The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, March 06, 1915, Page 11, Image 11

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    The Star=lndependent Gives Away 2 Orpheum Tickets Daily
The Name of the Person to Whom They Will Be Awarded To-day Is Somewhere Among the Classified Ads On This Page
Perhaps you are the lucky person. Look until you find out. If yon oret ths tickets please call for them before 8 o'clock to-morrow evening
or they will be forfeited. (These names are drawn from the Directory by a blindfolded girl.)
Real Estate
so. 138 N. THIRTEENTH ST.— 3-story
brick house; bath; gas; furnace;
torch; side entrance. Inspect this prop
srtv. Price and particulars at BELL
HEALTY CO., Bergner Building.
2136 N. Seventh St $13.00
223.1 Atlas Ave $15.00
711 N. ISth St $22.00
2227 N. Fourth St $25.00
1718 State St $35.00
I.'lth and Berryhill Sts $35.00
ISIO Briggs St.. $20.00, or Including
green houses, $35.00
A. S. MILLER cSt SON, 38 N. Court St.
FOR RENT—A three-story brick house,
all conveniences, hard wood floor, two
bath rooms and a lavator; instantan
eous water heater; steam heat, electric
ity anil gas, desirable location. 1703 N.
Second St. E. L. CAUM, 1703 N. Second
FOR RENT—IB27~IB4I Penn street; 2-
story brick factory building. 75x33
feet; in first class condition; equipped
with elevator, steam heat, electric light
gas and toilets, on both floors. This
building is particularly suited for light
manufacturing purposes. Apply to M.
11. PLANK. 312 Forster St.. Harrisburg,
FUR'RENT—Modern Houses, 2113 Derry
street, .131 Derry street. Inquire P.
VANDERLOO, 2113 Derry St., or Third
and State, Masonic temple.
FOR RENT—A house with four rooms,
all improvements and furnished. Call
at 127 Herr St.
FOUR detached frame houses on
Schuylkill street. Comfortable and
all conveniences; 2 at SIO.OO and 2 at
$17.00. Also one three-story brick. No.
213; Penn street, at $17.00. WITTK
MYISR LUMBER CO., Seventh and
Schuylkill, •
1330 Derry, 3rd floor $35.00
1515 Market $30.00 and $35.00'
239 S. 1 .".til. ...$30.00, $32.50 and $35.00
1216 Market $22.50
229 N. Second $20.00
191", Derry $15.00
Sixth and Kelker $12.00
1807 State $30.00
21.8-228 S. 19th—new $25.00
121 4-1 U3-1 117 Berryhill $22.50
IS 17 Derry • $20.00
2338 Ellersley $18.50
21 IK Deny SIS.OU
1835 Fulton, all
530 S. 1 ;* 1 :j . all improvements,... $15.00
2015 Kensington, improvements,. .$13.50
1847 Derry, I large rooms, imp... .$12.00,
167 S. Summit, 3 furnished rooms, $12.00
f67 S. Summit, 3 rooms SB.OO
1830 Berryhill St., 3 rooms SS.OO
HARVEY T. SMITH. 204 S. 13th. Bell j
2 l$M. j
FOR RENT—Two reserved tickets were
awarded to-day to Curtis 10. Fenster- j
nincher, 2220 North Fourth St., snod for
the evening performance at the Or- I
pheum. March 9, 1315. Call for tickets,
at Star-Independent ottiee, before 8 p. j
in.. March 8, 1315, or they will be for
feited. 1
-1528 Catherine St $15.00
1019 S. 2LV-. St SIO.OO
J. E. GIPFLE. NO. 1251 Market St. |
FOR RUNT—Two dwellings, Ross Ave.,
Bella Vista, near New Cumberland; 9
rooms, bath, electric light, water, gas, j
front and buck porches: tine location;
l ent $ll.OO. I >A RON BESTECKI, Bella j
Vista, New Cumberland P. O. Bell phone, j
FOR h'KXT —All improve-J
ments —
1614 Catherine, slt>.oo
530 S. Seventeenth, . .$18.50
Apply Kuhn & Hershey,'
IS South Third street.
