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    Steelton News
Tall and Stout Han Is Only Description
Available of Person Who Was Seen
in Front of F. E. Smith's Broken
Window This Morning at 3.50 ,
A largo plate glass window in the
front of Frederick E. Smith's wholesale
Kquor store, Front and Trewick streets,
was badly broken about 3.50 o'clock
tlhis morning by a man described to be
tall and rather heavy, and six quart
■bottles of whiskey disappeared with
him when the robber hurried up Front
street to escape a fusillade of bullets
Which were sent in his direction.
The crash of the glass awakened Miss
Elizabeth B. Bowman, who, with her
mother, resides on tfhe cornor opposite
Smith's place of business. Instantly
she made an investigation, and dis
covering a man in the act of removing
the liquid gDods from t>he interior of
the broken window, she thrust her arm
out the open window and fired a shot
from a small revolver w!hich she had
close at hand.
The sound of the shot quickly
brought the owner of the place to a
froot window of the sleeping floor. By
thin time the robbery was completed
»n<! the man started up the street. Smith
sent a number of -bullets from "his re
volver after the fugitive, none of which
took eft'ect, and the man escaped.
What implement the man used in
breaking the heavy glass is unknown
for a ejose search of tflie vicinity re
vealeil nothing in the shape of stone
or hammer.
Mrs. I. M. Durnbaugh Has Returned
From Funeral
Mrs. I. M. Durnbaugh, North Front
street, has returned from Lancaster,
where she attended the funeral of her
grandmother, Mrs, Elizabeth Snyder,
aged 95 years, who in past years made
frequent visits at the Durnbaugh home.
The death of the aged lady took
I-lace at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
Margaret Baldwin, mother of Mrs.
Durnbaugh, and Mrs. Mary Van Aulen,
who reside at 28 South Water street,
Lancaster. .She was born .1 Ay 10,
1819. in southern Lancaster county,
and death was caused by infirmities due
to old age. She was a resident of Lan
caster city for the past thirty years
and was a member of St John's Epis
copal church. Funeral services were
held at her late home last Friday morn
ing and interment was made in Boehm's
She is survived by six children,
whose ages range from 56 to 74 years,
«s follows: Mrs. Margaret Baldwin,
Mrs. Susan Cox. Mrs. Van Aulen, Lan
caster: Martin Snyder, Frank Snyder,
Willow street, and John Snyder, Stras
burg. Twentiy-eight grandchildren,
seventy-eight great-grandchildren and
fifteen great-great-grandchildren also
Animal First Attempted to Enter Qual
ity Shop
A yoiurjj and s-pirrted horse recently
purchased by S. Melman and used for
the first time this morning by the own
er in tbe delivery of bread from a
wagon, caused some excitement about
9.30 o'clock by first attempting to
waJk into the Quality Shop, Front and
Locust streets, into which the owne>
liad gone. Finding the door closed the
animal Started around the corner and
crossed the canal bridge, then turned
up along the Heading railway past the
Steel too Store Company meat depart
The driver gave chase before the
animal got across the bridge, but its
increasing speed prevented hiim in
catching up with the runaway until the
horse became cornered between a tea-m
unloading produce at the warehouse of
the S'teel'ton store and the build i n l #. No
damage resulted to eitiher driver or
Steelton Club Entertained Its Members
and Friends
One ljundred covers wore laid for t'hc
annual banquet of the Steelton Club
which was held in the chub's rooms,
Front and Locust streets, last evening.
Tho principal part of the menu consist
ed of the moat from two deer slain by
members of this organization on the
occasion of the annual hunt last mouth
held in the vicinity of Fayetteville.
David Beehto'd, president of the club,
did "the honors as toastmastcr, and near
ly all present responded. The folio-wing
commit/tee arranged the details of the
feast: Walter Keister, Frank Stees,
John Banks, Charles Roberts, Bartram
Shelley and R. A. Snyder.
Among the guests of the •club wrro
T>istriet Attorney M. 15. Stroup, Deputy
State Fire .Marshall W. T. iMorgan Ar
thur Sliker, M. U McNew. E. A.' Mc-
New, Clark McClure, John Fisher, R.
C. Eckels and Lawrence Eckels.
Pastors and Church Officers Will Meet
Tuesday Evening
A meeting of the pastors and officers
of all the churches in the borough
Oberlin, Enhaut and High»pire has been
called for next Tuesday evening in the
Presbyterian church at 8 o'clock. The
object announced of this meeting is to
extend the Stough campaign to the
borough with meetings here to com
mence about January 15. The call for
the meeting was made bv the Steelton
Ministerial Association through its sec
retary, the Rev. William B. Smith.
