The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, November 07, 1914, Page 11, Image 11

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    Real Estate
mm d !
XKW BHTCK houses for sale on Third
street. Riverside; brick front;
terse porches: aide yards; granolithic
walks, iron fence; all improvements, in- '
eluding: steam heat. $..500 to $3,300:
.•asv terms. K. MOKSI«WJ», 4-4 State
5t.. % LEWIS M. NKIFFER, -J J Market
St. i
FOR SALE—I4IO Peivn St.. 2-story
frame; rooms; income $19.00.
Second and Walnut St 3. __
FOK SALE— lilt Regina St.; --story
l»rlck; 10 rooms, bath. gas. electric
light; steam heat; lot 17xM0. BIUN
TUN-PACKER CO.. Second and Walnut
<tls> ACRES (s3Boo>
Hloomaburs (to> Danville, only (half)
mile to trolle> and »mile> to Philadel
phia and Reading Railroad being handy
to (City Market). New Cosv'.iome paint
ed white and green, no* spring louse,
new hog and poultry glass front houses,
new root, bank barn for i2o> horses
and cattle. (IS> acres thrifty wood-
I md. rlne fruit trees. mile to
lime kilns, tine meadow and creek, all
straw, (hay) cornfodder. (Possession)
at once. Hring wife before sold and see
t bargain).
*3o> ACRES «s.'! > 00>
Retween t?> City Markets, (20.000)
population over State Road u beautiful
:'arru in tine location, (mile) to high
pchool. Presbyterian arid Lutheran
cliuuches stores and railroad station,
• Buildings» all painted large front:
porch rooms hard wood tinis'ed.
cemented cellar eoiyhome. bank barn,
wag'-'n. tog. poultry and stone storage
houses. Loan soil, level land. ere. k and
:?teadou I'inc fruit orchard, water at
.• \ ] buildings, s'.iould see (clover tieid>
in bloom.
(Grand location) on the tTerraces).- j
jid 11 k• new fae | 111# I State ,
road* opposite fine farms and railroad
picturesque valley. \*»o) feet ti>
sided porches. \irg window panes,
glass front <loi»rs. water handy at
< painted) buildings, meadow and creek,
team soil, al '"st le v 1. land adjoining
man • »ad Wilk-s-Rarre to Williams
port. Proof of soil clover fields and
lowing g a Vt Cross Roads with
•n . drVds) f Xutotnobiles passing (Great Bargain*.
GEO. '•
l>a:iville Phc..e Hours Sunbury
7 to S Morning and Evening
KO : SALE—Three story building, at
„ blnhaut. along trolley line; cost to
b»*i It. SJ.OOO. k'an be changed into tiire?
■ iwtilirig houses at little expense. Price.
5J.200.00 Very easy Urme. Inquiie at
End Bank.
l» :SIUVBLK br ck ouse on Eighteenth
street, n a; Walnut." all improve
nu ts: lot IS\ 100. For sale at reason
able price; mortgage mav remain. Qet
Pa-ticiila.--s. BULL REALTY CO.. Berg
ner Building.
LOOK at the bcick house. No. -35 N.
Fourteenth St.. near State all im
provements; electric lights; porch; price
easonable: aK»rtgage taken at 5 l : per
cent BELL REALTY CO.. Berg tier
Building. •
II PER CENT, gross on investment—
two practically new houses, in good
condition; cos: $5.000. For sale at a
great sacrifice. BELL REALTY CO..
Bergner Building.
BALE House Nu. ltSl N. sixth s*.
Remodeled throug >jt: all improve
ment?. Apply GEORGE \V. ORTH. 423
FOR RENT Furnished rooms and
hoarding by nieai. day or week Ap
ply 1001 N. Se -ond at., corner Boas and
sc and streets.
HOUSES FOR RENT and Iji-story
dwelling houses for sale Elder Heal
E«t»tc_Co.._-4th and De.-ry Sts.
FOR RUNT —Apartment facing Sixth
street; improvements, with use of
both pfcones. Apply 174'. N. Si\tii St.
i'OR RICNT—SmaII apartment on South
Fourth street: city steam heat; refer
ence required Inquire -# S. Dewberry
FOR RENT—Second and third floor
front rooms, comfortably furnished;
heated with steam, every convenience;
good home in private famil* . rent rea
sonable. Reference. Inquire lit. State
and 13.00 monthly; rio interest or
• axes; highly productive laud. Closi
to three big markets. Write for pho
ographs and full information. Hunter.
1. lli, N. V. Life Bids.. Kansas City.
r>ESK in well-furnis'.ied oftii-e. with full
privileges of same: rent cheap. In
q ire 4'jy St.. 9 to 11 a, m.
CJRAPES in Sunny South Missouri are
p\treniel> profitable; vineyards pay
»-'»•• to SS«O per acre. 10 acres good
land. $250. $5 monthly. Easy
work, fine climate. Success assured.
Literature free. Merriam. Ellis. Ben
. - ■ ktur Bit'ir. Kg i'tt>. Mo.
