The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, October 30, 1914, Page 3, Image 3

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Main Store W., B. & W. Annex
202 Walnut Street 3J.1 Walnut Street
New Fall and Mid-Winter Suits,
Coats, Dresses, Skirts, Etc.
<1 Special lot of sample suits, black, navy, green,
brown, values -$18.75 to $31.50. Special,
$13.50 and $15.1)0
<| Good warm Winter Coats— medium weight and as
heavy as you please.
<| Plaids, mixtures, black broadcloth, bouele. Kurl
tex Astrachau—in uavv. black, green and brown.
$9.75 to $37.50
Q Stylish Suits—correct styles— in all the wanted
colors —ranging from $15.00 to $57.50. Special
lines for $19.75, $21.50 and $125.00
<1 m ust arrived —a splendid assortment of Furs—
mink. fox. seal, titeh. etc.
Witmer, Bair & Witmer Annex, 311 Walnut St
a Black and Navy Serge Skirts with yoke.
Regular size. $2.50; extra size $2.75
<1 New Black and Navy Poplin Skirts with yoke and
button trimming. Regular size. $3.50; extra size,
<| 70 Heavy Winter Coats for women, misses ami
children, desirable materials and styles. Children's.
$2.95 and $3.50; Misses' and Women's,
$4.75, $5.00, $5.75, $6.00, $6.75, $7.50
Q3O New Long Sleeve and Low Neck Waists. Spe
cial 95c
<| Silk Messaline and Jersev Petticoats—colors and
black. $1.75, $1.95. $2.50, $2.75, $2.95, $2.9S
Q Winter Suits for girls and small women: 14 to
sizes: SIO.OO to $15.00 values. Special 55.00
House Dresses—ginghams, percales. He.: hiirli or
low neck, short or long sleeves: sizes Iti to st>. *
SI.OO to Sl.(is
———III I. i. nyr.
Many Members of Bible Class of Olivet
Presbyterian Church Were Enter
tained by The_r Teacher at Her
Mrs. A. L. Graff entertained the
member.* of her Bible olass ot" Oihrtl
Presbyterian church ;»t her home at Olvi,
Orchard, last ever Games. musi
ani contests were enjoyed, after which
refrestaner.ts were served. The guests
Miss B .'aoew Wooley. Ms* Nora
trrissmger. Miss Heffner. Mrs. )?hoemak- .
er. Mrs. J. Harry Steele, Mr. and Mrs.'
Rar*p. Mrs. Edwin Nioodenms. Net
tie White, Mrs. Baton, Mis-
Vnuie Huber, Miss Matilda K.ester, j
Airs. Karl StraOMMT, Miss Anna ■
t«touch. Miss Kathorfne HLiber, M-,ss '
in Groff. Miss Rath BnaWMU),
M M Maude Mote, Manic S:r
Miss Gertrude Huber. Mrs. GootJbart
and sn;a!! son. Miss Sara White, Miss
Alice Cumtnings. Mr. and Mrs. Pennv 1
{.•acker. Miss Ann Shoesnaker. Mrs. Arm
s:roLg. Margaret Herman, Mis-
Mary Stevens.'Mr. and Mrs. .1. Berlew. i
M-s. Shaeffer and small son. Miss Irvin. Better HMT and Mr. ar i M--
A L, Graff and Miss Manie McGuigan.-j
Mrs. Patrick Blade Entertained in Hon
or of Her Daughter, Margaret
Mrs. Patrick Blade entertained at ,
ber home. 10JS South CUMTOI street,
last evening in compliment to her
daughter. Margaret.
The iT.'.estsin luded Miss Bertha Claire
M,-Govern. Katherine Young,
Ml-- Sura Kelly. Miss Mary Deisrot: .
Mi«s Margaret Hoban. Miss Bertha
Hoban. Rj hard Young. Geo-ge Young,
a'.:! Tow sen, John Mor-is-ey. James
Blade. Mrs. Jerome Kellv, Mrs. M. E. :
M Govern and Miss Bertha Baine. !
Go on Annual Gunning Trip
Members of the '"Xiost Trail Club' .
eft early Wednesday morning fo- then
annual gunning trip to Horse Valley.!
