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    Women's and Misses' $15.00 Winter i
Coats: $9.50 I
Mill Factory Sale Reductions
On Close to 200 Garments
The biggest savings of thy Winter are announced in tlie Mill and j
Factorv Sale, beginning to-morrow scores of coats in sizes for women J
and misses and in styles that will make an instant appeal will be let
out at unusual sacrifices. ,
$13.00 novelty mixed coats, collar and I
cuffs velvet trimmed. Mill and Factory
Sale price §9.00
sl3.(><> navy and oxford full length
chinchilla coats, jdain tailored with
patch pockets. Mill and Factory Sale • .
price §IO.OO |
$18.30 full lenjrth black ziheline coats,
lined throughout with satin, plush collar
and cuffs, large ornaments. Mill and
Factory Sale price, 812.50
$13.00 navy and black fox trot coats,
plush collar and cuffs. Mill and Fac
tory Sale price, SIO.OO
$18.30 full length lvurltex coats in
i- Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart,
Annual Report of Supervising Nurse
Shows Pitiable Conditions Among j
Patients—The Stork Made Three
Vists There Duriug the Year
The really pitiable conditions of i
many ot' the inmates of the Dauph'in
County Almshouse, the number of per
sons suffering from disease anil de-1
s. riptions of helpless patients are rc- i
H ferred to in the annual report of Mis*
Eva Davidson, the supervising nurse at
t)ie Home, which was filed with the
Dauphin County Directors of the Poor!
this morning.
H Three births occurred at the home 1
during the year. The total number of
hospital inmates was 246, of which ISt
were adult males and 5U adult females.
JCine were children.
Among the inmates are four who are
entirely blind, while five others are nl
most blind. Twelve are epileptic. Of
these six suffer such severe attacks and
of such frequency that it is necessary
to give them constant treatment. One
inmate is entirely helpless from pa
ralysis, while tflre<> others are practical
Jv unable to aid themselves.
Owing to the diptheria quarantine
there has been a cessation of syphiletics
that usually are sent into the hospital
department for treatment, but there are
still twelve who are now receiving
treatment for syphiletic conditions,
-which cases are not now a menace to
public. In i'igents treated for social
diseases through the work of the Diree
t»is of the poor since <lulv 1, number
Minor operations of carious char
acters have been conducted upon 22 pa-
No deaths have resulted thus
fr from either treatments or opera -
Ten of the inmates are receiving
treatment for acute rheumatism. Ther.'
eleven tubercular patients in the
ward provided for that class of
During 1014 there were forty-five
(If.-i;lis. Fourteen these were tuber-
cases. >ix of the dead were over
years old, while eght were over
Of the insti-
'' twelve
thirty two are over seventy.
Was Thrown Out and Injured;
Vehicle Was Demolished
I The mere slipping of the horse at
■ t at<
■ '
jn which the river, Ciiarlcs
"ia.i. I SOS Vernon
injured, th- -1; suffered
and bruises and fir' wag-'U
The animal lost its t°> vuile
street and tlie vehicle sverved tu
>ide and struck a troilev pole :.t Cvt
ctiou of I'inc. The Ivu-gy to • "f
he wagon was knocked from it fasten
Karismau was thrown to the pave-
tailing on his face and the wa<on
turned ccmplotely upside down,
frightened animal then da-he !
at breakneck speed, turning d wn
ranberry avenue, toward the river
excited crowd of people run
from the Capitol grounds and ii
from every direction, luoked <
i'iii' horse became freed from the de
< !i-he I vehicle in Cranberry street
t Third and Court --tracts,
- taken in charge by Kinsman aW
had fallen on the at' Court street
was not seriously injured.
Holds Bill Against Former's Of
ficials For Building Towuship Road
That the claim of the Adams count;
against the State for re
for $2,032.62 —represent
primary election expenses—is nfl'
bv the stateS charges against
township, Adams county, fo;
done by (he State on a township
is the answer of State Treasure:
K. Youut«, against . whom *Ad
county obtained a mandamus order
him to pay their claim.
The treasurer's answer was filed last
and sets out that through a
entered into 'between the
Adams county and Ktraban town
the township and county each wa
pay one-fourth and the .State one
of the cost of rebuilding a 12,104
section of Strabau township road
road builtling cost $33,705.33.
county has paid its share and the
now is waiting on the installment
trie townahip, the meantime
up reimbursement to the coun
for the # election expenses.
I navy and green; plain tailored model.
