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    |l Know Where Your Money Goes
Are yon one of those people who find themselves at
the end of every month wondering: where the money
|l goes'?
If you will pay your bills by check you will KNOW
for what purpose every dollar is spent, and will have a
• legal receipt for each payment.
Whether your deposits are large or small, this com
! panv invites your patronage.
In Co-operating in Stougli Campaign
Centenary United Brethren Church
Official Board Decided to Change
Meeting Honrs
The official b?ar i of Centenary L'nit
e l Brethren church lias sanctioned the j
following rhanges in the Sunday meet- j
inns for the next five week* so as not !
to interfere w ill the work of the
Stcugh campaign which was inaugu
rated a Hnrrisburg yesterday: Preach
•<g service each jsumlav morning at
10.30 oVlock. Sunday -s. hool at 9.30
oVlock in the morning instead of 2
o'clock in the afternoon.
Temperance iay was observed by the
Snndny -v'hoo' of Centenary United
Brethren chart h yesterday afternoon. A
special program provided by the Ami-
Saioon T/Cajfue was rende-e-1 and an ad
dres* was delivered by the Rev. Dr.l
"Weigle. Canip Hill.
l"he Young Women's Missionary So
ciety of Centenary church will meet to- j
morrow- evening a.t the home of Mrs. . T .
Kline, Pine street. Ou Friday evening
the Otterbein Gni'd will meet with Mrs.
South .Njcoiwf street.
Paul A. Faust Will Be Arraigned Be
fore Squire Gardner
On information furnished by Mrs. 1
Kmma Heeser, 271 Christian st.cet. and
Mrs. Mary Sherbockcr. 308 Christian
street. Pet " ive Durnbaugh arrested;
Paul A. Ftust. principal of the Major
Bent s.hool, on the charge of unneces
sa ■■ cruelty and violence in punishing
Cita'les Reoser and -fames Tuckev. two
eupils attending that school. The case
will be aired before Souirc Gardner this
Manager Sellers • announces a great
show at the
Standard Theatre
A Celebrated Case. Featuring Miss
Alice dovee and Guy tooms. Four
reels. extra special.
T'ae Dream Girl. Featuring Bessie
—yton am? Kdith Johnson.
Story of the Picture That Came to Lite.
Two reels. S[>ociaJ.
Sweedie Learns to Svrim. One reel.
Admission. Five and Ten Cents
Vote for David L. Kaufman for Congress
Congressman A. S. Kreider Writes He Is Afraid.
"In reply would say that for POLITICAL REA
SONS I deemed it EXPEDIENT and have refrained
from making a public statement on this subject. I
believe the less I say on this subject the better it
wi lJ be." A. S. KREIDER.
Ihe above letter was written by Congressman
Kreider to a Harrisburg minister and refers to the
Ilobson Bill. This letter shows the character of Con- j
gressman Kreider.
David L. Kaufman X
Local Eleven Played a Snappy Game
in Billtown on Saturday but Were
Outclassed at Noarly all Points in
the Game
WiUiamsport, Pa.. Xov. 2.—Williams
, iHtrt H gh school defeated Steeltou High
; oy a score of 30 to o.'
Willi fcmsport started off as though
it meant to run up a big score but
recovered and in the second
quarter was in Williamsport territory
nearly ali the time. Twijee St eel ton was
inside A\ illiarueport "s ten-vard line, but
had not. the punch necessarv to drive
the ball over. In Hie third period the!
ball was kept within twenty yards of
' the center of the field, sometimes on
one side and sometimes on the other. In
tse ast quarter Steekon was all in ?m<\
V.'iHiams|>ort had things all its own
, Steelton kicked off four times for
'an aggregate of 200 yards, an average
of forty yards to tiie' kick, while Wil
liamsport kicked off twice for 55 yards,
an a vera .re of 27' . \an Is. In running
back iJie Itickoff Williamsport made itp
for bcrng oatrenciie 1 in the kick, bring-
rhe ball back 97 yarls. an average
of If 2-5 yards for each kick, while
-reelton came back 15 yards, an aver
age of 7' .. yards.