FOR RENT—Houses with all improve
ments. at moderate rentals. J. E.
nI "F l.i-:. I,'M Market St
HOUSES FOR RENT and 2V4-story'
dwelling houses for sale. Elder Reai
Estate Co.. 24 th and Derry Sts j
FOR KENT—New furnished front rooms 1
facing Capitol Park; stationary wash i
stands, hot and cold running water;
electric light in each room; also use of!
phone and large bath. Apply 410 North I
LAND for rent on share basis to re- i
liable trucker; three acres smooth, i
rich soil in Camp Hill. No buildings.
Chance to make money. ELMER ZIM- S
MERMAN, 143.) Walnut St., Harrisburg. i
r 1 ■ ■■■ $ ■<. .J
Houses For Rent
922 Ash Ave„ 2»,fc s. f., 6 r„ 810 |
1802 Boas St., 2 s. h„ 6 r fill I
1323 Forster St, 2Vi s. b„ 6 r. t>„ *l2
110 Linden St.. 3 s. f„ S r »t2 '
1130 S." Cameron St., s. f. jl» i
i 1512 Allison St., 2% s. b #l4 I
1501 Allison St., s. b., 7 r. b., #l,l ;
1317 Williams St., 2 s. f., 7 r. b. 815 1
1538 S. 13th St., 3 s. b„ 8 r 8111 i
1500 S. 12th St. 2'/i s. b., 8 r. b„. 8l« i
654 Schuylkill St., 2Vfc s. f.. 7 r., *to.r.o
G6O Emerald St., 3 s. b„ 8 r 817 1
652 Schuylkill St 817.n0
666 Schuylkill St *17.."U
2447 Heel St., s. b., 8 r 81N
400 Broad St., 3 s. b„ 10 r 820
.2202 N. 15th St, 3 s. b., 7 r. b„. .832
1933 Market St., 3 s. b„ 7 r 8-IO ,
209 S. Front St, 3 s. b., 10 r. 2 b„ 875 I
23 S. Front St, furnished, 4 s. b.
343 Muench St.—apartments 812 i
1007-9 N. 3d St., store room 840 '
Steeiton, 941 S. Front St 810
Penbrook, 28th and Herr Sts., ' 8M» '
Enola, Adams St., 2s.f„ 6 r 812 i
Houston Mills, near Mechanicsburg,
Penn Twp., near Duncannon, . . 820
North Lemoyne, 231 Market St., 820
North Lemoyne, 294 Market St. 81N
Newport Marshall property,... 800
Hainlyn (near Colonial Countrv
Club) —3 s. f., 20 r. & 4 b... 871
1425 Walnut St., 3s.b„ 8 r.,.. 523523 1
133 N. 13th St., 3s. b .JJJJ (
1103 N. Second St., 2>/£. s. f„ 6 r 82s :
Derry St. (Paxtang). 2V4 s. f.,..'.830
612 N. 16th St., 3 s. b & f„
2110 Chestnut St., 3s. b uj •
20 N. 17th St., furnished, 855
Miller Brothers & Co.
I I'tre Insurance Surety Honda
I.ocust and Court Streeta
| Real Estate |
apartment at Walzdorf, six rooms,
tiled bath and pantry, all very light;
city steam, facing Capitol. Also, April
|l, second lloor. Inquire 400 North St.
! FOR RENT—Three modern new apart
) ! ments; 7 rooms, bath, electric lights,
) steam heat, telephone, gas range, laun
-1 dry trays; h«rd wood floors; No. 23!) S.
i Thirteenth St. Can be seen 10 a. m.
) to 4 p. in. Apply on premises or call
) Bell 2283 L.
I ~
' WANTED—Acreage, farm, city or town
property, suitable for subdivision into
small farms or lots. l>aiid brings more
" i when cut up and handled by our up-to
: date methods. We are fully equipped
to subdivide and sell real estate at
auction on commission in all parts of
the United States. We turn real es
| tate, residence lots or farms Into cash
quickly. Write us. Our representa
tive will inspect your property. We
• also exchange Washington City invest
ment property for residence, farm or
■ timber land. National Real Estate and
• Auction Company, 1024 Woodward Bids,,
' Washington, D. C.
KOR KENT—Three third floor com
municating private rooms, two facing
' ire-en street, one facing Kelker street.
1 Ml pleasant. Use or bath. Gas in all
| three rooms. Kent reasonable; for people
I with no children. A. U KRIEG, ISOU
I! ° re< ' n 8L
j FOR RENT —Rooms, completely fur
-1 i nished for light housekeeping; hot
and cold water and bath; good location,
■j Apply No. 20 North Seventeenth St.
