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    The Star-Independent Gives Away 2 Orpheum Tickets Dailfl
The Name of the Person to Whom They Will Be Awarded To-day Is Somewhere Among the Classified Ads On This Page
Perhaps you are the lucky person. Look until you find out. If you the tickets please call for them before 8 o'clock to-morrow evening
or they will be forfeited. (These names are drawn from the Directory by a blindfolded girl.)
PACKING —A. H. 9HRENK. 190« North
Sixth street, first class packer of fur
niture, china and bricabrau. Bell phone
199 W.
W. J. WEN RICH, 339 Hamilton street—
Furniture, china and ptAno packing.
Shipments looked after at both ends.
Also all kinds of hauling. Bell phone
TO OBTAIN REST at night use Lung
Saver, The Good Cougli Syrup. Good
for old as well as young; also good tor
croup. Ask your grocer.
OLD GOLD AND SILVER watches, dia
monds and jewelry bought for high
est cash prices. JOS. D. BRENNER, No.
IN. Third St. Bell phone 1274 L.
STORAGE In 1-story brick building,
rear 408 Market St. Household goods
In clean, private rooms. Reasonable
rates. Apply to P. G. DIENER. Jeweler,
408 Market St.
new eight-story brick warehouses,
one absolutely tircproof, divided into
fireproof private rooms of various
sixes for the storage of household
goods; the other warehouse of the most
approved type of tire retardant con
struction for general merchandise. They
are equipped with two large electric
freight elevators and spiral chute for
the quick and safe handling of house
hold goods and all kinds of merchan
dise. Low storage rates. South Second
street, near Paxton. on the tracks of
Penna. R. R
PIANO moving by experts. WINTER
PIANO CO.. 33 N. Fourth St. Call
14t. Bell phone.
Watches. Jewelry, Firearms, Musical
Instruments. Htghest cash prices for
old gold and silver. Repairing a spe
cialty. CITY; LOAN OFFICE. 411 Mar
ket street.
ANY person needing money In amounts
from $5 to S6O holding: a salaried po
sition, would be benefited by calling
on us. Employes' Discount Co., 36 North
Third St.
LOANS—SS to 1200 for honest working
people without bank credit at less
than legal rates; payable in install
ments to suit borrowers' conveniences
Loan and Invtbcment Co.,
204 Cheitnut St.
ALL kinds of hauling; large two-ton
truck; furniture, pianos, freight, In
the city and suburbs. Prices reason
able. Picnic and pleasure trips, day or
evening. WM. H. DARE, 1453 Vernon
St. Bell phone 3517 J.
Basics** Qpprtunitiu
sale; uptown section: improved dwell
ing with store room; stable on prop
erty. Price reasonable. Grocery stock
at inventory. BELL REALTY" CO., Berg
ner Building.
Death and Obituary
LUPFER—On February 15. 1915. Henry
J. Lupfer died suddenly at his home,
1319 Marion street, aged 72 years.
Funeral services Wednesday evening
al 7.30 o'clock, at the above address.
Remains will be taken to New Bloom
tleld by Undertaker G. H. Sourbier.
where interment will be made. Train
leaves P. R. R. station at S a. m.
t -. ■ - . i . ,
Houses For Rent
36 S. Honey Ave.. 3 r. & b„ SIO
922 Ash Ave., 2>fc s. f., 6 r„ *lO
1500 Boas St., 2 s. b., 6 r„ fit)
1908 Greenwood St. 3 s. f„ 8 r., fit
110 Linden St.. 3 s. f.. 8 r (13
2148 N. 7th St., 3 s. b.. 8 r. b (13
1515 S. Cameron St., 2*4 s. b., 8 r.. (13
1130 S. Cameron St., 2»4 s. f. (13
, 1512 Allison St (14
•527 Briggs St.. 3 s. b„ 8 r (14
1501 Allison St., s. b, I r. b.. (15
2206 Logan St., 3 s. b., 8 r... (15
1317 Williams St.. 2 s. f.. 7 r. b. (15
1538 a 13th St.. 3 3. b.. 8 r (in
660 Emerald St., 3 s. b.. 8 t (17
1218 Mulberry St.. 3 s. f- 7 r. b,..(1S
400 Broad St.. 3 s. b„ 10 r., (35
2202 N. 15th St.. 3 s. b.. 7 r b.,...(32
192'.* Market St.. 3 s. b.. 10 r (40
209 S. Front St.. 3 a b., 10 r. 2 b., (75
23 S. Front St., furnished. 4 s. b.
343 Muench St.—apartments, ....(12
St Bl RBA\ Horses
West Fairview. Main St.. i s. f (7
steelton, 941 S. Front St. (in
Penbrook. 2Sth and Dauphin Sts., (10
Enola, Adams St.. 2 a* f„ 6 r„ ....(13
Penn Twp,, near Duncannon (20
North Lemoyne, 294 Market St., . (20
Luck now. Forge Lane, (25
Newport Marshall property (do
I 133 N. 13th St- 3 a b., (25
Derry St. (Paxtang). 2\i s. f (3U
1109 N. Second St.. 3 s. b (30
Store room. 1007 & 1009 N. Third St.
