The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, November 03, 1914, Page 3, Image 3

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Witmer, Bair & Witmer , One Of the Most Attractive 4-DaySaleS Witmer, Bair & Witmer
2 Stores 202 and 31 1 Walnut Si. ||) the Beginning Of the SeaSOn 2 Walnut St.
Sale of More Than 300 Women's, Misses'
& Girls' Outergarments To-morrow, the Ist Day
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday===All Garments on Sale First Day.
s (J 45-inch long Coat Suits, poplin, satin lined ———— ui a oui ANNEY Oil Uf a L u i
I throughout, $16.75 and $19.75, for <Jf We have been planning for this sale for 1 " ' Hnnc Aj Oil fllMUl »Y.
j $9 95 weßks - N °t any of the sale garments sent <H
on approval. Come to the store the first <lf Ne * N ? v >.. bi«cu serge anri p op ii n skirts with plain
<J 50 short, medium and lone; Coat Suits — day and find all garments on the racks. si°es. tnmm "! K '. . Kogular B ! zea '. s3 ' s °. a *2.Ts"and $;{.75
samples and regular stock—s2s.oo to $30.00, Tell your friends about this sale. « • , ■ —... .
f'QP q oO Lingerie Waists, nigh and low necks, three-fourth
Long, Medium or Short Coat Suits— len * th and Bl,ort sleeves ; v a>"es «9e to 89c. special, -MC
$15.00 Misses' regular and stout sizes-mate- Neat B of w,i,u. in white an ,j the strips
<| 100 short, medium and long Coat Suits- rials ' s W esand workmanship the best
samples and regular stock—broken lots and P roci ""able. <IT $ l ° 0 25 othe s r pe^; Btg "> voile Blind "orc™*. values 95e to
odd sizes. $31.50 to $47.50, for ————'
eye nn <| Don't fail to visit the Store —You can * iJIS,' 111 . IBUitable 1BUitable / or elderly "$4.75
J.l/v/ save monev. .Manv items not mentioned are . v .
'. ffl Seven Navy Blue Boucle Coats, plush collar and button
(J The host values you ever saw at this time attiactiAe, in tact e\ei\ department
of the season. C-Olltl SOUK to tllis {J| 70 other Winter Coats for women, inisses and children—
<.»|p Wp will «iiP(ofv nnlv fp\v r.miHk'ir!j Children's, $1.75 to $3.50; Misses'- and Women's,
f qlO fine Serge and Satin Combination >Mi ' e «iti speutv only a te\v tompaia- $.1.50 to #7.95
I i'pHuppH to 500 sl7 50 tive prices and will let the merchandise tell ~~~
L/iebbCS ItQUCeCI to jpxo.W, Cf fcavy, Brown and Black Serge Dresses with lone over
s2o.oo and $25.00. our story further. skirt, special *a.7n and n..-w . I
———————————« Sijk Jersey and Messaline Petticoats, colors and black,
_ #• m |«riflr" « !S '-7"», »I.»X, $2.50, $2.75 and $2.»8
202 and 311 Walnut Street * SIO.OO to $15.00 values. Specia[,°?!?', Z". '
Will Entertain Her Friends at Charm
ing Halloween Party at the Dancing
Academy. With Supper at Rose's
Grill Room
Miss Katharine Elizabeth SimoneDti
will give a Halloween dance at the
Dancing Academy this evening, fol
lowed by supper in the grill room at
Rose's. The hall will be prettily dec
orated with corn stalks, jack-o Man
terns, witches, black cats and other
Halloween symbols.
The guests will include Miss Marga
ret Bacon, Miss Romaine Hoyle, Miss
Heat-rice Bacon. Miss Mary Hutnian.
IMiss Katherine Carroll.'Miss Augta Fee.