I TWO LARGE communicating rooms,
i, with large elosets in both; one a front
J roojn with conveniences; heat; use of
rbath; line location on the hill, in a fam
] lly of two. 3187, care Star-Independent.
fO. 1542 WALNUT STREET *fbr sale;
brick construction; suitable location
j or business. $l!i00 will buy a frame
[louse on Woodbine St.; steam heat.
I REALTY CO., Bergner Building.
i il 100 WILL BUY a frame house on Ber- j
I ryhill St.: 7 rooms; lot 20x110. Other j
•heap property for sale in various sec
tions of city. BELL REALTY CO., Berg
ler Building. _ j
I 'Oii.VKR PROPERTY; steam heat; gas; j
I electric light; porch front; enclosed I
; oncrete rear porch; lot 20x120; brick i
Mouse; only $3,200. Inspect it. BELLI
< ! *'• A LTY CO., Bergner Building.
FOR SALE—A pair of new brick
; houses, in Paxtang, close to trolley.
All improvements, steam heat. H. G.
PEDLOW, 110 S. Thirteenth St.
WHY RENT when you can buy a new
house? Look at 1551 Vernon St., the
last one of the row, and see me about
i tl"' terms. H. G. PEDLOW, 110 S.
| Thirteenth St.
FOR SALE—HI Hummel St.; 3-story
! brick, eight rooms an dbath; steam
heat. Tile price is right. 11. G. PED
-1 "ii u ■"" Thirteenth St.
1 FOR SALE—I 732 Park St., 2'/.-story
| brick house; 131 Royal Terrace. 2-
story new liriek house; 1327 and 1320
j Derry St.. 2 lots, 20x12."> ft. .r. O. MAT
TER, 133:1 Derry St. Bell phone.
| FOR SALE—Fine new suburban homes,
! on Second and Third streets. River
side. Large porches, side vards, all eon
j yeniences. s2Soo to SI7OO, Edward
! Moeslein. 421 State ot.; Lewis M. Neiffer
| 222 Market.
FOR SALE—City and suburban homes
and home sites; lirst class business
propositions. ICOUGH, BRIGHT BILL &
KLINE, Sixth and Reily Sts. Both
phones. t
j : ' ' . '
Sale and Exchange
I W. H. IiA\GI.ETZ, Lumber—We are
: overstocked with all kinds and
I grades of lumber and we can olfer you
bi K bargains. It will pay you to see
us. Olnce Cameron and Mulberry Sts.
FOR SALE—AT GABLE'S, 113, 115 and
111 South Second street, 5,000 gallons
New Era Ready Mixed Paint, Acme
■ quality. All the full line of the Acme
| BICYCLES— BICYCLES, $6, SB, »10, sl2.
See these bargains at once if you
want to save money. Try Keystone Re
pair Service. Will save you money and
give you the quickest service in the
|I3W 814 N " ThirU St- United Phone
| FOR SALE—One piano, used five
months, on small monthly payments,
to suit purchaser. Address 3483, care
FOR SALE—At GABLE'S, 111-117 South
Second St., 5,000 sets new Sash, Bxlo
xl 2 L., primed and glazed, at 11.15 per
i sizes.
Business Opportunities
——— —— —.J
FOR SALE—HaIf interest or will ex
change leading commercial hotel of
50 rooms; a bang-up proposition. If ln
teresfted address Chas. H. Sweerfey,
Geneva, N. Y. ~
BUY O"I£T~STOCK in *(Tl,000,000 COIIK
pany, just organized; ground floor
proposition; 100 per cent dividends 90
days possible; 20 wells at once; quick
action on your money; limited number
shares at 2c share; $lO buys 500 par
value stock; big advance in stock soon;
selling fast; remit now; write for free
Information; dividends declared soon.
Amalgamated Oil Co., 1147 Oolcord
Blilg., Oklahoma, Okiu.
The Harrisburg Hospital is open
daily except Sunday, between 1 and
2 o'clock p. in. for dispensing medical
advice and prescriptions to those unable
to pay for them.
WANTED—Men and women get names
and addresses for mail order houses.
. Particulars for stamp. Direct Appeal
Co., Plymouth, Ind.
|BO MONTHLY and expenses to travel,
distribute samples and take orders,
appoint agents; permanent. Manager,
2114 Ogden avenue,.Chicago.
i $2,500 ANNUALLY. Co-operate with me
evenings at home. Everything fur
nished. Don't worry about capital.