■Williamsport rushed tfae ball "9 times
for a uet gain of 108 yards, an average
t* 2'. yards far each plunge. Steel ton
-'-' ned the ball 30 times for a net gain
of 6:! yards, an average of two anil one
tenth yards.
Williamsport punted 13 times for
101 yards, an average of 31 yards.
Steel rorc punted 10 times for 270 yards, I
an average of 27 yards.
Tn rur-nng back punts Williamsport i
returned 63 yards, an a-, erage of 3 2-5 i
yards, nnd steelton returned ?7 ;
an average of two yards.
Steelton made tip for it? inability I
to run back the punts by recovering!
the ball twice whea Williamsport
fumbled the catch, the net gain being
50 yards. Williamsport gathered up one
fumble of a punt for 10 yards. Steel
ton was penalized four times for an
aggregate of 20 yards and Williams-
FOR F.EXT—Eight-room house; gas.
bath and Jot for garden; Steeltori
Heights, opposite fros shop office; also
t'-room house with improvements. 171
s. Second St.. steelton. Applv ,1, M.
HKAGY. 39 S. Front St.. Steel'ton.
port was penalized twice for an aggre
gate of 20 yards.
Williamsport tried but one forward
pass, which gained 15 yards, while
Steelton tried six, three of which
grounded, one was caught by a Wil
liamsi ort man who was downed on the
spot, one was caught by a Williams
port man who ran it back 20 yards,
and one gained 15 yards. One of the
three' passes which grounded went over
the goal line and the ball went to Wil
liamsport. The lineup:
Williamsport. Steelton.
Speaker L. E Keim
Stadden 1j T Wren
Gilbert L i! Morette
Vanderlin C Norris
Bathurst R G laevetts
Mayer K T Crump
Frain K E .... Eckeurols
Whitman ij H Rupp
Weisharr .... Ij H B Gardner
Galbraith .... R H B Wolf
Cornwall F B Conklin
Score by quarters:
Williamsport H. S. . . 7 I? 0 20—30
Steelton H. S 0 0 0 0 — 0
Substitution?, Berry for Frain: Roth
rock 'or Galbraith. Referee, Monroe.
I'mpiie, Johnson. Touchdowns, Weis
liaar. 2; Galbraith, Whitenian.- Goal
from touchdown, Gilbert, 3 out of 4.
Goal from tield, Gilbert. Time of quar
ters, IS minute?.
Halloween Costuuics Were Order of
Evening „
The choir o* Grace United Evangel
ical church hold a Halloween social
Friday evening at the home ol' Mr. aud
Mrs. Solomon Hose, 217 North Front
street, which was largely atteuded.
Games appropriate to the occasion
served to entertain, after which a fine
supper was served
Among those present were: Mrs.
Benjamin Hoch, 1860 mother; Mrs.
Charles N'erhood, Biddy: Mrs. Harry
Watson, old maid; Mrs. James Thomp
son, Indian squaw; Mrs. William
Nickey, LHitch lady; Mrs. S&m Noggle,
nurse; Miss Helen Hoch. bride: Miss
K\;i Herman, Vaina Vama girl; Tessie
Sheet?., Percy Morris Reigert, Happy
Hooligan; Edgar lloudeshell, Lut.ner
Hose, Charles Weaver, Ralph West
brook. gentlemen; Max Rider, Ralph
I'lrieh, George Brown, firemen; Mrs.
Rose Kellar, Mis. .Mary Green, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Wells, Mrs. Sol Hose. Kdtia
and Marian Hose. Mrs. Lottie Shuler
aud Mrs. Harry Hoch, of Wilkcs-JJarre.
Mrs. Emma Bannr.n and Mrs. M. A.
Kuoderer Hostesses Friday Evening
Mrs. II mm a Kan nan and Mrs. M. A.
Kuoderer entertained a number of
friends at a Halloween masquerade
Friday evening at the home of the Ist
ter, 236 Elm street. The decorations
were in hatmony with the oecasiou and
an enjoyable social time was spent. Re
freshments were served to the follow
ing persons*
Mrs. John Stone, Mrs. Harry Given.
Mrs. Abe Smith, Mrs. A. B. Johnson.
