1
man and Carrie Hartman, were mar- j
•, ried Tuesday night.
1 Miss Sara announced her
I engagement to Adela 8. Conrad, of Sun- i
■ bury, and immediately after the cere
. monv she called upon' the younger sis
ter to collect her bet, when Miss Car- ,
i ■ rie Hartman told her sister she had an- j
other guess coming and asked the Rev. |
1 Charles Leonard to support her claim,
| she having been married at the parson- i
age to D. B. Louser, of Lebanon, prior !
to the wedding of her sister.
The announcement was a surprise to
the parents and assembled guests.
Colorado House Favors Bills to Abol
ish Juvenile Court
j Denver. March 11.—The Colorado!
i House of Representatives on final read
-1 ing yesterday passed three bills to abol- 1
| ish the Juvenile Court.
One effect of the bills, if passed by i
the Senate and signed by the Governor !
would be to remove from office Judge I
Ben B. Lindsev, of the Juvenile Court !
of Denver.
Several members of the Republican j
majority in the House in voting for j
the bills stated that they did so be- j
cause themselves bound by j
the action of a party caucus.
Greist Has Thaddeus Stevens' Caue
'Marietta. 11.—Congressman
J W. W. Griest. of Lancaster, has in his I
possession a cane which originally be-
I longed to Thaddeus Stevens, the famous
■ reconstructionist who represented Lan- J
caster county' in Congress during and '
after the War of the Rebellion. The
cane was jAirchased from a collector
and according to inscriptions upon it
was presented to "T. Stevens" by E.
L. Moore.
Two War Veterans Die In County
Huntingdon. Pa., March 11.—Two
veterans of the Civil war answered
'"final taps'' in this county yesterday.
They were Henry Bisbin, 75, a pioneer
canal boatman", of Alexandria, and
Jesse Goodman, 79, of Huntingdon.
324 Will Eventually Share in Woman's I
Small Estate
Bloomsburg, Pa.. March 41.—An un- t
> usual partition proceeding instituted in
j the orphans' court this county, because,
| of the great numbers of heirs, is that |
1 in the estate of Effie Hess, late of !Mif-I
Xone of the heirs desired to take j
over the property, a frame dwelling '■
house, and the partition proceedings are !
| required. Of the nine brothers and I
sisters of the decedent, only one is liv-.
| in g and be will receive a ninth of the |
j proceeds. With death occurring among,
j the direct heirs of the estate, the di- j
: vision will reach the point where some !
1 of the heirs will receive l-324th of the I
Get Rid of Lingering Colds, Coughs
and La Grippe
Spring finds many afflicted with i
I lingering, hacking coughs that weaken;
j the system. Slush*and wet cause morot
> colds than zero weather. Croup, bron-'
chitis, and pneumonia are prevalent. •
■ Every family should have a safe and '
reliable cough medicine ready for use. ;
j Foley's Honey and Tar Compound con-!
' tains no harmful ingredients. It eases 1
j a cough, checks a cold and relieves in
j flamed and congested membranes. It i
! clears the air passages and soothes in-!
j flammatiou. Geo. A. Gorgas, 16 North
i Third street.—Adv.
Machinery Stops as Sleuth Is Buried
Scranton. Pa., March 11.—All city |
business halted for fiften minutes yes- j
terday in honor of the memory of
; Amasa W. Palmer, chief of the city de
| tective bureau, whose funeral was held
yesterday afternoon. City hall offices
I ceased activities. All policemen pa
| trolling beats stood for fifteen minutes
and Mayor E. B. Jermyn, his cabinet
and many city employes attended the
funeral, which was one of the largest
in the city's history.
Pair Admit Murder; Sent to Pen
Ebensburg, Pa„ March 11.-*-Tony
Maraglio and his brother, 'Angelo,
pleaded guilty to the murder at Barnes
boro of James Brescia. The former was
sent to the penitentiary for an inde
terminate seutence of ten to fifteen
years. The brother got five to seven
Fired Waynesburg Pcstfficc for Excite
ment. Boy Admits
! Washington, Pa., March 11.—'As a
result of his alleged statement that the
i town had grown too quiet and som
! nolent of late and that he had deter
mined to create some excitement and
; had fired the post office at Waynesburg,
j *^ a . v iatfleld, 20 years old, of Waynes
hurg. was yesterday arrested at the
j instance of federal officers. He is be
| ing held in jail at Waynesburg on
a nominal charge of disorderly eon-
I duet, pending furthy investigation of
I the case.
| A week ago a late-comer to the post
i office found the letter box and interior
■ woodwork of the postoffice ablaze. 'He
immediately spread the alarm and /he
fire was extinguished, but not before
a considerable quantity of mail matter,
including valuable legal papers, had
been destroyed.
j Diabetes Fatal to Marietta Woman
Marietta, March 11.— Mrs. Mary El
; len Park, wife of Harry W. Park,'died
yesterday from diabetes, aged 54 years,
| after suffering several months. " Her
| maiden name was Clark. She was a
i member of the Presbyterian church.
| Her husband, one son, a brother and a
sister survive.
