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Met at the Home of Mr. and Mrs. J.
H. Good Last Night, Where They
Spent a Merry Evening— Guests
Wore Colonial Costumes
The Sunday school class of West
minster Presbyterian church taught by
Dr H. B. Walter held an enjoyable so
ial at the home of Mr. aud Mrs. J.
H. Good, 1925 Penn street, last night.
The guests wore beautiful colonial cos
tumes in keeping with the Washing
ton's Birthday anniversary and the
decorations and refreshments were car
ried out along the same Hues.
Those present were the Rev. E. E.
Curtis, Mrs. H. J. Curtis, Dr. F. B.
Walter, Mrs. Sara A. Walter, Mrs. J.
G Martin, Mrs. W. J. Mowerv, Mrs.
H O. Hubler, Mrs. W. F. Kaysor, Mrs.
James Bates, Mrs. J. Earl Hoerner,
Mrs. P. K. Harris, Mrs. Mary Henry,
Mrs. Charles Hasson, Mrs. J. K. Dun
can. Mrs. Eugene Davis, Mrs. Jacob
Seff. Mrs. David McCahan, Mrs.
Charles Gardner, Mrs. James Jinn, Mrs.
W. H. Arndt, Mrs. William Stark,
Mrs. Randell, Miss Bertie Sprinkle,
Miss Mildred Gorman, Miss Mary Eliz
abeth Curtis, Miss Pearl Baker, Miss
Viola Gardner, Miss Attie Mowerv,
iMiss Mayme Sellers.
Pupils in Recital
Pupils of Prof. E. A. Kepner held a
recital in the studio, 310 Market
street, last evening, assisted by Miss
tMarv Worley. The following program
was rendered:
"American Medley. Elenor Baker:
"Melody of Love," Xaoma Grand;
"In Rank and File," Mrs. Floyd Co
der; " Humoresque," Florence * Weir;
duet, Mrs. William Fry and Ed. King;
"Shepherd's Dream." Dorothy Paul;
"Rose Fay," Alineda Phillips:
"Valse." Marie Baum; "Morning
Prayer," Mrs. William Fry; duet, "II
Trovatore," Mary and Anna Green;
"Con Amour," Kathleen Worlev:
"The Rose," Mildred Staufjer; vocal
solo, selected, Mary Worley; "Wild
Roses Waltz," Mildred Reed; duet.
"Jolly Blacksmiths," Francis and Ma
bel Shaffer: vocal solo, selected, Hilda
Famous: "The Butterflies," Aletha
Wilson; trio, "Valse.'' Almeda Phil
lips. iMary and Anna Green; vocal duet,
selected. Hilda Famous and Liila
Spencer; duet, "The Jolly Copper
smith," Hilda Famous and -Lila Spen
cer; "April Smiles," Rebecca Miclilo
vitz and Mary Levin.
W&g Every Sip
Is Satisfaction
and suggests the aroma and flavour of mild high
grade Java. That's because the roasted "berry" of
wheat, from which Postum is made, has a snappy
flavour remarkably like that of the roasted coffee
berry. The real taste is a delightful savor dis
tinctively Postum —rich and nourishing.
Lnlike coffee, Postum never imposes upon its
users a tribute of headache, nervousness, bilious
ness, sleeplessness, heart flutter and other ills, be
cause Postum contains not a particle of the coffee
drug, caffeine, or any other harmful ingredient.
is the concentrated form of this pure cereal food
drink. No boiling required—made in the cup with
hot water — instantly! A\ onderfullv convenient for
the home, for travel, for the picnic—handv anv
where. Delicious! 30c and 50c.tins:
If coffee is interfering with your comfort and
success, as it does for most users, suppose you shift
"There's a Reason"
Postum may also be had in the original form—
which must be well boiled—lsc aud 25c packages.
Both forms of Postum are equally wholesome and
delicious, and cost per cup about the same.
—sold by Grocers everywhere.
The Rev. Thomas Reisch and Wife
Honored by ladies of
Bible Glass
William iHetrick, teacher of the la
dies' Bible class of Christ Lutheran
church, and the members of the class
gave the pastor anil his wife, the Rev.