No-study Period Will Last From De
cember 24 to January 4
Exercises appropriate to Christmas
will be held in all grades of tho bor
ough schools Thursday afternoon, De
cember 24. Red cross Christmas seals
will be placed on sale this year in the
schools also According to an announce
ment made by Prof. L. E. MeQinnes,
the schools will close for the Christmas
holidays on the afternoon of December
24 and will reopen Monday, January 4.
The Naked Truth
In the Latin Quarter of Paris lives
Irolette, who is known throughout the
artists' colony as tho handsomest girl
in Paris. In spite of the fact that her
•ervices as a model are sought after
§ Silk Hose for Men —
B Finest We've Seen at 50c
M We make this statement without
H reservation —here is an assortment
|| numbering 2,000 pairs of men's pure-
H thread silk hose which at ;
1 50c a pair |
f« sets a mark we have never seen equaled
H in silk hosiery of this quality.
H Included also are the most demanded
m colors—black, white, navy, tan and gray *
Sri —some have cotton soles and tops,
H others all silk—and all sizes are offered
in each color at 50tf a pair.
M Men's imported silk hose SI.OO per
M pair. These are black, white, navy and
% tan silk hose for men. They are priced i
to give extremely good value at SI.OO H
per pair.
;J| Men's artificial silk hose, per p
pair. Full seamless hose with cotton $§
|H toes and heels —in black, tan, white, m
y navy and gray. Special, ||
| ■ 25c pair
/ , J Beginning Monday,
j ! December 14th, this
yBMIM sfore W M be open
/ evenings until
by the leading painters and sculptors
of the city, she poses only for Armand
Bouchard, a mediocre painter who be
friended her when she was left a pen
niless orphan several years before. The
moral of this storv is brilliantly por
trayed in motion pictures at the Stand
ard Theatre Saturday night.
John Gross, aged 71 years, died of
a complication of diseases early yester
day morning. Funeral services will be
held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at
is a Silent
Salesman —
He Works at
Jewel & Optical
29 North Front St.
They Guarantee
every article and
every price to be
the home of his daughter, Mrs. JJ. A.
H'artman, 635 North Front street. The
Rev. Charles A. Huyette, pastor of the
First Reformed church, will officiate
and interment will b e made at Huin
The Quality Shop, Front and Locust
streets, announces some very interesting
bargains for Christmas buyers on the
editorial page of this paper in this is
Mr. and Mrs. G. Randolph Nauss
have some very fine samples of art
A Very Fine Show at the
Standard Theatre To-night
Ambushed. Three-reel extra special
featuring Francis X. Bushman nnd
Beverly Paine. This is a great mas
terpiece and shows Bushman at his
The Girl and the Miser. One reel, big
The Mqfcns and the End. Two-reel spe
cial, very good.
Seven reels. Admission, 5 and lO cts.
The Best Show of the Week at the
Standard Theatre Saturday
The Naked Truth. George Klein's beau
tiful 5-reel subject.
Matinee, 2 P. M. Seven reels.
Admission, 5 and to Cents
Night, 5-reel special, 6.15 o'clock.
Admission, to cents to all.
Played 70 nights in the Chicago
City L^jpits.
Art Needle Work
An exclusive line of crochet and
hand-embroidery on display and for
sale at MAX G. FRUMIN'S by
—and now our minds turn I
Men, and women who buy for men, naturally look to a man's i
. store for men's gifts and if their attention is directed dur way the question of
"what shall it be" is easily solved.
Here you will find merchandise of quality, things that will
render a full measure of service—and in every department whether your purchase
be large or small, greater value will always be evident.
■ A completely rearrange selection of the latest models in Suits and Overcoats; Raincoats and
||| Slip-Ons from The House of Kuppenheimer.
Young Men's Styles, Models for Men who like young ideas; Suits to fit the hard to fit; fabrics I
to please men of particular tastes. All the good Overcoats and by far the largest selection in
gl Harrisburg. j
H Mackinaws for Boys and Men in the new double check patterns. Nothing finer for outdoor I
m sports or where a longer coat would be unhandy.
I sls, S2O, $25 sls, S2O, $25
I $5.00 to SIO.OO
Men's Neckwear Men's Underwear at a Saving
fc On account of conditions abroad we con-' Guaranteed Non-Shrinkable
P eluded a remarkable purchase of scarfs made Men's perfect fitting full-fashioned union
Kj. from the most exclusive cravatings designed suits made of a fine combed cotton yarn in reg
aV-t and intended for European shops catering to ular and short stout lengths—either gray or
I?! tlie most fastidious trade. white—in good fall and winter weights. Spe
-1 iArCJfS and *3.50.
