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New Suits for Women of the Larger Three Attractive Values in Specials in Dress Cottons
Type: Many Exceptional Values Dining Room Suites That Bring Sewing
These suites have the simple straight lines and are finished in I" 1
Af\ A A the popular uut brown or fumed oak. If yon are thinking of C/COnOTTI IPS
111 OIZGS tO 11 ! refurnishing your dining room for Thanksgiving it will pay i-'WIIUUIICa
; you to see these offerings: Two popular weaves for house dresses and scjiool frocks are
Courteous Attention from SalpQU/nmPn Bl, . ffe * 529. 50 1 ,heße * III|I,,M and crepe suitings, whose prices are speeial:
irorii oaies women cimm cioset,... 25.00 o • • 1 li"^ 1
Uinghams in solid shades, ;)0 inches wide Special j J
Who Do Not Attempt to Force You to Buy ! tVr\uX, u .. Ta^ u !' 2210 SBS in * t>lesf,,rs,chuol a,,d
" n l H>l 't an t gathering ol suits has just been Value $94.50 r Imp<l 7 e ' 1 , 1 rop ® oingh * m ® , 32 inc,,M wid,, • Hom »n stripes and -»r
assembled for women of the larger tvpe. In sizes 40. 1 ~, v *,4en/* \ ' ' ' r ' 25c
/ 4A L \ 42 and 44 optional opportunities are *> be found ('hhm Olosei.'.'!! S ' j . on . b,apk » nd b ™ u 25c
! / i W tlus Weok t0 P IWUIV unusual values. The materials « Extension Table, 25.00 ! Special Ramonv Taffeta, stripes and figures on navy, cadet brown mid
/ ¥\ aiT woavea in ehiffon broadeloth in plum, navy j t> Chairs 30.00 j CIIC **»»»«>■. «iiky fiats*, yard 19<j
1 S C vNv # 1 ue ' Russian fjreen. tete de negre and blaek. Other I v'lO rou^h Po "* w weave > ro »*bi.d deaigus on brown, f.
1 1 A. \t XI very desirable weaves shown within this rant;t> of Value $129.50 ""I:"*""' 25c
'>— v *--. V/ / skesare gaberdines aud poplins of exeelleut texture. Iluffet. $45.00 .v«nt.'.^!° U Un? n |cj^,
y\ f '"** length coat* to the long red indole lines, with trim- ti Chairs 22 r >o *" CT- 1 r\r\
S j mings of crushed plujh, velvet and fur. - j SIOO A T iftlck Rlll rr\r A . i
K jSgßTPriees start at $12.50 and advanee to $35.00. „„ r VaUu ' ,11W0 1 . mOng the
7 Those at $16.50, $18.50 and $22.50 represent » •»« p™, « a,,,.. ; LinenS RriflOS Npii; At.
L uncommon values and many of the garments at i
YZr i Sr„d#47!n 0 00 are from #:i7 Take the Chill Off the Night tractions in Staples
White Coats of Worumbo Chinchilla With a Good Warm Blanket
.»srrs - - j y - : TT'tr TL
" *"***• r.w>r—Thrf. j w »'W romfortabl™ with rich twnlm »r« ,n«rk,.,t at "'iTc'th.TStKi-i, %?*' "" """"
$2.95 ro $4.95 Un trimmed Hats $195 Down tilled comfortables are in solid patterns and bordered. ci«!°yaS W " Une " . toWeUng :. inchc^n
a v- , ,• TV ' •» tist; and 6x7 feet the prices are $5.00 and $6.00. $1.85 crochet bedsnreads . /
ASSk ilfgft MiHin rv <t- 1,1 ,VeS ' Pomm, -r 5" Stowai,, ' s Those With borders, tix7 feet, are SS.OO. Special at B " d °' " X,rM ""ably.
