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The Star-Independent Gives Away 2 Orpheum Tickets Daily |
The Name of the Person to Whom They Will Be Awarded To-day Is Somewhere Among the Classified Ads On This Page
Perhaps you are the lucky person. Look until you find out. If you sfet the tickets please call for them before 8 o'clock to-morrow evening
or they will be forfeited. (These names are drawn from the Directory by a blindfolded girl.) |j
,v ' =g= *
' N
■ . i
W. J. WENKIOH. 339 Hamilton street —
Furniture, china and piano packing.
Shipments' looked after at both ends.
Also all kinds of hauling. Hell phone j
PACKING—A. H. SHRENK. 1906 North ;
Sixth -street, iirst class packer of fur
niture, china and brlcabrac. Bell phone
3 JJ\\.
OL.D UOL.D AND SiLVKR watches, dia
monds and jewelry bought for high- :
est cash prices. JOS. L>. BRENNER, No. j
IX. Third St. Bell phonc_l:.'74L.
STORAGE in 3-story brick building.
* rear 408 Market St. Household goods
in clean, private rooms. Reasonable ,
rates. Apply to P. O. DIEXEK, Jeweler, ;
«0S Market St. |
new eight-story brick warehouses,
one absolutely tireproof. divided into
fireproof private rooms of various :
si<:es for the storage of household !
goods; the other warehouse of the most
approved type of tire retardant con- 1
btruetiou for general merchandise. They
are equipped with two large electric j
Height elevators and spiral chute for
the quick and safe handling of house
hold goods and all kinds of merchan
dise. Juow storage rates. South Second
street, near Paxton, on the tracks of
I'enna. K. It.
PIANO moving by experts. WINTER '
PIANO CO.. 23 N. Fourth St. Call'
14 6. Bell phone.
WANTED—To buy a blue white dia
mond between l's and carats.!
Spot cash. Address 3453, care Star-In- j
dependent. ' |
WANTED —To buy a good breed Scotch |
collie pup; must not oe over si\ weeks
old: give price, etc. Address 3153, care
Watches, Jewelry, Firearms, Musical
Instruments. Highest cash prices for
old gold and silver. Repairing a spe
. laity. CITY LOAN OFFICE. 11l
ket street.
LOANS—S:> to 5200 for honest working
people without bank credit at less ,
than legal rates: payable in install
ments to suit borrowers' convenience,
Loan anu investment Co..
Jul Clustnut St.
ALL kinds of hauling; large two-ton
trU'k: furniture, pianos, freight, in
the city and suburbs. Prices reason* 1
able. Picnic and pleasure trips, day of"
evening. WM. 11. DARE, 1453 Vernon
Business Opportunities
A GOOD investment for a party with j
4 Ad
dress G., 34«"»4, care Star-Independent.
A LOCA.I.# manufacturing plant doing:!
good business desires to extend its j
business. Offers an exceptional oppor- |
t unity to il tors of from SIOO to *SOO. j
Will bear investigation. Address In
vestment, P. O. Box 59. Harrisburg, Pa. \
' >
NOTICK— Letters of administration tes- j
tamentary on the estate of I*eah :
Giede. late of Harrisburg. Dauphin j
i county. Pa., dece.tsed, having been I
granted to the undersigned, residing in i
Harrisburg. Pa., all persons indebted ;
to saifl estate are requested to make |
immediate payment, and those having
claims will present them for settlement. !
Administrator. 1612 Green St. i
AxECI TOU S XOTlCE—Letters testa- !
vnentary upon the estate of Eimina |
Darby, late of the City of Harrisburg, .
I'auphln County, Pa., deceased, testate,,
having been granted unto the under- :
signed by the Register of Wills of said
County, all persons indebted thereto)
:irc requested to make prompt payment j
; nd those having claims against the
same to present them without delay to '
Steelton, Pa.
NOTlCE—Letters of administration
testamentary on the estate of Alex
ander McAlicher, late of Harrisburg.
Dauphin county. Pa., deceased, having
b-eh granted to the undersigned, re
siding in Harrisburg, all persons in
ilebted to said estate are requested to j
make immediate, payment, and those
having claims will present them for ,
2124 Penn St.,
633 Dauphin St.,
24-story brick house with seven
rooms bath and steam heat.
