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ST! Winston - Salem, N. C. •
Central High in Secret Practice in the
"Ctunfeerlaad Valley"— Tech Has
Workout on Island—Backers of
Beth Elevens to Parade
With tho < entral High school eleveu
in the throes of so ret practice at some
I'lace in the Cumberland Vallev ani
Tech working out on the H. A. C. field
the last touches are given to the
eleven? which will be the factors in the
l>:g Thanksgiving Day game at Island
Tark. The game will be called at
2.30 o'clock.
The Central High followers are jeal
on; of the progress the team :s making
«n<i will spring new formations and
I'lays against the younger school team
■which seems to have the advantage. In
order to make it as big a surprise as
j ossible and that no advance mfornia
t on can possible get to Tech the loea
t;on of the Blue and Grey team cannot
l'e learned. The indefinite information
that the eleven is some plaoe in the
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Otber Ncw.rk S ,„rr, >r.rh„ > „, k . K..d. 86 . *l,oo„. B.ttl
more. I.aat-astrr. «siii-
Open Saturday evenuigs nntU 10.30 to accommodate our custouieis
"127 S|ore<i in *7 ~J
••Cumberland Valley" has been given
The oache* are anxious that the
team .0 away from the talk an.; chat
tor about the game and that the minds
ot the players be free to s;ra«;> all the
football that coaches can hand out.
\ii : for t to perfectly good reason C a:
they w-'sh to keep the Ceutral st iff
troni getting over to Tech the team ha.
•eon taken away for secret practice, t
•ou p'ease. It is the first time 111 h:
>tory of the meeting of the two teams
tuat »j -H n . asures have been tat,en.
•'lt \v..? :mp.-»sible to hold practice
» a crowd of spectator's present
on t . pub!- playgrounds.'' said the
faculty atkletic a«lvi.-oi thi* moruiug iu
explaining the move.
The tea-ii left at 7.,'.© o'clock this
nioruin. and got in a full day at prac
tice and listening to football lectures.
The i t he* will see to t that the mem
bers of the team get a "good night's
rest to night, the team returning at
1.10 o'clock to-morrow afternoon to be
not at the station by the student bo iv.
which has arranged to take the ; a
rade to the station to meet the team,
and escort it to the playing field.
Coaches Smith an I Harris a . m
panied the team. The following plav
, ers took the trip.
<-a 1 .am Byers. Manager Bingham.
Bla- K. Snra.-ker. Winn. Hout . Lynch.
Koth. Rote, Zeigier, l. nimer-
!n«n, Hall. Hilton, MrMantee. S»il
hamor, Piffonbauyh, Doehiie ami Mar
Th*i» is every hope that Bote will
get into the game to morrow. He has
tieen practicing with the team and
seems to be in fairly good shape. Ho. j
st least, will start in hi* old position at i
quarterback. His generalsjup will mean [
a jwotl bit to the team.
The Maroon and Grey team got in
its final licks at practice this afternoon ■
on the H. A. C. field. The players arc i
.>ll in good shape for the coining stnig |
gie and every man is striving his besr ;
to be able to boat out the old school '
rivals for the first time. The barktield. j
Beck. Harris, [teach and Britsch i< j
workir.g smoothly, running over forma j
tietis ot the scrubs m easy fashion. The
practice today was mostly perfecting;
Preparations are beiuij made to han j
die the greatest football crowd of a'! ,
time .it the g.irne. An advance ticket'
sa'.o has been held, which indicates that i
the game will attrait thousands. Koui i
gates will be opened for admission of |
spectators. three for those who have
riot procuret tickets in advance an i
one for those holding tiekets.
Spaces tor the heer>ng sections ot
-lio two s. hoo.s have been reserved at
! the grountls. the t eutra! High -chool on
t the o.i-t <taniU and Tech on the other)
side of the lit I. Kxcelleut policing ar s
rangeuients tunc been made and no per
'sons will bp allowed on the field be
twoeu the hahes. Members of the State
Police squad will augment the city po
, licemen at the grouuds.
Both schools ha\"e engagei bands
. " i both schools will have parades prio'
' to the game, starting from the res pec
live school houses. The l entral High
sijiient body met this afternoon to prae
o , hoer> and tiual arrangements "or'
the parade were announced. The partici
pants w ill meet at the s, hool house
and inarch back of the (oininonvrenlt.l
'and to the Pennsylvania railroad sta
tion to meet the members of th,- team,
l'he students will then escort the team
to Is and Park.
