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We Continue To-morrow and All of This
Week Our Wonderful Sale of
With Values That Are the Greatest Ever Offered in Harrisburg
We have been planning for this sale for sometime Our thirty years of ex
perience has taught us that all buyers remain at home Christinas week. We made
a trip to New York and found the manufacturers anxious to unload. The styles
are the season's l»est—the kind that will he in highest favor for several months
to come and many will he just as desirable next year as they are now. There's the
right Coat. Suit. Dress, Waist or Furs for everyone, and you can get two and
three times as much as usual in many instances. The greatest bargains go out
first. Don't put it off.
Misses' and Women's Snits Women's & Misses' After* Women's & Misses' Coats
$12.50 to $20.00 $c AA noon and Street Dresses v ,Ti oM oat '- a " ,i7 " u ves "
tpt/•IFU *0 bust. No larger sizes in this
Poplins" " Cheviots and fancv About 50 o<lils. broken lot?, many lot. Full length men serge. Skinner
weaveF " " sizes but not all sizes. lined throughout. Also one-half
Misses' and Women's $7.60 to $50.00, reduced to For tbig SHte * $3.75
to $23.00 Jfjjlj $5.00 to $27.50 H """
oUI to, etc., regular three-quarter length,
Poplin ami faucy weaves. . ~ , .
All prices between are reduced in Ar and 4*2 AC
Misses' and Women's proportion.
$20.00 to $30.00 ffA AC _ . _ Karlier prices five times .'is much. I
Suits \ . *y*vo Evening Gowns _ + w
Serye, Gabardine* Broadcloth and ». , vO3> t S Mr 0111611 S clllQ
fin v weav • Manv new sample gowns at re
„/ „ TIT , duced prioe '- Misses', 500 All New Late
S3MO to $36.50 ||s 0Q s2s.oo!°'^d.OQ Models
Suits, ..... .. . $19.75, etc. Black Zibeline Coats,
Broadcloth. Gabardines. Men s ' '
About three sets of Marabou and ' $5.00 $25.00
I Misses' and Women's Ostrich. For this sale— AM prices between and special.
$37.50 to $50.00 AA ... nn , aa
New Spring Model Suits ASou , jo2(n 0[ Lto . $12.50 40 $25.00
-Made' up from winter materials. S erie - Cre P« de Cllin « Underwear All priees between and special.
Broadcloth and Gabardine—Fur or will be banded out at ridiculous _
Self-trimmed. Interlined with light prices to close out. * CordllTOy COcltS J
soft lining and Skinner's and best
yarn-dyed Satin, he new Empire and Snow Flake. Two-toue, Plain
Ripple Coat and Circular Skirt, Coats Brown, N'avv and Taupe, !>
$19.75,525,527.50 Colored striped Zibeline and $12.50 t0 $25.00 t
Sis and s4i) Mi "*' ' lo '" s r«' ,,L ,3 TS : ah b,™„n a«o
*r v and Jri.7s, d» f
Chiffon Velvet OQ 7C now ,UU Black Coats
Coat $49.75, now V-7.10 Beautiful New Up-to-date Eponge Astr#chan fl ,„ liue<l throughout.
tt i r* x ~ ~ Coats—Black, lireen, Brown and . 10 - rt .• .1
Velour Coat pc AA Navv . $ , 6 50 . „ S 50 ami m:7 -. Ic " fb ' s $lO 00
$42.50, now Xo;v «ie
Three Black Velour Xewest Coats —-- . - - -._ __ Black Broadcloth Coats I
Maize colore! brocaded lining, JIS 7*7/ ill O 1 *7. Ml
$:.lo.00. Spe- *75 ' Plain Caracul or Velvet trimmed.
cial i . ... lined throughout with Skinner's or
Many other fine coats —one and - _ , | guaranteed varn-dved satin, $25.00
I two of a kind-reduced. IQO Silk PettlCOatS to $35.00,
Waists $2.25 to $3.50. Spe- QC $ 12.50 to $ 1 9.75
This department will be gone over Cial All prices between.
and many new price concessions „
made. We take inventory on Tuesday
Our special Silk Crepe de Chine FIITS FIITS light and we want to sell as many
Waist at (Ijj Qr garments as possible before 5.;}0 B
is a winner. 1 .VO All go into this sale. Chat day.