Nr.Ul,\ furnished mom-, fronlinz on
' apitol Park. Electric hot and
cold running water in .ah royin. Use
uf phone and bath. Apply 110
N.'rt: street. "
Houses for Rent
*ab *»e.. 3'-_. f„ h r „ nu
1 10 l.laiir. *t.. 3 ». f.. s r.. *l3
s. SIVj *«.. 2'- a. f.. *l3
•135 Brigs* •»•.. 3'... f.. «r„ *l3
3i;rr \«la-< l»r_ ». •».. T r. b.. 11.1
31.*.? \. T«h M- 3 ». b.. Hr. b.. *r»
1"«3 ». Harm «>t.. I - a. h.. s r .. (13
7tb «u S a. h.. (. r. h.. *l3
;:»3 Uala> \if„ 3 m. f„ Hr. A b.. *1
I.M»T AlllMia S'l ». b.. > r. A b.. *ls
t«7 llrlss. 3 .. b.. .» r #l3
133S S. 13th 'it.. 3 a. b.. v r .. *l«
'Kin Kmrrald St.. 3 a. b- X r.. *l7
l»30 Oerr> M_ 3'- a. f.. T r. b. A *la
iltt air Ht_ 3a. b.. 7r. b.. #3»>
1103 >. -.1 >l_ 2>, a. f„ 7 r. b.. *3s
IIUH Mnlberr. >t- 3 a. b.. » r.. *:».-.
I K>« N. Mlh «!.. 3 a. I, *. V .
1»37 Karkrt St» 3 a. b.. 11l r ... * 111
13«3 N. 1* •*%„ 3 a. b.. 10 r. b. . . h.. IMS
533« \.t* at_ 3 a. b.. 10 r. b.. *r.l|
30» S>. Froat
33 «. Froot M- furalahrd. 4 a. b.. 14
r„ 3 b.
HiddlrtnnK I'ike llligb.pire 1.
PI^HHOOK-3U» 1 urtla xt.. *lO
E*OLA —Adama *l., 2 a. f„ *l2
BEI.LA VISTA, Row A»e. 1 furnish
ed hsiiei, ||4
CA*P HILL—I Dale Heffthtai. . . *I s
I.l'CK^OH—l'orxr l.anf, . . $35
\KWPORT— I Maraball proftrrft 1 *«9O
Mulbrrry A t'briatiaa Mta.. Karasr. *3
iPtßT*E\T«—7l# V Hth St.. city
«»■" keat *ai * *3O
llliller Bros. & Neefe
Fixe Insurance Surety Bonds
Locust and Court Streets
Real Estate
I s
Uts ItHRRYIIILL ST. -3-story brick:'
all Impn>vem«ht9; corner house; first!
, class i-omiitlun. Rent $20.00. Inquire
IMS Kegina St.
• FOR RKNT—9-room house, 1032 Herr
St. Kent $1- h mouth, inquire at '
MKMHING V S» 104 2 Herr. or call
bell phone.
Ft>K UMNT S-room dwelling:*with bath
ami gtas. at SUetton Heights iuhh»-
site Kro& Shop olttce. Inquire of J." M. ,
MKAGY. 1 >uth Front St.. Steeiton.
b\>K KtvNT—24o Hamilton St.: § roomß
and bath, all improvements. Call Bell
phone 3102 K. j
-lUSO Perry St.. 2d Moor apt. MO.OO j
lJi:» Market St.. 3rd floor apU $25.00
1247 -Mulberry. 2d floor apt.. ..$38.00
2U3t> l»err\ St.. new house $25.00 |
ltfvM Holly street $2i.00
12U. IHT £ 144* Berry hi 11 St.. $22.50 i
3338 Kilersly St StS.:O
HARVKY T. SMITH. 204 S. 13th St
FOR RKNT—SW Broad St.; 3-story. 11
large rooms, all improvements; suit- i
able for boarding or lodging house. j
Call 429 Broad St.. or IS3I N. Second
St. Bell phone 3613J1.
ry St.. steam heat. $23.00; '.lXo Dorry
St.. steam heat, 525.00. 2135 Oerry St..
steani heat. $28.00. Inquire P. VAN- i
UKKLOO. -11 y LVriv St.. or Masonic
Temple Third and State. I
b\>R RKNT House N6. '>-7 Schuylkill
street: rent IIG.O'J. Possession at
orue. Apply to J. C. MfciHRING. 2409
North Sixth street.
i'OU RKNT-—3-story-brick house, eight
rootns: all improvements, at C<ls N.
Sixteenth St. Inquire 514 N. Sixteenth '
St. Bell
IX)R UKNT Two 2 l i-story briclf i
houses. Nos. 1521 and 152- Vernon
street. Rent $15.00 each. Possession
immediately. [•:. A. HEI-VUKFINGKR, !
Kast Knd Bank.
VOR RKNT 315 South Klfteentli St.; S
rooms and bat a; wide front porch and
balcony; hot and cold water in cellar. 1
•v»:»!y to I . H. HANT2MAN. <>so Brigs*
or t> 13 Forster St.
