The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, December 17, 1914, Page 9, Image 9

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    We Are Buying Christmas Presents Teo-For You
t Convincing Argument An Overcoat Purchase
Why You Should Buy That Suit Now. That Is Almost Sensational—
It means a saving of many dollars to you— . . , , _ _
right now, at Christmas time when you need Very rarely indeed do such opportunities
. money most of all. We have assembled for a come—especially at this time of the year, with
special selling the greatest variety of the finest ze f° wea|her close at hand. We have just re-
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America"—including the famous FASHION- of the better sort—overcoats made by the best
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LER-ROCHESTER CLOTHES. ' The young man who wants a toppy Balmacaan—
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finished vVorsteds and Slue Serges are included. Beautiful Chinchillas—warm Silesian Beaver Cloths—Shetland Cloths
Suits for men of regular build—the short stout man—the tall slender —Meltons and many other unusual overcoat Fabrics. Some are satin lined,
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Regular £* 1 Regular S2O, $4 A A
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a ' Washable Buckskin Gloves at $2.50.
Scarf Pin and Cuff Link Sets, at * ' F " r Ijined Glo%es at to 90.n0.
to $1.50 The Store That Values Built Automobile Gauntlets at $ll.OO to $5.00.
C. A. Ford, iii Appropriate Speech, Tells
of Esteem for Ferdinand Boiler
Held by Former Steelton Workers—
Handsome Presents Given
A largo number of employes of the
[vans' ortatiun department of the Penn
\ lvania Steel Company, chaperoned toy
?. A. Ford, superintendent of that de
purtment, last evening surprised Ferdi
nand Holler, a recently retired engineer
11 .the lucal yards, and his wite, at
A oil' Gamp Hill home, and gave each a
present to show the esteem of the rail
I'. A. Ford acted as spokesman for
llie men, and in their behalf presented
Mr. Holler with a handsome rocking
Aair and a Bi'ble. The gift to Mrs.
Roller consisted of a magnificent cut
i'lass vase filled with carnations and
Ilematis. The men then spent an en
joyable evening.
Mr. Holler entered the employ of the
itcel company in 1875 a>d was one of
'lie oldest shifting engineers in its em
ploy when he was retired a short time
Proceeds Will Be Devoted to Sokol
Rehearsals on a play to be rendered
J.V the Croatian Sokol on the evening
>f December 2ti in Croatian hall, South
Second street, have been commenced.
Tile proceeds of the entertainment are
'or tiie club fund and not for the Croa
ian Red Cross as reported. Prepara
ions are also under way for the annual
S'\v Year's entertainment which will
>e held in tihe same hall on the even
ng of January 1. Extensive programs
t'H in course of preparation for both
citertainments. Handsome costumes
ind scenes depicting life in Croatia will
le features of the two affairs.
The choir of the First Reformed
rhurcli will hold a special rehearsal this
veiling of music to be rendered on
-iiristmas Day.
Entire Stock of Jewelry and Musical
Merchandise at and Below Cost
To discontinue the jewelry businesb in Steelton so as to devote my time
to other interests, I offer my entire stock at and below coat to close out
everything by the first of the yoar.
This is au unusual opportunity to secure elegant
gifts at Big Bargain Prices.
Fixtures and room for rent after January 1, 1915.
41 North Front Street
-H " /
\ .
Request Is Made That Oifts for Steel
ton at Stough Tabernacle To-night
Be Marked Plainly "For Steelton
Associated Charities"
The pound donation which will fea
ture the meeting at the Stough taiber
nacle this evening has greatly interest
ed residents of the borough, particular
ly since tihe gifts will 'be given to the
Associated Charities of Harrisburg and
Steelton for use among the poor of both
Steelton donors are requested to mark
each package left at the tabernacle with
a tag stating that it is for the Steelton
Associated Charities. Should there be
any liberal-minded person in the 'bor
ough, or vicinity, unable to go to liar
risburg this evening, such persons are
requested to leave or send their pack
ages to J. A. iMcOurdy's drug store,
Trust building, Front street. In the ease
of orders for coal or wood, the donors
of such gifts are also requested to send
the slips to the same drug store.
