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■H HttMH- »
A plav containing a particular appeal to the Jewish race, and especially
o Russians is "The Yellow Ticket," which Manager A. H. Woods (who produced
'Within the Law") will bring to the Majestic on Saturday, matinee and night,
is a drama of life in St. Petersburg to-day, setting forth without prejudice
he status of the Jew in the Kingdom of the Czar. "The Yellow Ticket" is in
taree acts, the first of which takes place in the Hotel d'Europe; the second oc
urs in the home of Haron Stephen Audrey, the chief of the "Okrana"—secret
olice of Russia. Act third occurs in tho bureau of the "Okrana." Miss Zala
'elmzart will appear in the role of the young Russian Jewish girl, Mayra
farenka, who is forced to ask for a Yellow Ticket.
See "The Yellow Ticket" and find out to what tragic purpose Marva
farenka turned the refusal of the police to permit her to live decently. Every
ewish man and woman in Harrisburg will want to see "The Yellow Ticket."
Ir. A. 11. Woods will produce "The Yellow Ticket" here frith an excellent cast.
Adv. ***
To-night, Fritzi Scheff in "Pretrv
Mrs. Smith."
Friday afternoon and evening, Nov.
27, "The Garden of Girls," Bur
-1 lesque.
Saturday afternoon and evening,
Nov. 28, "The Yellow Ticket."
Tuesday evening, December 1. "The
Every afternoon and evening, high
1 class vaudeville.
Daily continuous vaudeville and pic
Fritzi Scheff
Fritzi Scheff will be seen at the Ma
88tic this evening in th? comedy en
vied "Pretty Mrs. Smitu, ' direct
rom her success at the Casino theatre,
few York. The captivating prima
pnna will be surrounded by a great
ompany, including the former big
kvorites at the Winter Garden in New
[ork, Charlotte Greenwood and Sydney
Irani, also George Anlersou. Mr.
has also provided ner the
rettiest production of i musical offer
ng that has visited \ Harrisburg in
lany a year. Miss Scheff's vehicle
»is season is something niw in the wav
!' light nrtisical entertainment It i'o
reality a straight com >rl v, border
g upon farcical lines, which requires
iftness of touch and individual abil
y to give it the required verve,
lentf of music is worked into its
ree acts, but it is made a relative part
the story, rather than a spries of iu
rpolations that have nrth'.n.T what
,-er to do with the plot. Upon this
ructnre the authors and th,' producer
ive built an evening's entertainment
lat is decided] v worth while.
"The Garden of Girls"
"The Garden of Girls," with Snitr.
oore and George B. Scanlon, is the
lrlesque, attraction at the Maiestic
ridav, afternoon' and evening. This
ttle musical comedv ic two acts
lould be called a revue of musical
miedy and burlesque of mod>rn times.
contains bits from sverything and
■erywhere. It is unpretentious, light
id airy, however, and is light fare
r theatregoers. Judging from the
(inion of the press in New York Cftv,
here the show had its premiere, t is
ident that "The Garden of Girls"
ill prove one of the most popular and
tertaining shows seen h;te this sea
n. Adv.*"*
"The Yellow Ticket"
At the box office of the Mijes&c to
jrrow, Thanksgiving, morning, the
»t sale for "The Yellow Ticket" will
fen. This is the sensational Jrauiu "f
'e in modern Russia, which A. H.
oods produced at the "Clting-e thea
s, New York, and which ra i for more
an a year following 'he successful
gagement at the same theatre of
Within the Law." "The Yellow
cket" was written by Michael Mor
n, the English playwright, who is
at known in this country for his
amatization of Tolstoi's ''Resurrec
>»." There are three acts in tli-3
iv, which deals with race or?jurlice ill
issia and the adventurer of a young
<1 beautiful Jewess, who is forced to
ply for "The Yellow T'cket," Rus
l s official license to full m worn".!, in
ior to leave the "Pab of Settle
int." to whivh she -3 restricted be -j
use of her faith. How she endoav- i
« to rejnain a respectable girl, al
sugh hounded by the Russian «ecret
lice, furnishes the dramatie material
which Mr. Morton has mar'e his play.
"The Dummy"
"The' Dummy," fresh from its New
rk triumph at the Hudson theatre, I
ere it lias beeu plnyug last I
i*on, is coming to the Mijeiti; nest J
| Tuesday evening with the same splendid
1 cast that has been delighHpg tho New
j York public. "The Dummv'' is too
I well known to require an iiiircduciion
! to audiences, for this famo:n detc -tivo
comedy is one of the successes of tho
year that <is likely to t'J'to its place
as a permanent laugh make; ot' tVe
American stage. It is wha is known
as a "rattling good" comedy written
bv Harvey CHiggins an i Harriet
I'ord, who wrote "The Arg/le Case,"
with four acts of good fun e icitiug
plot, "heart interest" and clever char
acterizations. It was fo'in.led on iho
"Detective Barney" stories of A!*.