At recti the parade will form hack'
of the now famous Tech band and
march to he grounds. The school's
aliuiim iias l>o» 11 invited to paraoe. The
>ra-i» wiil be immediately back of the
band, the -lasses following in order.
• 'oe. U-nder Snow will be chief mar
sha ot the walk arouiut.
The Philouian debating Societv will t
head the iVutral Hiah school pantile.
Vance < . M. Cormick. a stockholder in
the Market Street Bridge Companv, has
arranged that the parades will not be
held up ou tiie river bri ige for toll, the
marchers going through in line.
T orsier Carls-le SUr Will Succeed
Warner as Football Mentor
Wasnington. Pa.. Nov. I'j.—The
Washington and Jefferton football men i
• noil payed against Georgetown at
Washington. D. C. iast Saturday.)
l«rought a< v tuo report that A. A.
Kxendir.e. the Georgetown coach, had
■en s gned to oaeh the Carlisle In
iian eleven, sucoeet! ug i.,enn Warner.
who wiil go to :ne Univeisitv of I'itis
Kxen line s a former Carlisle star
and served his first year at Georgetown j
tats >eason. His work there was
j meritorious and attracted so much at
tontion that iie was tne ti.-st man ou
sidered when Warner announce,! tha
he would leave the ludian school. Kxen !
il ne partly confirmed the rep— t ot his
departure, but tae authorities at Geo-ge
town were the iirs; to divulge the in
teutou of tuo coach to go to Carlisle.
ey trie.J to retain h :ii for another
season, offering a increase in sal
ary but according to their report, ho
.referred to fane up the work at his
alma mater.
Middletown Basketball I.eassre Attracts
Large Crowd
The I'nion team won f om >ue l.ib
frtv five by the s.-ore of o i to '.'j. and'
the v ar Shop team won from the Tennis
Llub bv the score of 13 .0 j in Middle
town Basketball League last
eieaing. More man a hyn Ired sputa
tors saw the games. The lineips:
1" irst Uame
„ V » ioD - Liberty.
aril P Muskv
F Gilbert!
Seltzer C Kei-.e
(Phillips) 1
| f" av t'- v « 'House- 1
i D°ut?l>e"y (• ... Shellenberger ,
* 'eld goals. Seltzer, t>: Bear-i, 5* 1
| Shellenberger, 4: Phillips, Mus\v"
Suavely, t.ilbert, ' Kei;>er. Ko'ui
goals. Shellenberger. 9; Beard. 7.
j Keferee. Baumbaeh. Scorer. Rnby.
Timer, Bleeher. Time of halves, 20
Second Game
<- ar Shops. Tennis Club. i
Hoffman P DetsveMei- !
' P Campbell
Baumbaeh C Me\ai'
O ! .* Pe'crs
j (Smith!
! Phillip* G E. Keiper
Field goals. Hoffman, 7: Zell, !
Baunibach, 3: Detweiler. Foul goaN.
Baumbaeh. 3; McXair, 3. Refer»e,
Shellenberger. Scorer, Ruby. Timer]
Spurrier. Time of halves. 20 minutes.'
Central High vs. Technical High on
H. A. C. Grounds. Game called at 2.30
! p. m.
East End A. C. vs. Penbrook A. C..
at Nineteenth and Greenwood streets,
(iame called at 10 a. m.
Bressler A. C. vs. Moss Rose eleven.'
at 10 a. m. Bressler A. C. vs. Enhaut i
: High School at 3 p. m.
L«emoyne High Sehool vs. Enola High;
School, at Enola. Game called at 9
a. m.
DR. KLUGH, Specialist
Wyftdti «n4
2W Uilast Hariitbarc, Pi
of womei aal men 1 viaeela!,
private, •perlflr, arrroßa aad chroala
disease*. General efllce nork. Coaial.
tatloa free aa4 eaafldeatlal. Medietas
famished. Work caaraateed. Chargca
a oderste. 21 years* experience.
DR. KLK.II, (be nrell-ltaona Special Ist j
rill, im B*4 mTJu
8) r£i £r V
= ~~— ■ Ci
HQ 11 tad
a,.ti. * >*.'■.w. I
Works to Break Up Army Plays and
Practices New Ones
Annapolis, Mil., No*. 25.—With their
regimental comrades cheering them j
and tiieir coachee drilling into them the
taints they must do, and endeavoring
to break them of some of the things
which should uot lie, but which to a
siiiall degree still arc being done, the i
Navv football players had stiff prae- t
tico yesterday afternoon.
