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Could Not Sleep. Red and Itched.
Eyebrows Fell Out. UsedCuticura.
In One Month Skto Clear. Smooth
Like Velvet. Eyebrows Grow.
333 Poplar St., Philadelphia. Pa.—"My
husband's skin got dry and pimples broke
out. At night he could not sleep; It would
tburn awfully. The pimples
were red and they itched.
His skin began to peel off
his face. It made all his
eyebrows fall out.
" He got some soap and
ointment but they did not
help him. 1 got the Cutl
cura Soap and Ointment for
him and he put them on.
He would first bathe bis face with water as
hot as he could stand for about fifteen
minutes .with a soft sponge and Outlcura
Soap, then be put the Ointment on his face
and left it on all night. In the morning he
would wash it off with the Soap and then
put the Ointment on again. He would do
that four or Ave times a day. In one month
his skin was clear and now it Is smooth like
velvet and his oyebrows have come in
nicely." (Signed) Mrs. Robert Pahlo,
June 12,1914.
Sample Each Free by Mall
With 32-p. Skin Book on request. Ad
dress post-card "Cutlcura, Dept. T, Bos
ton." Sold throughout the world.
New School House Will Be Built at
Bella Vista
Special Correspondence.
Now Cumberland, Jan. 13. —Many
cellars were flooded yesterday by sew
ers being clogged aud rain spouts over
The new school house wthich will re
place the old New Market school house,
built more than a half century ago,
will be built at Bella Vista.
'Mr. and iMrs. William Waeker, of
AVooster, Ohio, are visiting Ira Schell's
family and Mrs. Kate Snyder in New
Cumberland and relatives in York
The new brick houses w'hich Edward
Springer, Beno street, has built at Hill
side, are completed. His daughters,
IMrs. Sliott and Mrs. Everett Walker,
will occupy them.
Dallen has purchased Boyd Lantz's
new house at Hillside and moved into
A number of people from here will
attend the inauguration next week.
On Tuesday evening, .January 19,
the Ladies of the Maccaibees will hold
a meeting at the home of Mrs. George
ißeckley on Fourth street. A full at
tendance is desired.
The Everfaithful Bi'ble class of (lie
Church of God will meet at the home
of Mrs. Samuel Uricli, Beno street, on
Thursday evening, January 14.
George ißecklev's family spent Sun
dky afternoon with friends at Lamoyhc.
Miss IMiidred Boss srpent several days
with Leroy Sutton's family at Hogues
The Otterbein Guild of Trinity I'. B.
< huirh will meet at the home of Miss
IMirinie Webber on Sunday afternoon at
2 o 'clock.
Many People Attend Funeral of the
Late Mrs. J. A. Fauber
Special Correspondence.
Fisherville, Jan. 13. —Bussell Prank
and family, who were at Detroit this
summer, returned to this place last
Ray Sellers and Pierce Holtzntan are
ai Tamaqua.
Mrs. Sarah Young, who was at tHar
risburg, has.returned home.
Robert Reed, who is employed at
Harrisburg, was at his home over Sun
•loilii Lubold. Jr., of Selinsgrove, vis
ited his aunt, Mrs. S. J. Ze.Ving, the
past week
Mr. and Mrs. Snyder, of. Mercer
county, visited in this section last
Mrs. li. Lent?, anil daughter, listher,
spent a few days at Harrisburg last
Mrs. Amanda Longreen, of Lvkens,
visited here over Sunday.
Mrs. M. D. Lebo. of Lykeas, is
spending some time here with her moth
er. Mrs. G. W. I). Enders
Mrs. Elizabeth Keiter, who spent
about a week near Matamoras with her
daughter, returned home on Saturday.
The teachers' local institute, which
was held on Friday evening, was well
attended by the teachers and patrons
of this district. Superintendent F. E.
Shambaugh was present and gave some
interesting talks.
Mrs. D. W. Bixler and daughter,
Bessie, and son, Floyd, of Harrisburg,
were in town over Sunday.
A party wa« held at the home of
William Berry last week.
The funeral of Mrs. J. A. Fauber was
largely attended and was the largest
funeral held here for some time. Mrs.