Milnnerj Section, an exceptional lot of plush -.penal at
and velvet shapes in green, brown, blue, purple t; ' )lves * ,>Hnu>ro - v & Stewart, street Floor. tc Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart str..»t PI
m «Hd P»rple. aiul black an,l even. Thes,'. 1_ 1_ '
f . are all smart dress shapes reduced from $2.95 T T . _
/ Here s a Saving in Groceries That
Every Home Will Be Glad to
V/PITtI Read> Reduced H " x Take Advantage of To-morrow
| \\ Hearance of odd lots of ready-to-wear hats; Imported English Walnutslb.2oc: New Brazil Nuts 1b.15c
&SSSL FT • D J j *-\r- .• Fres J' froin the l ' ars aml read - v tor to-morrow are these juicy Valencia oranges at 34f-
rancies Keauced to zsc Kxtra * a,lc - v rasab a melons, sweet and delicious, also have arrived to sell at 55C.
Thousands of fancies, feathers, etc.. reduced in,p ° rtanl SaVi " g " ie a,id - week * m ' er - v sal ° is to be foun d i" this combination:
from 9Se to *' pounds granulated sugar, 27<*
tr Di v «. Pomeroy i. Stewart, Second Floor—Three Elevators. ' pound Banquet coffee 30r
— It cans new corn 25 c
T") A'C 1 1 • t~> 1 ean Old Dutch Cleanser 10<*
Deautitul China Dinner Sets at a Saving -• akesivory so« P 8 c
100-pieee full gold trimmed dinner sets, pink and sreen fl.»i-il a v 91-00
tions .«1000 vahip Snp.-inl 1 rlolal spia> decora- . *«» taUtornia peaches. HAI..MTS, HIHKIITS. Pimento cheese, for «| Columbia Rive, salmon
lu u!> . r-iu.w \ame. opeeiai «T Qw • "»»•• -•"* *I.MOXD« . ta*;y lunch; lb ST* ateak; can i«k
--100-pieee full sold trimmed dinnpl* cut* I . ■■■■.' '■••••■ • • • Vt.™ ' ,l " il ara P ' l "a'V.- Imported English wal- English dairy cheese; lb.. *»'•' «ull sardines, In
OKI t.uniued chnnet s.ts, small u^se deeorafon. s P ee,al. $7.98 a.,
► Reductions in Open Stock French China "■■■■ K| ' * '' f "1"™°""'
Rordpr dppnr.,tinn* «Htl, ..nil, J\u V,mild boxes. Ik- lb pap.r shell a1nt0,,,.,. Domestic Swiss: 1b....W« coffee in pound
DOraei aetorations Wltll coin gold trimmiues fancy cleaned date«. ■■■,■■ Xeufchatel cheese; cake. : Btee , cut or " llot
pack ige lih- \.ra. fancy Casaba 5r jj rouri( i
s:>.oo dinner plates, dozen #3.30 n - ■„ „ _ New pitted prunes;' pack- melons - Kaoh S3e Clear Brook butter; lb.. "Banquet."" a "d'el'lcioua
$3.65 breakfast (late?, dozen « 40 Wining AOOm Domes 1 '- v DELICACIES SBKDKD 'Mr ieojTee; lb.. :too
~ . „ Fancy oold packed to- EVERY HAY Ncw Stated horseradish; I B-J coneo; lb a»<-
S. ■ » fnnt saucers, dozen *t.«3 >a f l '. v wroll and inlaid metal work designs in as mntocs. :: larpe cans, .sr-e nrlt . d bcef country our . bottle »<• 5 lbs «o»-
54.-.0 oat meals, dozen gjj.oo sorted cotors of art ylass; 8 panels, 2i» inches inelud t tlps .., ««l: > 4 lb.. .' io«- Kisil i\ TINS TEA *M»( OtOA
I till", ..... 1... ..... '"p °' n eii fringe, for uas or electricitv <i- hk - M Lebanon bologna; lb.. 2So Tuna fish; flaky and "Our Favorite," an ex
. * individual doren sl.lO 8-panel. -4 inch doiu*> " OIUM.I-.S \ND Melons Luncheon loaf; 1b.,..2H0 white, as chicken for sal- cellent blend of choice
s•>.oo curs and saueer<, dozen -mi S 1 f*n>.v- f* 'i • \ aler■ ;a oranges. King bologna; lb., ... ISe ads; large t'an --le teas; lb 4.%0
63e cre un Ditiher« * J*, • • frmgt dome. . *S».l»ti Do * en v , Boiled ham; sliced; lb.. Alaaka red salmon, in tall "Senate" blend: the fani
o.t . e.un e.i. b 40c -. inch truit dome with brick top leaded -lass Honda grape fruit; each :uto i tins. I4e. Down, . »i.«o ous drawing room blond of
soc supars, eacn. flOc •" •">*■ Sugar cured bacon: sllc- | " I'need a Biscuit," 5c choice Oriental teas; lb., «3o
SI.OO vegetable di<'nes. ea-'h tt,v I amy wolte Almeria ed to any thinness; lb.. as<- packages; limit ti packages Pure cocoa: the ilnest:
SI.OO platters, each t»c Floor Mops srapes; lb., tr.c: J H)3.. 35c Cream cheese: lb s.-,e Ito a customer, ...3 for Uic lb.. l.Te, 2 lbs., 2Ne
« . ti tr-;. j ..... . I Dives, Pomerov & Stewart, Basement.
