The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, January 11, 1915, Page 4, Image 4

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Bankruptcy Trustee Brings Suit
Against Director* of the Concern
to Compel Them to Pay Majority
of Use Claims
Alleging that the directors o<t Klein
It Co., formerly a Market square firm
dealing in Urates' furnishings, tefore
going anto rhe hands of a receiver, con
tracted debts far in excess of the com
pany 's authorized capital stock, JlO,-
000, Job J. Conklin, bankruptcy trus
tee of toe concern, has brought au
equity suit agaiust them to recover
such amounts for which they tuav bo
held liable.
\Y. K. Meyers, counsel for the trus
tee, in the statement filed, makee a de
mand on the directors to produce evi
dence showing what portion of the capi
tal stock was paid in, who paKi it and
to wi>oiu it was paid. The company's
indebtedness is fixed at $26,771.50. Of
the authorized capital stock, it is con
tended. only SI,OOO was paid in and
that the directors are liable f° r the
debts in excess of that sum.
The directors are given thirty days
in which to make answer.
Exceptions to Bruiser Opinion
A score or more of exception to-day
were tiled by the defense to the opin
ion of Judge Kunket who holds that the
Brinser Milling & Feed Co.. of Middle
town, has through advertisements on
its cornmeal packages encroached on
the rights of Solomon C. Brinser. an
other Middletown cormueal manufac
turer. The court has allowed the ap
plication of Solomon 0. Brinser for a
■permanent /hjunction restraining rfas»
milling company from further using the
present type of cornmeal sacks. The
court wiH hear argument on the excep
tions and then pass upon them.
Small pax Patient Discharged
K. L. Hinkson. a dancing instruct
or. w"ho was taken ill some weeks ago
with smallpox, was discharged from
the city sanitary hospital Saturday
cured. The hospital was close*! im
mediately after Hinkson s dismissal,
as there are no other cases of the
disease in Harrisburg.
Sues for Compensation
A suit against the Workingmen's
Compensation Commission, of Xew
York, has been brought in the name of
Mrs. Haitie Bell. *>3s Cakler street.
The suit is brought to compel the com
mission to pay hex the damage grow
ing out of the death of James K. Bell,
•who was killed in Xew York while
working for a contracting firm.
Marriage License
- Harry L. Gardner and Edith M.
Make Experts Cart It Away After
Copper Finds It
When ordinary stolen property is re- j
covered it is hauled to police head
quarters where it awaits the call of the
owner, but dynamite is not the ordinary
stolen property. Seventeen sticks, be
longing to the West Construction Com
pany, contractors on the Parton creek
interceptor, were found yesterday by!
Policeman Parsons, in an empty house'
in the Eighth ward.
There was none who eared to take
the responsibility of carrying the ex
plosive to police headquarters so the
West Construction Company had to send
a man to the empty house to cart it
Stockholders Hold Annual Meeting at
Office of Company
The stockholders of the Valley Kail
ways Company, at their annual election
held at the office of the company in
Lemoyne. this morning, elected " the
following directors to serve for the en
suing year:
C. H. Bishop. Lemoyne: T. C. du
,Pont. Wilmington. Del.; Rudolph Ellis,,
Philadelphia; Spencer C. Gilbert. Har- ;
risburg; M. C. Kennedy. Chan»be>rsbufg:
William C. Sproul. Chester; George H.
t>tewart. Shippensburg; Lerwis S. Sad- i
ler, Carlisle; .Robert Wetherill, Chester. !
President Gilbert Appoints Chamber of
Commerce Ooamittees
Committees of the Chamber of Com- i
anerce have been appointed as follows
•by President Gilbert:
Trade Excursion—C. W. Burtneti. I,
chairman; Brook Trout. J. S. Kline-i'
uinst. A. E. Buchanan. Carl W. Davis, I
Stanley Jean and Joseph A. Grieshsber.'
Special Advertising—George S. Rein
peal. chairman; C. M. Kaitwasser. L.