Kauher was a woman who had a large
host of friends and was a member of
the Lutheran church. Services were
conducted by her pastor, the Rev. J. F.
The Rev. .T. F. Staibley will preach
!'ext Sunday afternoon at Fetterhoff's
John Wagner Dies After Operation at
Philadelphia Hospital
Sn<-«tV r >rre«i>ond>*ncß.
Xewville, Jan. 13.—John Wagner,
of Main street, was taken to the Ger
man hospital, December 28, anil a short
time afterwards underwent a critical
operation. He died at that institution
on Saturday ait midnight. He was in
his 59t)h year and is survived by his
widow, one d aughter, Mrs. Amos Orris,
of near Oakville, and two grand
daughters. Mr. Wagner was a retired
farmer, having moved to Xewville a
low years ago from near Oakvjlle. He
wAs a inemTier o , f the Zion Lutheran
church and a man of genial disposition.
The funeral service was he'd from the
Zion Lutheran church on Tuesdav aft
Wanted Cash Registers
If you have a cash register for sale
write us we will sell it for you quickly.
If you want to buy a second-hand
ns for prices on nearly new GUABAN
TEED ones. Why pay the new price?
The Cash Register Exchange Co.
Hale Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.
crnooti and was in charge of the Rev.
George N. Ijauffer, a former pastor. In
terment was mode in the Newville cem
The Rev. Mr. GrieT, of Gannonsiburg,
assisted the Rev. G. M. Reed, D. D.,
(raptor of the United Presbyterian
chuiroh, with services on Sunday and
those preparatory to communion.
Mrs. Harry Manning has "oeen very
ill at her home 011 Big Stpring avenue.
A union meeting .under the auspices
of the No-License ljeagme will be held
in the Cburch'of God this eveniug at
7.30 o'clock. The public is cordially in
vited and the men are especially urged
to he present. After this service the
W. C. T. U. will meet at the home of
Mrs. Samuel I* i j>e r, Bug Spring avenue.
Mrs. Parson, otf Altoona, is visiting
at the home of her son, the Rev. F. N.
National Bank Stockholders Elect Di
rectors and Officers
Spe"!n t*''orresnondence
Halifax, Jan. 13. —The stockholders
of the Halifax National bank met yes
terday ami elected directors and ollicera
for the ensuing year. Ail the old direc
tors were re-elected and W. H. Miller,
of Fisherville, WMS elected to till the
vacancy on the board made vacant by
the death of G. W. D. hinders. The
board organized Iby electing A. Fort en
bangh, .president; A. M. Smith, vice
president; J. E. Nace, secretary; P. S.
Hill, cashier; R. F. Landis, assistant
Isaac M. Barry, of Tower City, for
merly of this place, died at the Potts
ville hospital last Saturday from ap
pendicitis. He was well known liere.
Burial was made at lenders 011 Tuesday
Miss Sue Wagner, of Matamoras, JS
the guest of her sister, Mrs. H. Stewart
M. H. Spahr is spending the week on
a business trip through Perry county.
Directors and Officers Elected By Both
Banks Yesterday
.appeal cm- • "i"-
Dillsburg, Jan. 13. —At the com
munion service in the Methodist church,
Sunday morning the individual com
munion set recently presented to the
church by Prof, and Mrs. C. W. Gross,
was used for the first time. Twelve
persons were baptized and four mem
bers were received into the church by
There were three new members re
ceived into the U. B. church Sunday
morninlg and eleven members were add
ed to the Christian Endeavor Society
on Sunday evening.
The evangelistic, services at the
Franklin cihurch closed Sunday evening.
There had ilieen forty-nine conversions.
Bessie Taylor, R. D., No. 4, left for
Reading Monday morning where she
has accepted a position.
Mary Stouft'er, of South Baltimore
street, sipent Sunday with friends in
Sarah Rarhip, of Camp Hill, and
Ruth Stoulfer, of this place, were the
guests of Jacob Knisely, R. D. No. 4,
on Sunday. »
At their regular meeting Monday
evening. Camp 777. P. 0. S. of A., add
ed lour new members to the camp.
