The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, December 11, 1914, Page 1, Image 16

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(V, Q . . Take advantage of the Early Morning Hours To-morrow—Store opens (J\* (\ /-s
shim. [i^ l0 & e | Vcw^\^y uWa^
rdj The Joy Bells of Christmas Will Ring in the Store To-morrow o a
Hfffb' | V | Within the border lines of peaceful, happy America the spirit of Santa Claus is beginning to permeate
;l into every city, village and hamlet.
f T n C ates g ene r°sity at its best are opening and man's humanity to man in thought and deed 7|Rt \
This has been transformed into a beautiful Christmas store, bountiful in its stocks, happy in its scientific 'LI \- /
arrays for the easy selection of gifts, highly efficient in its service and comfort to shoppers. >1 y
Py ' /<—/ Every hour of every day is a busy one, but you know it has now become a truism that morning shopping means greatest satisfaction.
Gifts for Men-Each Has An A Pair of "Comfy" Slippers Gloves! Gloves! Gloves! What a
TntrrPgt All Tt"C Ideal comfort for man, woman or child is suggested by a pair of slippers— i
liliC/lCol zxll 110 W Wll and the showing for to-morrow will be more complete than at a later period wfOCfc. IS llGrO
Gloves—silk shirts—sweaters —boxed novelties: these are a few that eoma of gift buying. SnnprK bcnnso n f * i r* ci • j u
to mind as we review the gift hints coming from this important department. Men ' B c « vali « r Uppers of brown kid, SLIPPEES FOR WOMEN AND GIRLS ® l 'P*™ ° e «®"®« 01 * a . mty ot styles, quality of skins and other touches
And, bv the way, what's on the list for dad! „ * 2 - 50 Women's felt comfy slippers, that denote superiority in cutting and making.
MPHTS NRNRRS AI, . ... . • Men s Faust slippers of brown kid, SI.OO to $1.50 Women s two-clasp lud gloves in white, Women's washable leatherette gloves,
MENS GLOVES j Short auto gauntlets with separate ,n- Women's felt boudoir slippers, ..SI.OO tan, grey and black 85c Biarritz with strap, white and pongee.
Fownes' spear point back cape K l '""' : ° VomTnTauto miintle'ts Me " 9 Romeoß of tnn or J' la ' ,k kl "|- _ Women's suede boudoir slippers, ..60c Women's two-clasp kid gloves in tan $4.00
*•> (u) *•>%<* «•> iinH « r , SI.OO to $2.50 Women's felt Juliets, with fur or rib- and gr ev $1.25 Women's washable leatherette gloves,
Fownes Argyle silk lined cape kid I s —!>-•»<> and !H.oO Men s opera and Everett slippers, of tan bon SI.OO to $1.50 \\r nma „- „i„ „ , . . 2 clasps, white, natural, tan irrev ami
gloves, $2.50 BOYS' GLOVES or black kid SI.OO to $-.00 Women's felt Everett's; . $l!oO | ™°Zh\l t *"' ! biscuit' B '. 7.V. 'socTsl'.2. L ,
Dent s cape gloves, .. .$1.50 and $-.00 Boys lined tan kid gloves, sizes 0 Men s felt Romeos 75c to $1.25 Children's felt picture slippers, .V black, I aris point cm- Women's two-clasp cashmerotte gloves
Dent's Royal Buck grey street gloves. ;to S, 50c Men's grey felt comfy slippers, . $1.25 «5c to SI.OO ... ', : '' " in black and colors 25c and 50c
