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Detailed Hrport, I'asf 8
S&WSP® VOL. 77—NO. 3.
Reoccupy City From
Which They Were
Driven in First Re
treat From Warsaw |
But 3emi ofllcial Statement From Pet
rograd Declares the Russians Are
Strong Enough to Hold the In
vaders in Northern Poland
London, Dec. 7, 11.35 A. M. —A
eomparison of the reports from Berlin
and Petrograd leads to the conclusion
that the Germans again occupy Lodz
from which city they were driven on
their first retreat from Warsaw. Ber-1
lin makes positive announcement that
Lodz is in their hands, while Petrograd 1
admits that the situation there is des- i
If the fall of the city is a fact, it!
indicates.that communication with War- 1
saw again is seriously menaced, but a i
■enii-oificial statement from Betr.jgrad I
declares that toe Russians are strung!
euough to hold the invaders in North- j
em Polnud and will content themselves'
with doing this while devoting their j
jnain energies to the reduction of Cra
cow and the invasion of Hungary.
Hungary, according to reports from
the Russian capital, is the weak point
in the armor of the Teuton allies. These |
messages from Petrograd say that even
as early as at the time of'the fall of j
Lemherg, Austria asked Russia fori
terms of peace. The negotiations to
this end, if any really took place, a:i
parently proved abortive. The str.ry'
is again revived in Petrograd in thej
form of a report that the Hungarian 1
prime minister, on a recent vigir t u !
Empe-or William, demanded better;
military protection for Hungary, lack 1
of which would cause the loas of the
The latest French official communi
cation declares there is nothing to re- j
port oil the western front and, with the !
exception of a special dispatch to th#
effect that Ostend is burning, nothing
lias been received in Ijondon to dispute t
the accuracy of this laconic statement.
Valparaiso, Chile, Dec. 7.—The Brit-1
iah steamer Charcas, from New York,
<>eto>ber 1, has been sunk at sea off Port ,
< orral. <*hile, bv the German transport
Prinz Bit el Frederick. The crew of the j
Charcas have been landed forty miles I
north of Valparaiso.
New York. Dec. 7.—The Charcas was
in the service of the New Y'ork and |
Pacific Steamship Company. W. K.
Grace & Co., local agents of the line,
said to-day that the ship carried no pas- !
Hngers and that she probably had dis- \
• barged the greater part of her cargo !
before meeting the Prinz Eitel Fred- i
Paris, Dec. 7, 2.45 P. M.—The 1
French war office gave out an official
communication this afternoon as fol-1
"In the region of the Yser we con-j
tinue to attack the few intrenchments !
still held by the enemy on the left j
bank of the canal.
'"ln the region of Armentiers and i
of Arras as well as in Ttie Oise terri
tory in the Aisne region and in the
Argonne there is nothing to report,
except to refer in general terms to the
superiority of our offensive.
•'ln Chaiikpagme our heavy artillery,
on several different occasions, has
shown market superiority over that ot
the enemy.
"There is nothing new on the east-I
em front ot' our line, where the posi
tions of preceding du-ys have been
In Russian Poland, where more than
anywhere else the fortunes of battle
have been unevenly distributed there
apparently has been another of the
swift changes which have made the
situation a confused one since the he
ginning of the war. The success with
which the Germans succeeded in rally
ing their forces and renewing the of- 1
fensive after escaping from the Russian
enveloping movement, ie indicated by
the Berlin announcement which has not
been contradicted in Petrograd, that
the important polish city of Lodz has
again been captured by the Germans.
From Lodz the road leads to Warsaw,
the objective in the two previous Ger
man advances.
