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Henrietta D. Grauel
Some Vegetable Soups
When the dinner must always begin |
with a soup the housekeeper often asks. !
"What sort of soup shall I have to
day?" vWv earnestly. The vegetable 1
soups varrv their own recommendations
when nirely made but too often they
are not fwell prepared. This is not al
ways carelessness, either.
One vegetable soup that is well liked !
if not*served too often is cabbage soup. '
To make this cut a small cabbage in J
pieces and boil it in water until it is!
tender. Press it through a sieve. Melt f
four tablespoons of butter and add it •
and one minced onion, one teaspoon of'
salt, one-third teaspoon of pepper and j
two enps of milk. Cook this five rain-1
ntes, then add two tablespoons of flour i
moistened with cold milk and cook j
five minutes longer. Tast# and add j
more salt and other seasonings if
needed, strain and serve. Cauliflower \
soup is made in the same way but
grated cheese is added at the last.
There is nothing new about bean
soup, but baked bean soup is a thrifty
dish, very nourishing and good tasting.
Take the pork or veal that was baked
with the beans and about three cups
of the baked beans and add to them one
quart of cold water, and one-half cup
of diced celery. Simmer gently for i
thirty minutes; add a tablespoon of
flour moistened with milk and. continue
cooking live minutes. Pour all this I
through a puree sieve, reheat and serve.
If you please you may add tomato sauce
or a cup of canned tomato to the mix
ture white it is cooking. The flour is I
added to all vegetable soups to give!
them smoothness and body and ira-!
proves them greatly.
Cream of Spinach soup is made with i
milk in this way: Cook two quarts of |
" !
Growing Children
frequently need a food tonic and tissue
builder for their good health.
containing V ypophosphiU*
is the prescription for this.
George A. Gorgas
H. M. F. WORDEN, Proprietor.
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Damp and Water Proof
ing, Paints and Roofbrs'
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Slate for Flat Roofs.
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Bell Phone 3280 Independent 245 or 246
I spinach thirty minutes or until tender.
; I'ress it through the vegetable sieve
and season with onion and baby leaf.
: salt and pepper. Scald two cups of
milk and thicken it with a tablespoon
of flour blended with one tablespoon of
: butter, add the spinach and struin and
| cook five minutes. Serve in puree
! plates and garuish each serving with a
I little whipped cream.
Of all vegetable soups tomato bisque
is undoubtedly most popular. To make
fit, one can tojnatoes, one onion minced,
: salt, parsley, pepper, celery salt, and
six cloves are cooked together about
ten minutes. Then a tablespoon of
| flour is mixed with a little milk until
iit is smooth and is added to a full
I quart of milk, and this is heated in a
1 separate utensil. Now put a fourth of
a teaspoon of soda in the tomato-spice
[ mixture and at once pour on the scald
ing milk. This prevents it curdling.
Cook the mixture five minutes, strain
it and cook again until heated through.
If the tomatoes aro very acid you may
need more soda to neutralize, but too
! much soda will taste.
(Question. —"Please tell me what is
; meant by »laze and how it is used, I
see the word in many recipes f"
Reply.—Glaze is simply reduced
| stock. It is used in making gravies,
; flavoring vegetable soups and for im
| parting aglossy appearance to baked
• meats. Directions for making it have
| frequently been printed in this depart
I ment.
| Pottsville Lad Charged With Robbing
Parochial School
Pottsville, Pa., March 11.—Edward
i Deuiinsky, a 12-year-old boy, was ar
j rested by 'police yesterdav charged
with burglarizing St. John's Parochial
I school and York Farm public schools sev
| era I weeks ago. So cleverly was the
work done that it took the combiner
efforts of State and city police to traek
the little culprit.
The finding of some of the stolen
goods in the possession of the bov's
sister finally gave a clue. Edward will
be sent to a reformatory.
Harrisburg Hospital
The Harrisburg Hospital is open
daily except Sunday, between 1 and
2 o'clock p. m. for dispensing medical
advice and prescriptions to those unable
to pay for them.
/ \
Safety Razor Blades
210 Market St., HarriNburff, Pa.
HAROLD ftWMlirm )
Author*/ The Carpet
The Place °f Honeymoons,
CQPY/VGNT ev vt£ 0033J-NRMLL ca/rauiY w
Occultly Warrington read the desire
In the other's eyes. "I shouldn't do It
Mallow," he said. "I shouldn't. Noth
lng would please me better than to
I have a good excuse to chuck you ovet
. the rail. Upon a time you had the best
| of me. I was a sick man then. I'm in
' tolerable good health at present."
i "You crow, I could break you like a
| pipe stem." Mallow rammed his hands
Into his coat pockets, scowling con
; temptuously. He weighed, fully twenty
pounds more than Warrington.
