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\ ———
Church Plans Fitting
Observance of Its
Twenty-fifth Anni
proving Conditions at Stevens Me
morial M. E. Demand Enlarging of
Building—The Rev. Harry E. UI
rich at Derry Street
Plans are now being made at Christ
Lutheran church, the Rev. Dr. Thomas
Reisch, pastor, tor a fitting observance
of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the
church's organisation. Tin' week ,«t"
celebration will be March 21 to 2s. De
tails have not vot arranged,
tout plans are being discussed by com
inittecs, and will soon be iu shape.
One of the features of anniversary
week will be the preaching of the three
former pastors of the church, who have
signified their willingness to be present.
They are the Rev. Theodore L. Crouse,
of Sharpsburg; the Rev. Dr. Milton
Nine. of Lebanon, and the Rev. A. A.
Kelley, of Waynesboro. The church
has had but four pastors, including Dr.
Iveisch, since its organization March
23, IS9O.
Layman to Address Men
The Allison Hill Men's Christian As
sociation has started on its third <ea
t*>n and from present indications this
year w-ill be even more successful than
former ones. The Stough > anvpatgn, re
cently held in this city, was one of the
results of the organisation's meetings.
The meetings are held in Lenny s The
atre. Thirteenth and Market streets, iu
a large, well lighted and well ventilated
room, seating over 600 people, y
Among the features of the meetings
are the lAjitern slides of Gvspel songs,
thrown on screen. Men prominent in
religious and civic life have addressed
the meetings and different chorus or
ganizations have volunteered their serv
ices. Frominent speakers and special
music features have been arranged for
future meetings. To-morrow afternoon
at 3.30 o'clock, Calvin H. Koons, a
layman, of the Evangelical church, will
talk on "A Strong Man and His
Free Feed to Be Given
- The Men's Club of the Steveus Me
morial Methodist Episcopal church will
give a free feed to three hundred boys
Monday evening. The following com
mittee will be iu charge: Charles H.
Hoffman. James W. Barker. Dr. Clayton
Albert Smucker. Karl D. Fogg, P. J.
Martin. Carl Heefnor, R. I". Boswell,
A. W. Holman. John A. Affleck, tieorne
W. Bosrar. W. s. Barker. T. M. Eves,
J. M. Ensminger, D. c. Gotwals. J. 11.
Kase. C. A. Runk. Guy 1. Stickell,
Ralph Wolfe, W. B. Rankin. Koss B.
Weigel. H. G. Pedlow, J. A. Geiger, J.
N. Peregoy. Ross K. Bergstresser, T.
M. -S pettier. W. S. Fishel, C. C. Cast rock,
Lerov D. Smucker.
During (he past month there has
been talk or eniargiug the building of
ISt evens Memorial ehureh. The grow
ing conditions of the ehureh lemand
mure working room, Lj»st Sunday in
the Church News" Or. Clayton Al
bert SnAicker. the minister, made a
call for $-0,000. The Sunday school
and large congregations are tilling every
corner in the church building.
Average attendance at the Pine
Street PresA'yterian Sunday school
reached high water mark at the aiiui
versarv services of last Sunday when
1,152 were present, and the total at
tendance of the thrfce schools of the
church was 1,555. The meeting of
the Senior Christian Endeavor Society
of Pine street will be held at 6.30
o 'clock to-morrow evening.
••Immigration" to Be Topic
The Home and Foreign Missionary
societies will meet for a box supper at
4.30 o'clock on Monday afternoon, in
the social rooms of Pine street. "Im
migration" will be discussed by Mrs.
Henry McOormick and "Jaf>an" by
Mi&s Kachel Pollock and Mrs. William
Jennings. The Missionary Guild will
meet on Tuesday evening when Miss
Buehier will give an illustrated lecture
on "A Trip Up the Nile.'' The mid
week service on Wednesday evening
will be tn charge or' Dr. Mudge who
will spc»k on "How Jesus l»ives.''
The men of the Redeemer Lutheran
ehureh will meet on Tuesday night ts
perfect i lans for the every member
canvass of the congregation to be con
ducted in an effort to increase the ef
ficiency of the church in the East End.
The fourth quarterly conference of
the year will open Monday evening at
the Bpwv>rth Methodist church. Dr.
Fasiek, district superintendent, will
preside. The meeting will be open to
all Methodists.
Tin- Res- Harrv K. Ulrich. of Prince
ton University, will preach morning
ami evening at the I)errv Street l*nite,l
Brethren church owing to the illness of
the j>a*tor. Dr. I.vter.
Regular Order of Services
The regular onler ot" services iu local!
churches to-morrow follows:
Keileemer, Nineteenth and Kensing-'
ton Stress—The Rev. E. Victor Ro
laud. pastor. Morning service at 10.30
o'clock. Subject of, sermon, ' • Real
Progress aa.i Its Secret." Evening'
service at 7.30 o'clock. Subject of ser
mon, "Seeking the Laird While He
May Be Pound." Sunday school at 9.30
a. m.
I'aivarv. South Thirteenth and Reese
Streets—Tbe Rev. Edward H. Paa.
j«a*tor. Morning service at 11 o'eloek.
Subject of sermon. "Christ's Wonder
ful Conduct Toward the Woman of
Canaan " Evening service at 7.30
o'clock. Sjluject of sermon. "Our .Sub
stitute in the High Priest's Palace."