Miss Katherine Jacoby. Miss Louise
l'isher, Miss Helen Rauch, Miss Kather
ine Simonetti, Benjamin Bowers. Louis
Moynell, Carrol Denney, Dr. George
< oicman. Jack O'Connell, Charles Se
gelbaum, Richard Hamer, Edward Mc-
Manamv, I. Windsor and Clarence
Lancaster County Real Estate Sold
Marietta, Nov. 3.—Samuel Tomlin-
S'III purchased at public sale yesterday
the Erb farm in Martic township, for
$2,760. There is considerable wood
lan.l on the premises. John Hassel
1 urchased the property of the late Mrs.
Elizabeth Kkelton. in Strasburg town
ship, for $1,840. The land is noted
for excellent tobacco culture.
A Remarkable Sale of Crepe De Chine
Petticoats To-morrow
We purchased at a special price a lot of crepe de chine petticoats in
white and pink. There are many styles, with flounces, narrow and deep
flounces of shadow and other laces, silk and accordion pleated self material,
ribbon bows, regular s."> to $8 values. Wednesdav, choice fwn
for «p2.yO
$1.50 Waists 59c New Velvet Suits
We offer to morrow lingerie We nrft showing new velvet suits
waists in all the newest models, '. ll on '.V> trimmed in monkey
», u „. *1 rn . f », tur > t,le coats are the newest short
*' an,i at the »!«■ Russian model, worth $4 0. Our
ml pnce of 59d price $24.98
/ ——• —-V
Unprecedented Suit Values Now Prevail
All-wool serge and novelty cloth suits, newest models, q n
satin linings; sizes up to 42, worth $14.98. Sale price, . *PO.VO
Gabardine, unfinished diagonal poplin, serge and novelty cloth suits
in all wanted shades and models; worth $16.98. <t» Is\ o
Sale price $ | (J. 90
$20.98 to $24.98 suits in poplins, serges, gabardines, broadcloths,
unfinished worsted and finished serges. Skinner's and | p
other guaranteed satin linings. Sale price I «5,V0
Suits in broadcloth, finished and unfinished serges, gabardines, no\ -
elty cloths, poplins, etc.; worth $27.50 to $50.00. Sale prices,
$l 8.98 t0 $35.00
—————— ,
New Serge Dress Arrival
An exceptionally pretty Redingote model in all wool serge, navv and
black, with box pleated skirt and silk sash, worth $8.98. £ i- (\q
Our priee
gjjg W 10-I2 S. 4thSf. -gg
: Pleasant Affair at the Home of Mr. and
Mrs. Daniel Cook Saturday Evening
—Music, Games and Contests Were
1 A delightful Halloween party was
1 held Saturday evening at the home of
I Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cook, 1103
< Muench street, in honor of Miss tier
trude Rhoades. The rooms were pret
tily decorated and the guests spent a
pleasant evening. Supper was served.
1 with covers laid for the following
I guests:
Misses Rhoda Akens, Gertrude
i Rhoades, Pearl Floyd, Mabel Books.
I Audrey Lavantre, Eva Lavantre, Mar
j garet Wilson. Edna Landis, Dorothy
| Frunkenberger, Ha/.el Allison, Del
phine Stewart. Sara Zerger, Josephine
! Shader, Rawn Bailey, Katherine
Rhoades, Fred Challenger, Franklin
Barker, William Hare, John Fisher, Wil.
i liain Bowers. Edgar Bare, James Camp
| bell, Ray Peiffer, Lajwrenc'e Mover.
| John Prankenberger, William Bowers.
| Ralph Arnold and William Zerger.
Gochenauer-Risser Wedding
Marietta, Nov. 3. —'Miss Anna Risser
was married to-day to Daniel Godie
j nauer, of Lititz, by the Rev. Jacob
I iHershey at the residence of the latter.
I the ring ceremony being used. A re-
I ception followed.
Pupils of Central High School and Their
Friends Enjoy Delightful Social Af
fair Held Last Evening—Music by
Harry Branyan
Members o!' the Junior ' lass of tiic
1 entral 'High Sc'hoo'i an I their friends
held a. ,1a n-e in Hanifhaw \s Hall last
evening. The ball was decorated in
'the <-l«8s colors, blue and gohl. and
music was furnished by Harvv I!, iiran
van. The g.ies'ts included M'MS
Helen Kel ley, Miss \*io;a Fisher, 'Miss
Margaret Bacon, Miss.'Marv Rote, Miss
•Sarah Malone.v, Miss El'inw Wolfe. Miss
I >orol!iy Duncan. Miss Kvelvn Rose.