Thomas Reisch and Mrs. Reisch, a de
lightful surprise party at the parson
age, 1311 berry street, last evening.
A splendid program of voeal and in
strumental selections and addresses
was given, after which refreshments
were served.
Those present were the Rev. and
Mrs. Reisch, Mr. and Mrs. C. G.
Thorpe, Mrs. Booth, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs.
Slentz, Mrs. C. M. Shaffer, Mrs. Robert
Gardner, Mrs. J. B. Fast, Miss F. A.
Graeff, Mrs. Charles Emerick, Mrs.
Kauffman. Mrs. Schuyler, Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Repp. Mrs. C. B. Strickler, Mrs.
Margaret Kutz, Mrs. W. B. Sliader,
Mrs. J. "W. Lentz. Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Shader, iMr. and Mrs. M. H. Ba
ker. Mr. and Mrs. Strffv, Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Lyons, Miss Sadie Urioh, Mr.
and Mrs. N. S. Bvler, Mr. and Mrs.
J. O. Sowers, Mrs. il. Y. Charters, Mrs.
Barreek. Mr. and Mrs. H. Hallen, Miss
Hilda Snyder, Mrs. J. Woodrow. Miss
Elizabeth Breidigan, Miss Jennie
Gruver. Mrs. ,1. F. Krohn, Mr. and Mrs.
Isaac Hoffman, Miss Katherine A.
I Shrum, Mrs. I. D. Hoffman, Mr. and
j Mrs. F. K. Gottshall, Miss Margaret
I Gottshall. Mr. and Mrs. F. S. t'hronis
| ter. Miss Emma G. Donninger, Mr. and
i Mrs. M. H. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. D.
1 Barricks, Mr. and Mrs. Steffey, Mr.
I aud Mrs. J. E. Wheeler, Mrs. Lochnian,
Mrs. Howard Mengel. Mr. and Mrs.
| C. W. Rice, Mr. and Mrs. Killian, Mrs.
i J. A. Tugend. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Se
crist, Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Ober, Mrs.
Ella Troy, Miss Mary Zimmerman, Mr.
and Mrs. John Whistler, Mrs. H. R.
Hcover, Mrs. Robert H. Mathias. Mrs.
Ralph Laverty, Mrs.- Bertha Eckert,
Mrs. Sara Mahood and Mrs. S. G. Yahu.
Entertained at Dinner at Their Home
Last Evening
Mr. and Mrs. 'Harry C. Jonlau on
tertained at dinner at their home. 223
Maclay street, last night, in compliment
1 to Mrs. Anna Steever, mother of Mrs.
Jordan, and William Stimer. both of
whom celebrated their birthday anni
versary- yesterday.
Covers were laid for Mr. and Mrs.
Stimer, Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Jordan,
j Mrs. Anna Steever, Miss Emma Knight,
Prof. F. de Echemendia, Miss Anna
i Elizabeth Jordan and Steever Jordan.
I WHI StMl R<m to AH Rndtrs Stent I)
Which I Dtstroytd My Own firovrfli
J VntlgMty Naif
A* . . -
I say that you need no longer pay
out your money for worthies* depila
tories but that I can rid you of your
superfluous hair with u simple home
treatment, without electricity, twees
ors, or other Ineffective and painful
devices of the beauty doctor.
Don't shut your eyes and say "Im
possible," but nut me to the test.
You have tried everything you ever
heurd of. and b-jve speht your cood
money right and left Just as others
have. I auy well and good: let me
prove my claims to you beyond ques
tion. me send you without charge
the complete Instructions which result
ed In my own cure after many things
had failed. I am willing to put niv
tiihe against yours and to prove that
I speak the truth.
So send me your name and address,
stating whether Mrs. or Miss, and 1
will send you at once sealed in plain
envelope, full particulars of the secret
by which I destroyed my own growth
»<> thai it never returned. The num
ber of readers of this paper to whom
1 can tell the secret is limited. So
make your application quickly and
take advantage of this ofTer before it
is 100 lflte. Remember this offer costs
you nothing except a two-cent stamp
for return postage. Pin the coupon be
low to your letter and address Mrs.
Kathryn Jenkins. Office 15! R. W. 'Went
worth Building, Boston, Mass.