O'Higgins, originally nublijied i'i
I " Collier's," which chronicled iho '•••si
j exploits of a real "boy detective."
At the Orpheum
One of the best mirth-producing acts
that has been seen at the Orpheum for
, many a long day is entitled "The Pi
ano Movers," being presented by Mc-
Uevitt, Kelly and Lucy thers this week.
The fun that takes place when two
really clever comedians, playing the
part of piano movers, move a piano into
an attractive young actress' apartment,
must be seen to be appreciated. The
piano movers sing a little, dance some,
| but evoke round after round of hearty
j laughter with their antics and rich
i lines. The united efforts cf this clever
j trio are a comedy hit of tne first wa
! tor. A splendid vocal is
| served up by William Bu<r and
Daphne. Hope at the Orph -nn this weel:
i also. Their act is class from the get
j away, being a refined blending o'f love
| songs that one sings to the other.
A beautiful and artistic stage ar
rangement, together with the talents
and culture of the artists, maV - their
turn one of rare merit and beauty.
The Golden Troupe of wonderful Rus
sian dancers, of course, oc-upies the
coveted position of headlirer. The
troupe comprises twelve Russian artists,
singers, dancers and musicians, and
their light and scenic divestment is
quite elaborate. Throughout t'he Or
pheum 's holiday bill is e*_e"eiTt. The
management is announcing ihr'M shows
for Thanksgiving Day, th- extra per
formance to be a twiiipht matinee. It
will begin at 6.30 in the evening and
will be over a:t 8.30, when th? regular
evening performance will begin.
Adv. **
At the Colonial
To-day concludes the engagement of
George Auger and company at the
Busy Corner, where they have created
a small sensation with th'ir splendid
dramatization of "Jack th" Giant
Killer." A neat song, dan?.- and piano
skit by a pleasing couple, a rich comely
sketch and a comedy magician com
plete the roster that appears for the
last t m to la. T . Ihe new bill that
will be inaugurated th?re to-morrow
will be headed off by the Martinez fam
ily in a sensational European novelty;
Moss and Frye, the of Mack
face comedy; Nelson and Floye, music,
songs and dances, and Knight and Ray
mond, those refined entertainers. A
fine program in moving pictum features
will 'be an important part of the nw
performances. Yd'/.***
Literary Elegance
"Some of your hymns are very poor
poetry." said the critical theologian.
"That doesn't signify anything," re
plied the clergyman. "We all know of
some very fine poetry that would make
exceedingly poor hymns."—Washing
ton Star.
Tkcar Churmlnic Inland* Ar* Kan
• 1 Their Driit
holds the record —4o hours—la th*
newest and only twin-screw steam
ship sailing to Bermuda, and the
only one landing; passenger* at th*
dock at Hamilton without tranat*r
by tender.
Uound Trip with meal* fJEand
and stateroom berth U p
for full particulars apply to A. B.
OCTKBBRIDGB A CO., Agent* (t**v
bee S. !«. t'»H 1.M., 2a Broadway, New
York! P. LUBNE HPHMEL, 1M Mat.
Icet St.. HarriaburK, I'm., or mmr Tick
et At»»t
Mr. and Mrs. John Simmons Entertain
Number of Quests
Special Correspondence.
Shiremanstown, Nov. 25.—Mr. ami
Mrs. John Sp&ngler and son, Curtis, of
Harriaburg; Mr. and Mrs. Levi Zimmer
man, of noar Spangler's Mi'-ls, and Mr.
and Mrs. D. A. Spangler, of this place,
•were entertained at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. John Simmons near >'tx'.hau
kdburg on Sunday.
Mr. Wehler, of lowa, who cg;ne to
I'ennsvlyania t« spend the >vi-.ter with
his parents at Newville, called on Mr.
and Mrs. W. VV. Hraught Sunday.
Mrs. C. M. Howell and Mrs. Ted
Howell, of Northumberland; Mrs. Her
bert W. Cunnings, of Sunbury, and Mrs.
W. L. Gutelius, of Washington, D. C.,
are visiting Mrs. J. W. Sheets.
Mrs. Ising, of Altoona, was the week
end guest ait the home of C. H. Ising
the last week.
Mrs. Lowe, of Harrisburg, wis the
guest of her daughter, F. E.
Miss Jennie Stevens was the guest
of Mrs. Harry Hodge in Harrifcburg.
