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    #■ ■
"ITfiij ircrry John, ijour
credit U qce<?%it
Why sro without the furniture you need just because
money is a little "tight" and you dou't feel like
laying out the cash *
There's no need for it. i'oiue here ami open a charge
account. Then pay a trifle at a time—monthly or
weekly—spread over a year There's no red tape
to go through.
Here are our terms: $.lO worth but $4 monthly ; SIOO
hut *> monthly; SI,OOO worth but S"H) monthly, etc.
Prices marked iu plain figures.
This is the oldest furniture house iu Harrisburg—
founded years ago. Hundreds of thousands of people
have bought here on credit as well as for cash, and
to-day we're constantly doing business with the chil
dren of our earlier customers.
Could there be any more convincing evidence of the
satisfaction we give*
You'U be agreeably surprised when you visit our big
store and see the enormous assortment of furniture,
rugs and stoves we carry. And we want you to par
ticularly note the quality of our merchandise and
their extremely low prices.
Conic and let us *how you. You will not be urged
to buy.
" Oldest Furniture House in Harrisburg"
28-30-32 South Second St.
Delightful Afl.ur Given in Celebration
of His Twenty-tirst Anniversary En
■oyed by Many Guests in Costume
—Prizes Were Awarded
V ,> -thday masquerade party was
given Saturday night at tiie homo ot';
> as Keft'er, n honor 01 his twenty
r-st birthday. H;s boy tr ends present
•'»! bim with a beautiful bunch of twen
tv one carnati r.s. Dancing and games
v. ere the features of the evening, after
A-hieh an elaborate supper was served.
The decorations wore in maroou aiui
black, with witches an i cat- decorating
;e Us. I'r -.ea were awarded to Kate
Ramsey. Queen of Ireland, tirst pri :e:
!,":>v Sm :r. lr '..11, -ecou I prize;
'leo-ge Mans. Dr > il, fi-s: prize, and Jo i
sephine Turns. W< ird. second prize. |
Other guests deluded: Esther Fisher, j
do ' V!■: Buelah Ervin. Devil"? Imp; Es-
Ki >. Yams Yams: Esther Peipher. j
i uu Yams: C'ara »'air. Indian >quaw: i
A«ss Palmer, : .i-iesmaid: Katiieryn;
:• . <"■, h: r. - .ja-.v ; Bertha O'B-e.n.
Daughter of Liberty: Mrs. Orris, host- j
. - : Mr<. Han . Orris, nun; Clara An-'
dersoa, clows; Ruth Crumbier. nurse; I
Viiu:-. Noble, Yama Yama: Bertha
K" - . n: Ireland: Agnes Moore,
iortit; -Stelia M i!er, Indian Squaw;
•C-tna Uooder. •••■ »y: Florence Kirk.
Devil; Bessie Eicheiberger. Queen of
Hearts: Kate Orris. #;ar- of night;
Mrs. Weatze), stars oi Night; Miss'
Mi ", \ .Yama; Earl Orris,
irate; El. Potteiger, clown: John
I'.erbein. clown; Charles Kirk, convict;
tieorge Miller, convi-*; Karl K
■down; Stanley Walker, olored comedi
in; Charles Wagner, colored om-.'di
an; CI r'ton Turner, bri.le; Jack Groo
ver, grooni: Harrv Orr's. track walk
er: George Orris. Santy Claus: Adam
Orris, host; Eddie Plank, baseball star:
Abe Orris. farm«r; \ ictor Y ngst.
Dutch boy; Pinkcv Dare, down: Elmer
Wickline. Indian; Elzo Minnie. King of ;
Ireland: Charles Nichols-, cowboy: Wil
liam Gutmnuel, ice cream fiend: Wil-
I'.am Kutz, clown: Joan Flvns, monk:
Bill Btrnen. colored preacher; Silas
Keefer, Gypsy boy: John Kirk. George
Washington: Master Earl ifld Adam Or
ris. twins; George Palmer. Gooser: The
odore Moore, Jeff and Ross Moore,
"- 1 . '
Freveut Falling Hair and End Itching
There is one sure way that has never
tailed to remove dandruff at once and
that is to di iV olve it. then you destroy j
it entirely. To do this, just get about
four ouuees of plain, common liquid
arvon from any drug store (this is all
yon will need!, apply it at night when'
retiring; use enough to moisten the
scalp and rub it in gently with the j
finger tips.