Mrs. l harles Walker, Mrs. Russell Wilt,
Mrs. Peter Feite, Mrs. EtWvard Sellers.
Mrs. Edwara Mark lev, Mrs. Martin
Ho cker, Mis. Saul. Mrs. Johu Watson
and daughter, George Dress, Mrs. Clin
ton Thompson Mrs. Albert Metzger.
Mrs. Kingston, Mrs. Charles Allen, Mrs.
Samuel Folkers, Mrs. Emma Banuan.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Kuoderer and
Claude Kuoderer.
The Dream Girl
Seward, an artist, not for bread and
butter aloue. but for the love of it,
has visions of n beautiful face which
haunts his dreams. His mind so dwells
upon this beautiful creation of his im
agination that he becomes firmly con
vinced that the girl of his dreams is an
actual being of flesh and blood. Some
day he expects to meet her and he has
made up his mind that when ho does
meet her. he will ask her to become his
wife. How the artist's dream became
a reality after a number of interesting
adventures, is beautifully told in mo
tion pictures at the Standard Theatre
The Young Women's Christian Tem
perance Union will moet at the home
of Mrs. Howard Gallagher. Pine street,
Tuesday evening at 7.30 o'clock. Full
. attendance is urged.
Miss Johnson, a returned missionary
| from China, will deliver an address to
morrow evening in Central Baptist
j church. Main and Trewiek streets, at
| o'clock. The speaker will appear
1 in Chinese costume.
Ilia Muicen was arrested by Oflieer
| Wynn yesterday on South Front street
while attempting to'carrv off one of the
red lights from the paving excavations
on that street. He will be arraigned
before Burgess Wigfield this evening.
Two colored men entered the store
of S. W. Lacob on Harrisburg street,
iate Friday night and threatening the
merchant with a club and a knife,
forced him to hand over 515.65. The
men then left the store and have not
been seen since.
The German Quartet club will hold
a dance in its hall next Monday even
ing. The Liberty band will furnish the
' music.
The Ladies' Auxiliary of the Ger
| man Quartet club will ' hold a dance
, Wednesday evening. Wieger's orchestra
i will furnish the music.
H. D Knode, Lancaster, spent yes
terday as the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Herman Poltl. South Fourth street.
Solon V. Barr. Lincoln street, has
returned from a Sunday visit to his
parents, the Rev. and Mrs. X. A. Barr
Mr. Joy.
Charles Minke and B. C. Bioser. of
the borough, spent to-day hunting near
Ames Lawrence and Frank Morrette.
; students at Bucknell University, arc
spending the election holidays with
their parents in the borough.
Mrs. Mary Huff. McEweusville,
Northumberland county, is the guest of '
her son. Thomas Huff,"Elizabeth street,
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Huff, Eliza-!
both street, Highspire, entertained the!
following persons Sunday: Mr. and i
Mrs. Ralph Aurand and son, Harold,!
Swatara Hill, and Mr. and Mrs. VaJ-|
entine Young and son, Stouffer, of
Mr. and Mrs. George Linn and Miss'
Marie »v. North Front street, werej
guests yesterday of Mr. and Mrs. Harry i
Yetter, Chambers Hill.
Mark T. Hess, of the School of j
Osteopathy, Philadelphia, spent the
week-end with his parents, Mr. and'
Mrs. C. Hess, South Second street.
Miss Margaret Haines, South Second!
"Pape's Diapepsin" is
the Quickest and Sur
est Stomach Relief
If what you just ate is souring on
your stomach or lies like a lump of
lead, refusing to digest, or you belch
gas and eructate sour, undigested food,
or have a feeling of di/./.iness, heart
burn. fullness, nausea, bad taste in
mouth and stomach headache, you can
surely get relief in five minutes.
