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Best Liver and Bowel
Regulator for Mam
ma, Daddy and
If you're headachy, constipated, bil
ious or stomach is disordered and you
want to enjoy the nicest liver and
bowel cleansing you ever experienced,
take a tablespoonful of "California
Syrup of Figs" to-night and in the
morning all the constipation poison,
bile and clogged-up waste will gently
move out of the system without griping
and you will feel splendid.
HPIfE Henrietta D. GraueJ
Which For What
Since many splendid metals have
eeased to be costly the assortment of
utensils in the well-stocked kitchen is
positively alarming to the young house
keeper who does not have a deep stock
of culinary experience to draw on.
Which pan or tin is best, she wants to
know, for certain things? Then there is
the other extreme: the woman who has
little room in the kitchenette and must
have a modicum of kitchen utensils
and make each fill its utmost useful
Tinware is used for baking tins, cake
and cookie sheets and molds and for
some small kitchen conveniences if
lieavv and of good quality, and well
eared for it is most effective for bak
ing as it responds so quickly to regu
lations of temperature.
Iron kettles or highest grade gran
ite ware, with well fitted covers are
best for pot-roasts and stews.
Porcelain enamel, aluminum and
granite are equally good for vegetable
and fruit cookery.
Steel frying pans are best for fry
ing, browning and pan broiling, for
they are lighter weight than iron
spiders and easier to handle. Special
iron kettles are made for deep fat fry
ing and they have a wire basket in
them for holding the articles to be im
mersed in the fat.
From experiments made by the
writer it seems that pies that contain
much .iuice are best maked in granite
ware plates but for pastry shells for
custard and similar pies the tins of
woven wire give best satisfaction.
Copper utensils are the worst possible
containers for food that ye have. The
labor necessary to keep it bright con
demns it from the first but articles
cooked in copper must not bo left iu it
a moment for copper and acids form
verdigis and this is a poison. If you
T « ...« * ! Victim Was Accused of Cashing Check
[\ I {*Ck \\ | Q(P of Another Man
Allentown, Pa., Feb. 18.—Charles
•. * Smith of Emaus, is dying in the Allen-
I .limhpr 1 town hospital from the effects of a self-
IjUIIIUCI inflicted bullet wound.
• „ u„ -ui „„ Charles H. Smith, assistant Are chief,
It not only is good width check for $6. He found the letter con
but it is soft and smooth. I taining the check had been handed by
You can get wide lumber f' he ™il man to the other Smith who,
, . . _ 'being out of work and monev, had the
—narrow lumbers-long lum- „heek cashed. When an officer arrived
ber—short lumber —or any to arrest him last evening ho begged to
kind of lumber from us. be excused, went upstairs and shot him
We'll be glad to have you —-
stop in and look over our
-wit Take Oaxe of Your Eyes and
They'll Take Care of You
United Ice & Coal Co. p "
Forster and Cowden Streets ' J
V / With H. G. Claater. 302 Market Street.
Brewed by a Master Brewer
Order lt--Phones)™ e p®t 2 3i8
DOEHNE' Brewer
What Have Y
Why not convert into cash articles for which you
have no use. You may have just the thing that
someone else is seeking and anxious to purchase.
You ask, "HOW CAN IDO THIS?" The ques
tion is easily answered. Place a "For Sale or Ex
change" ad in the classified columns of THE STAR- I
Again and again we are told that ads in our classi
fied columns are effective.
Bell Phone 3280 Independent 245 or 246
Every member of the family should
use this fruit laxative as occasion de
mands. It is just as effective for
grandpa as it is for baby. It simply
cannot injure. Even cross, sick, fever
ish children just love its pleasant taste
and mothers can rest easy after giving
it, l)ecause it never fails to effect a good
"inside cleansing."
For thirty years "California Syrup of
Figs" has been recommended by physi
cians as the ideal stomach, liver and
bowel cleanser. Millions of families
who are well informed use nothing else,
but recently there has come a flood of
spurious fig syrups, so we warn the
public to ask plainly at drug stores for
a 50-eent bottle of "California Syrup
of Figs," and see that it is prepared by
"California Fig Syrup Company." We
make no cheaper size. Hand back any
"counterfeit" with contempt.—Adv.
have copper to clean make a weak so
lution of oxalic acid crystals and water
and immerse the utensil in this but
guard your fiugers for the acid bites.
Rinse the copper very well and polish
it with pumice stone and oil.
Keep your cookiug utensils in sight
and keep them in order and in good con
dition. The care of them is quite as
important as the proper choice of them.