By morning most, if not all. of your
dandruff will be gone, and three or four j
more applications will completely dis
solve, and entirely destroy, every single I
sign and trace of it. no matter how 1
much dandruff you may have.
You will find all itching and digging i
of the scalp will stop instantly and your j
hair will be fluffy, lustrous, glossy, silky I
and soft, and look and feel a hundred
times better.
If you value your hair, yon should
get rid of dandruff at once, for nothing
destroys the hair so quickly. It not
only starves the hair and makes it fall
out, but it makes it stringy, straggly,
dull. dry. brittle and lifeless, and every
body ootices it. Adv.
Baiubow Campaign Ended Saturday-
Evening With Mrs.. A. E. Shirev's
Team in Lead—Mrs. S. J. Hiney's
Team Second
I'he Rainbow Campaign i'or member
at the V. W. C. A. has come to a
f nmpiuat end and the chairman. Miss
Mary Jennings. as well as the executive
i iari feel that a debt of gratitude is
ow"l those who worked so untiringly
and so successfully last week.
Saturday '< local honors went to Mrs.
A. I'.. v- hi rev' > team, which was repre
sented i'v roe areen dag. The suburban
honors for Saturday went to the sub
urban team at Paxtang captained bv;
Mrs. C. M. Forney and represented by.
, the blue flag.
i feventcca hundred new members
were secured last week, a number far
in excess of what the committee dared 1
A large crowd was present on Sat
urday to hear the returns. Each cap
tain read the reports of her own team.
The city teams showed the following
! return* for the week: Mrs. .F. H. Bet
terman. red, S9 4; Miss Norma Barker,
tr-ange, $209; Miss Kanlall, yellow.
S'i2T: Mrs. A. E. Shirev. green,
5435.50; Mrs. J. F. Balsley, blue.
su"' Mrs. Frank Seitz, indigo.
$65.50; Miss Anna Orth. violet. s42l':
total turned in bv the titv teams Sl,-
The suburban teams turned in the,
following sums for the week: Miss N'is
sley, re i. Penbrook, $40.30; Mrs. i
St.'it'u. orange. Lioglestowu, $2; Mrs.
Ed war 1 X. Cooper, yellow. Camp Hill
an i nearn listricts and also New Cum
berland. Lemoyne and West Fairview.
$167: Mrs. Solomon Hiney. Jr., green.
Steelton and Highspire. s33s; Mrs. C..
M. Fo-ney, blue. Paxtang, $78.50; '
Mrs. Frank R. Chster. indigo. River
side. $34: Mrs. Carl Pavis. violet.
Lu. tnow, RockviUe and Dauphin, s4t.
making a total of $699.
E. Z. Wallower also turned in SIOO |
contribute! by the business men of the
city, making a grand total of $2.-
Green was ertainly a luekv color
for the w nniag teams o? the week,
both had the green flag. The eitv hon
, ors for the week were awarded Mrs. A.
I E. Shirev s team, which has the green'
i flaz. while Steeltoa captained by Mrs.
Solomon Hiney. dr.. won the suburban
I honors with it« green ilae.
j Mrs. Sh ; rey T s team included the fol-'
j lowing workers:
Lieutenants—Mrs. H. Z. Hosford.
: Mrs. George B. Mrs. Frank i
Gibson. Miss 1/lah Zug. Mrs. Charles
. Gaff. Mrs. W. R. Hoaser. Mrs. G.
W. Sweiger.
Team Workers—Mrs. Lida R. Beck
with. Mrs. C. A. Dunn. Miss M. K.
| Tackson. Mrs. Paul Hooker, Mrs. Frank
Cook, Mrs. I. W. Elmer, Miss Alice
Nelson, Miss Jcnuie Payne. Mrs. J. A.
Smyser. Mis« Beuiah Starry, Miss Jose- ■
j phlne Zug, Miss Eleauor May, Mrs. J.!
i Li. Shafer. Mrs. E. J. Hoekenburv. Miss
Perry, Miss Wilson, Mrs. Charles
Enierick. Miss Carrie Orth. Mrs. May- j
! berry Scott.
The furnishings of three rooms were
also donated by Mss Tillie Zarker.