Official statements concerning the
fighting in the west still are confined to
references to detached engagements,
Cwttiie* •» Ktckt* Pace. j
&I)C fftor- Ittkycnikttf-
the, FIRING LIME" -» •*
Bowman Says His Bud
get Will Show Mater
ial Reductions When
Offered To-morrow
Small Manufacturing Plants Will Be
Benefited by Proposed Reductions in
Certain Charges—Safety Commis
sioner Wants SI,OOO Car
Further reductions in the city water
rates and a decrease in the annual ex
penditures of the Water Department
are planned by Harry F. Bowman, City
Commissioner of Public Safety, so he
announced to-day. .Mr. Bowman said
that at the regular meeting of the City
Commissioners to-morrow he will pre
sent his annual appropriation bill, in
which he asks for $124,177.48 to run
his department during the twelve
month fiscal year 1915.
That amount exceeds by SB,OOO what
was appropriated to the same depart
ment for tile present nine-month fiscal
"year," but it is less by SII,OOO than
the amount that was allowed during the
full fiscal year 1913. The new appro
priation bill, if approved by the Com
mission. w ill, according to Mr. Bowman,
contain an entirely new fund, one of
$17,500 out of which he expects to
buy a department automobile for sl,-
000 and pay cash for water meters,
water pipe and water pipe construction.
Thruigh»the abolition of the "credit
system" of buying pipe and meters,
Mr. Bowman declares, several hundred
dollars "discount" can be saved. Prac
tically all of the $17,500 appropri
ation, excepting, of course, the cost of
the auto, will revert back into the
treasury through assessments which are
levied against property owners and wa
ter consumers for pipe line construction
and to cover the cost of the water me
Says He Will Save $27,500
These assessments usually are paid
within three months after "the water
mains and the meters are constructed,
although the contractor will not be com
pelled, under Mr. Bowman's latest
plan, to wait for his money and the
department will be able to take ad-
Continueil on Kiithtli Pa Ke .
Dozen Witnesses Tell of Illness Suf
fered by IS Persons—Hear
ing Is Again Postponed
No report yet being received from
the chemist regarding the analysis of
pewder taken, from sauerkraut in the
home of Mr. and Mrs. John Pollicic,
1101 South Ninth street, which is al
leged to have been placed there by An
drew 'Meloctwick, accused of poisoning
18 persons, the preliminary trial in the
case was postponed by Alderman Nich
olas on Saturday night until a report
can be made
A dozen witnesses were heard toy the
Alderman and the defendant himself
ditl some talking, in which he admitted
putting epsom salts in the pot of food.
He denied using poison.
Something alleged to have been in
the sauerkraut made the members of
the Pollicic family and the boarders,
to the total number of eighteen, very
ill, so they testified. Paul Itaditz, 1409
North Cameron street, acted as iuter
n USES Fll
Frederick Miiler, Eight
Months Oid, Is Back
From Pittsburgh
Cooing and Well
Got Youngster in Hands of Dr. Jack- j
son, Famous Surgeon, Just in Time j
—He Never Before Operated on So
Young a Patient
Rejoicing in having saved the life
of their baby boy, eight months old, in
whose oesophagus an open safety pin
had lodged, Mr aud Mrs. Newton Mil
ler, 1221 Market street, returned yes
terday from Pittsburgh where Dr. Jack
son, the famous surgeon, removed the
piu in a delicate operation in the Pres
byterian Hospital on Saturday after
The little patient, Frederick, is en- 1
tirely well now save for slight sore-1
ness of the throat, all danger of in
fection having beeu removed. Dr.
Jackson, whose specialty is child siir-l
gerv, never before operated on a pa-1
tient so young.
It was a veritable race with death
that the parents began on last Friday
night, a little before midnight, when
they started with the child in a Penn
sylvania Railroad'flyer to go to Pitts-j
burgh to receive the attention of the 1
noted expert..
Last Wednesday the baby began to
show evidence of discomfort in his
throat and on Friday he was placed be
neath the X-Ray in the Harrisburg Hos-
IODIIIUHMI on Eiaclitli I'nlte.