"Will you please explain how you
make the old-fashioned walnut frames
into pretty modern trays as suggested
in your column some days ago?"
Reply.—Remove the picture from
frame and replace it with brightly fig
ured chintz. Fasten the back board in
firmly with tacks and cover the back
with felt glued on. Now buy a pair
of brass handles and attach one at each
end. These trays are almost identical
with those new tea trays of the fash
ionable world and are of all sizes, and
round, square or oblong.
* * *
"How can a rural dweller get hulled
barley? We raise if but the miller does
| not hull it and our dealer does not
sell it."
1 Reply.—Send to a grocer in your
'nearest city and have the 1 arley sent
Ito you by parcel post.' Someone will
i put barley into a fancy package and
double its price some day and then we
(will all realize it is one of our best
"health" foods. It is also a cheap
cereal as a cupful cooked equals a quart.
* » »
' "Is condensed milk harmful?"
i Reply.—Condensed milk is a concen
|trated food of great value. About fifty
| firms are making it in lis country and
lone alone claims to put out 300,000,000
'cans a year. It is wholesome.
fgfei mt m_ J - Hartley Manners
A Comedy of Youth Founded by Mr. Manners on His
Great Play of the Same Title—lllustration*
From Photographs of the Play
Copyright, 19L9. by Doda. M«i(l £/ Company
"Answer,me out- question trutnruuy.
Miss O'Connell. Is there an affair of
the heart?"
Peg looked down on the ground
mournfully and replied:
"Me heart is In New York—with me
"Has any one made love to you since
you have been here?"
Fog looked up at him sadly and
shook her head. A moment later a
mischievous look came into her eyes,
and she said, with a roguish laugh:
"Sure one man wanted to kiss me,
an' 1 boxed his ears, an' another—al
most man—asked me to marry hlm."
"Oh!" ejaculated the lawyer.
"Me Cousin Alaric."
"And what did you say?" questioned
"I towld him I'd rather have Mi
He looked at her In open bewilder
ment and repeated:
"Me dog," explained Peg, and her
eyes danced with merriment.
Hawkes laughed heartily and re
As Hawkes looked at her, radiant lu
her springlike beauty, her clear,
healthy complexion, her dazzling teeth,
her red-gold hair, he felt a sudden
thrill go through him. Ills life had
t>een so full, so concentrated on the
development of his career, that he bad
never permitted the feminine note to
obtrude itself on his life. His effort
had been rewarded by an unusually
large circle of Influential clients who
"Will ye let me have £20?" suddenly
asked Peg.
yielded him an exceedingly handsome
revenue. He had heard whispers of a
magistracy. His public future was as
But his private life was arid. The
handsome villa in Pelham crescent bud
no one to grace the head of the table,
save ou the occasional visits of his
aged mother or the still rarer ones ot
a married sister.
And here was he In the full prime
of life.
Yielding to some uncontrollable im
pulse, he took her little hand in both
of his own.
Hawkes was not to be denied now.
He went ou in his softest and most
persuasive accents:
"1 know one who would give you all
these—a man who has reached the
years of discretion, one in whom the
follies of youth have merged into the
knowledge and reserve of early middle
age: a man of position and of means;
a man who can protect you, care for
you. admire you—and be proud to
marry you.
"Miss O'Connell—may I say Mar
jraret?— 1 was your uncle's adviser, his
warm personal friend. We spoke free
ly of you for many weeks before he
died. It was his desire to do some
thing for you that would change your
whole life and make it full and happy
snd contented. Were your uncle alive
f know v*f nothlne that would irive
him greater pleasure than for his oiu
friend to take you, your young life, Into
his care. Miss O'Connell, 1 am the
"Stop It!" she cried. "What's the
matther with you men this mornin'V
Ye'd think 1 was some great lady the
way ye're all offerln' me yer hands an'
yer names an' yer Influences an' yer
dignities. Stop it! Give me that mon
ey an' let me go."
Hawkes paused.
"Don't give your answer too hastily.
I know It must seem abrupt—one might
almost say brutal. But lam alone In
the world; you are alone. Neither of
us has contracted a regard for any one
else. And, In addition to that, there
would be no occasion to marry un
til you are twenty-one. There!"
Peg suddenly burst into a paroxysm
of laughter.
"Am 1 to consider that a refusal?"
"Ye may. What would 1 be dota'
mnrryin' the likes of yon? Answer me
"That Is final?" he queried.
"Absolutely, completely an' entirely
final. Thank ye very much, sir," she
added. "An' may I have the £20."
"Certainly. Here it Is." And tie band
ed her the money.