A trained nu<rse has been procured
for Bay Spahr, as his illness has de
veloped into typhoid fever.
J. E. Arnold, proprietor of the laun
dry is confined to the house on account
oil' illness.
At the annual election of the stock
| holders of the Farmers' ami Merchants'
j Hank, the following directors were elect
j ed: B. F. Co,-Id in, A. M. Brandt, James
| I-an, S. K. Musselman, Joseph Deardorff.
| J. B. Bauman, M. L. Powers, W. E.
i Grove, William H. Myers and J. J,
I Ivlu-h. At the organization of the
I board B. F. Cocklin was chosen presi
dent and A. M. Brandt, secretary.
Mrs. J. E. Taylor spent Monday in
Mrs. Amelia Bender and Hbr two
daughters, Miss Huldsh Bender and
Mrs. J. J. Klug"h, all the surviving
members of the M. Bender family, cele
brated their birthday yesterday, all'
three having their birthday on the name
The stockholders of the Billsboirg
National bank, elected A. H. Williams,
.1. 11. Deck, J. S. Kapp, Charles G.
Elicker. D. F. Stitzel, O. P. Arnold and
W. H. Sell river, directors for 1915. .1.
B. Deck was chosen president; D. W.
Beitzel, cashier; R. B. Nelson, teller
and M. C. Thununa, bookkeeper.
National Bank Directors Elected Yes
terday Morning
Spf-oial Correspondence.
'Hummelstown, Jan. 13.—The stock
holders of the 'Hummelstown National
bank met in the bank (building yester
day morning and elected the following
board of directors: John J. N.issley,
Joseph M. IBrightbill. Albert B. Sbenk,
I'. L. Batebaugh, Allen K. Walton, F.
J. SchafFner. The directors will meet
for organization on Tuesday morning,
January 26.
The midweek prayer service in the
'.Refformed churc'h will be omitted this
Irvin Emerie.h, of Camp Hill, who
died from blood poisoning at the Har
risburg 'hospital yesterday morning,
was a son of 'Mr. and 'Mrs. Aaron Emer-
ieh, of this place. Two sisters, IMrs.
Harry Etter and IMTS. 'Harry Wagner,
also reside in town.
Miss Lula Willman and Edward Fagan
Married at H&gerstown
Special Correspondence.
Middletown, Jan. 13.—Miss Lula
Willman, of this place an Edward Fa
gan, of Harrisburg. were united in mar
riage at Hagerstown yesterday. They
will inake their future home w'ith B. F.
Brandt, Ann street, w here tlhe bride has
resided nearly all her life.
The three fire companies of town will
attend services in the St. Peter's Luth
eran church next Sunday evening. Each
company will meet at the hose house.
The Women Home and Foreign Mis
A Never Failing Way
to Banish Ugly Hairs
{Aids to Beauty)
No woman is immune to superfluous
growths, and because these are likely to
appear at any time, it is advisable to
always have some delatone powder
handy to use when the occasion arises.
A paste is made with some of the pow
der and water and spread upon the
hairy surface; in about 2 minutes this
is carefully removed and the skin
washed. You will then find that your
skin is entirely free fronj hair or fuzz.
Be sure, however, to get real delatone.
. Oil
Sore Throat
Cold inChest
First rub the chest or throat with
Omega Oil; then soak a piece of flan
nel with the Oil and put it arounatlie
neck or throat, and cover with a piece
of dry flannel. This simple treatment
usually gives relief. Trial bottle 10c.
sionary Society of the Lutheran church
at Steelton, came to town last evening
iind surprised the Women's Home and
Foreign Missionary Society of St. Pet
er's Lutheran church. After the reg
ular meeting of the society a pleasant
evening was spent. Refreshments
were served.
Dr. Siias C. Swallow, of Camp Hill,
preached an able sermon at the revival
services in the M. K. church last even
ing to a large audience.
The following directors of the Citi
zens' Bank were elected by the stock
holders yesterday morning: J. L.
Landis, C. M. Folt/., A. L. Ktter, L. N.
Peck, I. H. Doutrick, .T. R. Gever. H. S.