Schools Close for Thauksgiving and
County Institute
Special Correspondence.
West Fairview, Nov. 25—The nub
ile schools will be closed after to-day
for the balance of this week for
Thanksgiving and all of ner.t week for
the county institute. Tfcoy will not
open again until December 7.
The Stough prayer meeting at
the home of George Ma>iu yesterday
morning was attended by 24 persons. *
Mrs. Franees Van Sciver, of Spring
field, Ohio, was a guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Shultz for several days.
The Rev. G. W. Strine, of Spiy,
called at the U. B. parsonage veste'r
Miss Nora Gallagher was brought
home frotp the HarrisSurg hospital
Monday and is recovering ni;ely from
the reqent operation.
The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Laitz, of Dau
phin, were guests of their son, llany
Lutz, over Sunday.
John MeCann, Third street, is enter
taining his daughter, MM. ithel Ander
son, of Muskogee, Okla., .'or several
The union thanksgiving service will
be held iu St. Mark's Lutheran church
to-morrow evening. The lie v. A. G.
Wolf will preside and the Rov. S. B
Bidlack will preach the annua! sermon
Corn Crop, Unusually Large, Nearly All
Special Correspondence.
Dillsburg, Nov. 25. —The corn crop
has been an unusually large one in this
section and is now nearly all harvested.
R. S. Clark reports about four thousand
bushels of corn ears on eighteen and
one-half acres. Some other farmers re
port from one hundred and forty to one
hundred and fifty bushels of corn ears
per acre.
The directors of the Farmers and
Merchants' Bank on Saturday present
ed to Mr. and Mrs. John A. Goudy a
set of silver knives, forks and spoons.
Mr. Goudy has beea the bookkeeper in
the bank for the past four years and
had been married only recently.
Mrs. Elizabeth Porter, of this place,
is spending the week in Harrisburg as
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Shef
Mrs. William B. Kunkle and Mr. and
1 Mrs. James Kunkle and daughter, of
Philadelphia, were the guests of Mr.
Coover and family, Saturday and Sun
Evangelist Goff. of Philadelphia, ar
rived Saturday ami has taken charge of
i the Union meeting in the M. E. church.
| He brought with him Professor Myers,
j who has taken charge of the music.
Mrs. W. S. Shelter and Mrs. J. J.
: Klugh attended the Stough meeting in
Harrisburg Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. John Williams, a well known
resident of Carroll township, celebrat
ed her ninety-first birthday Saturday.
Mrs. George W. Baker and Miss Bes
sie Baker, of Mechanicsburg, were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Spath
William Bull, Seeond and York
streets, has purchased a home in
1* ranklintown. After making some .re
pairs ho intends to move fro«i this place
to his newly-purchased home. |
The Rev. Mr. Goff has consented to
preach the Thanksgiving sermon to-mor
row morning instead of the Rev. Mr
Chester Fasick Has Right Cheek Bone
Broken While Playing Football
Special Correspondence.
Mifflintown, Nov. 25.-—The Rev. J.
C. Ely, of Pittsburgh, filled the pulpit
of the Westminster Presbyterian church
Sunday, morning and evening.
Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Crawford and
daughter, Helen, will spend Thanksgiv
ing with Dr. E. D. and Mrs. Crawford
in Philadelphia.
Miss Mary Earnest is spending the
week with her sister, Miss Alma, in
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Bartley, of Pitta
burgh, are visiting their daughter, Miss
Sara, at the home of W. H. Zeiders.
Misses Helen and Edith Pannebaker
are spending the weel: at the home of
John Panncfbaker in Harrisburg.
Dr. Norman Eabright was a Sundav
visitor iu Harrisburg.
The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Aurand were
guests of the Misses Grace and Alma
Seiber Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Berry and Mrs.
Dickersheid spent Thursday in Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Culp spent the first part
of the week with their daughter, Mrs.
Paul Heinmaoh, in Philadelphia.
Mrs. Miller McDonald, ot Altoona, is
a visitor at the Sterrett home.
Mrs. D. M. Crawford and daughter,
Anna, are visiting in Lancaster city.
Chester Fasick had his right cheek
bone broken while playing football at
Lewistown Saturday.
R. L. Cramer spent Sunday in Phila
delphia. He was accompanied home by
his ilaughter, Mrs. Flora Trout, who
recently underwent an operation at the
Polyclinic hospital there.
'Herman Earnest, of Harrisburg,
spent Sunday with his mother.
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Bmngarduer ard
daughter, Joyce, of Reedsville, were
visitors ait the home of Mrs. Bumgard
ner's sister, Mrs. Samuel Long.