(Built in 1911.)
cemented cellar—gas and elec
tricity—B ft. front porch—ft. side
por h and bark storm porch.
Ci'.jken house —shade and fruit
trees. '
* This house is beautifully located
on Rutherford street, near Kelso—
two squares from trolley.
liOT Goxl2o FT.
I After a careful Inspection we rec
ommend this property as a good
value at the price, 9-1200
Fire Innurance Surety t*on<tft
Locu«t nn<l Tonrt Street*
Real Estate
GROCERY STORtrfor sale; stock at in- !
ventory and fixtures at reduced price, i
Cornej: property, good location, not pre
viouslv offered, ilet particulars at once. ,
Bi'.'Ll. REALTY CO.. Ilergner Building.
I street for sale at a very attractive .
price; corner property: lor 2!xl00; sta- I
ble on rear of lot. BELL REALTY CO.,
Bergner Building. '
BARGAINS—I 324 Walnut. »4.?00—34 N". .
17th. 14.-00 —-31 X. 14th. $-,700 —2038
Susquehanna, $:'S30 —1233'j Bailey.
$1«00—i40 X. 15th. S3SOO--1350 North.
| tate and Insurance, 1414 Regina St.
! FOR SALE—Lots at Penbrook, 30x130;
j prices SIOO each ami up to close them ;
, out quick. Also for sale, one frame
I house, centrally located, in the city;
i si\ rooms, bath and attic: hot air fur- I
nace, price $-.100. For terms apply to
' S. ]I.\LI>KMAX & CO., Carpenters and
: Builders. X. Sixth street. J.,v work
i promptly attended to. By calling Bell
i phone 3H22J3. | i in ■ i >
I FOR RENT—I 422 Regina St.; all im- '
provements, front and back potches;
! electric lights, large yard, inducting
chicken house in rear; rent $22. Apply
ort premises. |
FOR• REXT —Eight-room frame dwell
ing. l')3!> llerr St., rent $12.00. Pos
session at once. Inquire MEHRIXG,
1'»42 iierr St., ur B#U phone 1463 R.
DESIRABLE houses and apartments for
rent in all parts of city. Reasonable
rent and good locations. Inquire of
I HARVEY T. SMITH. 204 South Thir-
I teenth St. Bell phone 24SL.
| FOR RENT—Houses with all improve
ments. at moderate rentals. J. E. '
, GIPPLE. 1251 Market St. j
FOR RENT —All improve
ments —
IGI4 Catherine, $16.00
330 S. Eighteenth, .. .$18.50
Apply Kulin & Ilershey,
18 South Third street.
POR RENT—New furnished front rooms
facing Capitol Park; stationary wash
stands, hot and cold running: water,
electric light in each room; also use of
phone and large bath. Apply 410 North
; FOR REN'j^—Apartments at southeast
I corner Fourth and Peffer streets. All :
j conveniences at reasonable rent. Out- '
side porch. Apply B. F. FMBERGER.
■ 10S N. Second St., or 427 Peffer St.
floor housekeeping apartments; large
rooms with kitchenettes and baths;
modern improvements; electric lights;
i gas; city steam; janitor service. Apply j
• at above address.
. HOUSES FOR REXT and 2ii-storyS
dwelling houses for sale. Elder Real I
Estate Co.. 24th and l>eny Sts. |
Floor of two or four rooms, furnish
ed complete for housekeeping: coal or
i gas range; large back porch; bath, !
j closet, bells and letter boxes. Refer
ences. Call 1417 Market St. Bell phone !
SS7J. /
. FOR RENT—Two private eommunicat
| iner seconjl story rooms, facing Green
street on side: large balcony; heat, gas.
I etc. Possession at once. Rent reason
able. Apply to A. U KRIEG, ISOO Green
street. j
' >
Sale and Exchange
BAKERY FOR SALE—Good location;
good business; if interested apply P.
O. Box 137, New Cumberland, Pa.
FOR SALE—Ford delivery car, in good
condition; excellent reasons for sell
ing. Apply KISSINGER, Fourth and
Woodbine tits.