William Block and Mr. and Mrs. Thom
as W. Smallwood, of Paxtang.
I While the Rainbow Campaign has!
! closed, to-day marks another important
| event for the Y. W. C. A„ as the new ■
| cafeteria opened to-day from 11.30 to
1.30. Men were privileged for the first
t:me to go to the cafeteria which is
quite noted for its home cooking.
Announce Birth of Daughter
Mr. and M*-s. Myron Albright. Co ,
j rozal, Canal Zone. Panama, former Har
j risburgers, announce the birth of a
I daughter. Mildred May Albright, Sep
temlier 27.
Entertainment to Be Given Under Au
spices of the Aurora Society in
Tech High School
'"The District School at Blue Berry
Corners" will be presented at the Tech-1
nival High school auditorium. Thursday
an«t Fridav evenings, November 6 and
6, at 8.15 o'clock.
The entertainment, which will b. 1 ;
given under- the auspices of the Vurorn i
Society for the benefit of Memor'.al
Lutheran church, wilt be in throe scenes,
full of comedy and laugh, interspersed
with plenty of stoo.i music. Sambo j
Honeysuckle will be present with his
banjo and Si Perkins, Sr.. will give a
slight of hand performance. The cast
School Committee —I'riah Perkins,
Albert Krieg; .la ob Billakor, John
Kehr: John Smith. Charles Burger.
Applicants—M'ss Dashawny, Mary
Greek; Miss Belinda Sharp, Kut:i|
Steinbauer, \ii«s Gallic Simple. Edith
Rexroth; He.'.ekiah I'eudegrass. Walter
Scholars (sirls. Sally Brown, Mary
Greek: Samautha Piper, Edith Kexroth: j
Jerusha Dickson, Ruth Steinhauer, Su-1
sail Crowfoot, Fannie Sneidman.
Boys—Si Perkins, Jr., Henry French; ]
I JU tiior Brown. Baker Hess; Bobby i
0 'l<ee, C harles Burger; Dennis 0 Toole, I
John Kehr; Sambo Honeysuckle, Her-;
man Brady; Abraham Whitestorte, Al- j
bert Krieg: Sim Dipsey, Doc. Winder.
Samautha I'iper. the "Giggler;";
Bobby O'Lee, ' Stammers;'' Sim Dip-,
sey, a "Bad Boy;" Si Perkins, . the
"Silly Bov;" Dennis O'Toole, the'
'* I rish Boy;'' Abraham Whitestone,
the "Hebrew:" Sambo Honeysuckle,
the "Colored B >y;'' thither BTOWH. A'
' * four-year-old."
Entertained ir. Honor of Their Little
Daughters. Mildred and Helen,
Saturday Evening
Mr and Mrs. Russeli lies?. U>2s
North s,xth street, gave a masquerade
party Saturday nigh: in aonor of their
two little daughter*. Mildred audi
Helen. The gue*ts were met by a
ghost. who escorted them through the,
rooms, which were decorated in Hallow
een style. The littli guests spent a :
| jolly evening pla\ ing game? and at 8 ,
1 o'clock luuchetn was served to the fol-
I lowing:
I Eliza Russe', black fairy; Ruth
! I'less, ghost: Harriet Wert/, gypsy;
Mae Moore, Japanese; Margaret;
Moore, crackajack; l.enora Snyder, |
beautiful doll, Rachel Mae. He.i Rid
! iug liood: Anna Cless, pumpkin girl;
1 Sarah Miller. Mother Goose: Helen 1
C less, tulip: Mildred Cless, Halloween
c:rl: Dorothy McCla" n. clown; Kather
ine Cless. domino girt Mildred Snyder. :
witch; Jennie Harsh, college boy.
Entertained Her Friends at a Hallow-1
ecn Party Friday Evening
Miss Verua Stone entertained at a '
Halloween party a: iier home m Knola
Friday evening. The gui'»;s im-Vuded:
Misses Aniiii Kcsslcr, Carrie Kiingea
; smith, Verua S -;,iVer. Mae Bvrem.
Keoka Caul. 1 puline Bertie, ilazel i
Weaver, Elva Kline. Kathryn Arnold.