Considerable time was devoted to
' meetiug some of the Army formations |
which had been observed during the
game at West Point on last Saturday
by Ensign Mcßeavy, of the local coach
ing staff. There was further effort to j
perfect some of the formations which
have been designed especially for the
Army, and which have not yet been !
used iu any game here. In this work
each of the available backtield men
had a turu, and all of most promising
: candidates for line positions were giv
en workouts in the varsity aggrega
Although it is admitted bv many of
the Navy supporters that, judged by
: comparative performances. Army has
The right to expect to duplicate its vie
tory of last year, hope is not lead on
the Severn shore. There have been up
sets this season, and to these Navv
rooters point with hopeful predictions.
Manifesily there has been an in
creasing growth of confidence among
the midshipmen. The prevailing opinion
is that the traditional football jinx is
likely again to be overthrown, as it
was in last year's game, when Navy,
I with the best team in yearsr was put
to rout by the . a.iets through a splen
did mastery of the modern game.
Coaches Drive Cadets Through Hard
Practice on Heavy Field
West Point. N. Y., Nov. 25.—The
Army eleven was worked at a stiff
pace for tow hours yesterday atfernoon
in further prepaartion for the contest
with the Navy. A new field was laid
| out near the hotel, and. although the
goin- \\.is heavy, the caches drove the
teams through a long preliminary drill,
consisting of kicking, running down
puts. a session at the blocking and
tac-'ling machines and dummy scrim
maging. endint; witb a tint and snappv
signal practice lasting a' hour. Two
teams went throug'i the signal drill.;
' apt;?in Prichard driving one aud Oli
chant the other. Bemlict. VanVleet and
i'oiigs-on .vce tiie on the vanity,
j while Coffin, Purd and Hoots made u;
the second-string backfield.
Orders were ; ssued yesterday concern
ing the movements to Philadelphia. The
te«ni will leave oil Friday morning and i
■ will take its last workout on Franklin
; filed during th« afternoon. Saturday j
luoruing the battalion of cadets, baud >
an 1 field musi.', and the officers of the 1
ta i : ai de artuier.t will go by special 1
tra.u over the West >.iore and Penn
sylvania a: i,s. A second traiu will !
carry tee oil;.-e s of the post and their
families and residents of the vicinity. !
Patriot Duck Pin League Ends Next
The Makeups won l'roni the Linos by \
-3 pins and the Admen won from the
Steros by 52 | ins in the Patriot Duck!
» in League scries on the Casino allpvt*
yesterdii . The Makeups and Stero-.
are tie for first place. The season ends
next week. The scores:
Brown 109 90 111—310
lx)sh 92 9S 95 28"<
jfry IDS 129 111—34S
Totals .. . 309 31" 317 —94:; i
Gotwalt .... lU3 110 98—311'
Stigelnian .. 90 91 96—277
i Zeigler .... 9S 120 114—332
Totals ... 291 321 308—920
Second Match
Sohmer .... 97 96 57—280
Peiffer 94 90 105—289
j Herman .... 121 97 101—319:
Totals ... 312 283 293 —888
Carpenter 116 138 94—348
Garman .... 96 140 95—331
Wagner .... 75 88 98—261|
Totals ... 287 366 287—940 i
Federals Top Bisons
The Federals won two of the three )
games from the Bisons in the P. R. R. i
Y. M. C. A. League last night by a !
margin of 70 pins. The score:
1 Leaman ... 150 189 192 531 |
•Saul 158 155 125 — 138
Colestock .. 174 139 143 456
jC. E. Miller 124 155 165 — 444
Mendenhall. 142 160 168— 470
Totals .. 748 798 793—2339!
Ford 153 175 217 545 j
'Crawford .. 122 137 166 425 '
Keller 143 135 143 421 |
F. H. -Miller 142 12S 157 427
Hostetter . 143 156 152 451
: Totals .. 703 731 835—2263
Schedule for to-day: Giants vs.
| Eagles.
