The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, December 11, 1914, Page 2, Image 2

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F\ /<i\ S
u i,/fomented by
Shampoos followed by occa
sional dressings of Cuticura
Ointment. These super
creamy emollients do much
for dry, thin and falling hair,
dandruff and itching scalps,
and do it speedily, agreeably
and economically.
Samples Free by Mrfll
Cuttenr* Sep act! Ointment .old throughout the
wcrld. Liberal ample of «»ch m*liri <r*«. with 32-».
book. Address "CuUcurm." l>pt Jili lUoion
Pittsburgh Man Will House Four Sous'
Families Under One Boof
Pittsburgh, Pa.. Dee. 11. —In a 32-
room a[wrtment containing four
suites. George W. Morton, a retired
eoal operator, on Christmas <lay will as
semble his widely scattered family. The
apartment is known as "The House of
the Four Mortons. - '
Mr. Jlorton has three married sons,
nn.l to house them all in one building ho
pulled down the old home, at 5723
llowe street, and ereeted the apartment
house at a cost of $30,000. containing
four suites. ea<rh with its own electric
light, gas. water, heating service and
laundry. The sons are James C.. George
E. and Charles H. Morton, all substan
tial business men.
Bed Men Plead for Law for BeneSt
of Bace
Washington. Dec. 11.—President
Wilson was asked yesterday by a com
mittee of 100 Indians, representing the
Society of American Indians, to appoint
a commission to investigate the condi
tion of American Indians and recom
mend the passage of a code of Indian
law "which shall open the door of hope
and progress to our people.''
Mr. Wilson was also asked to ap
prove a movement to have the Court of
Claims given jurisdiction over all In
dian claims against the United States.
The President promised to take the re
quests under advisement.
*so,o<>o FIRE AT CORRY
Blaze Starts in Eagles' Club—Clothiers
Heavy Losers
Corry. Pa.. Dec. 11. —Fire started
on the second floor of Cameron Eagle's
Clubroom yesterday morning and gut
ted the building, with a total loss of
Half of this amount was sustained by
Samuel Jaeobson et Co., leading cloth
Albert F. Smith, of York. Accused
by Philadelphia Firm
York. Pa.. Dec. 11. —Charged with
embezzling $360.70 from Gately &
Fitzgerald, a Philadelphia firm, Albert
F. Smith, this city, was arrested yes
terday by detectives and committed to
jai! for a hearing.
He had been employed as an agent
by the company.
Mrs. Margaret McQuail Cuts Off In
stitutions in Second Paper
Pottsville. Pa.. Dec. 11. —That Mrs.
Margaret McQuail. of Xew Philadel
phia, left two wills, one bequeathing
large sums of money to charitable in
stitutions and relatives, and the other
ignoring these beneficiaries and leaving
i her money to neighbors and her young
J and pretty housekeeper, Mamie Rice,
i was brought out in a hearing before
J Register of Wills H. H. Seltzer vester-
I day.
t Interested persons are seeking to
J have ho:h wUi> a in.itted to probate.
Musterole Works Easier. Quicker and
Without the Blister
There's no sense in mixing up a mess
of mustard, flour and water when you
can so easily relieve pain, soreness" or
stiffness with a little clean, white MUS
MI'STEROLK is made of pure oil of
mustard and other helpful ingredients,
i-ombined in the form of a pleasant
white ointment. It takes the olace of
the out-of-date, mustard piaster, and
will not blisterf
MUSTEROLE gives prompt relief
from Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Tonsilitis,
' roup. Stiff Xeek, Asthma, Neuralgia,
Headache. Congestion, Pleurisy, Rh'eu
• n:atism. Lumbago, Pains and Aihes of'
the Back or Joints/ Sprains, Sore
Muscles, Bruises, Chilblains, Frosted
Feet. Colds of the Chest tit often pre
vents Pneumonia).
At your druggist's, in 25c and 50c
jars and a special large hospital size
for $2.50.
Be sure yon get the genuine MUS
TEROLE. Refuse imitations —get what
you ask for. The Musterole Company,
Cleveland, Ohio.
Turks Will Allow U. 8. Succor SMp to
Go to Jerusalem
By J«stxSa(rd Press.
Washington, lie*. 11. —The TuVkinh
government through Ambassador Mor
genthaii has signiritsl to the State de
partment its willingness that an ex
pedition be setit to the relief of the
people of Jerusalem. The expedition is
being organised by Hebrew philna
thr»[»rc soeieti«*> in Xw York which
plan to semi a ship rhivugh the Medi
terranean to Palestine.
Xew York, Dec. 11. —Louis Mar-j
sha.i, president of the American Jew
; ish Relief committee, which plans to \
send a ship load with supplies to the
people of Jerusalem, said yesterday J
' the Writish French and German gv>v-.
ernmetits, in addition to the Turkish, j
have been asked whether they are will
: ing to permit such an expedition to go \
through safely.