"I'm much obliged to ye. An* I'm
sorry if 1 hurt ye by laughin' just now.
But I thought ye were Jokln', 1 did."
She hurried across the room to the
staircase. When she was halfway up
the stairs Jarvis entered and was Im
mediately followed by Jerry.
"Peg!" be said gently, looking up at
"I'm goin" back to me father In half
an hour!" And she went on up the
stairs. *
As .lerry moved slowly away from the
staircase he met Montgomery Hawkes.
New Revelations.
THY. how do you do. Sir Ger
%/«/ aid?" and Hawkes went
f y across quickly with out
stretched hand.
"Hello. Hawkes." replied Jerry, too
preoccupied to return the act of salu
tation. Instead he nodded in the di
rection Peg had gone and questioned:
"What does she mean—going in a
few minutes?"
"She is returning to America. Our
term of guardianship Is over. She ab
solutely refuses to stay here any long
er. My duties In regard to ber, out
side of the annual payment provided
by ber late uncle, eud today." replied
the lawyer.
"I think not. Hawkes."
"1 beg your pardon?"
"As the chief executor of the late
Mr. Kingsnorth's will 1 must be satis
fied that its conditions are complied
with in the spirit as well as to tbo
letter." said Jerry authoritatively
"Mr. Kingsuortii expressly stipulat
ed that a year was to elapse before
any definite conclusion was arrived at.
So far only a month has passed."
"But she insists on returning to her
father," protested Mr. Hawkes.
"Have you told her the conditions of
the will?"
"Certainly not. Mr. Kingsnorth dis
tinctly stated she was not to know
"Except under exceptional circum
stances. 1 consider the circumstances
most exceptional."
"I am afraid 1 cannot agree with
you, Sir Gerald."
"Tlmt is II pity. But It doesn't alter
my intention."
"And may I nsk what that inten
tion is?"
"To carry out the spirit of MT.
Kingsnorth's bequest."
"And what do you consider the spir
"I think we will best carry out Mr.
Kingsnorth's last wishes by making
known the conditions of his bequest to
Miss O'Connell and then let her decide
whether she wishes to abide by them
or not."
Mrs. Chichester came into the reoo
and wont straight to Jerry. At the
same time Alartc burst In through the
garden and greeted .lerry and Hawkes.
"1 beard you were here"— began
Mrs. Chichester.
Jerry interrupted her anxiously.
"Mrs. Chichester. I was entirely to
blame for last night's unfortunate
business. Don't visit your displeasure
on the poor little child. Please don't!"
Jarvis came down the stairs with a
pained, not to say mortified, expression
on his face. Underneath his left arm
be held tightly a shabby little bag and
a freshly wrapped up parcel. In his
right hand, held far away from his
body, nas the melancholy and pic
turesque terrier, Michael.
Mrs. Chichester looked at him In hor
"Where are you going with those—
things?" she gasped.
"To put them in a cab, madam," an
swered the humiliated footman. "Your
aVf.-e's orders."
''Put those articles In a travelleg
bag. Use one of my daughter's." or
dered the old lady.
"Tour niece objects, madam. She
BPS she'll take nothing away she didn't
bring with her."
The grief stricken woman turned
away as Jnrvls passed out. Alaric
tried to comfort her But the strain
of the morning had been too great
He looked cheerfully at Jerry and
smiled as he said:
"1 even offered to marry her If she'd
stay. Couldn't do more than that
could I?"
Jerry returned Alaric's smile as he
"You offered to marry her?"
Alaric nodded.
"Poor little wretch!"
Down the stairs came Peg nnd Ethel.
Mrs. Chichester looked at Peg through
misty eyes and said reproachfully:
"Why that old black dress? Why not
fine of the dresses 1 gave you?"
"This Is thp way I left me fnther. an'
thig is the way I'm goin' back to him!"
replica reg sturdily.
"»<»u re not going. Peg," said Jerry
quietly and positively
"Who's goin" to stop me?"
"The chief executor of the late Mr.
Kingstfortb's will."
"An' who is that?'
"Mr. Jerry, Peg!"
"Vou an executor?"
To Be Continued.
Artistic Printing at Star-Independent.