-Hi of most exquisite qualities, displaying rich, ™ en s perfect ntting ( full-fashioned union
ww quiet, refined patterns in an almost bewilder- suits made of a fine merino fabric in natural
ing assortment of colorings, and SI.OO. * n re^ar anc * short stout lengths,
o 5, v v $2.00 to $3.50 per suit. |
Men's Blanket Robes, $5.00 Men's Silk Shirts
A special lot selected for this week, priced Included with these Silk Shirts are a fine as
■|| to present extraordinary v&lue. Patterns are sortment of Percale and Madras shirts, SI.OO |
& all good, and these robes are made with regular to $2.50.
■: collar and cord with tassel and slippers to • There are both medium and light effects in
match. . this lot—in tub silks, brocades and satin- i
M striped patterns. Indeed you can choose the
patterns with your eyes shut, they are all so $
iVien s vaioves g00d( jp 2 .50 to $3.50.
• Men's English walking gloves of medium w » .. th i ,
weight, in tan or gray, with spear back, long Men S wUting Flannel and
or short fingers, are especially priced at $1.50 Cotton PaiamaS
ct pair.
° f ImPOrtCd DiPPed Leath ' !r • -a/p^whte m ™nVbVa' al 4e C y a«'Ze
p p • in the "collarless" style with double flat frogs.
In desirable shades of tan, gray and black, This is certainly a splendid time to stock up Jj
I in one-clasp style with spear back, full sewn, with pajamas, for values like these do not tj
at SI.OO a pair. come often, SI.OO to $2.00. j-j
l 304 Market St. ' Harrisburg, Pa.
needlework on exhibition in tha show
windows of Max G. Frumin, North
Front street.
* Class No. 10 of St. Mark's Luth
eran Sunday school will serve a bean
soup dinner and supper in the North
(Front street market house from 11
o'clock this morning until 9 o'clock
this evening. A baud will furnish mu
sic to entertain the diners.
Young Frank Mitchell, who torms
himself a modern man of law, is sum
moned to draw up the will of Lady
Darn ley, who wishes to leave her en
tire estate to her fnvorite niece, Mabel,
and nothing to Bothwell, her nephew,
except in the event of Mabel's death,
when ho would inherit everything.
Bothwell learns of the contents of the
will and the success of the plots and
counter plots of the contending parties
is graphically displayed in motion pic
tures at the Standard Theatre to-night.
Miss Marie Wiseman, the visiting
nurse employed by the Steelton Civic
Club, will be in her office from 8 a. m.
to 9 a. m., from 12.30 p. m. to 1.30
p. m.
Increases in value each year. Oyr
stock this year is unusually large and
attractive. Prices are right.
H. C. Claster,
Ctems, Jewelp, Silverware,
302 Market Street. Adv.
Philadelphia Division—l 2 7 crew to
go first after 4 p. m.: 123, 114, 113,
110, 109, 107, 125, 105, 122, 117,
! lOli, 120, 12G.
Engineers for 105, 107, 122, 123,
Fireanan for 107.
Conductors for 109, 114, 125.
Flagmen for 105, 109.
Brakemen for 123, 125, 127, 128.
Engineers up: Kautz, Speas, Good
win, Smelt zer, Hubler, Newcomer, M«-
Cauley, First, Slatter, Reisinger, Smith,
Downs, Gibbons. Buck, Madenfort, Sel
lers, Streeper, Eiafliart, Powell, Sei'tz,
IHimlman, Crisswell, Supplee, Geesey.
Firemen up: Kreider, Myers, David
| so.n, litis hey, Carr, Collier, Brenner,
Everhart, Rhoads, JjJbhart, Wilson,
Shive, Copelami, Mahonev, Herman,
'Barton, H-artz, Aekey, Swank, iMoukler,
Huston, Yenitzer, Shaffer, Reno, Mar
tin, Lentz.
Conductor up: Fesler,'Fraelicih, Ro;p,
Ford, Looker.
Flagmen u,p: Bruehl, Sullivan.
Brakemen up: Sweigart, Morris, Bog
ner, Allen, Stetonan, Buchanan, Hivner,
Paltozer, Burk, Me In tyre, McGinn is,
i Frock, Brown, Grillie, Dengler, Miunma,
Wiland, Brown owe 11, IMlaNaugihton.