202 Walnut Street
The Misses &tamm Will Give Dance at
the Harrisburg Country Club To
night—State College Dance This
Evening in the Winterdale Hall
This week will be crowded with holi
day entertainments that have l>een ar
ti.ged for the debutantes and those at from universities and college" for
the N uletidc. Beginning with the dance
:i> be given by the Misses St amm at tiie
Harrisburg Country Club to-night for
their house guests, every afternoon and
evening of the week will be taken up
"ith dances, "at nomes," coming out
parties, dinners or assemblies.
Lpdegrove's in hestra will play for
the dancing at the Country Chill this
evening and the decorations, by I'M ley,
will be of green with here and there a
touch of bright scarlet, miniature pine
'rtes ami holly carrying out the color
scheme. The guests will include:
Misses Saia Dcnehey. Mary Eliza
beth Sponsler. Arta William's, Marv'
Williamson, Carolvne Lynch, Elizabeth
Mercer. Eleanor Farle. Surah McC'ul
loeh. Martha Anne Fletcher, Marjorie
Mercer, Martha Bailey, Elizabeth Ross,
Katherine Middleton. Elizabeth Penick,
of Lynchburg. Va ; Marian an l Noeline
Westervelt, of Englewood, N. J.; Paul
ine M. Brook, of Detroit. Mich.; Ruth
Anna Johnson, of Rosemont; Pauline
Light, of Lebanon.
Messrs. James Spencer Ross, Edwin
Curzon Fager, William Hart. Charles l
Williams, Robert 8011, Arthur King j
Kunkle, George Shotwell, Archibald G.
Knisely. Richard Robinson, John Mot
ter Fletcher, Arthur Eugene Fox. John
Harold Fox. William MeCreath. Thorn
as Baldwin, William John M.
Smith, Edward J. Staekpole, Jr., James I
McCutcheon, Herbert Wallower, Albert
f Staekpole, John Lenhart, Kenneth I
Jones, Samuel Satterthwaite. James |
Wiekersham, Fre . P. Stief, Jr., of Bal
timore: Gilbert Seymour Elliot, of Buf
falo, X. V.; Coleman Nicholson, of
Pittsburgh; Donald Watt and James
Shand, of Lancaster: Carl Betz. of
Buffalo. N. V.: Forrest Mercer, of Me
chanicaburg; Malcolm Lowe, of Engle
wood. N. J.
Some of the Week's Affairs
To-morrow afternoon Mrs. William
Henderson and MTS. Sanford DeWitt
Coe will introduce Miss Dora Wicker
sham Coe to society at a tea at Mrs.
Henderson's residence, 23 North Front
street. A dinner dance will follow, in
the evening Miss Grace Ensniinger will
give a large card party at her home.
Second and Chestnut streets, compli
mentary to Mrs. Thomas Allan Ba
yard. of Canada, and Miss Maude
Smith, of New York City. Miss Anna
Bacon wilH-entertain to-morrow evening
at a dance at Hanshaw's Hall, com
plimentary to her house guests. Miss
Doris LeSaucheur. and Miss Mary
Tomkiu, of Norfolk. Va., and Katherine
Kaupp, of Wiliiamsport.
Mrs. Meade D. Detweiier's luncheon
for Miss Mary Elizabeth Meyers, a
debutante of the season, will be an
event of Wednesday, and that evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford DeWitt Coe will
give a dance at the Harrisburg Country
Club for their daughter, Miss Dora
Wiekersham Coe, and her cousin. Miss
Leavitt Wiekersham, of Lancaster, and
their house guests.
On Thursday evening the first as
semble- of the season will be held in the
Masonic Temple, the annual dance of
the Sholem Sisterhood will be
held in Chestnut street hall, and the
Christmas nnce of the Triangle Club
will be held in Winterdale with supper
at the Senate to watch the New Year
"At Home" at Executive Mansion
The social feature of New Year's
Day will be the "'at home' f held by
Governor and Mrs. John K. Tener. the
last of their functions at the Executive
New Year's night'members of the
younger set will hold their masquerade
carnival at the Harrisburg Country
Club, with Miss Elizabeth Bailey. Miss
Virginia Hargest King, Miss Marga
retta Fleming an.l Miss Marian Angeil
as hostesses.
