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Mfss Esther Spahr and John Kelley
Thp wedding of Miss .Esther Spahr,■ by the Rev. Thomas l». Johnson, as
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles! distant reetor of the church,
spahr, 114 Cumberland street., and i Immediately after the ceremony Mr,
c k\ • ~ . , ana Mrs. Kellev will leave for a w;cl
John Kellev, of tins citv, will be so , • . . , . . , v
* - , uin# trip tu Philadelphia and New
emmzed to morrow morning at !) York City ami on their return will re
0 clock in St. Patrick's Pro-Cathedral, I side in the Keister apartments.
Miss Josephine Dietz Engaged Harding Knauer. The wedding v.ill he
Mr. an,l Mrs. Frederick S. lUot/. of an event of the earlv spring.
Tioga, Philadelphia, former residents of
this eitv, announce the engagement of Tt isn't always the clock with the
their daughter, Josephine May, to 0.1 loudest tick that keeps the best time.
| What happened
| to the Cats?
Not long ago the 1. s. Gov't. made some ox-
S !>ei'iineuts to determine the poisoning t|iialities of
| affeine (the drug in coffee). I
I wenty-seven healthy cats were given an aver
| lii'i 1 dose lit' 4--"i (rrains of caffeine—aliout as much I
| <>f the drug as is contained in 2 cups of coffee.
a hat do you suppose happened*?
| The Cats all Died!
See ijiov't. Bulletin No. 14$, Bureau of Chemistry.
I Of course thev were onlv cats.
lint there are plenty of people who dose them- I
selves with enough caffeine every day to kill a cat j
and Cripple a Man, not at one blowj but by little ' !
blows repeated daily.
Of course some systems are strong enough to
stand all kinds of abuse, but most systems are not.
And when a man <>r woman observes a growing
nervousness or sleeplessness, heart trouble, stom
ach. bowel or eye disturbance, it is time to quit
coffee and turn to real food-drink, free from the
i coffee-drug, "caffeine."
It is easy to shift from coffee to
f<>r in POSTUM one gets a delicious drink with the 11
true nourishment of whole wheat from which it is
made. Postum is roasted (like coffee) with a bit of
wholesome molasses, looks like coffee and lias a de
lightful flavour resembling Old Dutch Java, but is
entirely free from the coffee-drug, caffeine, or any
other drug or harmful substance.
Postum conies in two forms: Regular Po3tum which must be
boiled. Instant Postum —soluble form—made in the cup instantly
with hot water. Grocers sell both kinds and the cost per cup is about
the same.
"There's a Reason"
Young People of St. Peter's Lutheran
Church, Highspire, Will Give an In
teresting Music ale in the Church To
morrow Evening
Members of the Sunday school class
: of St. Peter's Lutheran church. High
spire, taught by Mrs. George N. Keehr
1 er will hold i> inusieate in the church
to-morrow evening. The program will
include the following numbers:
Prayer, the Rev. F. K. Mover; duet.
I Mary Pink and Madeline Vaj'le; piano
i solo. Ruth MeCauley; piano solo. Mir
iam Housman: recitation, ('harlej
l.eedy; piano solo, Saiah I'arthemore:
piano duet. Mrs Mil nulla and I aroline
MeCauley; piano solo, William Feehr
; er: vo. nl solo. Madeleue Eby; piano
solo. Alfreita Martin; piano duet. Mir
' iam Housmai and Parthemore:
t piano solo. Miriam Brehm; piano solo,
j Margaret Wise; class song; piano solo.
Ralph Miimnia, piano duet, Mary Pink
and Madelene Yaple; reading, Char
lotte Plovd; pantomime, Mary Galla
gher; address, the Be v. F. 12. Moyer.
X {
I Business Session Followed by an In
formal Dance Held in Han
e shaw's Hall
0 The first meeting of the .-enior class
1 :of Central High school was held ast
evening in Hanshaw's hall, with
a George Fox. presiding. After a short
business meeting dancing was enjoyed.