R INT-fJSlfiil-rooQKd hom% ssj
M enc street: ail conveniences; pos- ;
so> ion at once inquire 1301 N. Sec- '
out street. •>
FOR RENT—AII improve
ltil4 Catherine $16.00
1,">09 Xaudaiu .. .$17.00
500 K. Seventeenth, . .$18.50
Apply Kuhn & llershev, I
Sixth street, first class packer of fur- (
nlture. china and bncabrac. Hell i>hona
W, J. WENRICH. 339 Hamilton street— 1
f urnlture. china and piano packing. ,
shipments looked after at botli ends.
hauling. Bell phone
ATTENTION—We will pay 11,000 re- j
ward if our home butter merger fails
to merge one pint of milk into one !
pound of butter in two minutes, sweeter I
than creamery butter. Demonstrators I
and general agents wanted. Salarv or
commission Write for illustrated"cir-j
culars ana addresses of 1.000 users, i
Wonderful invention. Family Butter I
Merger Co.. Washington. U. C. ;
> NOW is the time to have your roof i
painted, before old King Winter J
s lows up the leaks. We use the best
grade of paint—black or red. Prices
' easonablc. Call or
quehanna St.
STORAGE in 3-story brick building. !
rear 195 Market St. Household goods I
in .lean, private rooms. Reasonable 1
rates. Apply to P. G. DIENER. Jeweler,
♦OS Market St.
new eight-story brick warehouses
one absolutely fireproof, divided into
fireproof private rooms of various
sizes for the storage of household
goods: the other warehouse or the most
approved type of tire retardant con- I
struction for general merchandise. They
are .-quipped with two large electric
freigut elevators and spiral chute for
the quick and safe handling of house-.;
huld goods and all kinds of merchan
dise. Low storage rates. South Second
street, near Paxton, on the tra ks of
Penna. R. R.
WE ARE now renovating feathers,
making pillows and folding feather
mattresses at Tenth and Paxton streets.
j£old. silver, watches, and jewelry.
i'hird street.
LADIES—W lien delayed or Irregular.
use Triumph Pills; always depend
abi' . "Relief" and particulars free.
Write National Medical Institute Mil-
Ji.OO TO {50.00 ou your plain note, to
any pe. son holding a salaried posi
tion. all transaction strictly confiden
tial. Employees' Discount Co., 36 K.
luirdsu, tluor.
LOANS—}j to f-00 for honest working
people without bank credit at less
thai, legal rates, hi Install
.xiculs to suit borrowers convenient*.
Loan and investment Co..
304 Caestnut St
—_____ .
ALL kinds of hauling; large two-ton
truck, furniture, pianos, freight, in
the citj and suburbs. Pricta reaaon
aole. Picnic anu pleasure irips. day or
evening. WJt H. D.VitE. lu ,
Beli phone JitlLf.
Delicately Put
••rhe -Mexicans may be lawless and »
i ij'ooittbirsty lot, but wheh it comes to '
putting disagreeable in a de-1
licate way they've got us of the north
faded to a dun monochrome." said ait
Aineiican just up from Saltillo.
'I I was recently going through the:
' j enrtentiary there—on a visit, if vou
liioase —-and overtook a party of Mexi
■an visitors. A youag girl among them
•.va» questioning a conviet through the >
I bars of bis cell.
i " 'And bow long, may I ask, before!
Waits I
tSO MONTHLY and expenses to travel,
distribute samples and take orders or
appoint agents: permanent. Jap-Amer
ican Co.. Chicago.
$2,500 WNUALLY—Co-operate with me
evenings at homo; everything fur
nished. Don't worry about capital.
Boyd H. Brown. Omaha. Nebr.
SALi^SMEN—Honey■ mftkvr: movie the
atres buy quantities weekly: commis
sion continues, send for sample, Inhib
itors' Herald Feature Co.. l>epfc» K, 24
Vandewater Si.. New York.
MiKN for rtremen. brakemen. J120.00
monthly. Send age. postage. Rail
way. care Star-Independent.
ough instruction. $5.00. Returned if
not appointed. Particulars free. Amer
ican Civil Service School. Washington.
P. C.
LEARN automobile business: etrti $25
weekly. We teach you at home. Free
Booklet. Auto School, 23 Union. Roch
ester. N. Y.
1 M F.N—Sell guaranteed hosiery to
friends, neighbors aud general wear
er. To per cent, profit: make $lO daily;
' experience unnecessary. International
Mills, Pa.
I WlLl* start you earning $4 daily at
home, silvering mirrors; send for
i free instructive booklet, giving plans
of operation. G. F. REDMOND. Dept.
-<>7. Boston. Mass.
%■:< TO t P&lt MONTH extra moM|
to any employed person, without in
terfering with regular work. No sell
ing. No canvassing. Positively no in
vestment. Unemployed need not apply.
Address The Silver-Mirror Co.. Inc., 123
\v. Madison St.. Chicago* ill.
Invest that small sum in a nostal
i car l just to tlnd out if ny Private
Lessons in Shorthand. Typewriting.
Penmanship. Rapid Calculations. Etc.,
will appeal to yau. I will gladly give
you full information. KEL
UK R. Room CO9. Patriot Building.
The oldest, be*t and most -eliable
uton..»bile school In the country. A
full course of practical Instructions for
$35.0t». Including long driving and re
pairing lessons Hundreds of good
i paying positions are open for compe
tent men. Make application now. Easy
payments Open day and evenings a
X. Cameron St.
jy ANTED—Young man. 17 -ears of
age. would like work. Have had
experience in grocery stor?. Appls
1 H Hummel street.
BOY. 15 years ot" age. would like to
learn trade of any kind. Address
•1230 Herr St.