ONE horizontal 15-H. P. steam engine;
one vertical 12-11. P. steam engine;
one 3't-H. P. gas engine. These are sec
ond hand engines, in good repair. Ad
dress or call 515 Seneca St.
t. W. 11. rA\(■ I,FT/, I.umber—We are
overstocked with all kinds and
grades of lumber and we can offer you
big bargains. It will pay you to see
up. Office Cameron and Mulberry Sts.
FOR SALE —Max well,delivered in A N<7.
1 condition used only a few times
as delivery. Call 1316 Swatara Street,
liarristmrg. Pa.
FOR SAI.E —S. C. Brown Leghorns—
-100 chicks. $10.00; 50 chicks, $5.50; 25
chicks, $3.00;" eggs, SI.OO per setting,
also one tine S. C. Brown Leghorn
cockerel, $2.00. Custom hatching, 5c
per chick or $3.00 per 100 eggs. Orders
jC. O. D.; all thorough stock. A. S.
i FINGER, 2529 ti. Third St., Steelton. -
' FOR SALE Moving picture theatre.
Owner cannot give sufficient time to
1 management. Address, 3151 care Star
\ Independent.
FOR SALE—At GABLE S, 111-117 South
•Second St.; Red Tip, Ring Point, Bliz
zard, Rowe Junior. Can't Slip, Giant
Grip and Always Sharp Calks.
FOR SALE—At~GA BUS'S, 111-117 South
Second St., 5,000 sets new Sash, Bxlo
xl 2 L, primed and glazed, at $1.15 per
*et. Also other sizes.
Germany's "Flower City"
Erfurt is appropirately called the
' •' Blumenstadt," or Flower City, of Ger
| many. Almost 3 per cent, of the popu
j lation is engaged in commercial liorti
| culture. While vegetables and flowers
i for sale are grown on a large scale,
! of much vaster proportions is the busi
j ness in flower and vegetable seed. The
! larger Erfurt seed firms ship to almost
j all parts of the civilized world. —Argo
| naut.
! _l
WANTED? Ablebodied unmarried I
men between age of IS and 35; citixens
of Cnlted States, of good character and
temperate habits, WHO can speak, read |
. and write the English language. For
information apply to Recruiting"Officer, •
| Bergner Building. 3d v<i Market sts..
Ma risburg. 4> X Queen St.. Lancaster,
i 333 Pine St., Willianisport, 37 \V. Mar
ket St., York, or 113 Independence St..
! .-hamokin. i'u. j
AUTO transportation school wants men
to become practical chauffeurs and .
earn $75 to slou per month. We give a I
thorough course in crude and practical
work for $35.00. No. si N. Cameron;
Helj phone 1710.
MlDl>l,k-Aisl-:i> niarrl-d man wishes
position of any kind, inside or out;
not afraid of work and can furnish ;
good reference. Address 30:..5. Ifiver |
; avenue. i
! WANTED —Young man wishes work of
J any kind, driving team or shipping
clerk preferred. Good reference. G. B.
IK„ 2118 Turner Ave. 1
WANTED—Middie-agsd man wishes po
sition as bread and cake baker, in
town or out. Address W. D., 341 11am
, ilton St.
WANTED—Experienced barber: first
class young man wishes good steady ,
poai lion. Apply IQIB N. Seventh St.
WANTED—Jos. B. Pollock, l«0n Hunter!
to whom two reserved tickets j
were awarded to-day, good for tne |
evening performance. February S, lDli.
Call for them at Star-IndepeudeiU oi
iloe before 8 I*. M.. February o, lJ»io, or :
they will be forfeited. j
t KXPBRIENCED correspondent, male,
desires position; best references. Ad
dress 71S Capital St., City.
A YOUNG MAN woulfl like to have a
position of any kind; honest and
! does not use tobacco in any way. Call ♦
or address to U7u Herman Ave., L.e
rnoyne. Box 81>. 1
MAN, 28 years of age, wishes position
in grocery store, can give best ot
reterence. Call or address G. N., 3-1
Klver avenue.
' YOUNG~MAN, IS years old, would like
to have position With traveling sales
man, or helper. Address 614 Delaware
avenue. ____
\VANTEI>-Young '.ad\ to r office work;
one having previous < xpcrience pre
ferred; give age. salary exp.-vtcd ami
place where formerly employed. Ad
dress U. f No. 3JSS, care Star-independ
WANTED—A woman foi general work.