P. Williams. George A. Hall and J. A.
Executive Committee of Chamber of I
Commerce Transacts Routine Business
The executive committee of the Har
risourg Chamber of Commerce met at '■
luncheon at the Harrisburg Clu'o to-;!
'lay to transact routine business before !,
the meeting of the board of directors
on Wednesday.
E. R. Ec ken rode, of the Penn Ql-utual
Life Insurance Co.. and G. A. Fling. ]
consulting and constructing engineer, j:
will be voted in as members at the 1
directors' meeting. L. L. Feree. super
'ntendent of the Harrisburg Light anu 1
Power Company, takes the place of. 1
Edgar Z, Wailower. who has removed to 1
Lockport. X. Y. ]
Local Company Increases Its Stock 1
The stockholders of the Kevstonei
Sanitary Company. 216 South Second!S
street, at a meeting Saturday, elected i
officers and directors for tbe new year
and voted to increase the company 's 1
capital stock from 150,000 to SIOO,- 1
000. A ten per cent, dividend on the I
capital stock was declared. The new I
directorate has this membership: John I
F. Whittaker, J. R. Appleby, R. H. Ap
■l-ieby, C. E. Appleby and G. M. Ap- I
pleby. The officers are: G. M. Appleby, \
president; C. E. Appleby, vice president \
and general manager; Jaha F. Whit- j \
taker, secretary-treasurer.
Will Hold Social To-night
The Ladjes' Aid of the Maennerchorj
Society will hold a box social and
dance in Maennerchcr hall, North and.
Second streets, to-night.
OoY«rnor-«lect Preserving Pro roundest
Reticence Concerning Any of the
Appointments He WiU Hake When
He Assumes Ship of Bt*te
T'p to the present very little can be
learned, even in the way of gossip, con
cerning the o»l>i net that Governor
Brumbaugh proposes to anoint w hen
he takes office next week, and the quid
ouncs, those wbo have heretofore pro
fessed to have had a line on prospective
cabinets, are ail at sea, and have given
up guessing. I>r. Brumbaugh is preserv
ing the profoundest reticence concern
ing any of his appointments, and ai;
conjectures are mere guesses, and noth
ing else, for he has repeatedly declared
that he will make no mention of them
until'he deems proper and even then he
will not sav when that time shall be.
The latest talk concerning the new
Governor's immediate family is that his
choice for private secretary lies be
tween James Hiatt and Harry P. Me-
Devitt. both of Philadelphia, and both
close personal friends. Mr. Hiatt had
charge of Dr. Brutrtbaiiph's preliminary
campaign for Governor and directed af
fairs from headquarters in Philadel
phia during the campaign that ended
in his election. He is secretary of the
Philadelphia Boaj-d of Education at a
salary of $5,000 per year, and as »ueh
has been very close to Dr. Brumbaugh,
who was at the head of the Philadel
phia public schools.
Mr. Devitt was formerly a Philadel
phia newspaper man, a political writer
on the "Press," and for the last four
years has had several positions requir
ing keen executive ability under the
Toner administration, the last being
chairman of the Commission on Eco
nomy and Efficiency. He personally had
charge of the Brumbaugh party on its
tour of Pennsylvania, for the reason
that his knowledge of politics and
political acquaintanceship in the
State were ins-aluable adjuncts in a
campaign of that magnitude. It is
agreed that either one of these gentle
men would make an ideal private sec
retary who would have to stand be
tween the Governor's private room an 1
the many who would be anxious to
have personal interviews with the chief
executive. A story is current that the
announcement of the entire cabinet
will be made when Dr. Brumbaugh ar
rives in Harrisburg next Monday.
Board to Meet
The Board of Revenue Commission
ers will hold a meeting to-morrow to
finish up its business under the present
Action on Appointments
_ The Senate Committee on Executive
Nominations, a new committee in
charge of the nominations n»3de by
Governor Tener, will on
next Monday evening, an!t will at once
proceed to consider the recess nomina
tions. Among these are the Public
Service Commission, and a number ot
other State officials and members of
public institution boards.