A the 'dansaut for the Belgian Re
lief Lnil:! will bp given at the Harris
burg Country Club next Saturday from
3 to 6 o'clock an.l will wind up the
week's social activities. On this com
mittee are >Lis« Emily Bailey, Miss Sar
ah Hastings. Miss Frames Bailey. Miss
liOuise/Carney. Miss Helen Hammond
and Miss Mary Williamson.
Guests at Mr. McCormick's Dance
The lests at the dinner dance giv
en Saturday evening at the Country
Club by Vance C. McCormick, included
Miss Mary Emily Reilv, Miss Mary
Elizabeth Meyers. Miss l>ora Coe. Miss
Margaretta Memiug, Miss Constance
Ferriday, Miss Louise Carney, Miss
Katherine Etter, Miss Mary katherine
Jackson. Miss .Susanna Fleming. Miss
Elinor Darlington. Miss Margaret Mc-
Ijain, Miss Sarah Hastings, Miss Mary
Robinson. Miss Anne McCormick, Miss
Frances Bailey, Miss Emily Bailev,
Miss Elizabeth Bailey, Miss Helen Hani
momi. Miss Alice Walks, Mr. and Mrs.
Ross A. llickok. Mr. and Mrs. Carl B.
Ely, Mrs. (.handler Hale, of Washing
ton, D. Herbert Wallower, David
Shotwell, E. B. Mitchell, George Kun
kel, Minster Kunkel, Franklin Etter,
J. V. W. Revnders. Jr.. William Calder.
David Fleming, 3d., William MeCreath,
Elliot Darlington, James Munn, John
Lenhart. H. M. Gross, Thomas Baldwin,
John Eric-son, Robert McCormick, Dr.
George R. Moffitt, Mr. Trail, George
Shotwell. Frank Brady, Charles Hickok,
of Cleveland. O.: Daniel M. Dull. Hale
Stineman, of Lancaster: .1. Clarence
Funk and Mr. Reber, of State College.
State College Dance To-night
This evening the annual dance of
the Harrisburg Club of Pennsylvania
State College will be held in Winter
dale, with the Loeser orchestra playing.
The patronesses will be Mrs. John K.
Tener, Mrs. Edwin Earle Scott, Mrs.
John Price Jaeksion, Mrs. J. V. W.
Revnders, Mrs. S. F. Dunkle, Mrs. Ed
ward E. Beidleman, Mrs. John K. Roy
al, Mrs. Robert M. RutherfoM, Mrs.
Harry Leonard. Mrs. Dingle, Mrs. Hen
ry F. Quickel, Mrs. Thomas Earle, Mrs.
Frank B. Carney, Mrs. Herman P. Mil
ler. Mrs. E. L. Rinkenbach, Mrs. Oscar
0. Wickershani, Mrs. Bertram W. Saul,
Mrs. Edward Bailey, Mrs. Arthur Hull,
Mrs. Charles B. Pager, Jr., Mrs. W. 8.
Steele, Mrs. Martin Cuxnbler, Mrs. Jo
seph B. Hutchinson, Mrs. W. P. Darby,
Mrs. William Nell ami Mrs. J. Harry
MISS Sarah Edna Kuhn Quest of Honor
at Delightful Social Af
fair To-day
The Misses Mary and Nora Regan
entertained at cN»rds at their home on
south Cameron street this afternoon in
compliment to Miss Sarah Edna Luhn,
whose marriage to Frank J. baulben
stein. an attorney of Ashland, Pa., will
1 lake place on Friday evening. The
i guests included:
Misses Mary Toomev, Agnes Toomey,
| Evelyn Aldinger, Maine Hope, Ann
Sweeney, Kate Sweeney. Celia Joyce,
• Evelyn Joyce. Nan McPudden, Eleanor
< Watler. Ma:ia Molville, Kit MvCosky,
Margaret Dougherty, Martha Fox, Nell
, Swoenev, Hannah Vanderloo, Johamiuh
Reese. Agnes Townsend, Etna Mutza
baugh, Genevieve Carroll, Mrs. A. H.
Hunter. Agnes Snyder.
Members of Camp Hill M. E. Church
Will Sing "Angelic Choir"
The choir of the Camp Hill Metho
dist Episcopal church, under the direc
tion of Mrs. E. O. I'ardoe, and assist
ed by several well known singers, will
render a Christmas cantata, "Angelic
Choir" iu the auditorium of the church
to-morrow evening at S o'clock.