Boyd H. Brown. Omaha, Nebr.
RAILWAY Mall clerks, carriers wanted
—Life positions; examination May Ist.
Pay for Instructions after you receive
position. Apply Liberty Institute, Roch
ester, N. Y. ,
WANTED—At onco; young men for au
tomobile business. Big pay. We make
you expert in ten weeks by mail. Pay
us after we secure you position. Cen
tury Automobile Institute, Los Angeles,
WANTED—Traveler. Age 27 to 50. Ex
perience unnecessary. Salary, com
mission and expense allowance to right
man. J. E. Mcßrady, Chicago.
OLD, substantial manufacturers of prod
ucts in universal demand want .men
and women of honesty, ambition and
energy to become dealers and establish
their own business by marketing- to
consumers and stores. Spare or full
time. Immediate income and assured
future. Large returns. Credit given.
Exclusive rights. Experience unneces
sary. Address Sales Manager, Dept. 21>7,
j Suite 2117, 111 Broadway, Now York.
WANTED; Ablebodied unmarried
men between age of 18 and 35; citizens
of United States, of good character and
temperate habits, who can speak, read
and write the English language. For
information apply to Recruiting Officer,
Bergner Building. 3d <st Market sts.,
lair iliurcr. 4N N Queen St., Lancaster,
353 Pine St.. Wllliamsport, 37 W. Mar
ket St., York, or 113 Independence St., '
.-hamokiri. Pa.
NH3W COMPANY wants men who believe
they can sell goods; staple product; j
regular income. Territories being al
lotted. 405 Hoffman Bldg., 11 E. Lex
ington St., Baltimore. Md.
WANTED-—Men prepare as firemen, 1
bra* emen, motormen, colored porters.
Pennsylvania railroads. Experience not
I necessary. |BO to SIOO month. Write i
; Inter Railway Dept, 101, Indianapolis,
\ Ind.
' AUTO transportation school wants men I
to become practical chauffeurs and ;
earn }75 to SIOO per month. We give a I
i thorough course in crude and practical
work for $35.00. No. 5 N. Cameron;
] Bell phone 1710.
- «
YOUNG MAN, 18 years old, wquld like
to have work on farm; a good, hon- i
est trucker; can do any kind of work
on farm. Please call 1342 Derry St. 1
WANTED—Position as driving team;
I have had experience and can furnish
I good reference. Call or address J. L.
W., 1636 Fifth St..
YOUNG colored man wishes work of
any kind. Address 111 Dewberry Ave.
Call Bell phone 616 J.
YOUNG MAN, graduate business col
lege, wants work in office or real i
estate business; has had experience in
latter; can give good reference. Address J
34 91, care Star-Independent.
MIDDLE-AGED man wishes position !
on farm; has experience and can fur- I
nish references. Apply 1059 S, Ninth
St., City.
YOUNG MAN wants position as baker; j
excellent on bread. Apply CHARLES i
BRKHMAN, Lewlstown, Pa., care Eagles. 1
COLORED MAN' wants work at house
cleaning or any kind of work. Call I
116% Liberty St.
WANTED—Work of any kind, by a!
young man. Address MR. J. U, 1327 I
Susquehanna St., City.
BECOME a Bible Agent. Greatest work !
on earth. We want a live man or
woman in every community. Previous I
experience unnecessary. Able workers i
make from $3 to sti a day. If you can
not give full time get particulars of 1
spare time work. Keystone Book and I
Bible House, 25 North Third St., top t
WANTED—Responsible representative j
in each county; new combination; 12
tools in 1. Sells at sight to farmers, j
teamsters, contractors, etc. Weighs I
24 lbs., lifts 3 tons, hoists, stretches !
wire, pulls posts. Many other uses; i
free sample to active agents; easy |
work: big profits; one agent's profit:
$45.50 in one day. Another SI,OOO in
December, 11114. We start you. Write
to-day for big color plate, yuick ac- j
tion secures exclusive sale. Harrah
Mfg. Co., Box H-20, Bloomlleld, Ind. J
AGENTS—Here is an opportunity to j
make from $lO to SSS a day. Sell
Concentrated Liquor Extracts for mak- I
ing whiskies, liquors and cordials of,
all kinds at home. Something entirely
new, a long felt want filled, every
home a user, simple and easy. Saves
over 50 per cent. A few minutes does
the work. Strictly legitimate. No li
cense required. Can be sold anywhere,
wet or dry. Enormous demand, sells fast,
coins you money. Small, compact, carry
week's supply In pocket. Exclusive ter
ritory being snapped up; all or spare
time—no .experience necessary. Be
quick. Send postal to-day for sample
outfit and full particulars. Address Uni
versal Import Co., Dept. 294, Cincinnati.
