The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, December 30, 1914, Page 12, Image 12

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Dress Skirts in Navy and ! Women's Hosiery in the One-Day Men's, Women's and Chil-
Black in the End of the Sale: Exceptional Values Mark ciren s Rubbers at Low
* 03.r ClcsrflncG rpi • -w < orod Prices
Skirts of which we have only one, two or three of a kind have A 1110 I Vyfl,l'"l_/lIQ IGcLI M»nw i 1 t 11 1 * .
been detached from our regular stock, in the Outergarment See- _ cia l 7 t members of the family at spc
tion and given prices that show decided reductions. In navy >'oc black silk lisle hose; fashioned feet. In the last-day-of-the-year sale, ' l in< es "nioirow.
blue, black and waffle checks of subdued tones. Fast black silk boot seamless hose. In the last-day-of-the-year sale, 25£ h Jlo "' s *t.25 one-buckle arctics with heavy roll edge soles and |>q
$4.95 black skirts, in a half dozen sizes. Reduced to . .SI.OB Fast black lisle hose ; fashioned feet and double tops. In the last-day-of-the-year sale, ..!! .25tf "fen'sV„"T i" V "OC
*7.50 blue and black poplin skirts. Reduced to 85.00 Heavy cotton hose, fashioned feet. In the last-day-of-the-year sale, 25< row toe iaYts Clearanco prTe . 8 mod,um """ 7Sc
ttniln M Ue i, an -i l J ,l ? ( '- k + Sk o tS i R ® dueed t0 S2'£2 * J > ITTT t TT 1 • 1 Women's 60c rubbers, opera toe last for' l'ow 'h'e'eis'.' Clearance -j Q
$10.()0 black silk skirt. Reduced to $7.50 p*f"l Q flnri W/C I lnHor\r;oor i *-» pnce JoC
$8.50 black broadcloth skirt. Reduced to $6.50 Itlv/11 O CI 11VI VV vylllvJll O V./ IJAJ.C/1 W V3>ClI 111 lilt/ Women's 60crubbers, storm and croquet cut on three styles of
SIO.OO navv and black poplin skirts. Reduced to $7.50 _ _ . las H'. ( 'Jeajance price, 43C
r X T f—' f .Misses 60c rubbers, storm and croquet cuts. Clearance
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Second Floor—Three Elevators. Y T\—I -1 fl I price .iVC
1 Cal I—/ilvl Children's 45c rubbers, storm and'croquet" cut9." Clearance
price, /Up
Mens heavy wool fleece lined shirts and sale; each, 25«£
Men's and Bovs' drawers " Women's heavy white cotton ribbed vests and , CH " iDREN s RUBBER BO °TS
IYICII oauu Ljyjy/O iVIdL/I\»lIlcl Wb 7o£ pants; fleece lined. In the last-day-of-the-year Children s $1.20 rubber boots, knee high. Clearance | /-vfv
~ ... i-v 4 .. Men's heavy natural wool shirts and drawers. sale; each, 39£ pri Mi.J.'- «V nn'' ki,'' V' 1' •: • ••.••• «P 1 .UU
Specially Reduced In the last-day-of-the-year sale; each 75<J Women's heavy cotton ribbed union suits; Clearance price, ™ ..T..!® .. % . and 2< $ 1.50
C Boys heavy Jaeger color cotton fleece lined fleece lined. In the last-day-of-the-year sale, u- Dives, Pomeroy &• Stewart, Street Floor, Rear.
Boys' $5.00 Mackinaws in neat plaid patterns, sizes shirts and drawers. In the last-day-of-the-year I 75?
Bto 18. Special for the last day of the vear. $3.98 - ni 1 r T . '
of^^ 50 . Mackinaws :. Special I housands of Handkerchiefs Re- Women's Neckwear at Big
Men's SIO.OO Mackinaws. Special for the last dav + H . T r\ i • • . T
of the year, $7.50 duced in the 1 ast Dav of Keductions in the Last
tr Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Men's Store, Street Floor. 11l lilt/ J_ClOl LS Cly {J 1
. the Year Sale Day of the Year Sale
Specials in the Linen Section vjaic
The gift-buying season left us with thousands of handkerchiefs that are either mussed or fineer- i +1 a ?° Tea ()f st >les, representing many nf our
for the Last Dav of the Year handlmg - Many styles are affected ' including Bome that are daiut ily embroidered year'sale^ oiriginal^price. 10
J The savings are too important to miss on these items: f °J . the t s tock is mussed and some finger-marked-choose
$1.39 hemmed crochet bed spreads; large size. Special "8100 - ! at instead ot 50c.
50c linens for dresses and fancy work, 36 inches wide', mostly 00 handkerchlefs- In the Last Day of the Year | gal lsc handkerchiefs. In the Last Day of the Year t*r Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Street Floor.
cream shades Special, yard, 25r handkerchiefs. In the Last Day of the Year 23c' handkerchiefs. ' in'the Last Day 'of the' Year
39c guest towels with blue and red embroidered borders. SaJe Sale .. . ,5c
Special, ViO handkerchiefs. In the Last Day of the Year Children's boxed handkerchiefs, regularly 15c. Re- All TV a I—'1 —' * -j- 1
* "" ,m. ioc All Pictures rrom Our Hoi-
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Street Floor.