Hhe demand for assistance since the
advent of zero weather has greatly in
creased and the local charities commit
tee is in need of all contributions
which it is able to secure at this time.
Shop for Men
Right at home with more convenience.
Prices as low and lower than elsewhere.
Gifts of quality. Everything guaran
teed or Y. M. B. O. D. if not satisfied.
The (Quality Shop. Front and Locust
streets, Steelton, Pa. Open evenings.
The Higthspire School Board on 'Mon
day evening elected D. VV. Teager pres
ident and C. C. CuMbler was manle vice
president. The Highspire public schools
will observe Christmas holidays from
December 24 until January 4.
A special meeting of the Steelton
Glee Club will bo held in the home of
Charles Krout, 72 South Second street,
to-morrow evening.
IMrs. Mary Murphy, New York City,
is visiting her sister,
ley, and family, 457 North Second
Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Dengler, Port
Arthur, Texas, are guests of the for
mer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick
E. Dengler, South Front street.
Miss Marie Wiseman, the visiting
nurse employed by the Steelton Civio
Club, will be in her office from 8 a. m.
to 9 a. lji., from 12.30 p. in. to 1.30
p. m.
L/OST—Small brown poeketbook. con
taining sum of money, between Fourth
and Poplar streets and watch box at
Front and Swatara, Steelton. Reward
if returned to J. E. STAHLER, 449 S.
Front St., Steelton.
Autos This Afternoon
Convey the Infirm
to Tabernacle as
Special Guests
Dr. Stough in Last Night's Sermon
Pleads for More of Spirit of St.
Paul in Modern Preachers—Ridi
cules "Rock of Ages"
ALany automobiles this afternoon
about 2 o'clock drew up to the en
trances of the Stough tabernacle, with
.aged men and women as trheir passen
gers, conveying them there to take piart
in the "Sunset service," arranged by
tthe Stough party for the benefit of pier
sons in the sunset of life.
A number of the old persons experi
enced their first automobile rides in be
ing transported to the tabernacle this
afternoon, and the faces which had 'been
pale from long confinement within doors
were flushed as they had not been for
many days. Comfortable chairs, in the
front of the building, furnished 'by wom
en active In the campaign, awaited
thope of the decrepit visitors who could
not sit on tthe board benches.
Carnatloiiß for Guests
Iu additioa to the invalids conveyed
to Ae tabernacle in automobiles, large
nuuubers of aged men and women went
there on foot, and these all had seats
in the front rows. Five hundred carna
tions were distributed among the old
Although in other cities there have
been eases discovered of old persons',
feigning debility, so as to get automo- |
bile rides to and from the tabernacle, j
it is believed that all men and women !
who benefited by this afternoon's gen
erosity were genuine invalids, since
great care was taken in the selection
of names of those on whom the auto
owners called to carry to tUie service.
Donations to Be Received
To-night at the tabernacle there will
be an admission fee charged for the first
time. It is a fee. that thousands will j
willingly pay, for it is to be in the form i
of articles of food or clothing for the !
needy poor of the city. 'Die donations j
will be heaped on the platform, and arc
expected to como in great quantity.
The food and clothing thus collected I
will be turned over to the Harrisburg |
and to the Steelton Associated Charities j
foi distribution. Articles intended for j
Steelton will be so marked, and all |
others will be tised for tthe Denelit of ]
the noor of this city.
Humor In Last Night's Sermon
Dr. Stauij'h in his sermon at the tab
ernacle wist night sought to reach his
crowd rather by using humor and sar
casm tibam by employing pathos, and
his sermon was full of the comedy
■which he had put aside for the past
week or so of more sober preaching.
