The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, December 11, 1914, Page 11, Image 11

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St, LOUIB Federals Hear That Athletic °S
Contract Holds—Slugger
Tried to Jump
fit. Louis, Mo., Dec. 11.—Federal
League officials were advised 'by their
Attorneys here yesterday that the con
tract of Frank Baker with the Athletic
Club is binding.
The St. Louis Club immediately noti
fied Baker that the deal wherclby he
was to come to the Terriers is off. Baker
applied for a job with the St. Louis
Feds some time ago. He said at the
time he would jump whatever his con
tract, as he believed if Miawk asked
waivers on him or traded him his con
tract became void. He had been toKL
this by attorneys and the St. Louis
officials also were so advised. They
told Baker they would take 110 chance
of a law suit awl had the contract in
vestigated by their own lawyers, with
yesterday's result.
Jimmy Austin, of Mie Brown", or
Hans «Loibert, of the Quakers, is now
being sought to fill the hole at third
for St. Louis.
Manager Fielder Jones wired the of
ficials yesterday that he ha<l notified the
Baltimore Ciu'b he would not exercise
iiis option of Chief Bender, under pro
viso that Baltimore does not oppose
his taking a certain pitcher ho wants
when the player is signed. This was
agreed to.
Miss Margaret F. Sparver Will Lead St.
Members of the St. Paul's Episcopal
basketball team at a meeting Wednes
day elected Miss Margaret F. Sparver
The five is being coached by "Ike"
McCord and has been doing good work
during the season. Members of the
team are: Margaret F. Sparver and
Miartha Bay, forwards; Jennie Hersh,
center; Marian No'ble and Lillian
Koch, guards; Melissa Klior, substitute.
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Turns Over Chair to Charles Ebbets for
a Time, but No More Busi
ness Is Done
New York, Dee. 11. —Charles H. Eb
bets, the squire of Flat'bush, had the
honor of usurping the chair of the Na
tional League while the magnates of
that institution dosed the parting para
graphs of the (business at their annual
meeting at the Waldorf-Astoria yester
day. Governor Tener, hurriedly called
home, tendered the chair to C. Holiday.
There was very little business left
when President Tener resigned the
throne, and that little was disposed of
as laboriously as possible. The ques
tion before the house dealt with the
proposition of waivers. It has been
suggested that claims for release of
players might not t>e recalled when
once asked. No action was taken.
It was agreed by the National mag
nates that the ,-oster limit recently
adopted would not include uniformed
men not actively engaged in the game.
In other words, bench managers or lead
ers who do not appear regularly in the
real contests will not count. Nor will
coaches who take no active part in the
scheduled games.
The league went on record as op
posed to any change in the prevailing
conditions of the world's series. Nine
fames too unwieldy,
t was decided that the clubs be allowed
to carry their present rosters up to May
1, next, when every one will have to
come within the limit of twenty-one
Hail With Joy Announcement That
Freeman Has Baching
York, Pa., Dec. 11.—The anounce-
Tiieni, that Buck Freeman has the hack
ing for a Tri-Stato cluib in York is
bailed with much joy among the fans
of this city.,
It is believed that there will be no
trouWle to put a club in the field here
during tho coming season. When the
Tri-Stnte club left York and went to
Lancaster last year there WM talk
among the business men of getting an
early start for the coming season and
putting a team in the field upon a solid
basis, so there would be no more anxie
ty about finding money to finance the
club. It is believed that those same
men will lead in the movement toward
the organization of a new club.
York Springs Boy Becalled to Athletics
From Raleigh After
Two Years
Gettysburg, Dec. 11.—Now that. Ed
die Plank will be no longer a star on
the Athletic faasc/ball team Adams coun
ty fans will not lose interest in that
organisation for a York Springs ball
player, Jim Myers, will be with Con
nie next year, according to the latest
Myfers has been with the Baleigh
team for the past two years and as
early as last August t'fte manager, Karl
\l»ck, informed his famous father, that.
Jim was ready foT the big show but
the elder IMack was then in the tightest
part of his pennant race and had enough
twirl era without 'Myers.
J'im is 20 years of age, stands 6
feet 2 inches in his stocking feet anil
weighs 190 pounds and has the speed
of a Bender. 'He pitched his first ganio
of ball on July 14, 1911, for t'he York
Spring* team' against Dr. Dill's Big
ervillo team and won his game.