(from March 15th) *.lO
Miller Brothers & Co.
Fire laisraan Sanrty Bends
Locast ud Colli Street.
Rial Estate
FOR KENT—Three-atory brick house, 8
rooms and bath. 180S N. Fourth St.;
possession at once. Apply H. A. KELJU
1216 N. Front St.
St.: all conveniences; rent reasonable.
Inquire of H. COHKN. 20: Market St.
FOR RENT —New 9-room brick house
wttt steam heat. In nicest and health
iest part of city, near Reservoir Park.
Rent $22. Apply al 1914 I'ark street.
FOR RENT —Modern, up-to-date houses.
Just finished, Lewis St., near Fourth,
Riverside, rent $15.00. Apply 1731 Fifth
St., or at store, corner Fourth and
131a Market—apts S3O and $35
1330 Derry—apts 135.00
13th and Derry—apts. *27.50
1216 Market—Apts $22.50 |
1146 Derry—house $22.50,
1447 Berryhiil—house $22.50 ;
745 S. l»th—house, new $20.60
2336 Ellersly—house, new $18.50
415 Hummel—house . .$18.50 |
2116 Derry—house SIB.OO i
1438 Vernon —house $12.00
IS 17A Compass—house $ll.OO .
HARVEY T. SMITH, Real Estate and
Insurance, 204 S. 13th. Bell phone 243 M. ,
FOR RENT—No. 2215 Atlas street, all \
improvements, in good condition; i
rent, $16.00. Call FRANK a WICKER
SHAXI. 410 Bergner I
HOUSES FOR RENT—S23. 635. 639
Schuvlkill St. Possession at once. !
Apply j. C. MEHRING. 2433 Sixth St.
FOR RENT—Houses with all improve- ,
meiits. at moderate rentals. J. E.
GIPPLE. 1251 Market St.
FOR RENT—AII improve
ments — ;
1614 Catherine, $16.00
530 S. Eighteenth, ... $18.501
Apply Kuhn & Hershey,;
18 South Third street. •
DESIRABLE home in suburban town;
lot 35x150 ft; lawns, garden, grano
lithic walks and cemented cellar. Easy
payments, part cash, balance at low
rate of Interest. Will exchange on city
property. Address 2464. care Star-ln
FOR SALE—Two building lots, in city
limits. Sold at a bargain if sold at
once. Call 205 Bergner building, or Bell
phone 1572 J.
sale: Improved brick house, near
Market street. Also corner property, at
No. 10 S. Eighteenth St. Full Infor
mation at BELL REALTY CO.. Bergner
VERY DESIRABLE brick house for
sale: 530 Camp St.; 11 rooms; bath,
gas. steam heat: porch; two stairways;
lot 24x130: stable. Price reasonable.
BELL REALTY CO.. Bergner Building.
FOR SALE —Homes at Riverside, at
prices $2250, $2500 and S2BOO. Electric
lights, steam heat and all improve
ments: also building lots at Tenbrook,
; Pa.vtang and Riverside for sale. For
terms apply to S. HALDEMAN & CO.,
Carpenters and Builders, 3222 N. Sixth
St. Carpenter repair work promptly at
tended to. Estimates cheerfully fur
i nished by calling Bell phone 3622J3.
FOR SALE —New 9-room brick houses
on Chestnut St.; combination lights,
steam hoat, hardwood tlnish; side en
trance; price $3200. H. G. PEDLOW,
IIP S. 13th St.
JI'ST a couple of those Vernon street
houses left that can be bought with a
small CASH payment, balance as rent.
H. G. PEDLOW, 110 S. 13th St.
FOR Sl\LE —Spring is coming. See the
beautiful suburban homes at River
side before you buy elsewhere. Large
lots. Fine porches. Low prices and
easy terms. LEWIS M. NEIFFER, 223
Market street; E. MOESLEIN, 424 State
s tr e e
HOUSES FOR RENT and 2%-story
dwelling houses for sale. Elder Real
Estate Co.. 24th and Perry Sts.