Apply Maple Grove Hotel, Sixth and
Maclay streets.
WANT 10L)—A white girl for general
housework; three in family. Apply,
107 Reily street.
WANTED Good girl for general
housework, must understand cook
ing one wlio desires a good home and
fair treatment. Address wita rcleieiice,
3150, care Star-Independent.
DO YOU WANT to be a Stenographer ?
If you do, buy tuition from an EX
who knows what me student needs,'and
how to give a thorough training in a
short time. Tuition charged for seven
months only, free Triai. Bell VO4H.
Call. Harnsburg shorthand School, 41
ii. Second St.
I WANTED—Young lady wishes mater
| nity nursing. Apply 100S Hewyhill
J street.
I WANTED—Position as housekeeper for
widower. | Apply 811 Jamea Ave.
. WANTED—By a settled colored woman,
| a position as cook in private family
or boarding house; stay nights or sleep
I home; no washing. Address 1327 N.
; Fourth St., City.
WANTED—By an experienced colored
woman, cooking or general hpuse
j work or work of all kinds by weak or
, day; can give tirst cluss reference, HIS
i N. Fourth St.
i A COLORED WOMAN wants a place as
1 general housework or chambermaid.
| Call at 1228 North Seventh St.
| LADY' wishes day work or office
i cleaning. Call or address Hl7 Ver
non street, city.
I NEAT young colored girl way Id like
general housework; no washing; can
furnish good reference at last place em
ployed in city. Address 54S Cameron
: St., Middletown, Pa.
| YOUNG WHITE WOMAN desires house
-1 work three days per week, inquire
462 South Sevond St., Sleelton, pa.
A GERMAN LADY wants day work,
j Apply 1011 Berryhill St.
j WANTED—Neat colored girl desires po
■ sition as chambermaid, or general
j housework; no washing or ironing. Call
i or address 111 Linden St.. City.
■ WANTED—A colored woman desires a
place for cooking in boarding house.
' 34 7 Reily street.
Lost and Found
FOUND—A place without trying. Care
ful cleaning, best of dyeing. Where?
At Eggert's Steam Dyeing and French
cleaning Works, 124* Market St. Call
, 11 and deliver
LOST—Ladles' gold watch, black fob
and Knights of Columbus charm. Re
ward if returned to 23 8. Seventeenth
LOST—On Carlisle car leaving Market
Square at 1 p. m.. February 2, a belt
pin with initials S. J. W. If found
please return to 2132 Moore St., Harris
burg. and receive reward. MRS. W. H.
Harnsburg Hospital
The Harrisburg Hospital is /open
daily except Sunday, between 1 and 2
o'clock p. m. for dispensing medical
advice and prescriptions tofthose un
able to pay for them. f
•^,7 > pp- -
i .
: t ; " - • ' ■—■—
•losie Heather. at the Orpht-uin this week, is proving one of ttic most
popular singers that has tripped before the footlights this season. Miss Heather
1 is winsome, clover and look? lv autifnl in her many changes of exquisite gowns.
! Henrv Marshall, who accompanies her at the piano, is a clever entertainer
also, and incidentally he is the composer of every song in the act. Some of
their numbers include "The Five Fifteen," "The Same Dress My Mother 1 sed
to Wear," a Scotch lyric, "Make I'p Your Mind, Maggie McKonzie," "He
Nice," and a couple others. —Adv.*
Suites of 2 Rooms and Bath
Reynard, 208 N. Third Street ,
Large, light, airy, and comfortable rooms.
Steam heat and constant hot and cold water sup
Hardwood floors; electric light; wired for tele
phone service.
Ready About February 1, 1915
>■ Commonwealth Trust Company,
223 Market Streat Harrisburg, Pa.
■V . t
t I
N *
Desirable offices in the
Union Trust Building.
Union Trust Co. I
Tlie four-story brick dwelling I
house No. 109 S. Sccouil Street,
Ilarrisburg, Ha., fronting twenty-six '
feet on Second Street, and extending
in depth ninety-five feet to an alley;
first floor now occupied as n whole
sale liquor store. Title perfect.
