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A Novelized Version of the Motion
Picture Drama of the Same Name
H Produced by the Lubin Manyfac
mSfcA HH ■■ turing tympany, illustrated With
'*j3 Photographs From the PtcniP! Pro-
Copyright. 1914, by tha
! Continued
•"You!" he cried joyously and held
out bis blind xvitli :m eager smile.
Bewildered. Betty looked into his
eyes and saw neither the distaste not
contempt she had thought to find
What she did see causetl her to grow
suddenly shy and confused, while tears
that were not of grief sprang Into hei
Suddenly Cecil reeled /fend would
have fallen had not Betty sprang ti
Ills assistance.
"I—l will help you into the hotel
There is 110 one else." she stammered.
With the girl's aid Cecil reached a
room and collapsed upon the bed. Bet
ty bent anxiously over him. hut lie
was unconscious.
"He must have a doctor." she wbis
pered and hastened a way.
Fortunately the doctor had not join
ed the stampede for tlie gulch and hur
ried with Betty to the hotel. Telling
him where he would find the stranger,
she herself walked rapidly away from
the town. Not far out she met Xlr.
Baylor and his fellow townsmen, dusty
and in deepest disgust.
"Every claim was already staked!"
they told her nggrlevedly, but Betty
indifferently passed on.
At the end of a week Lord Cecil wtis
still weak, but steadily Improving.
Mr. Baylor was troubled. A very
careful examination of Cecil's scanty
baggage had failed to disclose either
money or articles of value. It was
possible that the guest had hidden his
roll during some lucid moment, but Mr.
Baylor doubted. He decided to make
a demand for money.
"But 1 haven't any. You'll have to
wait until 1 can dig some gold,
y' know," Cecil answered cheerfully,
and after a moment of amazed paral
ysls the landlord exploded wrathfull.v.
"Yoti deadbeat!" he roared. "Trvin
to sk.ii me. are you: Walt till yon
dig some go'dV Yah! You'll pay up
ppetty soon or he kicked out. yon Pet!'
The window of the room was open,
and sounds carried well In the clear
:t!r. Betty, sittlnc beside her own
Tlndow in the adjoining room, felt
tears of anger and grief trickling down
her cheeks.
"And it i> all my fault—mine!" she
whispered sadly.
Cecil was distinctly annoyed. This
landlord was evidently a person quite
lacking In reasonableness. It would
be vastly more agreeable to have the
brute satisfied. He pondered for a
moment and then produced from his
satchel a packet of stock certificates.
"I say." he "suppose you
take this 'Golden Hope' mine in pay
ment of your bill?"
Mr. Baylor grunted in contempt.
* 'Golden Hope'—why. 1 wouldn't
give you a plate o' beans for that hole
in ground: You pay up in good
cash or out you go. an' that pretty
After which Mr. Baylor stalked from
the room.
There is a certain eastern paper
much given to intimate accounts of
the doings of nobility in Europe and
society leaders in America, which has
vogue and extens'lve circulation in
those sections of the west which most
londlv express their utter scorn and
boundless contempt for bo:b those or
namental classes. And fate willed
that almost sirju'taneously. a certain
paragraph should be read by the ex
cellent Mr. Baylor. Betty and Monte
Carson. Mr. Baylor was indulging his
literary proclivities behind his bar:
Betty sat beside her bedroom window,
and Mr. Carson was leaning sullenly
against the door frame of a saloon In
a town some twenty dusty miles fre.m
Salt Springs. The paragraph was this:
Gold Brick Proves Pure Metal.
Recently Lord Cecil of England pur
chased the "Golden Hope Mlr.e," only to
he told by mining experts that It waj
worthless. It now appears that the Hope
Is the choicest claim in Sandy Qulch.
where Incredibly rich veins have Just
beer, developed. Lord Cecil's mh»« Is
worth at least 0.00.000 The lucky noble
man is supposed to be In the west In
specting his propertv.
"He doesn't know—he might have
jflveu the sto'.-k away!" Betty gnsp««.
ccd tbeu her heart leaped joyously. It
was all right. after all. Cecil would
iiut think of her as a lying swindler,
now that the truth exceeded even the
promisee of ber fantastic tale to him.
Then her head drooped wearily.
"No." she whlpsered, "this good for
tune is only chance—he cannot forget
tbnt the intent was to rob him."
From the adjoining room again rame
the voice of Mr. Baylor, but It was now
honey sweet
"I reckon I was bind 0' mean awhile
figo. partner," be said, "not to show no
more feelin' for a gent down on his
luck. I ain't such a bad guy when you
get to know me, an', just to prove It.
I'll take that stock an' call the board
bill paid."