Mary Toomy. V oh: Itedmond, Kathryn
swart/.. Gladys SliTaima, HUairie Snyder, i
Berniee Taylor. Verua Stone, Miriam
| Taylor. Helen Kuajy, Mr. and Mrs.
Percy Kline; eter. Mrs. Alice Wagner. |
Mrs. Arnold. Mrs. Mtu'chemer. Mrs.
Stone, Margaret Wag:: or, Ray Hoy.
I Phili" Fordnay, Joe Rice. Raymond
Gormlev, \V. J. M uiuina. Edward Hoy. ,
•'!.a-'.cs Gable, Herbert Stauffcv. K. s.
Smith, Walter I. loson. i hailes Feeser.
■ Gerald be . an. Paul Mvors. Ed'.vard
i Gladr'eiter, Jol.n Mastetter, K. J. Shel- j
Guests of Mrs. J. Frank Suukle Spent
Pleasant Afternoon
Mrs. -J. Krank Runkle gave a Hallow-
Leen party at her home, 1211 Green
street. Saturday afternoon for the mem
bers of her Sunday school class. The j
rqoms were prettily decorated and the
: guests spent a . l"asaat afternoon play
! ing games appropriate to the Hallow
een seasou. Those present were:
Anna Forty the. Dorothy Yost, tiladys
' Sierick, Penelope Blessing, Gladys
Moore, Louist- Koons. George Cray,
John Thomson. Bert Codwell. George
Beak. Clarence Ebert. the Rev. Harry
N. Bossier. Mrs. 11. C. Koons and Mrs.
i d. F. Runkle.
■ Started With Scaling. Scratching
Irritated. Had to Take Shoes Off.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment
Freed Her From Eruption.
Sprinar Glen, Pa.—"My daughter's
troubie started with s-allng and itching on
her feet. It afterwards her-ame pimptei
and if opened they discharged yellowish
water. At certain times the itching was
severe When she scratched it irritated the
aiTeeted pans. Her feet were pretty near
running sr>res. Sue wore be? shoes some
times but they made tne itching so bad that
she had to take them off.
She underwent two treatments but
got no relief Then F sect for some Cuti
cura Soap and Ointment. She cashed fter
feet well with the Soap and then applied
the Ointment morning and evening. Cuti
cura Soap and Ointment freed her from the
eruption In a month." (Signed).D. L. Pof
fenberger. Apr. 22, 1914.
P. O. Box 035. South River. N. J.—" r
suffered with eczema, ft was all over my
i face ana hands and I was ashamed to go out.
It ifhed me M and burned so that I dfdr.'t
j really know what to do with myself. When
I scratched it it aii broke out with sores. 1
used the Cuticura Soap and Ointment Tor
three months only and they cured me com
ple'eiy." (Signed) Miss Caroline GiU.
Mar. 31, 1914.
Samples Free by Mall
Although Cuticura Soap (isc.) and Cuti
cur» Ointment • 50:0 are told throughout*
th* worid. a sample of etch with 32-p. Skin
Rook will be »eat free upon request. Ad- !
dre* poet-card Cuticura. Dept T. Boat on." I
! I
"Pape's Cold Com-;
pound" Ends a Cold
or Grippe in a
Few Hours
Your cold will breuk and all grippe :
misery end after taking a dose of I
"Cape's Colli Compound" every two |
'HHIII> until three doses are taken. I
It promptly . opens elogged-up tios-j
trils aud lir Messages in the head, stops I
nasty discharge or nose running, re
!ie\cs sick headache, dullness, feverish
iiess. sore throat, snee/.iug. soreness
aud stiffness.
Don't stay stuffed-up! yuit blowing
i aud siuilfliug! Ease your throbbing
i head —nothing else in the world gives
. such prompt relief as "Pape's Cold
| Compound." which costs only 25 cents
at any drug store. It acts without as
j sistance, tastes nice, and causes uo in
convenience. Accept no substitute,
j Adv.
; Members of Christ Luthoran Church
Held Pleasant Affair—lnterest
ing Program Rendered
The members of the. En
deavoi Society of Christ Lut'lieian
■.-hur. ii held a Halloween social in the
social room of the ehureh Saturday
evening. The following program was
given, after which refreshments were
served to the guests:
Address. "Christian Endeavor and
the Advance of the Work," by Super
intendent Reimngcr; p'uno solit, Miss
Eliza Bret . reading, Miss Mary
Rhoads; \oeal solo, >1 iss Alice Rolli
| son: address, the Rev. Thomas Reisch;
reiuiiug. Mrs. E. L. Walmer; violin
solo. Jay Smith; toasts, Mrs. Walmer
i and James Gingrich.