Alphas Top Sen.-.tors
The Alphas won 'rom the
(Senators by 322 pins :n last night's
I match in the Casino Leagt;?. Knnis
' was high man. The s.'ore:
Ibach 188 150 IS9 527
i Rementer .. 145 200 152 137 ,
Stigelman . 139 153 159 — 4"1
! Gourlev ... 147 151 14 5 413 '
| Montgomery 177 187 197 — 561
Totals .. 796 S4l 542—2t79
Knnis .... 205 236 190— 631 ,
Martz 197 195 13* - 526
Burger 188 156 149 493
Battorff ... 189 191 19.}— 573
Morrison .. 172 190 216 — 57 3
' Totals .. 951 :»6S BSS—2BOI ,
► w » * f f ? » v~w * > * »» T > t t w v * » *
' ► '
► 5
► <
Store Closed Will Be All Day To-morrow * <
'~ ' ;
A Christmas Policy That
Will Benefit Everybody I
1 > _ '<
► To the smallest detail, has no effort been spared to make this a ,<
► Christmas Store of Service for your every convenience and desire. <
y In striving for this goal, many obstacles had to be met. and over- *
K come. New elevators have been installed; departments rearranged, <
y affording greater convenience, and increased selling service will ren- f
► /ler shopping a pleasure.
AN e invite you to use our free Telephone service; our complete i
► Mail Order department, and take advantage of the transfer system. <
Among those having Christinas saving funds, wc solicit accounts, by
" which you may do your shopping now and pay for same upon receipt <
► of your savings fund check. i
" r And by doing your shopping now, von receive the benetit of un- .<
broken assortments. <
► From a standpoint of efficiency, for the benefit of last-minute "
y shoppers, we have decided to remain <
■: |
► Open Only Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Evenings Preceding Christmas '
► . <
" |4
► <
And by so doing, every day will find salespeople bright and fresh for
new duties, and each will take an added interest in helping vou select
gifts with care and discrimination.
Adhering to our policv of last vear. we shall
- : f
, Close at 6 P. M. Christmas Eve. \
| ' \
y This movement which was heartily endorsed by the Civic Club, \
and by popular sentiinent last year, not only permits our large store \
y family to remain at home preparing for Christinas, but it also stimu-. \
► lates early buying, and with shopping completed, the public can en- „
► , jov being at home, on this greatest of all nights. Let us all spend <
k Christmas Eve at home!
: : ' : :
► f- 4
► i
: Friday Will Be Bargain ;
1 ; Day As Usual j
► Every department has contributed a number of •< i
1 ► very unusual bargains to make Friday a banner day, <
I; ► and it will be to your advantage to visit the store and <
► in fact every department. Look for the green price <
► cards. <
, V 1 •„
;► . J
Lancaster's Favorite Brew
JNO. G. WALL, Agt.
Harrisburg, Pa. Frank J. Rieker, Mgr.
Washington Star Asked *IOO,OOO foi
Five Yoars' Work
Chicago, Nov. 25. —Pitcher Walter
Johnson now firmly believes that he
who hesitates is lost. The Nationals'
star hurler hesitated over an offer of
$60,000 for thre years' work from the
Federal League and before he could
make up his mind the outlaws with
drew their offer. The result is Johnson
■ annot .join Gilmore's organization now
if he awnts to.
"No,' - said President Giimore yes
terday when asked if the 9t. Louis club
was still seeking the big pitcher. |
"We've called it off. Fielder Jones
offered him $20,000 a year for a three- 1
.-ear contract. He asked for time to
consider it. Before he could make up
lis inind Jones and the St. Louis club
■ailed it off. Furthermore, the Fed
eral League decided to worry along
without him."'
From a statement made 'bv Fielder
Jones, who carried on negotiations with
Johnson some time ago, the big pitch
ed demanded a five-year contract call
ing for ?20,000 per season, and so
framed that the money was assured
Johnson. regardle«s of what might hap
pen. He demanded that the entire
amount of the contract 'be placed in
bank, *ubje> > t to his order from time
to time.
To Vote on Mutuallzation Plan
' An announcement was made by E J resi
o dent John R. Hegem&n, of the Metro,
p politan Life Insurance Company, on
b Thursday of last week relative to th»
- proposed mutualization of that great,
g corporation. It is proposed to submit
the proposition to a vote of policy
r holders at a meeting to be hold Decein
ber 28, and should the vote approve
- the plan mutualization will become of
- fective on January 1, or as soon there
-0 after as practical. The plan includes
1 absolute control of the management by
policyholders, the safeguarding of the
e company against schemes for obtaining
3 i stock control and for using such control
e ! to exploit the assets and income of the
J company, and the conversion of all
non-participating policies, except those
j excluded in accordance with provisions
of law, into participating nolicies.