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    The Star'lndependent Gives Away 2 Orpheum Tickets Daily
The Name of the Person to Whom They Will Be Awarded To=day Is Somewhere Among the Classified Ads On This Page
Perhaps you are the lucky person. Look until you find out. If you th- tickets please call for them before 8 o'clock to-morrow evening
or they will be forfeited. (These names are drawn from the Directory by a blindfolded girl.)
PACKING—'A. H. SHRKNK, 1906 North
Sixth street, first class packer of fur
niture, china and bricabrac. Bell phone
W. J. WENRIC'H, 339 Hamilton street—
Furniture, china and piano packing.
Shipments looked after at both ends.
Also all kinds of hauling. Bell phono
MONEY TO TXJAN upon real estate se
curities in any anmounts and uipon
any terms to suit the borrower. Ad
lreßS P. O. box 174.
OLD GOLD AND SIL.VKR watches, dia
monds and jewelry bought tjir high
est cash prices. JOis. D. BHKNNBH, No.
lN i ThirdSt-^3el^j3hon<W27 i tL^_^^^
new eight-story, brick warehouses,
one absolutely flreproof, divided into
fireproof private rooms of various
fines for the storage of household
goods; the other warehouse of the most
approved type of lire retardant con
struction for general merchandise. They
are equipped with tw6 large electric
freight elevators and spiral chute for
the quick and safe handling of house
hold goods and all kinds of merchan
dise. l«ow storage rates. South Second
street, near Faxton, on the tracks of,
I'cnna. It. It.
PIANO moving by experts. WINTER
PIANO CO., 23 N. Fourth St. Call
lib, Bell phone.
AST person needing money in amounts
from to SSO, holding a salaried
position, would be benefited by calling
'3B N. Thirtl St.
LOANS—SS to |2OO for honest working
people without bank credit at less
than legal rates; payable in install
ments to suit borrowers' convenience.
Doan and Investment Co.,
201 Chestnut St.
ALL, kinds of hauling; large two-ton |
truck; furniture, pianos, freight, in '
the city and suburbs. Prices reason- !
able. Picnic and pleasure trips, day or :
evening. WM. 1-1. I>.\R lo, 1453 Vernon 1
St. Bell phone 3517 J.
Vk 0
NOTICE Is hereby given that an appli
cation will he made to the Governor'
nf tin* State of Pennsylvania 011 Mon
day, l'Vi>ruary 21!, 1!»15, by Bessie I3a- i, \lyer Baturin, flyman Kushel and
Robert Rosenberg, under the act of,
Assembly of the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, entitled "An act to pro- i
vide for the incorporation and regula- '
lion of certain corporations," approvedl
April 2!*. is; I. and the supplements'
thereto, for tin- charter of an intended f
corporation to be called "Royal Bod- •
ding Company," the character and ob- !
,i- ct of which is tlie manufacture of, 1
bnyinir and selling mattresses, pillows, 1
b'tl springs, bedsteads, couches and
bedding supplies, and all other matters .
incidental to or forming a part of the |
general business aforesaid, and for 1
these purposes to have, possess and en
joy ail the rights, benefits and privi- |
leges of tli said act of Assembly and
its supplements.
7'nry Kent \h. o. 11. Kent—ln the Court
• »t* Common Pleas of Dauphin County
No. IBS. March Term, 1914,
To o. 11. Kent, Respondent:
You are hereby respectfully notified
that the hearing in the above-stated'
case w!U take place at the Court House [
in the City of Harrisburg, on Monday,
February Ist. A. I>. 1915, at ten o'clock
n. m„ when and where you may attend i
and make defense thereto if you see
prope? so to do.
Attorney for Llbcllant.
Sheriff's Office, Harrisburg, Pa.,
January 22, 11)13.