I Mill and Factory Sale price,.. §12.50
$20.00 navy, brown and plum novelty
I striped eponge coats, belted model. Mill j
and Factory Sale price, §IO.OO
$18.30 imvy and brown eponge coats,
semi-belted back, plush inlaid collar.
Mill and Factory Sale price, . .§12.50
$30.00 black silk caracul coats, pleat
ed back, plush belt and collar. Mill and
Factory- Sale price §15.00
$25.00 green and navy bvadere cloth
coats, back trimmed with fancy silk or
naments, velvet collar finished with fur.
Mill and Factory Sale price, . . .§520.00
, Second Floor —Three
Marshall Will Probably Cast Vote That
Will Decide Whether Administra
tion Bill Lives or Dies at This
Session of Congress
By . t ssoi - irO Press.
Washington, Feh. 4.—Vict' President
Marshall probably will east the vote
j which derides whether the administra
tion ship bill lives or dies at this ses
sion of Congress. It the expCt'tations
j of the leaders are fulfilled, it will be
niie of the few instances in which the
i Vice President of the United States
j has swung tin" balance. Tin' last was
when the late Vice President Sherman
I cast the deciding vote for the Bristow
resolution, which put a constituii ■ 11:11
amendment for direct election of Sen
ators before the people.
Administration i Democrats reformed
their line.- to-day and found they ha I
only 4tl votes against the 4S waiting
to send the bill ba.-k to the l'ommcr' ( e
Committee without instructions. Their
only course was to stave oil' a vote
while Senatoi IS'ewlaiiMS hurries back
from California and Senator Smith, of
South Carolina, can come from the bed
side of his wife. With their votes, the
Democrats figure that, barring surprises,
the eonte will be even on the iloor
mid the \ ice President will be calle I
ion for the deciding vote. The a Iminis
! tration leaders count him with them.
With thi< program before them, to
da\'s proceedings were carried on as
part of tin plan to hold oft a vote until
the arrival of the two absent Senators.
In the course of the debate Senator
lloko Smith saiil: "It is understood
that if the bill now before the Senate
"oes to a vote it will be beaten, ft
j* understood that if amended a major
ity of the Senate will vote fo"l* il."
Piii Scratch Serious
Mrs. Robert Hart, 1042 South Cam
eron street, who early this week caught
h-cr right hand in a safety pin, was ad
mitted to the Hairrisburg hospital this
morning for treatment, the wound hav
i:ig become infecte<l.
Stuck Piece of Chalk in Ear
M s Kinma Prowlev, III U Boyd street,
j yesterday afternoon stuck a small piece
of chalk in her right ear and unable
to remove it had to to the llarrisbiirj
hc»r»i'tal. It was removed there without
London, Feb. 4.—Winston Spencer
Churchill, in an interview, said that,
with France anil Russia both withdraw
ing from the allies, England would be
able to carry on the war alone suc
cessfully. Continuing7*"be also said:
"Supposing Germany has friendships
and relationships in South America,
how can help reach h.'r from them
now? We shall arrange to take pre
cautions fully compatible with the
rights of belligerents and the respect
j Girls' & Children's Winter
i And Cloth Dresses In a Remarkable
Clearance: To-morrow Saturday
The coats are in sizes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 years and the j
! dresses, of all wool serge and velvet, are in sizes l>,
! 8, 10, 12 jukl 14 years —the worthiest bargains you
have had presented to you this Winter.
$3.30 ziheline coats; sizes X
I and 3; in blue and brown. Re
duced to ."V §2.25
st!.3o coats in broadcloth;
Copenhagen and brown; size 3
t years. Reduced to . .§2.98
$3.93 chinchilla and broad- j
I cloth coats; sizes 2, 15 and 4 ■
years. Reduced to ..,§3.95
$3.1)3 corduroy coats, in
navy and brown; sizes li and 4
years. Reduced to . .. §3.95
is* Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart,
President Harry A. Boyor, In Address
Tells of Struggle to Produce Twen
tieth Century Instruction on a Med
iaeval Tax Assessment
I'sing Harrisburg as an example of
tlit> usual method o!' netting revenue
for the school district, Harry A. Boyer,
i res: lent of the Harrisburg School
Board and president of the Directors'
Department of the Pennsylvania State
Kdueational Association told 200 s.liool
dire tors tlii:; afternoon of the struggle
to produce twentieth century instruc
tion from what iie termed a "mediaeval
ta . assessment.
