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Miss Edith i>eason, of Richmond, Va.,
to Assist at Concert to Be Qiven
for the Benefit of the Red Cross
Miss Edith l<eason, of Richmond, Va..
tlie well-known portrait painter, will do
what is known as lightning sketch
work and make portraits while you
wait at the concert »hich will be given
to-night at Fahnestoek hall for the
benefit of the Red Cross Department ot
the "ome and War Relief Society.
Faeh portrait will be finished within
the recoil' time of two .minutes and
will cost the "sitter" twenty-five cents.
Mayor K ival has promised to he an
early ''sitter.''
This feature of the concert was add
ed yesterday through the kindness of
Miss Leasou, who volunteered her serv
ices and talent, both before and fol
lowing the musical numbers, which "will
i.icl.i't sixteen numbers by Mrs. Roy
fi. Cox. soprano, and Miss Sara Lemer,
violinist. Mrs. Cox will be accompa
nied by Miss Ruth Swope Conkling and
Veweli Albright will accompany .Miss
Lemer. /
Class No. 20 Held Meeting
Class No. 20 of Harris Street Fnited
Evangelical church met at the home of
Miss Daisy Mateer, 322 Hamilton
street. After devotional services, con
ducted by the president, the following
officers were elected: President. IMrs.
W. .1. Howanstien; vice president.
'Maude Grarybill; secretary, Carrie Ua
bel; treasurer. Daisy Mateer; librarian.
Mary Smith. Miss Elma Lyter was ap
pointed chairman of the finance com
mittee. The teacher, Mr. J. J. Nunges
ser, was unanimously re-elected.
The class decided to take up social
service work in connection with the
regular monthly meetings.
Dainty refreshments were served to
Howanstien, Mrs. John Malev, Ruth
Howanstein, Mrs. John Malev. Ruth
Powel!. Jeannette Anderson, Daisy Ma
teer, Mary Smith. Maude Graybiil', Mrs.
Tola Graybiil and Carrie Gabel.
Student Visiting Parents
Charles 1.. Williams, a student at
•Mereersburg Academy, is spending sev
eral days with his parents at **1616
North Second street.
Tt is astonishing to see how much
good-looking hair does toward pro
ducing a youthful appearance. It is
astonishing also to realize how much
the attractiveness of the hair is af
fected by the care we give it, espe
cially in the matter of cleansing. Tn
washing the hair it is not advisable
to use a makeshift, but always use
a preparation made for shampooing
only. You can enjoy the best that is
known for about three cent'' a sham
poo by getting a package of cauthrox
from your druggist: dissolve a tea
spoonful in a cup of hot water and your
shampoo is ready. After its use' the
hair dries rapidly, with uniform color.
Dandruff, excess oil and dirt are dis
solved and entirely disappear. Your
hair will he so fluffy that it will look
much heavier than 1t is. Its lustre and
softness will also delight you, while the
stimulated scalp gains the health which
insures hair growth.—Adv.
A Player-Piano for $250
The World-Famous Qulbransen Player
Installed Right in Your Own Piano
The Cost Is But $250 in Convenient Payments
Including 12 Music Rolls and Free Membership
To Our Exchange Library
The Gulbransen Plaver-action that we install is the finest that has ever
been made. It can he installed in any upright piano without (.-hanging its ap
pearance or weakening its construction. It does not interfere with liand-play
ing and it is non-visible; in fact, your piano is returned to von thoroughly over
hauled and in a much better condition than it was before. The Gulbransen is
fully guaranteed and is made to play standard 88-note rolls.
Our Convenient Payment Plan Enables You To
Turn Your Silent Piano Into a Player Now
JII >Tp mm *ll 15 8o - Market ' Sq., Harrisburg.
.H. I roup Music House
(Troup Building) Name
Mr. and Mrs. Champion Entertain
' Friends in Celebration of An
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Champion en-1
| tertained a number of friends at their j
| home, 27 South Summit street, last
evening in celebratiou of their eight
eenth wedding anniversary.
The rooms were prettily decorated in
a color scheme of green and the guests
; spent a pleasant evening with music j
' and games after which supper was;
' served*. I
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Wil |
liam Bergst resser, Mr. and Mrs. \\ il-1
; liam Fitzpatriek, Mr. and Mrs. John j
Hennings, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weist.j
Mr. and Mrs. Alviu Herr. Mr. and I
Mrs. Albert Harrow. Mrs. George Ndb-1
inger, Mrs. Anna Bbersole, Mi«s j
Florence Duncan, Miss Josephine Kber
sole. Miss Lenora Fitzpatriek, Miss
| Katherine Fitzpatriek, Miss Vioiot
: Champion, Joseph Minnah, Merle Fil
sen, Alviu Herr, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Lewis Arrange
Shower in Honor of Miss Roxie
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Lewis gave a mis
cellaneous shower at their home, 73
North Seventeenth street, last evening
for Miss Roxie L Lewis, whose en
gagement to A. D. Buffington was re
! cently announced.
