The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, December 14, 1914, Page 2, Image 2

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I' The Useful Gift |Jj|K
| Every Day In the Year
3/ What will be more appreciated than ¥ m
Yes—we know lots of them are given
v| every year—there's a reason. Every- \
A body enjoys the ease and comfort they # f$L/ J
f) afford—how handy they are at night or "
V in case of sickness. Every one in the (
\ family ought to have a pair or two. In Vi"
making up your list of gifts think of °]fej
w Slippers and you will score a hit every ,&! yM\
You will find the largest stock—the TO
greatest variety and the way-down low i
ft Children's Slippers /
j?, s<v to 98?
0 Ladies' Slippers &tfl
% 98<- to $1.50 Q §£*
fl Men's Slippers
Special lot of Men's 50c QQp J
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Our prices on very best quality fm
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| 20th Century Shoe Co.
n| "Shoes That Wear"
0 This coupon r.nd 18 cents, entitles the bearer to
WE i)iie=Half Dozen Fancy Sier .ng
Silver Initial Tumblers
' |||' j| Coupon must be presented at the office of
j—JL-X, jj 18-20-22 South Third St., Harrisburg, Pa.
T flay If wanted by mail, 10 cents extra.
V— i - J
Principal Crops of Islands Are Sugar,
Bice and Taro
Washington, I). C., Dec. 14. —The
three principal orops of the Hawaiian
Islands are suttur, rice anil taro, and 9 0
per cent, of these are the products of
irrigation. Water is therefore the life
blood of the islands, and since 1909
the United States Geological Survey, in
co-operation with the Territory of
Hawaii and assisted by private corpor
ations nr..l individuals, has been car
rying on an exhaustive investigation
of the water resources of the islands.
The latest result or' this work is a re
port bv 0. 11. Pierce and 0. K. Larri
ton just issued by the Survey as Wa
ter-supply Paper 33fi.
The investigations of stream flow in
the Territory are not complete, nor
do they include all the streams that
might advantageously be studied, but
they embrace as many of the streams
an : ditches on the four larger inlands
(Hawaii, Kauai, Oahu and Maui) as
the available appropriations would
allow. It is essential that of
stream flow should be kept during a
period of years long enough to deter
mine within reasonable limits the
range of flow from the maximum to
the minimum. The length of such a
period manifestly varies for different
streams. Kxpericnce has shown that
the records should be kef I from 5 to 20
This report contains the results of
stream and ditch measurements con
ducted during 1912 and, taken in eon
Why Are Ten Tons of Quinine
Used Every Year?
This enormous quantity of Quinine alone (representing
about l=3oth of all the Quinine produced in the world)
is required for the preparation of Laxative Bromo Quinine,
Seven Alillion (7,000,000) Boxes of which are used
every year because of its extraordinary merit.
After reading the accompanying label from the box of
5An excellent remedy for Cougha and Colds. Relieves the )
/Cough and alio the feverish conditions and
( which are usually associated with colds The aecond or t
< third dose will relieve the Cough and Headache and wilU
) move the bowels well within g or 10 hours, when the cold )
/ will be relieved. In treating colds it is very important that /
< the bowels should move well everv day This preparation t
moves the bowels sently without griping, and arouses the )
> liver and all the secretions to action Directions Adults >
< two tablets is ami should be taken inmed- c
I iately - <
S sons, who sufficient )
)to just keep The bowels open freely until tne Cough and;
(Cold is relieved then take one-half the dose for a few \
( days. Children who are not o'.d enough to swallow pills, the <
) tablet can be broken or cut in half and given in proportion >
?to age. To be swallowed not chewed For headache.take {
IFac-simile of label on back of Laiativeßromo Quinine box)
—but remember there is Only One
"Bromo Quinine "
To Ooi The GENUINE, GaU For Tho Full Name
Laxative Bromo
J| Look for thla mlfnmtmrm
M *!— *w< Mm 26 o.
j neetion with Water-Supply Paper 31S, 1
issued last year, gives a recorj of the
principal streams for 1909. 1910, 1911,
and 1912. Copies of No. 33 6 may be j
obtruued free of charge on application
to the Director, United States Geologi
cal Survey, Washington, D. C. The ;
supply of Water-Supply Paper 31S for
tree distribution has been exhausted,
but copies may be obtained from the
Superintendent of Documents for 50
cents each.