Miss Kathryn Thorn", Miss Hazel Rex
rofh, Miss Blanche Wert. Mis* \l •-
Laugh I in, Miss Esther Taylor. ' Miss
•Mary Miss Ka'.her ;ie Kelley,
Mi's Eva Snilivan. Miss Kathryn Car
roll, .'Miss Mary IHutinan, Miss :)sia Pee,
Miss Helma Capner, MLs Miriam Keis
ter. Miss Kl'/a'iicHi Burd. Miss Helen
Hampton, Helen Haniblin, Miss
Katherine KK no linst, Miss Marian
Towsen. 'Miss Lillian Miss
Mary Wingcard. M ss'('a. eriue < oover.
'.Miss Rox;! 1111:1 G-arverick. Miss Olaudine
j Mel vine, Miss ( one S'taufTer, Miss Dor
| o'thy Kbrier. Mi-s Helen Hote, M iss Dor
, othy He.lane, Miss Salimla Soionion.
■ Miss Florence Burtmett, Miss Rntli
. Dennis. Benjamin Byers. Alfousus •Cash
j man, Klmer Slemtz, Theodore Weakley.
• lose, ii W'eitzel. David Swavely. Charles
|< ohcn, Henry Conner, Stewart Snoddv,
Waiter Smeltzer. Ohodd, Segelbaum.
j Charles Pea-:e. Henrv Ijippinan, Ken
i 110 th Kh(va<ls, Max Bamberger, Nathan
I Isaai ninn, Heath Brasselman, Stuart
! McCailley, Kre.l 'Houston. Ephraim
j Brenner, Charles < ohe-n, Harold Houtz,
| "William Zeigler. Harold Hursn, Lloyd
' Bill Ro'ber'ts. Morris Xune
j niaeher, Herman Woodrow, Edward
j Warden and Prof. Frank Rot'li.
Gave a Halloween Masquerade at Her
Home Last Evening—Many
Pretty Costumes
Miss Lueretia Irvine Boyd enter
tained at h Halloween masquerade par
ty at her home. 1614 vjhestnut street,
last evening. The rooms were prettily
decorated and the guests spent a pleas
ant evening, during which refreshments
were served.
Those present included Miss Ruth
Leaker, Indian boy; Miss Miriam Ca
ton, witch; Miss Sara Caton, pumpkin
girl: Miss Louise Boyd, old maid; Miss
.Jean Matter, Yama-Yama girl; Miss
Mary BollingeT, grandmother; Miss
Elva Peters, pink and blue girl; Miss
Isabel Boyd, sailor boy; Miss Helen
Kirk, ghost; Miss Virginia Boyd, gyp
sy; Miss Ethel Klucker, Indian squaw;
Miss • Lucrotia Boyd, old-fashioned
girl; Master William Fellows. Tom
Thumb; Miss Eleanor Fellows, Mrs.
Tom Thumb, and Mr. and Mrs. S. K.
Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Westhafer En
joyed Novel Halloween Celebration
A Halloween pig roust was held at
the home of Mr. anil Mrs. I. P. West
hafer at Haintou last evening. The
house was prettily decorated in true
Halloween stylo and the guests spent
a pleasant evening with music and
games, after which supper was served.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. I.
P. Westhafer, Mrs. Holstine, Mr. and
Mrs. Lambert, Mr. and Mrs. William
Davis, .Mr. and Mrs. Norman Goodyoar.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom .lones, Mr. and Mrs.
Clinton Green, William Goodyear, Dr.
R. H. Davis and Miss Lillian Goodyear.
Young P:opie of Pine Street Presby-;
terian Church Spent Pleasant
Evening in New Cumberland
The E. Society of the Pine Street!