Crow! Warrington shrugged. In
the Kast crow is a rough synonym for
thief. "You're at liberty to return to
your diggings forward with that im
pression," he replied coolly. "When
we get to Singapore," rising slowly to
his height until his eyes were level
with Mallow's, "when we get to Singa
pore, I'm going to ask you for that
fifty pounds, earned in honest labor."
"And if I decline to pay?" trucu
"We'll talk that over when we reach
port. Now," roughly, "get out. There
won't be any baiting done today, thank
"Cockalorem!" jeered Mallow. Craig
touched his sleeve, but he threw off
the hand roughly. He was one of the
best rough and tumble fighters in the
Straits settlements. "You thieving
beach-comber, 1 don't want to mess
up the deck with you, but I'll cut your
comb for you when we get to port."
Warrington laughed insolently and
picked up the parrot cage. "I'll bring
the comb. In fact, I always carry it,"
Not a word to Craig, not a glance in
his direction. Warrington stepped to
the companionway and went below.
Craig could not resist grinning at
Mallow's discomfiture. "Wouldn't
break, eh?"
"Shut your mouth! The sneaking
dock-walloper, I'll take the Starch out
of him when we land! Always had that
| high and mighty air. Wants folks to
think he's a gentleman."
"He was once," said Craig. "No use
giving you advice; but he's not a
j healthy individual to bait; I'm no kit
ten when it comes to scrapping; but I
haven't any desire to mix things with
him." The fury of the man who had
; given him the ducking was still vivid.
| He had been handled as a terrier
; handles a rat.
"I tell you he's yellow. And with a
hundred thousand in his clothes, he'll
■ be yellower still."
| A hundred thousand. Craig frowned
I and gazed out to sea. He had forgot
j ten all about the windfall. "Let's go
j and have a peg," he suggested surlily.
• ••»««»
Immediately upon obtaining her
rooms at Raffles hotel iu Singapore
1 land leaving Martlia there to await
j the arrival of the luggage, an impos
ing collection of trunks and boxes and
! kitbags), Elsa went down to the Amer
ican consulate, which had its offices in
the rear of the hotel. She walked
through the outer office and stood si
lently at the consul general's elbow,
waiting for him to look up. She waa
, dressed in white, and in the pugree of
her helmet was the one touch of color.
Rajah's blue feather. The consul gen
eral turned his head. His kindly face
had the settled expression of indul
gent inquiry. The expression changed
swiftly into one of delight.
"Elsa Chetwood!" he cried, seizing
her hands. "Well, well! lam glad to
sees you. Good gracious what a beau
tiful woman you've turned out to be!
Sit down, sit down!" He pushed her
into a chair. "Well, well! When I
saw you last you were nineteen."
"What a frightful momory you have!
And I was going to my first ball. You
used the same adjective."
"Is there a better one? I'll use It if
there is. You've arrived just in time. |
I am giving a little dinner to the con
a |
In the East Crow Is a Rough Bynonym
for Thief!
suls and their wives tonight. You see,
I've an old friend from India in town
today, and I've asked him, too. Your
appearance evens up matters."
"Oh; then I'm just a flller-in!"
"Heavens, no! You're the most im
portant person of the lot, though Colo
nel Knowlton . .
"Colonel Knowlton!" exclaimed
"That's so, by George! Stupid of
me. You came down on the same boat
Fine! You know each other."
Elsa straightened her Hps with some
difficulty. Bho possessed the enviable
| racuity oi instantly forming in her
I mind pictures of coming events. The
' little swelling veins in the colonel's
nose were as plain to her mind's eye
' as if he really stood before her. "Have
htm take me in to dinner," she sug
i gested.
"Just what 1 was thinking of," de
clared the unsuspecting man. "If any
one can draw out the colonel, It will be
"I'll do my best." Elsa's mind vu
i frll of roll'eir'ne malice.
Contemplatively he said: "So you've
been doing the Orient alone? You are
I like your father in that way. He was
never afraid of anything. Your men
tal makeup, too, I'll wager is like his.
Finest man in the world."
"Wasn't he? How I wish he could
have always been with me! But why
is it, everyone seems appalled that I
should travel over here without male
"The answer lies in your mirror,
Elsa. Your old nurse Martha is no
. real protection."
"Are men so bad, then?"
"They are less restrained. The heat,
the tremendous distances, the lack of
amusements, are perhaps responsible.
By the way, here's a packet of letters
for you."