Sunday school at 10 a. in.
Trinity. South Ninth Street—The
Rev. R. !». Meisenhelder, pa*tor. Morn
ing service at 10.30 o'clock. Subject
of sermon. "Humility." Evening serv
ice at 7.30 o'clock. Subject uf ser
mon, "A Noble Revenge." Sunday
school at 2 p. m. drisrtian Endeavor
at iI.SO p. m. ,
Memorial. Fifteenth and Shoorp
Streets —The Rev. U. C. Manges, D. D..
j«istor. Morning service at 10.30
o'clock. Subject of sermon, "The
Joy Set Before the Passion 3ourney."j
Evening service at 7.30 o'ohH'k. Siib-1
. s • : *' v ■ j • %T '
jeet of sermon, "The Apipeal of His
Warning." .Sunday school at 2 p. in.
Men's prayer meeting at 10 a. m. Ju
nior I.other ljesgue at 5.30 p. in.
Senior blither league at 6.30 p. in.
Topic, '" The Righteousness That Ex
ceeds.leader, Paul Clouser. Matt.
S:SO. Special music by the Male quax
Zion. South Fourth Street—The Rev.
S. Winllcld Herman, pastor. Morning
service at 10.30 o'clock. Subject of
sermon, "Bearing (Prist's Cross."
Kvening service at 7.30 o'clock. Sub
ject of sermon, "The White Stone."
Sunday school at 1.45 p. ni. Men's
class at 1.50 p. m. Men's Devotional
service at 10 a. m. Seuior Catechetical
hour at 6.30 p. m. Ijenteu services Wed
nesday and Friday evenings.
Messiah. Sixth and Forster Streets —-
The tt«v. W. A. Hanson, pastor. Morn
ing service at 10.30 oVlook. Sermon
by the pastor. Evening service at
7.30 o'clock. Subject of sermou, "The
Life otf a Nobody." Sunday school at
2 p. in.
Augjijurg, Fifth and Mueneh Streets
—The Rev. Amos Maxwell Staniets,
pastor. Morning service at 10.30
o'clock. Subject of sermon, "The
Syrophanecitui Woman's Daughter."
Evening service at 7.30 o'clock. Sub
ject of sermon. "Poest Thou Believe
in the Son of God?" Sunday school at
2 p. m. Christian Endvavor at 6.30
p. m.
Christ. Thirteenth and Thompson
Streets —Tine Rev. Thomas Reiseh, Ph.
D., pastor. Morning service at 10.30
o'clock. Subject, "Children. Heirs,
Co-Heirs. Evening service at 7.30
o'clock. Dr. Reisch invites the public,
to consider with liiiu the subject:
"Why Should IBe a Christian I'' Sun
day school at 2p. in. Men's Bible class
at 2 p. m. W. L Looser will lecture on
the subject of • ■ leadership.'' Mrs.
Krohn will sing. Christian Endeavor
Society at 6.30 p. in.
Betbleheni—The Kev. ,1. Bradley
Markward. D. D., pastor. Morning serv
ice at 10.30 o'clock. Sifbject of ser
mon. '"How Men live." Evening serv
ice at 7.30 o'clock. Subject of ser
mon. '•Pinnacle Power.'' Sunday school
at 1.45 p. m. Christian Endeavor pray
er meeting at 6.30 p. m.
Riverside—Sunday school at 2 p. m.
Preaching at 3 p. m. by the Kev. E. IS.
St. Mark's. West Fairview —The
Rev. A. G. Wolf, pastor. Preaching at
10.30 a. m. Slinky school at 1.30 p.
m. Y. P. S. C. K. at 6.15 p. m.
St. Paul's. New Cumberland —The
Rev. A. G. Wolf, pastor. Sunday school
at 9.30 a. m. Y. I'. S. C. K. at 6 p. in.
and-preaching at 7 p. m.
Trinity, ( amp Hill—The Rev. Dr. K.
D. Weigle. pastor. Morning worship at
10.30 o 'clock. Subject o-f sermon,
"Crumbs From Their Master's Table."
Evening worship at 7.30 o'clock. Sub
ject of sermon, "Christ the Saviour of
Sinners." Sunday school at 9.15 a. in.
Sewing Circle, Saturday, at 2.30 p. m.
Junior Cate helical class, Suudav, at
2 p. m. Mid-week services. Wednesday,
at 7.30 p. m. Senior Catechetical class,
Fridav, at 7.30 p. m.
Ridge Avenue, Sixth and Herr Streets
—The Rev. John Henry Daugherty,
pastor. "Children of the liight" at
10.30 a. m. "A Gospel Message'' at
7.30 p. ni. Sunday school at 2 p. m.
Devotional meeting of Epworth League
at 6.30 p. in. Class meeting at 9 a. m.
Fifth Street—The Rev. B. H. Hart,
pastor. Praise meeting at 9.30 a. ni.
Morning sermon at 10.30 o'clnek. Sub
ject of sermon, "The Visionary Man."
Sun ay school at 2 p. m. Junior league
at 3 p. in. Epworth League devotional
meeting at 6.30 p. m. At 7.30 p. m„ a
sermon to girls. Subject, "The Maid
of Domreiny."