Presbyterian church held a Halloween j
masquerade party Friday at Butteroff'sj
hall, New Cumberland. After a weird
and ghostly entrance the guests enjoy-!
Ed games and refreshments appropriate!
to the occasion. The hail was elaborate-1
Iv decorated with black and orange
colors. A feature of the evening was tne
Wizard s Lave,'' presided over by
Benjamin Whitman. Arrangements for
the party was in cl)ar,ge of Samuel:
I* ran.din. Those present w ere:
Mrs. William Deal, Mrs. Bornman,'
Mrs. Keener, Mrs. Oonsylman, Mrs. |
'i eorgc Werner. Mrs. John German, Jr.,'
Mrs. Charles Smiley, Misses Anna Me-f
Kclvoy, Ruth Tack, Alice Crosby, AM
berta Crosby, Sara Kugie, Grace Long,!
Sara Bowers, Sophia Milliken, Sara
Tack, Emma Keeney, Miss McFarland,
Sara Arnold, Elizabeth Lioyd, Mary j
Miller. Austa Kay, Helen Roberts, Mary i
Hutman, Goldie Lease, Margaret Wies- ]
man, Kdna Hoover. Ruth Hoover, Mar-,
garet Kochenour, Helen Perdue, Lou!
Uoatli. Edna Miller, Maud Harvey, I
< atherine Wells, Helen Sioop. Helen j
Smiley, the Rev. .1. S. Armentrout, Mr.:
Keeney. William Naugle, Irvin Ham-1
maker, Joint German, Jr., Charles Hof-1
fert. William Myers. Daniel Burkholrl-|
er. Frank Consylman, R. A. Romberger, j
Allison Skinner, Earl Rhoades, Charles !
Smiley, Samuel Franklin, Webber |
Knight, George A. Roberts. !
| Entertained Theiv Friends at a Hallow
een Party at Their Home
Mr. and Mm R. R, Prank entertained
j at a Halloween party at their home.
I 151 South Nineteenth-and-a-Half
| street, last evening. The guests spent
j a, merry evening telling stories and en
; joying the numerous games and con-
I tests.
| Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
| Hoerner, Mrs. Shejipley, Miss Delia
i Shappley, Vivian and Edward Sheppley,
. Mrs. Wa'-ner, Hadje Moore, Mr. and
| Mrs. Clyde Sheppley, Mrs. S. Kennedy
| and Mr. and Mrs. Prank.
i Guests of the Misses McCaskey Spent
Pleasant Evening
Misses Sara and Miriam McCaskey
i entertained a number of friends at
their home, 1927 Kensington street,
last evening. The guests included
Miss Gayle Ziegler, of Carlisle: Stanley
|P. Scholl, of Carlisle; Paul Bowman,
VV. Frank McCaskey, of New Bloom
field; Mr. and Mrs. William C. Brown,
Mr. and .'Mrs, Victor Lyme, Mr. and
Mrs. A. L. Geiger, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
McCat'key, Harol'd Geiger.
I To Gel Rid of Wrinkles
and Bad Complexion
It is more Important now than during
the period of profuse perspiration, to
keep the pores clean. All cosmetics
clog the pores. In cool weather this
interferes greatly with elimination of
waste material, injuring instead of aid
ing the complexion. Ordinary mereo
lized wax serves all the purposes of
creams, powders and rouges, giving far
better results. It actually peels off an 1
offensive skin, at the same time un
clogging the pores. Minute particles of
scarf skin come off day by day. caus- j
Ing not the least pain or discomfort.
Gradually the healthy younger skin be
neath peeps out, and In less than a
fortnight you have a lovelier complex
ion than you ever dreamed of acquir
ing. Mereollzed wax, obtainable at any
drugstore, Is spread on nightly like
cold cream and washed off mornings.
One ounce usually suffices.
For removing wrinkles, without stop
ping the pores with pasty stuff, here's
a never-falling formula: 1 oz. pow
dered saxolite. dissolved In y. pint
witch hazel. Bathe the face fn this
daily for awhile; every line will van
ish completely. Even the first appli
cation ifives surprising results. adv.