Mr. and Mrs. Wotzler and son, Leroy,
of Thompsontown, spent Sunday in
Mrs. Owen, of Dnncannon. visited
her mother, Mrs. Minick, for a few
Mr. and Mrs. Trout and two chil
dren spent Wednesday in Philade'.nhia.
Mrs. A. J. Kelly and daughter,
Anna, spent Friday in Altooaa.
H. J. Lepley and sou, Erma; Mrs.
Saltfcman and daughter, Florence, of
lieaver Springs, were recent visitors at
the home of Mrs. Saltr.m&nsister,
Mrs. Ambrosia I)epew.
A deer weighing 126 pounds was re
cently shot at the upepr end of Lick
ing Creek Valley by Harry Miller, of
The. Ford touring car owned by Eliz
abeth Dnnn, of Cuba Mills, Fermanagh
township, anil driven by D. Banks
Stouffcr went down a 15-foot embank
ment at Montgomery's Ferry, about
seven miles below Liverpool along the
Susquehanna river, last Monday morn
ing. In the car were Mr. and Mrs.
Ellsworth Dunn and daughter, Kather
ine: D. Banks Stouffer and little son,
Wilbur, Veturning from a trip to Adams
county. Thar? escaped injury, with f he
exception of a few> slight bruises afcout
the face and body.
Miss Sal lie Mover has returned from
a week's visit in Philadelphia.
Mrs. Jerome Seiber is home after a
two weeks' visit in.Johnstown.
Miss Anna Mayer is visiting in Pitts
burgh at the home of her uncle, Guy
Miss Patton, of Lewistown, is visit
ing her sister, Mrs. Wilbur Schnayer.
Mrs. William Gundy and Mrs. S. I.
Housel, of Lewisburg, are visiting
their brother, Henry Penney, Third
Miss Mary iHoope was it Harrisburg
Mrs. Guy Auker is visiting iu Phila
Miss Caroline Strawinsk, of Yovk, is
visiting her aunt, Mrs. Albert Baker.
Charles Allison, of New York City,
is visiting in this place, after an ab
sence of fourteen years.
Program to Be Reudorad by Public
I Schools To-morrow Evening
Special Correspondence.
Linglostoivn, Nov. 25.—The program
for the Thanksgiving entertainment by
the schools of Linglestown to be held in
tho chapel to-morrow evening is as fol
lows: Thanksgiving hymn, schools;
Thanksgiving verses, seven pupils;
" What Grandma Said," Fanny Lenker;
"Pop Corn Song," sixteen children;
"The Kind of a Boy to Be," Clare
Haas; "The Pilgrims," six children;
"Thanksgiving Dinner in Alphabet,"
27 children; 'The Best Way," Sibyl
He lie h: "What I'd Do," Orpha Shrin
er and Harry Pitt man; "Grandma's
Spectacles," Helen Hocker; "Friends
House," Bertha Keiscr; "Thanksgiv
iug Fmi," Ruth Cassal; "Helps in
Sowing,'' Carrie Hooker, Vesta Koons,
Kathryn Xjsley; "Thanksgiving Song,"
school; " I'he Best Way," Lillie Fau
ber; Corn Drill, six boys; "Who Made
the Speech," Fav Hocker; pantomime,
"My Faith Loota Up to Thee," six
The ISni'broidery Club was reorganized
at the home of Mrs. J. F. Hicks on Mon
day evening with the election of these
otlicers: Mrs. Gertrude Nissley, presi
dent; Mrs. J. F. Hicks, treasurer, and
Miss Jane Care, secretary. The mem
bers are Mrs. ,T. F. Hicks, Mrs. O. B.
Leese, Mrs. Monroe Kile, Mrs. Gertrude
Nissley. Miss Jessie linker, Miss Min
nie -laker, Miss Annie Schaner, Miss
Jane Care, Miss EJiza Buck and Miss
Katlieryn Nissley.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hicks and son,
Harry, of Penbrook, 'on Sunday were
the guests of Mrs. Annie Smith."
Mrs. Joseph Miller and son, Robert,
of Penbrook, spent Sunday as the guests
of Mrs. Sovilla Longenecker aud fam
Miss Anna Mehring, of Harrisburg,
was the guests of the Misses Shriner
on Sunday.
The Rev. George Sigler spent Mon
day with frjends at York.
Mrs. Charles McGarvey and daughter,
Jennie, of Penbrook, on Monday visited
friends' here.
Mrs. Helen Frantz and daughter,
Emma, spent Monday with friends at
Mr. and Mrs. John 0. Hetrich on
Sunday visited friends at Harrisburg.
The Misses Emma and Edna Gray
bill. of R«t ii Held, are spending this week
as the guests of C. C. Graybill and
Mrs. John Fox on Tuesday visited
friends at Hafrisiburg.