K(H) State Prison Inmates Will Put on
White Robes To-night
Boston, Dec. 14.—Nightshirts are
to be worn to-night by inmates of the
State prison in Charlestown for the i
first time, it is said, in the history of
penal institutions.
Sixteen hundred of the garments
are ready for the distribution among j
the prisoners. Every person will get j
i two shirts. Four hundred new iron j
; beds with springs and mattresses will I
i take the place of the slat bunks in the !
old section of the prison.
Line and Ground Men's Pay Raised
Hazleton. Pa.. Dec. 14.—While do-i
dining to sign any agreement with its
men or to recognize the union in its
negotiations, the Consolidated Tele
phone Company has raised the salaries
of its linemen and groundmen from
five to ten per cent. This affects em
ployes in the districts around Hazle
ton, Allentown, Scranton, Carbondale
and Wilkes-Barre.
Laxative Bromo
Quinine, telling
what it does and how
it does it, you can
understand why this
remedy is used so
effectively by so
many millions of |
people. Whenever
you feel a cold com
ing on think of the
name Laxative
Bromo Quinine.
Disappeared at Age of IS and Would I
Now Be 21
Kane, Pa., Dec. 14.—After searching
for over seveu years for Keith Dal- t
rymple, the former Port Alleghany boy I i
who recently fell heir to a fortune i
amounting to $365,000, without finding !
any trace of him, relatives and friends '
now believe that he has met with foul ,
piay- ! (
At the age of 13, young Dalrymple j l
was taken to Long Beach, Cal., to re-1 (
side with his grandmother, Mrs. F. H.
Arnold. A few months later the boy r
left the Arnold home to visit a frieud (
of the family who lived in the vicinity (
of the Arnold home. Since that,
despite continuous search, no trace of j
the boy has been found.
A sad incident in connection with i (
the mysterious case was the death of | (
the boy's mother, February 19 last,
the twenty-flret anniversary of his '
birth, directly due to worry over her ' (
son's disappearance.
The final account of the estate of;
E. P. Dalrymple and Keith E. Dal-;
rvniple has been filed by W. A. Dusen-j
bury, executor of the "estate of J. E. j
Dusenbury, who was guardian of Keith s
Dalrymple and executor of the E. P. J
Dalrymple estate. The guardian's ac-|!
count shows a balance of $365,000 be- j
longing to Keith E. Dalrymple.
Man Fatally Burned When She Hurls J
Lighted Lamp
Philadelphia, Dec. 14.—Following -
the death of her husband, which re- j j
snilted from l»unis cameed when she i i
threw a lamp at him, Mrs. Elizabeth | <
Simpson, colored, 42 years old, Catha- ]
rine streeit, above Front, was held 11
without bail yesterday morning by I
Magistrate Ma« Far land on the charge]
of homicide.
On Saturday nigh't the accused worn-i <
an and her husband, John Sampson,
»0 years old, started to quarrel at their
home. According to the police of the i
Second district, the woman threw an ,
oil lamp at him, saturating his clothes!
with the blazing fluid and setting fire ,
to the house. The screams of the man i
I ami woman brought in the neicQrbors
I and the police. Simpson was taken to j
the Pennsylvania hospital, where he!
i died yesterday morning.
Accidental Discharge of Revolver Ser.ds
Bullet Through Heart
Scranton, Pa., Dec. 14.—Edward j
Onurch, wlio came here a few weeks
ago from Mifflin'burg, near Rloomsiburg,
| to take a position as manager of a j
garage, was killed vesterdav afternoon |
i bv a revolver shot, fired accidentally bv ;
Mrs. Margaret 'Mclaughlin, who with
i others was in Church's room.
Church called Mrs. Me Lough lin to
look at some pictures. He opened his
i grip to get the pictures, took a revolve;
; from the top anl playfully handed it to
tlier, saving; "Here, Aoot yourself
j while vou're happy." An instant later j
j the revolver exploded and Church diet
j in ten minutes with a ballet throu !i
fhe heart. Mrs. MeLoughlin was
' not arrested. Her husband is in New i
:\ork. Church was a thirty-second de
gree Mason and was married.