$2.00 Boys' lined grey and tan suede and Boys' tan kid Romeo», SI.OO and $1.85 Children's felt comfy slippers, .. , o ."! en . 8 two-clasp gloves of hnest qual- RAVSPR sn K ninvro
Our "Special" soft finished cape gloves ! kid gloves 50c and SI.OO Boys' tan kid Everetts, SI.OO 05c to SI.OO !/ , ', n n 'bite. tan, grev and black,
in tan, spear point back, regular and cadet ! Boys' lined leather gauntlets, '
sizes $1.15 50c, 50c and SI.OO A y" \• /■ /■ < *—• . $2.00 and $2.25 black SI.OO
Silk lined grey suede gloves, ...$1.15 MEN'S BELTS /\ I 1111" fit 1 tYI \7" I -1 11 Yl~\ 1 f"llfp* Women's one-clasp cape gloves, prix .. Ka . v ?® r two-clasp silk gloves, suede
Genuine mocha gloves in grev, ..$1.50 New lot of belts, each in gift box, I V/l WI Ui 1 U1 illl Ul U seam, tan and black, .. SI.OO and $1.75 *• VV, 75c
MEN'S AUTO GLOVES 50c and SI.OO s">.oo willow chairs including cushion. Smoking stands $1.75 to $1.50 Children's kid gloves, one-clasp, tan, one-clnsn fleec!>d'"linn l ' ''whilV'Van' 0 , 1
Lamb lined auto gloves with wrist MACKINAWS Specially priced . . $3.50 Foot rests $1.75 to $2.05 ' $1.25 ' ' -A
strap, $3.05 Rainproof mackinaws in plain colors. I SI 0.50 golden oak extension tables, Taborets 20c to 05c Women's washable leatherette gloves. Children's golf and 'ckshmere'tte alovcs '
Lamb lined auto gauntlets, $4.0.> $8.50 .... $7.05 Mahogany pedestals, . .$1.25 to $10.95 12 and 16-button lengths, white, sand, black, red. grev brown and navv
Fleece lined airto gauntlets, BATH ROBES $1_.50 Turkish rockers $8.05 Brass costmners', 05c to tan and grey, SI.OO to $l5O "" ' •>'ic anH rn^
SI.OO to $3.95 Children's bath robes, SI.OB to $41.50 JL'9.OO fumed oak sofa beds, . .$10.50 $12.95 brass beds, $10.05 **■ niv„« i> „ < . P ,
v t-v Dives, romeroy & Stewart, Street Floor.
Let Handkerchiefs Solve Your Gift Problems ' 1 A Dish or Nickel Plated Coffee
Many of the choice boxed handkerchiefs show the skill that is found only in the deft C ---»*} "wSf __
fingers of their Irish makers, and thousands of others arq here from France—a'display that V, V tvgfr PpfpAl o frif- \\/i 11 \A a n\r n W/Amon
would not be possible if we had not received the greater portion months ago. y Will iVlUivvl iVlailj d VVOinSri ll3ppy
WOMEN'S HANDKERCHIEFS Hemstitched handkerchiefs, em- handkerchiefs, 50c, 75c, SI.OO, *; 'Pl 1p RncoiYioiif m„,„. .+4.,, i.- v -m. ii .■ ~ ,
Plain hemstitched linen hand broidered in one corner, of pure" $1.50, $1.75 and $2.00 1 IIP i">aS( lllOllt OITeiS 111.111 V .Htiactne J?l1t SllggestlOllS, illld tIIOSO tllat SGClll
kerchiefs, % and h-inch hems. 1°- C r " EN '® HANDKERCHIEFS to be meeting will greatest favor are Japanese china, cut glass, chafing dislies
*•, «-• 'f• r r "** M a ■ fljff ;Ur\ ««««•«««. po«»iat..™.
Linen handkerchiefs, plain and sc. 10c and 12He 10c, 12Hc. 15c, 17c, 25c & 50c PPv/ ' \ rv »f n i * , •
fancy initials h fln dk ff rcl,i o f. with Linen handkerchiefs with in- %YF*- V TvN BeautifuUy decorated pieces of Japanese china, COFFEE PERCOLATORS
12Hc, 15c and —>c . nrfl „ r nr ,i itial 12Hc, 25c and 50c [ .. Y * N'iekel plated seumless copper coflfee percolators.