Executor of Mary E. Winters, De
ceased, 222 Market Street, Uar
risburg. Pa.
v >
A knitting factory, all Improve
ments: electric power; two-story
frame. steam heat, well lighted;
equipped with the latest knitting
and sewing machinery. Possession
given at once. We will rent if party
would be interested in tiie manu
facturing oT ladies' garment*.
information Wanted—(.'all Bell
phone H, £ieelton. Pa., or
140 ,\. I'lt <1 XT MHlitr
Tho First Express
The express business was started by
William F. Harndeu, of Boston. In
1838 he contracted with the Bostou
and Worcester railroau for this carriage
of packages over its line. In the fol
lowing year he arranged for a service
between New York and Boston four
times a week. He himself was the
messenger and he carried his |>ackages
at first in a small hand bag, afterward
in a stout trunk.
ISOS firern St., 3-story brick.
1923 X. Second St., 3-story brick.
1 (J I 6 Swatara St., 3-story frame.
j IS" X. Fifteenth St., 3-story brick.
260 Delaware Ave., 2-story brick.
1924 Briggs St., 3-story frame.
Long St., frame dwelling and 2 acres
of ground, all kinds of fruit.
Long St., frame dwelling and 1 acre
of ground, all kinds of fruit.
They May, Through the War's Influ
ence, Be Held In This Country.
Tim possible effect of tile gigantic
! conflict in Europe on international
sporting events for some years to come
offers no more interesting speculation
than the future of the Olympic games
Even though three emperors, as man;
kings and one president should cease
before the-snow flies to play millions
of men like so many pawns, no treaty
of peace will be strong enough to heal
racial rancor at once.
Berlin may yet be In a position to
; adhere to her program of being the
! scene of the 1910 games, but how nboul
British, French, Russian and Belgian
athletes caring to meet German and
Austrian competitors there? In the
same sense if to a somewhat let's de
gree the objection woukl apply to the
i Stockholm of the neutral Swedes,
which seems to be willing again to
hold the games provided the other na
tlons are agreeable.
Notwithstanding thp geographical
disadvantage to the majority of the
contestants one of the cities' of the
i United States east of the Mississippi
i would *»e a better alternative than
; Stockholm.— London Sport.
Art Treaeuree For the Louvre.
The will of Baron Basile der Schlich
tlng. one of the notal#e Russinif resi
dents of Paris, who died recently,
leaves his magnificent collection of
paintings. bronz«s and sculptures, val
ned at $20,000,006. to the Louvre.
Among his oh'cets of art are 114 snuff
boxes for which the late J. Plerpont
Morgan is said to have offered $2,000.-
000. One of Uiese boxes, painted by
Fragonard, is talued at SIOO,OOO.
j Recessions of One to Two Points in ■
Canadian and Southern—American !
Sugar Weak and Industrials
i Dropped 3'i Points
By Associateil Press.
) New Vcrrk, Feb. 4.—Wall Street—
[ .Stocks .dieplayed general firmness at to
l day's opening, despite the lower range
! reported !>> 'London. All the leaders i
1 opened at slight advances which were
I soon increased. The feature was 'Beth
j lenem Steel, which rose with gains
of almost as much in the special group.
'High grade railway 9 Ira res seemed to
bo in moderate demand and I'. S. Steel
moved up almost apoint. National 'Ris
: cj'.t and American Sugar were excep |
' tions to the higher, trend and United
I flutes realty, which has been con
' spicuom-lv weak, deeilned seven points I
J to 41. a point over its minimum.
The market received a decided set
! back in the first hour on offerings of
Canadian Pat'ilie and Southern Pacific
canning recessions of 1 to - (mints.
Temu< inry cessation of this movement
' pnrt.wlly restored the | rice level with
further gains in motor shares and o>ther
specialties subject to 00l manipulation.
Toward midday, however. more liquida
j tion and lower pfTces were encountered.
'American Sugar wna weak and the in
dustrials selling oil' 3*# points in bonds
j were steady.
Philadelphia, Feb. 4.—Conditions
for three days ending Wednesday even
ing, February 3:
Beef Cattle—Trade was moving
along rather slowly and was somewhat
; disappointing. There was no material
1 change in values, and offerings eon
i sisted ot' Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee
and Virginia cattle. Cows closed inac
tive, with the best calves firmer. Quo
tations: Steers —Kxtras, higher; aver
age best. $5.60a5.75; choice, s!>.4oa
8..">0; good, $N.2Ua8.30; medium,' $Sa
S. 10; common, s7.r>t)a7.7o; bulls,
sr>ati.2s; fat cows, s4.»flar>.7s; thiin
cows, $2.75a4.50; milch cows, common
to choice, $45»70; extra, SSO: veal
calves, exceptional lots, $11%11.50;
good to choice, $10al0.50; medium.