YOUNG MAN would like to have day's
work ot any kind. Apply 1311 Cow
den street.
YOUNG MAN wants position at tiring
boilers. Call or address 612 Granite
BAKER—AII around man wants work
in small shop. Address or call 115
Nissley St.. Middletown.
lOUNu MAN. IS years of age. wants
work of any kind: willing to work
hard Call or address S. K. S., 2017
Wallace. City.
COI-ORKl» married man. sober and in
telligent: wishes work of any kind.
Will accept position as elevator oper
ator. porter, janitor, driving of any
kind. Address 232 S. Fifteenth St.
VOl NG MAN would like to have posi
tion as driver of delivery wagon; can
give good reference. Apply 1839 Herr
HOI SE CLEANING, windows, paints
and floors, automobiles washed and
polished; work neatly done. Phone 2858.
GHALFFECR wishes position with pri
vate family: seven years experience.
Apyly 329 Chcrry St.
DRUGGIST wishes a position: regls
tered. c. T. H„ 37, j.-. Eighth St.,
Lebanon. Pa.
EXPERIENCED COOK, colored, wants
position in hotel or restaurant, or
getting suppers or banquets for pri
vate parties. Best of references. Ad
drcss R. J., 524 Browns avenue.
WANTED—Position as a clerk in store
or position as violinist. Address
Herald y Hotel. Harris burg.
BECOME Railway Mail Clerks. $75.00
month, examinations coming. Sam
ple questions free. Franklin Institute.
Rochester. N. V.
AGENTS—Oxo-Gas. the latest inven
tion for lighting and heating homes
stores, churches, etc. >O% cheaper to
install and operate than any other
method. Exclusive sales righti given
Gloria Light Company. 1267 Washington
Blvd., Chicago, Ills.
necktie proposition tor holidavs
$30.00 to SJO.OO per week from now
until Christmas. Outfit free up to No
vember 20. Write quick Wilson Mfg
Co., B-2517, Lancaster, Ohio.
AGENTS—European war book: right
up-to-date. Big money maker. Out
tit tree. 50 per cent, commission. Ad
dress National Bible House. Pope Bids
STOP—Agents, salesmen: just out; new
invention, selling like lightning. De
flector tgr Auto Headlights, puts light
on road instead of in other people's
ey-s. Not a dimmer, increases driving
light. Cuts out all the ' glare." Wanted
011 every machine. Simple, easy to put
011; no adjustments, no knobs to turn'
lasts as long as the car. Low priced
Liften: Johnson. Ohio, -leared $22 rir't
day. Allen. Wash., made $26.50 one aft
ernoon. Sales guaranteed. No charge
for territory. Hurry, write quick Htck
mye; Deflector Co., 428 S. & B. Bldg..
Toledo. O.
AGENTS—Something new; fastest sell
ers and quickest repeaters on earth
permanent. prfflitable business. Goo<i
for to $75 a week. Address .American
Products Co., ;»26 Third St., Cincin
natu O.
HOLIDAY- WECKWEAR: bigg-st. best
most profitable line. Send for beau
tiful sample outttt, containing cards and
six handsome sample ties, that sell
from 20c to S7c each. Prepaid for SI.OO
\\ rite for free c atalogne. Crane-Wat
son Co.. Equitable Bldg.. Boston. Mass.
AGENTS—SeII guaranteed hosiery; 70
per cent, profit; make $lO daily Or
ders repeat regularly;' best agent's
seller in existence. International Mills
v est Philadelphia. Pa.
• f" EM ALL.
WANTED—Men and women to sell gen
tlemen's neckwear. $3.00 to $5.00 a
day easily made. We start you free.
Five four-in-hand and five string bow
ties as samples. Pick styles you want
to handle, send in your order." Liberal
credit Guaranteed goods and price
make easy sales. Enclose 35c, covering
package and shipping samples. George
!x>ndo Brand. Ohio Neckwear Mfg. &
Sales Co., Box No. 442. Toungstown. O.
you anticipate returning home, sir?' I
heard her ask in the tone she mig'bt
have used to a chance acquaintance at
the seashore. Fancy an American talk
ing to a eoovict that way."—Washing
ton Star.
SALKSMKS—To sell greatest selling
and leather specialties
IT ever produced. Oldest house, es
tablished 1522. laibt-ral commiaeton
contract. We pay be 23
years of a«e. Only reij producers
considered with very best references.
Don t waste your time but contract
with a real house where your* money
is sure. We want you. Write us fully.
Sentinel Printing Co., Indianapolis. Ind.
SALESMEN WANTED— Experience un
necessary. easy work, big pay. Write
fpr large list or openings uttering op
portunities to earn SIOO to SSOO a month
wfcile you learn. Address nearest office.
Dept. -45, National Salesmen's Training
Association. Chicago. New York. Kan
sas City. San Francisco.
81DB-UNK MBN Eleotrlo sign; out
selling everything at SIO.OO. Flashes
changeable wording in radiant beams
of electric light. Terms U0 days. Free
sample. Exclusive territory. Flashtrici
Sign Co.. Chicago.