Large Sale Held on Old Duffy Farm
'Marietta. March 11.—The largest
; sale ever held in this section took place v
i yesterday on the old Duffv farm, ten
; anted by Frank H. Kann, and the stock
1 and farming implements sold high. Sev-
I cral hundred people from adjoining
counties were present. Arfiong them
was Paris Lenhardt, of Mountville, who
was the tenant farmer there forty-four
years ago.
Low Price Paid for Farm
f' iirniss. 'March 11.—Levi Hammond,
of this place, yesterday sold his twenty
-B'* ® l ' r e farm in Drumore township to
William Shank, ef Peach Bottom, for
130 an acre, the lowest price paid for
a farm in many years. It contains con
siderable wooillahd.
E. C. Eyde to Eeturn to Work
Following several weeks of illness E.
C. Eyde, chief train dispatcher of the
Pennsylvania Railroad Companv, will
resume his duties to-morrow morning.
Thousands Have Discovered Dr. Ed
wards' Olive Tablets Are a Harm
leu Substitute
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets—the sub
stitute for calomel—are a mild but sure
laxative, and their effect on the liver
is almost instantaneous. They are the
result of Dr. Edwards' determination
not to treat liver and bowel complaint
with calomel. His efforts to banish it
brought out these little olive-colored
These pleasant little tablets do the
good that calomel does but have no bad
after effects. They don't injdre the
teeth like strong liquids or calomel.
They take hold of the trouble anil
quickly correct it. Why cure the liver
at the expense of the'teethf Calomel
sometimes plays havoc with the gums.
So do strong liquids.
It is best not to take calomel, but to
let Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets take its
place. *
Most headaches, "dullness" and that
lazy feeling come from constipation
and a disordered liver. Take Dr. Ed
wards' Olive Tablets when you feel
"loggv" and "heavy." Note how they
"clear" brain and how thev
"perk up" the spirits. At 10c and 25c
per box. All druggists.
The Olive Tablet Company, Colum
bus^O. —-Adv. " J
Artist at To-night's Recital Will Make
Sketches for Benefit of Red
Cross Fufld
Appreciation'of the excellent relief
work done by not only the local com
mittee but the contributing citizens,
was expressed in a letter received by
Miss Alary Heister, of the Foreign Re
lief /division of the Home and Wai
Relief committee from Lindon W.
Bates, vice chairman of the Commit
tee for Relief in Belgium. The letter
The committee wishes to advise
you that your donation of dry goods
has been received at our loading
docks. It will be placed upon ship and
forwarded to Belgium immediately for
"Will you kindly erpress our thanks
to the members of your organization
and those who co-operated with you in
this humanitarian work and assure them
that this contribution will be of much
assistance to the unfortunate people of
Belgium f"
An additional performer for the Red
Cross benefit recital in Falmestock hall
to-night has been announced. Miss
Editih Leason, artist, of Richmond, Va.,
has volunteered to make "lightning
sketches" of all who desire same, and
can pay the price, which is 25 cents.
The proceeds of this work will go to
the Red Cross fund. Sittings begin at
7.30 o'clock and will be held following
the musical program. Each portrait
or sketch will require but two minutes
to complete.
Marietta Adopts Curfew Law
Marietta, Qfarch 11.—At a meeting
last evening of Borough Council the
curfew ordinance passed the body and
it became a law, to go into effect on
Monday, March 15. The general pub
lic was in favor of the law and the
Chief Burgess will be asked to enforce
Cancer Fatal to Aged. Man
Salisbury, March 11.—Jacob Wise,
75 years old, died yesterday from can
cer after much suffering. ' He was a
member of the Presbyterian church
and in early life was a trucker and
gardener. He was descended from
pioneer stock in this section. A widow,
twelve children, ten grandchildren and
% number of brothers and sisters sur
Badly Injured Internally
William Ford, aged 51 years, an en
gineer for the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company, was badly hurt yesterday
morning when his foot slipped while
riding on the tender of an engine. He
fell against the water tank, causing
internal injuries. He resides at 640
•Harris street.
Absurdity of Plan Pointed Out
Rome, Via Paris. March 11, 1.15 A.