Houses For Rent
923 As 11 Ave., 2>4 s. f„ 6 r *lO '
I'JOB Greenwood St., 3 s. f„ S r. *ll
I+U Uindcn St., 3 s. f„ & r !.*ia
-148 N. 7tl> St., 3 s. b., S r. b *i:t
loir, s. Cameron St., 31,4 s, b., 8 r., *1:1
1130 S. Cameron St., 31,. s. f.,. .. #i;s
l»01 N. tith St., 2% s. f„ 7 b.,..»14
627 Briggs St., 3 s. b„ 8 r
I 'Ol Allison St., 3% s. f„ 7 r. b:,. .*ls
- ti*l Logan St., 3s. b., 8 1* *l3
1538 S. 13th St., 3 s. b., 8 r *lO J
olb h. 13th St.. sr. b *l<; |
li6o Bineiaid St., 3 s. b., 8 r *l7
litl X, 16th St., 3 s. f., 8 r., *l7
1218 Mulberry St., 3 s. f.. 7 r. b.,. .»lM
1820 Deny St.. 2Vj s. f., 7r.b. & f.. *IS '
211> Yale St., 2s. b„ 7 r. b '.*2o !
2202 N. 15th St., 3 s. b., 7 r b.,..
l!'2:i Market St.. 3 s. b., 10 r„ ...'.9411
20U S. Front St., 3 s. b„ 10 r. 2 b„ *75
23 & l<ront St., furfiished, < s. b.
313 Mueneh St.—apartments. 1
ilti N. 6tli St.. apartments *3O !
West Fairview, Main St $7
Steelton, 941 S. Front St.,' flu
Penbrook, 2030 Curtin St., 2 ',3 s. f.. j
, , 7
1 cnbrook, 2Sth and Dauphin Sts., *lO
Knola, Adams St sia
Penn Twp., near i)uin:annon, . . *ao I
North Uraoyni', 291 Market 5t.,..*22
Forge Lane 525
Newport, Marshall property ,suo !
133 N. 13th St.. 3 s. b »20
Derry St. (Paxtang), i'% s. f *:to
Killer Bros. Neefe
Fir* Inauranc* Suwty Bond*
liocnar and Court Street*
•■—' —— I • . ,j'
Real Estate
FOR REN*—Apartments at southeast !
corner Fourth and PefTer streets. All :
conveniences at reasonable rent. Out
side porcli. Apply B. F. UMUI3RGEIS, 1 -
108 N. Second St.. or 127 Peffer St.
floor housekeeping apartments; large i 1
rooms with kitchenettes and baths; | 1
modern improvements; electric lights; \
1 gas; city steam; janitor service. Apply
at above address. '
FOR RENT—Two third floor rooms,
one furnished and one unfurnished; |
use of bathroom; Bell phone. Apply
436 Cumberland St. j 1
FOR RENT—New furnished front rooms
facing Capitol Park; stationary wash ]
stands, hot and cold running water; \ ,
electric light in each room; also use of ; •
phone and large bath. Apply 410 North 1
FOR RENT—9I2 May St., 6-rooni brick •
dwelling, rear 130U Boas, all improve- I
j ments; rent $15.50. Possession Febru- 1
ary Ist. Inquire E. o. SHAFFNIER, 107 I
, Boas street. Bell phone 1295R,
I 530 S. 17th St $20.00 j
; i 536 S. 16th St. $17.00 1
1937 Swatara St., $15.00
1019 S. 21% St $10.50 |
912 N. 3rd St. (store room) $20.00 i
.1. K. GIPPL.E,
1251 Market St. j
DESIRABLE houses and apartments for ■
rent in all parts of city. Reasonable
rent and good locations. Inquire of j
HARVEY T. SMITH, 201 South Thir
teenth St. Bell phone £4BL,
. FOR RENT—Two reserved tickets were!
awarded to-day to Wm. W. Dough- j
erty, 1760 Logran street, good for tha
evening performance at the Orpheum, 1
, February 1, 1915. Call for tickets at
Star-Independent office before 8 p. in '
January 30, 1915, or they will be for- |
i FOR RENT—'Houses with all improve
ments, at moderate rentals. J. E.
GIPPEE, 1251 Market St. j
FOR RENT—IOOS and 1007 Manada St., I
2-story all improvements. W !
E.-MOESEEIN, 612 Boas St. Bell phone
FOR RENT—AII improve-!
merits —
1614 Catherine, SIO.OO '
530 S. Eighteenth, ... $18.50 1
Apply Kuhn & Hershey,
118 South Third street.
1 HOUSES FOR RENT and 2%-storv
I dwelling houses for sale. Elder Real
; I>crry Sts. ' 1
I - . .
CORNER PROPERTY, No. 10 S. Eight- I !