The gunners will amp there ten days
and on their return a reception will l>e
given them at the home of the pres;
• lent of the club. J. I. Sei.lers. Del-1
aware Street. The party includes C. J.
' harles Bbuer. John Fehl. Jack
> -affaer. Prank 01K>r.r.ell an-l J. I. Sei
R«-ular $2. O'• P ;nmomj Kins
will be ••ffered for
T he-e DIAMONDS are of fine
white and brilliant quality, and
are mounted in Solid Gold UK
We will exchange an. diamond
purchased of us at full value at a
Special White Diamond
SlightlT imperfect, for
Jeweler and Diamond Merchant
\l North Third Street '
Miss Husier's Guests Met at Doer by
Witch and Tnken Into Prettily.
Decorated House
Miss \erna K. Hus'.er gave a i. .giit
ful Halloween party at her home, 1210
Derry street, last evening. The entire
house was prettily decorated with yel
low chrysanthemums. autumn foliage,
pumpkin lanterns and other Halloween
symbols. As the guests arrived they
were met by a witch, who told thoiii
many interesting things ot' their j-ast,
[•resent and future. At midnight sup
per was server to rhe following -:
Mi>s btlxUt Thompson, of Peoria.
1 .M\ss Margaret Wrliamson. of t'an
ton. 0.. M:-! Beatrice TtNUt, ot'
1* redericksb.irg: Miss Genev a Ljongs
dorf. of t 'arksburg; Miss Verna Has
ler. Miss Margaret Peters, Mrs. E. J.
Kearney. Mi ?> Martha Holliuger. Miss
Kya Davidson. Miss Margaret Wi,-k •
vine. Miss Kut i Peters. Miss Josephiae
ar.d Miss Tnxey Putt. Miss Vera Sei
dera, Miss Alma Miller. Miss Klva
K ne. Min< Luey Karp. M:?s Anna and
M'.ss BeulaU Staley, Miss Anna Craver.
Mrs. Elmer (.'raver. Miss Nellie Beam.
V-- Kred Hoopes. Miss Bess Geiger.
Mi« Mary Be-ntel. A. L,. Brady, Phil
ade hia: .1 B. Martin, New Jersey: R. '
S. t urntnings. H. A. Rhinehart, Walter
Hndlow, Indianapolis: Lee Mauph>u. :
Harr\ Harding. Philadelphia; Charles
Ha: i. Robert Shaver, E. J. Kearnev,
Ro% Bryson. Charles E. Gable. Clar
ence Barman, Harper Woland, John Ja
oob 1 orl. Herman Lyman Hollinger,
Daniel Edward Keister, Harry
rence i'Javis. Walter James Crawford.
John Joseph Gosney, Alexander Clay
bourn Selbaugh. Francis Pogarty. Wil
liam Rodenbaver. Oeorge W. Shader.
Frank Ellis, John Ellu-ker and 1-ester
Miss Kathleen Kennedy and Miss Mar
garet Pancake Guests of Honor
Last Evening
Mr. an i Mrs. John Ma.\er. So.ith
T wenty N ath street, Penbrook, a
Halloween party a\ their home last
evening, complimentary to Miss Kath
leen Kennedy and Mis? Margaret Pan
Autumn foliage, yellow chrysanthe
mums, corn shocks. Jack-o-lanterns,
b.a'k cats and other Halloween sym
bols. decorated the house throughout.
As the j.;ests arrived they were met
by a g.ios: who conducted them to the
witch's jn.p where their fortunes wore
told. After an evening of games an 1
mus: • refreshment? were serve.!. The
guest- included: Misses Bertha 'iarver
ich. Leona Middleton. Louise Hoyler,
Margaret Pancake. Rath Reidell, Kath
leen Kenne iy. Kiizabeth Maeyer, Mar
tha Wix, Thelma Pancake, Edward
Reidell. E iward Hartwick. Thomas
Middleton, William Mullen, Isaa • Heck
ert. Harry Loeser. Ross Wix, James
Wix, Robert Blosser. Claude Gerdes,
Mr. and Mrs. John Maeyer and Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Wix.