M.—The "Gdornale D'ltalia," com
menting on the reiported agreement
between Italy aij|d Germany under
which' the former country would be at
liberty to attack Austria, provided she
is not granted certain territorial conces
sion, declares the mere fact that such
an agreemeut ultimately would mili
tate against Austria, which is fighting
closely allied with Germany, proves the
a'bsurdity of such a plan.
Take a Glass of Salts Before Breakfast
If Tour Back Hurts or Bladder
Bothers You
The American men and women must
guard constantly asainst Kidney trou
ble, because wo eat too much and all
our food is rich. Our blood is filled with
uric acid which the kidneys strive to
filter out, they weaken from overwork,
become sluggish; the climinative tissues
clog and the result is kidney trouble,
bladder weakness and a general decline
in health.
When your kidneys feci like lumps
of lead; your back hurts or the urine 19
cloudy, full of sediment or you are
obliged to geek relief two or three times
during the night; if you suffer with
sick headache or dizzy, nervous spells,
acid stomach, or you have rheumatism
when the weather is bad, get from your
.pharmacist about four ounces of '.lad
Salts; take a tablespoonful in a glass of
water before breakfast for a few days
and your kidneys will then act fine.
This famous salts is made from the acid
of grapes and lemon juice, combined
with lithia, and has been used for gen
erations to flush and stimulate clogged
kidneys; to neutralize the acids in the
urine so it no longer is a source of irri
tation, thus ending bladder disorders.
.Tad Salts is inexpensive; cannot in
jifre, makes a delightful effervescent
lithia water beverage, and belongs in
every home, beeause nobody can make
a mistake by having a good kidney 1
flushing any time.—A<Jv.
Washington, March 11.- —How the
Berlin authorities are handling the fohd
eituation, distributing bread to the civil
population iu allowances of 4.-U)
pounds weekly to each person, is told
in a report just received by tie State
Department from Consul Julius G. Lay.
•'The negotiations .for the regula
tion of the bre<ad consumption of Great
er Berlin are at an end," says Mr. Lay.
"It lins been definitely decided to ap
portion the 4.4 pounds allowed each
| person weekly by means of bread cards.
The Mayor of Berlin, after a con
ference with the rectors of the city
schools has announced the, division of
the city into 170 bread districts. Each
one of these districts has 11,000 to
12,000 inhabitants. The bread cards
are not transferable and valid only
for Hie week of issuance.
How Bread Is Given Out
"The cards will be given only to a
single person and uot to whole fam
ilies. They are numbered, and those
| irtiued for the different weeks ure of
] various colors so as to overcome pos
| sibility of misuse. The punishments for
the misuse at' the cards are sufficiently
heavy to prevent bakers from giving
bread to persons who do not potm»ss
the proper cards. The amounts desig
nated on the cards are 25, 50, 100 ami
250 grams (o.SS, 1.76, 3.53 and 8.82
"The greatest difficulty encountered
by the authorities in actually working
out the bread question was the lack of
available means to .check hotels and
restaurants in meting out bread to their
patrons. For public places the question
is not yet entirely settled, but it is
thought that the day cards, will be
given out in the hotels and that in the
small restaurants payment will be ac
cepted for bread.
Difficulties of the System
"Another difficulty bus interfered
with the working out of this scheme
is the treatment of persons, such as
charwomen, seamstresses, etc., who are
employed iu a given household for only
an hour or two each day. Such persons
must either bring their bread or their
'bread cards with them.
"Hamburg arid other German cities
of over 2*5.000 inhabitants are consid
ering similar measure but as yet have
not followed Berlin's example."
London, March 11. —A wireless dis
patch front Berlin says a report has
been received from Rotterdam that the
British collier Beethoven, bound from
"New Castle for Gibraltar, has been
sunk either toy a torpedo or a mine.
Two of the crew are said to have
been drowned. The others were saved.
The steam trawler Grisney, from
Boulogne, was attacked by a German
submarine twenty miles off Beachy
Head Tuesday. The trawler was hit
by gunfire from the submarine and is
reported to be sinking. Her crew of
sixteen have been landed here.
Vigo, Spain, tMarch news
has been received from or of the Santa
Eugenia, which sailed from Villa Gar
cia for Cardiff on February 14. It is
feared she either struck a mine or was
torpedoed. She carried a cargo of pine
Washington, March 11.—Secretary
Daniels yesterday ordered the naval
yacht Dolphin from the Washington
navy yard to New York to aid in the
enforcement of neutrality.
Recently there have been no naval
vessels at New York, and the task of
guarding the harbor and preventing
foreign ships from leaving without
proper clearance ipapers has fallen upon
revenue cutters.