FOR RENT—New furnished front rooms
facing Capitol Park; stationary wash
EtanUsi hot and cold running water;
electric light in each room; also use of
phone and large ba'.h. Apply 410 North
street. .
v '
| FOR RENT —Three modern new apart
-1 ments; 7 rooms, bath, electric lights,
steam heat, telephone, gas range, laun
dry trays; hard wood tloors: No. 239 S.
Thirteenth St. Can be seen 10 a. m.
to 4 p. m. Apply, on premises or call
Bell 2283U
FOR REN*—Apartments at southeast
corner Fourth and Pefter streets. All
conveniences at reasonable rent. Out
side porch. Apply a F. UMBERGEK.
108 N. Second St., or 427 Pefter St.
FOR RENT—Rooms for rent; also
boarding; two very nicely furnished
rooms with all conveniences; rent rea
sonable. Call 1217 Market St.
FOR RENT—Three rooms on second
tloor for light housekeeping. Apply
35 N. Sixteenth street.
suite—all outside rooms—running
water—elevator service—city steam
heat—in the Franklin Building. 112 Lo
Locust and Court Sts.
Poor Egg!
'"Here's a Swiss named Egg who
lives in New York petitioning to have
his name changed."
"Sort of an egg shake, ob! Wfcat's
the troubief"
'"He and has family have four chil
dren. and his family is constantly re-
I ferred to as * the half dozen Eggs.' 'He
; claims his yolk is toO heavy to be
"Why doesn't he lay for his tormen
tors !''
"It ap|>ears that be did once nnd got
beaten. Whipped to a froth. Poor Kgg
; could barely scramble home.''—'Boston
\ Transcript.
Wants 1
U'ANTKl)—Several salesmen to demon
strate and sell newly patented article
i that is needed In every house, school
room, store and business office In this
country. Experience unnecessary. For
particulars, write or cull on StR. IJKM-
IjBY, third tioor, front. 202 Locust St.
Office hours, li to ! p. m.
I WANTED: Ablebodled unmarried
i men between age of 18 and 35; cltixena
of United States, of good character and
temperate habits, who can speak, read
and writu the English language. For
information apply to Recruiting Officer.
Bergner Building. 3d & Market sts..
Harrisbura. 48 N. Queen St.. Lancaster.
353 Pine St., Wllllamsport, 37 W. Mar
kit St.. York, or 113 Independence SC.
ghami'Kln. I'a.
YOUNG MAN to collect accounts for
large city firm: prefer one having ha*l
| previous •experience; must not be afraid
, of hard work, state age. salary expect
ed and place where formerly employed.
Give reference as to character, so-
I brlety, honesty, etc.. etc. Tell lis some
. thing about yourself. Address 3496,
! care Star-Independent.
I -
WANTED —Men to learn barber trade;
I new method, wages a'ter tirst month.
Steady position guaranteed; write for
i catalogue. Moler's Barter College
I Dept. R. 20" Bowery. New York City.
AUTO transportation school wants men
to become practical chauffeurs and
earn $75 to SIOO per month. We give »
thorough course in crude and practical
work for $35.00. No. a N. Cameron;
j Bell phone 1710.
j BOOKKEEPER, cashier (28). desires
' position; ten years' experience; sin
i gle and double entry; excellent pen
man; Al references: capable of taking
| full charge. Address B. ENGEL. 304
Chestnut St.
WHITE BOY. 16 years of age. would i
like to learn barber trade. Apply j
1111 N. Cameron SL. Harrisburg. Pa.
WANTBD—Ky a voung colored man,]
work of any kind. Apply 209 N. Sec- i
j ond St., Steelton. Pa. j
WANTED—Married man wishes posi- '
tlon as clerk In factory or store, or in
shipping or receiving department; can |
give good reference and bond. Address j
•T. 1825 Briggs street. Bell phone 2155W, |
; City. » I
COLORED MAN would like liome with'
l a family In the country or suburbs;
! honest and a good worker. Write or
j call at 903 Sarah avenue. J. WARN.
! YOUNG MAN, 29 years of age. desires
I employment. Is familiar with elec- j
trical work and auto mechanical work.
Best of reference. Apply li. H, FKOMM, |
1411 S. Twelfth St. ■
j WANTED —Position as cook, private or ;
commercial; can furnish references. |
J Apply 638 Briggs street.