AGENTS—If I had your name I could
show you how to earn $25 to SSO
weekly. Greatest seller in years. Over
700,000 sold in last six months. Every
housewife will buy on sight. Postal
brings proposition aJid fret- sam
ple. Address Manufacturer, 1 Union I
Square, New York.
terms to live men or women. Apply
Wholesale Depot. 25 North Third, top
ONE SEASON is as good as another for
the sale of our Multi-Color Printed
Pencils for Advertising; and right now
we want a salesman for this territory.
Liberal commissions paid promptly. Our
line is in a class by itself; we are the
only firm manufacturing pencils and
printing in multi-colors. Exclusive ter
ritory will be given to producing sales
men. Standard Pencil Co., 1822-24 Lo
cust St., St. Louis, Mo.
WANTED—Salesman to sell our wall
known line of Red Cross Cider and
Temperance Drinks in small country
towns only.. Commission 25 per cent
and weekly drawing account of $35.00.
Red Cross Company, Dept. A, St Louis,
like wildtire. We need more men
and women to help distribute. Full
time or spare time. Wholesale Supply
House, 25 North Third St.. top lloor.
'LADIES-—To address envelopes; $2.00
I per ;t00; no canvassing.; light, agree
| able work; a permanent business; can
commence work Immediately. Instruc
tions and copy material, 12c. Money
! refunded If not satislied. The National
I l''orm Co., Box 828, Chicago.
DO you want another $2 daily? No
experience; constant spare lime work
knitting hosiery; machines furnished
on contract; we take product. Helping
Hand Stores (Inc.), Chicago.
——w ——
LADIES —Make shields at home; JIO.OO
per 100. No canvassing required.
Send stamped-addressed envelope for
full particulars. Eureka Co., Dept.
112 D, Kalamazoo, Mich.
| AT ONCE—Ladies or gentlemen who
can devote at least two hours daily
! to write and copy letters (ink or type
writer! and esrn |IU to J25 weekly. Ap
] ply with stamped addressed cnvelopo
j for quick answer. Advance Copy Co.,
; Box tio2, Chicago.
I'IAKN S,"O to SISO monthly at home
, spare time, writing photoplays. Ex
| perience or correspondence course un-
I necessary; details tree. Elyod Pub. Co.,
| !!26, Washington, D. C.
i WANTED —Girl or woman for general
j housework. Apply 2u<N'. Fifth St.
[WANTED Girls over 16
years of age to learn cigar
I making. Paid while learn
jiug. Apply at Harrisburg
j Cigar Company, 500 Kace
I street.
WANTED Good woman j
for housework. Must un-l
derstand cooking anu gen- i
eral housework. Address
3495, care Star-Independent.
\N honest and reliable youngf colored
woman desires general housework,
jy the week. ' Good city reference can
ie furnished. Call jjr address 133 Balm
WANTED—A middle-aged woman for
; general housework in a family of
two. Call St No. 1040 Herr St.
| A NO. 1 STENOGRAPHER, with seven
years' experience and best of refer
ence, desires position. Call or address
Cameron Apartments, 1201) N. Third St.
A YOUNG girl wishes position to as
sist with housework. Address M. F„
Enters, Pa.. R. F. D. No. 1.
WANTED—Work of any kind, by mid
dle-aged lady witli child uine years
old; oi housekeeping. Address M. B„
West Falrview p. o.
WAXTEU—Washing and ironing to do
at home. Call at No. 1821 N. Eleventh j
COMPETENT GIRL desires position as
housekeeper for widower or family
of /adults. Apply No. 712 N. Sixth St.
COLORED GIRL, neat and reliable,
would like general house work or sec
ond work. No washing. Can furnish
reference. Sleep home. 548 Cameron
St., Mtddletown, Pa.