Like a darting bird Betty was oat of
her room and burst wildly Into that of
lord Cecil.
"No. no! Don't give him the miner*
she cried and breathlessly told Cecil
of the change that had come to his for
"Aw." Cecil observed calmly, and
turned to the landlord.
"I gruess I can't let you have the
stock, after all, j' know," be said.
With lowering brow, on which the
sweat was cutting grimy little chan
nels through Ibe dust, Mr Monte Car
son strode into the Palace bar. With
a fine effort at Indifference uud i>olite :
ly Ignoring their last meeting, he ad
dressed the landlord.
"Heard there was an Englishman
drtftln' around the conntry. Is be
puttin' up with you. Baylor?" he ask
ed. and even his gambler's eyes could
not avoid a viciously greedy gleaming.
Mr. Baylor looked at him with a
snarling laugh.
"He's here, all right, but it won't do
you no good,' 1 he Informed iiirn mali
ciously. "That little pet o' yourn's
done tlpi>ed htm off. else I'd a had that
mine by now. He offered It for his
Mr. Carson pondered craftily.
"Any folks know he offered yon stock
for board?" he demanded.
"Yep, all the boys. I told 'em. They
like to laughed their selves to death.
Don't seem so funny now," the laud
lord replied gloomily.
Carson drew nearer, and his voice
was viciously low.
"Well, he offered it to you again, an"
you took it—see?" he said, and with
significance shifted forward his gun.
"Kifty-tifty. You on?"'
"1 always did say von was a honor
to the state, Monte," Mr. Baylor de
clared. "I plumb admires you. Let's
get it all fixed up before some galoot
comes stray in' in here."
In tlie corridor outside her door Bet
ty heard cautious footsteps and guard
ed whisiHTs. Moving softly to tbe door,
she applied her ear to the thill boards,
and what she heard seut her back into
the room with a blanched face. A
small but excellent revolver lay upou
her dresser, and she snatched it ea
sterly, and, leaning from the window,
called with restrained eagerness.
"Lord Cecil! At the window—Quick!"
she whispered, and immediately Cecil'*
head appeared.
"Take this and shoot first!" Betty
said and. leaning far out. handed him
the revolver.
Parel.v had Cecil faced buck Into the
room when the door was unceremoni
ously thrust open, and Messrs. Carson ;
and Baylor, guus in hand, stood before ]
him. Cecil laughed, ant' the little re
volver spat viciously twice. With dn- j
plicate howls and movements, the vis
itors dropped tlyjir guns and grasped
nt the right forearms, from which red
blood was spurting.
"You are not hurt, really, y' know
be all right In a fortnight, I dare say,"
Cecil remarked dispassionately.
The stage which left for the east
next day carried Lord Cecil as a pas
senger. the now servile and cringing
81 MSU
Gazed With Wistful Eyes Until tha
Lumbering Stage Disappeared.
Mr. Baylor having most eagerly sup
plied such cash ag his guest suggested
he might require. There was need for
haste on Cecil's part—the time was
very short during which he conld rßls<»
tncney on his mine and save f'om
mortgage foreclosure and sale Croft
lalgh manor. Betty he had been un
able to find since she had handed liim
the revolver, and so he was forced to
depart without saying goodby. Nor did
he see. when well out from the town
a slight figure that from its place of
concealment beside the road ga7®d
with wistful eyes until the lumbering
stage disappeared in the haze or dis
The Holdup.
THR light locomotive began to
labor as it breasted a long
grade, and a sputtering rain ot
I ( soft coal cinders soon made the
rear platform even less inviting than
the dusty uiid uucoutfortablu day
Lord Cecil. bis bland optimism k>me
wbat wilted by a tliousuud Miles ot
cheap travel, turned aua sought retimu
ID the car.
As he druiiped wearily Into bis scat
Cecil Wv.iliue conscious of uu eager,
wistful smile directed toward hiui. aud
automatically lus features assumed
that lilanktiess nud bis eyes that un
seeing •tare wltli wlilcli tile Britou is
wont to re|iul tbe advances of pre
sumptuous stramrers
'J'lie smile pathetically taded. and tbe
stranger shrank Dumbly. '
Tlieu Cecil observed bow liuert was
the old face, toil and sorrow having
graveu deep anil yet not blotted out
a swectuess auil patience I Hat lent dig
nity to tile rattier weak tuoiitli. aud
tiow neat was tlie shabby, old fashion
ed clothing
That kindly smile, whimsically ten
der. well kuou u to many children and
wumanUind. but seldom seen by tneu.
dashed into Cecil's eyes, and the old
man quickly rose to take (he place si
lently offered by Cecil's movement to
tbe end of the seat.