DO j>leasunt coloring work at
home; good pay. no canvassing: no
experience required. Illus. particulars
free. Helping Hand Stores. Chicago.
I.*ADIES can make $lO to sls weekly
copying, addressing and mailing sam
ples. Particulars for stamp. Hex Co..
259 Glenwood Ave., Buffalo, N, Y.
L*-\DICS —Make shields at home; SIO.OO
per 100. No canvassing required.
Send stamped-addressed envelope for
full particulars. Eureka Co., Dept.
112 D. Kalamaaoo, Mich.
WIUL* PAY reliable woman $250.00 for
distributing 2.000 free packages per
fumed soap powder in your town. No
money required. Ward & Co.. 21$ In
stitute PI.. Chicago.
UADIBS—S2.2S dozen making plain
aprons: fascinating home business;
parcel post any distance. Stamped en
velope for particulars. Brandon Supply
House. Providence. R. I.
LADIES Filling ind la
beling boxes; home work; evenings;
steady; no experience. sl2 weekly. No
canvassing. Excellent opportunity. En
close stamp. Erina Specialty Co.. To
ronto. Ont.
NBAT, quick and accurate lady. We
will pay fair salary: work light:
hours short; will permit one tQ do
public work if desired; line location;
good chance. Address g?80. care Star
\\ ANTED—Lady to sell trees, shrubs:
roses, vines, bulbs, etc. Permanent.
Brown Brothers Nurseries, Rochester,
New York.
WANTED Girls 16
years oi age ami over.
Apply Harrisburg Cigar
WANTED—White—A strong girl or
middle-aged woman :o assist with
housework and to attend to invalid
lady. Apply at once. 107 S. Second St..
Harrtsburg. Pa.
ASSISTANT COOK and extra girl
wanted. Hershey House, 327 Market
S2O TO SOO PKll MONTH extra money
to any employed person, without in
terfering with regular work. No sell
ing. No canvassing. Positively no in
vestment. Unemployed need not apply.
Address The Silver-Mirror Co., Inc., 123
W. Madison St.. Chicago.. 111.
ANYONE can earn more money in spare
or lull time with our wonderful Pol
ishing Pad. Retails for 10c. Constant
ly repeals. Send 10c for sample and
. complete Information. The Mogul Mfg.
A middle-aged colored woman would
like a place in private family as
| cook: good reference and prefers stay
ing at night. Apply at 105 Filbert St.
A half-grown colored would like
a place as child's nui-c or house
work in a family. Apply 105 Fil
bert street.
COLORED woman wants house clean
ing by the day or general housework.
! 1329 Wveth Ave.
WANTED Curtains to wash and
stretch. 823 Myrtle Ave.
WANTED —By young colored woman.
days' work of any kind or vvasiiiug
to do at home. Can give reference.
' Call or address 812 James Ave.
WANTED—General housework, by col
ored woman. Address or call 505
South St.
WANTED —Colored woman desires light
housework or position as chamber
maid. Address or call 505 South St.
WANTED—By a young colored girl, a
place to do general housework or
day's vvork. Call or address 116u Lib
erty St.
COLORED LADY wishes a position as
cook or general housework. Can give
reference. Apply 352 S. Cameron St.
Y"OUNG colored woman would like to
have day's work of any kind or dish
washing. Apply 1219 N. Seventh St.
WANTED—White woman wants day's
work of any kind. Call 429 Broad
street, room 26.
A COLORED woman wishes position to
do light housework. Call 507 South
MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN would like to
keep house for widower, or clean
house, 01 hire out. Apply 260 Herr St.
1 fP ■O
Certificates of the Harrisburg Trac
tion Company, No. S8:!. for 28 shares,
and No. 2312, for 2 shares, of stock in
I the name of Daniel L Bonner, Guar
dian, have been lost or mislaick Appli
cation has been made to said company
to Issue other certificates in lieu of
j the above. DANIEL L BONNER,
| Philadelphia. Pa.
j NOTICE is hereby given that the un
dersigned and others have associated
j themselves together for the formation
of a corporation under the name Mer
chants' Ice Company, of Harrisburg. the
purpose of said corporation being the
manufacture, purchase and sale of ice,
t to have its principal ofllce in the City of
Harrisburg. Pa., and that application
will be made to the Governor of Penn
sylvania on .Monday, November 30, 1914,
for letters patent for said corporation,
under the provisions of an Act of As
sembly. entitled 'An act to provide for
I the incorporation and regulation of eer
| tain corporations." approved the 29th
day of April. A. D. 1874, and the several
j supplements thereto.
1323 North Third St.,
Harrisburg, Pa.
421 Walnut St..
Harrisburg, Pa.
Fourtii and Market Sts.,
Harrlsburg, Pa.
Solicitor: OL.IVER LENTZ. ESQ.. 534
Washington St.. Reading. Pa.
Ether Makes a Fountain
Pour water into a bottle until it is
one-third full. Pour a little ether upon
the water. Through the cork paaa a
Slock Eului[i
Security Vilbm
•• tot.ratnd bj rullif of
HI. 1 Treasury CengrtrtUtr
Writ, far Bulletlo tfti A.