The bride-elect was the recipient of
mauv beautiful gifts. Late in the even
i iug supper was served to the following
j Miss Roxie Lewis, Miss Alice Coop
, er, Mis* Lulu Cooper, Miss Mossie Mil
l ler. Miss Carrie Miller, Miss Kathryn
; Buffington. Miss Bertha Armour, Miss
i Maggie Milheini, Miss Mavme G.nt
-1 slider, Miss Claire Heibsman, Miss Alice
Lewis, Miss Bessie Miss Ague >
Samlerson. Miss Marv Thlam, Mrs. K.
J. Lewis. Mrs. C. F. Crane. Miss Pearl
Oornitz, Miss Mildred Stober. Miss
Jennie Wcsthaven, Miss Blanche Ennis,
Miss Delia Slopp. Miss Rose Xiekcii
i and Miss Carolyn Lewis.
Guest From Pasadena, Cal., Met Friends
of Mr. and Mrs. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Williams en
■ tertained at thfeii ns-ue last
'evening in compliment to the former's
sister, Mrs. Klwood M. Frey, or Pasa
; dena, Cal., who is spending several
j months in the East,
j The rooms were prettily decorated
1 in a color scheme of pink and white.
Music and cards were enjoyed, after
which refreshments were served.
Lecture on Siberia and Russia
! Invitations have been issued bv the
members of the Authors' Club for a
lecture on "Stories of Russia and Si
beria ' which will be given in Technical
1 High school Tuesday evening, March
>l6, by Mrs. John Clarence Lee, of
j Philadelphia.
Mrs. traveled extensively
| through Siberia and Russia last year
and has written a book on her experi
ences, entitle! "Across Siberia
Alone.'' The lecture will be free and
I everyone interested is cordiallv invited
to attend.
The Misses Margaret and Catherine
Geiger Hostesses to Members
at Their Riverside Homo
Misses Margaret and Catherine Gei
ger entertained the members at their
Sunday school class at their home. 3218
Green street. Riverside, last evening.
The gut's):) enjoyed music and games,
after which, refreshments were served.
Those present were:
Misses Dorothy Troup, Theresa Mil
ler. Catherine Herr, eatriee Albright.
Catherine Conrad, Beatrice Bogar.
Catherine Geiger, Kthel Garnian, Mar-!
garet Geiger, Catherine Bixler, Jessie
Beistline and Helen Stroll", Paul Miller,
James Thomas, Russell Hummel, Thorn- i
as Thomas, John Bogar, Frederick I
Stroh, James Geiger, Leon Reed, Mr. I
ami Mrs. Churls Stroh, Mr. and Mrs. !
Fred Stroh. As. Sebold, Miss Berthi
Geiger and Mrs. Oeiger.
Entertained Friends at Her Home Last
Miss Helen Burris entertained the
members of the I. N. A. Club at her
home, 1720 1-2 North Fifth stre«t,
last evening. The guests enjoyed mu
sic, games and dancing after which re
freshments were served.
Those present were Misses Mildrel
Veater, Lenore Smith, Irnia Bjrris.
Beatrice Welsh. Kthel Manuel, Minerva
Burris, Catherine Jamison, Martha
Brunner, Aw.lda Burris, Miry Coss,
Catherine Burris, Mildred Bonigar nor,
Margaret Zimmerman, Miss Adaliue
Burris, Helen Burris and Mr. and Mrs.
L. A. Burris.
Ceremony Performed at Hagers:own.
Md., Last Friday
Mr. and Mrs. C. K. B 'tes announce
| the marriage of their dau,ht.»r, Mary
Frances Bates, to James E. Dahr, of
this city, which took pace in Ha.gers
town, Md., Friday, March 5.
The ceremony was performed at the
parsonage of the First Baptis; church,
the Rev. E. K. Thomas, pattor, of
Guests of the
Mr. and Mr*, Robert R. Ehrif nan en
tertained at their home, 71 North Six
teenth street, last evening. The
yrests included Mrs. Charles Snyder,
i Miss Hetty Wallink. Misses Vio'et
1 Champion, Fanny Khlan, Elizabeth
Horstick, Stella Bu'sbaugh, Letty
I Grass. Florence Duncan, Emma Ment
,:er. Minnie Genslider, Anna Huffman.