PAINTED woodwork and windows !
cleaned; automobiles washed. Call !
, Bell phone 1766 J. j
! WANTED—A young married man would
I like to have a position as stationary '
engineer: has had eight years experi-
I ence; can do most of his own' repairs; ■
i or will accept a job tiring boilers if job I
iis steady year around. Cal| R. M„
i United phone 7T3Y, City.
YOUNG MARRIED MAN with fair edu
cation ,and good recommendation,
wants position as shipping or receiving
clerk. Address G. R. SLEIGHTER, En
haut. Pa.
A YOUNG, well experienced window
cleaner wants work; three years' ex
perience in New York City.. Call or ad
dress 1114 Christiana St. (.for Steve).
YOUNG MAN wants position as cook or
j counter-man In hotel or restaurant. I
| Address or call 1114 Christiana St.
WANTED—Colored man wishes general
housework or watchman of big build
ing. or waiter in private tainily; can 1
furnish good references. Apply 405 j
Bailey street, Steelton. [
YOUNG MARRIED MAN wishes work!
of any kind, liring boiler preferred;
experienced. Apply 41 S. Court St., 1
City. |
YOUNG colored man desires position
as tirst class cook, butler, in or out
of town. Best of references. Address
NEWTON BROWN. Middletown, Pa.
Last and Found
• FOUND—A pair of nose glasses, in case
I of R. D. Pratt. SOT N*. Third St. Found
I in Keystone Cycle Co.. *U4 N. Third St.
Owner may have same by Identifying
propej-ty and paying for this ad.
POUND—On Market Square, Monday
p. in., a gold ring set with five blue
stones. Owner may have ring by iden
tifying same and paying for this ad.
Call at Star-Independent office.
FOUND—The way to end your cleaning
and dyeing worries by calling either
phone for Eggert's Steam Dyeing and
French Cleaning Works, 1245 Market
St. We call and deliver.
LOST—A meah bag. In the vicinity of
| Fulton. Third and Broad streets; Sun
| day night. Reward if returned to 1311
Fulton street.
LOST—On New Cumberland car arriv
ing at Market Square at 7.45 p. m„
Friday, a handkerchief containing |9.
Liberal reward will be paid to tinder if
Geary Ave., New Cumberland.
LOST—During recent Ice flood a flat
broke looae at Northumberland and
went adrift, had machinery on belong
ing to a coal digger. Any person lo
cating same please notify J. W. Snyder,
Shamokln Dam, Pa., or Chas. Miles, 51a
Muench St.. Harrlaburg. Pa.
An Awful Shock
Once upon a time a man remember
ed tiiat the day wag the tenth anni
versary of his wedding, and he brought
home some flowers and candy to his
wife and gave her a kiss. And H took
eight doctors nine days to restore the
poor woman from the effect of the
shock. —Cincinnati Enquirer. I
WANTED—An experienced
middle-aged lady to keep
house for a widower and
three children. Address
3465W, care Star-Independ
WANTED Good woman
for housework. Must un
derstand cooking and gen
eral housework. Address
3495, care Star-Independent.
WANTED Experienced help.
Apply Silk Mill, comer Second
and North streets.
J =»
WHITE GIRL wants work of any kind:
sleep at home; would like Saturday
and Suudav afternoons off. Call or ad
dress MISS REED. 1527 Wallace St.
WANTBD—By a colored ladv, day's
work, dish washing: or child's nurse.
Call 517 Shaffer avenue.
WANTED—By young colored girl, dish
washing In hotel. AppVj- 519 Shaffer
A ve.
RELIABLE and experienced worker
wants ironing or cleaning by the day.
Address MISS S. U. 610 N. Second St.
EXPERIENCED LADY would like to
have a situation for upstairs work or
plain cooking; not out of city llinlta
Address 123 N. Front St.. Columbia. Pa.
YOUNG colored lady wants work as sec
ond girl, child's nurse or assist with
housework. Call 28 Linden St.
WANTED —General housework or dish
washing. by a young colored girl.
Call or address 1324H James St.
WASHING and Ironing to do at home.
Call at 1529 Logan Ave.
WANTED—Position as housekeeper, in
respectable family. City preferred.
Address 2210 Atlas Ave.
WANTED—A young married woman
wishes work to do at home during
spare time; factory work preferred. Call
at 562 Forrest St.. Harrlsburg.
WANTED —Washing and ironing to do
at home, or office cleanin.g Call at
No. 625 Mahuntongo St.