Twice in 2-1 Hours Invade Store in
Carlisle Business Section and Get
Much Loot
(Special to the .Star-Independent.) |
Carlisle, Pa.. Dec. 7. —Twice within
twenty-four hours thieves entered the
second hand store of W. H. Stonesifer,
in the he:irt of the business section,
and got away with much loot. Jewelry,
revolvers, knives and clothing ' was
By breaking the glass in the rear
door, entrance was gained to the'place'
Saturday night. The business (lace
was a wreck when the clerk went there
yesterday afternoon. Mr. Stonesifer
has been confined to his bed by illness
for several weeks and the clerk has (
been managing the business.
A man with a searchlight was seen j
prowling around the store last mid- [
night by Stonesifer's wife. She called j
the police but before they arrived tfo.i
intruder had made his escape over the
back fence.
Cash for the Belgian Fund
The Star-Independent acknowledges
the receipt of $1 cash for the Belgian
relief fund, which 'has been forwarded
to the proper persons to revive the
German Belief Fund Social
Tiie women of the Harrisburg Maen
nertfhoir will hold a box social in maen
neruhoir hall, North ami Chure.h streets,
this evening, for the -benefit of tihe Ger
man relief fund.
Legislators Reassemble
at Noon To-day for
the Third and Final
President WUBOU Will Deliver His|
Annual Address in Person From the
Rostrum in the Hall of the House |
To-morrow Noon
811 Associated Press.
Washington, Dec. 7.—The Sixty
third Congress reassembled to-day for
its third and concluding session. Presi
dent Wilson will deliver his annual ad
dress, in person, to-morrow from the
rostrum in the hall of the House be
■ fore a joint session, outlining the ad
ministration program. Until that is
fully disclosed, the work wnich will
be undertaken during the comparative
ly few remaining days in the life of
this Congress, which dies at 110011
March 4, remains undefined, except
1 that the usual appropriation bills aro
1 likely to receive first ami chief atten
tion. Whether the Sixty-fourth Con
gress, chosen at the November elec
■ lions will be called in special session
I or will not assemble before another
i year, no one can predict with cer
Appropriation Bills Paramount
After six weeks of respite from leg
-1 islativc grinding, during which many
participated in the political campaign,
| members of both Houses assembled pre
pared to go 011 with the unfinished
business loft over from the last ses
sion. That the general appropriation
bills would be difficult to complote be
fore March 4, if much other legislation
were to intervene, was the consensus
of opinion among leaders of both dom
inant parties. What circumstances
\ may arise from the European war or
changed conditions in Mexico, may bo
1 the deciding influence in the meeting
j time of the next Congress with its new
j host of Republicans in the House.
Many Relegated to Private Life
With the falling of the gavels in
I both Houses to-day many legislators,
! some of them prominent figures for
1 years in the political life of the na
tion, turn their toward private
life, for this session of Congress is
their last unless changing fortunes re
; turn them.
Senators Root, of New York; Rur
! ton, of Ohio; Perkins, of California;
liristow, of Kansas; Crawford, et
South Dak/ota; Stephenson, of Wis
consin—'all Republicans—and Thorn
ton, of Louisiana, and White of Ala
i bama, Democrats, will go out of office
' at the end oif the session.
In the House, Representative Un-
Continued on Sixth I'affe.
Says Germans Destroyed Monastery
I'aris, Dec. 7. —A dispatch from I'e
trograd says: "The Germans have de
stroyed the monastery of Lenozyca,
about 15 miles northwest, of Lodz,
which hns been in existence for a thou
j send years, 011 the pretext that the
ringing of the angelus was a signal to
the Russians. A priest and two monks
were killed.''
Two Swedish Steamers Sunk
London, Dec. 7. —A dispatch from
Stockholm states that two Swedish
steamers struck mines off the Finnish
coast and that both sank. The crew of
one was saved, but all seamen of the
other, except one man, were loot.
no BE
Eli Nissley He rs he y
and Wife Brought It
in a Flask From the
Used Yesterday in Service by Which
Couple Were Received Into Mem
bership of the Stevens Memorial
Methodist Church
Water which EH Nissley iHersihey, of
1032 Kolleston street, 'brought about a
year ago from t'iic River Jordan during
a tour of the Holylands, was yester
day morning used in Stevens Memorial
I Met'hodist cliureh to baptize him and his
| wife, who were received into church
I membership.