Middle Division —247 erew to go
first after 1.30 p. ift.: 218.
Preference: 3. Laid off: 17, 16.
Engineers up: Simonton, Havens,
IMoore, Wisslcr, Hertzler, Minnick, liu
gler, Sinlith, 'Magill, Garman.
Firemen u-p: Sclireftler, Pottciger,
Borirman, Licban, Fletcher, Arnold, Co*,
Buyer, Musser, I>rewe>tt, Zeiders, Gross,
'Wright, Davis, Kuntz, Seagrist.
Flagmen up: Smith, Jaco'bs, IMiiles,
Brakemen up: Kilgor, Werner, Bick
ert, Fritz, Flock, Putt, ißolan, Kane,
'Boiler, Plack, Kieffer Kissinger, Kipp,
Yard Crews —Engineers up: Landis,
Hoyler, Brenneiman, Thomas, Rudy,
Houser, Meals, Sta!hl, Swa)b, Crist, Har
vey, Sa-ltsman, Kuhn, Snyder, Pelton,
Firemen up: Snell, Getty, Hart,
Barkey, Ney, 'Myers, Boyle, Shipley,
Crow Revie, Ulsh, Bostdorf, Schitfffer,
Rauc'i), Lackey, Cookerly, iMaeyer, Shel
Engineers for 707, 322, 1856, 885.
"Firemen for 1859, 213, 707, 14.
Philadelphia. Division —-223 crew to
go first after 3.45 p. m.: 212, 213,
215, 235.
Engineer for 212.
Fireman for 212.
Flagman for 235.
Brakeman for 213.
Conductors u:p: Eatom, Dewees, Oun
d'le, Keller.
Flagimen up: Brinser, Gehrett, Cor
rigtui, Reitzel.
Brakemen up: Albright, Goudy,
Lutz, Kane, Fenstemacher, Bair, Mc-
Pheairsom, Taylor, Kime, Wortz, Walt
man, Decker.
Middle Division—23o crew to goj
•sifter 1.15 p. m.: 219, 220, 232, 237,!
Six crews laid off at Altoona, 16 to
come in.
Laid off: 117, 103, 113.
P.. H. and P.—ls. 14, 5, 7, 23, 9,
18. 17, 1, 6, 3, 16. 8.
Eastbound —After 12.45 p. m.: 62,
53, 51. 61, 67, 68, 54.
Conductors utp: Ginijher, Philahanm.
Engineers up: Fortney. Lapp,, Pletz,
Wiretnan, Martin, Ric.hwine, Wood,
W.vre, Morrison.
Firemen up: Palm, Epley, Bowers,
Anders, Kelly, Sellers, Dobbims, Long
enjecker, Sullivan, Boecher, Bo.ver, Pul
ton. Lex. Nye, Snader, Dowhower.
Bra'kenien up: Heckman, Maurer,
Miles, Strain, Eley, Shader, Page, 1.
Troy. Bingtosimnn, Ensminger, Grimes,
Greoff, Dunkle, Taylor, Warp, Hamling,
Homsone, Smit'h, Greager, Holbeirt,
Artistic Printing at Star-Independent.
Herbert Driwunond Arrested on Charga
Preferred by Daughter
Herbert Drummond was arrested yes
terday by Constable Emanuel and held
for court under bail by Alderman
Bayles, charged with non-support of hii
five small children. The charge
preferred against Drummond by his
daughter, Mrs. Alice Anderson, 1313
Xortli Fourth street, who said that her
father has not taken any interest or
carp of his children for the last several
She also declares that a few months
ago her father left his homo and wont
to Cornwall. During his absence her
mother died suddenly and her father
returned home and attended the fu
neral and collected the insurance
money, which amounted to nearly $ 150.
After securing the money her father
again left her home and besides re
fusing to give her something towards
the support of the children, also neg
lected paying the funeral expenses of
his wife.
Birth Announcement
Mr. and Mrs. Kal'ph Early Williams,
of Philadelphia, announce the birth or
a daughter, Helen Lelia, Tuesday, De
cember 1. Mrs. Williams was Miss Grace
Anderson, of this city, prior to her mar
Spickler-Donomoyer Wedding
Marietta, Dec. 11.—Announcement
was made yesftwrday of the marriage at
H-aigerstown, Md., of Barl Spickler and
Miiss <>na Dononioyw, otf Manhciin, the
ceremony being performed hist week.
Married by Alderman
Peter Dirich and Mary Zakosh, both
of Harrisburg, were married this morn
ing by Alderman Charles E. Murray at
the Alderman's office.