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Fridy To-day Ob
served Golden Wedding
Marietta. Oct. 30.—Mr. and Mrs. R.
M. Fridy, of " Mountville," to-day
celebrated their golden wedding anni
versary at their beautiful home by en
tertaining their children, grandchil
dren and a number of friends.
Among the places represented from
a distance was Philadelphia, Rohrers
town. State College and Lancaster.
Dinner was served and the happy
couple received a number of beautiful
gifts. Both are enjoying the best of
Wins Day's Honors in Rainbow Mem
bership Campaign at Y. W. C. A.
for Third Time Yesterday
For the thirj time yesterday, Mrs. |
A. K. Shi rev V tram captured the day \.
honors in the Rainbow membership 1
campaign at the Y. W. C. A., turning ,
■in IS;!. Honors on the other days ,
we*e won by Mrs. Balslev s team anil i
Miss Anna Orth's. The suburban hon
ors yesterday wfut to t amp Hill, Mrs.
Edward N. looker's team winning for I
: the secoiut time. Mrs. Solomon Hiaev's
team has also won suburban honors :
twice ami Mrs. Forney's l'axtang team
once. The green flag of Mrs. Shirey 's
croup now floats from the fourth story
»t" the V. \V. a., an.l the yellow of
Mrs. i'coper's from the thir.l.
Mrs. John W. Roily, president of the
V. \\ C. announced yesterday that
district limitations would be removed
for the last tn.i .ays and that during
to-day and to morrow the teams could
work whete they wished for new mem
;»ers. Renew a s will now be counted
aiso m the p*.* nts of the teams. John
Fo\ Weiss, who has been deeply inter
ested in the N W. 0. A., also made a
rive-minute aa ress emphasizing the
jreat possibilities of the new associ
at ion home as a power for good. To-mor
row from 4 to ti the final tea will be
poured and the honors for the week will
be aunounced. The contest between
some of the teams promises to be close.
Those (louring tea to lay were Mrs.'
V.. Z. \\ a.lower, Mrs. John Campbell j
and Mrs. M. \V. Jacobs.
Members of Ridge Avenue Church Choir
Entertained by Misses Blanche
and Olga Meloy
M\»sos -he and Oln Melov eii- I
j -ertaire.l it their home. 909 North Fif j
| teenth street, last eveniug. at a Hal- i
oween part* the members of the Ridge
i Avenue M. F. church choir.
The house w is prettily decorated and !
Che guests <pent a pleasant evening •
with aius! an 1 games appropriate to the
season. \t a late hour refreshments
were served to the following guests:
The Rev. John H. tad Mrs. Daogh
ertv. Mr. and i.Mirs. S. L. Meloy. Mr. and
Mrs. LmHi Mis. Charles
j A tarns. Mrs. < 'ora rlwiug Harr, Mis«
[ Maa-1 Sites. Miss Mary Xoeter. Miss
i Helen Neeter. Miss lleviier.
, M -s He en Brattein. Miss Belle Fan 1
ake. Miss Grace Snyder, M Vermi
Miller. Mis< Roarer. Miss
j Sara Mae Harr. Miss Irene Wagner.
| Miss Blanche Meloy, Miss Olga Vetoy, J
| Prof. U I. F.vans. Jerome Hamilton.:
Howard Fralm, Xevin, Ralph
>teever. Joseph oo:er. Fail Meredith.!
I Thomas Spofford. blric Evans. Joe Oor- I
I ion and John 11. Dnugtierty. Jr.
Ceremony Performed at High Noon At
Home of Bride's Parents
Marietta. O. i. 30.—Toiay at noon j
at the home of M r . and Mrs. Jacob S.'
Leeds, their accomplished daughter.
Miss Kathrvn Viola, was married to
Stanley Biemosderfer. of Kissel j
Hill, a railway mail clerk, running be-,
tween New York ant Pittsburgh.