The members present included Mar
' tha Miller, Marion Martz, Lillian Kam
sky, Dorothy Helman, Ethel Lutz, Be
I atrice Bacon, Kathrvu Simonetti, Sar
' ah McLaughlin, Kathryn Peters, Agnes
Moesiein, Pearl Cratze'r, Marion Rudy,
Kathryn Lichtenberger, Mary Stark,
Ruth Dennis, Clarabei C'laster, Richard
Coover, Foe Rachman. Luuis Munnell,
Willard English. Howard Brown, How
ard Engle, Henry Brenner, Edward San-
I ford, G. P. Windsor, Joseph Wietzel,
William Fisher, Nathan Isaacman, Wil
liam Hilton, Karl Peters, Richard Ha
mcr, .lobn Todd, George Fox, Edward
Roth, Frederick Lyter, Anson DeVout,
Clarence Cooper, Samuel Froehlich, Wil
liam Bingham, Raymond Meek, Samuel
Mcllhenny, Carroll Denney, Ephraini
; Brenner, Charles Saunders, Walter
Smeltzer, Hill Roberts, Charles Pease,
Ben Byers, Henry Cohan, Misses Mary
Hartman, Eleanor Wolfe, Miriam Kei
sev, Thelnia Gladfelter, Esther Schultz,
(•Catherine Carrol. Helen Ranch, Helen
Smiley and Dorothy Schmidt.
Members of 3tevens M. E. Church Au
i tomobiled to Boiling Springs,
Where Supper Was Served
Members of the Sunday school class
Jof Ste\ enu Memorial M. E. church
, taught by .lohn Hoppes took .in auto
■ ride to Boiling Springs last evening,
where a chicken and walfle supper was
1 served.
I The party included Miss Miriam
Ryan, Miss Margaret Gilder, Miss Mary
Foltz, Miss Helen Tettemer. Miss Marv
McLeaf, Miss En:ina Hess, Miss R :fii
Huntsberger, Miss Katherine I'ritchlev.
Miss Katherine Hoppes, Miss Kt he!
Davies. Miss Bertha Smith, Miss Mary
Delder. Mis. Brand*. Miss Marie Mow
ers, M iss Katherine Leas, Leslev D:i\ is.
Harold Whistler, Fred Ortb, Emory
Sourbeer, Ross \\ His. Dennis • ocklin.
Karl Byrcm, Morris Baiiey, Harrv Wil
ling, James Hcnrv Nicely, Jr.," John
Hollenbac h. Harold Black, Leßov
Smucker and John Carey.
Entertained Members of Her Sunday
School Class in Honor of Bride
and Bride-Elect
Miss Julia Schlaver entertained at
her home, 2037 Green street. last j
evening in honor of Miss Mary Hav, -
■ whose engagement to Charles Beckord,:
|of this city, was recently announced
and Mrs. Nagle Hutton, a recent bride.;
'l'lle guests who were members of Miss |
Schlayer's class of Bethlehem Lutheran
Sunday school, included;
Miss Mary Hay, Mrs. Nagle Hutton,!
Mrs. Herbert Alien Reed, Mrs. John !
Ham:ot Dayton, O.; Miss Susanna*
Burd, Miss Martha Haiu, Miss Edna'
Peters, Miss Helen Koons, Miss Grace!
Wilbur, Miss Emma Schriver, Miss
Jessie McMorris, Miss Sara Bowers, j
; Miss Martha Reese, Miss Katherine 1
Bluinenstine, Mis« Mary Koons. Miss!
Martha Buchner, Miss Elsie Longeneck
' er, Miss Ethel Eeikzler, Miss Maud |
I Sherwood, Miss E.ina Moohler, Miss
! Anna Schlayer, Miss Liilie Schlaver, i
I Miss Julia Schlayer.
Entertained at Their Home in Honor of j
St. Louia Visitor
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Helm enter- j
tamed at their home, 632 Ivelker
street, last night in compliment to Mrs.!