YOUNG white lady wishes to keep
house for a widower; can furnish ref
erences. Apply MISS ELLA KEENER,
335 S. Second St., Steeiton.
YOUNG LADY wishes general house
work to do. Apply 2028 Kensington I
St., City. I
FIRST CLASS COOK ripsires position,
ill or out of tile city. Address or
call 66» Briggs street.
WANTED—HaIf-grown girl wants to
assist with general housework; can
furnish references. Apply 424 S. Cam-I
erori street.
A GIRL would like to get work by the
day or week. Call or write No. 334
S. Fifteenth street, City.
WANTED—Day's work or house clean-
ing. Address 2013 N. Cameron St.
MIDDLE-AOED WIDOW wants a posi
tion as housekeeper or companion to
an invalid; Christian home preferred.
Can give good references. Address P.
O. Box 17. Oberlin, Pa.
Lost and Found
FOUND—A decided improvement In my
appearance since having my clothing
cleaned and pressed at Parisian Dye'
Works, 1409 N. Third. Branch, Hoffman-
Kerns, 337 ChestnuL Bell phone. Call
ing and delivering.
FOUND —The way to end your cleaning
and dyeing worries by calling either
phone for Kggert's Stearii Dyeing and
French Cleaning Works, 1245 Market
St'. We call and rtellvor.
Look here! Do yon want t# buy a
new home? Go to 026 to 630 Geary
St. I am Just finishing four three
story brick, mansard roof houses,
with wide front and back porches
and balcony. Bay windows, grano
lithic pavement anil steps; cemented
cellar, hot and cold water in cellar.
Parlor and dining room, large kitch
en, live bed rooms and bath, six large
closets, vestibule and open stairways.
Gas and electric lights. Parlor and
dining room finished floors. No
houses ill the city for the price ask
ed. Buy now and you can solect
paper to suit. Go to see them at
once, before too late. The price will
surprise you.
F. H. Hantzman
OMce two Hrtvs* St.
. Miscellaneous
PACKING—A. H. SHRENK. 1906 North
Sixth street, first class packer of fur
niture. china and brlcubrac. Bell phone
W. J. WENRICH, 339 Hamilton street—
Furniture, china and piano packing.
Shipments looked alter at both ends.
kinds of hauling. Bell phone
tity. Highest market prices. Prompt,
efficient and reliable service. Quota
tions on application. Established IS7U.
L. M. GILttEtRT, -'iO Callowhlll Street,
Philadelphia, Peiina.
OLD COINS WANTED—SSO paid for 1853
half dollar, no arrows; $5 for 1878
half, S mint; SIOO for 1894 Dime, S
mint. Many valuable coins circulating.
Send now 4c. Get our Coin Circular.
May mean large profits to vou. Numla-
Ft. Worth, Tex.
i ATTENTION—We will pay SI,OOO re
ward Itjtur home butter merger falls
to merge one pint of nil!iv into one
puuuu of bulter in uvo minutes, sweeter
than ereu inery butter. Demonstrators
and general agents wanted. Salary or
commission. Write for illustrated cir
culars and addresses of 1,000 users.
Wonderful invention. Family Butter
Merger Co., Washington, D. C.
TO OBTAIN REST at night use Lung
' Saver. The Good Cough Syrup. Good
| for old as well as young; also good for
croup. Ask your grocer.
LADIES—'When delayed or irregular,
j use Triumph Pills; always depend
: able. "Relief" and particulars free.
Write National Medical Institute, Mil
waukee, Wis.
10 to 20 prospective buyers for motor
jycies right now, who want second-hand
machines. If you have a motorcycle for
sale at a bargain price, see uj at once.
If we cannot buy your machine we will
sell for you at a very reasonable com
mission. See us for motorcyle bargains
Dayton Motorcycle Distributors for
four counties
St., United phone 11) W. ■
STORAGE In 3-story brick building,
j rear 408 Market St. Household goods
in clean, private rooms. Reasonable
rates. Apply lo P. G. DIENER, Jeweler.
408 Market St.
divided into private rooms for stor
age of household goods; low insurance
| Inspection invited. General merchan
dise warehouse and household goods
warehouse are located on tracks of
Pcnna. R. It,, 437- 115 South Second St.
PIANO moving by experts.' WINTER
J PIANO CO., 23 N. Fourth St. Call
| 146. Bell phone.
| ■■
Watches, Jewelry, Firearms. Musical 1
Instruments. Highest cash prices for
old gold and silver. Repairing a spe
cialty. CITY LOAN OFFICE. 411 Mar
ket street.
for honest working people keeping i
j house. Kates less than legal Pay- J
j rnents weekly or monthly. No noti
iication of employer or friends.