Cut Glass ?; £ VNuard ni °P Wl th oOe bottle polish, .. $1.39
x ■ , . . <ac Santgeme mop and bottle |<olish s»c
W: V ! r b i D *' K 3nd mUre euttia 8 an<l mi,r ' 1150 mop and bottle polish'. 08c - C\/t O 4* -4-
2 Dives. Pomeroy Stewart. Basement. »
a - j
Annual Football Struggle Between
Bucknell and Gettysburg On Island
Park Grounds November 1i—
Schools Prepare For Big Time
George Cockill's football following
i'i Harnsburg since his season with the
Tech team is almost as great as his
baseball following and toose interested
in the athlete that put Harrisburg on
the map in more ways than one, will
have a chance to see what kind of a
machine he has developed at Bucknell
this season—his first as athletie ad
visor and ••oaeh of the three big sports
at that university
There has not been a season since
George has been out of Bucknell that
he has not been coaching or assisting!
| at a college or school with the football
1 team an.l he has been successful. This
season with a team on which there were
very few - 'B's" he has made a success.
' and fills the shoes of "By" IHckinson |
J very capably.
Bucknell will plav its annual game
with Gettysburg on the Island Park
grounds of the Harrisburg Tri-State
team Saturday afternoon," November
14. This game attracts usually the
greatest football crowd of the season
with a possible exception of the
Thanksgiving Day game between the
iO' - al Uijh schools and the game this!
year with Coekili as a side attraction.
wUI prove to be no exception. At each
school the teams are preparing for the
game and there will be a big time in
the old town.
As formerly, both schools will have I
cheering sections led by a student's
oand. Not so many Bucknell students
accompany the team as do Gettysburg
students because of the greater distance
but enough will come to Harrisburg to'
■ make considerable noise. The Gettys-!
j burg student body almost to a man
i come to Harrisburg and march to the
! grounds in a body.
The Bucknell men came out of the
( Muhlenberg game in good shape with
the exception of Captain Topham. and,
| he will be in shape after a few davs'j
J rest. The team plays Albright Satur i
i day.
Artistic Printing at Star Independent.
Eight Teams Start Schedule Which
Will Last For Twenty-One Weeks
Prizes For Club and Individuals
A schedule to last until April 2, was '
opened by the P. R. K. Y. M. C. A.
Bowling League last evening. It is ar
ranged so that each of the eight teams
will bowl one uight each week, with the
exception of Christmas week. Team
prizes of $- 5, sls and $lO in gold will;
be awarded, in addition to individual
The eight teams, captains and mem- j
bers follow:
Athletics—H. A. Mathias, captain;
W. H. Felker, J. E. Yentzer, J. W.
, Mumma. E. Saul.
Federals—C. H. Mendenhall, eap
i tain; J. W. Leaman, T. Colestock, C. E.
Miller, D. Saul.
Braves—B. L. Smith, captain; E. C.