Delightful Surprise Given at Their
Home in Riverside Last
Mr*, anil Mrs. Prank Reed were giv
en a delightful surprise party at their
home in Riverside last evening. The
rooms were prettily dec-orated and the
guests spent a delightful evening with
games of five hundred and music by a
quartet composed of Messrs. Lebo, Ma
her, Wertz and White. At a late hour
refreshments were served to the follow
ing guests:
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas White, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Reed. Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Wentz, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Herre, Mr.
and Mrs. Roger Muher. Mr. and Mrs.
Allen Lebo, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mil
ler, Mr. and Mrs. George Elleniberger.
Mrs. Ellenberger, Mr. and Mrs. .John
Welsh.Miss Kafcherine Welsh, Mrs. Mary
Kaufman, Miss Helen Kaufman, Miss
Helen Geiger, Miss Marv Geiger, Miss
Theresa Miller, Leon Reed. Paul Miller.
■Paul Bickert and Miss Ella Ellen
bei ger.
Reserves of Tabernacle Chorus Are
Seated on Ground Floor
The reserves of the talbernaele
chorus, for whom place cannot be pro
vided in tlho C'ho-ir loft at the Stough
talbernaele, ami w ho aro seated on t'he
ground floor near the , laSl'orm. are:
Miss Emma Berry, 112 Hoerner
street; Miiss Anna Ludwig, Pen-brook,
I'a.; Mrs. VV. P. Coibean, 240 Sout'h
Thirteenth street; IMiss Blanche Don
nelly, 1923 Penn street; Miss Kath
arine Poulk, 2039 Pcnn street; 'Miss
Ethel Lyons. 1901 North Third street;
Miss Irene Sanson, 1930 Penn street;
Mrs. A. H. Harvey, 1118 (ireen street;
Mrs. A. 8. Shenvmerfeng, 1948 North
iPifbh street: "Mrs. Daniel Drum, 1617
Dauphin street; Mrs. George Petrey,
1741 Sixth street; i.Mrs. C. Von !B.
lrwiiu, 1812 Green street.
Miss Emma Appleby, 1207 Derry
street; Mrs. Arthuf' Holman, 1843
Regina street; Mrs. W. 8. Schell, 216
Crescent street; Miss R. E. Shearer,
1351 Howard street; Mrs. Bressler,
Pax'tang, Pa.; Miss Elizaibeth A. Dnm,
Harrieburg. Pa.; Mrs. Ella Snyder,
184 7 Derry street.
H. 0. Townserod; VV. 1,. Frederick,
1016 Sontih Cameron street; H. Gold
smith, 2005 North Second street; Karl
l>. Pogg, 1 847 'Berryhill street; Arthur
Hodman, 1843 Regina street; .Tames K.
White, Marysville, Pa.; Ralph Early,
1430 North Third street.
Entertained Their Friends in Celebra
tion of Mrs. Walton's Birthday
-Mr. and Mrs. William A. Walton en
tertained at tneir home, 1925 Kensing
ton street, last evening in celebration
of the latter's birthday anniversary.
The rooms were prettily decorated with
yellow chrysanthemums, black cats,
jack-o '-lanterns an dotlier Halloween
symbols. Refreshments were served at
a late hour to the following guests:
Miss Kdna Bowers, Miss .Julia Reiser.
Miss Edna Bashore, Miss Clare Bashore.
Mrs. Clyde Striue, Mrs. Preston Lowe.
Mrs. Pauline Wharton, Mrs. J. E. Kcis
er, Mrs. W. A. Walton, Mrs. John Hen
ry Walton, William Kager, J. E. Keiser
and W. A. Walton.