FREE COUPON This certificate I
entitles any read
er of the Harrisburg Star-lndepond- |
ent to Mrs. Jenkins Free Contiden
tial Instructions for the banishment ;
of Superlluous Hair, if sent with 2c
stamp for postage. ("Jooti for im
mediate use only. Address Mrs. |
Kathryn Jenkins. Office 15:.', B. W.
Wentworth Building, Boston, Mass. |
SPECIAL NOTICE—We earnestly ad
vise every lady who wishes to be rid
of the distlgurement of superfluous hair
to accept above offer at once. Tills
remarkable offer is sincere and gen
uine, the standing of donor being un
Members Were Guests of Mrs. H. F.
Pennypacker Yesterday
Mrs. H. Pennypacker entertained
(he ladies of the Olivet Presbyterian
church, members of the Bible class
taught by Mrs. oroff. at her homo. 239
North Fifteenth street, last night.
Those present were:
.Mrs. Abram K Groff, Mrs. (Harriet
Armstrong, Miss Mame Smith, Miss
Esther Heagy, Mrs. Karl Struwsner,
Miss Bertha Bright-bill, Miss Tillie
Keister, Miss Mr.ude >lOlO, Miss Net
tie White. Miss Sara White, Mrs.
Charles Himes, Mrs. Charles Kapp, Mrs.
'Edward Nicodemus, Mrs. Ray Stover,
Miss Cora Oullmerry, Mrs. Harry shoe
maker, Miss Amanda M. Hoover, Mrs.
Harry Rough, Miss Mary Huber,' Mrs.
W. O. Yates, Miss Anna s?ihoe maker,
Miss Margaret Urban, Miss Elizabeth
Wooly, Mrs. B. D. Cletnm, Miss Mar
garet Herman, Miss Gertrude Huber,
Miss Katfherine Clemm.
Family Gathering in Honor of James
Hendnckson Grove
I<ast evening at the home of .lames
H. Grove, 550 Curtin street, a family
gathering was held in .honor of the
hirthday anniversary of 1-year-old
James Ilendricksoii Grove, son" of Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph Grove. The main fea
ture of the evening was the merry frol
ic of the three 1-year-old cousins pres
ent. The decorations were in hurmony
with Washington's Birthday.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
James H. Grove, Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt
Grove and son, Jack; Mr. and Mrs.
Ralph Grove and son, James; Mr. and
Mrs. Wilbur Grove and daughters, La-
Vene and Caroliue; Mr. and Mrs. Al
vin Grove and son. Alvin LaVene
Gave a Martha Washington Tea at Her
Home Yesterday Afternoon
Mrs. S. G. Yahn entertained at a
: Martha Washington tea at her home,
i 504 South Thirteenth street, yesterday
afternoon. Charles A. lloverter
poured tea and Mrs. Chester Shelley
presided over the c-hocolate urn. Those
j present were:
Mrs. W. N. Yates. Mrs. C. M. Sigler,
'Mrs. J. W. Thompson, Mrs. T. <M. Mauk,
Mrs. Charles T. Stouffer, Mrs. C. S.
■Meek, Mrs. F. B. Kann, 'M rs. Fannie iLav
ertv, Mrs. Mart'ha Higler, Mrs. John
F. Feeser, Mrs. Samuel Gardner, Mrs.
William Uetfelfinger, Mr*. H. W. Stew*
art, Mrs. Charles A. Booser, Mrs. Ross
Musical and Literary Program
A musical and literary entertainment
will be given in the Fourth Street
Church of God on Thursday evening
under the auspices of the C. E. mission
ary committee for the benefit of the
missionaries in India. A silver offering
will be lifted for this purpose. Some
of the l>est talent in the city and from
the church will take part in the pro
gram. The public is cordially invited to
Bal Masque of Bed Men
More tihan 300 guests attended the
masquerade dance held in the Armory
last night by Warrior Eagle Trrbe No.
340, Improved Order of Red Men.
Miss Mary Armstrong and Howard
Reidel led the grand mareh, followed
toy eighteen couples of "Warrior Eagle
Trrbe, dressed in ludian costume.