"Thanks." Elsa played with the
packet, somberly eying the superscrip
tions. The old disorder came back in
to her mind. Three of the letters
were from Arthur. She dreaded to
open them. "1 must be going, then.
! I'm not sure of my tickets to Hong
| kong."
"Go straight to the German Lloyd
office. I'll have my boy show you the
way. Clionfe!" he called. A bright
eyed young Chinese came in quickly
I "Show lady German Lloyd office. All
same quick."
In the outer office she paused for a
moment or so to look at the maga
zines and weeklies from home. The
Chinese boy, grinning pleasantly,
- peered curiously at Elsa's beautiful
• hands. She heard someone enter, and
■ quite naturally glanced up. The new
comer was Mallow. He stared at her,
smiled familiarly and lifted his helmet.
Elsa, with cold unllickering eyes, of
fered his greeting no recognition what
ever. The man felt that she was look
ing through him, inside of him, search
ing out all the dark corners of his
soul. He dropped his gaze, confused.
Then Elsa calmly turned to the boy.
"Come, Chong."
There was something in the manner
of her exit that intinltely puzzled him.
It was the insolence of the well-bred,
but he did not know it. To offset his
chagrin and confusion, he put on his
helmet and passed into the private of
fice. She was out of his range of un
Mallow was an American by birth
but had grown up in the Orient, hard
ily. In his youth he had been beaten
and trampled upon, and now that he
had become rich in copra (the dried
kernels of cocoanuts from which oil
is made), he in his turn beat and
trampled. It was the only law he
knew. Ordinarily, when in Penang and
Singapore, he behaved himself, drank
circumspectly and shunned promiscu
ous companions. But when he did
drink heartily, he was a man to be
ware of.
He hailed the consul general cordial
ly and offered him one of his really
choice cigars, which was accepted.
"I say, who was that young woman
who just went out?"
The consul general laid down the
cigar. The question itself was harm- '
less enough; it was Mallow's way of i
clothing it he resented. "Why?" he ;
"She's a stunner. Just curious if '
you knew her, that's all. We came '
down on the same boat. Hanged If I
shouldn't like to meet her. Do you
know her?" eagerly.
"I do. More than that, I have al
ways known her. She Is the daughter
of the late General Chetwood, one of
the greatest civil engineers of our |
time. When he died he left her sev- j
eral millions. She Is a remarkable
young woman, a famous beauty, known j
favorably in European courts, and I
can't begin to tell you how many flther
accomplishments she has."
"Well, stump me!" returned Mallow.
"Is she a free-thinker?"
"What the devil is that? What do
you mean?"
"Only this, if she's all you say she is,
why does she pick out an absconder for
a friend, a chap who dare not show
his phiz in the states? I heard the tale
froi» a man once employed in his of
fice back in New York. A beach-comb
er, a dock-walloper, If there ever was
"Mallow, you'll have to explain that i
"Hold your horses, my friend. What
I'm telling you is on the level. She's
been hobnobbing with the fellow all
the way down from the Irrawaddy, so
I'm told. Never spoke to anyone else.
Made him sit at her side at table and
jabbered Italian at him, as if she didn't
want others to know what she was
talking about. I know the man. Fired
him from my plantation, when I found
out what he was. Can't recall his
name Just now, but he is known out
here as WarringtonParrot & Co."
The consul general was genuinely
"You can't blame me for thinking
things." went on Mallow. "What man
wouldn't? Ask her about Warrington.
You'll find that I'm tellihg the truth,
all right."
"If you are, then she has made on»
of those mistakes women make when
they travel alone. I shall see her at
tea and talk to her. But I do not
thank YOU. Mallaw. tar <no tfcl.
A liner, loyaler-hearted girl doesn't
live. She might have been kind out
of sympathy."
Mallow bit off the tip of his cigar.
"He's a handsome beggar, If you want
to know.""
"I resent that tone. Better drop the
subject before I lose my temper. I'll
have your papers ready for you In the
morning." The consul general caught
up his pen savagely to indicate that
the interview was at an end.
"All right," said Mallow good-natu
redly. "1 meant no harm. Just nat
urally curious. Can't blame me."
"I'm not blaming you. But it has
disturbed me, and I wish to be alone to
think It over."
Charter Member of State Bar Associ
ation Dies From Indigestion
Maueh Chunk, Pa., March 11.—
Frederick Bertolette, a veteran law
yer and the chief burgess of this bor
ough, ilieM yesterday of acute indiges
tion at the age of 63 years. He was
one of the oldest lawyers in point of
practice of the Carbon county bar.
He was born near Pottstonvn and was
graduated from Bucknedl University in
1874. He read law with the late Col
onel John D. Bertolette, member of the
local bar, and was admitted to prac
tice here in 1874.