Linen handkerchiefs with seal- I , . . >orner or col- CHILDREN'S M'fi^'ft- } Condiment sets S)Hc fitted with aluminum foot and ebonv haudles—
loped edges and embroidered in io c |« U , anrt HANDKERCHIEFS ,|KS|m|jl _ I Bureau sots $1.25 5 cI, P capacity $2.50
one corner, ' ' ° Plain and fancy colored border • i&tSWi (•„(. water sots n „ n c 7-cup capacity $2.75
25c, 50c, 75c and *I.OO Silk crepe de chine handker- handkerchiefs. - g ♦ tumblers Nickel percolators, straight patterns-
Lace trimmed handkerchiefs, dainty hemstitched edges sc , , ()c . , 2HC( lr , c an(l ;,, c nr o outline spinning star coinlmm 3 . pint capacitv $J ?5
10c, 12HC, 15c, 25c, 50c, 75c, m all the wanted shades. .. ,25c Fancy boxed handkerchiefs. 3 t ' tion ......... $7.50 4-pint capacity $2.00
SI.OO to $2.50 Madeira hand embroidered I in box." 10c, 15c, and 25c r S ; inch cut glass with hub or spinning star B-pint capacity $2.25
i I . / cutting SI.OB Aluminum percolators in latest designs; highly
r - r^1 T T . S->\l •« 1 . , , . r .-i U\ / ,Ji HM ( olcrv trays, in mitre aud star cuttings. . .SI.OB polished, ebonized handles—
The Happiest Children in Town Will JJJ till^
Be Found in Toyland To-morrow Sale of Women's and Misses' Coats In
»ou 11 wish you were a youngster again your- Will Be Distributed
I /Oi J' ou s P eu d five minutes in toyland, on the . \ T . , r /n • \ { . I f
» ' I third floor - to -^° rrow ' among the boys and givis by Aisie Managers tne interest ot vjivers ot i ractical CjlltS
I ( JSQTM zcbiiM LkJar-, '■ — an d you'll want to rename Toyland to Happy- .
j To All Children Viat
, tj 'si,9B.' - Mixed novelty weave coats in grey and !
Motors, ioc. 25c, »T.P« to *IO.OB. timi or maid. There are dainty Chantilly blue; in a plated flare model and broad belt KM?*/ffi
** «oc. 08c to $1.50. j s r t l oves. r ' l 4Bc, *7sc, one.' •V.3». laees and fine qualities of crepe de chine style .$15.00 ,Ssptyy} pjwKpUjß
ROCKING HORSES i MECHANICAL TRAINS *1.75, sl.'oß, $2.08 and *.i!OK! and panne velvcj—a gift that will truly 4i9Ooft Salts' I»lii«ih mt« in f 1 A rino- ITnv •V o '•iW
Plush Horfees on Rockers. $3.50, Mechanical Trains. 25c, 48c. 08c, Mechanical Automobiles, 25c, 18c brighten the eve of the recipient. Prices T,.'J 't. l .,. 1 vj n , l 0 ; o ui Sl " ft r n •
*4.50, $5.30, $5.50, $«.50 to | $1.50, $2.08, $3.50, $7.50, to 08c. hp Jj n „ t «i as 1 rot styles, belted, bpeeially priced, 5p10.50 ■a. -^KJatfrnJC)
*7.50. • I $8.75, $12.50 to $10.50. i Register Banks, 50c, 9Sc to '' Salt 's Kurltex coats in nlaiii tailnretl RB jHIMH jpH
Real Skin Horses. $6.50, $7.50 Electric Trains, 08c, $1.50, $1.25. fc£- Street Boor and Second Floor Silk Waist /, • coats in plain tailored 5;
to 80.08. SI.OO, $2.08, s3.:io, $4.08, Lead Soldiers, 50c. 50c, 08c, Section MOO '-'-' IK styles, in navy, green and black. Specially
Plush Horses on Swings, $4.08, | $0.50, $7.50 to SIO.OB. sl.lO, 81.48 to $1.75. «. priced at $18.50 -W".." WM "TSaS 3ji Jim
Exclusive Models in Popular Gift Lingerie and Blouses in Holly Boxes Gift Towels Neatly Boxed
I <f^nPtTlr\, T I llfKciriQ Beautifully trimmed tindernmslins and hhfuses of softest and finest textures, moderately priced Qualities that particularly appeal to those seeking pleasing
1 lpptJlCllJ lUI UC1I1C) and attractively packed for gift giving in pretty holly boxes. g if ts of an inexpensive character.
It was to be expected that the warring millions in Europe with , Cambric gowns, high neck and i 'io style. Gift Biou»es m iioiiy noxe« i uin> 'rut Hiiiiy cmi wcr i m ~
,i . . • i j • x?i ,i *ii- i long: embroidery trimmed. , . , , , , , Damask towels of fine linen, hem- Fancy colored border Turkish
their military trappings would influence the millinery styles. And 91.00. 91.50. 91.0.% t«» 9.1.05 , x oiie biouees with tuck trimmed . lnfnnt „. ArMgt - in naSrianrt u anA stiched ends, 35c, aoc. sih-. 75r nD d Towels, 3o<«. aoc, 75c to 91/w.