He took his text from St. Paul's de
fiance of political authority in t!he
cause of righteousness, and secondarily
from tlhe martyrdom of John the Bap
"When Paul went preaching,'' said
the evangelist with a side ftdance at
the ministers' section, "he might have
talked about the works of Rome and
Greece. He could have talked about
Socrates and all the ancient poets, and
have spokeiu about babbling broqks
and all such sweet nothingness. Burt
what dad he do? He prej.-hed right
eousness, that's whiat he did. Right
eousness, righteousness!
Good Night Nurse!"
"Why, if you want to stir up the
devil among officeholders like theso
here in Pennsylvania, just preach
righteousness to them. Talk on ballot
stuffing for instance. Couldn't a fellow
raise the devil in Pennsylvania on that
10 North Market Square
We do the best dental worh that
can possibly be done and we dq it at
charges that are most m'oderate.
Painless extraction free when plates
are ordered. Largest and inos*: com
plete offices in the eity; sanitary
throughout. Lady attendant.
Hours: 8 a. in. to 9 p. in.
10 a. n. to 1 p. a.
subject alone? Suppose you on
the subject of the necessity for a
political pull Do get on Capitol Hall.
Good night nurse!
"Those are subjects, which if a
preacher would let loose on them, he'd
loose his pastorate inside of thirty
days. I know, because I've tried it.
I've just splattered and splashed a
little here ou that matter, but some
of the splashing hit all right, and I
heard about irt.
"Temperance is another good sub
ject to preach on. What would happen
if they preached temperance to that
official at Washington' who, it is said,
tried to make a speech at Detroit and
was so drunk that the lights had to be
turned out and the audience dismissed
Paul Had Hard Task
"Even in my place, it is easy to
preach against sin compared with Paul.
When the man w*ho you are preaching
to could cut off your head, it takes a
lot of nerve to stand up and hand it
out in packages as Paul did. He never
got a call to the first church of that
city, not on your tin.
"I believe to-day, with all due re
spect to my brethren of the ministry,
that we need to put more of the spirit,
of St. Paul in our preaching Don't
tel ma that John the Baptist made a
mistake. He made a mistake if it was
to save his neck, but it would be bet
ter for the gospel if more Christians
made mistakes like that. Would that
(lod gave me more the spirit of St. Paul
and of John the Baptist."
At this point in his sermon the
preacher digressed in order to give his
opinions of the well-known painting,
''Bock of Ages," which he called the
greaitest travesty on religion" he has
ever seen.
"Rock of Ages" Called a Lie
"Thait picture of the beautiful young
lady in a night gown —notice they ncv
ev take old maids for such pictures—
hanging on to tho stone cross with a
' claon and plaekid' expression on her
face is a lie. That is no more the
Rock of Ages than Plymouth Rock is.
No wonder people have gotten an idea
thait this is a finger-nail religion and
that they are likely to let go at any
''lf I were to paint the Rock of
Ages I would have electric wires coin
ing down to the cross from the skies
and having the girl take hold of the
cross as you take hold of a battery.
When she takes hold of the rock the
rock takes hold of her.' *As soon as you
take hold of the Lord he will take
hold of you, and hold you tight."
Usual Number of Converts
The evangelist appealed particularly
to the railroad men to hi't the trail, tell
ing them of the perils of their fives on
the road and warning them that to put
off a decision may be dangerous.
There were about eighty trail-hitters,
the average number, including repre
sentatives of the railroaders and of the
Harrisburg Rotary Club, members of
which were also among the guests of
tho evening.
Mrs. Throne Greatly Better
Mrs. Beulah Throne, who was shot
three times ami seriously wounded btv
her husband on Sunday afternoon, is
reported as much improved to-day at
the Harrisburg hospital and physicians
now bolieve that she has a chance of re
Philadelphia Division —ll6 crew to
go first after 4 p. in.: 103, 127, 119,
108, 104, 101, 110, 123, 124, 109,
107, 118, 114.
Engineers for 101, 104, 109, 112,
Firemen for 103, 107, 108, 109,
126, 127.