Bishop Noah Ijin.lis performed the
The best man was Bieniesler
fer and Min Winona Lee Is was bri les-:
maid. Ja.oi. M. Leeds and Koy Mus
selman. of Hagerstown, were the ush
ers. Miss Marian Lee Is presided at
the piano, and Mrs. Jacob Leeds, the
■ mother of the bride sang "O Promise'
Me." A reception followed.
Announce Birth of Son
Mr. an i Mrs. Percy Lupkie,
Jefferson street, announce the birth of
a son. R hard Edward. Thursday, Oe- \
tober -9. Mrs. Lupkie was Miss Bess j
Hambright prior to her marriage.
Mr. and Mrs. George Reed, of Read-
ing. were re.-ei't .uests of Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Mi.ler 1262 Market street.
M a ke s Keeps
You pii You
Well Well
Gel Duffy's and Keep Well"
There is one medicinal whiskey so
absolutely pure that physicians have
no hesitancy in prescribing. It is
Duffy's Pure
Malt Whiskey
By virtue of its uniformity, de
pendability and freedom from the
injurious eiements found in the
ordinary beverage whiskies it has
established a reputation as
A Medicine for All Mankind
In cases of exhaustion following
long illness with tedious convales
cence. Duffy s will be found very
beneficial. It* use is recommended in
the treatment of wasting and run
down conditions of the body, brain
and muscle, as it enables the system ,
to resist disease germs.
"Sold by most druggists, grocers
and dealers in sealed bi ttles only— I j
never in bulk—by Pennsylvania
trade Full (Quarts $1.25 per bottle; '
Commercial Quart SI.OO per bot- !
The Duffy Malt Whiskey Co.,
Rochester, X. Y.
Laugh At
By Simply Using a Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablet After Any Meal Yon
Want to Eat
It sounds almost ridiculous to thtilk
of eating a big meal without pain and
diseomfort afterwards, doesn't iff Well,
try this simple remedy and demonstrate
its truth. You know that 12 men fa
jury* decide the laws of our land. Not
only have 12 men O. K.'d Stuart's Dys
pepsia Tablets, but hundreds of thou
sands as well.
"What do 1 care about this meal?
A little Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet will
digest it easily for ine."
Just think! One ingredient con
tained in Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets
will digest 3,000 times its weight in
, food.
Doesn't this tell you that such aid
to your body means relieving your
distress from food?
What the thousands are daily do
! ing you can surely do. Every condi
tion of stomach and digestive troubles
! lias been relieved by Stuart's Dvs
[ pepsia Tablets. They nave been tested
j and tried for years. They are this na
' tion's greatest dyspepsia remedy. They
are sold wherever drugs are sold.
Surely this manner of proof is all you
j need to know what course to pursue.
It' any man can prepare a better
; remedy than Stuart's Dyspepsia Tab
-1 lets he can make millions of dollars.
; Is there a better one?
Why not use this hint to awaken
| vour common sense and make you go
to your druggist to-day and buy a
box. To anyone wishing a free trial
of these tablets please address F. A.
Stuart Co.. 150 Stuart Bldg.. Marshall.
Mich., and a small sample package will
, be mailed free. Adv.
Held in Hall of Flatiron Building Last
Evening—Many Guests
in Costumes
The members of the Noupariel Club
| a masquerade dance last evening
I ;u the Flat iron building. The guests in
; eluded:
Misses Charlotte Hoverter, Margaret
lover, Grace Sprout, Mrs. Wayne Klaiss,
iiM'ss Ijucille, < elia Burns, Adeline
Ste; hens. Jessanune Caldwell, Elizabeth
Kiehmaii. Jennie Fry. Hazel Weaver,
Mrs. Corning, Caroline Bowers, Helen
Kidiman, Flora Eshenour, Claire Higs
man. Mary Cover, Elsie Brubaker, Edith
i Houclff Pearl Wiest. Maude Dunkle,
Mrs. !!. Reed, Irvin Mofter, Frank c'o»-
oli. Earl Feindt. James M. Wells, Da
vid S. Ma^Donald. Lillian Stauffer, Es
ther Wenriek, Jean Port, Earl Osnader,
Hattie Elder, M. J. Dbersole, Ida Zor
cer, Harold Shermau. Mrs. Bradbury.