There are approximately 100.00
Jews in Palestine who are in dire
; necessity, said Mr. Marshall. The
I plaiis for the relief of these people are '
; still tentative. A committee has been j
unable to decide whether it would be'
j more feasible to semi a relief ship x*
' Jerusalem frotn some point 111 Italy ;
rather than from the Units*! States." j
' Orders Receiver for Power Company
By Associated Press,
Trenton, X. J., Dec. 11. —Chancellor
I Walker in the court of chancery has |
| tiled an opinion deciding that an in
j junction should be issued against fho i
' International Power Company restrain- j
j in<: it from continuing business and I
I ordering the appointment of a receiver, i
Bail Bond Declared Forfeited
By Associated Press.
New York. Dei'. 11. —A bon«l of!
SI,OOO furnished by H. L. Liuder was i
. declared forfeited yesterday by the.
| court of general sessions when Lander j
failed to appear before ,Tu<lge M.ilone !
to plead guilty to an in-.lictmeot charg
ing him with having revew'ed the con-;
j ter.ts of Asssociate dPress messages.
Samose Fills Out the Curves and Makes
Thin People Fat
If you are thin, your health is not j
what it should be. If you are losing |
• weight steadily, there is something i
i wrong that should be attended to at ;
; once. You cannot be healthy and >
I strong if you are thin,
j Perfect health and good, solid beauti- ]
t'ul tlesh can only come through the uso
| of Samose, the remarkable iltsh-form- j
| ing food.
| Samose is not a drug or a stimulant: j
| it is a scientific flesh-forming food that
I restores thin people to a normal condi
; tion of pood healthy flesh.
These statements are confirmed by
H. C. Kennedy's offer to refund the
money to anyone buying and using Sa- :
inose who does not gain in weight as
promised. The risk is all his. The thin
aud scrawny can buy Samose at Drug
gist H. C. Kennedy's store, with the
; knowledge that if it is not successful
it will cost absolutely nothing. Adv.
Expedition, Partially Broken Up by U.
S. Cavalry, Meets Carrauzistas
Brownsville. Tex.. Dec. 11. —Three
Mexican filibusterers from tie Texas t
side were killed and seven captured bv '
j Carratiza troops opposite (Hidalgo, Tex*, j
ten days ago. according to news Which j
reached the Mexican Consul here ves-1
This as the filibustering expedition |
which was partially broken up on the j
American side recently by United States :
cavalrymen. Six of tihe Mexicans cap-!
tured by these cavalrymen were yester-'
day sentenced to sixty days in jail
' here. ' " j
Better Thnn the Ordinary Quinlnef
Because of its tonic and laxative effect '
found better than the ordinary Quinine
tor any purpose for which Quinine Is
used. Does not cause nervousness nor
ringing in the head. Remember the full
name and look for the signature of E ■
W. GROVE on box. Price 25c. I
Wife and Others Hurt as Train Hits
Haekensack, X. J., Dec. 11. —The
Rev. Charles L. Merriam. pastor of the
Auburn Street Congregational Church.
Paterson, was instantly killed, and his
wife was seriously injured when an au
tomobile in which they were riding was
1 struck by a train on the Xew Jersey i-
Xew York Railroad, at a street cross
ing, here, -last night.
The Rev. David Stuart Hamilton, j
rector of St. Paul's P. E. church, Pat
erson, and Mrs. Hamilton were badiv
injured, as was the chauffeur of the
car. All the injured were taken to a
It was said at the hospital that Mrs.
Hamilton's condition is critical. Iler
skull was fractured and one of her legs
Markets Now for the Operation of
All the Plants
Kane, Pa., Dec. 11. —After being
closed down for six weeks the plant ot"
the American Glass Company, one of
the largest in the country, will resume
j operations within two weeks.
At the same time practically every
plate glass plant in the country- which
ceased operations at the same "time as
the local plant will resume, and 5,000
men in this State will return to work, j
Man With Model Farm Suffers Like
Those Less Protected
Allen town, Pa., Dec. 11. —Lehigh
farmers and dairymen are trembling on
account of the enforced slaughter, un- j
der legal auspices ye&terday, of the
superb herd of 37 blooded Jersey cat- j
„ tie and 40 hogs on the model Flo-Rose
Dairy Farm of Max Hess, on the out
skirts of Allentown—all exposed to
foot and mouth disease, and worth
about SIO,OOO.
Splinter Kills Schoolgirl
j York, Pa., Dee. 11. —From a tiny
splinter which entered one of her fin
j gers beneath the nail whrile she was at I
play at school. Irene Elicker, a 7-year
old WellsviUe girl, developed lockjaw
and died.
Thief's Trick on Swearers
Lancaster, Pa., Dec. 1 1.—^Someone !
stole the oath-taker's Bible from the i
office of Alderman Rauch ani a sub-!
stituted dictionary, similarly bound, did >
the solemn business for several weeks, i
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