The Rev. Dr. Clayton Albert Smurk
'er officiated at the 'baptism. He also
| made use of tihe waiter from the Holy
lands in baptizing .Muss 'Blanche Dress,
who was admitted into tihe church at
the same time as Mr. and 'Mrs. Her
'Mir. Hershev is manager of the Hor -
shey Creamery Conrpany, 409 Sout'h
Cameron street. lie married several
years ago and subsequently made a tour
of Palestine. He brought back with
j him a small quantity of the water of
I the River .Jordan in a little flask as a
! remem'branee of the trip, and had eare
fully guarded it until yesterday when
he had the clergyman use it to baptize
himself and wife.
Friends of Man Condemned to Die in
Chair Flan to Carry Case to
the Supreme Court
i (Special to the Star-Independent.)
Carlisle, Pa.. Dec. 7.—Friends of
Morgenthau, the Harrisburg man who
murdered John Rupp, a Shiremanstown
farmer and who Judge Wilbur F. Sad
ler, of the Cumbe'land county courts,
has decided is guilty of murder in the
tirst degree and must die in the elec
j trie chair, have interested themselves
| in the condemned man's case and to
| day announced an appeal will be taken
in his behalf to the Supreme Court of
| the State, if necessary.
J The defendant several weeks ago
pleaded guilty to the general charge of
murder. Testimony was taken by the
Court without a jury and the judge
fixed the degree of the offense.
To-morrow is the last day on which
counsel for the condemned man may
file objections to tho decision of Judge
Sadler and the lawyers to-day said that
such objections will be filed. Judge
Sadler, when he read his decision fix
ing the crime as first degree murder,
intimated that the appeal would be in
vain so far as bis court is concerned.
Friends of the condemned man have
been in conference with prominent
Harrisburg iHebrews and it is said that
a plan now is on foot to raise money
by subscription with which to finance
the appeal to the State's highest trib
At Least Five Democratic Workers
Want the Post, Including Warren
Van Dyke, T. K. Van Dyke, H. M.
Jones, Geo. Harris, Dr. Dougherty
, The restoration of the old Bcranton |
internal revenue district b.v Congress |
has tossed an apple of discord into ,
the rauks of the Democrats of this vi- i
cinit.v and there threatens to be a real j
disturbance over it.
When the Scranton district was con
solidated with that having its headquar- j
tors in Lancaster, Harry L. 'Hershev, of i
Harrisaboirg, continued as collector until |
his successor, Fred W. Kirkendall, the
Wilkes ißarre editor, succeeded*him. Mr.
Kirkendall hesitated quite a while be
fore accepting the appointment, it be
ing represented to 'him that the old
district would be restored be- j
fore he consented to take charge, in |
which event ho would be removed to i
Srranton to take charge of that olHee,
and a nev collector a.p|>ointed for t/hia :
district, with headquarters in Utncas
During the regular session of Con i
gress, jngressntan A. Mitchell Palmer j
succeeded in having the Sernnton dis- I
trict restoi and in a short time Col
lector Kirkendall will remove his office i
to that city. This leaves a vacancy in 1
the collectorsihip of this district, and j
the problem of filling the office is the
Continued ou Klfflith Pnge.
Enters the House of the Misses Lett,
218 Pine Street, by Putting
Ladder to Window
j The home of the iMisses Lett, 218 Pine j
j street, was entered by a second-story I
! thief some time between 7 and 9 i
I o'clock last evening, bureau drawers on i
the second floor being ransacked, but j
! nothing of value taken, according to j
! members of the family, who made an ]
I inventory following the discovery of j
j the presence of tlie thief last nig'ht. The i
J Lett home contains many apartments |
occupied bv well-to-do perso-ns.