Hampe, of St.. Louis, Mo., who is visit-1
ing her sister, Mrs. Adolphe Franken |
berg. The guests spent a pleasant
evening with music and games, after)
which refreshments were served.
Those present wer» Mrs. Hampe. Mrs.
V. C. Havman, Mr. and Mrs. Adolpe
i Fiankenburg, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey
Shull, Mr. ami Mrs. Robert 1 ook, Mr.
I and Mrs. Ray Hauer and Mr. and Mrs.
' I. < harles Helm
Guests at Androws-Shaver Wedding
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Bell, of Mt. Un
| ion; Russell Bell, Herbert Bell and iHer
, bert Russell Shaver, Hollidavsburg;
I < aptain and Mrs ljewis Risiey, of
Ocean City, N. .)., and Mr. and" Mrs.
Charles Chandler, of Carlisle, were
among the out-of-town guests who at
tended the wedding of Miss Helen Rill
Shaver to G. Douglas Andrews, solemn
ized in Stevens Memorial M. E. church
last evening, the Rev. Dr. Clayton Al
bert Smucker officiating.
I yy
I jsliitiiii
Get Duff ■ys^eepWelf
News of Persons
Who Come and Go
Jay Deaville lias returned to his
home in (iermantowu after spending
the week-end with .Miss Helen Rothe,
2327 North Third street.
Miss Elizabeth Richardson and Miss
Katherine Molt of West Philadelphia,
are spending the week with Miss Emily
Uhler at Knola.
Mr. and Mrs George W. Thomas and
children, of t'aterson, N. J„ are visiting
the former's sister, Mrs. John F.
Gingrich, in this city.
Miss Eleanor Townsend Darlington.
321 North Front street, left yesterday
for New York, where she will be a
guest at the wedding to-day of Miss
Greta Hostetter to Glenn Stewart, both
prominent New Yorkers, which took
place at high noon at the bride's home,
"Locust Valley. - '
Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Maguire, 5 J
South Front street, are spending sev
eral days in New York City.
hdward E. Good Willie has gone to
his home in Pittsburgh after a several
days' visit in Harrisburg.
Miss Roberta Swartz, 1 15G Mulberry
street, has returned home from a trip
to New York City.
Mrs. M. Sourbeer, of Marietta, is the
guest of her daughter, Mrs. William
Harper, 351 South Eighteenth street.
Miss Margaret Showalter has re
turned to her home in Philadelphia aft
er a little visit with Miss Irma H. Wil
liams, 422 South Thirteenth street.
Professor Alles has j;one to his home
iu Atlantic City after spending two'
weeks with friends in this city.
Mrs. Edward C. Harwood, of Up
land, California, who has been visit
ing the Misses Graydon, 1709 North
Second street, lias left for Philipsburg,
PH. Mrs. Garwood was formerly Miss
Alice Paul, and at one time a resident
of this city.
Miss Mary McDermott entertained]
ten guests from this city at her home
in New Freedom over the week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. Pencil, of Bloomsburg, I
spent yesterday in this city with |
Mrs. T. J. Keane, of Philadelphia,!
is the guest of relatives in this city
for a few weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Parks and son, j
William Parks, IS4 1 North Fourth j
street, left yesterday for Colber, Pa„ j
where the\ will make their future]
! home.
i Mrs. T. Mile-< Logan, 1802 North
| Fourth street, is speniing several days!
I in Philadelphia, the guest of her niece,
■Mrs. S. Walter Dolfman, formerly of I
! this city.
Fred N'?sbit, 1106 North Sixth
I street, has returned from a short visit!
] to his home at Wrightsdale.
Mrs. Will McCahau, of Chambers-1
I i'urg, has returned home from a visit
j with Mrs. Aunetta McCahan and fam- j
' ily, 2500 North Sixth street.
Dr. C. M. Ewiug, 1300 North Sixth,
street, spent yesterday at Millersburg.!