His ;:nnuol address before the de
partment opened this afternoon's ses
sion in the Technical High school audi
torium. A discussion on "What Is the
1 Matter With the Public S.hools?'
opened by C. s. Foos, superintendent
<>: the Heading schools, occupied a goo 1
part of the opening meeting this morn
ing. Devotional exercises were conduct
ed by the Kev. K.hvin K. Curtis, pastor
ot the \\ estminster
church, \s-ociated Jud;:e S. I. M.
Mci'arrell. welcomed the delegates to
j this city.
Mr. Bover suggested a relief from
the present situation iii_ his conclusion,
i which follows:
'•The on 1 \ solution to this rather
j complex and annoying dtui.iou is the
of a fa.' and equitable assess
ment, on an honest busine-< principle
—State-wide, if passible, for the more
far reaching; its c::teut, the more satis
factory the i- ii f s. The«e i also need
of a careful revision of the exemptions
that are universal!;.' granted, and cer
tainly :• more practical and effective
way of reaching the non-j ropertv own
er, who enjoys all the privileges of a
public school >yston', in many eases not
payihg a penny towards its mainte
nance, and, at most, only PI per year,
in avoiding the p:;vment of which he
becomes the artful dodger."
There will lw an evening meeting
in the Technical High si hool auditor
ium this evening, at which Congressman
8. 1). Fes:-, of Ohio, will make the
principal address. T'ue closing session
will be held in the Central High school
auditorium to-morrow morning.
ijitoo.oon for Belgian Snffnrers
Buenos Aires, Kotj 4.-—'l he Senate
to-day voted an appropriation of
SIOO,OOO to aid the Belgian sufferers.
due to neutrals. Our adversary perhaps
can obtain a few supplies from Turkey
aud Asia Minor. .1 cherish no illusions,
for as long as there are neutrals a
complete blockade must be a chimera.
Germany will continue to receive a
small quantity of that whereof she has
j considerable need, but while you and
j we breathe freely, thanks to the sea
\ we have kept and ran keep open. Ger
; many is like a man throttled with a
j heavy gag.''
Cloth and Velvet Dresses
Navy, black and plaid serge
dresses, sizes 8, 10 and 14
years. Regular $3.00 to- $7.30
dresses. Reduced to . §3.50
►53.95 navy blue corduroy
dresses; size 8 years. Reduced
to §3.50
$6.50 navy blue serge dresses
with silk girdles, sizes (i, 8 and
i 10. Reduced to §3.95
$7.30 navy blue serge dress
! es; size 12 and 14. Reduced
i to §5.95
Second Floor —Tlirec Elevators.
Continued Front Firm I'agt.
parts of the building. Those are sup
posed to have been due to gasoline.
A water tower was improvised or
the Mount Vernon truck and this was
brought into plav promptly by the
Fire Chief. It threw streams of watei
into the third story.
At ten minutes of 011 c o'clock tlu
building collapsed, and nothing re
mained but the walls of the first floor
The falling walls crushed in a sm:*ll
Mie slory frame blacksmith shop beside
the Ford building, run by L'rick Fred
crickson. This building;, together with
the New York Oyster llouse and a sta
ble that were in danger nearby, are
owned by Frauk K. Taylor.
After the collapse of the ford
building the (iremen directed theii
streams on the building of the Nuss
Manufacturing Company, inanufactur
1 ers of electroplates and bttnij instru
j ments.
O. \V. 'N USS is maaager. The build
ing ia 10-ated at Cameron and Mul
| berry stieets and was separated from
| the For I structure liv n small uuoccu
| pied space.
The burning Ford building, so close
to the Mulberry street bridge, afforded
a spectacle for thousands of persons
lined along the railings on the north
side of the viaduct, as the fire starteii
durinu the dinner hour, large numbers
of men and women were making theii
way across the bridge. They stopped ti
witch the flames while other crowds
came from all directions.
Before the collapse of the walls ol
the big building, the heat of the fire
be anie so intense that the crowds were
forced to shift their positions -an the
The explosions frightened quite
i many, too, and the dread of some sud
| den outbreak in the burning structure
kept women spectators, especially, from
remaining too near.
When the flames had subsided to
j sjme extent the crowds on the bridge
i pre--:*. I back against the railing on the
m,.: '.i side of the structure so eagerly
' :' ;ii the police reserves and nil the
' ava'la .le members of the day force
\. iio could be sin„ t'j the fire were di
| reeled to keep them back for fear the
! railing would give way.