The giusts included Miss Esther
, Noll. Miss Marguerite Miss
Adella Kut-. Miss Grace Maclntyre,
Miss Clara Zimmerman, Miss Eliza
Bret*. Mi-.> N'.,e Benner. Miss Marga
ret Wallace. M ss Elsie Maclntyre, Miss
Marie Nell, Miss Gothn Crist, Miss
Romaiue Nell. Miss Georgiana Parthe
! more. Miss Cliarlotte Ferguson, Miss
Mary Rhoads. Miss Aura Kut/, Miss
' Alice Rollisoi., Miss Ruth Fitzgerald,
Mis* Helen Lyme. Miss Katharyu Nioe
iy. Mi- Sara Rife, Miss Esther IL'.r
pell, Mi~s Josephine Shader, Miss
Susan Khoad.-, Miss .ieleii Reel, Miss
Vera \ one. Miss Mildred Reel, Miss
Zora Lehman. Miss Ruth Beitman,
t. iiarles Koser. (.Jcorge Bossennan, John
i Bennett. J:i> Smith, Merle Secrist.
; Hen. y Sachs. Royal Becklev, Chester
i Hticker, Charles Reininger, Paul I'nger,
Raymond Wentidcr. John Hoke, Mrs. j
William Lyme, Mrs. Zarker, Mrs.'
Fackler. Mrs. I'arthemore. the Rev.
and d;-. Reis. h, Mr. and Mrs. Uing- ;
rich. Mr. "Mr. and Mrs. Mil-j
lard Hess and Dr. and Mrs. E. L. Wal-!
: mcr. j
Entertained Members of C. E. Society :
at a Halloween Social Friday
A masquerade social was held Friday
j evening at the home of Miss Frances I
• Shertzer, 110 Conoy street, by the j
I Christian Endeavor Society ot' the Trin ;
itv Lutheran church.
The liou?e was beautifully decorated j
with wit .'hes and pumpkin faces, the I
; Colo; scheme of yellow and black being!
carried out in ali the appointments.
Games appropriate to the Halloween j
season were features of the evening's
, entertainment, and later a buffet lunch-j
eon was servei to the following mem-!
; bers and guests:
Misses Mariju sheesle;., Stella Rob
erts. Pearl Myers, Leneta Gibbous. Mar-1
ceila Sheeslev, Irene Sheesley, Cora!
Shertzer, Mary Haines, Francos Shert-!
>.er. Elsie Keller, Genevieve Haines, j
Verta Pryor, Mildred Moore. Margaret |
Moore. Mrs. Lewis Roberts, Mrs. i
[Charles Moore. Mrs. Milligaa, Mr. and j
| Mrs. Shert. IT, Messrs. Charles Short,
• Charles Roberts, the Kev. R. lj. Meisen-;
helder, Frederick J. Milligan, John 1
Fagan, Francis Griffey, George Gill, I
Clarence Roberts, Russeli Kaufman,'
Ralph Roberts. George McCabe and Roy
Mrs. H. G. Metzger Entertained Little'
Friends of Her Son
Mrs. H. G. Metzger entertained at t
her home. 2334 North Sixth street,
Friday evening at a Ilailoween party in
honor ot' her little son. Raymond. The
rooms were prettily decorated and the
guests spent a pleasant evening with j
music and games. Refreshments were!
served to the following guests:
Lavinia Buckwalter, V'erna Wright, j
( Gladys Bashore. Mercedes Bash ore,
Carolyn Hoffman, Claribel Nis-ley,
Irene Miss ley, Mary Kreider, Kath
erine Hoibert, Pearl Maiaby, Charles
Smith. Warren Cless, John Kreider,
Harrv Leonard, Ralph Foster, Frederic
Kellar, Roy ijung. Franklin IJankes,!
Claude Bowman and Raymond Metzger. i
Mrs. Metzger was assistel by Mrs.