SO it has come to pass that the Tipperarv Turban is the mode of yoke, in tr?nime(r with lac"or°embi'oid- 'si rtion trimmings: turn-over anil j lawn, dainty trimmings of fine tucks, "iTnen huck towels hemmed and Plain colored Turkish towels with
the hour. AVe have received New York's latest fnterpretation of cry and rlldion. Sl.mi. Sl.a». SI.SO. | e eni a -\nd t h(^ii m aml V frlu 'il!»n I br,ar Stitching or lace or embroidery hemstitched: dozen, *i.7."n each, 3.V. ender, bord, ' r3 in i)l, i k ' blue and
nonnlar hat lo 910.00. , 1 1 insertion and edge, 50e, 91.<">0, L*inen huck towels, hemstitched
'.P, P , , _ , . . , , Nainsook combinations trimmed Voile blouses In military style, _. f en( l s witll damask border. :«»c, 50e, Rath towel and wash cloth sets,
Black plush with French wreath of clustered small fruit and flowers. J''Jh lace or embroidery. 91.n0, 1M..10, l ollar. ruffs and buttons .touched ys 0 #I.OO. boxed, embroidered initial in blue;
$12.00 *l.i« .0 WJH. ! with color *1.03 Infants' croclieted caps In wool, inmcl. nf hiwit two t° we ls and two cloths fWc
Black velvet with brocaded satin ribbon crown and trimming of black Beacon ninnket Bath l«ol>e« Un-e trimmed voile blouses at a pfnk^ blue te trlmmlnt ends with place lor monogram, ar.o. The Turknit Gift Box, containing
f nr Hand «I 1 -Ul Beacon blanket bath 10b ? with ov with front and back trlmiried P' n s D ' u « 'r |n °mlng. 39«- and 30c. twn Turkish face cloths, 1 bath
m-1 1' 'ul ul'' \ *„■„ without collar, stitched satin or self with pin tucks, embroidered organ- *'•»•> >0 s.i.»n. Turkish towels in rose desicn cloth, two face towels and two bath
Black \elvet with brown velvet crown, fitch or rose trimmings, .. trimmed; red. navy, Copenhagen, dy panels and wide Ta 'c insertion. Knitted Afghans in all white or pink, blue, lavender and cold towels; set SI.OO
Blue velvet with fitch band $4.05 rose, lavender and tan, »3.50, #3.«s, organdy collar, sleeves trimmed with white with pink or light blue, neatly size, 30c. Face cloths for crocheting edges-
We have the new Tipperary frames and can make this style in any #s.o«, «o *T.or>. ! lace insertion 92.95 boxed, *I.OO. Small or guest size, i»c. white and colors So and JOc
material or color desired. tT Dives, Pomeroy i Stewart, Second Floor—Three Elevators. y Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Street Floor.
An Improved Balmacaan Is the Balmoral: Here 10 Pounds Granulated Sugar for 53c
It 15—525.00 Overcoats at SIB.OO With Each SI.OO Purchase of Groceries
•nr , ... j „ . , , ... PIMENTO CHEESE; lb 27c Best CLEANED CURRANTS; pack- "TUNA" FISH; a delicious substi
\\ eve always something new and alluring to make it worth a man s while to visit the Cloth- lm Fancy New SHOE PEQ CORN; 3 „, aRe tute for chicken in salads, sand
ing Store on Saturday. A famous maker contributed to this week-end outfitting event by send- L - junb PEAS'I cans Zl o^CE d c™NMb. Et,: . lb ".«c RED AUASKA saLMON. in tkii ti^
ing us a choice lot of Balmorals—his conception of how to get this popular overcoat style away Maryland cold packed TOMATOES. A " A ib^ N . BLACK . DATES: . . lb .'."coT.'rm:" ™Snd tins *'Z
from the commonplace. And we are going to distribute, to-morrow, these high-grade $25.00 j; „' l , A l a T r sr c ,f!. , , ls ' ,; r> ;; ■;■ r ,-,v.v-o 2 ' i< ' '"SPANISH" PINEAPPLE; large... Ib«. New NOR WAY MACKEREL;* .-><•