$8 a 9; common, s6a7; Southlands iuid
barnyards, sja7.
Sheep and 1 jambs—The top of tihs
market valued a fraction stronger,
while inquiry was ordinary. Quotations:
Wethers, extra $6.25a6.75
( hoico «. 5..>0at>.00
Medium 4.50a5.00
j Common 3.00a3.f>0
Kwes, heavy, fat j.1iia5.73
Lambs —
Kxtra . so.2i>a9.i»o
| Good to choice S.iiOaft.OO
Medium 5.00a8.2">
Common fi.00a6.50
Hogs—An uusettled situation pre
vailing on account of rigid inspections
|an 1 quarantining, reliable prices are
i no', given. Quotations: nominal.
City-dressed Stock —Kvery descrip
tion of strictly choice and prime meat
! closed steady, but demand was very
'moderate. Quotations: Steers, lQVfea
15c.; heifers, 10al3'/se.; cows, Sal2e.;
veal calves, 15a16c.; extra calves, 17c.;
Southerns and barnyards, 10a12c.;
country dressed, 13a14c.; extra, ltic.
Philadelphia Produce Market
Philadelphia, Feb. (.—Wheat higher;
i No. 2 red export, lSltr 166: No. 1 north
ern, Dulutli export, 1699(174.
I Corn firmer; No. 2 Si>ot, export. 82®
Oat* steady; No. 3 white. 644 ft 65.
Bran firm; winter, per ton, $29.50®
) 30.00; spring, 525.50®29.00.
Refined sugars advanced ten points;
powdered, 5.15; Hne granulated. 5.33;
Confectioners' A. 5.25.
I Butter tirm: wi stern creamery, ex
i tra. 34; nearby prints, fancy, 37.
1 Kggs lower; nearby firsts, free rase,
; 8.70; current receipts, free case, 8.404/'
' 5.55: western extra firsts, free case, 8.70;
j firsts, free case. 8.40 (a 5.55.
I Live poultry higher; fowls, 15® 17; old
roosters, 11# 12; chickens, 16® 17; ducks,
164; 17; geese. 15® 17.
Dressed poultry steady; turkeys, fan
cy, 22c; do., fair to good. 18©20; fowls,
heavy, 18<4®19>4; average, 16<ji 18;
small, 18014; old roosters, 14; broiling
chickens, nearby, 18®23; western. 14®
22; roasting, 17®19; ducks, 12®13;
geese, 10® 14.
Potatoes steady; Pennsylvania, per
bushel, B.'i®6s: New York, 45®50; Jer
sey. per basket. 30®3&.
Flour strong; winter straight,®
6.75; spring straight, 6.75®6.»0; spring
I patent, 6.60®7.15.
Hay steady; No. 1 large bales, 18.50®
19.00; Mo. 1 medium bales, 18.50® 19.00;
No. 2 do., 17.00® 18.00; No. 3 do.. 14.60®
15.50. Clover mixed, light, 17.50JiM8.00;
No. 1 do., 16.50® 17.00; No. 2. 15.00@16.0
Chicago Live Market
Chicago, Keb. 4. Hogs—Receipts,
24,000; slow. Bulk, 7.10®7.20; light.
6.85®7.£0; mixed, 6 85®7.25; heavy, 6.75
®7.25; rough, 6.75®6.85; pigs, 5.60®6.75.
Cattle—Receipts, 4.000; weak. Native
steers, 5.80(fi9.30; western, 5.25®7.70;
cows and heifers, 3.20®8.25; calves, 8.25
® 12.00.
Sheep—Receipts. 9,000; slow. Sheep,
6.25®7.10; yearlings, 7.40®5,26; lambs,
7.65® 9.30.
Haisey & Co. Issue Income Tax Booklet
An attractive ''lncome Tax Record
IBook," suitable for the tabulation of
alt items of income, exempt or
lias been prepared by N. W. (Haisey &
Co., 49 Wall street, New York City.