Ella Hoke, Mary lloke, John Sweeney,
John By reins, V N. Hall and Merle
Birth Aunounc.ments
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mc.Mulbn, of
Cowden street, announce the birth cf a
daughter. Genevieve Alice, yest?rl*iv.
Mrs. McMullen was Miss Alice Ra.»p
prior to Iter marriage,
j Mr. and Mrs. George Bennett, 2313
: Jefferson street, announce the 1 irt'a of
| a daughter, Ruth ElizabeUi, Friday,
i 5.
People Say To Us
"I cannot eat this or that food, it tu
not agree with me." Out advice
all of them is to take a
D £P e ,' , ? ;
fry —i rcfcJCi
before and after eacL c 1
George A. Gorgas
Ladies! Try This! Darkens Beauti
fully and Nobody Can Tell—Brings
Back Its Gloss and Thickness
Common garden sage brewed into a
heavy tea, with sulphur and alcohol
added, will turn gray, streaked and
faded hair beautifully dark and luxuri
ant; remove every bit of dandruff, stop
scalp itching and falling liair. Mixing
the Sage Tea and Sulphur recipe at
home, though, is troublesome. An easier
way is to get the ready-to-use tonic,
costing about 50 cents n large bottle, at
drug stores, known as "Wyeth's Sage
and Sulphur Compound," thus avoiding
a lot of muss.
While wispy, gray, faded hair is not
sinful, we all desire to retain our youth
ful nppearnpee and attractiveness. By
darkening your hair with Wyeth's Sage
and Sulphur, no one can tell, because it
does it so naturally, so evenly. You
just dampen n sponge or soft brush with
it and draw this through your hair,
taking one small strand at a time; by
morning all gray hairs have disap
peared. After another application or
two your hair becomes beautifully dark,
glossy, soft and luxuriant, and you ap
pear years younger.—Adv.
| News of Persons
Who Come and Go
Mrs. Mary Sunday anil Miss Eliza
beth Sunday, 1713 Retina street, left
on it visit to Mr. and Mrs. Prank
Siegfried, at Wordsworth, Ohio, and
other western eities.
Miss Hazel M. Sowers, 230 Mueneh
street. and Miss Lulu Johnson, 430
| Kelker street, have returned from
■ Rowland, Md., where they attended a
! dance.
I Mrs. L. R. Zimmerman, 2116 Xorth
| Fourth stre«t, is visiting Mrs. E. M.
I Schlosser at Kaston.
Mrs. George Welch, 2210 North
| Fifth street, lias returned from a visit
' to Tyrone.
Mrs. (ieonge Welch, 310 Cumber
i 'and i 'rret, was i: recent visitor to
i New York.
Mr. and Mrs. George Ranker, 42S
Crescent street, are visiting at
| AYVightsville.
! Miss Violet Curry, :i nurse at St.
■ Luke's hospital, Philadelphia, is the
| fittest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
] John 1L Curry, 2 210 North Fifth
; street.
Mr«. \Y. K. Gcfa, 132 l.JvL'st street,
j has returned from a recent visit to
I Buffalo.
j Miss Margaret Brehm. of Carlisle,
| is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Robert
, Bratten, 230 Emerald street.
Morris X. Ilays, of Newberry town,
| speut yesterday at tiie home of the
Misses Brnttcu, oOS North street.
Mrs. A. V.'eist, 213 Kelker street,
| is spending several days in Philadel
; phia.
Miss Hilda Voting has returned to
I her home !\t York, after several days'
| visit with Miss Vera Van Horn, 603
| Ror.ri Vtreet.
| Edward Fester, 603 Seneca street,
has returne l from York
Miss Margaret Chaneev, 256 South
! Cameron street, is visiting friends in
j Buffalo, X. Y.
Nelson Finley, 22 South Hsrri.-jburg
' street, Steelton, is spending several
; days in Xew York.
Mrs. William Graham and daugh
-1 ter, Ethel, 923 Xorth Thiid i>treet, are
spending several days in New York,
j Mrs. E. Meals, 339 Peffer street, is
f lending several days with friends at
Boiling Springs.
Mi«s Mr.bel 0,1 wards, 1348 State
street, h;is returned from .several days'
■ visit to Xew York .md Philadelphia.
Mrs. Thomas Bell, 1524 Penn
street, is spending several days at
Miss Marie Hoffman and Miss Lois
Hoffman have returned to their home
at Millersburg. after several days'
visit with relatives in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Huber, of Mechan
ic ' ara, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. John
Hioer, 37 Linden street.