overcoats at 9 18.00. Seeing is believing, men! The loss is the maker's. \ tomato regular ioc can." iZ e ICnu t choice- NEW APRICOTS" i*ibi' Sc
There sno seam in the back-it s a one-piece garment that required expert designing and tJ\ \ «va„ camps- evaporated milk 2?' LEMONS' dozen 19c SANTA CLARA PRUNES; lbs
cutting to achieve. Ihe only seam is where the sleeves are, cleverlv joined to the body of the \J/y 1 tai 1 tins. 3 for . 2«c FANCY MIXED.NUTS; 'ib 22<- "SILVER" PRUNES; large size; tb„
coat. Finished with cuffs on sleeves and velvet self-collar. Shown in finest quality. <\V/ {} T\ St Im P-ted NAPLES WALNUTS; ib.,
- . , _ . _ ft "GRAHAM FLOUR," 5 lb. bags,..22c PAPER SHELL ALMONDS; lb„ 24c 2 lbs ' ... ' " 3Nc
Oxfords Purple Overplaids Brown Mixtures , I \ WHEAT" FLOUR; 5 _n>. PINEAPPLE CANDY FIGS; boxes, PEANUT BUTTER; finest quality;
Brown Overplaid Boucles ' J\)> 35 ! '^r^beefT'h : .b. package "'. f£ ii.'. ll> :'? an ":'S
$lB to $22 Balmacaans $13.50 to $16.50 Balma- I Young Men's Suits, sls
Reduced to $14.50 caans Reduced to $9.50 Fn,u h «f wH?TB A bßAPiw? is ib.. a ! h ": "swi^-'s'premiLim"' HAMS ; 'ibi.alc T->iufa Nf lh :'.:::''ut
Cravenetted, convertible collars, j vertible collar' sizes ''l to 18 P,lt Bac,ts ' two anfi three buttons, 1 " \ t m T,r,rt h T hi„ DMSIVS u- 10c 2:, c Large Jars SANDWICH OLIVES, He
.;,o. o o ! ertinie collars, sizes to ,18 — // fUfiN V . \ Imported Table RAISINS; package, IMPORTED ROQUEFORT; 1b.,..»»c PIMENTO STUFFED OLIVES' 3 10c
sizes 33 to 38— Green and grey Scotch overplaid P atch an d regular pockets— ] /|™ \ 23c "DOMESTIC" SWISS; lb 2Nc bottles ric
Blue and grey chinchillas Black and white pin head checks 1 11 1 l\\ \ BEST SEEDED RAISINS; package, KAISER LIMBURGER; 1 lb. bricks, imported CHOWCHOW; quart 'bot
Grey Scotch mixtures p lain cheviots Tartan check worsteds tj /|| \\ \ • 13c 2«c ties 2sc
M 3 ITy oTeXds orey and hrown overplaid. / / \\ \ HainK/ Hi ft AnrnnC
Brown and grey piaids S3O Chinchilla Overcoats *"« \\ \ Dainty Uitt Aprons Hand Diooed Choco-
Grey and Black Top Coats Reduced to $22.50 Tartan ch6ck caMlroe ™ / / i; \ aprons without bib, trimmed with hemstitch- I I'I
Medium weight silk faced and full Single and double-breasted styles Plain grey caapimeres JJj ll J ' ng ° r cmhroider y i" ser tion orlfitGS 200
silk lined top coats in grey and black with patch and regular pockets, Brown worsteds and cassimeres V' \ J T ... . ,*r c ' n '1? ,® ft.oo
unfinished worsted with or without plain and belted backs— lefcs ' Large aprons with bib and bretelles or Gibson strap, Delicious fancy chocolates of acknowledged qual
silk faced lapels, sizes 34 to 42 and Blue, tan, grey and brown chin- Mrge Cn gored front or gathered styles, hemstitched, tucked ity, with assorted cream centers and same with nut
stouts 38 to 46, SIO.OO to «25.00 chillas with shawl collar. Blue unfinished worsted FTI \ or embroider;- trimmed, 25c, 50c, 75c, »1.00 to $1.05 topg —the chocolate coating is heaving and of fine
„ „ I N B1 «e check gingham aprons without bib, 25c; with quality. Hpecial for holiday buyers, lb 20c
tr Dives, Pomeroy & btewart, Men 8 Clothing, Second Floor, Rear—Three Elevators. ; * bib 50c ' «■
w ' V