Mrs. EJjerhardt Mueller, of \'ew
York City, will be the a.-com pa nisi and
the soloists will include Miss Elizabeth
Anderson, Miss Elizabeth Stevenson,
Mrs. George W. Rrinton, Mrs. R. E.
Cahill. Miss Nieolls, Miss Flora Kurz
enknabe, John Henry and Lewis Moe
Prior to the concert Mrs: John
Henry will .five several instrumental
numbers. No admission will be charged
but a silver offering will be taken.
Choir Sings Christmas Carols
The members of the choir of the
Tabernacle Baptist church spent a very
pleasant Christmas evening going to
the homes of the members of the
church and to the homes of sick people
and singing Christmas carols.
Iu the choir were Mrs. F. Criswell,
Mis. I'rich, Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Weber.
Mrs. Hunter and Mrs. R. Shoemaker,
Misses Ruth Weeber, Ethel Waid, Eve
lyn \\ aid. Blanche Livesy, Manjrite
Wild man, Hallie Mathews, Winne
Jones, Mabel Blessing and Bervl
Messrs. George Sharp. William
Jones, 1.. Jones. M. I'rich. P. Arnold,
R. Shoemaker, F. Weber, P. Waid and
William Swart/..
Nevs of Persons
Who Come and Go
Miss Mary Palmer, of Lancaster, and
Miss Martha Wright, of Philadelphia,
are spending the week with Mrs. Alviu
1 Miller, 15 South Third street.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Ritter and Miss
I.eona Shaw nave returned from Dun-lo
where they were called by the death of
Mrs. Ritter's brother, the Rev. B. C.
Shaw, who was pastor of the Dunlo
charge iu the Allegheuy conference.
Mr. aDd Mrs. J. 'B. Minima, of Beth
lehem. and Mrs. S. Stolru, of Pittsburgh,
are spending the holidays with their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Zimmer
man, 1938 Kensington street.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Householder, of
Kaiser, W. Va.. are spending the holi
days with the former's mother, Mrs.
Householder, 408 Market street.
Miss Betz, of Pittsburgh, is spending
several weeks as the guest of Mrs.
Householder, 40S Market street.
Mrs. Wiilis Heist New-bold and Willis
«e;st Ne>vool<4, Jr., 1857 Market street,
are s;>ending a few days with relatives
in Lancaster.
George Fitzgibbous and James Brcn
nan, of Oswego, New York, are spend
ing several days in Harrisburg.
Reginald Clarke, of Boston, Mass., is
spending several days visiting friends
in Harrisourg.
Mrs. Howard an I daughter, Miss
Jane Howard, of Staunton, Va., are
giiests of "Mrs. Martin F.. Oimsted, 103
North Front street.
IM s u Gra e Snyder, Philadelphia, is
tiie guest of her s'.ster, Mrs. Walter
Cle'an I, J44 V Reel street.
R. S. Green. of Schenectady, N. Y.,
is spending several days at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Holman, 1832
Regina street.
Miss Clara Gronninger, Port Royal,
is the guest of her sister. Mrs. J." H.
Dunkleberger, 30 South Sixteenth
Earl C. Gro-e, New Freedom, is
.-pending t'hc hoii lays with iiis parents.
Mr. a;i 1 Mrs. J. E. Groce, 1254 Wal
nut street.
Alton Floyd, South Bethlehem, is
rhe guest of his parents. I.Mr. and 'Mrs.
M. A. Fioyd, 35 Briggs street.
Miss Julia Hickerman. 133 South
Thirteenth street, is spending a week
with her parents in Philadelphia.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. A. Ranker, 428
Orescent street, spent the week-end
with the former's parents at Wrights
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Kooiis. 2041
Peuu street, were visitors with relatives
at Chambersbuig.
Mr. an<l Mrs. Thomas Hockley, 508
Reilv street, are visiting at Losh's
Dr. and Mrs. Robert 13. Holmes and
son, Cecil, of Eighteenth and Statp
streets, are visiting relatives at State
College, Tyrone and Water Street.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rote, 1520 Wal
lace street, have returned from a visit
to Lancaster and Philadelphia.