Kreider, Mrs. Maiaby and Mrs. Ijeon j
Given Birthday Party at Her Home
Saturday Evening
A birthday surprise party was given !
j Saturday evening in honor of Mrs. \
j Edna Coryell at her home. 311 Dau
phin street. The rooms were prettily!
decorated and the guests spent a pleas-1
: ant evening with games and contests i
appropriate to thf season.
Those present were Miss Beatrice
Lynn, Miss Laura Stephens, Miss Fan
' uie Sellers, Miss Myrtle Shne, Misses
Ruth and Elva Lvnn, Mrs. Jack Forten
baugh, Mrs. Catherine Sutch, Mrs. 8.
! Beattv, Mr. and Mrs. A. Leiter, Mrs.
I G. Blough, Mrs. L. Lynn, Mrs. Edna
I Coryell, Frank Beatty, Harrv Coryell
' and Walter Stever.
News of Persons
Who Come and Go
Miss Anna McDowell, of Warren,
P*., is the guest of Mrs. Frank Cav
ouy, 417 Hummel street, ami Mrs.
iWvor, Twenty-first and Derry streets.
Miss Emma R. Gastrock, of Carlisle,
spent Sunday as the guest of her sis
ter, Mrs, S A. Mulligan, 108 Oonov
Mrs. Anna B. Atchlev, 211 Roily
>tree>t, lias left for an extended trip
through the West.
Mr. und Mrs. John Welch, of Oil
City, spent yesterday at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank St oner, 1726 Ful
ton street.
Mr. and Mrs. C. HI. Smith. 1315
North Second street, were the week-end
guests of their daughter, Airs. U Henry
Farnbam, at York.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester C. Byler. 1511
North street, have been called to
Coatesville by the death of the for
mor's sister.
Mr. and Mrs. .lolin Burchtield, 542
Forrest stieet, left to day lor a week 's
visit to Liverpool.
'Mrs. J. \V. Mover, son, Donald, and
daughter, Marian, 40S Orescent street,
have returned from a visit to Shippens
Alfred Johnston, 3020 North Second
street, is spending a week hunting at
New tiermantown and vicinity.
Mrs. George Morrison, of Chambers
t»ur>g, is the guest of Dr. and Mrs. C. J.
Manning, 1519 North Sixth street.
Airs. Walter Page and two children,
Isabel and Katherine, are guests of Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Moyer, 408 Crescent
M'.ss Ethel Lutz, ot' Liverpool, is the
guest ol Mrs. Charles E. Williams,
1501':, North Sixth streot.
Mrs. Ami 10 Rodemaker. of New
Bloomtield. spent last week a" the
guest of Mrs. A. P. Seeger, 1110 Penn
Miss Florence Bentzel and Miss
Edith Bentzel, 925 North Second
street, spent the week-end at Newport.
Miss Nora Bennett. 2313 Jefferson
street, spent the week-end at Helena
cottage, at the Cove.
Charles L. Yoder, who is attending
the University of Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia, is spending a few days at
the liome of his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
C. W. E. Yoder, 116 Herr street.
Miss Eleanor Leonard, of Columbia
University, New York, is the guest o?
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Leon
ard, 1729 North Sixth street.
Miss Anna E. Bacon, 216 North
street, has returned from a two
months' visit to Newport News, Nor
folk and other points in Virginia.
John Croll Herman, a student at
Vale, spent the week-end with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Herman.
Front and Maclav streets.
Miss Edna M. Sprenkel. 40M North
'Second street, has returned from a
week-end visit to York.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Maguire,
0 South Front street, and Mr. and Mrs.
Robert M. Rutherford, of Steolton. mo
tored to Annapolis, Md.. for the week
Mr and Mrs. Henderson Gilbert and
their family have returned from their
summer home in Cumberland county
and have opened their house in town
at Second and Harris streets.
Miss Marian Clifford Angell. of the
Etter apartments, speut the week-end
in Reading, where she opened her dan
cing class for the season on Saturday.
Mrs. James Irwin Steel is in Lan
caster attending the convention of the
Mothers' Congress.
Miss Gertrude Berry, 242 Hamilton
street, has returned home from Leba
non where she attended the wedding of
Miss Lillian Dorothea Johnson and El
liot Valentine.
David Hammond, of I«ebanon. spent
yesterday with friends in this city.