Ask your pha-:nucist to show you
the formula, plainly printed on tlieso
fifty-cent cases of Pape's Piitpepsin,
then you will understand why dyspeptic
troubles of all kinds must go, and why
it relieves sour, out-of-order stomachs
or indigestiou in live minutes. "Pape's
Diapepsin" is harmless; tastes like
candy, though each dose will digest aud
prepare for assimilation into the blood
all the food you eat; besides, it makes
you go to the table with a healthy
appetite: but what will please you most,
is that you will feel that your stom
ach and intestines are clean and fresh,
and you will not need to resort to lax
atives or liver pills for biliousness or
This city will have many "I'ape's
Diapepsin" cranks, as some people will
call them, but you will be enthusiastic
about this splendid stomach prepara
tion, too. if you ever take it for indi
gestiou, gases, heartburn, sourness,
dyspepsia, or any stomach miserv.
Get some now. this minute. and rid
yourself of stomach misery and indi
gestion in fivo minutes. Adv.
street, has returned from an extended
visit to friends at Carlisle.
L. 11. Kapp, North Front street, was
entertained yesterday by friends at
Chambers Hill.
J. R. McEntee, New York City, is
the guest of friends in the borough.
Arthur Clemens, Gettysburg College,
spent the week-end at his home here.
Bruce O'Brien, W. R. Snyder, Sam
uel Brooks and Harry Orth witnessed
the football game at Anuville, Satur
day. t
Charles Chambers, of Bueknell Col
lege, has returned to his home ia the
Funeral of Mrs. W. H. Babble
The funeral of Mrs. William H.
Babble, who died at her home, 720
North Second street, Saturday, will be
held from the First Reformed church
to-morrow afternoon at 2 ok. The
Rev. Chat les A. Huvette will officiate.
Burial will be in Baldwin cemeterv.
Mus Witcox. the visiting nunc ft
cloyed by the Stcelton Civic Club, wib
be in her office froji 8 a. in. to 9
ft. m.. from 12.30 p. m. to 1.30 p. i»
Philip W. Boyer. Contractor and Mer
chant. Died Saturday
Spo.-ial frrrespmidence.
West Fairview, Nov. 2.—Philip \V.
i Bover, contractor a,ml merchant, died
at his residence on State road, near
| ISe.ile avenue, Satimiav morning at 9
• 0 cloek, death being due to an attack
| "f typhoid fever from which he had
j'been ill about fo :r weeks. He was aged
26 years and was very well known, hav
ing -esidt 1 in U>is community prac
tic illv all iiis life an ! had (been in the
• building and contracting business for
several years. Ab mi t a year ago lie
| cpeued a grocery store. He leaves to
'•arvivc him his widow, one daughter,
Mary, age 1 - , ami one son. William,
I aged 3; rlso one brother, George, of
Snmmerdale. and t'hroe - isters, Mrs.
-lelm Beck, of West Fairview: Mrs. Wil
liam Marin, of Pen'brook, and Mrs. Bd
war.l Radn'iatig'h. of Marysville. Fu
neral services will 'be held at the hone
Wednesday afternoon a! 2 o'clock, con
dacted by the Rev. It. IMoore, pastor
of the Kvangeiical . hur ii of this-place.
Interment will be made in Zion Ln
I theran cemetery at Enoln.
ton I i iice<l Front hirst I'ngp.
; certain newspapers. There has been
not a smack of partisan politics in any
thing 1 have said in my public speeches.
I do not believe that Christian men
should not be in politics to cleanse anil
purify, bin as a man on the platform
I am first, last and all the time an
evangel of Jesus Christ."
Going to Give Devil a Bun
"I believe God brought this cam
paign here to Harrisbnrg. And I want
to tell you, we are going to give the
'Devil a run for his money."
"The campaign is off to-day. This
morning, because some preachers Were
not here who needed it. I WB9 a little
easy on them, but to-night I shall un
loose the galling guns and get you
used to the smell ot' power. Your
preachers need preaching to. 1 know
them. I belong to their gang."
"I promise you I am going to shock
you. I'm not going to do things as your
preachers do, because if I would, it
wouldn't be necessary for me to come
here. I'm going to preach, not to the
saintly persons here ou the front seats,
but to the fellows on the back row who
need it. I 'm going to compete with the
movies, and if 1 can t put up a better
show than they do, I'll eat my hat."