Miss I«eila Sellers and Miss Bert
Black, Ohamberaburg, are spending the
vacation season at the home of Dr. and
Mrs. R. E. Holmes, Eighteenth and
State streets.
'Miss Marv Reese and Miss Estelle
Reese, 263 Cumberland street, returned
from a visit to Philadelphia.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Himes and
children. 032 Emerald street, are visit
ing at Elliottsburg.
Mrss Alda Bratten, 308 North street,
returned from a visit to Lewiaiberry.
t.Miiss Ruth Neeter, of Philadelphia, is
a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
William Neeter, 1427 North Sixth
'Harry Oris, 1909 Wood avenue, has
Fancy Sterling Silver Initial & Rim Glassware Premiums
Fit to Grace the Table ot a King
Six (6)FancySter- p -m Y u can select any com- I
i* o>i T ... t !', j/** ~4||f||||| biuation or eet the entire st t
ling Silver Initial J f ( , onßistinß o( nine (9) picces
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One ( 1 ) Coupon and 4H cents. |j * Only One Coupon
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Two (2) piece set r[ jiTillll ' - Tar " wanted by mail,
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Sterling Silver In- (r} I j , f jfi I v + i
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|?~Hf8l) icdzP '
REMEMBER: This newsvaper with several others, before entering into a contract with the to
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last but not least, the sterling silver cannot be removed, and if tbev were put on sale in the ordinary way each
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This Fancy Combination Initial Glassware
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Clip the Coupon From Page Two (2)
Present or mail it to THE STAR-INDEPENDENT with the required amount aud the set is vours Sets now
on display at the office of
18, 20, 22 South Third Street Harrisburg, Pa.
returned from a visit to Xew Bloom -
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Swope, 2031
North Sixth street, returned from New
Frank Corkle. 4 10.Woodbine street,
is spending the holidays with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Corkle, at Mc-
Mr. and tMrs. Harry Baer and chil
dren, Miriam, Dorothy and Henry,
1909 Penn street, are visiting in Phila
Henry Wartnirton Abbott returned to
Boston alter visiting Mr. and .Mrs.
Charles Hatton Mercer, Cottage Hill,
'Miss Sabra Clark. Dauphin. is vis
iting Miss Mildred Wrigly, Philadel
'Miss Lillian Decevee. 'Brooklyn, N.
Y„ returned home after visiting her
cousin. Miss Alice Marie Decevee, 607
North Second street.
Miss Ruth Johnson, ißryn Mawr, is
the guest of Miss Maude Hanson Stamm,
333 South Thirteenth street.
William Henry Kgle Holmes. Indian
apolis. who has been visiting Miss Cath
erine Irwin Egle, 303 Ncpth Second
street, spent the week-end in Philadel
Mrs. Merrill Smith, I'rbana, Ohio, is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Prank E. Ziegler,
106 State street.
Ross Rogers. 709 South Front street,
is home from Pittsburgh for the 'holi
Miss Alice Decevee, 607 North Sec
ond street, is visiting friends in Phila
Miss Edna Mills, 1640 North Sixth
street is the guest of her uncle in Phil
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dintaman and
daughter, 1112 Penn street, are spend
ing the holidays with the latter's par
ents at Bressler.
William fShaken and Miss Mary
Shaken, Lewistown, are guests of Mr.
and Mrs, J. L. Wirt, 410 Woodbine
Mrs. S. Walter Dolfman, Philadel
phia. is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. T.
M. Logan. 1120 Green street.
Mrs. Prank Derr ami two children,
2514 Jefferson street, left to dav for a
visit to Philadelphia.
|Mr. and (Mrs. .loiin Shraedley and
children, I*l2 North Fifth street, spent
yesterday at Mifflin.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick V. Rockey,
of Liverpool, were Christmas guests of
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Hummel, 821
North Second street.
Miss Mame Cohn, Baltimore, is the
guest of Mrs. Char'.es Aaronson, 257
Forster street.
Miss Blanche MeCormick, 530 Race
street, returned from a visit to'Colum
Mr. and Mrs. A. Starr King, Toronto,
Canada, returned yesterday after a holi
day visit with the former's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles King, 439 Hamilton
Mrs. H. Guy Kinch, 664 Emerald
street, is spending several days in Phila
delphia. ,
Miss Nora Benne't, 231S Jefferson
street, is visiting at Elkhart, Indiana.