204 Chestnut St.
Authorized Capital, SIOO,OOO
ANY person needing money in amounts
i from $5 to SSO holding a salaried po
j eitlon, would be benefited by calling
on us. Employes' Discount Co., 36 North
| Third St^^^
ALL kinds of hauling; large two-ton
truck; furniture, pianos, freight, in !
the city and suburbs. Prices reason- i
able. Picnic and pleasure trips, day or I
evening. WM. H. DARE, 1453 Vernon i
St. Bell phone 3517 J.
For Rent)
Desirable offices in the j
Onion Trust Building.
Union Trust Co.
A knitting factory; all Improve
ments; electric power; two-story
frame; steam heat, well lighted;
•quipped with the latest knitting
and sewing machinery. Possession
given at once. We will rent If party
would be Interested In the manu
facturing of ladies' garments.
Information Wanted—Call Bell
phone 74. Steelton, Pa., or
145 Flto.vr STHEIiT
Printed at this office in best style, at
lowest prices and on short notice.
Suggestions for Investors
Those with accumulated savings who have hesitated
to invest because of a natural feeling of apprehension
caused by the disturbed conditions existing in cer
tain lines of business will find it interesting, and
perhaps profitable, to study the various investment
channels open to them at present and obtain the
opinion of those recognized as financial experts.
While opinions naturally differ, one method can be
employed which will enable investors not only to re
ceive an unusually high interest rate, but there is
every reason to believe that ultimately their prin
cipal will be improved.
With present unsettled business conditions in mind,
we have prepared some investment suggestions which
explain a way for careful investors to use their avail
able funds in a most conservative and effective way.
Circular M-114 sent on request
A. B. Leach & Co
Investment Securities
149 Broadway, New York
Great Opportunity To Own Your Own
Home On Easy Payments
In "Bella Vista," adjoining New Cumberland; 5c carfare to Harrisburg: and
-c ferry-fare from Steelton. These beautiful houses liavo nine room«;
front and rear porches; granolithic pavements; water, gas and electric
lights; and are convenient to trolley, stores, churches and new SIT>,OOO
school; will be .sold as low as $1,400 ennli or 925.00 down ami hnlnuee
*ir».oo monthly pay men t* for two or three yearn, when mortgage will be
taken. Why pay rent t Apply to
Price 76 THS
Yield 8.06% possißrnm
45 Hromlnny, New York
Maxwell Motor
Ist Preferred
Future Possibilities
Increased Earnings
Send for oar
Special Letter
{New York Stock Rxrhange.
Sow York Cotton Kxrhauge.
New York Coffee Kxchnnge.
Chirngo Board of Trade.
33 NEW ST. Sob 0 ) NEW YORK
Exempt from
Federal Income Ta*
Albany County, N.Y.
(Y) Reg. 4*4% Bonds, Due 1926.4.15%
New York City
(Y) Bonds, Due 1964 4.25%
Baltimore, Maryland
Reg. 4% Bonds, Due 1962. .4.25%
Nashville, Tennessee
5% Bonds. Due 1921-1935.-4.45%
Berkeley, California
(C) 5% Bonds, Due 1925-1949.. .4.60%
(Y) Legal for Savings Banks In N. Y.
(C) Legnl for Savings Banks In Conn.
Full particulars on request
for list No. 0-42.
N. W. Halscfy & Co.
1421 Chestnut St./ Philadelphia
New York Chicago San Francisco
Boston Baltimore St. Loult
The undersigned will sell at Pub
lic Sale at Btein's Sail Stables,
Twenty-first and Greenwood streets,
Harrisburg, Pa., on
Tuesday, March 9, 1915
40 Head of Horses & Mules
Consisting of 28 HEAD OF IL
ranging in age from 4 to 10 years.
Among these are good big mated
teams, blacks, bays, farm horses,
city broke. This will be a very fine
load of horses to suit anybody in
need of a horse. They will arrive
four days before sale to be inspected.
12 Head of Home Bought
Horses and Mules
These are good all purpose horses.
Also some goocLsingle line leaders to
suit all classes of buyers.
We positively have the above stock
and you all know our motto, "Sell
for what they bring."