Roth, D. \\ . Gingrich and Buzene Lav
Plie Reawue Hose Company basket
'ball team defeated the Wincroft team
toy the wore of 24-20. The Tennis
Cluib beat the Liberty team by the
score of 30-14. Both games were
played in the M. C. A. room la-st
A. C. Krager, of Columbia, is trans
acting business in town for severaJ
At the meeting of the borough coun
cil, held on Monday evening, President
H. T. Ohristiman appointed the follow
ing committees: Finance, Erisman, Al
bright and Gingrich; highway, Landis,
Gingrich and Winnaugle: light, Sou ti
ers, Erisman and Winnaugle; ordi
nance, Albright, Hippie and Krepps;
water, Krepps, Hippie ami Albright;
fire, Winnaugle, Erisman and Gingrich;
bills and accounts, Gingrich, Win
naugle and Landis; building, Krepps
Souders and Hipipie.
Miss Helen Fishel, who spent the
past several weeks in town as the
guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.
I'. Fishel, of West Main street, has
returned to Columbus, O.
Frank Oarley, who had been working
in South America for the past nine
months, in the interest of the ear
works, returned home yesterday. He
was accompanied home from New York
city by Earnest Lowe, who spent the
past two days in the latter place.
Miss Margarctta Oarr is ill at the
home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs
beorge Carr, of South Wood street.
Miss Sarah Miller, who spent the
past several weeks in town as the guest
of her sister Mrs. E. C. Garnian, re
-da™ 68t Rwuliu « 011 MOll
Quite a number of persons from this
piac« are attending court this week.
Seven children of Mr. and Mrs. John
i j wcre given prizes in the M E
Sunday school} last Sunday, for not
missing a session during 19i4.
Yesterday s Rain Slorm Causes Consid
erable Damage—Cellars Flooded
Special Correspondence.
Mechanicsburg, Jan. 13.—Ycsterdav
w«il" ' l ,' ai " ed uml bluw - '""king
«a king on the sidewalks almost impos
» ' S * eVeral i ,U( ' es iu town the
water overflowed the gutters and a
number of cellars were flooded.
Over a thousand tons of ice have
been harvested by local dealers. Much
ot it is fourteen inches thick. It was
brought from Laurel.
Miss Wiland, of Harrisburg,- is the
guest of Miss Kuth Adams, East Main
Mrs. J. T. East spent yesterday with
xneiids in (JhurchtowH.
Mrs. H. H. Mercer and her guest,
Mrs. Sarah Mercer, of Mifflin countv,
are visiting in York, guests of Mrs. U.
M. Mercer's daughter, Mrs. Fred Ger
ber, and her family.
Mrs. Mary Gibson has returned from
a visit of several months to relatives
in Scranton.
The students ot Irving College are
arranging to do some sewing for the
war sufferers and refugees. The Irving
girls responded very generously to the
first call to (lie Belgian relief fuud,
contributing clothing and monev.
Robert Deibler Serving as United
States Juror at Sunbury
Special Correspondence.
Berrysburg, Jan. 13.—Mr. and Mrs.
Amos St roup, of Elizabeth ville, visited
the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
ward Stroup, for a few days.
Mrs. Emanuel Smink, or Lykens, is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ja
cob Welker.
William Bander, of Elizabeth ville,
visited Mr. and Mrs. Foster on Sunday.
Kobert Deibler left Monday for Sun
bury, where he is serving us a United
States petln juryman.
Quite a number of young folks a(-
tendsd the band fair' at Uniontown
Saturday evening.
Mr. Davis, of Philadelphia, visited
at the home of John Buckitt for a few
Edward Stroup was a caller at Eliz
abethville on Monday.
Directors of Interborough Company
Charged With Criminal Negligence
By Associated Press. •
New York, Jan. 13. — Officers and 4i
rectors of the Interborough Rapid Tran
sit Company to-day faced Grand Jury
action on the verdict of a Coroner's
.jury returned late yesterday accusing
them of cutpalble negligence in connec
tion with a wreck on the Sixth avenue
elevated line last month in w'hicli two
persons were killed. Counsel for the
Intetfborough Rapid Transit Company
announced that —$5,000 each
would 'be furnished this afternoon by a
surety company. No arrests were made.
