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    Come! See the New Styles and
the New Quality. This is Style
plus Display Week
Merchants from Maine to California are
making a special display of STYLEPLUS
; CLOTHES sl7 this week.
I We are the exclusive Styleplus Store here as
you probably know. Fake advantage of the
opportunity to examine the famous quality in
this special suit and overcoat selling the world
over for only sl7.
All wool fabrics, hand tailoring where it
counts the styling of a great fashion artist.
All styles including specials for young men.
See the big two page advertisement in the
Saturday Evening Post. See our windows.
1 i*ii
Come and just look. Sometime you will
I buy and when you do you will save $3 to SB.
2 *
Additional Sports on Page Itt
Rcott Holds Nationals Safe in Second
Game of Series
I <'hici'go, Oct. St.—The White Sox •
* v eiened up tiie series for the city cham-;
piou«hip with the Chicago Nationalsi
r ti'i iav b\ winning the second (jamc.!
K 11. E.
I Amiruruu .01j)t 0 b 0 1 3—5 lj
! Nationals . . » - n n 0 0 0 0 o—'J t 3 j
Scott ami s-tiaik; ('heney and B;es
i nahan.
Eminent Plays New Bloomfield
The Belmont A. c. will play the New
Rloomtield Academy eleven at New
• ' Bloomfield to-nmnow. Players ;• r • re
..-'nuesti'l to repon at the ciub hou-e a'
•MO."!) a. in.
Sites Honored at State
F Boas Sites, son of Postmaster
.sire>. has been elected manager of
• the Freshman football- t«am at state i
" C ilk'ge by a vote of 1B 7. Sites was I
manage- of the football team of the
Central 11 iyh sehool in 1911.' ami 101.!.
DR. KLUGH, Specialist
PhT«|clmi and Siirscoa »
• OJfirfu: 20(1 >Vnlnnf •'t.. Hnrrlnhiire. Pit
niflffitPß of women »n«l nieni nprctnl.
private, *pcclflc, nervous und chrnnlr
cjhfa«en. (ieuer«l office work. Connnl*
tafion free uml coiwldpntlal. Mrtliclne
furnlnheri. Work guaranteed. Clmriin
moderate. -0 years' experience.
OH. KLLGIJ. tlic uell-knouu Speciall»t ,
T\ Do you think this is possible
' I I V I who uses it, or see it demon-
I j J|S'| | 'ia O I I strated any time, day or nipht,
Vv. lutely puncture-proof—or put
._!'.'C. V. Sealer Go.
Box 268 Harrisburg, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. TJnger Entertain Large
Number of Guests
Special Correspondence.
binglestowu, Oct. 9.—Miss Sara'
Shriner let : 011 Monday for Shoema- |
ker * School of Elocution to resume her
The funeral services of J. L*. Bright
bill, held at Shoop's church on Tues-1
day, were largely attended.
Ihe farm west of town owned by j
Mis. Mary Fariing was sold at public j
sale on Saturday to Mr. Peitfer, of the !
upper end of tlie county.
Mr. and Mrs. John trum aud\son, j
Ross, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs.!
John Raber and daughter, Mildred,'
spent Sunday as the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles' Hivener at White Hill.
Miss Minnie Mcllhenny, of Harris
burg, spent Sunday with friends hero.
The body of the late Foster Bird, of :
1 iarrisburg, was interred in the Willow)
Grove cemetery on Tuesday afternoon, j
Mrs. Israel Zimmerman .returned to !
her home iu Baltimore after spending l
some time with friends here.
Mrs. Chester Johnson and daughter, j
Kuth, of Steelton, spent a few days I
of this week the guests of Mrs. Mary i
Fariing. _
Miss Anna Mehring, of Harrisburg, [
and Miss Hilda Thomas, of Hummels- '
town, were the receut guests of the'
Misses Shriner.
Mrs. John Fox and Mrs. John Clay j
spent Monday with friends at Harris- 1
Mrs. John Keller was the recent !
guest of friends at Palmyra.
Mrs. David Rudv and two sons, of I
Pen brook, on Sunday visited friends
Miss Flora Clay is spending a few
days this week as the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. H a Fry Kicker at Hummels
Miss Mary tLudwig and niece, Miss
Mary Shutt, were week-end guests of
friends at Knhaut.
< alvin Peiffer, of Goldsboro, spent
Sunday as the guest of Mr. and (Mrs.
Charles Fcx.
Mr. and .Mrs. William Zettlemoyer
aud son, of Powl's Valley, spent Sunday
as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Benja
min Zettlemoyer.
The following persons were enter
tained nt the home of Mr. and Mrs.
George I'nger on Sunday: Dr. and Mrs.
K. R. Rhein, sons, Charles and Wil
liam, and daughter, Isabelle, of Har
risburg; Mr. aud Mrs. William Peters,
Miss Beckie Richer, Mr. and Mrs.
Amos Nissley and daughter, Charlotte;
Mr. and Mrs. William Ulrich and son.
Russell'; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bishop
and daughter, Ethel, and Mrs. Henry
AValmer, of Oberlin.
Mr. and Mrs. Warner, of Progress,
on Sunday were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Wilson George.
A number of people from town and
vicinity witnessed the firemen's parade
at Harrisburg yesterday.