"You'll excuse uie. stranger, but I'm
so full o' ha ppiuess 1 got to let it bub-
Me out to anybody that'll listen," the
old fellow said, and Uis manner was
quaintly boyish.
Cecil nodtle<i sympathetically.
"My name Is Silas Meggs. 1 wns
born and raised \n Sbadydale. We'll
stop there 'bout three hours trom
now.'* the old tnau gossiped. "You
know Shadydale? No. I reckon you
don't, it ain't much of a place after
all. but It's mighty homey and restful
when a feller goes back after forty
years most .nigh of lougln'."
Almost shyly Silas produced from
his pocket a small, worn case, opening
It to disclose an old fashioned portrait,
somewhat faded except for the bright
ly tinted lips and cheeks, ot a pretty
girl.- who one would safely guess
would be sweet and gentle, but not
strung except in the passive patience
which is sometimes the rather terrible
strength of the weak.
".lane, she was uiy sweetheart neat
twoscore yea in ago." Silas said softly
and panned to dream.
"I was bat a laborer, she was the
hanker'* clilljl." tie presently contiu
tied "I was iin orphan workln' foi
day wates and they pretty pnoi for
farmers round about
"She was the belle of the village and
might a had her pick ot twenty meu.
"He ordered her to go to the house ano
to ner room, and she v»ent."
some ol lHem Hie rliliesi in the conn
ty. tnit -die in veil nif. and wed meet
when we coiiH unlieUiiown to her fa
ther < onrse i dnlit l dare go to hei
Uuu«c. me I'ciu ihii .t lined man ami
old Hi nil!T<ou the rii ii banker
"Out li; i he nig world he udghtii t "a
counted "o inueli. but lie wa« i lip great
man o' ShadyiHio ami terrible haughty
"H«w ll all might inne ended I doh i
unow out u. ulil never
have diiaaiiu ..t t;ik:i• im- Id
(HUllly :li."l I - not * lie Kind ti
de!j in-
To Be Continued.
Seemingly Harmless Hurt Takes Head
of a Family of Ten
Lebanon, Pa., Dec. 9.—Cyrus Long,
of Reinoehlsville, died yesterday from
blood poisoning, following intense suf
fering, leaving a wife and eight chil
Long, who was 4 2 years old and em
ployed as a shearman in a local scrap
iron yard, ran a sliver of wood into a
linger while building a chicken coop on
Thanksgiving Day.
13 AND Filbert Streets.!
2 Minutes from PENNSYLVANIA
200ffioaufifiil IDut
jfcoomj zoitfi,
Matfi andtfflowng
Jce TeZatefr,
*2O? ands
Popular Cafe, Grill i
and Restaurant jt\
R■ ■ ■ . ■
H WWW T L W\ x \ \ \ need not hold Religious beliefs fl^3
ill I IW'I 1 U A 1 1'L 1 11 \ to appreciate the educational B|H
J. fir*. J, JEJU x v and ' iier " y E vldu J h ol h thi * H
B-C ■ B-C ■ B-4 .ATHE ONE you will USE. for
■■■■■■ ■ H . it HRINGS OUT in I'IC- HIM
covers the necessary EXPENSE items LUSTRATEBIBLE en
■ and Ing, express from fac- ACTUAL SCENES in a filjj
P| Edition • explained In the cer- the FACTS h OF HISTORY.
Freer Sliipmont of Stock Permitted in
Areas Under Modified Quaran
tines Is Explained
I "
Washington. D. C.. Dec. 9.—Since
the publication of various orders modi- i
fying the Federal quarantine declared
| on account of tin foot and mouth dis- 1
ease, the authorities here have received
numerous inquiries with regard to the
! exact moaning of the regulations now
in force.
The quarantines which were declare*! '
at the beginnig of the outbreak pro- '
hibited the shipment of cattle, sheep, :
other ruminants and swine into the ;
quarantined area for any purpose save j
that of immediate slaughter, and pro
hibited absolutely the shipment of such '
stock out of the quarantined area.
Since then the quarantines in parts of
some States, notably Michigan, Illinois,;
Indiana, Pennsylvania. Kentucky, lowa
and Wisconsin, have been modified so 1
t!,at they now permit the shipment of ,
live stock into these areas for all pur
I poses, and the shipment of live stock
: out for immediate slaughter at places
where the Federal meat inspection serv- j
; ice is maintained.
Certain counties, however. have been
exempted in each of these -States from j
tho privileges granted by the modified |
! quarantine. Into these counties no!
• stock can be shipped out except after
a preliminary inspection and certifica
tion by the Federal authorities. In
j the areas under modified quarantine j
• various restrictions governing the ship- I
n;t nt of carcasses, hides, hay, straw, i
etc.. have also been removed.