In 1912 Myers made a great record
and after the close of fhe season ait
York Springs was asked to i>ome to
Shibe 'Park, for a try out arnd *vus signed
by Ulat-k and sertt to R-aleigh in the
spring of 1913 where he has remained
for tJho past two years.
Marsh Run Team Gets Victory Over
New Cumberland
New Cumberland lost to Marsh Run
last night by a margin of one pin. The
match was bowled on Thomas Liipp's
alleys at New Cumberland. * High
game score went to Randolph, of New
Cumberland, with a mark of 137. The
Troup 108 122 104— 334
Marshall .. 101 100 111— 312
Dannal 112 102 104 — 318
Orris 98 130 113— 341
Gnist 103 109 124 336
Totals .. 512 563 556—1641
Randolph . 137 112 115— 364
IHavnes ... 100 101 103—304
Wire 112 110 118— 340
Shuler 101 116 90— 307
Bamberger . 110 100 115— 325
Totals .. 660 539 541 —1640
Luck Sets Up New Three-game Total
in Casino League
Tho Nationals won from the Mon
archs in the Casino League match last
evening by 43 pins. Bruce Luck set
up a new three-game total of 680 pins,
breaking a former record held by
Montgomery by 6 pins. The score:
Bentz 161 184 160 — 505
Senior .... 187 173 124 484
Dunkle ... 185 196 235 — 616
Ford 193 215 205 — 613
Atticks ... 172 211 212 595
Totals .. 898 979 936 —2813
Basch 212 170 21 2 594
A. D. Miller 169 169 • 167 — 505
Thompson . 176 157 161 — 494
Jones 213 176 194 583
Luck 23** 233 213 — 680
Totals .. 1005 904 947 —2856
Match Between Federals and Braves
Evens Race
In a P. R. U. V. M. C. A. match tast
evening the Braves won two of three
matches from the Federals, but dropped
the match by 17 pins. These two
teams, with the Bisons, are nil tied for
first place. Bowers starred. The
Leaman ... 158 181 157 496
Baull 160 183 144 487
Colestock . . 165 156 157 — 478
C. E. Miller 136 211 166 — 513
Mendenhall. 185 209 176 570
Totals .. 804 940 800—2544
Gough .... 150 200 163- 513
E Miller .. 159 173 156 488
Mikle 106 136 178— 420
Bowers ... 225 157 214 s>96
Smith 193 153 164 510
Totals .. 833 819 875 —2527
Hassett Club Falls Before Lancaster
Team, :$7 to 33
LaJiifai9t©T, Dec. 11.—The Ilaa-ett
OMb of Harrisbung, lost to »t. Joseph's
hero last niiglht by a Mere o>f 37 to 22.
McCurdy wo'd Hinnenknnnp played good
floor games. while Leo Houck and
K ire liner played best for the locals.
The line-op and summary:
Wassett Club. St. Joseph's.
McCurdy F Hmiek
jje« F Ki'rchner
I'll. Souirbier .. . .C Hecker
Weitzel O Krimmel
L. Sou.rb'ier G Wenzedl
Field goals, Bd. Sourbier, 5; Kirch
near, 5; Hecker, 5; MeOurdy, S; Hoaick,
3; Kimmel, 2. Foul goails, Bd.
6 of 9; Kirchner, 7 of 17. Referee,
Jones, Franklin and Marshall. Periods,
20 minutes each.
Tennis Club Wins, 39-13
The Tennis Club won from the Win
croft team in the Middloiown Indus
trial League last night by a score of
29 to 13. The lineuip and summary:
Tennis Club. Wincroft.
McNair F Welch
Lingle F H. Woirich
Detweiler C Beck
Peters G Shaffer
E. Keiper G Lynch
Field goals, Lingle, 4; McNair. 2;
TMweiler. 2; Welch, 2; Peters, Stipe,
Foul goalfl, McNair, 11; Welch, 2;
Beckey. Befereo, Baumbarh. Scorer,
Buby. Timer, Blecher. Substitution.
Beckel for H. Weirich. Periods, 20
minutes each.
Lincoln Five Downs Forney
I/inooln grammar school downed For
ney in a one-sided game yesterday,
score, 32-2. The line-up:
Lincoln. Forney
Walker F Fefllows
Thomas F Kurtz
( Captain)
Leeds ... C Rijoddy
C. Beck . G .Hoerner
Moltz G J. Beck
Field go ails, Walker, 9; Thomas, 4;
Beck. Foul goals, Walker, 2; Thomas,
2; Hoemor, J. Beck. Referee Killinger.