The twelve members of the Stough
party were introduced to the audience
at the afternoon meeting, and each
made brief remarks. They take up
the extreme weakness often results in
:rr paired hearing, weakened eyesight,
bronchitis and other troubles, but if
Scott'o Emulsion is given promptly,
it carries strength to the organs ft*
and creates rich blood to build JhSk
up the depleted forces. r®
Children thrive on Scott'» Emulsion. fill
Her* fit Alto* Btcam Prtrti Art Loner, tint Dceauit Qualities Are
Cast Your Vote Tomorrow and Everyday
in Favor of Your Own Pocketbook by
Making Your Purchases at This Store I
' n ~ , . . _ Shadow Laces. lOc to 23c
Continuation Of Our Plain Note, white aua ecru, 28c
/"OCjUT HM II lllirni/ r/IIC over Oriental aud Venice Lacos,
ORE AT MILUNtRY SALE wMto aud ecru. apecial prices.
This sale presents the purchase from one of the leading manufacturers 1 ,° f i anU silver Trilnu)i "SH, spe
•of New York of NT cm JP™? 8, „ . V
_______ . New Persian Trimmings, special
2,500 Untnmmed and Ready-to-Wear Hats prices.
ombracing tlie most stylish shapes of the season, exceedingly nice quail- aU xv *' ths ' spo "
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Four-striug Brooms. 25c OpP- Court House2ls Market Street
their work to-dav with the local com
mittees and will be hoafd from us the
campaign continue'.
Crowds Outside Tabernacle
At the evening meeting tiie taber
nacle was packed. It is estimated tlyit
nine thousand persons were present.
The crowds outside were so great that
the doors could not be opened for ven
tilation. Policemen were on duty, but
would have been powerless to keep the
multitude in cheek had opportunity
been afforded for entrance into the
The evangelist delivered a sermon
on "Knockers,'" reviewing "the
troubles of an old fashioned evangel
ist," Nehemiah. In his reading of the
Scripture lesson he brought out the
traits of the different characters bv in
flections of his voice in giving their
conversation. The sermon was more
powerful than the one delivered in the
"1 give my worst sennons first."
says the evangelist. "My audiences
wouldn't be able to appreciate niv last
sermons if I gave them now. It is more
tactful for me to lead up to them grad
Money Matters Explained
The Uev. F. T. Cartwrigut, associ
ate of Dr. Stough, explained at all meet
ings of the day that the evangelist
gets none of the money which is re
ceived in the collections, that it is
used solely for the ordinary expenses
of the campaign. Contributions will
be made for the evangelist's benefit
at the close of his work in this city.
The large tabernacle chorus, under
the energetic leadership of Professor
Spooner, of the Stough party, rendered
the campaign pongs yesterday with
great spirit. Familiar hymns were sung
so that the audience, which was with
out books, could join. Books will be
sold to-day. They are not sold on Sun
Oil the platform at last night's meet- '
ing wa9 the Rt. Kev. .lames Henry j
Darlington, bishop of the Harrisburg;
diocese of the Episcopal eliiuvh. acconi-!
panied by Mrs. Darlington and Miss:
Eleanor Darlington.- The Episcopal
ehurches do not favor the Stough earn |
paign. At the close of the service the
bishop greeted Dr. Stough cordially. j
Stop Work on River Dam
The dam across the river at the low
er end ot the city was virtually com- i
pleted .Saturday. Several open water i
gateways, however, remain to be com- j
pleted, but this work will not be done I
before next spring, so that water will I
not be backer up and interfere with 1
the work on the river wall. There are j
aibout 150 concrete slalbs yet to be i
placed. W hen these are put in position j
water to a depth of about four feet '
will be backed.
Foreigner Fined $2 and Ocsts
Bllius lllioff, a foreigner, was fined j
$2 and costs on eac.ii of two charges of :
not sending his children to school at a
hearing Saturday night before Alder i
man Csveny.
Philadelphia Division—ll6 crew to
go first after 2 p. in.: 105, 118, 103, !
128, 112, 115, 121, 124, 110, 123,1
119, 101.