Mrs. John Harms, of Dayton, 0.,'
left to-day for her home, after a visit!
with her sister. Mrs. John McClune, 237
, Maelay street.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Allen, 2500 j
j North Sixth street, and Mrs. Will Mc
i Cahan, of Chambersburg, have re
turned from a visit to Lewistown.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Shetter, 713
North Sixth street, are on an automo
bile trip to Berwick and Elmira, Newj
] York.
Mrs. J. Keily and son. Jack Kelly,
of Philadelphia, are guests of Mr. and I
Mrs. James Kennedy, 358 South Thir
teenth street, for a week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy have |
returned to their home, in Columbia.'
after a visit with Mrs. James Clark,]
Green and Kelker streets.
Charles Wilheim, 1706 Green street,;
has returned home after a short trip to]
Mrs. C. Pearcg and Mr. and Mrs.;
Julius, Forrest street, have returned
home from Mt. Holly.
Miss N'elle Reynolds, Miss Margaret
Reynolds and Miss Julia Reynolds, 2434
Green street, are going to spend a week
in New York and Philadelphia.
Miss Elizabeth Eckert, of Worm-j
Get Dr. Edwards'
Olive Tablets
That is the joyful cry of thousands!
since Dr. Edwards produced Olive Tab
lets, the substitute for calomel.
Dr. Edwards, a practicing physician
for 17 years and calomel's old-time en
emy, discovered the formula for Olive
Tablets while treating patients for
chronic constipation and torpid livers.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets do not
contain calomel, but a healing, sooth
ing vegetable laxative.
No griping is the "keynote" of these
little sugar-coated, olive-colored tab
lets. They cause the bowels and liver
to act normally. They never force them
to unnatural action.
If you have a "dark brown mouth"
and then —a bad breath—a dull,
tired feeling—sick headache —torpid
liVer and are constipated, you'll tind
quick, sure and only pleasant results
from one or two little Dr. Edwards'
Olive Tablets at bedtime.
Thousands take one or two every
night just to keep right. Try them.
10c and 25c per box. All druggists.
The Olive Tablet Company, Colum
bia, O. Adv.
Invite you to inspect their large line of Whittall Rugs
It is hard to give you more than a faint idea of the Davenports, Davenport Beds, either in ITnifold or
numbers, the beauty and the grade of the new Whittall Duo style, in leather or tapestry upholstery.
Rugs we are showing. We designate NOW as the time #40.00 up to SOO.OO
to show you these new designs, so varied and unusual. Purkish Rockers in leather at 930.00 up to 91.".00
We have prepared the time of our salesmen for this l "' as - v «' oni,o ;'tablc Rockers or Chairs in leather or
„ .. . ... . tapestry at prices to suit everyone,
one purpose—their time is yours and we ask you to , . ,
come and use ,t. As you know these rugs are all popu- U( , ies . r > eaU) Be( , retllries nnd Bookcases in Mahog'-
lar priced, all prices the same to every one. any, Fumed Oak or Golden Oak at a wide range of
Our Furniture Department is stocked with the best prices. Those will appeal to you to be exactly what
the market affords. Get us show you this great stock - vou wnnt - r,,e prices are low.
at prices which will make you a purchaser. • , SeP " 8 , ' or !ln . v D'i n S you want to furnish that new
The Living Boom is the heart of the home. l ' P aWard6d f ° r your trouble 1,1 inß P ect ° ur
3-piece Leather Suites, either bfcck or brown Span Remember when in need of window shades we have
ish leather, .. .' $12.".00 all grades, let us measure your house and give you
A few as low as #40.00 nn estimate. We guarantee entire satisfaction. We
3-piece Fumed Oak Suites, leather seats, use the best materials obtainable.
»'«-,(« nn »i-,iui Linoleum stuck is number one, at low prices,
up to 945.00 j Ult down by competent men, which means much to
3-piece Golden Oak Wax Suites, $85.00 and «45.00 you.