4ft BrMtwaT. New Y.rk
Slwkt iH liiit Iwglrt ud Ml
IWant Your Property
On my list of real estate for sale.
Anyone having desirable property to
trade or sell for cash on a fair basis,
should sec me at once —no charge un
less sale is made.
Every day we have buyers for all
sorts of properties—people who mean
business and will close deals at onee.
Shall we show them yoursf If you are
troubled with vacancies I will All your
vacant stores, your flats or your
houses. 1 make a specialty of the col
lection of rent and the general care
and management of property and will
take pleasure in c»lliug on you by ap
Write 'phone or call.
Can place capable, experienced man
to solicit and build up rental aud sales
Everything in Real Estate
88 North Third Streot.
Bell 713-J.
A knitting factory; all improve
ments; electric powet; two-story
frame; steam heat, well lighted;
equipped with the latest knitting
and sewing machinery. Possession
given at once. We will rent if party
would be Interested in the manu
facturing of ladies' garments.
Information Wanted—Call 801 l
phone 74. Steeiton, Pa., or
Death and Obituary
ZONE—On Thursday. November 5. 1914,
William I .ear Zone. Sr.. at the home
of his mother, Mrs. Mary Troxell, fi2B
N. Sixth St.. Heading.
Burial on Monday afternoon at 2.30
o'clock, in Mt. Kalmia cemetery, Har
lisburg. Friends and relatives are in
vited to attend without further notice.
DKAWBAI'UH—On Tliursdav. Novem
ber t. 1914. at 9.30 p. m.. William
Draw-baugh. of Ooldsboro. York
county. Pa., aged S2 years.
Burial on Sunday. November S. at
10.30 a. m.. from his late rosideiu-e. In
ternient ut Mr. Chester cemetery.
Sale and Exchange
FOIt SAUS—A one-seated Columbus
electric car. Inquire of CHAS. K.
I.YIER, Cit>* Auto Garage, oor. Straw
berry and River streets.
MAGNIFICENT black fur set, latest
model, never used, of excellent qual
ity; good workmanship and refined
taste: $14.60. cost |45. Will be sent at
my expense to any address in any
state for full examination. Mrs. S. Apt.
S. The Astoria. Washington, D. C.
C. W. H. LAXGLETZ. l umber—
Rough and dressed lumber.
All kinds and grades—cheap.
Call, write or phone.
Offlce. Cameron and Mulberry Sts.
FOR SAEE—One parlor heater and one
kitchen range; both as good as new
Apply to 3-'8 N. Front St.. Steeiton. Pa.
FOR SALE—36 shares International
Educational Publishing Co. preferred
at $27.50 per share. Address 3879, care
FOR SALE—High class touring car; 4"
H. P.; fully equipped; late model; mo
hair top; wind shield; speedometer,
tools, etc: extra tire and rim; good as
new; car will be sold with a guarantee
as a very reasonable price. Apply
Universal Motor Car Co., No. 1745 North
Sixth street.
FOR SALE—I set (five) MoCue wire
wheels. 4Hx3t>, slightly used, $50.00;
regular price $150.00. For further in
formation address Postofflce Box 448
Harrisburg, Pa.
FOR SALE—Boarding and rooming
house, opposite Pennsylvania station
best location iti city. Call at 418 Mar
ket street.
'"OR SALE—AT GABLE'S, 113. 115 and
117 S. Second St- 5,000 gallons New
Tf, a .£ ea ? , ,', ro .? Ed P a ' nt . Acme quality.
All the full line of the Acme make.
FLVGS all nations; butterflies: baseball
players; 30 flags all nations: 20 but
terflies, 50c—5c postage. Large Amer
ican flags, 11x18 inches, 15c—3c post-
MITCHELL. 441 Broad St.. City.
STOVES—New and second hand stoves and sold. Heaters and ranges
of all kinds complete with pipe and
fittings at low prices. S. GOLD, 1016
Market street, liell piione 1381 R.
FOR SALE—AT GABLE'S. 111-117 &
Second St., 5.000 sets new sasli ialO
12 I«. primed and glazed, at $1.15 o er
Lost aod Found
FOUND—Don't go any further, for the
right place > a; EOOERTS Steam
Dyeing and French Cleaning Works,
IL'45 Market St. We deliver and call
promptly. Both phones.
FOUND—A lost opportunity to get bar
bering done at the most sanitary
shop in the state. Shop closes Satur
days »t 10.30 p. m. 808 BUYER'S, VI S
Dewberry St.
LOST—Between Seventh and Wood'bine
streets to Maclay street shops. »41.09.
Reward if returned to G. T, BAKER,
Maclay street shops.
glass tube until its lower end i.s in
tho water. Put tihc flask into a double
boiler and heat over tho gas stove. The
ether by suddenly turning to vapor will
make tho water squirt out of the tube
like a miniature fountain. The interior
diameter of the tube should be no great
er than one-tenth of au inch.
While going through this life it is
better not to let the othei fellow have
ail the fun.
(Copyright. 19H, by G. M. Keys, New York.)