It was recalled in this connection
| that many of the concrete posts holding
■ the railing have crai'ied at different
! times and given other signs of weak
During the height of the blaze the
flames were so hot that there was some
alarm lest they would do injury to the
j bridge. Firemen took advantage of the
proximity of the bridge to the burning
building and several streams of water
i were directed from the structure.
Save Cars From First Floor
The blaze started during the noon
hour, when but few persons were in
the garage, but those who were on the
first floor were attracted by the smell
of smoke. By that time the two upper
floors of the building were so filled with
smoke that it was impossible to enter
without a mask.
Jacob Aurabaugh, shop foreman of
the parage, was among those in the
building and he directed the efforts of
two chauffeurs in saving a few cars
on the first floor. Six were rolled to
safety, together with some cases con
taining automobile accessories.
The building was soon surrounded on
all sides by firemen. The aerial ladder
on the All. Vernon truck, which is
equipped with a hose line and a nozzle
wfiich can be operated from the ground,
was run up to the front of the building,
a trolley support wire being cut for
this purpose. The ladder was placed
front window and just as
the stream was turned on flames burst
from the window and the top of the
ladder started to burn.
Other streams were sent intft the
window from all sides—froni the roof
10c White Dress Goods In the Mill and Cp.
Factory Sale at OO
We bought these fresh new white dress goods, consistinp: oL" beautiful lace
effects, plain crepes and India linons, specially for the .Mill and Factory Sale and the
styles and values cannot be duplicated. _
15c to 19c fancy white goods, including crepes, voiles and novelties, Ctlljis* !
in the sale at O' v/ |
Mill and Factory i Mill and Factory
Sale Price I Sale Prico
15c white English nainsook, Jit inches
wide vard, IWc 80c English lougcloth. 10 yards to a
" . . i piece, 3a inches wide, piece 40c
25c fine English nainsook, 89 inches ]
wide varil, . . t'"> c SI.OO English lougcloth, 10 yards to a
„ ... .. . , A piece, 36 inches wide, piece . . . . 7."> c
Remnant of 25c white Batiste, 40
inches wide, yard 12\4c $1.25 English lougcloth, 10 yards to
, . , .. . a piece, 36 inches wide, piece Bi)c
•joc chiffon voile, 4 0 inches wide, in
remnant lengths, suitable for dresses and I $1.39 i English lougcloth, 10 yards to
waists, yard, •• • '® c a piece, fine grade, piece, IlKc
17c pa.iaina checks, 36 inches wide, $1:50 extra fine English lougcloth, 10
yard, , ...... . 12^2c j yards to jiiece, 36 inches wide, piece, .$1.15
19c stripes and check c.repes, 29 I $1.65 fine English lougcloth, 10 yards
inches wide, good range of patterns, yd., 10c j to a piece, 36 inches wide, piece $1.19
19c white ratine, 36 inches wide, nub \ $1.95 extrn quality lougcloth, 12
| effect, used for skirts, yard l-lac ! yards to a piece, 36 inches wide, piece, $1.11)
Dives, Ponieroy & Stewart, Street floor, Rear.
; Special Attractions For Friday Only
Motor Caps
Women's and Misses hand
knit motor and sk.itinj; caps,
values to $2.00. Special Fri
day only, 59£
Women's and children's
SI.OB knit caps and scarfs to
match. Special Friday only,
set $1.39
59c and 95c knit skating
caps. Special Friday only,
IS Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart.
Men's Store, Street Floor.
(if the Nuss Manufacturing Company's |
; plant, from the Mulberry street bridge,
j from the roof of the blacksmith shop, i
where five Shamrock firemen barely es
caped with their lives, and from the
hill immediately behind the garage at
the rear of Sylvan Terrace.
Many Small Explosions
By the time the firefighters were
; placed and streams >ll, small explosions
were occurring on the second floor,
which was used for cleaning and re
pairing cars most of the cars having
: some gasoline in the tanks. One after
another small explosions occurred,
I sending the burning liquid into the air
jon all sides There seemed to be about,
ten small explosions, each one inereas- |
in;; the volume of the tire, which was
sending toujjups oJ flame from
every window ou the second and third
tloors of the building.
The roof seemed to weaken and the 1
upper floors to wobble and with scarce-i
Iv a warning crack crumble and sank (
into the first Moot of the building.
Bricks were hurled in every direction
and a number of firemen had narrow
I escapes from these missiles. Fire Chief
Kindler was standing at a corner of l
i tho building when the walls started to
i tumble and he had to flee tor safety.