( eenth St., for sale at most reasonable i i
: price. Eittle cash needed. Gas, elec- '
i trie lights, porch, furnace. Inspect it. I
I'l. EE RMA I,TV CO., ncrginT Building, j
I enties for sale; all improvements,
at $1550, S2OOO, S2IOO, $2400. Particu- '
lars on tiiese and others at reasonable *
prices; little cash needed. BE EE REAE- !
j TV CO., Bergner Building.
I FOR SAEE—No. 2049 Swatara St.; 8 ■
| rooms; bath, gas, electric lights, i
I porch, furnace; lot 20x110. Also two
; Steelton properties for S3BOO. BICEL >
| REAETY CO., Bergner Building.
I'OR SAEE—IB27 Market, nearing com
pletion, 12 rooms; modern throughout: ]
i¥o r F. 0 £ on ? rete P° ! ' ch; sldt ' entrance; also i
1823 Market, 10 roouis, all conveniences, 1
excellent repair, side entrance. Apply '
| M " hi;al{ ", 1823 Market St. ,
014 Ross St. Reduced $l. r io.
1940 Green St. Reduced S2OO ,
427 Hamilton. Eearn our price.
219 Iteily St. Reduced S4OO.
Second and Walnut Sts. | ,
Stucker property, West Fairview; ;
I adjoining- creek; dwelling - and two I
| cottages. Price $1,600. '
| Second and Walnut Sts. j J
FOR BALE— One new brick house, near '
the center of the city; a beautiful lo- I 1
cation, 6 rooms and bath and all con- I (
venienees. Price only $2,400; and soldi
on easy terms. Also building iots at i 1
Riverside, Penbrook and Pa:;tang. Job!
carpenter work promptly attenoed to I •
in any part of the „-ity. Estimates I "
fx ly 'nm'sheJ- Apply to S. HAL- I 1
P co - Carpenteis and Builders, I
i 222 N. Sixth St., Harrisburg, pu. Beli i I
phone 3622J-3. | ;
mmmmmmm. j ,
sylvanla, raising 675 bushels per aero. 1
by new process, with years of experi
; .Hunting, wants to rent stocked farm for <
potato raising for shares; lifelong larin
er, best reference. Box 77, Middletown,
I'a. (
! !
j FOR RENT—Two nice large unfurnish- j '
ed rooms with large closets in both
] rooms; suitable for light housekeeping- ! (
I to a party without children or ladv I
i uf, 1 ! 1 '! l "i e °f, »*V>> rt,le 'ocation on the ]
hill, in family of two. Apply care
star-Independent. i ,
Floor of two or four rooms, furnish- I
ed complete for housekeeping; coal or j
, gas range; large back porch; bath I
: closet, bells and letter boxes. Refcr-
I L'a'l 1417 Market St. Bell phone
. A -
Basiness Opportunities
| GENTLEMAN wishing to retire offers
i manufacturing plant for sale; only
I one of kind in city; price very reason
able. Will bear close investigation.
Address 34U7, care Star-Independent.
StEi/L BROS., 211 Market St., City.
LINOTYPK operators earn sl,-00 year
ly; niasteretl day. evening. Twelve
weeks, SKO; Unlimited $l5O. Kasy pay
ments. Call, write. Empire Mergen
thaler School, 110 First Ave., New York.
WANTED—Young, man, industrious,
rapid plain penman, and accurate in
adding; up columns of figures; salary
$12.00 a week. Answer, giving experi
ence and references to Box No. 3147,
care Star-Indepenctent.
WAXTMI) Young man for tlcrk in
hardware store; must l>e well recom
mended. Address 3443, care Star-Inde
WANTED—Men to learn barber trade;
new method; wages after lirst month.
Steady position guaranteed; write for
catalogue. Moler's Barber College*
Dept. u, 207 Bowery, New York City.
AUTO transportation school wants men
to become practical chauffeurs and
earn to SIOO per month. We give a
thorough course in crude and practical
work for $3.~>.00. No. 5 N. Cameron;
Bell phone 1710.
WANTED Experienced barber; first
class young man wishes good steady
position. Apply IIS N. Seventh St.
EXPERIENCED correspondent, male,
desires position; best references. Ad
dress 718 Capital St., City.
A YOUNG MAN w*ould like to have a
positfon of any kind; honest and
does not use tobacco in any way. Call
or address to 270 Herman Ave., Le
moyne. Box BC.