Mystery of Un : dentified Stranger May
Never Be Clea/ed Up
TitusviHe, l'a.. Dec. 14.—The mys
tery that surrounded the mail found
I wandering around tnis city about two i
weeks ago with his memory a blank !
probably will never be cleared up. Ho
died last night without giving anything
more than a vague clue as to his idea
i titc.
Since thr trail was discovered and
j the story of the case appeared in pa
pers thorughout the country scores of
letters and telegrams have been re
-1 eeived at the local hospital, where the '
j man was under observation.
It is believed that the man's name
J was Charles Hosmer, but where he re
| sided and the other details of his pri
vate life are unknown. The remans
will be held for a few days by the au
j thorities in the hope that some rela
tive may be found.
j Actor Says Discoloration Is Due to
Specialist's Treatment
New York, Dec. 14.—Ch:;r!es Ill
ness. an actor, has sued Dr. Alexander
Lavigne, an eye specialist, for $ !0,-
000, because, he alleges, the piiysi •: an
is responsible for a pair of bla.k eye*
he is forced to carry with him night;
and day.
In his complaint, filed in the County
Clerk's office, the actor alleges that he
had trouble with one eye and consulte 1
Dr. l.avigne June 1, i 913. The treat
ment he received was such, he sets
forth, that there shortly appeared under
each eye two deep and wide,
which have since made him look as
though he had beem in a prize fight.
The actor declares that consequently
he is the butt of many jokes, his life is
I made unbearable, and he can't j.e- a|
.job on the stage. He wants SIO,OOO
i for each eye.
New York Editor Suddenly Stricken
In Atlanta
Atlanta, Dec. 14.—Arthur Brisbane,
editor of the New York "Evening;
Journal," was seized with a sudden
illness here yesterday and while his;
friends are somewhat alarmed over his
condition it is reported that he was I
better last night.
Dr. G-Ul Wylie has been summoned i
from New York. Mr. Brisbane was 50 I
years old Saturday.
Burglars Overlook Package Containing
SB,OOO in York Store
York. Pa.. Doc. 14.—The safe in one]
of York's big department stores, owned
! by James McLean Sons, was cracked
I early yesterday morning 'bv two bur
glars. "
The thieves took a number of valu
able papers, but overlooked an inner
compartment which contained SB,OOO.
Lay Cornerstone for New Church
Lancaster, Dec. 14.—The corner
stone of the now S«t. Paul's Methodist
: Episcopal ehiurch, was laid yesterday
afternoon before a large congregation, |
representing many sections of Lane as- j
! ter county. Addresses were delivered'
by the Rev. E. C. Griffiths, D. D., of
Philadelphia; the Rev. Dt. Meminger
and the Rev. Edward Bawden, of this
city. The choir augmented for the oc
casion, rendered special music. Work
j on the erection will be pushed rapidly
I towards completion. I
Bt*te. College Proves Money Is Being
Wasted by Other Rations
State College, Pa., Dee. 14. —To de
termine the best ration for steer fatten
ing in Pennsylvania a feeding experi
ment. concluded Saturday at the Penn
sylvania State College, has upset all
theories as to the value of the Lancas
tor county region as an economical one.
For more than 14 0 days, 60 head of
cattle, with beef blood predominating,
were nourished with five distinct lotSj
of feed, and the summary proves con-1
clusively, accenting to Professor \V. H. i
Tomhave, in charge of the experiment, :
t.h«t farmers persisting in feeiling by |
the old system are losing money. He ]
attributes the changing condition to the
high cost of feed, especially bran.
One of the most impressivo results
obtained, said Professor Tomhave, was
the reduced cost at which beef can be
produced by farmers having silos. Corn j
silage, as a beef producer, was unex- \
celled by any other ration. Aud the :
experiment included alfalfa, cottonseed!
meal, shelled corn and hay. A silo, it
was shown, preserves the corn crop in
a better manner than is possible in i
harvesting it and husking it, and corn ]
silage is a succulent feed that mnkee it
possible to get the maximum food nu
trient available from the other foods
fed in combination.
At the termination of the experiment!
it was concluded that corn silage at]
$3.50 per ton as the sole roughage is
more economical than corn silage nnd
alfalfa hay combined, when the latter I
is sls per ton. As a source of protein
wheat bran at $-5 a ton is more ex- 1
pensive, it was learned, than cottonsee I
meal is $34 a ton. The additional cost
of grinding corn was not compensated
by greater gains from the steers, liullo-r
tins will be issued by the college. ;
Girl Drops Prom Edge of Bed, Victim
of Heart Failure
Hazleton, Pa., Dec. 14. —Declaring!
th«it her long illness had made her tired j
of life and that she was going to take !
a butcher knife and kill herself, Miss!