It is understood the Dolphin will be
assigned specifically to preventing the
passage through the East river and
thence into Long Island Sound of an>
vessel whose passage would constitute
a violation of .neutrality. Officials were
reticent to discussing tlife Dolphin's
Berlin, March 11.—The Overseas
News Agency yesterday gave out the
"The 'Deutsche Tages .Zeitung's'
Athens correspondent reports that
French and English letters and 200,-
000 francs ($40,000) were found in
the possession o£ Athanes, who was
arrested charged with planning the as
sassination of King Constantine.
There has been no recent report of
an attempt or of a conspiracy formed
to assassinate King Constantine of
Greece. On January 28 a news dis
patch from Copenhagen said a rumor
had reached there that an attempt bad
been made several days previously ai
Patras to kill King Constantine. This
report, it was asserted, originated at
Constantinople, among travelers arriv
ing there. The Greek Minister in Lon
don stamped it as untrue.
Kaiser's Soirfn-Law 111
London, March 11. —An "Evening
News" dispatch from Copenhagen says
that Ernst August. Duke of Brunswick
and son-in-law of fcmperor William, is
suffering from a nervous breakdown
which probably is incurable. The duke
who went to the front soon after the
outbreak of the war, became ill while
fighting in France.
♦ *
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T known. "Two tablespoonfuls of Z
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X corns and callouses can be peeled 4,
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J tenderness is overcome. It acts *
through the pores and removes +
the cause. box of Caloclde <J>
twenty-five cents at any drug or «8>
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ton, Ohio.
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Stuart's Calcium Wafers, the Erad
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Don't use pasty lotions and creams
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working constantly with the blood to
throw off the impurities of your sys
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ishes will disappear.
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Newport News, Va„ March 11.—
The list of vessels sunk by the Ger
man auxiliary cruiser Prinz Eitel Fried
rich in threo weeks, with the number ot'
persons removed from each, as an
nounced yesterday by Customs Collector
Hamilton, follows:
American sailing ship William P.
Frye, H. 11. Kiehne, master; crew, 31.
Owners, Arthur Sewqll & Co., of Bath,
Me. Sunk January 28. Cargo ot'
wheat, from Seattle, Wash., to Queens
town, Ireland, for orders, declared to
be contraband by German cruiser.
French sailing ship Pierre Loti,
Transchant, master; crew, 24. Owner,
Society Nouvelle Darnioment, of
Nantes, France. Sunk January 28.
Russian sailing ship Isabel Browne,
Axmar Ericksson, master; crew, 13.
Owner, Tronberg, Finland. Sunk Jan
uary 27.
French sailing ship Jacdbsen, V. Le-
Roux, master; crew, 23. Owner, So
ciety Les Voilers, Dunkerquois, France.
Sunk January 28.
_ British sailing ship Invercoc, W. J.
Ring, master; crew, 23. Owner, Inver
Line, of Aberdeen, Scotland. Sunk
February 1 2.
British steamship Mary Ada Short,
A. E. DoWbing, master; crev?, ss». Own
er, James Westoll, of Sunderland, Eng
land. Sunk February 18.
French steamship Floride, Monssion,
master; crew, 78; passengers, 80.
Owner, Compagnio Generale Transat- *
lantique. Sunk February 19.
British ship Wdllerby, J. W. Edge
wood, master; crew, 27. Owners, Hop
ner & Co., of West Hartlepool. Sunk
February 20.
Geneva, Via Paris, March 11, 4 A.
M.—The first guns fired by the allied
fleet in the Dardanelles stopped all busi
ness in Constantinople and was the
signal for a panic, according to Swiss
travelers who arrived here from the
Turkish capital by way of Brindisi.
They declare many wealthy families
are leaving for abroad.
Constantinople is said to be full of
officers, including Germans. Compara
tively few troops, most of them artil
lerymen, are going to the front. There
are persistent report# that the army
will soon depart from Adrianople.
Elephants Mobilized
London, 'March 11. —A Copenhagen
di-sjiafch to the "Daily Mail" says
Germany has mobilized the elephants in
Hagenbeck's menagerie and has sent,
thciu to Valenciennes for work in
heavy hauling.
U. S. Asked to Safeguard Ship
London, March 11.—The British
government has requested the American
government to investigate and safe
guard the steamer Wyvisbrook, which
was seized by Mexieans, and to ar
range if possible for the release of the
Australian Troops Reach England
London, March 11. —An Australian
contingent of troops arrived in Eng
land yesterday, according to an an
nouncement made last night.
Von Buelow and Salandra Confer
Rome, Via Paris, March 11, 1.10 A.
M.—Prince Von Buelow, the German
Ambassador, called at the home office
yesterday and conferred for an hour
with Premier Salandra. No announce- v
ment was made regarding the subject
discussed, but there is much comment
lu the city regarding the meeting.