Tliere is a middle-aged merchant In New York City who Just
at thla moment has a new kind of worry on his mind, lie was very
ne»rly~>ulned by Ibe panic of 1907. It scared him HO badly thiit
from that time to this he lias been setting ready for another catas
trophe, fully determined that the next time it would be somebody
else who would be lotting money and that lie would tie one of the Indi
viduals who would make it. In Ills own business onee he had put it on
its feet attain after that crash, he had boen taking every opportunity
to trim his sails, cut down his liabilities and Increase his assets,
l.veti some of tho capital assets of his business have been liquidated,
and It was the common belief of liis friends that he had been pie
paring to retire as early us possible.
In one phase of his affairs the panic of 1907 only scared him and
did not really hurt hliu. Me had at that time quite a large invest,
inent In stocks and bonds. They had been bought with the usual
careless confidence of the business man. without much regard to '
fundamental principles. In the panic >ear they dropped away down
in price. As he looked over his list at that time a deep disgust took
hold of hlm-and he made a resolution that if lie once got safely out
of tho position in which he then found himself he would use as much
common sense in making his investments as he did in making o>thcr
business commitments.
Ihe result was that when, two years or so after the panic, prices
«ere again high he began to sell his securities, lie actually sot out
of them as much money as he had put into them In the llrst place.
He felt aatisiied with that result and felt that he had gotten back to
his old basis and had learned a good big lesson without It costing
him anything. He then began to put into effect the plan upon which
he had resolved in the months of dejection.
As opportunity came, he bought short-term mortgages, sliort
term notes of the very best character, short-term bonds and very
high-grade commercial paper. By this process he cut down his
interest eturns materially, sacrificing almost one-third or his Income
from his investments. Most of the critics with whom lie came in
contact told him he was foolish, but one or two of them, upon whose
judgment ho placed considerable value, told him he was wise, so
he persisted in his operations up to this past summer. •
His worry at the present time arises out of the fact that lie h;is
readied another turning point. Some money came in August, which
he put into the bank; some more came In September, which he also
put into the bank. On the first of November a very substantial
maturity comes into his hands. The tfwneral result is that at this
period he lias a good deal of money piled up. His trouble at* the
moment Is to know what to do with It. lie has acquired during
his period of temporary Investment a liking for this form or secur
ity. "On the other hand, his original plan is to change again from
temporary investments into long term investments when the prices
seem to him to be right. Originally he went so far as to make a list
ot securities, with the prices at which he would buy them, the basis
of his calculation being most of the panic prices of 1807. Now, when
he learns of the prices of standard bonds and stocks, lie finds that
his original list can be used as a basis for buying if lie wants to
use it. He is. therefore, torn between two desires—tirst. the instinct
to go ahead with his short-term securities and. second, the common
sense desire to carry out Ills original plan, which he knows is sound
It seems likely a t this time that he will revert to his original
design and accumulate during this year and next about as mud, lon
term bonds and stocks as he held when he was caught in the denies"
sion of 1907. If lie does, he will furnish one of the few instances
on record in which a private investor made a definite plan of invest
ment had it approved by the judgment ot experts, and then stuck
to it. Probably in ninety-nine cases out of one hundred evetv
perfectly good plan of this sort breaks down at some point because
its muker is persuaded to change It. to depart from it. or to throw
It away altogether under the influence of passing conditions
If such a plan could be conceived and executed with perfection
it would, of course, result in substantial growth of a man s fund*
in a steady and large income and, finally, in a fixed conviction in .1
mans mind that he could never make a mistake in Investment.
here is. however, the eleniont or factor of human fallibility to h,
reckoned with. In the tirst two steps of his plan this man has avoided
human error almost entirely. He sold when the selling was good and
he invested in short-term maturities during the long period when
prices were relatively high. Now he has cash coming m when prices
are relatively low. So far. so good; but the next step is a vital one.
question is whether the present prices, or the prices of too
next six months or a year, will be considered low prices, us one
looks back, in the year 1920, or will not. Here it is obvious humanity
has a chance to make its ordinary blunder. Curiously enough this
one man s conviction that he will not make any errors it. Investing
at the present June is based largely upon the fact that the people
w .'.a advised him not to make short-term Investments three years
ago are now urging him to make them on the ground that conditions
are too uncertain to justify the buying of standard securities On
the other hand, one of the two friendb who had urged him to'stick
to his short-term securities is no« strongly advising him to turV
from the short-term securities, while the otiier takes a m utral p«.»u> '
tion. saying that while prices may not be near their low point, they
are certainly very fur from their high point of the next ten vcar«
Therefore, this critic thinks that though prices may go lower Hie
buyer of good securities at tlie present time will ultimately be
happy. Both these critics encourage this investor to go ahead and
round out his plan by entering upon the last phase of It—tiamelv
the permanent investment of his funds at whatever prices may bo
afforded during this war.
venture Serif*. THE HOIjD-I'P
M.AW A KHI.AMSKK. .1-reel |iro
illii'tlou. "I'HK tt UiK» Ol' MS"
To-morrow Will Be a Busy Day for the
Evangelist and His Associates—
Meeting for Men Is Scheduled for
the Afternoon
The Stough evangelistic party will
spned Monday, their rest day, on the
Gettysburg battlefield. They will be
taken to Gettysburg in automobiles,
leaving here about 9 o'clock in the
morning and returning at night. There
are no services at all on Mondays dur
ing the campaign.
