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Henrietta D. Grauel
A Visit to the Sewing School
One of the requirements of good
ftousekeeping is the knowledge of sew
ing. This charming handicraft is 110
longer taught our girls as a punishment
or a dreary task as it used to be when
a stint of work was laid out and no
play permitted until the long seam was
done. Now the work is taught in most
schools. The lessons are interesting;
here is a sample. First there is given
some knowledge of the warp and woof
of the eloth. "The warp is stronger
than the woof and so patterns are laid
lengthways of goods when cutting."
Now many persons cut and sew con
tinually without knowledge why the
goods is eut the long way of the cloth
but after seeing a loom and watching
the weaving the why and wherefore be
comes clear. little looms are placed
where the girls can see how the threads
are woven.
Then the position of the seamstress
is discussed with relation to the light,
the height of the sewing table and the
work in hand. A sewer so trained will
never bend over her work but bring
it up to her.
The directions for threading the
needle are practical. Holl the end of
the thread between the thumb and fore
finger until it is twisted tightly, then
run it through the needle's eye. Now
draw as much thread from the spool as
you need and break it off, then the
thread will not ravel or draw.
Make small knots; never sew without
a thimble; have fine needle with the
thread and vice versa.
Very little children should be sup
plied with colored, coarse thread and
burlaps or soft canvas.
/■ ■ N
One Kind For Furnace
One Kind For Range
Nine times out of ten it is poor policy to
use the same kind of coal in both the furnace
and the range.
If it burns all right in the furnace it will
be too hard for the range.
The thing to do if you want to run your
house economically is to use the kind best
suited for your range and another different
kind of coal for your furnace.
You know there is considerable more to
the coal business than most people think.
A dealer if he knows his business, can
easily recommend the kind of coal that will
just suit you if yon give him particulars.
Lot us send our expert to advise you.
United Ice & Coal Co.
Forster & Oowden Third & Boas
15th & Chestnut Hummel & Mulberry
| A Beer brewed with a double purpose— |
To please the palate as a beverage; i
;» A liquid food in the truest sense of the words. ]
Made from the best selected hops and malt. |
3; Brewery unexcelled for Purity and Excellence of 5
I Product. ;
Bell SliOL , Independent 318 2
j I jj I j j
Ut ?"Ak es p E are j ha p d lya quotation used in literature =3?
tfj^,l^l-l^-ggl-TA K EN FRo J^2^L-2f-jH£M c: ] [
11 The above Certificate ' [
J; Entitles bearer to this 95.00 Illustrated Bible i!
♦ If presented et the office of tSi. newspaper. together with the Hated .mount th.t
I covers the necessary EXPENSE items of thii greet distribution - including
c ' cr ' t » ir *» cost of packing, checking, express from factory, ate., etc ( I
I > MAGNIFICENT Oike illustration in announcements from day to day) is < >
0 111 IICTDATrrt bo " n 4 ' n * u " ex i*!' e I'mp leather* with overlapping covers * 1
~ ILLUoIKAItU and title stamped in gold, with numerous full-page plates j|
]* »s Edition in color from the world famous Tissot collection, together
j [ ol *•>« with six hundred superb pictures graphically illustrating •'
"BIBLE and ma,:in ß the verse in,t!ie light of modern Biblical JI
, knowledge and research. The text conforms to the
j ( authorized edition, is self-pronouncing, with copious ■ < >
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Bible paper, fiat ope Ding at all pages; beautiful, |?JsIZ EXPENSE
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J! tratlons and I h* Cardinal Gibbons and Archbishop ( )
maps. One free I Qlf. rvi?cssr (now Cardinal) Farley, as well as by the « >
.. feNlfirate anil various Archbishops of the country. The < I
; illustrations consists of the full-page en- < '
..V T . . t . . Tl . .. graving" approved bv the Church, with- < I
1 I out the Tissot and text picture*. It will be distributed in the same bindings as-the Pro- « >
>e«eant book, and at the same Amount Expense Item,, with the necessary Free Certificate.
, , MAIL ORDERS—Any b*Mc by parc4l post. Include"EXTßA 7 cents within ! !
( . 160 miles; 10 cent, 150 to 100 rollee; for areater distances ask your poatmutw ' 1
< , amount to Include for t pounds. Y. i *
Young boys need sewing work as j
much as girls because it teaches pa- :
tience, judgment, knowledge of colors,
and is good training for hands and j
brains. Kindergarteners put great :
stress on the needlework of their pupils .
and some wonderful results are shown j
in these baby clases.