'Phis book is now being distributed
gratis to income tax payers throughout
the country.
Harrisburg Hospital
The Harrisburg Hospital is open
daily except Sunday, between 1 and 2
o'clock p. m. for dispensing medical
advice aud prescriptions to those un
able to pay for them.
Werner Horn Arrested
by Authorities
on Charge of Defac
ing Buildings
* —
Prisoner Will Be Given Hearing Late
' This Afternoon and Probably Sur
rendered By the State to Foderal
Vanceboro, Me., Feb. 4.—Werner
Horn, who attempted to blow up tliu
International bridge over the St. Croix
river, was arrested to-day on a warrant
issued by a local trial judge, charging
him with defacing and injuring build-
j uj»s in Vanceboro. The injury to the
buildings was caused by the shock ot
the explosion when Horn exploded a
charge of dynamite under the briilge.
This move was m ule to avoid pos
sible complications in further detaining
the dynamiter without a formal charge
having been made against him. Deputy
Sheriff Ross, who took him iuto custody
Tuesday morning feared personal liabil
ity in the matter and after communicat
ing with the office of the State Attor
nev General obtained the warrant
which was later served to the prisoner.
Horn will be given a hearing late
i this afternoon. It is expected he will
j be surrendered by the State to federal
i jurisdiction "and transferred to Bangor
, or Portland for a hearing before a fed-
I eral commissioner on the application of
J the British government for the extradi
tion of the prisoner to Canada.
Coatlnocd h'roin t'trst l*aca»
istrativc departments: the foreign af
fairs and justice department, in charge
of Attorney M. Diaz Lombardo; state-
I and communications, General Luis Do
| I.a Garza Cardeuus; treasury and in
dustry, Attorney Francisco Escudero.
General Francisco Villa, in a tele
| gram to the Associated Press to day
i described the activities of his force
against Carrauza troops. The message
declared that the. troops neAr San Luis
Potosi hail captured more than 30-0
prisoners, three trains and other cquip-
I ment. It added that Lieut. Colonels
! Verdure and Orendeain had joined the
Villa t'oVceywith a command of four
I hundred me\ General Estrada in Jali
sco state, was reported active.
Passenger/Traffic Restored
Vera Cruz, Feb. 4. —Passenger traffic
between Vera Cruz and Mexico City
was resumed yesterday after an inter
ruption of more than three months,
i Scores of Mexicans and many Aineri-
I cans went to the capital on the first
Peace Conference Date Changed
j San Antonio, Tex., Feb. 4.—The date
of the Mexico Peace Conference called
here for February 5, has been changed/
to February 8, because of messages re
ceived that prominent Mexican leaders
were en route from Cuba, California
and Spain. Artnro M. Eliaz annouueed
to-night that every political faction,
every party and every interest in Mex
ico, except foreign interests will ( be
represented at tjie conference.
Lost His Nerve
Manv vear« ago a blacksmith near
York, En-gland, successfully pea-formed
the delicate operation of removing a
cataract from an eye on several of his
fellow villagers, says the London
"Chronicle." The fact became kuown
to a doctor in the neighborhood, who
so adnjired the blacksmith's skill that
•ho provided the means for his cdui'*-
tion as an oculist. To tho blacksmith
thft removal of the cataract was no
more than a mechanical feat, but when
lie became acquainted with tho struc
ture of the human eye and its amazing
delicacy he was ih> overpowered by the
rashness of what he had done in igno
rance that he lost his norve, and with
the fear of knowledge he insisted on
reiturning to his aJivil.
Little Girl's Guess.
Little Girl's mother was reading th<
■paper and came to a personal refer
ring to the departure of a young mas
for a polytechnic school.
"Wonder what polytechnic means?*
she said. "Jjook in the dictionary, Lit
tie Girl, and see."
Bnt Little Girl was busy with a new
doll's wardrobe, so she chose to guess
"Maybe it's a school where thej
train parrots, mamma."—St. Louli
Ths Suffrage Convention.
The National American Woman Suf
frage association convention will b»
held in Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 12 to 17.
The national body has a membership
of sixty branch associations, and this
year's meeting Is the forty-eighth an
imal convention. The Tennessee Equal
Suffrage league is the hosteus.