Airs. George Giede. 1612 Green
street, and Mrs. Frank Myers, Poller
street, have returned from Lebanon
after attending the Johnson-Valentine
Miss Sara Weitzel, 1311 Berryhill
street, is tile guest of Mrs. Fred lsen
berg, in Huntingdon, this week.
D. L Krister, 316 Crescent street, is
spending a few lays in Baltimore.
Miss Susan Prowell, of Steelton, is
the guest of her sister in Millersburg.
Aliss Mary Baturin and Miss Sara
Baturin, 639 Boas street, have gone to
New York and Long Island.
Airs. H. Knouse, of Shepherustown,
is the guest of her daughter, Miss
Dollie Knouse. at the Donaldson.
Paul Richards, of State College,
spent the week-end with his parents,
1333 Derry street.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hare, of Liver
pool; Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Sechrist and
family, Mr. and Airs. Clarence Gut
shall and E. J. Sechrist. of Camp Hill;
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Fleisher, of Dun
cannon; Mr. and Airs. George Zeigler,
Miss Susan Sechrist. ot' Marysville;
No Headache, Sour
Stomach, Bad Cold
or Constipation
by Morning
Get a 10-cent box now.
Furred Touguc, Bud Colds. Indiges
tion, tiallow Skiu and Miserable Head
aches come from a torpid liver and
clogged bowels, which cause your stom
ach to become filled with undigested
food, which soijrs and ferments like
garbage in a swill barrel. That's the
first step to untold misery—indigestion,
foul gases, bad breath, yellow skin,
menUl fears, everything that is hor
rible and nauseating. A Casearet to
night will give your constipated bowels
a thorough cleansing and straighten
you out by morning. They work while
you sleep—a 10-cent box from your
druggist will keep you feeling good for
months. Millions of men and women
take a Casearet now and then to keep
ihoir stomach, liver and bowels regu
lated, and never know a miserable mo
ment. Don't forget the children—their
little insides ueed a good, gentle cleaus
ing, too. Adv.
/W Ha ppy !
Try this new
PEPPY Peppermint
chewing gum.
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United Coupons now also come
Prank Lopperd, Miss Jennie Hoover, of
Hoover's Tsland; Mr. and Mrs. Lewis
Sutton, of Mechanicsburg, and Mr. and
Mrs. C. M. Yoder, of Philadelphia,
were in this city Saturday to attend I
the funeral of Mrs. George Sechrist. I
Mrs. D. Garonzik. 1105 North Third
street, is the guest of relatives in Bal- j
Paul Deck, "134S Vernon street, is I
spending a few days with his parents!
in Palmyra. I
Miss Carrie Swavcly, 14 21 Marketl
street, has returned home after attend '
ing a house party at Hamburg.
Mrs. C'harlee West, of Huntingdon,
is spending several days with her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. S. Brady Cavenv,
338 South Seventeenth street.
Mrs. Margaret Hartman, of Union
Deposit, and Mrs. H. A. Hartman, of
Philadelphia, who have been th 0 guests
of Mrs. Rush Newcomer. 1721 Walnut!
street, are going to Philadelphia, where j
the former will spend the winter with
her son.
Miss Ruth Deavor, of Sunbury, is
the guest of her parents the Rev. Mr.
and Mrs. Deavor, Twentv-lirst and Der
rv streets.
Mr. and Mrs. Hammacker, 1713 Wal
nut street, are guests of the former's
parents in Millersburg.
Byron Glass and George Rouseh, of j
Sunbury. are guests of the Misses]
(Mass. 4 0 North Seventeenth street.
Members of H. B. S. Club Enjoyed So- ;
cial Evening
Members of the H. B. S. Club left
Second and Hamilton streets at 8.30
o'clock Saturday evening for a straw)
ride to Dauphin, t'pon their arrival j
there they were entertained at the |
Daupliiu Inn. Late in the evening an j
oyster supper was served.
The party included Ruth Rapp, |
Edvthe Klinepeter, Alva Boyles, Myr- I
dessa Brown, Katharvn Smith, Heien j
Kellar. Lora Bentz, Esther Boyles, j
Katharvn Horner, Ruth Hammacher.