J. L. L. KUHN, Secretary-Treasurer
Now Located in Our New Modern Building
46 and 48 N. Cameron Street, Ksar Market Street
Commerical Printing Book Binding
We are prepared with the necessary equipment Out 1 bindery can and does handle large edition
to take care of any work you may want—cards, work. Job Boek Binding of ail kinds receives
stationery, bill heads, letter heads, programs, onr careful attention. SPECIAL INDEXING
legal blanks and business forms of all kinds. and PUNCHING ON SHORT NOTICE. We
Book Printing
With our equipment of tve linotypes, working PreSS Work
»*}*• is one of the largest and most
J SINGLE VOL- complete In this section of the state, in addition
UMES or EDITION WORK. the automatic feed pr( , sseßt we have two
folders which give us the advantage of getting
Paper Books a Specialty toe wcrk out 111 exceedingly «uick tt'oe.
No matter how smei' or how large, the same will _ , ..
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When in the market for Printing or Binding of
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the trade. It, when you want it.
*46 and 48 N. Cameron Street
Near Market Street HARRISBTTRG, PA.
A Bell Telephone call will bring one of our solicitors.
Mrs. Catherine Farrell Lived In New i
Jersey 8!> Years i
Now York, Feb. 18. —Mrs. Catherine 3
Farroll, who celebrated her 100 th
birth.lay last Thursday, died yesterday <
at her home, 202 Wilkinson avenue, i
Jersey City.
She was born in Ireland and came i
to this country when a girl with her
parents. She lived in New Jersey for
eighty-five years. She was the widow
of Peter FarreW, who died a quarter of
a century ago. |
Pottsville Woman Held Under Bail by I
U. S. Commissioner
Pottsville, Pa., Feb. 18.—'Mrs. Millie 1
Trout, an alleged "poison |x>n" writer,
was yesterday held under SSOO bail by j
United States Commissioner Channel on
a charge of sending scandalous letters
through the mails concerning former
County Poor Director Walborn.
It is alleged that Mrs. Trout has
12 Doses 10c
Convince U
30 Doses 25c
At All Druggists
For Headaches, Neuralgia
Quick —Safe—Sure
*■ '
FOR 1915
May be had at the business office of the Star-Independent for 10£ or will be
sent to any address in the United States, by mail, for 5 cents extra to cover
cost of package and postage.
The Star-Independent CaHhxJar for 1916 is another of the handsome series,
featuring important local views, issued by this paper for many years. It is 11x14
Inches in size and shows a picture, extraordinary for clearness and dotail, of the
"Old Capitol," built 1818 and destroyed by fire in 1897. It is in fine half tone
effect and will be appreciated for its historic \alue as'well as for its beauty.
Mail orders given prompt attention. Remit 15 cents in stamps, and ad
dress all letters to the
18-20-22 South Third Street Harrisburg, Pa.
been sending letters of this character J
through the mails for months anil that j
in order to conceal her guilt She got i
other persons to address the letters for i
■her. This proved her undoing, when
Postal Inspector Valentine St'hoenberg
er began an investigation, although she
denies that she is guilty. Mrs. Trout
is a widow, her husband having com
mitted suicide a year ago.
... «■■■- ■■ ■ -N
Directory of
Leading Hotels
of Harrisburg
No. 25 South Fourth Street
Directly opposite Union Mutton,
equipped wltli nil Modern Improve*
Bieata; running water In every ruoai
line battai perfectly aanltaryi nicely
lurulabed (lirouKhout. Kate* moderate.
European I'lan.
JOSEPH GIUSTI, Proprietor.
123-425 Market St., Harrisburg, Pa.
At the Entrance to the P. R. R. Station
The Metropolitan
Strictly European
For something good to eat. Every
thing in season. Bervice the best.
Prices the lowest.
H. M. F. WORDEN, Proprietor.
Slag, Slate and Tile Roofs,
Damp and Water Proof
ing, Paints and Roofers'
I Genuine Pen Argyl Inlaid
' Slate for Flat Roofs.
Success is won by preparing In
| 15 S. Market Sq., Harrisburg, Pa.
82U Market Street j|
Fall Term September First t
■ .....
Cumberland Valley Railroad
In Effect May 24. 1»14.
lralus Leave llurriabura—
For Winchester and Martlnsburj. at
6.05. *7.50 a. *3.40 p. m.
For Hagerstown, Chambereburf and
Intermediate stations, at '5.03, *7.50,
' 11.53 a. 111.. -3.40. 6.32. *7.40. U.od
P Additional tralna for Carlisle and
Uechanicsburg at 9.48 a. m.. 2.15. 2.27.
H,30. 3.30 D. m.
For Dillsburg at 5.03, *7.60 and *U.t>
. a. m., 2.18. *3.40, 6.32. 6.30 p. m.
■Dally. All other trains dally except
• Sunday. J H. 7X)NQII,
U. A. RIDDLE. G. V. A. BtlpL