Attending Conclave In Philadelphia
Dr. and Mrs. Bamnel Z. Shope, 610
'North Third street, are storing at the
iNew Adetphia hotol, Philadelphia,
wiiere they are attending the conclave
of t'he Eastern Division of the Inter
national Association of Rotary Cltrt>s in
celebration of the decennial of the
founding of tfhe first rotary club.
Geltmacher-Alb right Wedding
Kin.lerhook, Feb. 23.—The home of
'Mra. Sarah Albright was tie scene of
a very pretty wedding yesterday when
her granddaughter, Miss Minnie Rigel,
and Amos N. Geltmacther, of Newtown,
were married. The ceremony was per
formed by the Rev. Norman L. laower,
pastor of the United Evangelical
c'hurch. A reception followed. i
News of Person's
Who Gome tnd Go
Auratou Kreidler and Herman
Kreidler, 8M Capital street, are home
from Baltimore.
Mias Cora Sway*e, 328 booth Four
teenth street, has returned from a visit
with friwtda in WiUiaawport.
John Sherry, of Norristowa, spent
the week-end with A. McCalley, 1530
North Second street.
Mrs. Marlin E. Olmsted, 106 North
FVont street, will return from Concord,
New 'Hampshire, to-morrow night, where
sfoe visited her eon, who is a student
at St. Paul's school.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Shearer, of
Front and Schuylkill streets, arc spend
ing several weeks at Palm Beach,
Miss Mary Unn, of 'Bellefonte, is
vigitiing Mrs. Richard J. tHaldeman,
219 South Front street.
Mr. *IKI Mirs. Henderson Gilbert,
Second and Harris streets, and Mrs.
t 'harles N. Hickok, of Cleveland, 0.,
•re guests of Mr. and 'Mrs. Lie Motte
Uehlin, Scranton.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Nangle and daugih
ter, Ruth, of Longsdorf Station, who
were guests of Mrs. Holly, 1624 Berry
hill street, for several days, have re
turned home.
Wank Kiudler, 230 North street, is
visiting in Philadelphia.
Miss Jennie 'Fisher, 617 Briggs
street, has returned after an extended
visit to Now York as t'he guest of her
niece, 'Mrs. Fred Moore.
Charles Loomis, of Valley
■College, was a week-end guest of friends
in this city.
Robert (.<. Warren, 1440 Berryhill
street, is spending several Hays in Phil
Miss Anne'Heagy, 1533 Derry street,
is visiting in Philadelphia.
Mrs. Boyer and daughter, Ethel, of
Carlisle, are visitiug M'rs. Dunkerberg,
'J4 2 Crescent street.
Miss Alice Khea Eaton, of the Har
rinburg public library, is spending a fow
days in Philadelphia.
Mrs. 'Charles Bowman, 341 Hummel
street, 'has returned from Philadelphia.
Mrs. Charles Ising. of Shi remans
town, is flhe guest of her daughter, Mrs.
John Whistler, 322 South Thirteenth
street. ,
Miss Ruth Barnhart, 1613 Swatara
street, has returned from a visit wit'h
friends in Philadelphia.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Landis Rudy, who
has beeu spending the winter with Mrs.
S, IM. Oilman, 141 North Thirteenth
street, IIRS returned to their home iu
West Philadelphia.
M:iss Marie Miller, 2053 Pcnn street,
is the guest of relatives at Richmond
Hill, Long Island.
Mrs. Howard Hertzler, 1401 North
Sixth street, spent yesterday in Phila
lieorge W. Hamer, 121 Cumberland
street, has returned from Johnstown,
where he attended the Y. M. C. A.
j Miss Marth.ii Hartman, 232 Maclny
| street, lias returno.l from Gettysburg.
Mrs. Jennie Miller, 1529 North
i Fourth stre?t, and her daughter, Mrs.
; M. C. Zinn, of Carlisle, are visiting in
i New York.
Miss Mildred Thomas, a student at
j West Chester Normal school, spent a
i few days with her parents. KMT Wal
i uut street.
| Mrs. Sterling Saryent, of New York,
i is the guest of Mrs. Leah M-eQuate,
j 55 Balm street, her mother.
Warren Reed, of Dudley, speut the
! wee*-end with his sister, * Mrs. £. H.
| Hanaiwalt, 612 Curtin street.