Epworth—The Rev. J. D. W. Deavor.
pastor. Class meeting at 9 a. ui. Sun
day sehool at 10 a. in. Preaching at 11
a. m. Subject. "The Law of the Har
vest." Epworth League Devotional
meeting at 6.30 p. in. Revival service
at 7.30 p. m. Sermon, subject. "The
Two Great Processions of the Bible."
Stevens Memorial. Thirteenth and
Vernon Streets—The Rev. l>r. Clayton
Albert Smucker. pastor. Class meeting
at 9.30 a. m. Morning prayer and ser
mon at 10.30 o'clock. Subject of ser
mon. "The Modern Hypocrite." Sun
day school at 2 p. m. Epworth League
at 6.30 p. m. Sunday evening closing
service at 7.30 o'clock. Subject of ser
mou, "Mother Eve and the First
Child." Rousing music. You are in
vited to attend all services.
Grace—The Rev. J. D. Fox, D. D.,
pastor. Class meeting at 9.30 a. m.
"The Day's Doings" at 10.30 a. nf.
Sunday school and Men's Bible Class
at 1.45 p. m. Epworth League at 6.45
p. in. "Triumphs ani Trophies of Di
vine Grace" at 7.30 p. in. Prayer meet
ing, Wednesday, at 7.30 p. m."
St. Paul's, Vine Street Near Front—
The Rev. Robert W. Runyan, pastor.
Morning service at 10.30 *o'clock. Sub
ject of <ermon, "Shall We Be Afraid
Death f" Evening service at 7.30
o'clock. Subject of sermon, "The Sec
ond Coming of Christ." Suu'lav school
at 1.45 p. m. Epw-orth League devo
tional meeting at 6.30 p. oi.
Fine street. Third ami Pine Streets
■—The Rev. Lewis Seymour Mudge, D.
'D., pastor; the Rev. .J. S. Armentrout,
assistant pastor. Morning service at
10.30 o'clock. Sermon on John 20:21,
"Why, the Chruchf Evening service
at 7.30 o'clock. Sermon on John 1:43
"On Following Christ." Sunday school
at 1.30 o'clock, elementary depart
ments. International graded lessons.
Sunday school at 1.4 v o'clock, advanced
departments, Adult Bible classes. Senior
C. E. Society at 6.30 p. ra. Mid week
service at 7.30 o'clock. Subject, "IHow
Jesus Loves."
Capital Street, Capital and Forster
Streets —The Rev. B. M. Ward, pastor.
Public worship commences at 10.45 a.
in., sermon topie, "Sacrifice Reward
ed," from Ecles. 11:1. Sunday school
at 12.30 p. in. Christian Endeavor at
p. in. The evening worship to be
gin at 7.45, when a musical program
will be rendered by the choir. Short
addresses fey the pastor and others.
Westminster, lireen and Reily Streets
—The Rev. E. E. Curtis, pastor. Church
at 10.30 a. m., "Make the Best of
What You Have." Sunday school at
1.45 p. m. Christian Endeavor at 6.30
o'clook. Church at 7.30, "iHow to Be
Market Square—The Rev. William
B. Cooke, minister in charge. iMorn
ing service at 11 o'clock. Evening
service at 7.30 o'clock. Sunday school
at 9.45 o'clock. Y. P. S. C. E. at 6.30.
Wednesdjy. Junior Endeavor at 4.30;
prayer meeting at 7.30. Mission study
class at 5.30. Friday, women's prayer
meeting at 3 o'clock; cqmntuuioanta'
class at 7.30.
Immanuel, Sixteenth and Juniper
Streets—The Rav. H. Everett Hallman,
pastor. Morning sorriee at 10 o 'clock.
Evening service at 7.30 o'cloek. Sun
day school at 11.1'5 o'clock.
Covenant Presbyterian, fifth , «ml
Peffer Streets—The Hev. Harvey
Klaer, pastor. Morning service at
10.30 o'clock. Subject of sermon, "The
Forgiveuoss at Sins.'' Evening service
at 7.30 o'clock. Subject of sermon,
"The life Story of Abraham," Illus
trated. Sunday school at 2 o'clock. Y.
I*. S. C. E. Sunday at 6.50, Sunshine
Mission Band at 6.15.
Olivet, Derry and lvittatiniiy Street#
—The Rev. William O. Yates, pastor.
'Morning service at t0.30 o'elork. Swh
ject of sermon, "Stephen, the Mar
tyr." Kveuiug service at 7.30 p'dock.
Subject of sermou. "Love the Girdle otf
a Christian Warrior." Sunday school
at Z o'clock. Midweek praver service
Wednesday evening at 7.4®.
Calvary, Cameron and Sycamore
Streets —The Rev. Frank P. Mackenzie,
pastor. Morning service at 10.15
o'clock. Subject of sermou, "Our Re
sponsibility to Others." Evening serv
ice at 7.30 o'clock. Subject of ser
mou. "Listening for Hod." Sunday
school at 9 o'clock. \. P. 8. C. K. Sunday
evening at 6.30. Midweek service Wed
nesday evening at 7.30.
The Fourth. Market and Sixteenth
Streets—The Rev. Vlomer Sk-yles May,
pastor. 'Morning service at 10.46
o'clock. Subject of sermon, "The liv
ing Epistle." Kveniug service at 7.30
o'clock. Subject of sermon. "Why Are
You Called a <*hristiant" Sunday
school at 9.30 o'clock. Heidelberg C.