This house is next to the residence |
i of Dr. Henry W. Stough, now oonduet
| ing a revival in this city. The thief
gained entrance to the rear of the sec
| ond story by means of a stepladder
j while members of the family were on
! the first floor, according to the police.
Work Again For Score of Employes
j Who Were Placed on Furlough
During the last few weeks the j
! Pennsylvania has taken on for work as |
brakeinven a number o<f those who were
j laid off some time ago because lack
| of work. Ten men were reinstated at
the Enola yards, anil ten more will be
given work within the next week.
This increase, as explained at head
! quarters in Harrisbaing, is not because
of increajK- of business, but. because
j the tonnage of trains is cut down in
I the winter months, making necessary
I the use of a smaller numlber of cars to
a train, and consequently more traiius,
i requiring more men.
All of t'he men taken on are old em
ployes and no new men are being em
ployed. The men given work have
• been on furlough for some time.
Beginning, To-day,
December 7,
2 Reserved Seat Tickets \
to the Orp
Every Day Until the Close I
We don't know who will pet these tickets, but someone will pet two i
every (lay.
Perhaps YOU will be one of the lucky ones. /
Every week (lav a young lady, an employe of tlie Star Independent, will
be blindfolded. She will open Boyd's Directory of Harris burp ami vicinity
and will make a mark on one of the pages. The person whose name is
nearest the mark will be given absolutely free of charge two reserved seats,
which will be good at the Orpheuin on a date which will be announced with
the name of the person to whom they are awarded.
The announcements will be HIDDEN among the Want, l,ost, Pound.
For Bent, For Sale, etc., ads, but will be so plain that any one can easily
find them. .
Btart to-day. Bead over the Classified Columns every evening. Perhaps
your name will be there.
Someone was awarded two tickets to-day. Kind out who got them.
If you were not lucky this time, perhaps your turn will come next. It will
be a lot of fun following up the winners.
IF YOL'B NAME is announced don't hesitate to call for tho tickets.
The Star-Independent wants you to enjoy them.
Special Notice —Tickets must be called for before 8 o'clock the evening
of the next day after the announcement is made or they will be forfeited.
■■ - - - I. ,J
There Is Prospect of Ice
Crippling Traffic in
City Late This Aft
ernoon or To-night
Trunk Lines Are Down in All Direc
tions Outside of Hi.rvisiburg—Dif
ficulty in Getting Telegraphic News
—Through Trains on Time
Although rain was all Harrisburg got
this morning of the storm which has
caused much damage to shipping along
the Atlantic coast and lias made endless
trouble for telegraph companies on ev
ery hand except in the Northwest,
there was much apprehension felt this
afternoon w'hen tiie nain turned into
sleet an<i later into a heavy, wot snow,
lest transportation will be crippled to
night. Ice on the tracks and wires was
what was feared most. By reason of
the storm elsewhere, telegraphic com
munication with outHido citios was so
riously crippled all day long and at
times entirely demoralized.
E R. Remain, local weather forecast
er, could make no positive forecast for
the conditions about Harrisburg for the
next twenty-four hours because his
weather reports-, which generally arrive
in this city before 10 o'clo' k in the
morning, were more than half missing
iat 12.30 o'clock. The messages were
j delayed on account of wire trouble,
which seems to be general throughout
the East, .South aiu 1 Southwest.
From his meagre reports, however,
Mr. Demain judged that the disasterous
storm was central off the Virginia
capes and that as it moved northward
and out into the ocean it would induce
i northeasterly winds, shifting to north-
I west.
''lt is rarely ever,'' he said, "that
winds of that character give sleet in
l this vicinity and, should the tempera
ture drop, snow will more than likely
Mr. Domain's statement is verified
! by the report from the Washington of
fice of the Weather Bureau, whose
forecast for Eastern Pennsylvania
Snow Predicted for To-night
"Snow or rain to-night, northeast
gales shifting to northwest and dimin
There is little likelihood of any im
mediate material change in the weather
Contlnnril on ElpTrnth I'm*.