In older classes the work is given as :
follows, unless circumstances require
special course of study:
Basting, running stitch, half-back j
stitch or full back stitch, over casting, i
Hemming and creasing come next j
and a marker is used to insure even-;
ness. Hems are always turned toward
the worker. Selvage edges are not i
! hemmed as they are closely woven and j
pucker in the washing.
I Over seaming, over casting, French
seaming and felled and over handed;
| seams are next taught. Then comes
'placing of gathers, gathering, stroking, >
'securing the threads. Hemming on a!
patch' and darning are useful lessons, i
Straightaway and bias darns and stock- |
inet darning must be learned well, then ;
button holes are attempted.
The instructions are cutting tlie hole, !
over casting it, the button hole stitch 1
and finishing the ends.
Lnst but far from least important is
the sewing on of buttons. When all
this is mastered the girls are allowed ,
to learn how to nse the machine.
This course of study is considered
ideal and is the one compiled by Miss
Blohm of the State University. It is
in use in many of our public schools
and sewing schools and any housekeeper
will do well to follow it.
A Novelized Version o( the Notion
i ' Picture Drama of the Same Name
Produced by the Lubin Manufac-
turin| Company, Illustrated With
Photographs From the Picture Pro-
A Partner to Providence.
Jl MM \ LH iLT. cashier "oil the
works' ot tlie National Construc
tion company, shut his daybook
with a cheerful smack, closed the
safe and switched oft the light over
his desk
"Heady to go—no? Well. I'm otf
g'niirht!" he said and departed, whis
"Overgrown cub."-* Peterson, general
manager ot operations, muttered Ir
ritably and dismissed Jimmy from his
mind Peterson's humor was ot the
blackest, and he now gave himself to
a close scrutiny of his personal and
very private affairs, with most unsut
Ist'actory results. Uis need for money
was really desperate The state pen!
tentlaiy loomed unpleasantly near 1111
less he could replace before the UP
counting day, now not* far off. certain
trust funds which he had lost in reck
less speculation, and his assets were
totally exhausted. Uis gloomily brood
ing eyes rested on the safe, nnd front
speculation his expression quickly
His Gloomily Brooding Eyes Rested on J
the Safe.
changed to furtive determination. Not
long before tin- conibiuniiou of the safe '
hud been chunked and was now sup- i
posed to lie known to none "011 the!
works" excepting Holt. C hance, how '
ever, had given Mr. Peterson an op
portunity 10 learn the magic numbers, i
and with characteristic thought fulness
they had been jotted down in lilsj
pocket memorandum book in a few,
moments the iron door swung open.
"Not wortli the cltance." Peterson
decided when he had computed the i
small amount of miscellaneous cash !
As he reel used the safe a sudden
thought brushed the scowl from iiis'
brow and twisted his lips into a iri !
iimphnut ami malicious grin It had
occurred to Him thitt Hit uey for
the pay roll, *.">.< ion. would arrive tiy
express on the following day iitid be
placed in the safe overnight. Instant
ly every worry lei lilm. The money
was as good as In bis pocket, and with
very little trouble all danger to him
self could be obviated. Certainly his
luck bad turned, lie would take ad
vantage of this complacent uiood of
fortune to urge his suit with Elsie
Manning, who. he was compelled to
reluctantly admit, bad been strangely
The moonlight lent romantic charm
to the pretty cottage which wns the
girl's home, and as he drew near Pe
terson was gripped by an emotion he
had never before experienced—for the
first time ne realized that be was pas
oionately in lore mid not moved mere
ly by a casual fancy. With quickened
heartbeat he hurried forward, only to
come to ail abrupt stop as he caught
sight of two figures in the shadows of
the veranda. There was no mistaking
-Elsie .Manning was nestling close In
Holt's embrace.
Forcing all signs of agitation to van
ish from bis face and whistling cheer
fully. lie strode noisily forward. The
figures hastily drew apart.
"Dow do. Miss Elsie —bello. Jimmy!"
he said Jovially. "Thought I might
run across you here." be added cordial
ly (o Holt as they found seats, eou
trolling by main strength the rage that
again boiled as lie noted the glow of
happiness on the younger man's face
and the girl's shy joyousness.
"fCo. 7. eastbound, is just about due
to pass. Isn't she?" Holt asked, glane
Ing down the hill to where the single
track railway disclosed itself as paral
lei silver bars.
"Yies. I can hear it." Elsie said. "!i
always reminds mother to wind the
Mock." she added with a musical
"Seems—seems like I hear a train
■•oming west." Holt hazarded. "Guess
not, of course, but"- He stopped, lis
tenlng uneasily. There could be no
doubt about it—from the west came
the roar of No. 7 as she swept down
the long grade from the foothills, and
from the opposite direction the pant
Ing of a big mogul us it breasted the
"Look!" Jimmy suddenly shouted
ai:d sprang to bis feet.