Mrs. John Farley, of Hainton. on
Tuesday was the guest of her daughter.
Mrs. William Feeser.
Mr. and 'Mrs. Samuel Witmer, of!
Union Deposit, spent £undav as the
guests of E. O. Hassler aud family.
The Rev. J. F. Stabley to Administer
Communion at Lutheran Church
Special Correspondence.
Fishervile, Nov. 25.—Mrs, 8 J.
bearing was visiting in Harrisburg sev
eral days last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Brady, of Harrisburg,
visited at the homo of J. Gipple on
Sunday. %
Mrs. Eliza Zearing went to Harrim
burg to spend the winter with her sou,
H. B. bearing.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Gouder an
nounced the birth of a daughter, No
vember 18.
L. X. aud C. 8. Keefer sold the prop
erty of Mrs. Amelia Keefer, deceased,
oil Saturday at public sale to Mrs.
Bordner, of near Carsonville.
W. H. Miller was near Dauphin re
cently, attending a sale.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Loudermilch were
at Harrisburg one day last week.
Preaching next Sunday evening iu
the U. B. church.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Straw, of Mata
moras, spent Sunday at the homo of
S F. Bowman.
Communion services will be JieM on
Sunday at 10 a. m. in the Lutheran
church by the pastor, the Rev J. P.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kocber and
Mrs. Peter Keiter and grandson mo
tored to Harrisburg on Sunday.
James D. of Deatrich, am.)
Thomas Miller, of Elizabethville, wore
town callers on Sunday.
L. N. aud C. S. Keefer and 8. P.
BoWrnan were at Millersiburg on Satur
Union Thanksgiving Services in the
United Brethren Church
Spwlal Correspondence.
Halifax, Nov. 26.—Mrs. W. L
Smith, a representative of the Parent-
Teachers' Association, met the people
of Halifax in the Auditorium of the
school building on Tuesday evening for
the purpose of explaining the objects
of that Association.
Union Thanksgiving services will be
held in the United Brethren church to
morrow morning at 10.30 o'cloek. The
sermon will be preached by the Rev,
A. F. Coltom, pastor of the M. E.
Mrs. Alfred Bowman was the guest
of relatives at Highspire the past week.
Mrs. Johanna F&irchilds has return
ed from Harrisburg, where she visited
her daughter, Mrs. Irvine E. Deppen.
Mrs. J. B. Alter, of Port Royal, is
the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Per
ciyal Hill, Third street.
Mrs. Clifford A. Funk did shopping
at Harrisburg to-day.
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Rhoads HI
With Diphtheria
Spwtal Cor"»srionder ?
Hummclstown, Nov. 25.—Large
crowds of people still continue to at
tend the fair being held by the Acme
band and Chemical Fire Company in
Hummelstown hall. There are still
many articles to be disposed of and
those in charge are anxious to sell all
the goods until Tuesday evening when
the fair will close. The band renders
an interesting musical program each
Mrs. George Hocker and son, Walt
er, of Paxtang, were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. H. M. Wolf on Monday evening.
Mrs. Albert Cockley, of Chamber Hill,
spent Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs.
The 6-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs.
Simon Rhoads, who reside on the com
mons in the northeast section of the
town, is ill with diphtheria and the
home has been quarantined.
The Rev. Herbert 8. Games spent
yesterday afternoon in Harrisburg.
Mrs. Charles Laub and children, Al
ma.aud Walton, left yesterday to spend
several days with relatives at Balti
more. '
A special meeting of the consistory
of the Reformed church, will be held
at the homo of John J. Nissley, this
The postoffice will be open to-mor
row from 7 to 8 o'clock a. m. and from
7 to 8 o 'clock p. ni.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Wolf left
this morning fof Pennington, N. .1.,
where thoy will spend several days
with their son, Prof. H. Ray Wolf.
Foster Bollinger Home From Cornell
for Thanksgiving
Special Correspondence.
Millers town, Nov. 25.—Mrs. John
Crocker, of Houtzdale, is visiting her
nephews, William and James Rounsley.
Mrs. Hoyt Johnson and daughter, of
Ballston, Va., are visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. 0. D. Wingert.
Mr. and Mrs. Charleß ljahr, of New
port, were recent visitors in town.
Foster Bollinger, a student of Cor
nell College, Ithaca, N. Y., is spending
his Thanksgiving vacation at his homo
in this place.
Miss Olivia Rauch, of Thompson
town, visited her friend, Miss Ruth
Shenlt, this week.
Mrs. John Rebok has gone to Wal
tersburg, Fayette county, to visit her
son, Dr. E. H. Rebok.