\ ernou Bradbury, Marguerite Elder,
Naomi Mu-haei, Marie Elder, Paul
Siprout, Douglass Oourrier. William
Bryner. Clarence Dougherty. Marie
Cooper, Earl Hoffman, Clement Kelly,
Thomas Bowers, Harry Snyder, Molvin
linker. J. Prinze, Mabel Wiest, Pollv
Hoack, Anne Fogartv. Mary Kelly,
Heath Braselmanu. Mrs. Sterrick. Wil
liam Sterriek. Hunt Barrington. Flor
ence Speck. William Anderson. Carl
Coover. Rose Fogartv.
Elaborate Preparations Have Been
Made for Event
The annual Halloween sociail of the
Embroidery Guild and the senior
branch of the Junior Auxiliary of St. I
Audreiw's P. E churcji will be held this
evening in the parish house. The
members have made elaborate prepara
tions for this affair and the parish
house will be beautifully decorated.
Both the basement and first floor will
be used, with dancing in the basement.
Miss Gertrude Dunn. TIT Capital
street, spent yesterday in Philadelphia.
'| ™ j
1 lie November list of \ ie
tor records now on sale em- !
j braces an exceptionally fine
variety of selections. The i!
; late dances, *on>rs and grand |
opera selections by noted || '<
II artists are on the list.
Three double-faced records j|
issued as a supplement to the I!
:l November list comprise:
17W-I4 Taoinfisf
Frff and K£a*>
Ca*tJe Polka
3SM.I Haltin' thr Jack
*lfiiiloH Brook
Foi Trot
3f»44M1 Do (He Kuany Foi Trot
Fox l'rol
C. . Sle.lar .Inc.
Pianos Mdrolas
JZZ -iO N. 2nd St. --'ir*
Newk of Persons
Who Come and Go
Miss Blanche Suavely, 105 Oalder
street, ami Mrs. O. K. Bruuer have re
turned from a few days' visit with
friends in Philadelphia.
James B. Liehtentoerger, of Philadel
phia, is spending the week end with his
parents. Sir. an,l Mrs. I'. Lichteuberger,
-14!' North FV»urth street.
Miss Betty Shuiik, 1425 Walnut
street, and Miiss Emily Haller, 25t> < al
der street, will lie week end guests a>t
the house |>arty given by Miss Catherine
Buttorotl at Mt. Mollv S- rings.
Miss Mary Robinson, Miss Marga
retta Dleming and Miss Susanna Flem
ing, who since their return from Ku
rope on tiie S s. Rotterdam have been
visiting Mr. and Mrs. William Rofcinson
at Lawreucevjlle, N. J„ returned to-dav
to their home, 111 State street.
Mrs. Carl Bvandes Ely, who ha«
been spending the summer in the
rotidacks, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Kobert Halt. Holdsborohgh, Front and
Forster streets, before opening her
home, 307 North Front street.
Mrs. M. K. Holland and daughter.
Rheta Adele, are the guests of the
former's sister, Mrs. F. S. Holt/.. Stis
quehanna street, while en route to Mar
ion, ()., from Seranton, where they
have been spending some time.
Miss Enmm L. MacAlarney, of New
\ ork Citv, is spending several days as
the guest of Mrs. Mabel Crouise Jones,
105 Locust street.
Mrs. Mabel Crouise Jones has re
turned from Ihineannou, where she was
the guest of Mrs. Lane S. Hart. Last
evening she addressed a suffrage meet
ing at the residenee of Mrs. Sylvester
Schiller at Dun auuon.
Mr. and Mrs. Kobert Miller, 1262
Market street; Miss Mane Miller, of
j P&xtonia, and Mr. and Mrs. Reed, of
Reading, are home after a motor trip
1 to Hanover.
Mrs. Margaret Fritz. of New Bloom
tield, is the guest of her son. Krank
Fritz. 1341 Vernon street.
Mr. and Mrs. I). C. Narv and son.
Thomas Narv. and Virginia Heuvh, of
KUiottsburg, spent yesterday with
their nieee, Misj Sara Coover, in this
Miss Hattie Brooks, of Scranton, and
Miss Jennie Mcllenry, of Pre lerick,
Md.. are guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. T.