As No. 7 train thundered Into sight
pnssonger No. !). which should have
been waiting upon the siding at Bax
ter station, two miles east, tore round
the shoulder of a hill and came on
with undiminished speed.
Lord Cecil, with fair measure of suc
cess. hud linen striving to forget the
discomfort of the dnst.v day coach and
the distressing roughness of the road
bed In dreams of the future-dreams
Into which there came a slender girl
ish form and wistful eyes.
Suddenly his every sense seemed par
alyzed by sounds and shocks beyond
buuiau imagining, lie was vaguely
awure of splintering timbers, of shiv
ering glass, of wild shrieks as passen
gers started up and were hurled from
their feet. Then silent blackness, like
deepest sleep, shut down, crushing him
into unconsciousness.
Almost before the two trains bad met
In mutual destruction Holt, Peterson
and Elsie had sprung from tile veranda
and were racing toward the scene of
the catastrophe
When tlie.V reached the spot It seem
ed that all tile passengers had already
extricated themselves or been assisted
to safety by those unhurt. As they
stared in fascinated horror at a liuif
crushed and blazing conch, however, a
man crawled painfully forth, and Holt
sprang forward to aid him
"I'm a' right!" the passenger gasped
"Hut there's a man in there— 1 couldn't
get him out!"
He pointed toward the burning coach.
"Coine on!" Holt shouted and. with
out waiting for a reply, dashed to
the car. Peterson hesitated and drew
back. Under Klsie's scornful glance
be writhed uncomfortably
"No use for two t" go—and we've got
to look out for your safety." he stam
mered. But the girl turned away. Holt
soon reappeared, bearing the body of a
"Bring him to the bouse." Klsle said
with eager pity and gave Jimmy Holt a
glance to win which he would have
gone through ten times the dire peril
lie had just passed She hurried ahead,
and with Peterson's assistance Holt
carried toward the cottage tile uncon
scious Lord Cecil.
An hour later Cecil opened his eyes,
glanced uucoinprelieiidingly nbout the
simple bedroom In whicli be lay, and
then smiled iuto the troubled eyes of
the girl bending over him
"I don't know what It's all nbout. but
I'm sure you're awf'ly good, y' know,"
he said ami went to sleep.
"He'll be all right now— nothing the
matter except shock rail bump on the
head." Holt said with cheerful relief.
While not quite so energetic u con
valescent as Jlmmv had declared. Ce
cil was moving about the next morn
ing without much difficulty and took a
Half an hunt before Peterson had
received the express package—for
warded by horseman from the Junc
tion-containing the Ml for the pay
roll and had handed over the money
to Holt, taking his'receipt therefor.
Holt wrapped the packet of bills in a
sheet of brown paper, secured It with
a rublier baud and placed It in the safe.
No sooner had Ilolt left the office
than Peterson applied himself to the
combination of the safe, and in a few
moments had extracted the package
containing the payroll money, replae
lug It with a dummy package of Iden
tical appearance, the latter maneuver
being in case Holt should chance to
look In the safe again that day. He
hastily closed the safe iinU pocketed
the real money package as footsteps
sounded alongsidefhe building. A few
moments later Lord Cecil entered and
inquired for Holt and was informed
that lie would lii:d him ou the works.
Thither he therefore went and found
that young man wearing a slightly
worried expression, which, howevef.
vanished as Cecil gave his message.
The cause of Holt's concern was a
brief conversation he had had with
the sheriff a few moments before, dur
ing which that official had warned him
that a gang of veggmen was believed
to be in the region
When Cecil had gone Holt returned
to the office to find that Peterson had
already left, a fact that afforded him
some satisfaction. It being entirely
agreeable to him that no one whoso
ever should know that hp Intended to
furry on his person until the next day
the payroll cash. The packet appeared
to be as he had left It. and he careful
ly concealed It In an inside pocket.
Peterson meanwhile had been busy
making arrangements with a couple of
"There will be enough loose cash ID
the safe to pay you for your trouble
aside from what I have advanced,'
Peterson assured them. "All I want
yon to do Is to remove and destroy tbu
brown paper package yon will ue#."
I . s " n ~" " 1 ' "" ,T 5
This Automatic Poultry Feeder
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I 365 days. These are official records made by birds operating these
| feeders, which were refilled but once each week.