MAN, 28 years of age. wishes position
in grocery store; can give best of
reference. Call or address <>» N„ 324 S.
Kiver avenue.
YOUNG MAN, 18 years old, would like
to have position with traveling sales
man, or helper. Address Gl4 Delaware
YOUNG married man wants to hire on
stock farm or farming position of
any kind; experienced; can give refer
ence. Address No. 3144, care Star-lndc
pend< nt.
WANTED—Two experienced boys wish
work on farm. Apply 515 Dauphin
WANTED —Salesman wishes position in
Harrisburg; has had Hve years' ex
perience on the road. Address C., 751 S.
Twenty-first St., Harrisburg.
BOY 15 years old wishes position in
store, or work of any kino; can give
good references. Apply MKS. E. M.
TAYL/OK, Enola.
YOUNG MAN. aged IS, wishes position
of any kind; can give good refer
ences. Address, care MRS. M% TAY
LOR, Enola.
WANTED—MiddIe-aged colore:! man
wishes position as butler, janitor 04'
houseman or third cook or coachman.
Apply 1228 N. Cameron St.
INTELLIGENT young married man,
hustler, speaks 4 languages, wishes
any kind of position; not afraiu of
work. Hustler, Box bi, Steelton, l J a.
AGENTS WANTED at once to sell a
household necessity; good seller; ex
cellent commission pay. Address or
ca11..17.13 Penn street.
WHITE GIRL wanted tor* general!
housework. Apply at 1 South Front 1
St., Steelton.
DO YOU WANT to bo a Stenographer?!
If you do, buy tuition from an EX
who knows what the student needs, and ]
how to give a thorough training in a !
short time. Tuition charged tor .seven
months only. Free Trial. Bell 70411.
Call. Harrisburg Shorthand School. 31 !
N. Second St.
YOUN3 WHITE WOMAN desires house
work three days per week. Inquire
462 South Second St., Steelton, Pa.
A GERMAN LADY wants day work.
Apply 1014 Berry hill St.
WANTED—Neat colored girl desires po
sition as chambermaid, or general
housework; 110 washing or ironing. Call
or address 141 Linden St., City.
WANTED—«A colored woman desires a '
place for cooking in boarding house, j
347 Iteily street.
WANTED—Young lady wishes place by I
the week and go homo at nights; can !
furnish good reference. Apply 13 N.
Summit street.
WANTED-—Young lady wishes to keep !
house for a widower. Apply 700 N. I
Third street or 811 James St.
COLORED GIRD wants a place as gen- 1
eral housework. Inquire at 30tt Daisy
GERMAN LADY wants day's work. Ap- ;
ply 365 Christian St., Steelton, Pa. |
COI>ORED WOMAN wants position as!
cook. Apply 846 N. Front St.. Steel
WANTED—Work by the day, or chain- ;
bermaid. Apply 715 Cowden St.
YOUNG GIRL de&ires light housework ;
or child's nurse. Apply at 806 Ctow- !
den street.
YOUNG WOMAN (colored) desires po- I
sition as chambermaid and waitress 1
or general houseworker. Reference. |
Call or address care VENNIE. 1308 N. I
Seventh St.
Death and Obituary
MARTIN—On January'!?, 1915, Edmund !
S. Martin, aged 59 years.
Funeral 011 Saturday afternoon at 2
o clock, from his late residence, 1731
Green street. Relatives and friends as
well as all organizations of which he
was a member are Invited to attend
without further notice. Interment East
Harrigburg cemetery.
Suites of 2 Rooms and Bath
Reynard, 208 N. Third Street
! Large, light, airy, and comfortable rooms.
Steam heat and constant hot and cold water sup
Hardwood floors; electric light; wired for tele
phone service.
Ready About February 1, 1915
Commonwealth Trust Company,
22- Market Street Harrisburg. Pa.
r 1 ]
For Rent
.Desirable; offices in the
Uuiou Trust Building.
Union Trust Co.
j -»j
In Cameron Building
2-iooni suity of of
fices, facing Walnut St.,
from March Ist.
Two single (inside)
r< >onis.
Store room 100 N.
Second St., from April
| Ist.