He was a charter memlber of the
Pennsylvania Bar Association and
served as vice president of that organi
zation for one term. Ho was for many
years attorney for the Central Kail
road of New Jersey, the Lehigh Coal
arnli Navigation Company and other
He heild numerous borough offices
and was one of the leading members
of the Marion Hose Company. He
served as chief burgess one year.
Surviving are liis widow and two
children, the wife of the Rev. A. C.
Diffen'back, of Hartford, Conn., and
Mrs. 11. M. Chapin, of Cleveland, O.
The funeral will he held to-morrow aft
Eleven Plants in Luzerne County Per
mitted to Sell Another Year
Wiikes-Biwre, Pa., March It.—
Eleven breweries in Luzerye county
| were rejicensed by the court yesterday,
all the old breweries getting the privi
lege to sell. The eleven breweries will
pay license fees amounting to $22,500.
The fee paid by each brewery follows:
Stegmaire, $.">,000; Bartels, $4,000;
J. H. Glennon, $2,000; Howell & King,
$1,750; Pennsylvania Central, $1,500;
Lion Brewing Company, $1,500; Pils
ner Brewing Company, $1,500; Penn
sylvania Central, Hazleton, $1,500;
"Susquehanna, $1,500; Franklin, sl,-
250; Freeland Brewery. SI,OOO.
Ten Years' Misery Ended
J. T. Chambers, merchant, Jonesboro,
Ark., writes: "Foley Kidney Pills
cured me of a ten-year standing' case of
rheumatism. I suffered miserably. A
friend told me of being cured; so I
used them, and they cured me, too."
Most middle-aged men and women are
glad to learn that Foley Kidney Pills
allord a way to escape sleep disturbing
bladder weakness, backache, rheuma
tism, puftiness under eyes, stiff and
swollen joints, and other ills attributed
to kidney troubles. Geo. A. Gorgas,
16 North Third street.—Adv.
Pair Overcome in Mine Bottom
Shamo>kin, Pa H March 11.—George
and Elmer Sober, brothers, were work
ing in a breast of the lee pest workings
of the Henry Clay shaft yesterday dis
charged a shot to blow down coal when
they encountered a volume of sulphur
in a corner oif the workings. A terrific
explosion resulted as their lamps touch
ed the sulphur, both men being struck
by a huge blast of gas and hurled
along a manway. They were badly
Cattle Quarantine Ordered
Shamokin, March 11.—After the
discovery Tuesday by the State Live
Stock Sanitary Board of a numlber of
cases of foot and mouth disease among
cattle in Coal township, Dr. J. C. Mar
shall, head of the live stock bureau,
yesterday ordered the place under quar
Prairie State Incubator
It brings out every hatchable egg and the chicks are great big, healthy,
vigorous ones that live and grow and make good layers.
PRAIRIE STATE INCUBATORS are made all sizes, and at prices to
suit you.
PRAIRIE STATE KEYSTONE—(SO egg size, $9.00; 100 egg size #l2.
PRAIRIE STATE DIFFUSION—IOO ogg size, $18.00; 150 egg size,
#32.50 ; 240 egg size, &i 2.00; 8»0 egg size, $:»8.00.
PRAIRIE STATE COLONY BROODERS, building and hover complete
in three sizes, $12.00, SIO.OO, $20.00.
1307-1309 Market St., Harrisburg
Delivery Made Anywhere. Both Phones. Open Saturday Evenings
Lancaster's Favorite Brew
JNO. G. WALL, Agt.
Harrisburg, Pa. Frank J. Rieker, Mgr.
"California Syrup of
Figs" Can't Harm Te
nder Stomach, Liver,
Look buck to your childhood days.
Remember the "physio" that mother in
sisted on —castor oil, calomel, cathar
tics. How you hated them, how you
fought against taking them.
With our children it's different.
Mothers who cling to the old form of
physic simply don't realize what thev
do. The children's revolt is well found
ed. Their tender little "insidei" are
injured by them.
Secretary's Report Shows Warrior
Eagles Have High Standing
The first of a series of open meetings
! of Warrior Kagle Tribe, Improved Or
der of Red Men, was held last night,
when about 250 members and their
I friends were present. During the even
! ing addresses were made by Mayor
Royal, Michael E. Stroup, former May
or E, S. Meals, Adam Houl/., H. W.
Body and Charles Willetts.
The report of the relief benefits of
t;hf> association was read by the secre
tary, showing thut the tribe is •22
years old ami has a membership of
1,000. The sum of $62,000 was paid
out for sit k ami death benefits and n
surplus of 123,000 hus been invested
by the association.