The men thus aecused are Theodore
I'. Shonts, prosident of the company;
Frank Hedley, general manager and
vice president, and August Belmont,
Cornelius Vandetfbilt, Edward J. Ber
wind, W. Leon Pepperman, F. DeC.
Sullivan, Edward D. Bacon, T. Dewitt
Cuyler, Edwin S. Marston, Andrew
Preedman and Obarles B. Ludlow, di
rectors; Horace M. Fisher, secretary.
The Dtiily Fashion Hint. ;
Du Barry pink taffeta with embroid
ery of the same color. The waist fin
ishes below the belt in scallops with
.iverbound edges. Fringed skirt frill
i''ilet lace coilnr and undorsleeves. Fink
lenip hat trimmed with black velvet
•Hid paradise.
C.V . AfcWS
Police Expect to Make An Arrest
Within Short Time
Carlisle, Jail. 13.—An arrest is ex
pected early in connection with tihe
robbing of several fraternity houses of
Dickinson College during the Christ
mas vacation. During that time several
of the college fraternity homes wore
entered and wearing apparel aggregat
ing over SIOO in value was taken.
At the Contemporary Club quarters
iu Kast College, clol'hing to the amount
of SIOO was stolen. At the Sigma Chi
house on West High street two pairs
of trousers ami a raincoat was stolen.
At the Phi Kappa I'si house various
minor articles ot' apparel were missing.
Railway Company Seeks Charter
Chamlbeivjui'g, .lan. i 3.—Kdiward J.
I'ost, president of the M.-Connellsburg
and Fort 'Loudon Kailway Company, the
new electric line uniting the two towns
named, yesterday filed at Harrisburg
the articles oif incorporation of the
company. It is expected the charter will
|bo formally granted on Friday in ac
cordance with the State Department
The organization now is made up
as follows: President, Edward J. Post;
vice president, John P. Sipes; secre
tary, B. C. Lambcrsou; treasurer,
George A. Harris. The directors are:
D. H. Patterson, George A. Harris, B.
C. Lairfberson, .lohn P. Si pes, J. L Pat
tersou, K-dward J. Post, Herbert A.
Mrs. Catherine Shugars Dies
Carlisle, -lan. 13. —iMis. Catherine
Elizabeth Shugars, a well known resi
dent of Cumberland county, died 'Mon
day evening at her home in Monroe
towns'hip, aged 72 years. She spent
tlie greater part of her life in t'his sec
lion and was an active member'of the
Trindle S'pring Lutheran church.
Surviving her are her husband,
I'. Shugars, and the following chil
dren: Mrs. Mary Landis, Middletown;
Mrs. 'Sarah S'harpe, Carlisle; IBlain D.
Shugars, Monroe; Mrs. Bertha Wiegle,
Gettysburg Wants Synod
Gettysburg, Jan. 13. —That Gettys
burg is likely to be chosen for the
1917 session ot' the Lutlberan General
Synod—an organization whose mem
bership includes churches all over the
United States —is the 'belief of local
memibers who have conferred on the
advisability of extending an invitation
to t'he body to convene here.
Mother of Four Is Dead
Gettysburg, Jan. 13.—i Mrs. William
P. Ple-mming died at her home on South
Washington street at 12.35 yesterday
morning from peritonitis, aged 37
years. ,
Mrs. Flemming's maiden name was
IMiss 'Mary Margaret Kehms and she
leavos her mother, Mrs. Louisa Fleisih
niau, of South Washington street; nei
husband, and lour children, Catherine,
Louise. Charles and an infant daugh
ter, only two days -ol<l.
She also leaves two sisters, 'Mrs.
John Stevens and Mrs. Cleveland Mil
ler, of Gettysburg; and two step
brothers, John Fleishman and David
A. Fleishman, both of Gettysburg.
Mystis Shriners to Meet in Lebauon
Lebanon, Jan. 13. For the first
time in twelve years tl\erc will be a
meeting of Itajah Temple, Mystic Bhrin
ors, of Reading, in this city. Potentate
George F. Kisenhauer, was here yester
day and conferred with John K. Rau
denibush, one of the leading Shriners of
Lebanon. The meeting is to be hold
Wednesday, February 24. There are 150
memibers of the Shriners in this county.