Barringer. IS4O Derry street.
Mrs. Clayton Forney, 3 North Se\
euteenth street, is the guest of her
daughter, Mrs. Stoddard, in Lynchburg.
Vs., for a month.
. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Stratib, i>4
North Seventeenth street, are home al't
er spending several week# in Erie, Ni
agara Falls and New York Citv.
Mrs. William Hordes and daughter
Miss Nan Hordes. 21 !* Reilv street
have returned home after spending se\
eral months in Jacksonville, Fla.. witl
the former's daughter, Mrs. 1,. Bowman
and with friends in St. Augustine.
Mr. and Mrs. Karl DUenhoni, of New
York, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. E.
Wintield. TO6 North Sixth street.
Boss Kimball, 422 South Thirteenth
street, is spending ten days at his home
in Connellsville.
Miss Emma Knight. 223 Maclay
street, left vesterdav for a visit to
M. E. Conrad, 130 Loo list street.
I left yesterday for a visit to his parents
! in Beaver.
Charles Gingrich, 11 s M ulberrv
street, is spending the week-end in New
Mr. and Mrs. George lOshelman, 1412
Nandain street, are spending two weeks
in Klniira. X. Y.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mercer and
Miss Marjorie Mussina Mercer, of <'ot
tage HiH. Steelton, are spending some
time at Sunset Hall, Wernersville.
Mrs. A. Reeder Perriday, 1621
North Front street, is in New York
for a week's stay*
Mrs. Paul A. Kunkel and Miss Mary
Kuukel. 1607 North Second street, art
spending some time in Philadelphia.
Mrs. Jennie Lee, 624 Camp street,
has returned home from a visit with her
irother in Philadelphia.
Miss Helen Bowers, 318 Cumberland
street, spent yesterday at Mt. Gretna.
William Johnston, 3020 North Sec
ond street, is home from a two weeks'
stav at New Germantown.
Entertained at Home of Homer Black
at Old Orchard
Homer Black entertained the mem
bers of his Sunday school class of Grace
M. E. church at his home at Old Or
chard last evening. Orti.-ers were elect
ed as follows: President, Mrs. Homer
Black: vice president. Mrs. Charles S.
Boll: secretary, Mrs. L. Rausch; treas
urer. Miss Marian Wvckoff: librarian,
Miss Susan Swartz. Following the
business meeting the evening was spent
in a social manner and refreshments
were served.
Those present were Mrs. C. S. 8011.
Mrs. L. V. Rausch, Mrs. Harry Bret/,
Mrs. J. M. Coinpton, Miss Anna Comp
ton, Miss Minnie Gotta, Mrs. Frank C.
Sites. Mrs. William Fraim. Mrs. I. C.
Harlacker, Mrs. H. W. Miller, Mrs. W.
Young. Mrs. Arthur Bacon, Mrs. Anna
Bacon, Mrs. Jesse Lybarger, Mrs. Zim
merman, Mrs. Paul. Mrs. George Meilv,
Mrs. S. Z. Shope. Sirs. Stroup and Mr.
and Mrs. Homer Black.
Entertained at Auction Bridge at Her
Home Yesterday
Mrs. John B. Patrick entertained tlie
following guests at "auction bridge"
at her home. 817 North Second street,
yesterday afternoon: Mrs. William
Bushnedl, Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Ryder, Mrs.
Mabel Cromse Jones, Mrs. Samuel F.
Dunkle, Mrs. Browne, Mrs. Allen, Mrs.
Howard Omwake, Mrs. Pancake, Mrs.
Frank Cook, Mrs. Samuel C. Todd, Mrs.
McEnroe, Mrs. Gramm, Mrs. Stewart,
Mrs. Ward, 'Mrs. J. H. Mugger, Mrs.
Frederick Herman Marsh, Miss Royal,
Miss Alice Eaton, Miss Minnie Bailey,
Miss Clara Stewart, Mrs. Isaac Snyder,
Miss Cora Lee Snyder. Mrs. Funk and
Mrs. William Houston.