WANTED—Young lady wishes position
us bookkeeper or clerical work; can
furnish references. Apply 530 Maclay
WANTED—Young lady would like work
of any kind, cooking, housework, tak
ing care of children, etc. Apply 348 S.
Cameron St.
WANTED—Washing or general house
1313 Cowden street.
WANTED—A respectable white woman
wishes position as good plain cook
or as housekeeper, in or out of the
city. Address MARIE WEINER. Gen
eral Delivery. Harrisburg, Pa.
WASTED—General housework or posi
tion as waitress or child's nurse by
a young girl. Apjily 219 Walnut St.
YOUNG GIRL desires position as child's
nurse or help with housework. Ad
dress or call 945 N. Seventh St.
A YOUNG white sirl wants general
housework. Call United Phone 441Y,
or House address 502 Strawberry St.
WANTED Reliable men and
women agents, who van hustle
for an up-to-date LIVE PROPO
SITION. Apply Room 27, Spooner
Building, Harrisburg, Pa., 10 a. m.
to 3 p. in.
terms tj live men or women. Apply
Wholesale Depot. 25 North Third, top
* 1 1 \
Sale and Exchangs
TOR SALE—Cigar, tobacco and confec
tionary store doing a good cash bus
iness and also an ice cream manufac
turing plant; will sell at a reasonable
figure. Apply L. A. Smith, Fourth and
| Kelker streets.
C. W. H. LASULETZ. Lumber—We are
overstocked with all kinds and
grades of lumber and we can offer you
big bargains. It will pay you to sue
us. Office Cameron and Mulberry Sts.
RESTAURANT at 25 S Second SL Har
risburg; good trade, in good order; for
particulars Inquire on premises.
FOR SALE—At a bargain, an upright
Klmba.ll piano; good as new. Apply
at 185 South Front St.. Steelton, Pa.
with top; one auto body suitable for
painter or plumber, one market wagon,
one laundry wagon, one platform wag
on. GROCE'S WAGON SHOP, 1541 Wal
nut St.
TOR SALE—Not. Helen F. Ellis. 1327
N. Sixth St. to whom two reserved
tickets were awarded to-day, good for
the evening performance at the Or
pheum, February 18, 1915. Call for them
at Star-Independent office, before 8 p.
m., February 17, 1915, or they will be
FOR SALE —Closing out all Incubators
aa half price. Capacity 50 to 350 eggs.
Also 25 White Leghorns and Barred
Rock pullets. Bell 587-R3. A. a
DAVIS, Penbrook.
FOR BALE—One mirror and stand com
bined (old fashioned); mirror. Includ
ing frame, It 28 Inches wide btr seven
feet high. Call or address 10 a 19th
SU Harrisburg.
FOR SALE—At GABLE S, 111-117 South
Second St.; Red Tip, Ring Point, Bll*-
zard. Rowe Junior. Can't Slip, Giant
Grip and Always Sharp Calks.
FOR SALE—At GABLE'S, 111-117 South
Second St., MOO seta new Sash, SxlO
xls L, primed and glased, at $1.15 per
set. Also other alxea.
The profit making possibilities
presented by the issues in our
latest bulletin should com
mand your immediate attention
Ask for Letter 3S
48 Broadway, Jim York
For Rent
Desirable offices in the
[Jnion Trust Building.
Union Trust Co.
L wmJ
A knitting factory; all improve
ments; electric power; two-story
frame; steam heat, well lighted:
equipped with the latest knitting
and sawing machinery. Possession
given at once. We will rent If party
would be interested In the manu
facturing of ladles' garments.
Information Wanted—Call Bell
phone <4. Steelton. fa., or
V i
Philadelphia Produce Market
Philadelphia. FM>. IS.— iVheat higher;
No. 2 red spot, export. 161®166; No. 1
northern, Duluth export, 169<g> 174.
Corn hlg-her: No. 2 spot, export. Sl@
82; No. 2 yellow, local, 84® , 54V4-
Oats firm: No. 2 white. 85©66 H.
Bran steady; winter, per ton. $30.50®
31.00; spring, $38.000>28.50.
Retlned sugars Arm; powdered, 5.85;
fine granulated, 6.75; Confectioners' A,
Butter lower; western creamery, ex
tra. 31; nearby prints, fancy, 34.
Eggs steady; nearby firsts, free case,
7.80; current receipts, free case, 7.G5;
western extras, firsts, free case, 7.80;
firsts, free case, 7.65.