17 A flfT 17"D >Q Thirteenth and
J/ U Derry Streets
Store Closes 6 P. M., Saturday 9 P. M.
I leysburg, has returned homo from a
I visit to Pittsburgh.
[ Mrs. Hope Kaufman. North Six
j teenth street, has returned home aft
|er a visit with relatives iu Philadel
| phia.
Mrs. Mary Lampison, of Orange, N.
.1., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Har
ry Painter. 1317 Howard street, for
several weeks.
George Kennedy has gone to his
home in Columbia, after a visit with
Charles Brady, Green and Kelker
Miss Edna Fetzer left to-day for hsr
home in Pittsburgh, after spending a
month with her aunt, Mrs. Guy Vogt,
1826 Green street.
Miss l»ydia Laverty, of Middietown,
is the guest of her brother, Dr. bv
man Liaverty, 404 North Third street.
Mrs. Paxton with her daughter, Miss
Katherine Paxton, 1920 Logan street,
j have returned from Mt. Holly, where
j they attended the funeral of a rela
j five.
Mrs. E. E. Beidleman, Miss Kath-
I erine Beidleman and Miss Annie Niss
ley, Evergreen and Market streets,
i are going to motor -to Elizabeth town
| to-morrow, where they will be guests
i of Dr. R. N. Nissley.
! Entertained the Members of St. Paul's
Queen Esther Circle
Miss Margaret Klaiss and Miss The!
| ma Klaiss entertained the members of
I the Queen Esther Circle of St. Paul's
M. E. church at their home, 417 South
Fourteenth street last evening. A
| short devotional and business meeting
; was held after which a social hour was
I enjoyed.
Those present were Mis s Helen Tilgh
■ man, Miss Sara McCormick, Miss Cath
; erine Pike, Miss Dorothy Stoner, Miss
Sara Ellen Mardorf, Miss Gertrude
l Keil, Miss Amy Maley, Miss Martha
I Graham. Miss Thelma Klaiss, Miss Lou
, ise Hoyler, Miss Alice Nissley, Miss
1 Anna Wilkins, Miss Mary Hare, Miss
i Tamson Drinkwater, Miss Margaret
! Klaiss, Miss Agnes Sparrow, Miss
Anna Dickey, Miss Mabel Corpman,
i Miss Mildred Graham, Miss lone
Glaiss and Mrs. Sema Klaiss.
Ceremony Performed at Home of
Bride's Sister by Rev. a. F. Schaum
Miss Helen L#ohr, of this city, and
Robert Smethers, of Berwick, Pa.,
were married at the home of the
bride's sister, Mrs. James J. Nungesser,
1825 North Second street, Monday at
The ceremony was performed by the
Rev. G. F. Schaum, pastor of the Unit
ed Evangelical church, in the presence
of the immediate members of the fam
ily. The bride wore a traveling suit
of blue, with black hat and a corsage
of pink r<j»e buds. Immediately after
the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Smethers
left for a wedding trip to Washington,
Newport News and other points South.
On their return they will reside in Ber
Entertained Friends Last Evening in
Celebration pf Wedding Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Kilgore, who
yesterday celebrated their fortieth wed
ding anniversary, entertained a number
of friends last evening at their home.
2011 North Sixth street.
The guests included Mr. and Mrs.
H. M. Wordcn, Miss Esther Worden.
Mr. and MTB. Samuel Warden, Mr. and
Mrs. B. B. DeVout, Miss Katherine I)£
Vout, Miss Caroline DeVout, Mr. and
'Mrs. Martin Hiner, Mr. and Mrs. Da
vid H. Hwope, Mrs. J. T. W. McLaugh
lin, Miss-Phoebe Hawkins, Mrs. C.
Stouffer, Miss Sara Stouffer, Mrs. Mona
ghan, Mrs. M. L. Smith, Miss Catherine
'Piper,' Miss Adelia Kilgore and Dr. F.