The decorations were of cosmos,
chrysanthemums ami ferns.
Guests of Mis? Marie Wohlfarth Spent
Pleasant Evening,
Miss Marie Wohlfarth entertained
the members of the Del pa Club at her
home at Washington Heights last even
ing. The rooms were prettily decorated
and the guests apent a merry evening
with games ami contests of the Wallow
een season.
Those present were Miss Marian Mc-
Extraordinary Values Added to Our
Mid-Season Sale of Ladies'
For to-morrow we present some new arrivals in our mid
season sale of Ladies' Outergunnents whieli are bound to find
ready sale With those who appreciate extraordinary value. An
inspection on your part is certain to prove to our mutual
advantage. Investigate.
A —————-N
Serge Dress Special Velvet Dresses at Re-
All wool soruo r©<linjjoto duced Prices
dresses in navy 11 ml l.tink, with A line of sample dresses in
tunic over messnline underskirt. Hue quality velvet n navv, green I
messaliiie sleeves ami drop belt and black, one and two of a klud,
bound with silk brnirii white all ll( *w mottols, worth $lB to
pique collar ami cuffs, an unusual- $27.,"i0. will l>e offered to morrow
l.v pretty and effective model, at
Saturday, . .Trl" $5.9811 $10.98 t0 $18.98
v ' *- i
To morrow we will offer heavy cloth coats in Scotch plaids, £ j f|Q
mixtures and plain shades, worth $7.50. for «P*).VO
Others in every wanted fabric and model, al S.Y»K to &M.OH
\ t
Petticoat Special Silk Waists
Messaline silk petticoats all A new lot of tlic llltMf modelß
shades, s_.ot value, special Sat- j„ ~r op „ ohine, taffeta, messn
"ay only. , in(> ftm , figures
$1.19 I I and plaids, worth $3.50 to $7.50 I
(Limit, one to a customer.) I I $1.98 to $4.98 i
»• -> *-
Beautiful Suits at Startling Reductions
All wool serge and novelty cloth suits, newest models, AO
satin linings: up to 42, worth $14.98. Sale price, •
Gabardine, unfinished diagonal poplin, serge and novelty cloth
suits in all wanted shades ami models; worth $16.98. £ f AO
Sale price 1 U.VO
$20.9S to $2 4.!>S suits in poplins, serges, gabardines, broadcloths,
unfinished worsted and finished serges. Skinner's and d? | C OQ
other guaranteed satin linings. Sale price «P 1 »/«VO
Suits in broadcloths, finished and unfinished serges, gabardines, nov
eltv cloths, poplins, etc.: worth $27.50 to $50.00. Sale prices,
slß.9B'° $35.00
«■ /
We take pleasure in announcing the opening of a tirst elass
Millinery Department, under the direction of Miss Anna
Hibbs, where the latest modes in Ladies', Misses' and Chil
dren's Millinery will be shown at all times, at the reasonable
pricing for which this store is noted in its other departments.
v 10 12 South Fourth Street /
j Cormick, Miss Mina Crawford, Miss
: Marian R. Berry, Miss Kthel Showers,
i Miss Dolly Kuouse, Miss Agnes Moes
j lein, Miss Bessie Stoner, Charles Mc
! Call, I" K. Kspenshude, G. 1,. Rice,
! James Bogar .1. Casper Wohlfarth,
Merle K. Keller, \V. K. Kuouse and Paul
i .1. Knouce.
Houck Co. Shoe Sale.
The Houck Shoe Company, 4S Mar
' ket street, near the subway, announces
| a big sale of fall and winter shoes for
men, women and children at sacrificed
prices. The Houck Shoe Company, like
many other stores, contracted months
ago for their fall and winter goods,
j Owing to trade conditions, they have
1 more goods than can be sold in the
regular way. To dispose ot the sur
-1 plus and to save a greater loss later
1 on, prices are cut very low to urfload
1 at the present time.