Miss M. L. Wood, who has been the
guest of relatives at William<wport,
spent several hours wtih Miss Edith
Fischler, 120" Swatara street, en route
to'her home in New York.
M'iss Margaret Crowl, Philadelphia,
is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. F. D.
MacAvoy. 1938 North Sixth street,
j Miss Dorothy Sterline, of the Public
Service Department, returned after a
visit with her parents at Columibia.
Mr. and Mrs. Alviu Leakway, New
'York, are guests of Mrs. Leakway's
i father, J. B. Hoopes, at Third and Herr
! streets.
Miss Grace Troy and brother. John
Troy, Pittsburgh, are spending the holi
days with their sister, Mrs. Alfred Meil
l' ler, at Marvsville.
| Misses Bessie Black, Seventeenth
and (Mulberry streets, and Miss Laura
Kliuger, 320 South Thirteenth street,
returned from where they
spent Christmas with the latter's
mother, Mts. Klinger.
Eugene MacAvov, Paoli; Norman B.
MacAvoy, Charleston, W. Va., and John
MacAvov, of New Castle, are holiday
guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
T. D. McAvoy, 1938 North Sixth
Miss Wynne Castle, North Second
street, spent Christmas with her parents
at Mt. Joy.
Russell and William Tomlinson have
j gone to their home at ChamberSburg
j after a visit with then mother, Mrs.
William Tomlinson, 1619 Regina street.
Miss Caroline Lindley, of the State
| Health Department, returned from Can
ton, Pa., after a holiday visit with her
pa rents.
Mrs. George Robert Robertson and
son returned to their home at Bistupan,
Va., after a visit with the former's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. D. MacAvov,
193S North Sixth street,
j Mrs. William Massimore, 219 South
i Nineteenth street, returned from Phila
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bright returned
to their home in Philadelphia after a
visit with the former's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. Grant Bright, 227 Hiwnmel
Misses Sara and Nettie White,
Our Service to Women
The service of a strong financial institution is
as valuable to women as it i.s to men and realiz-
I ing this, a constant aim ot' the management of
the Mechanics Trust Company is to make it an
institution with which the women of the city
may conveniently and advantageously transact
their financial business.
Small as well as large accounts are received—
either subject to check or at 3 per ceuf. interest
—and those women who favor us with their
patronage receive the most prompt and cour
teous service at all times.
Mechanics Trust Company
S. E. Corner 3rd and Market Sts.
Harrisburg, Pa.
y -4
1207% Mulberry street, are home frori
"Glenyale, where tliey spent ('
mas with their parents.
Miss Margaret Kelly, of
l>hia, is the guest of her cousin. Mix"
Ella Kennedy, 336 South Thirteenth
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Zerbe left f«
their home in New York yesterday a it
er a visit with the latter's parents, M»
land Mrs. Edwiu Pieehler, 120 V SwataiS
The Misses Carey. Hartford, Coma
arc guesta of their brother, the Re|
Daniel Carey, 1416 Market street. *
Mrs. George Young, Sunbury, aijjf
Mrs. Ray Wolfe, of Coatesville, r|
turned to their homes after spendiifi
the holidays with their parents, M»
and Mrs. F. Atkinson, at Middletown.
Robert Nicholson and Charles Nidioj
son, 1641 Market street, arc guests <*
relatives at Shamokin.
Albert Drake returned to AltooiJ
after a visit with his parents. Mr. auj
Mrs. Benjamin Drake, 1422 Stab
Walter Ritter, of ■Philadelphia, is t!j|
guest of his mother, Mrs. Mary Ritt<#
Hummel anil Kittatinny streets.
Mrs. P. Cooper, 600 North >treet. r#
turned from Lebanon after spending s
week with her son, E. S. Cooper, nni
Mrs. J. Crewl returned to PhiladcA
phia after a visit with Mrs. T. I). Ma®
Avoy, 193$ North Sixth street.
Raymond Carper returned to N'oi
York after spending Christinas with hn
parent* at. Steelton.
John Hopwood, of the Public .Servi jj
Department, returned from PhiladelphS
after spending several days with IIM
Miss Irma Williams, 122 South Thi*
teenth street, is the guest of relatives H