New Justice
Governor Tener to-dav appointed
Walter S. Kenney to be justice of the
jxwoe for Muhlenberg township. Berks
county, to W. G. Sarig,
meniber of the House.
Ftn-nished by H. W. Sn»vely, Broker. '
Arcade Buildinj, Walnut and Court !
New York, Jan. 11.
Open. High. Low. Close.
Alaska Gold 26\ 27 1 * 26»i 2"> a |
Ansal Cop. . 54i 2 55» s ? s :
Am Bt Sug. 35i 4 36 * 3514 35«/ 4
AmerCan.. 29 , 2 30' 4 29i a 301,4.;
do pfd .. 93-1 94« s 93'-s 94».« !
lAm Car, F'y 45"* 4? 1 * 45» 4 471- j
Am Cot Oil 43 & g 44 43 44
Amer Loco. 26 28 26 " 27V*
j Amer dnielt 59 3 s 60s g 59' s 60V4
i Amer Sugarlo4 1 3
jAm Tel. TelllS' s " 118» 4 118 11S%
Anaconda . 26 1 ;. 26?; 26', 26%
i Atchison .. 94 94% 94 94-3^)
; Balti, Ohio. 6S 69 67% 68% !
Bethlehem . 51'g 53»; 51% 53 |
|3 R T .... S6 86 85% 8 5 T.J
Cal PetTol. 15% 15% 15% 15%
j Can Pae ..155% 156% 155% 156% [
Cent Leath 35% 36 35% 35>."|
; Ches. Ohio. 42 42% 42 42% i
jChi, M\ St P 87% 88% 87' , 88% |
[ChinoCC. 33% 34% 33% 34% i
| Col Ft Irn. 25% 26 25>... 25%
Consol G05.116% 118% 116% 118%
1 Corn prod . 9% 9% 9% 9% :
Erie 22% 22% 21% 22% i
do pfd . 34% 35% 34% 35%
Gen Elec C 143% 144 " 143 i; 144 j
G B T... 27 27% 27 27%!
Gt Nor pf.1114 114% 114 114%!
Gt XOe subs 27 28 3 , 27 28% !
Intbor Met. 11 11% I 0» g 11%
do pfd 50 50% 50 50%
Lehigh Va1134 134% 134 134%
jL and X..11S 118 117% 118 j
iIJC Petroiem 51 52 51 52
,Mo Pac .. 7 7% 7 7% |
Xev C Cop 12% 13 12% 12% j
X Y COT. 87% 59% 87', 88%
XYX H H 53 54% 53 54% ;
! Nor Pae . 100% 102'/, 100% 102".
Pa<r Mail . 20% 2(f% |
Penna R RlO5 1063 g 105 105 |
People G. Cllß% 118% 118% 120% l
Pitts. Coal .15% 17 16% 17 I
Press S. C. . 37 39 36% 38%
Rar. Con. C 16% .. .. 16% I
Reading ..147% 148 146% 147%
R. I. and S. 20 20% 20 20% '
do pfd . . 75% . . 75 75 I
South. Pa. . 84% 85% 84% 853'
South. Ry .15% 16 15% 16 |
do pfd . 58 . . .. 5g
Tenn. Cop . 32% 33 32% 32 1 '
Tex. Co.. .134 135 134 135
U. Pacifie .118% 119% 118 1193',,
L* S Rubber 57% 58', 57% 57y. !
I". S. Steel »1% 52% 51% 51%
I'tah Cop. . 49% 49% 49% 50% i
W. Mary. .11% . 4 . .
W. I.T. . 59% 60 59% 59%
W. Mfg.. 72'J 74 72% 73
Chicago Grain Market Closing
By A 9 soda ted Prrss,
Chieago, Jan. 11.—Close:
Wheat—May, 134%; Julv, 121%.
Corn —May, 74%; July, 75%.
Oats —(May, 54%; Juiy, 52%.
P° rk —January, 18.37; May, 18.82.
Lard—.January, 10.50; May, 10.75. I
Ribs—January, 9.75; May. 10.12.
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