D. Kilgore.
Guests of Mrs. George B. Kunkel Spent
Pleasant Afternoon
Mrs. George B. Kunkel entertained
the members of the College Club at her
home, 118 Locust street, yesterday aft
ernoon. E. B. Black gave an interest
ing talk on "The Making of an Etch
ing" and illustrated his talk with a
number of rare old etchings.
In attendance were Miss Martha
Fleming, Miss Helen McFarland, Miss
Helen Armor, Miss Sharpe, of New
ville; Mrs. Lewis Johnson, Mrs. Fred
eric C. Martin, Mrs. Lucas and Miss
Norcross, of Carlisle; Mrs. John G.
Stine, Sirs. Horace M. Witinan, Mrs.
i Solomon Hiuey, Mrs. John Barr McAl
lister, Mrs. Roy P. M. Davis, Mrs. Har
vey F. Smith and Mrs. Kunkel.
j Young People Spent Pleasant Day i
Hunting Chestnuts
A crowd of young people motored to i
j Stone Glen yesterday where they spent J
' a pleasant day in the nearby moun !
] tains.
| The party included Edyth Frank,
i Florence Capin, Esther Sachs, Bessie I
] Capiti, Fannie Frank, Helen Baturin,]
] Bessie Prank, Goldie Mall, tke Koch
j man, James Frank, Daniel Capin,
Charles Cohen, Michael Frank, Samuel
Capin, Heister Ctilp, William Capin,
I Mark Hartman, Daniel Frank, Henry i
] Brenner and Michael Capin.
Mr. and Mrs. MeElroy Celebrated Event I
Yesterday at Their Home
I Marietta. Oct. 21.—Mr. and Mrs.
j Edward MeElroy yesterday celebrated
] their forty-fourth wedding anniversary.
; Both are enjoying good health. They
j had thirteen children, three of whom
I are living, besides a large number of]
grandchildren. Mr. MeElroy served in I
j the Civil war with distinction, and is j
I the veteran auctioneer of Lancaster |
] county. All their wedded lives have]
j been lived here in town.
Announce Birth of a Son
I Mr. and Mrs. William H. Keever, 613
| Forrest street, announce the birth of a
son, Frederick William Keever, Satur
day, October 17. Mrs. Keever was
Miss Mary Wilcox, of Philipsburg, prior
to her marriage.
Announce Birth of Daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Swartz, of i
Progress, announce the birth of a j
daughter, Eleanor Rae, Sunday, October |
18. Mrs. Swartz was Miss Fanny Her-!
shev, a well known school teacher, of
this city.
Thursday Only
With every purchase of one pound of
Flaroma coffee, Thursday, each patron
will receive a swell imitation cut glass
olive dish or a large basin with two
pounds of Flaroma coffee. The coffee
with the taste. Grand Union Tea Com
pany, 208 North Second street.
Announce Murlatt-Pike Wedding
Mr. and Mrs. Williard G. Pike, 68
North Twelfth street, announce the
marriage of their daughter, Ruth E.
Pike, to Roy Murlatt, 342 Hamilton
street. The ceremony was performed
in the First Presbyterian church at
Baltimore, Md,, by the Rev. J. Warner
Moore, Friday, October 16. Mr. and
Mrs. Murlatt will reside, for the pres
ent, with the bride's parents.
| More Than $1,000,000 in Gold and Sil j
ver Refined Daily
New York, Oct. 21.—The .United]
States assay office here is doing a big
ger business in the refining of gold and
silver than it has done for many years,
perhaps ever. "More than $1,000,000 in
gold and silver is daily Tefined and run
into ibars. The greater part of the metal
is silver. In normal times the usual
amoiunt of metal run into bars amounts
to between $300,000 and $500,000 a
day. A short time ago it had fallen
even below the former figure.
The reason for the increased activ
ity at the assay office is said to be the
release of millions of dollars in gold and
silver' in the rougth which had been
held up in Mexico owing to the war
Ladies! Men! Here's the
Quickest, Surest
Dandruff Cure
Thiu, brittle, colorless and scraggy
hair is mute .evidence of a neglected
scalp; of dandruff —thit awful scurf.