The twenty-live staff officers of the tem
ple will be here on and also
a large delegation of Shriners of Read
ing. The meeting will be followed by a
banquet ait the Sont, of America hall.
Yes —Many People
have told us the same story—distress
after eating, gases, heartburn. A
sg*sSS< D « a
before and after each meal will relievo
you. Sold only by ua—26c.
Gcorga A. Gorgis."
Open /) fOUNMo IB7i Close
sam JSjOumafoJ sopm
More Smart Corduroy Coats
Arrived Yesterday
Women who admire the snappy lines and smart distinction of Corduroy
Coats will be interested in this new receivement.
Full belted and popular Fox Trot styles, in green, brown and the fashion
able Battleship gray. Lined throughout with yarn-dyed satin. Sizes 16 to 44.
Identical with those sold a few weeks ago for $20.00, $22.50 and $25.00;
specially priced at
$11.50 and
Second FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
staunch Reductions On Property Owners
size 27x54 inches; mottled effect. f f 1 \AJ all a
Scotch Weave Rugs, at $12.75 —value UO Udl ff (X>xL I dJJCI
$15.75 —excellent for bedrooms; plain cen- *r> _ i i •
ters with neat borders; size 9x12 ft. C yXOTTS
Matting at 29£ yd.—value 49c; wool and f . • . ■ „ .. ,
• , ~J • , -j . . At this time ot vear when mechanics are
fibre mixture; .4b inches wide; carpet pat- „_ f „,,„l „ . •
torn •. v»pv Hiipuhl. >ii not. rushed, we can assure you prompt service
' T s ' ' ' */r i*- '' i-t m. a i on insure very satisfactory results.
Japanese Matting at 17* yd.-value 30c; Wall p ■ t tl<
cotton vvarp; carpet patterns two-tone stripes; hair-lined
ourt loor BO MAI S. Jaspes, embossed satin effects and varnished
~~————— golds included in the lot. Borders to match.
i - - Wall Papers at 11? roll—lsc to 22c values
a Vo " , —Bedroom florals, satin stripes, Jaspe ef-
I feets and shadow designs. These eombina
tions are adapted to living rooms, parlors
an( ' reception halls ; all beautifully designed
with cut-out borders to harmonize.
r Wall Papers at y 2 c to 15c
values—suitable for all rooms; including
florals, conventional patterns and plain strip
ed and self-toned finish; cut out decorations
and panel treatments to match.
How They Are Received Wall Papers at 3c? roll—Bc, 10c 12'/oe
G_ values—clean patterns for halls, chambers,
a rm nrt i 11 1 r% r> dining rooms and kitchens. Borders to match,
eT man \DI iver only 9 inches wide.
l\/f 1 TD , D Note: These specially priced papers will
IVIGSn LJCLQS l\e- be sold only with borders that complete the
, I , « patterns.
paired, Special Fourtll
SI.OO Specials in Domes-
This splendid offer is for one week 4*4/* C T*/\ *Tl f\ *"•#•/\ttt
only, and includes refinishing and relin- LlLb""" X O™IXIOX xOAnf
ing with either silk or kid, and made 10c and 12M»c Flannelettes, in light or dark
equal to new. patterns; cut from the full piece, at 8? yard.
We quote you this low price to have 20c and 22c Pillow Tubing, 40 and 42
you become better acquainted with our inches wide; bleached; good, even, round
Jewelry Repair Department, where all thread, at 15? yard.
work is executed by skilled workmen— I 2y 3 c Ginghams, plain colors, or striped;
guaranteed to give satisfaction. suitable for dresses, or'boys' waists; %-vard
wide; at 8? yard.
jfl4c Lonsdale Muslin, or spinwell cambric;
cut from full pieces, at 10? yard.
. $1.19 Sheets, made of Mohawk muslin;
marked E. S.; size 81x108 inches; few oil
Pillow Cases, 42 and 45-inch sizes; made
of bleached muslin: laundered, at 8? each.