Lodge hall, third 1
floor. *
n> Commonwealth Trust Bldg. g I
nil IMIiIIIIIMMIHH I m»ii ■—lll—i
Sale and Exchange
VwiBII - I 111 II | —^
j BOUGHT all the Velour Hats from H.
r. Dodge, the 11HttMi'. at a, sar riflce
I price. Will sell them for 7<"ic apiece; i
former prices S3. $1 and jr.. Come and I
look thorn over. S. MELTZUR, 513 Wal- |
i nut street. Open evenings. |
I FOR SALE—At CABLE'S, ill-117 South!
| Second St.; Ked Tip, Ring Point, Bli/.- i
izard, Howe Junior, Can't Slip, Uiant i
jCrip and Always Sharp Calks.
I BOUGHT all the maribous and ostrich !
mixed muffs and scarfs from 11. C. •
j I lodge, the Hatter, at a sikCritice price; I
I will sell from J3.98 up. Former prices
1 Sl."» to J55. Come and look them over,
and be convineed. Open evenings. S.
I . .i..w.u. 613 Walnut at.
] BIG BARGAINS in unredeemed Dia
{ monds. Watches, Jewelry, Firearms,
! Musical Instruments, etc. Cash paid for
i old gold find silver. Repairing a spe
cialty. CITY LOAN OFFICE, 111 Mar
j ket street.
; FOR SALE—At GABIiE'S, 111-117 South
] Second St., 5.00W sets new Sash, Bxlo
Xl 2 L., primed and glazed, at J1.15 per
set. Also other sizes.
> (
Lost and Found
Mm mmmmmmm
I FOUND—A place without tryins, Care
i ful cleaning, best of dyeing. Where? I
At EKgert's Steam Dyeing and French !
Jleanins Works, 1315 Market St. Call
j . ... ...II and Deliver |
Pasji It Along.
Fen of us h;ivt> lieou so exceptional
j IT unfortunate 'is not to And, in ou<
| own age, some experienced friend who
| has helped us by precious counsel uev
; er to be forgotten. Wq cannot render
j it in kind; but, perhaps. In the fullness t
! of time it may become our noblest duty j
j to aid another as we ourselves have j
| been aided atid to transmit to him au ]
invaluable treasure. Philip Gilbert)
] Hamt'rtou.
Fiction and Fact.
"Charlie got his ideas of married life I
j from the comic papers."
"He says after he got married he was !
tgreeably surprise*! to And that his
wife coul.l get a satisfactory hat for
J f.s.—Louisville Courier-Journal.
An Unlucky Ring.
' CJTIH'HS —I once knew a fellow who
gave a girl an engagement ring of
opals. Sill leu*— Gracious! Wasn't It
ttnlucky? Cyulcus— You bet It was!
She married him.—Judge.
Success Is sweet: the sweeter If long
delayed and attained through manifold
struggles and defeats.—A. Brouson A 1
I cotL
Ab»r,nethy Wu Too Busy For Romans*
and Courtship,
The reported fashion of the famous
Dr. Abernetby's courtship and mar
riage Is very characteristic. It Is told
that while attending a lady for several
weeks he observed those admirable
| qualifications in her daughter which
I be truly esteemed to render the mar- j
I ried state happy. Accordingly ou a
Saturday, taking leave of his patient,
he addressed her to the following pur- '
| porj:
"You are so well that I ueed not J
j see you after M'onday next, when 1 j
; shall come and pay you a farewell vis- I
it. But in the meantime 1 wish you !
and your daughter to seriously consid
er the proposal 1 am about to make. I
It Is abrupt and unceremonious. I am
aware, but the excessive occupation of
: my time by my professional duties at '■
I fords t|ie no leisure to accomplish j
' what 1 desire by (he more ordinary
: course of attention and solicitation, j
; My annual recetpts amount to £ ,
! and I can settle i OD my wife. My
j character is generally known to the
j public, so that you may readily ascer
! ralu what it ts l have seen in yout
(laughter a tender and affectionate
i child, an assiduous and careful nurse
1 and a gentle and ladylike member of
a family. Such a person must be all j
that a husband could covet, and 1 of
fer my hand and fortune for her ac
| ceptance. on Monday when I call I
I shall expect your determination, for 1
| really have not time for the routine of
I courtship."
| In this manner the lady was wooed
: and v, on, and it may be added the un
ion was felicitous in every respect.—
i Westminster Gazette.