MiSs Anna M. Berry, 421 Peffcr
1 street, has returned from a visit to
j York.
Horace Helem, 2142 Pcnn street, has
j returned from a visit to Philadelphia.
Mies Helen Yoeum, 1721 Green
j street, has returned from a two weeks'
i visit to Philadelphia and Washing
) ton, D. C.
Mrs. M. V. Wareham, 1620 North
Third street, returned to-day from a
j two weeks' visit with her daughter,
Miss Mabel Wareham, in Washing
i ton, D. C.
Miss Susan Kurzenknabe, 128 Ver
j be-ke street, has returned from Phila
j delphia.
Mr. and Mr*. William Scireffler, of
Lebanon, are guests of Mr. and Mrs.
U. Grant Bright, 227 Hummel street.
Mrs. S. Hamburger, of Baltimore,
! has returned after a visit with her sis
| ter, Mrs. Alfred Seligman, 2003 North
I Second street.
| Miss Man- Miller, 1425 North Front
! street, has returned after spending the
week-end in Philadelphia.
John Sweeney, 33 North Seventeenth
' street, has returned from Baltimore.
Mise Marian Strouee has resumed
her studies at Irving College, after
spending the week-end with "hor par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Strouse,
I 1632 North Second street.
Mrs. .lonas Fuld, of Baltimore, has
returned after a pleasant visit with
Endorsed by Leading Druggist
Amolox, the new remedy for eczema
and all diseases of the skin, is curing
thousands of eczema sufferers that have
been unable to find relief after trying
everything else. A well-known physi
cian, who had a patient with a bail
case of eezema of the scalp,—head al
most entirely covered with scaly sores
—rapidly becoming bald, reported
after one week's treatment that the
kair stopped falling out, scalp was
rapidly healing and a new growth of
healthy hair just starting. Quoting the
exact words of the doctor, "That Amo
lox is great stuff."
Amolox when applied to the skin
stops all itch twd burning instantly.
Will cure eczema and all skin troubles
and will fclear up a muddy complexion,
or pimples on face in 24 hours.
All sufferers from eczema, salt rheum,
tetter, acne, barber's itch and pimples
on the face should go to their druggists
at once and get a bottle of Amolox and
box of ointment. If you are not satis
fied, it will not cost you a cent. Geo.
A. Gorgas and H. C. Kennedy will re
turn your money if not satisfactory.
Trial size 50c.—Adv.
From Piles
no matter how long or how bad—go
to your druggist to-day and got a 50-
cent box of Pyramid Pile Remedy. It
will give quick relief, and a single box
often cures. A trial package mailed
free in plain wrapper if you send us
coupon below.
518 Pyramid Bldg., Marshall, Mich.
Kindly send me a Free sample of
Pyramid Pile Ronndy, in plain
City State
her sister, Mrs. Otto Buxbauin, 1613
North Second street.
Mrs. Jacob Shumaker, 23 North Fif
teenth stroet, has returned from Mil
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Strouse, 163 2
North Second street, are spending sev
eral days in New Y'ork.
Thomas Collin's, 14 20 Walnut street,
is the guest of friends in New York.
Jack Waidliek and Karl Waidliek,
1329 Kittatinny street, are home from
Mercereburg, where they were guests
of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Waid
Mr. and Mrs. H. Barnhart, of Y'ork,
arc guests of Mr. and Mrs. William
Barnhart, 1613 Swatara street.
c.v~ I\EWS
Jury's Verdict Cannot Fix Positively
Death as the Penalty
Haigerstown, Feb. 23.—The court
room was crowded yesterday morning
at the opening of the trial of Mre. Min
nie Leggett, charged with the murder
of her husband, Clifton Taylor Legigett,
at their home, West Church street, fol
loiwing a quarrel, early on the morning
of January 12 last. There is only one
count in the indictment, that of mur
der in the first degree. Mrs. Leggett
when arraigned pleaded not guilty.
The first proceeding was the selec
tion of the jury before whom Mrs. Leg
gett is to be tried. Judge Keedy ex
plained to the jury that a verdict of
guilty would not necessarily mean
nteath, as that matter rested with him.