Miss Emily Dock, of Greason. will
stay for a week at Mrs. Levi Alricks,
7 North Front street.
Ros Harris, who has been the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Neil Salsieh,
of the Riverside apartments, has re
turned to New York.
GiYiert Darlington, of New York,
is the g.ic-t of his parents, Bishop
and Mrs. J. H. Darlington, 321 North
Front street.
Miss Minnie A. Renwer, of I'axtang,
will leave Saturday for Lebanon.
John H.-zen, 1905 Green street, has
returned freni Jonestown, where he
was called by the serious illness of
h!s father. ,
Emanuel Wagner, of Elizabethtown,
is the j> icst of his son, Samuel Wag- I
ner, 1929 Xorth Fifth street.
Mis. Anna Klinepeters, 217 Kelker '
street, has returned from a visit-, to
Miss Addie Bowers, 1001 Xorth
Sixth street, has returned from a six I
weeks' visit to Tampa, Jacksonville I
and Fruitland I'aik, Fla.
Members Were Quests of Mrs. C. E.
Miller at Her Home Last Evening
Mrs. C. E .Miller entertained the
members of her Sunday school class of
Ihe Otterbein U. B. church at her
home, 327 Hamilton street, last even
ing. The rooms were prettily decorated
in green and the guests enjoyed games
and music, after which refreshments
were served.
Those present were Mrs. J. Frank
Slike, Mrs. Florence Updegraff, Mrs.
Mary Hunsicker, Mrs. Sara Boyd, Mrs.
Marie Green, Mrs. Gertrude Gre-in,
Mrs. Alice Miller, Mrs. Shirk, Mrs.
Minnie Warfel, Mrs. Ella Miller, Mrs.
Mary Mille r ) Mrs. Jennie Brownawell,
Miss Vesta Hall and Miss Ruth Miller.
A special meeting will be held this
evening, Thursday, March 11th, by
Octarora Tribe, No. 91, I. O. R. M., at
7.30 at the wigwam, 303-305 Broad
J.' G. BECKWITH, Sachem.
1 W. A. WALTON, C. of E.
Dr. Charles B. Pager Will Give an Il
lustrated Travel Talk to Men
of S. S. Classes
Dr. Charles B. Pager, Jr., principal
of the Technical High school, will give
IWI illustrated lecture 011 his travels
through the (Balkan States to the men
and their friends of the James McOor
mick and Rein hard Bible classes of the
Pine Street Preebyterian Sunday school
this evening in the lecture room of-the
church. Dr. Pager will use many col
ored slides which have been prepared
by the State Department .of Education
from his own original photographs. His
experiences are of peculiar iuterest in
view of the present war in TCurppe. The
lecture is free to men and will be given
at 8 o'clock.
Children of Ohev Sholem Congregation
Spent Merry Evening
The ''pink domino" dance which
was given last evening in uintardale
hall for the children of the Ohev
Sholem congregat ioi*. to celebrate the
Peast of Purim, was a very pretty af
fair. The children under the direction
of Miss Eleanor Vv alter danced fancy
and modern dances, with the Updegrove
orchestra playing for the dancers.
Those present included:
'Misses Adele Claster, Hortense As
trich, Evelyn Kaprier, Ruth Kapner,
Elizabeth Siegmund, Bessie Dell I'las
ter. Mildred Claster, Mildred Gutman,
'Rosalind Preund, Mary Leone Preund,
Clara Sneidinan, Annette Priedmnn,
iMareaner Simnis, Jeanette Aronson,
'Marv Tausig, Minna Mayers, Ed warn
Astrich, Herbert Kaufman, Joseph
Kaufman, Edward Schleisner. Richard
Bturbaum, Leonard Kapner, Harry Sieg
mund, Herman Goldstein, William
Goldstein, Harold Claster and Charles
Rowe-Wolf Wedding
Marietta, March 11.—Miss Lena A.
Wolf, of Eden township, and Karl P.
Howe, of Paradise, were married vester
day at the parsonage of St. Stephen's
church, Lancaster, the Rev. Dr. R.
Meister officiating, with the ring cere
mony. The bride s father, Henry Wolf,
was present. A reception followed.
Makes Nerves Tingle
With New Vitality
Kellogg's Sanitone Wafers Fill Your
Mind With Joy and Cheerfulness
and Vitalize Now Vim and
Vigor Into Your Body.