Special Thanksgiving Services in the
M. E. Church
Special Correspondence
Falmouth, Nov. 25.—A special
Thanksgiving program will be rendered
in the M. E. church at Bainbridge
Thanksgiving evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Tho program consists of special music,
singing, an anthem by the united choirs
and solo work by Mrs. John W. Edel, a
soloist and leading singer of Harford
Avenue M. E. church, Baltimore, and
mother of the pastor, the Rev. W. W.
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Lewis left Tues
day for an extended visit to Port De
posit, Maryland.
Miss Lillian Hippie, of Marietta,
teacher of Lincoln school, Conoy town
j ship, with eighteen pupils visited Miss
! Mary V. Bruiser, teacher of the Fal
i month school.
Cyrus Durborow aud granddaughter,
Edith Summers, is spending some time
with friends in Reading.
John Trayer, of Harrisburg, was a
visitor here recently.
S. J. Bierly, of Harrisburg, was here
on business several days ago.
Tlie Rev. William Wilcox Edel, the
M. E. pastor of this place and a senior
j member of Dickinson College, Carlisle,
j was entertained over Sunday by Mr.
land Mrs. George W. Walton.
Mrs. Catherine Bierbower is spend
j ing some time with Jacob Zook aud
j family, of Donegal.
Miss Mary V. Brinser spent the
| week-end with her classmate at Millers
! ville State Normal.
Mrs. Harry Millar and son, Walter,
w(*re guests of the former's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bryans, returning
to Harrisburg Tuesday.
Joseph Dibeler, Jr., of Royalton, vis
ited last week with his graudparents,
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Dibeler. '
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Walton
spent Sunday with friends in Harris
G. W. Orendorf is engaged in digging
a cellar, and expects to erect a house
in the near future.
Charles Smith and family, Miss Mar
tha Horst and Roy Keck, of Harris
burg, were entertained by Mr. and Mrs.
John Horst.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bryans returned
home from a visit to Oaklvn, N. J., the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Wiiliam Link.
Mrs. John Dahner and two children,
of Enola, was the guests of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Brinser.
M. J. Derick and 0. P. Baker, of
Harrisburg, repaired th c M. E. church
organ in this place Monday.
Ira Dibeler has been ill for some
To-morrow All Business Places Will Be
Special Correspondence.
Middletown, Nov. 25.—The car shop
basketball team defeated the Tennis
Club team last evening on the M. A.
C. floor by the score of 2 9 to 5, and
the Union team defeated the Liberty
lire Company by the score of 37 to
25. A large crowd was present.
The cantata entitled, '"Nazarene,"
given by the M. E. Choir last evening,
proved a success. After the program
was rendered the Sunday school class
taught by H. J. Wickey served refresh
ments to those who took part.
Ed. Hollis moved his household goods
to Philadelphia yesterday, whero he
has secured work.
The public schools will close this
evening until Monday mornin» and the
various schools had appropriate pro
grams arranged for this afternoon.
Charles Force, who had been visiting
relatives in town for the past week, re
turned to his home at Pittsburgh yes
The meetings being holt! in the Sa
maritan Free Mission, Market and
1/aw-rence streets, are largely attended.
Tho meetings are in chargo of Colouel
Esther and Helen Hippie, the two
daughters of Mrs. Grace Hip|>Je, South
Union street, will enter the Loysville
Orphan IHome aikl will be taken there
in about three weeks.
H. 8. Roth transacted business at
Philadelphia on Tuesday.
Macedonians from Kqvalton went to
Steetoon in four motor cars yesterday,
where they attended the wedding of
| one of their countrymen. Tho ears were
| decorated with flags and bunting and
; were quite an attraction as they passed
through town and returned in the aft
All (business places in town will be
closed to-morrow. Thanksgiving Day.
The M. A. C. football team will play
tho Lebanon Valley team on the fair
grounds to-morrow afternoon.
D. B. Zorger and N. C. Fuhrman will
spend Thursday at Strinestown, York
country, as the guests of the former's
Melvin Leonard, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Melvin Leonard, Swatara street, was
taken to 'Philadelphia yesterday by Dr.
H. H. Rhodes, where the lad received
treatment for his injured spine. He
will have to use crutches for some
Miss Margaret Palmer found the
purse lost by Arthur Britiser on Satur
day and returned the same to the owner.
The Junior League oK the M, E.
church and their teacher ■will attend
the Sltough meeting at Harrisburg to
morrow afternoon and several friends
will accompany them.
Union Thanksgiving Service in United
Presbyterian Church
Special Correspondence.