! Flames shot fully 400 I'.vr in the
air and thousands who had crowded the
Mulberry street bridge and the yards
.it the rear of Sylvan Terra.-e homes
'had to get back to keep from being
i scoTehed. The wall to the south crumb
led into a heap and did 110 damage
! the Nuss plant, but the north wall fell
outward a trifle and crushed the root
of the blacksmith shop like an egg
shell. Several wagons were crushed un
: der the roof of the shop.
At the rear of this building was a
! sprinkler w:igon belonging to the City
i Highway Department. The roof imme-
I diately over the sprinkler did not go
down and it is believed that this vehicle
was saved.
Under oont,rol at '1 O'clock
The falling of the building made the
work of the firemen 'comparatively
easy thereafter and from the surround
ing roofs and the bridge they could
(day streams into the ruins, although
danger of explosions remained. At 2
o'clock the flames were under control
of the district apparatus and one com
pany after another, which had been
called by telephone or the general
alarm, were sent home.
Firemen then dragged away enough
wreckage from the southwest corner of
the building to permit the entrance of
streams into the first floor in an effort
to stop any flames that might reach a
big gasoline tank buried under the
Mummers Elect Officers
Officers were ele-ted bv the Harris
burg Mummers' Association last night
as follows: W. G. Jones, president; 11.
A. (kinderrtian, vice president; Hcjbert
Buck, Sr., recording secretary; Clarence
O Backenstoss, corresponding secre
tary; William E. Orr, treasurer; Fran
cis 11. Ho.v, dr., was elected chief mar
shal of the New Year's parade to be
neld here in 1916.
Find More Stolen Goods
Policeman Paul S-helhii--. this merit ;
ing recovered s'!o worth <jf alleged
stolen goods fro-m a house at j 1 - Brown
alloy. I t lias been idcntifi. .1 as that]
taken from the store of (Henry 8. !
Wagenheim, 112.'! South Ninth street. |
An auger carried by Joseph Wilson, un* |
der arrest for this robbery, was found
by the police to tit boles made in an up- |
town store which was entered.
Price of May Wheat To-day
Chicago, Feb. 4. —Although the open
ing of the wheat nraritot to-day was
the steadiest tor some time, it was not
long before prices made an advance of
nearly four cents a bushel. >fay rose
to $1.63 as against $1.59% last night
ami July to $1.4 1'/, compared with
Killed in Experimenting With Bomb
Rome, Feb. 4, 9.20 A. M.—Captain
Michol, the Rumanian military attacho
at Rome, was instantly killed yesterday
by an explosion while he was conduct
ing experiments with a bomb.
Golf Caps
Men's and Boys' 23c and
50c golf caps; assorted colors.
Special Friday only,.
19£, 3 for 50<r
lv Dives, Pomcroy & Stewart
Men's Store, Street Floor.
Children's Umbrellas
Children's umbrellas in fast
black; handles of Congo;
worth 50c. Special Friday
only, , 35iff
! Furnished by H. W. Snavely, Broker.
Arcade Building, Walnut and Court
Streets «.
New York, Feb. 4.
Open. Close.
AJrtska Gold Minos ... 28% 2S 1 1
Ainal Copper >3 54
Amer Beet Sugar 3S •>' %
American Can 27% 2n'i
|Am Car and Foundry Co 40 : t 44
lAm Cotton Oil 4i% 47'. ,
! Amer Smelting — 1 i 62
j American Sugar 106% 10.1 s
1 Amer Tel and Tel .... 1-1 121
Atchison 9 4 94 \
; Baltimore and Ohio .. <O% JO' .
[Bethlehem St.ce! 49% •'l'.:
j Brooklyn R T 8 7%- *7'*
j California I'etroleuni .. 20% 19'.,
| Canadian Pncifh 157% 155%
I Central heather 34' , 34%
| Chesapeake and Ohio .. 43% 4.1
C'lii, -Mil and St Paul . . SN SS
Cliino Con Copper .... 29% 29%
! Corn products 9% 9 %
I Brie ' 23 22%
Erie, Ist pfd 36" j •'• *> 1 1
General Motors 9 1 9 4
> (roodrich 'B P 3D 33
'lllinois < entral 108 108
i Interboro Met ,11.... r>4% <>s
! Goodrich l! r', pl.l 96':. 96',/.