Miller, Charles Bowers, James Gouzh,
Roy Meikels.
Giants—W. G. Myers, captain; Ralph i
Martin. Bruce Fagan, S. A. Wilson, E. I
C. Smith.
Barons—C. Poffenberger, captain; H.!
1 H. Starr, George Ellis, J. Gaugler. M.
| B. Corbett.
Bisons—C. Hostetter, captain: W. G.
Ford, S. Adams. F. H. Miller, G. Craw
ford, Horace Keller.
' Senators—C. H. Ebuer, Captain: C.
Stull, E. L. Meek, Bert Brinton, C'. L.
Eagles—L. Voder, captain; F. R.
i, Paull, E. E. Zeigler, K. B. Askin, Harrr .
j Hartzell.
Athletics vs. Eagles, November 2,|
ij December 28, February 15; Federals
' vs. Senators, November 3. December.
I 29, February 16: Braves vs. Bisons, j
I November 5, December 30, February
IS; Giants TO. Barons, November 6,
; December 31, February 19,
Braves vs. Senators, November 9,
January 4, February 22; Giants vs.
| Bisons, November 10. January 5, Feb
| ruary 23; Federals vs. Eagles, Novem
ber 12, January 7, February 25;
j Athletics vs. Barons, November 13,
January 8, February 26.
Athletics vs. Bisons, November 16, j
j January 11, March 1; Braves vs.
I Eagles, November 17, January 12,
March 2; Federals vs. Barons. Novem
ber 19, January 14, March 4; Giants
: vs. Senators, November 20, January
15, March 5.
Braves vs. Bbrons, November 23,
| January 18. March 8; Federals vs.
Bisons, November 24, January 19,
| March 9; Giants vs. Eagles, November
25, January 21, March 11; Athletics
| vs. Senators, Nojwmber 27, Januarv,
j 22. March 12.
Barons vs. Eagles, November 30,
: January 25, Marcl 15; Athletics vs.
Federals, December 1, January 26,
j March 16; Bisons \»s. Senators, Decem
ber 3, January 28, March 18; Braves
vs. Giants, December 4, January 29,
I March 19.
i Senators vs. Barons, December 7,1
February 1, March 22; Bisons vs.!
Eagles, December S, February 2, March j
j 23; Federals vs. Braves, December 10,1
; February 4, March J25; Athletics vs.|
I Giants, December 11, February 5,1
i March 26.
Barons vs. Bisons, December 14,'
February 8, March 29; Federals vs.!
i Giants, December 15, February 9,1
! March 30; Senators vs. Eagles, Decem
ber 17, February 11, April 1; Athletics 1
vs. Braves, December 18, February 12,
April 2. (
Penbrook, :tO; Palmyra, O
Palmyra, Nov. 3.—Penbrook easily i
i won from Palmyra yesterday by a
score of 30 to 0.
The line-up and summary:
Penbrook. Palmyra.
Shuey L. E Y oder
Attic ks L. T Boyer
Hawkins !«. (?. Poornian
Non-greasy Toilet Cream—Keeps the I
Skin Soft end Velvety in Rough
Weather. An Exquisite Toilet Prep
aration. 25c.
IB !*. Third SI. end P. R. R. Station
C. Cook C. . . Bishop
j K.Cook R. G Louser
; St. Clair R. T Kennedy
j Huber R. E Miller
i Zellcrs Q. B Spangler
Cox L. H. B Ilatz
| Shearer R H. B Brady
i Garman F. B James
Touchdowns—Garman, A Sticks, Cox,
j Shearer 3.
Mechanicsburg, 13; Enola, 0
Mechanivsburg, Nov. 3.—-Mochanics
burg easily defeated the lino hi V. M.
A. team here vesterday. Score. 13
to 0.
The line-up and summary:
'Meehanicsfourg Finola.