It is probable that further modifica
tions of the quarantines will be made
in tho near future. In these cases it
is expected thnt the "tine procedure
will be followed, and the counties into
which feeding stock cannot be shinpad
and in which inspection is demanded be- j
fore export shipments are made will be j
specifically named in each order.
Don't Know That Husband-Father Has
Eisd and Can't Greet Them
Altoona, I J a., Dec. 9. —Counting the
days until Christmas arc Mrs. Martin
Banks and her son, David, aged 11, pa
tients in the Altoona hospital, where
they are recovering from typhoid fever.
; The doctor told them they would likely
! be well enough to leave by that time.
"What a g'and Christmas we will
have!" Mrs. lianks said to the nurse.
A sail disappointment awaits them.
The htuhand and f.ither. v.hom they are
looking forward to meet in the family
circle, will not be there wh</i they ar
rive. He died a fortnight ago from
typhoid fever. But the wife and son
don't know it They think he has re
covered and gone home to Wertz to
: prepare for their coming.
They were too ill to be informed
when he passed away. The shock
might have proven fatal. Since then
] no one about the hospital has had the
heart to tell the wife and son. And
they are counting the days.
' Charges of Severity and Lack of Pre
caution Made at Institute
Lancaster, Dec. 9. —At yesterday's
meeting of the Farmers' Institute at
Millersville th« State quarantine es
tablished on account of the foot and
mouth disease was condemned as un
necessarily severe, and severe criticism
was passed upon the charging of ex
orbitant fees for issuing permits for
moving stock and hay from the farm.
'Tt was made clear that the lack of co
operation on the part of the farmer
was due to his feeling that his inter
ests are not being cared for.
Federal and State veterinarians were
condemned for not exercising proper
precautions in passing from infected
premises to places not infected.
Reading Tailor Secures U. S. Patent
on Air-Compartment Device
Reading. Pa., Dec. 9. Augustus No
gar, an Austrian tailor of this city, has
secured a patent from the United States
Patent Bureau, Washington, for a non
sinkablc ship.
His invention consists of a succes
sion' of air compartments placed at the
bow and stern and on both sides of
the vessel. Built in this manner, the
vessel, he says, may he split in two in
the centre or cut in two lengthwise or
into four parts and each part will
'float. The vessel may be "stove in"
m pi
B J. L. L. KUHN, Secretary-Treasurer (I
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JQ Book Printing '
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M day and night, we are in splendid shape to take Qur press reom , g one of the , argegt and mORt fW
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m UMES or EDITION wOKn.. all t o matic feed presses, we have two
QD folders which give us tho advantage of getting r
gj Paper Books a Specialty the wcrk out * «««"*** auick time.
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| 46 and 48 N. Cameron Street |
ffl Near Market Street HARRISBURG, PA.
A Telephone call will bring one of our solMtors.
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1 1 Bell 82tiL Independent 318 J >
'- |
anit every portion filled to the brim
with water, he says, and still the ship
will not sink.
SOB,<KH> to $75,000 Expected for Al
lentown Orphanage
Allentown, Dec. 9.—District Attor
ney Lawrence H. Rupp yesterday pre
sented to court the petition of Mayor
Charles W. Rinn for an order of sale
in the estate of the late Henry A.
Trexler, whose will provided that aft
er the death of his wife and his father
his estate go to the man who should
then be Mayor, for the establishment
of an orphanage in Allentown.
The estate Is variously estimated at
$68,000 to 175,000. It has been sug
gested that an entirely new institution
be established at the old Allentown
(kJlege for Women, which is offered for
sale at $35,000.
Artistic Printing at Star-Independent.
I /> x
32U Market Street
Fall Term September First
/ \
Stenography, Stenotypy
Enroll Any Monday
15 S. "arket Sq., Harrisburg, Pa.
I Cumberland Valley Railroad
In litter t May 24, 1»14.
Trnina I.ravr iliirrUburii—
For Winchester and Martinsburg, at
5.03, *7.50 a. m, *3.4U p. m.
For Haßerntuwn, Chambeisburg and
intermediate stations, ut '0.03, •7.50,
• 1 1.0 3 a. in.. "3.40. 6.33, *7.4U, 11.00
p. m.
Additional trains tor Carlisle and
Mechanicsburg at 0.48 a. m.. 2.18, 3.21.
u.31, 0.30 p. m.
For Dlllsburg at $.03, *7.50 and
a. m.. 2.18. *3.40, 5.32. 6.30 p. m.
* Dally. All other trains dally except
Sunday. J H. TONUE,
H. A. RIDDLE. G. P. A. Supt