Entertained a Number of Friends at
Her Home, Cottage Hill, Steelton
Miss Dorothy Vickery entertained a
number of little friends at a Halloween
party at her home, Cottage Hill, Steel
ton. The youngsters spent a pleasant
evening with games, contests and dan
cing after which refreshments were
Those present included Isabel Hope,
Dorothy Hope, Marian Nell, Mary
Wickershain. Margaret Gassner, Edith
Gassner. Louise Johnson, Henry Eerie,
Katherine Rutherford, Carolyn Chick,
Elizabeth Vanier, Virginia Wren, Jean
Wren, Elizabeth Reese, Katherine
Reese, Helen Breninger, Myra Vick
ery, Dorothy Vickery.
News of Persons
Who Come and Go
M rs. Sarah Krepps, 2235 Jefferson'
street, spent the past week in Altoona.
Miss Annie Grady, of Mont Alto,
was the week-end guest of Mr. and Mrs.
John F. Noonan.
Heister B. Culp, 510 Calder street,
returned yesterday from a visit at.
Mrs. Harriet Kettering, of Denver,
Col., who has been the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Abram Fortenbaugh, 1713
North Second street, has gone to Three
Springs, Pa., for a short stay.
Mrs. George Bricker, 631 Kelker
street, and Mrs. Carson, North Seveuth
street, have returned home after a few
days' trip to Philadelphia and New
Mrs. Mary Hemminger, 1819 Briggs
street, has returned after a six months'
trip to Denver and other points in
Miss Tamson Drinkwater, Miss
Louise Hoyler and Miss Amy Maley!
of this city, spent the week-end as the
guests of Mrs. Frisk at Wormleys-!
Mrs. Edwin fc. Sparks, who has
been spending several days in Harris
burg, motored to State College yester
day, accompanied bv her daughter and
Mrs. Thomas Nixon Lowe.
Ben Gipple, 209 Peffer street, and
Francis Jacob Macklan, 220 Briggs
street, both students at State College,
are spending several days at their
homes here.
Charles Haitzell, 415 North Second
street, has returned from a short visit
to Philadelphia.
Mrs. Charles Miller and Mrs. J. H.
Buflington, 220 4 North Fifth street,
are home from a week's trip to Buf
falo, Niagara Falls and Toronto.
Mrs. Amanda Getz, of Mechanics
burg, is the guest of Mrs. George Banks,
605 Kelker street.
Harold Earp has returned to Stata
College, after spending several days
with nis parents, 1326 Derry street.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Witman, Mr. and
Mrs. Raymond Witman, of Lenioyne,
and Graham Schlicter, 1805 Market
street, have returned from Lebanon.
Mrs. Hartville Wall, 27 North Fif
teenth street, has returned home from
York, where she was the guest of her
sister, Mrs. Charles Glaceu.
Miss Lillian Marks, of New York,
I is the guest of Mrs. Charles Arkonson,
Forster street.
Miss Lillian Silverman, of Altoona,
I is the guest of Miss Tillie Freedman,
I Boas street.
Miss Elizabeth Davidson, of Phila
| delphia, is the guest of Miss Mae Win
| lield, 708 North Sixth street.
Mrs. George Robertson and small
son, Eugene Robert, of Petersburg,
Va., are guests of the former's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. T. D. MacAvoy,
1918 North Sixth street.
Emory Lutz has returned to York
after spending the week-end with his
mother, Mrs. H. B. Cunningham, 310
Hummel street.
Miss Steiia Smith. 2350 Ellerslie
street, is the guest of friends in Read
Miss Edith Hoover lias returned to
Wilson College, after spending the
week-end with her parents at Ever
green and Chestnut streets.
Mrs. Charles Bowman and small
daughter, Prances Bowman, left to-day
for their home in Los Angeles, Cal., aft
er spending some time with the for
mer's mother, Mrs. Schillinger, 112
South Fourteenth street.
Dr. and Mrs. C. J. Manning, 151!)
Xorth Sixth street, are spending a few
days at Markleville.
Miss Margaret Tilghman, 104 Tus
earora street, is the guest of relatives
in Baltimore for a few days.
Mrs. Ira lvev and Miss Evelyn Ivey,
of East on, have returned home from
a visit with Mr. and Mrs. William H.