Wanted to Burn Buildings
Waynesboro, Feb. 23.—Jaeofo Har
mony, a Oreencastle blacksmith, who
is feeble-minded, was taken to the
Chambersburg jail, yesterday afternoon
by Assistant Fire Marshal Joseph Don
nelly, to remain there until it can be
decided what to do with him.
Harmony was arrested Saturday
night, on the charge of threatening to
burn the Flinclvbaugh shops, the stable
of Jacob Shank, a director of the com
pany, and the property of some other
men connected with the factory.
Argue Murder Case
Carlisle, Feb. 23. —Final a<-tioii in
the cuse of Max Morgenthau, under sen
tence of death for the murder of John
M. Rirpp at his home near Mechanics
burg, in May, last, is exipeeted soon
with the argument yesterday in the
case before the Supreme Court at Phil
Horse Injured in Crash
Oettysbung, Feb. 23.—1n a collision
with a speeding automobile near Ab
botts town, Sunday night, the horse
driven by Gruver llmig, a Thomaaville
farmer boy, suffered a fractured hind
leg and the buggy was badly damaged.
The driver of the auto did not stop his
machine and the occupants of the car
are not known.
■However, it is said that the auto
carried license tag No. 11,396. That
license is held by Daniel H. Wingert,
42'6 Centre street, Ohajmberaburg. The'
horse is a young and very valuable
animal and an effort will be made to
save its life.
Bankers In Session
Chambersburg, Feb. 23.—With 200
members present, Group No. 5, of the
Penmsylvania Bankers' Association,
met here yesterday, bankers -from Dau
phin, York, Lancaster, Adams, Fulton,
Franklin, Perry, Lebanon, Juniata and
Mifflin counties attending. In his ad
dress of welcome, Judge W. Rush Uil
lan told his hearers that $7,130,000
was deposited in the 18 banks of
Franklin county, with population of
60,000, or $118.53 per capita. Dr. An
na J. McK<eaig, president of Wilson Col
lege, greeted the bankers in behalf ot
the college.
"The Property Owner and His Fire
Insurance Rates," was the subject ot
an address by Jesse E. B. Cunningham.
W. S. Rvans, of the American Institute,
Philadelphia, gave an address on
Bow at Card Game
Carlisle, Feb. 23.—Following an
argument which it is alleged occurred
when objection was made to young
white men and girls playing cards and
drinking in a residence, a fight occurred
Sunday evening in East Liberty alley,
when John Mc&innis, an Indian, was
knocked unconscious and the entire
neighborhood aroused. Several suits
have been filed by the persons alleged
to be implicated and it is expected that
some startling disclosures relative to
moral conditions may come out at the
Where the Appeal Comas
Mrs. Muggins—'Does your husband
appeal to you as a vocalist
Mrs. Buggins—Not exactly. In fact,
it's the other way. When he begins to
sing I appeal to him.—Philadelphia
Entertained the Members of the I. A.
H. Club at Her Home
Last Evening
Miss Carrie Miller entertained the
members of tike I. A. iH. Club of the
Ridge Avenue M. E. church at her
home, 2117 Penn street, last night. The
rooms were prettily decorated with
small silk flags, miniature cherry trees
and the music, games and refreshments
were carried out in the same manner.
Those present were Misses Clara
Webster, 101 nm Eckert, Mildred Koch,
Alice 'Boyles, Grace Stone, Helen Kudy,
Elizabeth Hinkle, Kleatior DeSilvey,
Kleaaor Knjghter, Aililiue Cockiin,
Jennie Wordings, , Mildred Harvey,
Maude Harvey, Ida Hoffman. Marietta
Br any an, Messrs. Samuel Meade, Wil
liam t\»her, William Watßiin, Paul
'Bratten, Chester 'Brntten, Paul Nace,
Howard Watkins, Ivan Daugherty, Don
ald duster, Charles Folk, Donald Har
vey, Craut Wrenu, K/.ra Parks aud Mr.
and Mrs. Albert Marks.
Shoff-M&sse Wedding
Mount Nebo, Feb. 23.—Miss Virginia
-Masse, of this place, and J. Chester
sShoff. of near ljaiii'astcr, were married
yesterday at t'hc parsonage of St. Paul's
United 'Brethren church by the pastor,
i the Rev. Joseph 1«. Gensemer. They
wore unattended.