Year-End Specids in $12.50 tos2oSilk Dresses, Tomorrow, $3.75 iday S,ock toGo T<wnor -
Towels and Wash Cloths Sbes Ranse From 14 lo 40: ln S,apl ' s Col " ls row at Ha " Prlce
$12.50 taffeta silk dresses in green and navy; i $20.00 reseda green taffeta silk dress skirt . Many of the most charming pictures that we have ever had
15c union linen lmck towels, good size. Special, 4 for 25£ broad girdle, collar and vest of dotted net. Size ! trimmed with circular flounce and black'velvet ' n OUr e P artment *ift pictures will be offered in the end-of
-29c linen huck towels, initials P, N and T. Special,...! lM 14 - Last-day-of-the-vear sale, $3.75 ribbon, waist of cream net and black velvet. the-year sale to-morrow at one-half regular prices.
5c wash cloths in plain white and colors. Special, 2 for sf? $20.00 dark blue satin messaline dress, waist Size 111. Last-day-of-the-year sale, $3.75 . ot . worc H >' ou can ' Jli y -tl---J pictures for l>3c and $2.->0
Remnants of table linen and white goods at a third'less prices aD(I skirt trimmings of figured messaline; lace $20.00 crepe d'e chine dress in 'oid rose "ma- pictures for $1.25.
marked on tickets. vest and collar, size 3(5. Last-day-of-the-year hogany, tan and ( openhagen; high neckband An unußual °PPortunity.
tr Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Street Floor Sale ' '' l $3.75 long sleeves; net yokes. Sizes 18, 34 and 36. 48 ' Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Second Floor—Three Elevators.
$18.50 and $20.00 taffeta dresses in black and Last-day-of-the-year sale, $3.75
reseda green and sold changeable; skirt trim- $20.00 taffeta silk dresses in dark blue, Co
■\ r p loi /*r • med with circular flounce or swirl ruffles; wide penhagen and green, tunics trimmed with' ruf- P J C *1 , , 1
Year-t/ticl oale OI JNotlOrm ribbon girdle. Sizes 36 and 38. Last-day-of- fles and edgings; long sleeves and low neck, Year-C/lia OOeCialS at the
1 the-year sale, $3.75 lace collars. Last-day-of-the-year sale, $3.75
25c stop-run hose loops. Special, set, 100 **" Dives, Pomeroy &• Stewart, Second Floor —Three Elevators. -Irf in for
25c ribbon hair ornaments for children'. Special," set, ... LJTWQ V^OUlliei
Fancy colored beltinpr. belt 'length, H Gold and Silver Jewelry at Very Material 19c bottle Peroxide. Special, Icial, 3 cakes for
Fancy silk belting, 25c to SI.OO values. Special yard* i.O£ ' J *J 17 39c and 49c Rubber Gloves.
»-m,„ P..,™, * sttcet ■ • Savings in . the Year-End Sale To-morrow s^^;s^.viK
— | 50e. size Beef, Iron and AN inc. 15c shaving stick in nickel
_ . . J!Oc and 39c gold and silver jewel cases. Year-End Sterling silver hat brushes. Year-End Sale Special, box. Special, 0£
1 CIIC T OQ Sals Prt ° e ,0c price si.oo 25c. Purity Cold Cream. Sp<;- 25c wood back hair brushes.
nr. „„.i d-i (V\ T ' n . Wl ', ritiC .>oc beads, all colors. Year-End Sale price n»r
an<l Japanese silk covered letter books and card 12..W fancy wooden clocks with alarms. Year-End $1.25 and $1.50 beads in all colors and sizes Year
cases. Special, Sale price $1.50 End Sale price "...30c 1 r> •
Di»«, ssl „.„ t . st „ elFlo „. Plonl ; j , ; - —— Clearance Broken Sizes
Faney Linens at Half Pnce Y f r " End S P eCla ' S the Basement $5.00 Corsets at $2.95
X J— a I 1 Idll I lice All games and toys remaining from the Christmas stock at just one-third the holiday prices.
d4Ui "'-"rs; 9K
' " 1 81 ance P nce , to SI.OO 25c dust absorbing long handle mops. Year-Knd $1.25 water coaster sets, 7 pieces. Year-find Bne Lady and Frolaset front-laced corsets. Special, $2.05
t* Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Street Floor. Rt-ar i Special price 15c cial price, tin. . . _ , 0 . ™ rpl _
' ,19c granite cooking kettles., Year-End Special 98c lipped aluminum sauce mns. Year-Knd' w Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Second Hoor hree I',levators.
l lr!,c ,0c P -
**" Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Basement. (f _
Boys' SI.OO Cow Boy Suits, 69c
SI.OO Khaki Blouses, 50c
The end-of-the-year clearance in the Men's and Boys' Store carries a message of economy in
many staple lines for winter wear, including:
Boys' SI.OO Cow Boy and Indian suits, with com- Men's 25c silk four-in-hand neckwear. To-morrow
plete equipment. To-morrow «»c
Boys' SI.OO khaki flannel blouse waists. To-mor- .. .. . -He
row, . 50c '"' c combination suspender and pad garter sets. To-
Men's 10c and l»Hc linen and cambric counter morrow, ;jsc; 3 for SI.OO
soiled handkerchiefs. To-morrow 7c; 4 for 25c SI.OO dark grey wool shirts. Tomorrow 73c
- "
Three Weeks' Illness Fatal to New
Cumberland Citizen
Harvey Haines Kaufman, aged 31,
of Third street, New Cumberland, died
this morning at his rioine of typhoid
fever, after an illness of three weeks.