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— _ _
Mr. Peterson departed, to spend a
wakeful night itud to trust devoutly
; -, -4-
Holt Soon Reappeared, Bearing the
Body of a Man.
during the latter half that no one be
sides himself bad beard the inn tiled,
knocking boom that came from the di
rection of the construction
office. Such, however, bad not been
the case At the very moment when
tiie explosion took place the energetic
sheriff was passing within tifty yards
of the building, which should nave
been dark and silent, but from which
came this significant choked roar and
In which a candle was glimmering.
Before the dim of smoke had cleared
the sheriff was Inside the building, and
two disgusted gentlemen ot the road,
who were just on the point of remov
ing from the doorless safe the petty
cash, found themselves looking into
the muzzle of a singularly large and
convincing revolver.
To Be Continued.
Our record and refutation as Dia
mond Merchants is one that we think
enviable, and our large and magnificent
stock allows the best selection in the
H. C. Claster,
Gems, Jewels, Silverware,
;SO2 Market Street. Adv.
Postmaster Held for Court
Lancaster, Dec. 11. —William I.M.
Hamibletou, for a liuin'bcr of years a
postmaster at Kirk wood, was given a
hearing yesterday by United States
Commissioner Howard .1. Lowell on the
charge of falsifying ihis reports to tlie
Postoffrce Department. The accused was
held under bail for trial in the United
States District Court.
Raccoon Battles With Crows
Sewell, N. J., Dec. 11.—A battle 'be
tween a large Hock of crows and a fat
raccoon, perched in t'he top of a big
oak tree, where tiie 'birds were seeking
a roosting place, was witnessed by Bti
gene Shoemaker, a farmer living near
here. The coon held his own and re
fused to retreat.
Held for Killing Child
Aitoona, Pa., Dec. 11. —Roland Reed,
aged 16. who accidentally shot and
killed William Riling, aged 5, while at
target practice in the suburbs, has been
held to await the action of the Grand
Jury on the charge of manslaughter.
The Riling child was playing in front,
of 'his home when killed.
Preparations go on witlh albsolute
confidence that toy 1915 peace will pre
vail to an extent that will permit the
attention of t'he world 'to 'be focused on
San Pranciseo.
These Churmlnjt lelanda Are New
»t Their Beet
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newest and only twin-screw steam
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Jury Finds Mrs. Demedio Shot Husband
in Self-Defense
Pottsville, Pa., Dec. 11. —A new
phase of the sensational duel at Mi
nersville Wednesday, when Mrs. Nich
olas Demedio shot her a
wealthy Italian, to death, came as the
result of the Coroner's verdict yester
day, which exonerated the woman from
all blame because she ahot in self-de- |
fense. Four 'ballots were found in the j
<lead man's body, hut an investigation
showed that some of these 'bullets were
from the revolver held in Demedio's
oiwn hand.
It, is believed by the Coroner that D|e
inedio thought he had killed his wife j
when he shot at her, and that he then
turned his own revolver upon ihimself. |
Fatally Burned in Explosion
Shainokin, Pa., Dec. 11.—.Felix
ißrogwa was fatally 'burned in an ex
•plosion at the 'Bnrnside colliery yester
day. Hurrying to learn tlhe effects of
a shot he had exploded, he ran into a
thic'k volume of sulphur which was
ignited by his miner's lamp.
Refuse Wage Proposition
WilkeS'Barre, Pa., Dec. 11. —'Em-
ployee of the WilkesAßarre Railway
Company, "bv a vote of 240 to 17, yes
terday rejected the compromise offer of
(ieneral 'Manager Thomas A. Wright, iu
their demands for increased wages.
320 Market Street
Fali Term September First
r *\
Stenography, Stenotypy
Enroll Any Monday
15 S. "arket Sq., Harrisburg, Fa.
! Cumberland Valley Railroad
In Kffeut May 24, 1»1*.
Trains Leave llurrlnburK—
Kor Winchester ana M;utlnsbur c , at
5.03, *7.60 a. nu v 3.40 p."nv,
l>'or llagurstown, Charnbersburg and
intermediate stations, at '5.03, *7.60
'll. u3 a. m.. v 3.4u, 6.32, >7.40. U.utf
p. m.
Additional trains for Carlisle and
Mechaniesbuig at IMS a. m.. 2.15. 3.27
u.30, a.30 p. m.
For Dilisbuig at 5.03, *7.50 and •11.61
a. m., 2.18, *3.40, 5.32, ti.3o p. m.
•Dally. All other trains daily except
Sunday. J H. TONQE.
H. A. RIDDLE, O. P. A. S UB t
War makes no distinction between
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