E. at 6.30.
St. John's. Fourth and Maelav
Streets—The Rev. G. W. Hartman, pas
tor. Morning service at 11 o'clock.
Subject of sermon, "iiod and Mam
j moil." Evening service at 7.30 o'clock.
Subject of sermon, "The ruescapable
Christ. " Sunday school at 9.45 o'clock.
Y. P. S. K. at 6.30.
Seelhid, Broad and Green Streets—
The Rev. Harry Nelson Basslcr, pastor.
| Morning service at 10.30 o'rlock. Even
ing service at 7.30 o'clock. Sunday
school at 1.45 o'clock. Bible class at
1.50. Y. P. S. C. E. at 6.30.
St. Matthew's. Enola—The Rev.
W. R. Hartzell, pastor. Evening service
at 7.30 o'clock. Sunday school at 9.4 c
I o'clock. C. E. at 6.45.
St. Andrew's, Penbrook—The Rev. W.
H. Hartzell, pastor. Morning service at
10.30 o'clock. Sunday school at 9.30
o clock. Mnsicale under auspices of the
Men'c Bible class on Thursday at 7.45
p. m.
Market Street. Market and Fifteenth
Streets—The Rev. W. H. Dallman.
pastor. 10.30, ser-uon by the Rev. J.
H. Paimer. 7.30, sermon by the Rev.
''. A. Soars, D. D. Sunday school at
11.30. \ oung People's meeting at
6:30. Prayer meeting Wednesday at
7.45. The Rev. C. A. Sohrs, D. D., of
Philadelphia, is secretary of the Penn
sylvania Baptist State Mission Society.
St. Paul's, State and Cameron
Streets—The Rev. E Luther Cunuing
huui, pastor. 10.30, " Regeneratiou—
Its Meahs." 7.30, evangelistic serv
ice. Sunday school at 12.30. B. Y.
P. I*. at 6.30. Special evangelistic
service on Sunday evening; aiuging in
spiring and helpful. Prayer meeting
Wednesday at 8 p. iu. All cordially in
l'irst. Second and Pine Streets —The
Rev. W. S. Booth, pastor. 10.30,
"Lights of the World." 11.30,
Sunday scthool. 6.30, C. E. 7.30,
"The Atonement," second of a series
on "The Theology of a Modern Man."
Tabernacle, Forster Street Ne-u
.Sixth—The Rev. Calvin A. Hare, pas
tor. 10.30, sermon by the Rev. C. A.
Scars. D. D., of Philadelphia, secretary
of the Pennsylvania State Mission
Board. 7.30, the people's
song and evangelistic service, with
short sermon by the pastor on "The
Stone of Stumbling." Bible school at
11.30. Y. P. meeting at 6.30.
Second, Cameron Street—The Rev,
Albert Josia). Greene, A. 8., pastor.
10, prayer and praise, led by the sis
ters. 7.30, I'terary and musical pro
gram. Suudav school at 12. B. Y. P,
U. at 6.30 Home rally closes. Sun
day school rally at 12. Youug Peo
ple's meeting at 6.30.
Fourth Street—The Rev. l)r. William
X. Yates, pastor. 10.30. "Receiving
Jesus." 7.30, •' Becoming Sons of
God." Sunday school at 1.40. Junior
C. E. at 3. Senior and Intermediate
C. E. at 6.30. Men's Bible class at
1.40. Dr. Yates will speak ou ,"A
Good Man."
Pleasant View —The Rev. George «W.
Harper, pastor. Sunday school at 9.45.
10.45, "The Departure of the Lord."
Junior C. E. .it 3. Senior C. E. at
6.45. 7.30, "The Everlasting King
dom. " Praver uieeuug Weduesdav at
Xagle Street —The Rev. J. A. Staub,
pastor. 10.30/ "Christian Warfare.''
7.30, evangelistic services. Sunday
school at 1.30. Junior C. E. at 9.15.
Senior C. L. at 6.45. Men's mass meet
ing at 3 o'cloek; address by Dr. Wil
liain Yates.
Green Street —The Rev. C. H. Grove,
pastor. 10.30. "Influence of ttoe
Righteous." 7.30, "Enticement of
Sinners.'' Sunday school at 2. Jun
ior C. E. at 3. Senior C. E. at 6.30.
Prayer meeting and Bibla study Wed
nesday evening.
Penbrook, 2733 Canby Street —The
Rev. Jay C. Fornerook, pastor. Morn
ing service at 10.30. 7.30, "Mis
sions." Sunday school at 9.30. C. E.
at 6.40. Prayer meeting Wednesday
at 7.45 p. m.
Maclay Street, Fourth and Maelay
Streets —The Rev. F. I. M. Thomas,
pastor. 11, "The True Path.'' .7.30,
"A Call to * Sincerity." Sunday
school at 9.45. Y. P. S. C. E. at 6.30.
Prayer service Wednesday at 7.30 p.
m. Junior C. E. at 6.30 p. m.
Den-v Street, Fifteenth and Derry
Streets —The Rev. J. A. Lyter, D. D.,
pastor. Morning service at 10.30.