Live poultry weak; fowle, 1516: old
roosters. Utility: chickens, 13® 16;
turkeys. 14® 17; ducks, 16® 17; geese, 15
Dressed poultry firmer; fowls, heavy,
18®20: average, 16ty®18'4; small, 14®
16; old roosters, 14; broiling chickens,
nearby, 18®23: western. 14®22; roast
ing chickens. 17® 18; turkeys, fancy, 22;
fair to good, 18®20; ducks, 12®18;
;eese, 10® 14.
Potatoes weaker; Pennsylvania, per
bushel. 60f0'63; Maine, 45@50: New York,
40®45; Jersey, per basket. 30®35.
Flour nominal; winter straight, 7.25
®7.50; spring straight, 7.00@,.25; do,,
patent, 7.35®8.50.
Hay Arm; No. 1 large bales, 18.50®
19.00; No. 1 medium bales, 18.50® 19.00;
No. 2 do.. 17.00(6 18."0; No. 3 iln.. 14.50®
15.50. Clover mixed, light, 17..">0® 18.00;
No. 1 do., 16.50® 17.00; No. 2. 15.00®
Chicago Live Stock Market
Chicago, Feb. 16.—Hogs—Receipts,
23,000; strong. Bulk, 6.70®6.55; light,
6.65®6.90; mixed. 5.80®6.85; heavy. 6.15
@6.80: rough, 6.45®6.55; pigs, 5.66®>8.50.
Cattle—Receipts, 3,000; weak. Native
steers, 5.25®8.40; western, 4.65®>7.15;
cows and heifers, 3.20®7.60; calves. 7.00
® 1».50.
Sheep—Receipts, 5,000: strong. Sheep,
6.35®7.10; yearlings, 7.60®8.00; lambs,
In making the statement some timo
ago in regaril to the quality of film
plays shown upon the screen in this
theatre that the p'.ays then Hhown were
above criticism but that "Better ones
were to follow," is surely illustrated in
"Behind the Scenes," featuring '"Lit
tle Mary Pickford," shown here yester
day and repeated to-day. Never has a
play been better presented, never has
a "Purity of Heart and Conscience"
been 'better illustrated so that those
who will may understand than as por
trayed by Mary Puller iu ".Behind the
Scenes." To say the least it is one of
rhe most beautiful portrayals of char
acter ever thrown upon tihe screen.
Wednesday and Thursday another
Paramount program will be sliown, fea
turing David Higgins in "His Last
Dollar," will be exhibited. This play
is absorbing from start to finish and
appeals to all the emotions to whii;h
the human mind is subject, giving the
play a variety of appeal that is certain
to insure a wide and remarkaible fol
lowing. Adv."
Funeral of S. W. Morrow at Marietta
Marietta, Feib. 16. —The funeral of
Samuel W. Morrow was held yesterday
afternoon from his late home and very
largely attended. The Rev. E. Elmer
Sensenig, of the Reformed church, of
ficiated. Burial was made in tihe Mari
etta cemetery. The "pallbearers were
members of the Lancaster Cigarmnkcru'
Union, of wthich the deceased was a
member. Relatives and friends from
York, Harrisburg and other places at
tended. t
"A FooV Poet"
One afternoon Browning went to call
on Irtdy ICinloch and mined his way.
A lady was standing on her doorstep,
and he asked her to direct him to the
house. She could' not tell hiip, but of
fered to look it up for him iu tbe di
rectory and took him into the house,
produced a directory, and together
they found out what he wanted to
know, anki then she came out to the
doorstep again so that she could point
out to him the direction he bad to take.
He thanked her, went diown the steps,
hesitated and then turned and came
back to her, saying: you may
like ,to know to whom you have been
so kind. I am a poor poet and my
name is Robert Browning,"—Westmin
ster Gazette.
Aid Given Poor Families of City Must
Be Discontinued by End of Month
Unless More Donations Are Re
Her husband out of work since fall,
aud with five children to care for, one
of whom is blind, a needy woman ask
ed for work at the Home and War Be
lief committee headquarters. Of course
she got it, and will be able to keep the
little family together for a while longer
—possibly until work opens up for the
'husband and father.
All yesterday they caime, these wom
en wifh dependent families, asking only
for work. And all day long women of
the various divisions of the big emer
gency aid committee have been giving
it to bhe>m.
"It's tihe only thing between us
aud the poorhouse," ono woman said,
as she started home with enough work
to earn her )2. That is true with a
majority of the 325 families now re
ceiving aid in the form of pay for sew
ing work done on garmqpits that are
given to the needy at homo or shioned
tibroad to the European war sufferers.