They Kill Not For Food, but For the
More Sake of Slaughtar.
The ferret is one of the most pecu- !
liar members of the animal kingdom
| It belongs also to an extraordinary
family, that of the weasels A branch I
j of this family Is called the polecats
j the European representative of our
! skunks, and the ferret is a species of
polecat, generally an albino, yellowish
• white in color, with pink eyes.
To bunt and kill mice, rats, rabbits ,
and other small animals Is the ferret's
delight It Is coldly methodical in its
murderous pursuits, and. while it
serves its master well, never tiring lu
the chase and never shrinking from an 1
; attack, it exhibits no trace of affection
ur attachment toward its trainers, as
nobler animals do. The ferret is a
typical killer and blood shedder. It has ■
uo friends and apparently wants none, i
i It cannot be trusted and will some
times attack small children.
t It likes to kill not for the sake of
j food, hut for the sake of billing. The <
mere act of taking the life of another I
iTeature .Is a pleasure to it How It
! got this bloodthirsty strain In its na-
I ture no one cau tell. Its appetite for
slaughter serves well In ridding our I
j bouses of rata and mice, but of what
use is it to the ferret to kill those crea |
1 lures'/ Its nature is that of a demon, i
ind wherever It sees the life blood j
| beating at a throat its brutal instinct
urges it to silt the throat with its keen
teeth and let the life throb outl—New
York Journal.
Ruskin's Political View*.
Ruskin was once a candidate for j
! the rectorship of Glasgow university ;
; and flew into H r«;:e when asked by a ;
1 deputation of the students whether bis
political sympathies lay'with Beacons- !
Held or with Gladstone. "What In the
devil's name," he exclaimed, "have you 1
» do with either Disraeli or Gladstone?
Vou are students at the university and
i have no more business with politics
i than you have with rat catching. Had
i pou ever read the words of mine with
understanding you would have known
that 1 care uo more either for Mr. Dis
raeli or Mr. Gladstone than for two \
»ld bagpipes with the drones' going by j
ueaui. but that I linte all Liberalism as
; I do Beelzebub, and thnt with Carlyle
1 stand—we two alone hi England— '
for <Jod and IBu queen."—London Ex
His Objection.
The Lawyer— .Madam, what la your
igeV The Opposition finierruptlngl—
lour honor. 1 submit that my honor- i
| »ble opponent Is inciting tho witness j
I o perjury.—Cleveland Leader.
One Thing In Particular That Painsd •
Visitor From Missouri. , |
I knew before i got here tbat Japan j |
was queer, but I had no idea that
everything was backward. I can't get
used to sitting on the floor and sleep
ing with a lornuto can with a napkin j
11 round it tor a pillow. The easiest
way to figure out how the Japanese j
would do a thing is to think what ]
| would be exactly backward'in Mis-J
souri. When two Japanese meet they !
bow and bow, giving their heads short
; jerks as if trying to get salt water out
of their eyes. When they separate j
they tip their hats. When they come !
into a store they tip their hats. When'
they buy a ticket they tip their hats.
Their elbows are always bent toward j
j their hats.
j Japanese never kiss. This pleasant j
pastime has not yet been imported
into cherry blossom land. It is only j
| recently that a few of the Japanese j
i have learned to shake bands. We
[ travelers are hoping that they will J
take up other great American institu- J
j tions. Japanese look upon kissing as
being low and vulgar, lielieving that a
: few moments spent in bowing Is much
; better. The girls feel tbat way about
It too—they say.
When an ardent young Japnnes«
, suitor slips his arm around the girl's
i waist and whispers into her shell-like
| ear that she is the only woman who
i has ever understood him and when
j she looks up confidingly into his eyes
! end breathes "You are so strong!" he
I does not clasp her to his bosonwin an
j ecstasy of joy and plant a delirious
kiss on hor trembling lips—no. instead
of that he gets up and bows polite
i ly and thanks her in a few courteous
I phrases.
j One cannot help feeling sorry for;
! them when thinking how many pleas
| nnt. evenings they miss. From my
| limited experience I wouldn't give a
| good old fashioned Missouri kiss for
ten minutes of bows.—Homer Croy ID j
I Leslie's.
Reverting a Phonograph Record.