Evening service at 7.30 Sunday
school at S. Y. P. S. C. E. at 6.30.
On account of the illness of the pastor,
the Rev. Harry E. L'lrich, of Princeton
University, will deliver <both morning
and evening sermons.
Sixth Street. Sixth and Seneca
Streets—The Hev. P. Hummel Bals
baa"b pastor. Praise service at 9.45.
10*>, "The Place of Prayer." 7.30,
Dark Day in Eden." Sunday
school at 1.45. Junior C. E. at 5.45.
Senior C. E. at 6.30. Saturday evening
cottage prayer meeting at the home of
George Bender, 640 Woodbine street.
First. Boas Street —The Rev. J. T.
Spangler, pastor. 10.30, "Supreme De
votion and the Holy Spirit." 7.30,
"iHow the Other Half Lives." Sun
day school at 1.45. C. E. at 6.45.
State Street, Eighteenth and State
Streets—The Rev. E. A. G. Bossier,
pastor. 10.45, "The Second Coming of
Uhrist and the Believer's Expectation."
7.30, "Christ, the Savior of Meu's
Live*." Sunday school at #.30. Jun
ior C. E. at «. Y. P. a C. E. at 6.30.
Praytr servica preparatory to commun
ion Wednesday at 7.30 p. m.
Otterbeln, Reily and Fourth Streets
—The Bev. 8. Edwin Rupp, pastor.
10.30, "Help On® Another. 7.80,
"The Father's Business." Sunday
school at S, C, E. at 6.30.
St. Paul's, BtneraM and Second
Streets —The Bev. Floyd Appletou, rec
tor. Second Sunday in Lent. Holy Com
munion at 8. 11l a. m. service and ser
mon. Subject, "The Christian Vows."
Sunday scthool at 2.30. 7.45 p. ui. serv
iee and sermon. Subject, "The Use of
Leat." Next Wednesday sight the Rev.
J. M. Gilbert will be the preacher.
Many of his old friends will be glad to
welcome the former rector upon his
first return from his present homo in
West Chester.
Mount Calvary, Camp Hill —The
Hm . O. H. Bridgman. Evening service
at 7.30. Sunday school at 2.30.
St. Augustine's, Thirteenth and Hen-
Streets—Archdeacon E. L. Henderson,
rector. Morning prayer, litany and ser
mon at 11. Sunday school at 12.30.
Evening prayer ami sermon at 7.30.
St. Andrew's, Nineteenth and Mar
ket Streets —The Rev. James F. Bul
litt, rector. Morning prayer, ante-com
munion and sermon at 10.30. Sunday
school and Bible classes at 12. Evening
prayer and sermon at 7.30.
Church of the Brethren, Hummel
Street—Preaching by the Rev. A. K.
HoMlnger at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m.
Sunday school at 10. Christian Work
ers at 6.45.
Harris Street—Men's prayer meet
ing at 9.30. Sermon by the Rev. H. B.
Hartzler, D. D., at 10.3*0. Sunday school
at 2. ('. E. at 6.40. Sermon by Bishop
Hart Tiler at 7.30.
The christian and Missionary Al
liance, Swab Building. Thirteenth and
Market Streets. Second Floor, Room 3
—The Rev. W. 11. Worrall. |*>stor. Sun
day school :»t 9.30. Preaching at 10.30
а. m. i:nd 7.30 p. m. Meeting on Tues
day evening at 7.30,
Associated Bible Students—The
regular Sunday services will be held at
Cameron's Hall, 105 'North Second
street. Berean studv at 2. Hade 1 study
at 3. Any interested in Bible study are
Fourth Street Church of Christ—The
"Rev. J. G. Smith, pastor. Morning sea-v
--ice at 11. Subject, "The Tragedy of
the Incomplete." Evening service lit
7.30. Subject, "Calling Out the Re
serves." Sunday school at 10. C. E. at
A. M. E.
Asbury, Hcrr Street—The Rev. Irv
iity H. Carpenter, pastor. Morning serv
ice at 11. Subject, "The Immutable
Faith." Evening service ut 8. The Rev.
E. Henderson, will preach. Subject,
"God's People." Sunday school at 2.
League at 7.
Bethel, Briggs and Ash Streets —The
Rev. IT.l T . G. Leep'er, pastor. Morning
service at 10.30. Subject, "The Model
Prayer." Evening servioe at 7.30. Ts
li'.stratcd sermon. Sunday n.-Iioo! at 1.
C. E. at 6.30. program.
First Church of Christ, Scientist,
Board of Trade Hall. Sunday 11a. m.
and 7.30 p. m. Testimonial meeting,
Wednesday, S p. ;n. Free reading rooms,
Knnkel building, 1.30 to 5 p. m., daily,
also Mondav and Saturdav evenings.
Storekeeper and Clerk Slain, Apparent
ly By Raiders
Madisonville, Kv., Feib. 27.—This
section, the scene of a number of depre
dations committed by night riders, was
stirred yesterday by the discovery of
what apparently wan a double murder
at Hamby Station, near here.
Demmett Woodruff, proprietor of a
store, aiiif Glover Hoard, his clerk,
were found dead enrlv yesterday moru
iuij. Both had been shot. Woodruff's
body was lying near the rear of the
store nnd Hoard's inside. Pepper had
been sprinkled in the footsteps of their
slavers, apparently to baffle pursuit by
The authorities have no clew, but at
tribute the murders to night ridene.
t Stations, points of interest.