Pomp, 130 Locust street.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Davis, 404
A Player-Piano
For Christmas
Maybe you have thought
of this, but decided that
you couldn't afford it.
In that instance you do
not know the Sigler Piano !
. Player. This
player, whch goes
Si&ler Piano Player into the case of
y/- // // z yOUr P ian ° y° u
(//o6 //e JJiiman Touc/i own, has every
vvPul it I M Piano feature of the
1 * highest priced
" players now
being sold. And it costs I
but $225.00.
Christmas will be the
greatest day of the year if
your gift to the family is a !
Player Piano. And the
pleasure will last for all of
the time.
p,£; Sl 6 lftr 'vtclroiaa 0»r salesmen will gladly
30 N. 2NA SI. m sss m explain more fully.
fLet Us Teach You
how to dance the Tango, One Step. Hesitation Waltz,
Maxixe and Foxtrot in private or class lessons.
_ Class lessons every Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
Expert instructors. Single lesson, 153 c.
Regular Dance Nights—Monday, Wednesday, Kri
day and Saturday.
Hill Dancing Academy
Thirteenth and Market Sts.
Special Dance To-Night, Election Night
If Little Stomach Is
Sour, Liver Torpid
or Bowels Clogged
Mothers can rest easy after giving
"California Syrup of Figs," becaus? in
a few hours all the clogged-up waste,
sour bile and fermenting food gently
moves out of the bowels, and you have
a well, playful child again. Children
simply will not take the time from play
to empty their bowels, and thoy become
tightly packed, liver gets sluggish and
stomach disordered.
When cross, feverish, restless, see if
tongue is coated, then give this delicious
"fruit laxative." Children love it, and
it cannot cause injury. No difference
what ails your little one —if full of
cold, or a sore throat, diarrhoea, stom
achache. bad breath, remember, a
gentle "inside cleansing' should always
be the first treatment given. Full di
rections for babies, children of all ages
and grownups are printed on each
Beware of counterfeit fig syrups.
Ask your druggist for a 50-cent bottle
of "California Syrup of Figs," thea
look carefully and see that, it is made
by the "California Fig Syrup Com
pany." We make no smaller size. Hand
back with contempt any other fig syrup.
Adv. '
North street, are guests of relatives
at Altoona and Bellwood.
Mrs. Charles Bowman. 341 Hummel
I street, is the guest of relatives in Phila
j delphia.
! Miss Agnes lsing has returned to
; Shiremansti.wn. after spending several
weeks with her sister, Mrs. Johu
: Whistler, 322 South Thirteenth street.
Mrs. Miley and small daughter, ot
Anderson, Ind., are guests of Mrs. S.
Bruce Mingle, 17 South Third street.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wesley Balsbaugb
and .lohn Munima, 10 South Thirteenth
street, are spending some time at Swaij
ara with the former's parents.
Guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Smitfc
Spent Pleasant Evening
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Smith gave »
masquerade party at their home, 650
Woodbine street. Saturday evening in
honor of their son. The house was dec
orated in keeping with the Halloween
season and the guests enjoyed games
music and contests. Late in the even
ing fortunes were told after which sup
per was served.
Those present were -Miss Ruth Welsh,
Miss Bertha Palmer, Mrs. Edgar Hoft'
smith, Miss Grace Braithwaite, of Win
Chester, \"a.; Miss Gertrude Drake, of
Williamsport; Miss Beatrice Willsoa.
Miss Ruth Campbell, of Newport;
George Moulton, of Philadelphia; Fred
Hocli, Clarence Harrow, Hernarji-ftmiili.
Philadelphia; Roy Waltz, Howard Hia
kle and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Smith.
God gave you that gifted tongue to
make known your true meaning to
men and not to rattle it like a mufliii
man's bell.—Carlyle.
A high standard of optical serv- II
ice. Every convenience for our (|
j patrons. All of the discomforts j
ll of glass wearing alleviated.
Prescription Optician 'i
Opp. Orpheuni—Bell L.