Newville, Nov. 25.—The Rev. Haynes
H. Lippincott, pastor of the Methodist
Episcopal church, will preach the ser
mon at the union Thanksgiving service
to be held in tho United Presbyterian
church to-morrow morning at 10.30
o 'clock. The offering will be placed
in the funds of the Ladies' 'Benevolent
The funeral of George Washington
Hideout was held from his late home
in the South ward on Sunday afternoon.
He was 81 years old and had lived
here over fifty years. One daughter,
Mrs. Serina Banks, of Carlisle, sur
vives. (Mr. Rideout was a meiniber of
the Second Church fit God.
Mrs. W. 11. MeCrea arrived liome on
Monday from Cedar Falls, lowa, where
she attended the funeral of her sister,
Mrs. Mary Wiest Collar;
At a meeting in the lecture room of
the 'Big Spring Presbyterian church on
Monday ovening the executive commit
tee of the Belgian relief organization
reported its plans, which are that on
Sunday, December li, offerings will be
received in the various churches and
contribution boxes will be placed in the
business houses. Ladies from this place
will 'bring the situation before many
of the schools in tho rural district* and
contribution boxes will 'be distributed
through these sections.
The Rev. George N. Lauffer, for four
years the pastor of Ziou Lutheran
church of this place, lias received the
' unanimous vote of the congregation of
! St. John's Lutheran church of Steeiton
to 'become its pastor. iMr. I<auffer will
assume the pastorate January 1, 1915.
While in this plaice Mr. and Mrs. Lauf
fer won many friends, who will deeply
regret their departure.
Miss Isabel Gracey, of 'Blair Acad
emy, Blairstown, N. .T., is home for her
I Thanksgiving vacation.
Sermon for Independent Order of Amer
ica Sunday Evening
| Special Correspondence.
New Cumberland, Nov. 25.—0n Sun
day evening at 7 o'clock the Indepen
dent Order of America will meet at
their hall and proceed to Trinity Unit
ed Brethren church, where the Rev. A.
It. Ayers, the pastor, will deliver a ser
mon to the Older. Special music will
be rendered.
All of the mills, store, postoffice,
: bank and business places will be closed
on Thanksgiving Day.
Mrs. Morrison and son, Edward, of
Columbus, Ohio, are guests of Charles
Leibv's family.
Miss Marjorie Me.lvor spent Sunday
I at Lebanon Valley College.
Miss Helen Fogel Sanger, teacher of
the Primary school, went to her home
in Shippensburg this evening.
A prayer and praise service will be
held to-night in Trinity U. B. church,
appropriate to Thanksgiving Day.
Miss Mary Bond, of Y<yk, jg visit -
I ing relatives in New Cumberland.
Mrs. Frank Sutton, of Gettysburg,
[ spent several tlays with her parents,
Mr. and l Mrs. George Kaufman.
Mrs. Lincoln >'eager, of Allentowu,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. Clyde Ma
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Drayer, of Perry
county, and Mr. and Mrs. AlllO.l Zim
merman, of Eberly's Mills, spent Sun
day with Miss Mary Drayer.
Mr. and Mrs. John Eby, of East Han
over, spont Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Wilson Atland.
Mr. and Mrs. James Smith, of Hazle
ton, are guests of Mrs. Smith's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Wear, Third street.
Miss Marion HelTleman spent the
week-end with her sister, Miss Ruth,
at Lebanon Valley College.
Miss Fairy Zin'n, of near Lewisberry,
is visiting Frank Hoover's family, at
Mrs. I. W. Holland on Visit to Rela
tives in Wilkes-Barre
Special Correspondence.
Wiconisco, Nov. 25.—Mrs. I. W.
Holland is visiting relatives in Wilkes-
Mrs. Sara Miller, of Williamstown,
is visiting her daughter.
Dr. J. S. Prout is visiting in Maucb
Irvan Hatten, of Philadelphia, was
a visitor in town lately.
Miss Mary Davis and Miss Annie
Isles are visiting in Minersville.
Mr. and Mrs. John Pontius are vis
iting in Harrisburg.
Miss Dora Shadel is spending some
time in Harrisburg.
Roy Long spent the week-end in
Loyal ton.
Parke—la your house insured against
■flref Lane—l don't know. I've just
beeu reading over the insurance policy, j
Both House and Barn Were Consumed
Before Keller C. Carbaugh, the
Owner Returned From Attending
Church Services
Gettysburg, Nov. 25. —While the
owner was attending revival services
at the Church of God at Jerusalem oil
Monday evening, the house and stable
on the farm of Keller C. Carbaugh, a
mile and a quarter east of Edgeniout,
were destroyed by Are. Neither Mr.
Carbaugh nor his wife, knew anything
of the tire until several hours after it
had burned itself out.