'One t""" "*
Convince U
36 Doses 2.V
At All Druggists
For Headaches, Neuralgia
Quick —Safe—Sure
Directory of
Leading Hotels
of Harrisburg
* m iii ■ n i 11 ■ /
No. 25 3outb Fourth Street
Dirvvlljr opposite luion MuMo*.
equipped with all Modern Improve-
Ufuiit; running »vnter In. every room
ttn«* liuth; perfectly •unitary; nicely
luk-ultoiied throughout. ft n ten i>iodcrut«\
European Flan.
JOSEPH GIUSTI, Proprietor.
123-425 Market St., Harrisburg, Pa
At the Entrance to the P. R. K. Station
The Metropolitan
Strictly European
For something good to eat. Every
thing in season. Berries the best.
Prices the lowert.
If your child's stomach, liver hik!
bowels need cleansing give "California
Syrup of Figs." Its action is positive,
hut gentle. Millions of mothers keep
this harmless "fruit laxative" handy;
they know ehildreu love to take it; that
it never fails to clean the liver and
bowels and sweeten the stomach, and
that a teaspoonful given to-day saves a
sick child to-morrow. It should be tlio
first remedy given as it always does
good, never any harm.
Ask your druggist for a 50-ceut bot
tle of "California Syrup of Figs,"
which has full direction for babies,
children of all ages and for grown-up*
plainly on each bottle. Beware of coun
terfeits sold here. See that it is made
by "California Fig Syrup Company."
Refuse any other kind with contempt.
San Francisco, March 11. —Julius
Kruttschnitt, chairman of the executive
board of the Southern Pacific Company,
yesterday charged that C.eorge W.
Wickersham, former United States At
torney General, coerced the Southern
Pacific into an agreement to sell the
Central Pacific to the Union Pacrliu
railroad for $104,000,000.
The charge was made in Krutt
schnitt's testimony in the suit of the
government to dissolve the merger ot
the Central and Southern Paci'fic.
Golf. Trunin, lloHtlng, Uatliinic.
and Cycling
Tour* Inc. Hotel*. Shore KxcurMnn..
I.onmt Rate*.
Twin C < "iJE?MUI)I4N" 10,518 Tons
Screw J*-* displacement, omul and uiilv Mtemner liiml-
In*s pnnKenKiTß at the .lock in llrrmmia
without transfer b>- tender.
S. S. Guiana and other Steamers
every fortnight for St. Thomas, St.
Croix, St. Kitts, Antiqua, Guadeloupe,
Dominica, Martinique, St. Lucia, Bar
bados, and Demerara.
For full information apply to A. K
01/rKHIIKUHaK ,V CO., AKt-ntM Ourlice
S. S. Co., Ltd., 21) nroudivay, New York,
or iioy Ticket Agent.
South Carolina Avenue <£ Beach
Pleasantly situated, a few steps
from Boardwalk. Ideal family hotel
Every modern appointment. Many
rooms equipped with running: Water
loo private baths. Table and service
most excellent. Kates $ 10.00, $12.00,
$15.00 weekly. American plan. Book
let and calendar sent free on request.
David P. Haliter Minx Wi-IkM
Chief Clerk Manager
Calendars of above hotel can also be
obtained by applying: at Star-In
dependent office.
Cooks Profsr
Kolley's Coal
A range fire to give satisfaction
must respond to the needs of the
cook—needs which vary as the
foodstuffs vary from meal to
meal. Cooks (and there are hun
dreds of them) who have burned
Kelley's Coal prefer it for the
range. Because it gives that
steady, even heat so necessary for
good cooking and baking.
Coal for your range mixed any
way you order it.
1 N. Third Street
Tenth and State Streets
r <
Begin Preparation Now
Day and Night Sessions
15 S. Market Sq., Harrisburg, Pa.
/ \
320 Market Street
IFall Terra September First
Cumberland Valley Railroad
In Effect May 24. lilt.
Tralna I.cave Hnrrlaburv—
For Winchester and Martlnsburg. at
5.05, *7.60 a. in, *3.40 p. m.
For Haicerstown, Cliambersburff and
intermediate stations, at *M». *7.6%
",l..iU a. m.. *3.40. u.32. *7.40, 11.04
n. m.
Additional trains for CarllaU and
Mechanicsburg at 11.48 a. m, 2.18, 8.37,
a 30. 9.30 p. m.
For Dillsbui-K at 5.03, *7.50 and S U.I|
k. m., 2.18. *3.40. 5.32, ft.3o p. m.
•Dally. All otbar trains dally «zeat>«
Sunday. J H. TONQB,
H A. RIDDLE. Q. P. A. Suflt