Periods, 20 minutes each.
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Intends to Startle Baseball World With
Further Deals
Ohicago, Dec. IX.—'President Com
iskey, of the White Sox, has fuses at
tached to another 'bomb or two whose
explosion) will stai'tle the 'baseball world
almost as much as his purchase O'f Eddie
Collins did.
An outfielder and third 'baseman of
stellar magnitude will be a&ded to the
Whilto Sox roster before spring, ac
cording to Comiskey. The clubs to which
the men belong will fix a price on their
services. Tlio question of management
will talce care of itself, he asserts, if he
can land the players 'lue is after. Com
iskev would not sita'to oJii.ially the
terms of the Collins deal, but declared
that the estimate of ?1 10,000 for the
purchase price and salary for five years
was much too low. When asked if
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? 150,000 would cover both cash price
anil salary he said that was too high.
Comiakey will not say what addi
tional players he is after. One of them,
however, is 'believed to be Clyde Alilan,
the fleet centrefielder of t'he Washing
ton- chub. Another is Fritz Maisel, t'he
clever little third sacker of tihe New-
York American League clulb.
Player Has Given Phillies First Chance
to Bid
Philadelphia, Dee. 11.—" Tlonug''
Lo<bert, of the Phillies, will meet Presi
dent (Baker to tal'k over a contract
for next season. Wbe-rt is the only
memiber of the Phillies who has not
signed for next year and lie 'has given
the Phillies 'firstt. bid on his services.
Lobert admitted last nigilit that he
had been talking with agents of the
'Federal I/oague and tivalt they told
hini they were willing to talk 'business
with him as soon as he was ready. JJO
! Bert has given his word to Baker thait
ho will not jump to the Feds until he
gives the Phillies' owners a chance
to satisfy him With terms. Thf 1 re/ports
that Ixdbcrt was to foe traded to the
Now York Giants have not reached him
in any official manner, and when asked
if he would be willing TO go to the
Giants if Manager Moran arranged a
J trade, iiofbent declared that he would
like to be consulted about it first.
Wbert is anxious to remain in Phil
adelphia. He says ho Ihas 'been well
i treated here, has made this his home
and would not like to play anywhere
else he was compelled to make
a change Himself.
I Former Giant Gets Real Chance to
Make Good in Cincinnati
New York, Dec. 11.—Charley fHer
zog signed yesterday afternoon as
manager of the Cincinnati Beds for a
Period of two seasons. August Herr
mann's announcement came as no sur
prise to the fraternity. President and
manager had practically agreed upon
terms at the close of last season.
Herrmann, who has boon afflicted
with an excess of managers, decided to
give (Maryland's canteloupe king a real
chance to muke good. Herzog for sev
eral weeks Inst year was the mana
gerial sensation of the parent major
league. His club folded before mid
season. This perhaps was due to the
fact that the Kedlegs Buffered most
heavily from Federal League interfer
ence. The club was ro'tobed of no less
than eight of its stars.
The signing of Herzog completes the
complement of National League mana
gers for 1915. Miller Huggius, of the
Cardinals, and Fred Clarke, of the
Pirates, while still unsigned, have ac
cepted terms with their employers.
Unable to Bee Possibilities of Boy Who
Now Is a Star
Cincinnati, Dec. 11.—There are any
number of good I>all (players who once
were turned down by a major league
manager. Bill Doak, without "whom the
Cardinals would not have been in the
running last season, was a member of
the Cincinnati Beds for a few days, but
was released toy Hank O'Day. Now
that Hank is temporarily out of the
managerial game he doesn't mind tell
ing a few things, and he says thalt he
dropped Doak because he didn't seem to
have either strength or any high-class
pitching ability.
Other clubs have kept twirlers on
the chance of their developing. Had
Dcak been kept through 1912 and then
turned over to John Kling for instruc
tions in 1913 he probably would have
proved a prize. It pays to bo patient
with young ball players who show abil
ity 'but lack of finish. They will come
if tJiey get a chance. Doak is now one
of the Ijest pitchers in the old league.
It was Miller Huggins who displayed
patience with the youngster and waited
for him to develop.
Pottsville Here To-morrow
The first local game in the Pennsyl
vania railroad championship basketball
scries will be played in the P. B. R.
Y. M. C. A. gymnasium to-morrow
evening between the local association
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