Sale N at 1.30 sharp. A liberal
credit given.
Don't forget the date, March, », 1013
78 acres of farm land, with 8-room
! house, new bank barn, etc.
Bound by Paxton Creek and Wild
t wood Park. Within one inilo of llur
| risburg.
Immediate possession.
213 Market Street
Furnished by H. W. Snavely, Broker.
Arcade Building, Walnut and Court
New York, March 6, 1915.
Open Close
Alaska Gold Mines 29 % 29%
Capper 55 54%
American Heet Sugar 10 40
American Can 28 27%
do., preferred, 94',4 94%
American Ice Securities, .. 27 27%
American Smelting 63% h:tvS
American Sugar, 102", A 102
American Tel. and Tel 120 % 120%
Anaconda, 26% 26%
Atchison T........ 95% 95%
Baltimore and Ohio, 68% <>7%
Bethlehem Steel, 56% 55%
Brooklyn R. T 88(4 88%
California Petroleum 18% IS
Canadian Pacific, ... ....159 158%
• Central Leather 34% 33%
Chesapeake and Ohio 41% 41%
Chi., Mil. and St. Paul 87'*. 87',i
Chino Con. Copper 36% 36%
Consol. Gas, 117 117
Corn Products 10% 10%
Distilling Securities 8 8
Krie 22% 22
do., first preferred 35% 35%
Goodrich B. F 30% 30%
Great Northern, pfd 115% 119%
Great North. Ore, subs, .. 32% 31%
Interboro-Met 57% 58%
Valley 134% 134%
Mexican Petroleum, 67 66%
Missouri Pad lie 12 11%
National Lead, 55% 54%
New York Central X 4 83%
N. Y„ N, H. and H 50% 50
Northern Pacific 103 Vi loi%
Pennsylvania Railroad, . .105% 105%
Pittsburgh Coal, 20% 20%
Press Steel Car 25 25%
Ray Con. Copper 17% 17%
Reading 145 i 45
Southern Pacific 81% 83%
Southern Railway 15% 15%
Tennessee Copper 26% 27
Texas Company 133% 138%
Union Pacific 119% 119%
U. S. Rubber 56% 57
C. S. Steel 45 44%
IT. S. Steal, pfd 104-% 104%
Utah Copper 53 52%
Virginia-Carolina Cliem.,.. 21 21
Western Maryland 20% 20-%
Western Union Tel 63% 63%
Philadelphia Produce Market
Philadelphia, March 6.—Wheat higher;
No. 2 red spot, export, 142147; No. 1
northern, Oiiluth export, 15044)155.
Corn llrm; No. 2 »po4, export, 75@77;
No. 2 yellow, local, 77% @78%.
Oats weakANo. 2 white, 61@62.
Bran weak) winter, per ton, $26.50®
29.00; spring, $23.50(ft 26.00.
Refined sugars llrm; powdered. 5.86;/'
fine granulated. 6.75; Confectioners' A/
5.65. /
Butter steady; western creamery, ox
tra, 31; nearby prints, fancy, 34. /
lOggs steady; nearby Hrsts, free ofese,
$6.15; current receipts, free ease, $16.00;
western extra Hrsts, free case, $6.15;
firsts, free case, $6.00.
Live poultry firmer; fowls, 16®) 18; old
roosters, 11%@12; chickens, 13@16; tur
keys. 15@17; ducks .16@17; geese, li
@ IH.
Dressed poultry steady. Fowls, heavy.
18@19; average, 15%® 17%; small, 14
4415; old roosters. 14; broiling chickens,
nearby. 18@23; western. 1422; roast
ing chickens, 17@20; turkeys, fancy, 21; /
fair to good, 18@20; ducks,
geese, 10@14.
Potatoes weak; Penna.. per bushel.
53055; Maine, 45@50; New York, 40 I
#45 I
Flour steady; yHITT'r straight, 6.4oifd I
6.65; spring straight, 6.50@6.75; do., pat- I
ent. 6.75@7.75. / I
Hay weak; tlfnothy, No. 1 large bale*, I
18.00 4<118,50; m/dium bales, 17.50@18.00; I
No. 2 do., 15.5Wi 16.50; No. 3 do.. 14.0040 I
15.00. Clovei/mixed light. 17.00® 17.50; ■
No. 1 do,, 1tf.00@16.50; No. 2, do., 14.50 fl
@15.50. T ■