Jennie Loguidice, aged 15, dropped!
dead from heart failure as she sat on
the edge of her bed, preparatory to re-1
Her sister had succumbed just as|
suddenly last summer from the same
j cause.
Haverhill Woman Found Dead By Gas
Haverhill, M iss., Dee. 14.—With an
unfinished Christmas poem upon her'
desk, Miss Mary L. Hnrtlett, a High |
school teacher, and of local promi
nence as a portress, was found dead j
j Saturday niellit in her apartments, hav-1
| iuig been (incidentally asphyxiate"!.
She was 74 years of age, and fori
man v years was" a teacher of Knglisli;
at the Haverhill High school. Miss
Hartlijtt had tripped over a rubber
tii'bing connected with a gas hoater,
cU'USMig the tuibing to be detached from 1
the pije.
Yonkers Merchant Now Leaves His
Cash Register Opau
Yonkers, Dec. 14. —August Klein's
i store at 96 Elm street, was rob>bt»d j
1 early yesterday for the sixth time in ]
six winters. The burglars took many j
i cigars, but got on. v $1 in money, j
Klein no.v loaves his c a sill register 1
open because thieves'liave smashed it.!
Klein is stiil a lap behind two other!
; Yonkers merchants. The stores of ]
George W. llorton, clothier, and Frank j
Knopfer, aborting goods, h'ave been I
entered seven times in seven years.
Moses Wohl Smokes. Takes Drink or
Two, and Entertains .
New Vork, Dee. 14. —Mo-cs Wohl j
: was 100 years old yesterday, so :ie;
smoked a dozen cigars or so. took a ■
few nips and tried to dance the tango!
and fox trot with some of his great
grandchildren. But lively a- he was he j
could not master the new steps.
Mr. \Voh! lives at 1043 Southern
1 Boulevard, The Bronx, and about one j
hundred relative; attended his birth-1
i':iv party, lie lia< children, five 1
grandchildren and fifteen great-grand-1
children. He was born in Bohemia and]
came to this country thirty-two years
ni*o. His wife died eighteen years ago 1
at the aye of 72.
American Woman 3-id to Have Been j
SUot Abroad oy Student
Florence, Italy (.Via Rome), Dec. 14.
—Owing to the death of Mrs. Marv I
R. Flavelle in Chicago last week, the i
trial of Pietro Rossi a Florentine art :
student, who is charged with having I
assaulted her, has been postponed. The I
case was set for the latter part of this |
Hossi is accused of having shot and
rt'bbed Mrs. Flavelle on board a train
while she was journeying from Flor-1
ence to Perugia, Italy, lust May.
"Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury" J
Will Be Heard in February
Kansas City, Dec. 14. —"Ladies and
gentlemen of the jury" will be heard
in the three divisions of the Wyandotte
county district court at the February
11. H. Butterwiek, county assessor,
will certify a list of fifty women who
are willing to serve as jurors to the
County Clerk before the first of Fetiru- j
ary. Some of these will be drawn in !
the panels, and the " woman juror" will j
establish herself in Wyandotte county.;
A Camera Gift!
Why Not ?
A never-ending source of enjoy
ment to the one, and always a pleas
ant reminder every day in the year
of your thoughtfulness.
Prices range from
$2.00 to $25.00
According to size and mechanism, j j
Forney's Drug Store
Sensational I
IPiano Offer in the World's History!!
Tit Floon moat Be Clcn«4t Thta Gl(utl« stock of I'Htao. most lie Cloaed oat resardlcu. of Price. iteitnrd- H
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■ dc sola. ami wife to eoni it ii r. Come in to-Uey.
I Come In I WINTER PIANO CO. j WeAreopen
| To-day | 23 N 4th St ) Harrisburg, Pa., H. M. Eldridge, Mgr. | To " day
Kansas Democrats to Stay
Topeka, Kan., De<;. 14.—Arthur Cap->
per, Republican Governor-elect, has an- j
uouucevl that he will not make any
| changes in the Democratic nflicers WUMI
appointments have been confirmed.