The blaze, which is believed to have
been of ihcondi'ary origin, was discov
ered in the stable by Jacob Fleagle, a
neighbor. Another blaze was found
raging in the house, which was only
about fifty yards away.
Court Refuses New Trial to Men Con
victed in Conspiracy Cases and
Passed Judgment
Cumberland, Md., Nov. 25.—Judge
Keedy yesterday afternoon overruled
the motion for a new trial in the Ham
melshime-Eichelberger conspiracy caso
and sentenced Dr. T. K. Hummefehima
and Ward L. Eichelberger each to pay
fines of S2OO and one-third of the costs
and to serve three mouths in the Alle
gheny county jail. H. Bruce Hummel
shime was fined SIOO and one-third of
the costs and sentenced to sixty days
in the county jail. Counsel for the de
fense filed a notice to take the case
to the Court of Appeals and tho de
fendants were . released under bail.
Dr. Hummeilshime is police commis
sioner and Ward L. Eichelberger is
finance commissioner. They, together,
with young Hummelshime, were found
guilty of conspiracy to receive a bribe
to pass a measure through the City
Believe Cattle Disease Checked
Carlisle, Nov. 25. —While an addi
tional herd of cattle in the county have
been reported to be affected with the
foot and mouth disease, it is believed
that the disease in this county has al
most reached an end. There are at pres
ent seven cases in the county accord
ing to report of Dr. E. M. O. Mortte,
representative of the State Live Stock
Sanitary Board.
Struck by Machine As It Swerved and
. Struck Fence
Gettysburg, Nov. 25. —Th lives of
a number of Mt. Saint Mary's students
were endangered when two automobile's
collided on the pike along the athletic
field of the Emmitsburg college. One
member of the party, Charles Eck, a
third-year Seminarian, was struck by
a machine and his left leg was broken
in three places and his face badly cut.
He was removed to St. Joseph's hos-
An Overland touring car belonging
to Mrs. .1. Ijedlie Gloninger, which was
driven by her son, Sydney, was passing
a Ford runabout, belonging to Meade
Patterson, of Emmitsburg, which was
■driven by Howard Johnson, colored,
The larger car swerved to the right of
the road and crashed into tho fence.
Mr. Eck, was about to get over the
' fence to tha athletic field at the time
I of the collision. A colored woman wm
in the Poril machine with Johnson.
! The two were not thrown out of the
auto as it plunged through five panels
of rail fence, but both were cut and
bruised. The colored woman sustained
several bad cuts.
Bishop Rockwell Is Dead
Chambersburg, Nov. 25.—Without
regaining consciousness after he had
been made ill by escaping coal gas,
Bishop Rockwell died at his home in
Mercefsburg yesterday morning. At his
'bedside were his wife, who returned
to her home from the Chambersburg
hospital, and his only daughter, Mrs.
Blanche Zeger, of Upton.
Mr. Rockwell, who was living alone
in his home, was taken ill late Satur
day night or early Sunday morning,
after he had been to Chambersburg to
visit his wife at the hospital. On SUH
[ day afternoon his daughter went to the
Rockwell home and found hint in an
unconscious condition from which he
I never recovered.
Must Suppctt His Widow
Hagerstown, Nov. 25.—-Bv the death
of Burt .1. Cole, the young man who
was injured at the plant of the Secur
ity Cement and Lime Company, Mon
day, Washington county has had its*
first death, following an accident since
the Workmen's Compensatidn v lav*
went into effect. The law provides kiat
there shall be paid to the widow J>r
her support and that of her childmtb
50 per cent, of the weekly wage re- V
ceived by her husband to be paid for
a period of eight years and the total
amount paid is not to be more than
$4,250 nor less than SI,OOO. Mr. Cole
was a skilled mechanic and consequent
ly drew good wages so that the amount
to be paid his widow will be about the
To Hold Charity Ball
Carlisle, Nov. 25.—The charity ball
the first of its kind ever seen here wiTl
be held in the National Guard Armory
next Monday evening as a benefit for
the Carlisle hospital. It is expected
that over 300 persons will attend, not
only from Carlisle, but from nearby
cities and townsalso.
Music will be furnished by the
Eighth Regiment band. Dancing will
begin at 8.30 and will continue until
2 o'clock. Single admission tickets for
the event will bo $2.
War of the Three Petticoats
A slighting reference by Frederick
the Great to Mme. Pompadour, who
was the ruliug power in France for a
score of years in the days of Louis •
XV., was one of the chief causes of
the Seven Years' war, called by a witty
Frenchman the "war of the three pet
ticoats" from the fact that Mme. Pom
padour of France, Maria Theresa of
Austria and Catherine If, of Russia,
were on the samo side in it.