; In tli* Center of Everything
i; Remodeled Re-decorated —Re- R
5 furnished. European plan. Everr 8
5 convenience. .... S
5 Khii. wltuwit tatfc 11.80 S
Rmim. with »-00
■i Hot and cold running fc,
water in all rooms.
We are especially equipped .for &
Conventions. Write for full details. §
lew Lakes, PmM-Hau(tr ' <
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Coupon Taken From To-day's Issue En
ables You to Witness Performance
for Nominal Sum of Twonty-tive
' ~ I
It isn't often tlint you are able to
enjoy vour choice of any seat at the
Majestic Theatre for the small sum of
25 cents to witness a road attraction,
yet the Star-Independent has a plan
whereby this will be possible ucxt Mon
dav evening at the opening performance
of Thurston, the magician, who opens
a three days' engagement Monday
night. March Ist.
The Star-Independent, by special ar
rangement with Mr. Thurston and C.
Floyd Hopkins, manager of the Ma
jestic, is printing to-day a coupon wliieb
should be clipped from the paper. This
coupon and 25 cents, when presented
at the Majestic Theatre box office, will
entitle the holder to their choice of
seats for the Monday night perform
ance. No one is limited to anv num
ber of coupons. The more you clip the
merrier and when accompanied by 25
cents each you can have as many seats
as you have coupons. Present your
coupons at the box office Saturday and
reserve your seats for Monday night.
America is a trifle boastful of some
of the accomplishments of the Yankee
race, and certainly we have reason to
be proud of Thurston who has amused
nations and made them pay for it.
Thurston talks English or at least
Americanese. He talks all the time lie
works—ami then some. He uses lan
guage to divert you from what he is
doing. If you speak English and un
derstand what he isrsaying, you will
find that his conversation dazzles,
sparkles, electrifies, lie is wise, witty,
subtle, keen and has a vocabulary like
a circus ad-writer. Ami here is the
strange part—the people who do not
know a word of English enjoy Thurston
just as much as those who do, which
shows you what a superfluity words
really are.
Every triok of every magician who
ever lived is known to Thurston. He
makes no pretense at exposing any
particular faitli or fail, but all of tho
so-called apparitions or spirits Thurs
ton duplicates right before you. In
Egypt, Japan, China and India, the
very homes of mystery. Thurston made
his greatest successes during his three
year tour round the world." If he were
to wear all the dccgrations that have
been given him by nionarchs it would
increase his weight considerably. The
coupon appears in another column, cut
it out and enjoy a treat.
Scranton Mayor's Message Fails to
Solve Mine Cave Problem
Scranton, Feb. 27.—Mayor Germyn's
anticipated message, which he tsaid
would "solve the mine cave prwblom,"
was read to Council yesterday after
noon in the presence of more than 100
citizens who, having an inkling of what
the Mayor proposed, were on hand to
, The message disclosed a plan where
by the People's Coal Company would
refrain from further mining under Main
avenue, the leading thoroughfare in
West Scranton, on condition that units
now pendiug against tho coal company ,
be stopped. Council passed a resolution i
instructing tho city solicitor to proceed
with the suits.
False Entries Found on Books of a
Building Association
Pottsville, Pa., Feb. 27.—Following
the discovery of false entries upon the
books of theTranklin (Building and Loan
Association, of Tower City, a warrant i
was issued yesterday for the arrest of
Harry Ressler by Justice C. T. Horn. *
Ressler is one of the officers of the
association which has been under in
vestigation several weeks by Bank Ex
aminer <_'avett, .Jtho is acting as prose
cutor on behalf of the State.
Committees Appointed to Secure Char
ter and Select CentraUy Located
, Headquarters—Draw Up Constitu
tion and By-Laws
Wlieu iiiftv or more old firemen of
the several tire companies of Harrisburg
met ia*t night, iu the Citizen Fire House
and organized th» Veteran Voluntoer
Firemen's Association, Howard 1 O. llol
stein was unanimously elocted presi
dent. Two cOßimittees were apipoint
ed, one to apply t»> the Dauphin county
court for a . barter and the other to se
cure suitable headquarters in the cen
tral section of the city.
After the constitution and by-laws
were drawn up the secretary wt»b au
thorized to send letters to the different
fire houses, telling the Objects of the
new association ami requesting the fire
men to take action on it at the monthly
board meetings. The admission fee to
the new organization is $3, which will
remain the same until June 1, when
the charter will be closed.
The association will meet the la«t
Friday of each month. Annual meet
ings will be hald iu January.
These officers were elected: 'William
L Jauss, Washington I Vim puny, vice
president; E. l/evi Tittle, Hope, record
ing secretary; Thaddeus S. Clews. Camp
Ctirtin, financial secretary; Augustus
Wildinnn, Camp Curtin, treasurer;
Charles Spicer, Washington, for three
years; A. L. Patton, Heily, for two
years, and George Ellis, Good Will, for
one vear. as trustees; .lohu Williamson,
j (iood Will; William Tunis, Mt. Vernon,
j and Jesse .Smith, Allison, auditing com
mittee; Edward Eislev, Allison; Thad
deus ("less, Camp Curtin, and William
Honvers, Koynl, membership committee;
John 11. Williamson, delegate to State
Firemen's convention, and Lewis H.