Dinlev L. "E Sliutt
Brown L. T Armstrong
Koser L. G . .'.Peters
I McKay C Adams
! Howe R. G Ailen
Hostetit«r R. T Swank
.Jacobs R. E Walters
.Frysinger Q. B MelntyTe
Mmnma JJ. H. B Myers
I Wise 1?. H. B Miller
Fishel F. B Welsh
Substitutions- —Mechanicsburg, Bow
en for Brown. Referee—Mercer, Me
chamosburg. Uwvpire—"Gelwicks, Me
chanicsburg. Touchdowns Fished,
Jacobs. Goal from touchdown—Fry
Koeners, 32; Curtin Heights, O
The Keener A. C. won from Curtin |
Heights yesterday. Score, 32 to 0.
The line-up ami summary:
Curtin Heights. Keener A. C.
Moore Ij. E Svkes
Walley L. T "Magill
•1. Frank l, ,
Moodv V -.My
tS otts r g Holtzumn
I U'eiibley ' R t <umdyear
»'■ Winianl.. ; r r ~
! ,- • . w intrar,
McKeever Q. B si,.?'.
\{ , ra ", k «• B. I\ ..Mau,
"' "and L. 11. R. ... P T "
I <•"■* :. "'-|.rk
i lou,-h,|,nv„s ctark 2, Plank. M ;ill ,i.
, • from ton.},-
I downs "M ft z B'*r. 3. Substitutions -
l.nil\ for Wallace, Ktrbtcr'hoft' far
MH tor ,, * Cee,,ers . Richards for
lolUman. Holtanmn for Richard*
leteree—P. .leffrics, 11. u. s H ,
J linesman—-i.Yliller, Pen,,.; Timokeevper
—Diinm, I!. 11. S.
Middlotown Jrs. Win. n to o
MiddleUnvn, Nov. 3. -Middlotown
Juniors defeated t'ho Moss Rose A. 0 f
Harrisburg, yesterday. Score, 9to ft.
Phe line-uip and summary:
Middletown. ;V1 0!)R R ose
!>• K Fellows
* e ?'« p I- T ] jPo(ls
u"' nP [ i. U °
;i\ e " nh • ' 0 Pa torso,,
■ JI (' Washburn
|'iouser R. T Beck
rWllips R R. *
Yo «t 1\ K M a v
Nheaffer R. H . 'B ."M : il,er
t P - •, , , Q ' B <**'
Touchdown—Judy. Goal from , lace
mont—fc'hea ffcr. Su'bst it u t ions—l la m
moud tor raine. Bauimbajch for Sites.
Euhaut, fl; Bressler, O
The Enhaut High School team won
from Bressler A. r., at Oberlin, verier*
day. Score t» to 0.
Fhe line-up ami summary:
En'hant. * Bressler.
U E Bartle*
!; M ftka L. T Kuhnert
Wood head L. <1 ' fjarr
C Reynolds
R. O Gustlu
«. Hoover R. T Koeni,
r: 1 ; ,0 \° r R - K Miller
■ Metka (J. H Popenfus
C. Cooper L. 'II. B Gluntz
Houck R. H. R Pieffer
R - '"opper F. B E. Bartles
Touchdown—C. CWper. Referee -
Puph, S. 11. S. I'nvpire—H. Metka, K.
H. iS. Head linesman—Wagnor, s. H.
8. .Substitution—Stepp for K. oovei.
Alumni Association Appoints Commit
tee to Lay Plans
Plans are being formed by a com
mittee of the Technical High School
Alumni Association to have a b:ini|uet
the day following tho Thanksgiving
Day football game with Central High,
at which the members of the Tech
squad will he guests of honor. An at
tendance of 200 is expected.
Tho committee appointed at a meet
ing last night has Ear! Killinger for its
chairman. Others in this committee
are: Poffenberge:', '08: Kishpaugh,
]08; Cornell. '10; Story, '11; Furman.
'l3: Willis, 'l4, and Herman Hain, of
the 1911 class. Dr. Charles B. Fager,
principal of the school, is acting as ad
visory head of the committee.
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and make I •*«» r °* «*»°o*"
money I hmiutaAhMiM
uvnim * Y - • IM SboM
MS G St. WuUaftm. D.C. I S. D.«rW. St.. Ckic„»