Mr. Kaufman is survived by his moth
er, Mrs. Sophia Kaufman, ami one sis
ter, Mrs. B. P. Meyers, of Mount Ver
non, N. Y.
The funeral services will be private
and will be conducted by the Kev. J. V.
Adams, of the Methodist church, New
Cumberland. The services will be held
Friday and interment will be made at
the Mount Olivet cemetery by the side
of his father, William Kaufman. Mr.
Kaufman was a native of New Cum
berland, where he had a wide circle of
George Swartz
George Swartz, who died .Sunday at
Jhe Dauphin county almshouse, "was
tmried this afternoon at Carlisle. Mr.
Swartz was 68 years old and is sur
vived by one son, Clarence.
Mrs. Verna Sinniger Smith Expires at
the Home of Her Brother
| Mrs. Verna Sinniger Smith died at
the home of hoi brother, Clarence Sin
niger, 542 South Seventeenth street,!
last evening of tuberculosis. Mrs. j
j Smith was here on a visit when she took I
j seriously ill seven weeks ago, from I
j which illness she never recovered.
She was 24 years old and is survived
t by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob L.
I Sinniger; one brother, Clarence, and
one sister, Pearl Th« funeral services I
will be held at the home of her broth
er on Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Interment will be in the East Harris
burg cemetery.
Funeral of Andrew J. Mcßeynolds
The funeral of Andrew .1. Mcßey
nolds, who died in a Philadelphia hos
pital on Saturday, took place yesterday
from the home of his son, H. Frank
| Mcßeynolds, in that city. Mr. Mcßey
noJds was in his 68th year and was a
I native of Harrigburg, a son of H. Frank
' Mcßeynolds, at one time prominent
I in newspaper circles in Harrisburg be
j ing one of the proprietors of the " Pa-
It riot." Mr. Mcßeynolds is survived by
I his son and the following sisters: Mrs.
I Sally J. Ziegler, Philadelphia; Mrs,
George S. McGowan, Miag Mary Y. Mc
' Reynolds, Jlarrisburg, and one brother,
H. Frank Mcßeynoldto, of Waterbury,
Mrs. Mary A. Koons
The funeral services of Mrs. Mary
, A. Koons, who died at the home of
her stepdaughter, Mrs. Kay Karpcr, 355
Hummel street, were held this after
noon at 4 o'clock at the home. Mrs.
Koons was 83 years old. The Rev.
Thomas Reiseh officiated and after the
services the body was taken to Sul
phur Springs for burial to-morrow.
John M. McClure
John M. McClure, 74 years old, iv
number of Post 58, G. A. It., who died
yesterday at his home, 207 Say ford
street, will be buried Saturday after
noon at 2 o'clock from his homo. Tlio
services will be conducted by the Kev.
Edwin Curtis, pastor of the Westmin
ster Presbyterian church.
Gabriel Stager
Word has been received in this city
of the death of Oabriel Stager, a for
mer llarrisburger, who died Monday at
the Soldiers' and Sailors' National
Home, at Erie, Pa. Nothing is known of
tho funeral arrangements.
Lebanon's New Tear's Celebration
Lebanon, l)ee. 30.—•Lebanon's New
Year's celebration will be one of the
largest in the history of tho city. The
midnight revel with the fantastic pa
rade, in charge of the Red Men, with
all of the fire companies of the city
participating, will oe the two big fea
tures. The celebration will start New
Year's Eve with a war dance in Mar
ket square.
Dead Man Found Near Kane
Kane, Pa., Deo. 30.—The partly
frozen body of Piacer.tiuo Piazini, aged
35, was found yesterday morning ono
mile east of this city lying in a snow
bank near the Pennsylvania railroad
tracks. NoJ a bruise was on the man's
body, although it is thought that he
was struck by a train.
Beading Divorces Increase
Reading, Pa., Dec. 30.—One out of
every four marriages tint took place in
Reading and Berks county during tho
year just ending proved a failure, ac
cording to the annual reiiorts of the
courts, issued yesterday. During 1914
the court granted 12l"divorces and 50
more cases that had bean started are
still pending. The-e were 96 divorces
in 1913.
Dr. G. R. Moffltt Reappointed
A resolution was adopted by the
City Commissioners late yesterday re
appointing as City Bacteriologist, Dr.
fleorg (! K. Moftitt and, as his assistant,
Thomas R. Slvuey. The salaries were
I not changed.