Conductors for 107, 109, 110, 124,
Flagmen for 104, 109.
Brakemen for 103, 104, 107, 110,
113, 116, 118, (2); 123, 127, 128.
Engineers up: BruefoaJcer, Welsh,
Sober, Tennant, Snow, Statler, Long,
Young, Minnich, Kennedy, Hennecke,
Kelley, Wolfe, Keissinger, Smith.
Firemen up: Shaffer, Huston, Achey,
Penwell, Barton, Yentzer, Reno, MeCur
dy, Martin, Gilberg, Duvall, Spring,
Wagner, Kegleman.
Conductors up: Fraelich, Fesler.
Flagmen up: Bruehl, Mellinger.
Brakemen up: Gouse, MeGinnis, Mc-
Intyre, Stehman, Bogner, Hurk, Bal
tozer, Allen, Frock, File, Coleman,
Hippie, Brown, Collins, Jackson, Bu
chanan, Co*, Morris, McNaughton, Wii
Middle Division— lls (*rew to go
first after 2 p. m.: 251, 228, 239.
Firemen up: Zeiders, Drewett, Sim
mons, Wright, Davis, Ross, Seagrist,
Brakemen up: Stahl, Kerwin, Bell,
Schoffstall, Frank, Reese, Mathias,
Spahr, McHenry, Troy, Henderson, Pe
Yard Crews— Engineers up: Kuhn,
Snyder, Pelton, Shaver, Landis, Hoyler,
Hohenshelt, Thomas, Houser, Meals,
Stahl, Crist, Swab, Harvey.
Firemen up: Shipley, Crow, Revie,
Ulsh, Bostdorf, Schieffer, Rauch, Wei
gle, Lackey, Cookerly, Maeyer, Sholter,
Snell, Getty, Hart, Barked, Sheets,
Bair, Eyde, Essig, Ney, Boyle.
Engineers for 1454, 1758, 14, 885,
1820, 2393.
Firemen for 14*54, 1831, 90, 2393.
Philadelphia Division—2 02 crew to
go first after 3.45 p. m.: 239, 222
241, 232, 216, 226, 246, 228, 211,
247, 223, 230.
Engineers for 201, 208, 239.
Fireman for 226.
Conductors for 227, 246.
Flagmen for 208, 226, 244, 246.
Brakemen for 208, 247.
Conductors up: Stauffer, Logan.
Flagman up: Ford.
Brakemen up: Wolfe, Crosby, Vand
ling, Fenstemacher, Malseed, Rice,
Shaffner, Rowe, Long, Arment, Hoopes,
Twigg, Albright, Goudy.
Middle Division —224 crew to go
first after 2.50 p. m.: 218, 225.
P., H. & P. —After 12.15 p. m.: 16,
4, 9, 10, 17, 6.
Eastbound—After 2.15 p. m.: 51,
70, 71, 59, 67, 68.
Conductors up: Philabaum, Gingh
er, German.
Engineers up: Crawford, Boger,
Firemen up- Kelly, Bowers, Zukos
wiski, Rumibaugh, Boyer, Sellers, Dow
hower, Lex, 'Longenecker.
Brakemen nip: iHiinkle, Hoover,
Grimes, Hogentogler.
Turks on Offensive in Caucasus
Peitrograde, via London, Dee. 17,
6.23 A. M.—A communication issued
by the Russian staff in the Caucasus
says t.'he Turks, considerably reinforced
from Bagdad and by a new formation,
assumed the offensive in tlhe Euphrates
valley and t'he Van region, whicih re
sulted in a minvber of engagements of
secondary importa-nve.
— "I:
Greek Condemned for Spying
London, Dec. 17, 11.25 A. iM.—Ren
ter's Telegram Company has received a
di)aJt<"h from its Athens correspondent
saying tlhat a Greek naval officer at
tached to the Greek legation at Con
stantinople has been court-martialed
and condemned to death on the charge
of spying.
7e i Day f Thtat
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