There is nothing so destructive tn
the hair as dandruff. It robs the hair
of its lustre, its strength and its very
life; eventually producing a feverish
Brumbaugh Workers Assert. Special
Committee Never Reported Back
to State Committee— Ponn Alumni
For Brumbaugh
(.Special to the Star-Independent.)
_ Philadelphia, Oct. 21.—The Brum
baugh Citizens' committee gave out a
statement to-dav which said:
"Vance C. McCormick, in his cam
paign speeches, has time and time
again asserted that the Democratic
party adopted a platform pledged to
iocal option. The facts do not back
lip these statements
The Democratic State committee,
which met at Harrisburg, following the
May primaries, adopted no platform.
The Palmer faction, which controlled
the body, delegated to a special com
mittee named by the chairman and co
operating with the candidates, the
drafting of a declaration of principles.
That the committee has never reported
back to the general committee ami
never will.
"Ohairman Morris has never had the
courage to call a second meeting of the
Democratic State committee to have it'
as a body pass on the local option
plank. He is afraid to face its mem
bers. The business of the body is li'
day delegated to a small executive
committee, which he controls. Both the
Republican and Washington party
State committees have assembled on at
least two occasions each since the pri
maries. The Democrats have met but
one, on Jnne 3, last.
"Mr. Morris is afraid to call ft
meeting of the Democratic, State com
mittee to take place before election.
He dare not do so because he knows
that the party in large measure is not
in accord with the local option prin
ciple. He also knows that there is so
much dissension among the members
of the committee that a row would re
sult in a general meeting and wouifl
further cripple McCormick'g waning
The work of the Brumbaugh Conj
mittee of Alumni of the Pennsylvania
has been meeting with the greatest
success in lining up the old "grads"
for the support of Martin G. Brum
baugh. Secretary Edwin M. Abbott has
received from every part of the State
messages of interest promising not only
to vote for the Republican nominee,
but also to work for him. This support
is not promised alone by men of his
own party, but Democrats and Wash
ington party adherents have also set
aside party lines and promised to jump
into the fray for one of their Alma
Mater. Many of the women graduates
have also sent word to the committee
that they will do all they can for the
candidacy of Dr. Brumbaugh.
Of the number of replies received,
over 4,000 have already volunteered
their services to the support of Dr.
Brumbaugh. These graduates extended
all the way back to the class of 1852.
Dr. W. M. Guilford, '52, of Lebanon.;
Charles Stewart, '53, of Easton; DJ.
.1. J. Detwiller. '54, Easton; the llev.
Henry IJOSCII, '57, of Philadelphia; VP.
W. Frazier, 'SB, of Rydal; Charles F.
Hazeltine, '59, of Philadelphia; Philip
H. AVhite, '59, of Philadelphia, ace
among the older graduates who have
lined up for the Republican nominee.
Some of the others are Dr. Samuel,
Robinson N'issley, '64, Elizabethtowrt;
William H. Seibert, '74, Steelton; Qs,
C. H., Leslie, '74, Palmyra; W. C.
Baker, '7 4. Hurnmelstown; Dr. B. F.
Dickinson. '76, Steelton; David R. Me
haffev, 'BS, Marietta.
iness and itching of the scalp, which
if not remedied causes the hair loots
to shrink, loosen and die—then the
hair falls out fast. A little Danderine
tonight—now—anytime—will surely
save your hair.
Get a 25-cent bottle of Avnowlton's
' Danderine from any drug store or
toilet counter, and after the first ap
plication your hair will take on that
life, lustre and luxuriance which i.-< so
beautiful. It will become wavy and
flnffv and have the appearance of abun
dance; an incomparable gloss and soft
ness, but what will please you most will
be after just a few weeks' use, wh?u
vou will actually see a lot of fiut|,
downy hair —new liair—growing all
over the scalp. Adv.