Bess Hammacher, Sanford Reed, Harry
Ingram, Robert Boyles, George Bawm, |
Honbert Brenn, Benjamin Kline, Stan- I
ley Stoneseifer, Fred Lcisman, Charles
Pitting and Howard Anderson. Mr.
and Mrs. W. O. Miller chaperoned the 1
young people.
Will Leave To-night for a Two Months'
Stay in New York
Miss Sara Baturin entertained at her ]
home, 039 Boas streeit, Saturday even I
ing prior to leaving for a two mouths'
stay in New York Oitv.
The guests included 'Misses Tillie ]
Baseh, Emma Rainer, Kathoriue Cohen,'
GoUlie Katzman, Mary Cooper, Lena |
!'*inklestein, Anna Garonxik. Rebecca ;
| Shulnian, Mary Baturin. Pauline Bren- .
ner, 'Lillian Marks, of New York; Anna
felhulman, Sara \orr, of Carlisle; Rose
Cohen, Helen Baturin, Sara Baturin,
Cecelia Shulmau, N. (Baturin. Mrs. L.
Baturin and 'Mr. and Mrs. M. Baturin.
Mr. and Mrs. Foutz Entertain Members
of Their Sunday School Classes
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Luther Foutz'
entertained the members of their Sun-;
day school classes at their home, 528 j
South Sixteenth street, Saturday even-j
The guests, all in costume, spent a
merry evening with the games and
tests. Those present included Misses
Helen Regar. Mrs. J. R. Black, Miss j
Mary Mentzer, Miss Grace Fillmore,
Maurice Fillmore, J. R. Black, Ruth]
Kammerer, l>>vi Fillmore, Harvey W.!
Lyter and Mr. and Mrs. Martin L.I
Entertained at a Halloween Party at
Her Home
Miss Amelia Palmer entertained at
her home. 4 1 .8 Porgter street, Saturday
evening. The rooms were prettily des
orateil and tJbo guests spent, a pleasant
evening with music and
present were:
Misses Nelle Brown, Mary Bentlev,
Klva ljougenecker. Delia Longonecker,
Itiith Palmer, Amelia Palmer, Irene Gil
bert, Jennie Tomlin.-ou. Messrs, Morris
K. Smilv, Gordon llenthcote. John Liu
,ltle. Lew Longeuecker, Karl Pox, Guy
Snyder, C. 11. M: 1 l.auig, ol' New York;
Mr. ami Mrs. Palmer.
Guests Enjoyed Halloween Games and
Miss Helen Black entertained a num
ber of friends at her home, 1616 Green
street, Saturday evening at a Halloween
The guests included Misses Mary So
ber, Margaret Pager, Helen Black. Es--'
ther Wise, Esther Wcitzel, Kathryn
Page, Messrs, Charles Springer, Robert •
Ross, Roy Keck, Ralph Page, Charles
Nieth, Cosner Stull and Harry Piuno
Ames-Yost Wedding
Marietta, Nov. 2. Miss Ella Maria
Vost was married yesterday to Luther
J. Ames, of New Holland, by the Rev.
William Amther, of the M. E. church,
North Wales. The attendants were
Misses Bertha and Plorenee Ames,
Charles Yost and William Keru. They
left on a tour immediately after the
reception and will reside at I hurcii
town, after their return.
Current Events at Y. W. C. A.
The Current Events talks given by
i Mrs. Jones at the Y. W. C. A. will com
I mence to morrow at 4.110, and it is
[ hoped that there will lie a large at
tendance. Every member of the Y. W.
C. A. can attend without paying an ad
[ ditional fee.
Sunday, Nov. 8
SPKCIAI, 10.\ClnMO\ rnvin 1
from L.V.A.M. .5
llummelstown 3.50
' Swatara j.jj ,
j Hershey a.r, 7
] Palmyra 4.01
Alinvtllc 4 J;;
I Avon 4.28
I Myerstown 4,37 1
1 Richland. 4.13
i Sheridan <,47
Womelsdorf 4.53
! Robeson ia, 4
New York, Arrive y':;o
RETURNING—I.oave New York,
from foot West 23d St.. 6.r.U P M
foot Liberty St.. 7.00 P. M.. name
1 date for above stations.
! Tickets *ood going and returning
I only Oil above Special Train, date of
| excursion.
Children between 5 and l; years
agt, half fait-.