Knights of Pythias Social
On Thursday evening, February 25,
the social committee of Bayard Lodge
No. 150, Knights of Pythias, will en
tertain tho members, their wives and
friends in their 'Castle hall at 5.30
o'clock. '.Mladic, speeches and refresh
ments will be indulged in.
Miss Getter to Wed
Mr. and 'Mrs. Charles C. Getter, 1921
'Market street, announce t'he engage
ment of their daughter, Marie, to Carl
For Sprains
and Bruises
The first thing to do for a sprain or
a bruise is to cover the hurt with a
wece of flannel soaked with Omega
Oil. Quick relief usually follows thil
simple treatment. Trial bottle inc.
Guaranteed 5 years. CALL BELL 072 or at 480 NORTH THIRD STREET
V ————■-————t——————■—■>
George . Was
Famous A
"To he prepared for irar In one of the most effectual
means of preserving; peace"
carries with It a strong; lesson for our everyday life.
It Is In times of prosperity, of youth, when we arc earning a
steady Income, that we should prepare for old age, Illness or
adversity by opening a Savings Account and depositing regu
larly a fixed port Icm of our earnings.
We cordially Invite your aavlngs account, whether large or
I I Vfl ■ V t | [ AV| 11 jI Mi v|f|l J I |TI
T— «■ -11. -01 - ■ -l- ■ ... T-—THTT—II
Are You Burning Coal
With Drafts On?
If you are then you are not getting the full benefit
from your furnace.
Coal should burn up and give out plenty of heat
without the drafts turned on—unless you have just
filled the furnace.
There are two things at fault if you must force
your fire—either the coal is too large or it is inferior
If Egg size doesn't burn freely try Stove and if
Stove size is too large use Nut size or Pea size.
Let us have our expert call and advise you.
United Ice & Coal Co.
Foroter and Cowden Third and Boas
Fifteenth and Chestnut Hummel and Mulberry
Take a Glass of Salts Before Breakfast
If Your Back Hurts or Bladder
Is Troubling You
No man or woman who eats meat reg
ulurly can make a mistake by flushing
the kidneys occasionally, says a well
known authority. Meat forms uric aoid
which excites the kidneys, they become
overworked from the strain, get slug
gish and fail to filter the wuste and
poisons from the blood, then we get
sick. Nearly all rheumatism, headaches,
liver trouble, nervousness, dizxiness,
sleeplessness and urinary disorders
come from sluggish kidneys.
The moment you feel a dull ache in
tho kidneys or your back hurts or if tho
urine is cloudy, offensive, full of sedi
ment, irregular of passage or attended
by a sensation of scalding, stop eating
meat and get about four ounces of .Tad
Baits from any pharmacy; take a table
spoonful in a glass ot' water before
breakfast and in a few days your kid
neys will act fin© This famous salts is
made from the acid of grapes and lemon
juice, combined with litliiu, and has
been used for generations to flush and
stimulate the kidneys, also to neutralize
the acids in urine so it no longer causes
irritation, thus endiug Madder weak
Jad Salts is inexpensive and cannot
injure; inaltes a delightful effervescent
lithia-water drink which everyone
should take now and then to keep* the
kidneys clean and active and the blood
pure, thereby avoiding serious kidney
Porter Rapp, of this city. The wedding
will be an event of early June.
Announce Engagement of Daughter
Mr. Hud Mrs. H. Wells, 2292
North Hixth street, announce tihe en
' gagement of their daughter, Olive B.
Wells, to ARwt 1. McLaughlin, 320
Chestnut street.
Meeting of Board of Managers
The annual meeting of the board of
managers of t'he Children's Industrial
'Home will be toeld at the Y. M. C. A.
I Friday morning at 10 o'clock.
"Walter, has my firieud Miller been
| heref"
"Miller—Miller! Oh, yes, the gentle
man has just paid his'bifl and gono
J out.''
"Paid his bill! Then it wasn't he."
—'Man liiu'ht.
Kilgore's Band and Morgan's Or
i cheetra, Tuesday and Saturday even
ings. ' Adv.