Kngineers up: Crisswell. Smith, Bie-1
singer, Young, Heindman, McGuire, j
First. ,
Firemen up: Barton. Maning, Kegel- i
man, Yentzer, Spring, Ansberger, |
Hartz, I. I* Wagner, W'bichello, Shaf-1
Conductor up: Mehaflie. ji
Brakenien up: Hivner, MuUinuis,
Middle Division—24o crew to go ■
lirst after 12.30 p. m.:
Preference: 3, -I, S, 1, 2, T. 5, fi, 10,1
Engineers for 4, 6.
Firemen for 3, 7, 10.
.Conductors for 3, 2, 5, 6.
Flagman for 3.
Brakemen for 2, 6. 10.
Engineers up: Hertzler, Oarman,
Free, Welcoiner, Simonton, Wubeter, |
Havens, Smith, Kuglor, Jlunima.
Firemen up: Sehreffier, Buyers, Da
vis, Bixler. Potieiger. Reeder, Richards,
Stouffer, Seagrist, Wright, Shecsley,
Simmons, Cross.
Flagmen up: Miles, Miller.
Brakemen up: Schoffstal, Troy,
Stahl, Kieffer, Roller, Kobli, Bickert,:
Plack, Fritz.
Yard Crews—Engineers up: Meals,l
Stahl, Swab, Crist., Saltsmnn, Kuhn,l
Pelton, Shaver, Landis, Hoyler, liar-1
vey, llohenshclt, Thomas, Houser.
Firemen up: Lackey, Cookerly, Maey
er Sliolter, Snell, Bartolet, Barkey,
Sheets, Bair, Kvde. Essig, Ney, Myers, |
Boyle, Shipley, Crow, lievie', Uhh, j
Bost<tort', Schieffer, Rauch, Weigle.
Engineers wanted for 118, #54. I
Firemen wanted for 18S6. 213, 322,
1171, 1831, 1099, 90, 1365, 432.
Philadelphia Division —2l2 crew to
jjJohn A. Marshall!
For Representative
\ 01 11)3 First Legislate Olsirlc! ol Harrisbyrg, Pa, \
| He says he has no political ax to grind, and has no mud to sling, but >
> believes that the people have a right to know where all the Candidates <
C stand on important questions when asking them l'or their support. He S
£ savs he hopes to serve the people, if elected, regardless of their Race, 5
> Nationality or Politics, and he tells you he stands for the following laws C
? and prineipls: Clean Politics. Local Option, Repeal of Gunner's and >
v Angler's license law. a Workman's Compensation law, A Child's Labor J
> Law. a Full t'rew bill, Civil Service, aud will do all in his power, it' C
C elected. to have such laws passed, and he : ays lie will highly appreciate £
% the |*op!e's support, but that they must know where he stand* first, as #
% he expects to be at the service of the people at all times.
<-VNAA +SSK+A * A/Ww»
first, after 2.15 p. m.: 210, 243,
1220, 24(5, 223, 209, 210, 234, 240.
;217, 22, 231, 245, 247, 202, 222.
230, 205, 233. 244, 249, 251. 250.
Engineers for 202, 210, 212, 205,
220, 231, 234, 244.
Firemen for 207, 209, 210, 214.
223, 248, 244.
Conductors for 205, 215, 233.
Flagmen for 212, 221, 222: 233,
234, 235, 252.
Brakemen for 202, 205 (2), 208.
209, 212, 22 1, 225 (2), 233, 234,
235, 239, 244, 246, 250.
Conductors up: Logan, Lingle,
Flagman up- Reitzel.
Brakemen up: Wieast, Deetz, Shnff
ner, Liftz, Baker, Wolfe.
Middle Division —234 crew to go
first after 3.45 p. m.: 214.
P., H. & P. —After 12.12 p. m.: 11,
7, 10, 11, 9, 8, 23, 19, 5, 21, 16.
Eastbound—After 2.30 p. m.: 64,
69, 53, 70, 52, 70, 52, 31, 63, 60, 71.
Conductor up: German.
Engineers up: Wood, Fetrow,
Massimore, Crawford, (Pletz,
Wiroman, Lape.
Firemen up: Sullivan, Rurobaugh,
Binghaman. King, Lex.
Brakemen up: Cook, Madhmer,
Maurer, Fleagle, Hoover, Straw, Chen
ov, Epley, Piinkle, Miles, Ayres, Kapp,
Shader, Taylor.