Get nerves like steel; bo clear-brained
! strong nn<t vigorous. Kellogg s Baulton«
1 Wafers invigorate nnd vitalize as don
| nothing else. It you are nerve-racked,
we»ry and peevish, and yonr friends he
; gin to think you're a "dead one." this
KcDosi'a Sanitone Wefera Make You Act
Like a Boy, You Ferl Just Like
Jumping Over a Fence.
marvelous and dependable remedy will
Kive you a new 1» ase on Kellotfg's
Sanitori" Wafers are spmethinpf new and
different from any and all other reme
dies. They make old folks feel young:
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men and women.
I f you arc over-worked, run down and
I careworn —have no spunk for anything
at all, these amazing; little wafers will
thrill you with th»- health and vim
that bring; the real joy of livinsr.
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risburK at C. T. George, 1306 X. 3rd St.;
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j ney. successor to Forney & Knouse, 426
Market St.; .!. H. Park. Jr., 621 Race
St.: C. K. Keller. 405 Market St.; W. I\
1 Steever, 14th and Walnut Sts.
2721 HofTmnNlcr lllock,
H;ittie Creek, Midi.
Send me by return mail, a r»0 cent
trial bo\ of the wonderful discovery
I for nerves, Kellogg's Saniton*? Waf
ers. I enclose 0 cents in stamps to
! help pay postage and packing.
| Xame,
Street J
I R. F.D.I
j City State
The Little Gem Ear Phone |
The simplest, smallest and
most perfect hearing device. Far
above anything ever produced.
We offer you a scientific wonder,
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world over as the most satis
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head noises and improves the
hearing. Free private demonstra
tions at my office. Call to-day.
Ask fbr booklet.
With H. C. CJlaster
For Friday's Selling Only
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City Health Officer Is Gone to Attend i
Conference in Pittsburgh
Dr. John M. J. Ruuniek, City Health j
Officer, went to Pittsburgh ia»e nifjht, j
where to-day and to-morrow he is at
tending the annual meeting of the J
Housing and Town Planning Society,
which was organized in Harrisiburg a
year ago. Dr. Raunick is a director
of the society and. although not slated
among the thirt'en or more who will
read papers dealing with housing con
ditions, he expects to discuss local con
ditions when the debate formally is
staged, f
The conference is being held in the
Fort Pitt hotel. The Health Officer,
before leaving the city last evening,
"It must be admitted that housing
conditions are bad here, but I think
they are no worse than in other cities
of Harrisburg's size."
It is expected that a bill to relieve
housing conditions in the cities will be
drafted at the conference and submitted
to tlip State Legislature.
Seat Sale Predicts Large Crowd —In-
teresting Program to Be Announced
'' w
Lucy Marsn, who comes to this city
in song recital Thursday evening, j
March IS, needs no introduction to
Harritiburg music-lovers. Her career
has long been an inspiration to both
music pupil ami teacher, and to the
great mass of Victrola owners her rec
ords are easily the most popular.
Miss Marsh is one of the most sat
isfactory artists of the American Con
cert Stage. Space will not permit of
a list of her many concert engage-1
ments during the pass few years, but
we venture to predict, however, thati
those who ii«ar her lovely voice will be|
unanimous in their declaration for a re
turn engagement.
Miss Marsh's contract with the Vic-1
tor Company prevents her reappearance
in any city during a single season. So
this one opportunity to her is made
doubly attractive. Seats now on sale
at the J. H. Troup Music House, 15
South Markert Square.—Adv.
j Printed at this office in best style, at
lowest prices and on short notice.
Mrs/ Hannah Hopple
The funeral of Mrs. Hannah
who dieil yesterday morning at 1997 i
North Seventh street, will be held fron*
her late home Saturday afternoon at'
1.30 o'clock. The services will be io 1
charge of the Rev. Harvey Klaer, pas
tor of Covenant Presbyterian church.
Further services will be held at Cove
nant church at 2.30 o'clock. Inter
ment will be in the blast Harrisburg{
This—and Five Cents!
DON'T MISS THIS. Cut out thi*
sjip, enclose tive cents to Foley & Co.*
Chicago, 111., writing your namo and;
Address clearly. You will receive in re
turn a trial package containing Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound, for coughs,
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backache, kidney and bladder ailments;
and Foley Cpthnrtic Tnblets, a whole
some and thbroughly cleansing
; cathartic, especially comforting to
I stout persons. Geo. A. Gorgas, IS
j North Third street.—Adv.
Wolfe Corset Shop
404 North Second Street
Corsets g.
Made to Vw
$5.00 wff
and Upwards H IV \u j'
Corsets I J 4
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$1.50 ""X"""
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a new corset if a 1I u fl
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breaks within a .11! W
year. ' y !| fl
Fittings at your ■l[ J'|
home by appoint- WITTY LI,
inent. ' <nu
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Ready-to-wear Corsets fitted without
eitra charge.
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