Farmers Will Turn Out Halloween to
Celebrate Year's Work
j Chicago. Oct. 30. —The county seats
lot' manv of the counties located on the
j Lincoln Highway are planning big
things for the night of October 31,
I when the great country-wide demonstra-
I rion marking the successful termination
of the first year of Lincoln Highway
work, will be held. It is expected that
j the farmers for miles around will at
tend the festivities in hundreds of the
smaller towns on the route.
There are going to be "big doin s
I and for one night the farmers in
' twelve States will hustle through with
their many duties and. bmi'lliug the
| whole family into the car. will speed
Ito the nearest town to take part in
the parades and exercises which will
be a feature in even the smallest \ il
lage on the route.
The farmers of the nation, perhaps
more than any other cla>s, appreciate
what the Lincoln Highway and the
big idea back of it means to them and
their prosperity. Much of the credit
for the success which has been reached
during the past year is due to the rural
communities through which the high
way passes. Hundreds of thousands of
dollars in bonds have been authorized
in rural counties during the year past,
and will he used solely for Lincoln
Highway improvement next spring. The
amount of actual work done in improv
ing tile route by the farmers of the
country cannot be estimated —teams
and men have worked for days without
recompense in dozens of localities.
The support of the American farm-
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"Danderine Hair
After washing your hair with soap
always appiy a little Danderine to the
s<-aip to invigorate tlie hair and prevent
dryness. Better still, use soap as spar
high as possible, ami instead have a
"Danderine Hair Cleanse." Just moist
en a cloth with Danderine and draw it
carefully througli your hair, taking one
strand at a time. This will remove dust,
er has made the Lincoln Highway a
| reality and he will be in evidence Oc
| tober 31 to help celebrate the realiza
! t.ion of the plan which he so warmly
: approved a year ago,
Tells Three Reasons Why He Believe*
the Harrisburg Man Should Be
Robert K. Young, State Treasurer,
j one of the founders of the Washington
| party, presided at the so-called non-par
-1 tisan meeting held in Chestnut street
ball last night. Mr. Young, in assum
; ing the chair, made a speech avowing
i his allegiance to Pinchot and McCor
, mick, saying that Pinchot was sure to
j be elected and McCormick would be the
■ next (iovernor if those who supported
Koosevelt in 1912 voted for the Har
j risburg man this year.
Mr. Young said a Governor of Penn
sylvania requires three qualifications—
he must be intelligent and possess com
moil sense and courage. McCormick has
these qualities he said. Mr. Young's
' speech all the way through was for Mc
j Cormick.
Arthur R. Rupley, Washington candi
j date for Congressman-at-large, made s
speech along national progressive lines
and then paid high tribute to Mr. Mc
j Cormick and denounced Senator Pen
! rose, .lames A. Stranahan, a forme/
.Deputy Attorney General, told of the
successes of the Democratic party in
| ISB2 and IS9O in electing Pattison as
; Governor, and predicted Mr. MeCor
! mick's election.
The Rev. Dr. R. M. Little, of Phila
| delphia, attacked Brumbaugh, Bigelow
1 McN'ichol. Yare, McAfee and all of the
I other Republican leaders and said he
j knew that Dr. Brumbaugh had declin
j ed to declare against Penroseism.
Dr. Little said that Dr. Brumbaugh
is a psychological study in that he sees
the same thing differently at different
! times.
Colonel Austin, of Atlanta, Georgia,
i made a plea for the election of Mc
: Cormick. The Colonial band was pres
ent and played some music.
At the Witching Hour
She —Now it's your turn to walk the
baby; she's half yours.
He—All right: you can walk your
■ half and I'll let my half cry. —Phila-
delphia Ledger.
dirt and excessive oil. In a»fow mo
ments you will be amazed, your hair
will not only be clean, but it will be
wavy, fluffy aud abundant, and possess
an incomparable softness and lustre.
Besides cleansing and beautifying the
hair, one application of Danderine dis
solves every particle of dandruff; stim
ulates the scalp, stopping itching and
failing hair. Danderine is to the hair
what fresh showers of rain and sun
shine are to vegetation. It goes right to
the roots, invigorates and strengthens
them. Its exhilarating and life-produc
ing properties cause the hair to gro*
long, strong nnd beautiful.
Men! Ladies! You can surely have
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