Last Friday there was paid out more
than $l6O in wages and about tihe same
amount yesterday. About 150 women
received more than S3OO. The commit
tee dead res to continue the work until
April, or at least until the middle of
IMarch, but there is on hand less than
$1,200, which will last only until the
end of this month. More money is nest
ed, and at once. If tflie collector has not
callod upon you, send your money to
John F. Sweeuey, at the Mechanics'
Trust Company.
Product of some of the skilled work
ers sewing for tihe reliof committee was
sold to the Harrisburg hospital, aw well
as individuals. Orders of any kind will
be tilled at cost price.
A request for information about the
making and shipping of supplies lias
been received from IHollidaysburg.
Samples of all the materials used have
been sent. From Coudera(M>rt has come
a shipment of supplies, all tihe work of
vo'hinteers. They will be sent away this
The Red Cross department Shipped
to Poland on Saturday, four large boxes
being required to carry the goods. Ev
ery article, excepting the knitted ma
terials and bandages, wus made by
women of this city who were paid from
twenty to twenty-live cents for each
In the shipment, were: Four'hundred
and sixty-eia'ht surgical shirt*, 48 tri
angular bandages, 132 rolled bandages,
17 abdominal bandages, 12 "T" band
ages, 24 linen compresses, 4 surgical
towels, 4 pain wristlets, 9 pair of knit
socks, 10 knit scarfs 1 knit abdominal
band, 1 knit combination cap scarf, 72
women's nigtot gowns, 9G children's
night, gowns, 18 children's caps, 4 chil
dren's petticoats 12 children s dresses,
24 baby blankets, 7 baby wrappers,
6 baby aaeques, 5 pair baby socks,' 2
pair baby mittens, 6 scarfs.
Of the shipment 636 garments were
made by needy women who received
about $l5O for their work.
Meeting Will Be Held To-night At
Stevens Memorial Church
The following program will be given
to-night «t Stevens Memorial Methodist
nliureh by the Meade W. C. T. U:
Devotional song, "Pa Shall Be
Free;" address, "Our Union and What
It ( Means to Us," Mrs. Violet Hollar
Bolan; song and drill, Temperance
l-rfght (Bearers; reading, Mrs. F. P.
Steese; duet, Mrs. Andrews and Mrs.
Pickell; "Drunkard's Lone
Child," Gladys Bolan, Lillian Spcak
man, Joe and Robert Fisliel, Ellis Bolan
and chorus of children; vocal solo, Mrs.
E. Edward Clark: address, Mrs. M. M.
Steese; instrumental duet, Mrs. Pickell
and Mrs. Brenner.
Two Speakers Provided for To-morrow
Night's Meeting
At Christ Lutheran church, Thir
teenth and Thompson streets, to-morrow
evening at the prayer meeting hour,
7.45, the Rev. Dr. J. M. Francis, of
Sun bury, will give an address and the
Rev. Charles Brosius, returned mis
sionary from Africa, will speak on the
work in the dark continent. The meet
ing will be under the auspices of the
Men's Missionary iiociety of Christ
Paddled Away in a Coffin
Several men have succeeded in es
caping from Devil's island, where Cap
tain Dreyfus was confined. One bold
prisoner escaped from his cell during a
dark nipi'it aud forced his way into a
shed where coffins were made. Select
ing a large shell, he nailed the lid down
in such a way that a hole was left big
enough for him to crawl into. Then he
raided a storehouse and stole a supply
of food, which he placed inside the
coffin. His next proceeding was to
drag the coffin and its contents down to
the water's edge. Reaching it in safe
ty, he launched his sepulchral vessel,
crawled into it and paddled away by
means of his hands. Devil's island
never saw him again.
The Art of Flattery
Madam —With this goose I have
been awfully cheated. It is old and
tough and still it looks so young and
Cook (who likes to flatter her mis
tress) —Yes, madam. One can never tell
by appearances. You, too, look much
younger than you really are.—'Flie
gende Blatter.
Coatlaued frmm First P««a
claarly shown when I had the third
judge bill passed in 1903 and such
farts were presented as led to the pas
sage of the bill without virtually any
opposition. Governor T'ennyptwker ve
toed the bill oa» tho ground that there
■was no necessity for a third judge
•here, but there may haw been other
reasons. This court is overworked and
cases argued a year ago are not yet de
cided, for the reason that the court hat
i too much business.