A remarkably curious experiment
j may be performed with any ordinary |
; phonograph. The sound box is re- j
j versed so that the needle slopes the ■
I other way. enabling the disk to be j
turned backward by the linger being
placed near tho center. The effect j
produced is extremely astonishing, j
Yon bear the human voice singing J
i songs backward: you hear the harmony j
| of Wagner backward—plain English
I sounds like a Chinese language. The
most remarkable effect is perhaps to I
I play a chime of bells in this reversed j
| manner. The sour.d rushes up and up, j
I but there is never a single strike ov
clash of a bell. The strike on the ear
[ is reversed and Is nothing but a sharp
i "cessation of sound."—Strand Maga
) zine.
A Scene Before the Mirror.
What the jungle Isdles of Africa lack
in clothing they make up in hair adorn
ment. Some styles are pleasing, while
others are very grotesque. Their bait
combs are made of a very tough wood,
and they need be tough, for one of the
feminine customs to put gum all
j through their hair to keep it in place.
A very strong comb is needed to get it
apart, but the women contrive some
how to do it, ant? as time is not money
j in Africa they are n»?ver in a hurry.
1 One is not surprised to learn that some
times it takes a woman a week to have
her hair properly arranged.—Christian i
j Herald.
| "Aftermath" la a persistently ill used
word. Early July is the time of the
1 "math"—that is. the first mowing of
| tlie meadow. The short grass with a
' sufficiency of rain will grow again,
sud later will come the "second mow." ]
or "aftermath " The phrase "The I
storm and its aftermath" seems a fa- j
I vorito with Koine story writers, but it j
Is difficult to understand how a storm !
! can have a jsecoud mowing.
= / j
No Place For Letters.
A learned young'won an of Boston
was spending her vacation in a little
country place. To the local bookshop j
of the village she went one afternoon j
i and made known her mental wants to
| the clerk:
"I should like the 'Letters of .Tane
j Welsh CarlyJe.' "
"I beg your pardon, miss," said the |
! clerk, "but this ain't no postoffice."— |
i New York Globe.
The Hohenzollerna.
The family name of the German em-1
! peror is Hohcnzollem. If the emppror
were just a plain man of the peoplo
; his name would be William Hoben
zoliern. The family began to gain po
j iitical distinction about 1417. when
' Frederick nf Nuremberg became eleu
j tor of Brandenburg.
Belated Anx.ety.
Maid (kuocking in the morning!—
; Madame. I've forgotten whether yon :
i wanted to be waked at 7or 8. Mad- j
ame—What time is it oow? Maid— j
Eight—Lustige Blatter.
Too Painful.
~ "Why did you throw up that job I
got you as collector for Jones?"
"Why. hang It. 1 owed money to
j ibout al! the uicu he sent me to dun."
Contributed Almost Forty Per Cent, to
Total Operations of the Market and
Finally Besting At Its New Low
By Associated Press.
Xew York, Jan. 29. —(Wall Street)
—United States Hteei common, whose
minimum price was reduced from 43 to
40 after the close of yesterday's stock
market session opened to-day with one
lot of 7,500 shares at 40 1-2 to 40,
immediately followed by two lots ag
gregating 2,700 shares at 40 1-4. To
tal sales in the tirst fifteen minutes ex
ceeded 30,000 shares, the hiigh quota
tion being 40 12. Tho preferred stock
declined a small fraction. Other active
stocks, as well as many specialties, im
proved over yesterday s close, there be
ing substantial gains in leading rail
ways and Amalgamated Copper. Sugar
shares were again strong. Pressed Steel
car lost four points.
Steel dominated tho market through
out the early session, contributing al
most forty per cent, to total operations
of that period and finally resting at its
new low price. The weight of the sell
ing,'which came lanreiy fifom foreign
sources, according to reports, militated
against, further recovery elsewhere. Tho
entire list was adversely' affected by
this liquidation, early gains giving way
to numerous declines under yesterday's
final figures, Canadian Pacific and New
Haven were weakest, losing two points.
Outside the Exchange Steel wold at
39 1-2. Bonds were irregular, Steel 5» (
selling lower.
Philadelphia Produce Market
) Philadelphia, .fan. 29.—Wheat steady;
No. 2 red spot, export. 149®152; No. t
| northern, l>uluth export, 157•5'160.