75c Sheets, size 76x90 inches; linen finisli
cd: 3-inch hems; laundered; noted for its
How They Are Returned 1()(> ® utin £ f* ann ®{; in ''M'/v P r ( ' a ! k |)nt "
terns; remnant lengths, at 6'/ a ? yard.
am ~ m ™~"™"—————— —___ Main FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Men—"Get In" on This Special Hosiery
Offering, 11c Pair
Now every man will be interested in this little sale, because there are lisles. silk lisles
and cottons, in medium and light weights. And for men who need heavier hose, are good
quality Merino, which are half wool and half cotton. Some are samples and some are
"seconds," and for this reason they are marked (to-morrow only) at 11? pair, instead
of 15c to 25c. Various shades, including black and navy.
Main FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Family Deny the Danville Man Killed :
Danville, -Tail. 13.—0. W. Cannon,
nephew of Uncle Joe Cannon and ex-1
son-in-law of W. B. MwKinlev, was j
found dead in bed at his home here yes- J
The family says that death was due |
to natural cause* and denied suicide,
rumors. I/ess than a year as»o Cannon
was found in bed with a gun shot j
wound in his head. He said the shooting i
was awidental. He was 47 years old
and had s/pent a .large fortune.
Every style and color
Sweater in the shop re
$5.00 Grade, $3.50
$6.00 Urade, $4.25
$6.50 Qr.nle $4.50 I
SIO.OO Grade, $7.50
Onyx Silk Hose.
36c Silk Lisle, 17c, 3 for .... .50c I
50c Silk, 35c, 3 for SI.OO
$1.50 Silk, SI.OO |
Manhattan Shirts Reduced
CHDDV'O 3rd St. Near
rUnnl 0 walnut
i j Paris, Jan. 12, 11.55 P. Mr—Presi-1
| dent Poincare, on his latest trip to the :
j front, from which he returned to-day, j
j in addition to presenting the keys to
j tlio bluejackets there and visiting j
] Ilazdbrock went to the British head- j
j quarters wikere he had a long conversa- !
tion with Field 'Marshal Sir John :
I French and the Prince of Wales and in- '
I vested the 'British generals, Bir Douglas I
j Haig and Smith Dorrien, with the in !
j siguia of Grand Officers of the liegion 1
! of Honor. These were conferred at the
I speoial request of Oeueral .Toffre, the
j French commander-in-chief.
From British headquarters President
j Poinicare, undeterred 'by the serious
J risks from Herman Shells, drove in an j
i automoibile to Arras. Accompanied by 1
| the prefect of Arras, the mayor and the I
| bishop, President Poincare visited ev- I
i ery part of the ruined city, whose as !
pect of utter desolation deeply moved j
j him. The President gazed for /a long |
time at the chaos which everywhere
met his eye. All aibfout him were noth- !
ing but shapeless masses of stoue and I
walls through wihich great holes ha<l I
been torn by shells. In the midst of!
the ruins a small railroad has been
built to take awav the fallen blocks
of stone froui the streets.
President Poincare inquired if the
inhabitants remaining in the city were
getting sufficient food and before leav
ing spoke a few words of encourage
ment to a number of the citizens,
mostly elderly 'people, who crept out of
their cellars on hearing the President
was there.
Woman Asserts Surgeon Left It, So
Two $.->O,OOO Suits Follow
St. Louis, Jan. 13.—Suits for $50,-
(100 each were filed in the Circuit Court
yesterday against Dr. Robert E. Wilsou
! and the German Lutheran hospital 'by
| Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Kieburtz, alleg
; ing that a piece of gauze was left in
i Mrs. Kieburtz following a recent oper
j ation.
Mrs. Kieburtz says that after the
; operation she was in continual pain
| and urged Dr. Wilson 'to operate again,
j'He finally consented. It is assert«<l
j that at the second operation he toifk
j a long piece 'of gauze from the firfct
| wound.
'Mrs. Kielburtz says the second opera
tion was made necessary because of
complications that, followed the first, lie
denies gauze was left in the body.
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