Witfh the Stough party may go heads
of local committees, including -Vliss
Caroline Keet'er,, Mrs. E. A. Riegle and
Miss Laura M. BuliteU. In the party
will probably foe E. 7.. Gross, executive
chairman, and E. P T Weaver, executive
To morrow will 'be a full day for the.
Slough party. In the morning the Kev.
F. T. CartwTigbt, associate of Dr.
Stough, will speak at the Camp Hill
Methodist. church: W. \V. Shannon at
the Penbrook Evangelical church, and
Miss Sara Palmer at a un-ion service at
the West Fairview I'nited Brethren
oh 11 rah.
Dr. Stough will preach in the taiber
nacle to-morrow morning at 10.30
o'clock on "Breaking of the Drought."
a companion sermon to "The Trial of
the Cods" with whic'h he olened the i
ta'boruaHe meeting last Sunday morn !
Mass meetings will be held simul- J
taneously for men. women and chil i
dren to novrow afternoon. The men
will be addressed in the tabernacle by
Dr. Stough on the subject. "Winds and
Whirlwinds." The doors will open at 2 !
o'clock, and the meeting will open at I
2.30. Admittance will be tiy ticket 1
At the Ridge Avenue Methodist
church Miss Sara Palmer will preach to
women only on " A Brave Woman o Re
ward." (Miiss !Daisy Eggleston will!
speak to children at 3 o 'clock in the;
Fourth Street Church of <iod.
Next Tuesday night seats will be re- j
served in the tabernacle for members i
of young people's societies of the city,
who will meet at the Fourth Street
Church of God at 7 o'clock and inarch
in a large body to t'he 'building.
Bracistreet's Figures for Last Week in
Harrisburg and Othov Cities
Bank clearings in tlio lotted State*,
for the week ending November it&
reported to Brad*treet's Journal, New
York, aggregate $2,563,599.000.
against $2,425,008,000 last week and
$3,418,377,000 in tliis week last vcar.
Canadian clearings aggregate SH!S.-
269,000, as against $153,769,000 la t.
week and $219,091,000 in this week
last year. Following are the returns
for this week, with percentages of
change from this week last year
?. ew °rk s].2ii. r >,642.000 I > 1. t
Chicago, /»«g,o;o,ooo UIT L
Philadelphia 13fi,8:t7.C00 |) m.t;
Boston lti 1,471.000 I S•'
SV.. , uis \ "81.000 i > nr.'r
Kansas City #2,557.000 l> "
Sun Francisco, 47 000 l> i"» i
Baltimore I ~]oon t> i"'x
Scranton -'.So 1.000 Dli'l
Reading 1,522,000» l > r l _■
Lancaster 1.501.000 u 12.'l
W Ilkes-Barre 1.192,000 I> IS
brie •553.000
York sr. 2,000 I. 2.)
Chester t>(> l> ."a
Harrlsburg Sl.ltil.ouo
•Last week's.
S Not included in totals, comparisons
Philadelnliia Produce Market
Philadelphia, Nov. 7.—Wheat thin-
No. 2 red spot, export. 11:: i„| 11; i . \ (l
1 norther. lJuluth export. l IU <r- <<t 120
Corn steady; No. 2 yellow, local, s"i
<sy 81 !y.
Oats steady; No. 2 white, .VI 'A.
Bran firmer; winter, per ton, fi'l ."ioft/
25.00; spring, *24.00f«.24.50.
Hetlned sugars weuk; powdered 10"
ion eramllt!U ' d ' -.00; Confectioners'' a)
Hutter steady; western creamery, ex
tra. .!•>; nearby prints, fancy ;!8
liKKS firm: nearby (lists, 'free 'case
110.20; current receipts, free case I'i ;'0
, wcslc, ' n extra iiißU, free case,
*lO.-U; lirsts, free case, sa.:;o«i S».GO
Live poultry steady; fowls, I::rm I■
old roosters, chickens, I2»13-
ducks, 13@14; gcesc, 13f«. H,
Dressed poultry steady: turkeys, fan
cy, 22® 23; ordinary, lSijijiLO: fowls
heavy, 16# 17; average receipts, llrg/ir>;
small, I2t»13; old roosters. 12Vj■
■ il' ol)r steady: winter straight, 5.00 hi, spring straight, 5 do
patent, 5.70©5.85.
Hay firm; timothy. No. 1. iarts
?f e'ifii No - ' "ledlum ba le»,
18.;>0iJji1!>; No. 2. 17® 17.50; No. 3. 14 &ofe
lo.oO: clover mixed, light mixed. 17.&O0I
18: No. 1. 16& 17; No. 2, 14®15.
«,f, ota i oe!i l rm , : Ponna., per bushel, liU
New York, per bushel, 45@55,
So It May
She was a beautiful woman—and
his wife. But one night, getting home
late and having some excited conver
sation with her in the hall, he said to
"A thing of beauty may be a jaw
forever." J
Caddie—Dcre's only one good thin}
I kin see about plavin' golf. Golfer
And what's that, sonnyf Caddie Voi
guvs what plays don'thafter carry d<
sticks around. —Boston Transcript"