Corn higher; No. 2 »pot, export, S1 &'
I 82; No. 2 yellow, local. S3 Va ft 84.
I Oats higher; No. 2 White,
I Bran firmer; winter, per t0n,"529.00®
29.50; spring, $27.50®28.
Tteflned sugars firm; powdered. 5.15;
fine granulated, 5,05; Confectioners' A.
Butter Arm; western orcamerv extra,
tra. "3; nearby prints, fancy, 3Ge,
Kggs lower; nearby firsts, free case,
9.45; current receipts, free case, 0.15;
western extra firsts, free case. 9.15; do.,
j firsts, free case, 9.15.
» poultry was firm; fowls, 145?) 10;
I old roosters, ll®lli£; chickens, 14®
I 15; tufkeys, 14®t7; see*', 14f<x' IG.
Dressed poultry steady; turkeys, fan
:y, 2Jc; do., fair to good. 18®i 20; fowls,
heavy, 18@ 19; average, 14©17>,i; small,
12®13; old roosters. 13; broiling chicft
-1 ens. nearby, lti@22; western, 145D20;
I roasting, 16®18; ducks, 12®17; geese,
! 10 soli.
| Potafoes steady; Pennsylvania, per
j bushels, 63®65; New York, 45®52; Jer
| sey, per basket, So®3s.
I Flour firm; winter straight. 0.25®
6.50; spring straight, 6.60@6.75; spring
j patent, ti.60®7.15.
j Hay steady; No. 1 large bales, 18.50<t»
19.00; No. 1 medium bales, 18.50® 19.00;
No. 2 do., 17.00® 18.00; No. 3 do., 14.50®
15.50; sample, 13.50® 14.50; no grade,
11.00® 13,00; light mixed, t7.50® 18.00;
No. 1 do., 16.50#17.00; No. 2 do., 15.50®
Chicago Live S*ock Market
Chicago, Jan. 29.—Hogs—Receipts,
9,000; strong. Bulk, 6.65®6.85; light,
6.45<?i>6.85; mixed, 6.50®6.8K; heavy, K.,'o
®6.fT5; rough, 6.30®6.45; pigs, 5.25®
Cattle—Receipts. 1,000; strong. Na
tive steers, 5.40®9.10; western, 4.90(«)
7.35; cows and heifers, 3.00@7.85; calves,
7.00® 10.00.
Sheep—Receipts, 5,000; strong. Sheep,
5.90®6.80; yearlings, 7.00®7.90; lambs,
7.40® 8.90.
Qualities of the Topax.
The name of the precious stone in
serted in the ring of Gyges has nol
been bonded dowu to us. but It Is prob
nble tbat It was the topaz, wbose wou
ders Pbilostrates recounts in the lift
1 of Apollonlus. An attribute of the sun
| and of Ore, the ancients called It tbi
I gold runguet, as it. was credited wits
| the power of attracting that metal, in
dlcntiug its veins and discovering
the treasures. Lleliodorus in his story
of Theagenes and Churlcles says thai
the topaz saves from fire all those wbu
i wear It and that Cbaricles was pre
, served by a topaz from the fiery venge
ance of Arsuces, queen .of Ethiopia.
i This stone was one of the first tails
; mnns that Theagenes possessed lu
| Egypt. The topaa at present symbol
| izes Christian virtues—faith, justice*
| temperance, gentleuess, clemency.
Our Moral Codes,
j "Our moral codes were invented not
| to prepare men for heaven or for Uto
; pia. They were invented by men who
j were none too good themselves to pro
tect themselves from people who were
uot much worse. There are great dif
ferences in human beings as to the
j amount of knowledge and wisdom
j-which they possess, but there is small
j difference In regard to the amount of
I goodness or rascality tbat tbey inaui-
I fe#t—Mowry Baben in Forum.
A Suffering Case.
'Those detective* have just arrested
as osteopath as a felon."
"Tbat must have been a painful
| "Why painful?"
"Didn't It slve tlicm n bone felon on
j Ihelr hands?"— Baltimore Amerlcau.
"Why flo we always speak of the sil
very moon?" asked the boob.
"On account of Its quarters and
halve*. I suppose." replied the cheerful
idiot.—Cincinnati Inquirer.
All human things of dearest value
hang ou slender strings.—Edmund