"Four weeks erf tho year ar« takes
up by both judges at Quarter Sessions
court, when 0110 of tho judges ought tfl
be devoting that time to writing opin
ions. The work of the Dauphia county
< ourt is constantly being interrupted by
Btate business. Every year now depart
ments are added to the Stato adminis
tration and in some way additioaal
business is added to the Ttauphin coun
ty court. The latest is the taking o1
appeals from the Public Service Com
■mission to the local court. We already
had state tax cases, election and nomi
nation cases, and a hundred and on«
other matters from the c&pitol to en
gage the attention of our court. It
certainly is time to have a third judge,
for there is need foT him."
John Fox Weiss, former distract at
torney, favors a third judge for the
Dauphin county bench. "Ym, I am in
favor of R third judge," .* Mr.
Weiss, "because I believe he is needed.
I think our two judge* have more work
to do than any two judges in the Com
monwealth, and there should be a third
judge here." •
"Too Much Work for Two Judges"
Charles C. St rah, of the Board oi
Law Examiners, said a third judge is
necessary for quicker dispatch of busi
ness in this court and to relieve the
present judges.
"We have needed a third judge here
for some time," said Mr. Strofo. "Out
two judges have too muc.h to do with
all of the state work in addition to the
eountv work. There should be a third
W. ft. 6nyder said: "I think a third
judge is badly needed. The cowrt here
has been overcrowded with work and
yet in face of the faot that they da
work hard they are behind. To my
mind it is a grand opportunity to re
i lieve them.''
Colonel Fred M. Ott, Solicitor of
Dauphin county, said: "There can be
but one opinion aod that is brierf. The
judges here are overburdened with
work. The necessity for a third judge
never before was so apparent aa at the
present time."
' 'I always have felt the necessity for
a third judge in Dauphin county," said
Assistant District Attorney Frank B.
Wickersham. "There is much need fot
another jurist here especially in view of
the fact that Judges Kun-kel and Mc-
Carroll now are overwwi-ked and should
have relief. To my mind the fact that
cases now are piling in on our judge;
faster than they or any other two
judges can dispose of th»m, speaks for
Fleas Will Be Made for Them To-mor
row at First Meeting of New Board
The first business meeting of the
Board of Pardons as at present consti
-1 tuted will be held to-morrow in the Su
preme Court room, when Lieutenant
Governor McClain will preside. There
are twenty-nine cases on the list for *.r
--i gument, the first four being murder
cases, the men being under sentence oi
death and petitioning to have the death
sentence commuted to imprisonment for
I-life. The murderers aro Gregurio Biz
zatto, Philadelphia; Andrew Malinow
siki, Allegheny; Arthur Simon, Tioga,
ami Nicollo Mondollo, Fayette.
The case of Luka Zarcovic, Daxiphin.
murder second degree, will be heard
early in the day. Zareovic was sen
tenced in 1909 to twenty years. His
pardon will be opposed by District At
torney Stroup.
The case of David Kaufman, of New
York, who flim-flammed Harrisburg mer
chants by shortchanging them in a pur
chase, and who is serving two years
and six months in the pen, also will be
heard, as will that of Milton Weaver,
Dauphin, serving from ono to two years
in the pen for sodomy.
Senator Hoke, of Oh ambers-burg, will
; appear for Thomas E. Patterson, con
! victed in Cumberland county of bur
glary, larceny and felonious assault, and
serving a term of from 15 to 60 years.
Entertains For Daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schelhas, 1442
Thompson street, entertained last even
ing at their home in honor of the fourth
birthday anniv-ersary of their daughter,
Charlotte Grace. Aboot a dozen of her
little friends enjoyed game* and re
To Celebrate 150 th Anniversary
Marietta, Feb. 16.—Preparations
are in vogue by St. John 'a Lutheran
congregation of Maytown for the cele
bration of the 150 th anniversary of Hie
founding of the congregation, to be
celebrated (hiring Canter week. A new
pipe organ is being installed and cler
gymen from various sections will take
part in the services. The Rev. Joseph
D. Krout is the p«»tor.
A Personal Statement
There are so-called "honey and tar"
preparations that eost the dealer half
as much but sell at the same price as
the original and genuine Foley's Honey
and Tar Compound. We never offer
these imitatioas and substitutes. We
know you will buy Foley's whenever
you need a cough syrup if you once
use it. People come long distances for
the true FOLEY'S——over thirty years
the leading remedy for coughs, colds,
croup, whooping cough, bronchial and
lagrippe coughs.—George A. Gorgas, 16
North Third street, P. B. B. Station.—