! tircai Not i t'<l 115 Vi 1«*»
(iicat Nor Ore tubs 30',
! | Guggenheim Exploration ."i 1 50%
! Kansas City So 22',.. 22%
j lvohigh Valley 135 130
: Mex Petroleum "5% 75%
. Missouri Pacific 7% II
II National Lead 4 7 1 ■
i New York Cen s 9 H 90
I X Y, N II and 'II 50':. 50'/.
Northern Pac 100>i 103%
; Peiuia R R 106% 100'
Pillbtirjfli Coal I :, % 1
,!<, pfd 89% 89%
Press Steel Car 3ft'/, 30'/,
| Ray Con. Copper 17" :. 17%
/Reading 146% 146%
; I Reqntrt). Iron and Steel . 1 I9 :l ,
do pfd 72% 72%
' [ Southern Pacific 85% 83%
[•Southern Itv \ 16% 16%
' | do p&l ... . \ 59 i",9
| Tennessee Co. tier 29% 29%
iTh'ird Ave 45% 46%
Union Pacific 12ip, 119%
IU. S. Rubber 57% .'if'/.
' U. S. Steel 40% *40%
' j do pfd 103% 103%
': Utah Copper 54'/, 53%
Vir.-< arolina Cheni. ... 21% 20%
Western Maryland .... 20 2ft
i VV. U. Telegraph ....... 64% 64%
| Westing'house Ml'g .... 71 71
Chicago Board of Trade Closing
' Chicago, I'Vb. 4.—Close:
Wheat—May, 164'„; July, 141%.
C'crn —May, 82%: -lulv, SI";.
Oats—Mav, 61 V M ; Juiv, 5S' / ,.
I*c~k—'M.iv, 19.6 ft;' .1, IS.
e l.ard —, 11.37: .lulv, 1157.
Ribs—(May, 1ft.45; July, 1ft.70.
/ \
«■ ■■*
Voile Flouncing 1
Embroidered voile floun
cing, 45 inches wide, in plain
and scalloped edges; values
to Toe. Special, Friday only,
yard, I
Additional Mill
Factory News
On Page 14 : :
Willing to Submit Formal Resignation
From City Post He No Longer Files
"If i! is deemed necessary ami I am
riillp,| upon officially to do so. I will
formally resign the office of City <'o»-
j troller and my resignation will ilatn
from tile day I actually retired from
i that otlice, so that there will he ground
i for a claim for buck salary."
County Controller llenly W. Cough,
I erstwhile City < 'out roller, m:i,le that
I statement this morning when asked con
cerning the report that he lias been
asked formally to re-sign his former of
fice which he actually relinquished- more
than a year ago.
Mr. though added tlmt since taking
his present county oltice lie always has
| been under the impression that his ac
ceptance of the county job automatical
ly acted as a resignation from the city
i controdlersliip.
•Mr. Cough remarket! further-that In*
has not yet been officially asked to re
| sign ami that he has no intention of
! doing so until he is advised that it. is
j necessary to remove "any legal impedi-
I nient that may be held to be in the
way of fillang the position by appoint
meat." Mr. Cough was elected City
' ('ontroller for a four-year term in
| 191 1 and his term of office onlinarily
would not have expired before the close
,of this year. City Solicitor Soit/;
i raised the contention that to prevent
le.ual entanglements Mr. Cough ought.
I formally to resign his former city post.
1 New York Bakers Appeal to Commis
sioner if Foods and Markets
lljl Associated PI CKS,
New Yov\, I'Vb. 4.—. John,J. Dillon,
J 'Coiumij-Moner of the Slate Department
i of Foci s and Markets, has been appeal
| e,l to by New York bakers to join with
! t'ueni iu an effort to keep down the price
| of ilour which the bakers declare will
i n.ake it necessary for them to raise the
I price of bread within a lew days.
Many of the bakers have expressed
the opinion M'.at the only way this could
he accomplished would he 'through an
act of Congress placing an embargo on
the exportation of all but the year s
surplus of grain supply.
Railroads Are Fined at Port Royal for
Working on Sunday
Port Royal, Feb. 4. —David Speerc,
I of llarrisbui-g;, and <l. '('. S.vauner, ol
1 Altoona freight conductors, were each
I lined $ 1, with costs, yesterday, by a
I Just ice of the Peace of this place, on
charges of working on Sunday in vioia
| tion of the Blue laws.
1.. A. Wert, the prosecutor in these
cases and twenty additional ones,
i.a,l io pav S2OO costs because he could
not identify the twenty other defend
ants. A foreman and three laborers
were lined $1 each and costs lor shovel
ing snow from the rotation , iattorni on