Lickle, Royal, alternate.
The committee selected to make ap
plication for charter comprises .John
H. Williamson, A. L. Patton, Augustus
i Wildiuan, William Tunis and Charles
P. Meek.
The committee to search for qunrtert
consists of Howard O. Holsteiu, E.
Levi Tittle, T. S. Cless, Augustus Wild
man. Charles Spicer, A. L. Patton and
George Ellis.
Winter Doubles Work
In summer the work of eliminating i
poisons and acids from the blood is'
helped by perspiration. In cold weather,
with little out door work or exercise to
cause sweating, the kidneys have to do
double work. Foley Kidney Pills help
overworked, weak and diseased kidneys
to filter and cast out of the blood the
waste matter that causes pains in sides
or back, rheumatism, lumbago, stiffness
of joints, sore muscles and other ills re
sulting from improper elimination.—
George A. Gorgas, 16 North Third
Street, P. R. R. Station.—Adv.
Pennsylvania Charged With Violating
Employes' Law As to Hours
Kterantou, Fob. 27.—District Attor
ney Burnett, of this federal district,
yesterday brought suit against the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company, cliarg- j
ing violations in forty-two instances of !
federal laiws regulating hours of em- j
It in charged that between October
12, 1914, and Deeem'ber 29, 1914, the
company permitted nine crews on runs*
between Northumberland and Harris
burg and Northumberland and Marys
ville to work 17 and 21 hours at a
stretch. The penalty in each case is
Held on Bribery Charge
Sunbury, Feb. 27.—Charged with at
tempting to bribe T. G. Ryan, of Dan
ville, depntty State fire marshal, Samuel
Rosen, a Northumberland merchant,
was h(jld yesterday in SSOO bail for a
! hearing by Squire Dewitt here. Three
weeks ago Rosen was arrested, charged
with setting fire to his clothing store
at Northumberland, which was insared
for $3,000. Ryan alleges that Rosen
offered him $25 to use his influence
with the State authorities to have the
first case settled.
Burglar's Big Haul at Malianoy
Mahanoy City, Pa., Feb. 27.—•Con
tinuing their operations, burglars dur
ing the night entered the saloons of
H. J. Flannery, Thomas Rich and Ignatz.
Spec at I.Mahanoy Plane, and in addi
tion to wines and liquors, stole more
than $250 and considerable jewelry.
The Yaws
On the west coast of Africa -Hie na
tives call th,> raspberry a yaw. It hap
pens that one of the pleasing diseased
that come out from that quarter of the
globe is characterize*! by dusky red
apots that a|ypear on the body and soon
grow into ulcers about the size and
looks of the raspberry. So this disease
is called the yaws. It is contagious
and downright disagreeable. White
sailors bring it back with them to their
oiwu discomfort and the disgust of
those at home. Yaws prevails also in
the Fiji islands and in Samoa, but in
these two places children mainly are
attacked, and the natives regard the
disease in the same light as civilized
persons look at measles—almost a cer
tainty to have and the sooner over
with the better.
Charge Against Ohio Woman, With $3
Alleged Purchase Price
'Rollefontaino, 0., Fob. 27.—'Paying
$5 for a baby, which alio later poisoned,
Is the charge against 'Mrs. Charles
IBentz, arrested yesterday on a charge
tff murdering "Stella IMay Maiblou,"
two months old. Mrs. Bent/, claims the
child was 'born to her hist November,
but the State claims to have found the
baby's mother aud have her ntlidavit
that she gave the baby to 'Mrs. JJentv.
for a consideration of $5.
The accused claims the baby died
suddenly from choking. The affidavit
charges morphine was administered.
No Bigger Than a Baseball, It Cracks
Sliantokin, ,Pa., Feb. 27.—Robert Hu
dock was standing a prop along a
breast ill theillickory itidge yesterday,
when a lump of coal no larger than a
basebaii fell from tho roof and landed
on his head.
'He said he was not injured mucli;
but shortly afterward he went to a hos
fpital and died. His skull had been frac
Judge Opposes a Sideboard
(Berwick, 'Pa., Feb. 27.—.President
Judge Kvans, of the Columbia county
court, of whom the Berwick Club, the
town's oldest ami best 'known social
club, rents its rooms, yesterday served
notice on the club that unless it elim
inates the sideboard feature the lease
would not he renewed. Except for three
clubs ißerwick is to-day without a bar.
See Coupon
for Thurston
on Page 9
December Term, 1910. Na. 479 i.
SAMUEL REA, Trustee,
Pursuant to decree of the Court of ComoftCHi
Pleas No. ft, for Philadelphia County, male la
the above entitled case Novem-ber Ift, 1913. at
amended Octooer 10, 1014, Samuel Uea, Subititut
ed 'trustee under the mortgage given aud exe<*ut
ed July 1, 1870, by Pennsylvania Canal Company
ft* Herman Lomhaert as original trustee, t»
secure the paYiucnt of Its coupon bonds to the
amount of ItMXHMJOO. of the denomination of sl.-
000. due July 1. 1910, of which b<nds t«j the
am.not of fI.IHS.OIK) arc outstanding due and
unpaid, i*»on which dcfjtult was made when they
fell due on aald first day of July, l#lo. will sell
at Public Auction, at 12 o'clock noon. at l."» 21
Chestnut street. Philadelphia. Pa . on wedneadsy.
April 7, 1016, the properties, rights and privi
leges hereinafter briefly descrll>ed, reference being
Bade to said decree for a full description, on ibe
conditions and terms of sale hereinsftei aet forth.
(a.) That portion, being about 6 71-100 miles la
length, of the Wyoming Division of the Canal ex
tending from Northampton etr«*et. in the City of
Wilkes-llurre, to the eastern bouudary of tbat por
tion of the Canal which wax conveyed by th<» Canal
Co. to Harry E. Fauacr by deed dated February
24. 1900; subject as to part thereof, to the lights
snd casement for railroad purposes granted b> the
Caral Co. to the North and West Brunch Rallwav
Co. by deed dated August. 13, 1883. and recorded
In Luxerne County In Deed Book 290. page 326;
aud subject to the grant of coal and other min
eraK etc., underlying tlx* same part thereof made
by the Canal Co. to Charlea Parrisb by d»ed dated
Ita-ember 31, 1883, recorded in Luaerue County ia
Deed Book No. 241, page 30.
tb.) Such right sa the Canal Co. may hare to
reconstruct and maintain the dam across the
West Brnacb of the Susquehanna River near
.Montgomery, in the County of Lffcorn/ng, and
knowu aa the Muncy Dum, and the portion of the
West Branch Division of the canal. about one
mile In length, contiguous to the site of the said
dsm. externum* from a point 400 feet Wastwardly
measured uloug the South property line of s;i ld
Canal from the intense, tlou of said property line
with a line In prolongation Southwardly <a«'ioss
the canal) of the breast of said Muncy Dam, to
a point In a line in prolongation Southwardly,
across the. canal, of the Wosterly Hue of the
Lock House lot at Ixx>k No. 19, In the Township
of Montgomery. County of Li coining, totutber
with the right to flood certain lands above said
(c.l That psrt of the portion of the Weal
Branch Division of the Canal in Snyder County
extending from Sellnsgrove railroad bridge to ths
former site of Penn's Creek Aqueduct, a dis
tance of p.liout 3 3-10 miles, which was reserved
to the Canal Company In its deed to the Northern
Central Connecting Railroad Company, dsted Oc
tober 24. 1903 and recorded In Snyder Co.. it
Miscellaneous Book No. 6. page 378 a.
(d.l That portion having a length of about ftO
feet of the Juniata Division of tho Canal at
Juniata Junction. Dauphin County, extending from
tlx* Eastward boundary of the Canal as conveyed
by <he Canal Co. to the P. R R. Co. by deed
dated October 18, 1899, to the Woatprn boundary
of the Eastern Division of said Oanal.
fei That portion of the Eastern Division of the
Canal, at aald Juniata Junction, extending South
warily from the Southern boundary of the Canal
as conveyed by the Canal Co. to the Northern
Central Connecting R. R. Co. by deed dated Octo
ber 24. 1903, to and lucludlng the lock to the pool
at Clark's Ferry dam. Together with
the four frame dwelling: houses thereon.
If.) The bridge across the Susquehanna River
at .Clarks Kerry in the Township of Reed, County
of Dauphin, known as Clarks Fern River bridge,
having a length of twenty hundred and eighty
eight (2085*) feet more or less, subject to condem
nation proceeding* heretofore instituted by tha
County of Dauphin to acquire the bridge, together
with the right to the damages awarded therefor.
Is.) Tbat portion of tho Wlconlsoo Division of
the Canal in Dauphin County extending from a
Point lftO feet sliove 1h»- head of the outlet MMi
known as "No. 1" at Clarks Ferry, Westwaillty
a distance of <OO feet, more or I.js, to a poll I »f
the Intake silo from the Susuuetianna River a**|
dam across said River st Clsrks Ferry, togetha*
with the *ramc dwelling thereon, having an esti
mated srea of about one acre.
Also, all the personal pi<iperty of the Canal Co.
and all the estntc. right, title and fntercat of the
Canal Co. of, In and to all r»al estate, real prop
erty rights and privileges of every kind soever
forming p.irt of. connected with or belonging or In
any way appertaining to the works and property
now or heretofore known as the Pennsylvania
Canal lexeeptlng th* parts,and portions heretofore
sold and conveyed by the Canal Co.) and all and
singular the corporate rights and of the
Canal Co. and generally all property whatever and
wheresoever, real, personal and m!x*l. thereto be
longing and In any way appertaining.
1. The several above described premises will
be flrst oflered for sale separately, and the® all
of the said premises as a whole, to the highest
and beat bidders, subject to continuation by the
2. Twenty-five ner cent, of the amount of any
accepted hid siiall be paid at the time <>f aale. In
cash. and the balance of the purchase money sbsll
be paid upon confirmation of the sale by the
Court, without any liability of the pur-baser to
see to the Application of the purchase money.
"The condemnation proceedings here
tofore instituted to acquire Cl&rka
Ferry lUver Bridge (see 44 1 supra) have
been dismissed by the Court since thia
advertisement first appeared, and there
fore the sale of said bridge will not
be subject thereto."