Andrew Hetzel spent Tuesday in
Men's Club Reorganized on Self-Gov
erning Basis
Sppeia.l Correspondence.
Hersbey, Oct. 9. —A meeting was
held on Monday evening for the pur
pose of reorganizing the Hershey Men's
Club on a self-governing basis. The
following officers were elected: Presi-
Just Apply This Paste
and the Hairs Will Vanish
(( Boudoir Secrets)
The judicious use of delntone paste
insures any woman a clear, hairless
skin. To prepare the paste, mix a lit
tie of the powdered delatone with some i
water, then apply to the objectiouable
hairs for 2 or 3 minutes. When the |
paste is removed, and the skin washed,
every trace of hair will have vanished.
No pain attends the use of Hie delatone
and it will not mar the most sensitive
skin, but to insure results, see that you j
get real delatoue. Adv.
dent, James W. Millard: first vice presi
dent. Joseph E. Hills; second vice i
president. Dr. H. G. Mumma; third vice!
president, Daniel S. Graeff; recording}
secretary, George V. Bench.
The Rev. N. L. Linebaugh, pastor of j
the United Brethren church at. thi's
place, has been returned for another j
year. The Rev. O. G. Romig, also of l
this place, has been appointed to Tower!
During the recent membership cam 1
paign of the Y. W. C. A.. 159 new i
members have been added.
I'lrich Weltmer, of Derry church, has j
purchased a Ford touring car.
The Rev. George S. Rentz attended j
the fall meeting of the Presbytery
which was held at Middletown.
The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Romig |
returned from several days' visit to i
Philadelphia and Atlantic City.
Miss Mary Painter attended the
Lancaster Fair.
Mrs. Lizzie Letterinan has sold her
property on Spring Creek avenue ■to
George Geesanian.
H. H. McCall, of New Berne. X, C.,
has come to this place and has accepted
a position and will play in the Her
shey band.
Refused to Take Passengers on Over- !
crowded Pennsy Trains
Special Correspondence.
Middletown, Oct. 9.—< Mrs. Anna
i Carr, of Ohambersburg, is visiting her
! son, George <_arr, and family on South
I Wood
Two or the noon trains on the Penn
sylvania railroad yesterday were so
crowded that the employes would not
take any passengers on at this point.
The trains only stopped to let some off.
This never occurred at the local station
The employes of the Pennsylvania,
railroad here received their pay yester
Frederick Dale, of Ohambersburg,
spent- yesterday in towe as the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. George Carr, South Wood
Mr. aud Mrs. John Beaehler and
daughter, of Baltimore, are visiting
relatives and friends in town for sev
eral days.
A stranger who arrived in town yes
terday afternoon, walking on crutches
and minus a leg, made quite an excite
ment at Ann and. Union streets. He
wanted to enter the Washington House
and was barred, which made him angry.
He pulled out of his pocket what was
supposed to be a revolver and those
standing near became frightened. He
was taken to the lockup, when it was
found t'he supposed revolver was only
an imitation. The man was then sent
out of town.
The first entertainment of the Star
Course, "The Strollers," was held in
the Realty theatre last evening.
Mrs. J. M. Aekerniun will leave to
morrow morning for Lancaster, where
j she will spend several days attending
the Eldership of the Church of God.
j Work on removing the county bridge
| between Rovalton and this pi ace lias
been started.
The shale brick plant received a
large crusher to be installed at their
brick plant in Royalton. It weighs
several tons.
E. M. Suavely wiM be given a hear
ing before Squire J. K. Henry, of Roy
alton, this evening, charged by Burgess
H. S. Granger with running nil automo
bile through part of Royalton and not.
blowing his horn. Burgess Granger
had suit brought once before against
Snavely for the same offense and a fine
was Imposed, but this time the defend
ant will take the case to court. Bur
gess Granger also claims that since the
first suit Snavely. would blow his horn
long before he came to the point where
the sign says, "Blow your horn," and
claims that the same became monoton
; ous, hence the suit.
To-morrow will be pay day at the car
Fans Can Follow Games Accurately iu
Chestnut Street Hall
If you are a regular dyed-in-the-wool
baseball fan you are going to take a
few hours off this afternoon, go down
to the Chestnut street auditorium and
see the first game of the series between
Boston and the Athletics reproduced
on the big "Wizard" player-board.
About every ball fan in town knows
this board and also knows that it is the
next thing to sitting on the bleachers
in Philadelphia to see game reproduced
|by the "Wizard." Every play is re
corded in less than a minute after it
is made and the workings of the board
are so complete that once a persofi be
comes interested in the game it is hard
to remember one is not looking at the
real thing. In fat the spectators be
come a* enthusiastic as they do in the
gran Istand or bleachers at the bail
Remarkable Results From Skin Remedy
That Costs Almost Nothing
No matter how bad a sore or ulcer
afflicts you, it is believed that Hokara,
the pure skin healer, will cure it, but
if it doesn't cure, the purchase price
will be refunded.
W. H. Kennedy, the local agent for
Hokara, who has sold hundreds of
packages, says he has yet to find any
form of wound or disease affecting the,
skin that Hokara does not heal, and
its relief comes so quickly that those
who try it are simply delighted with it.
Pimples, eczema, backheads, acne,
barber's itch, and all skin troubles are
quickly relieved by applying this sim
ple skin healer and tissue builder. It
contains no grease or acids, and is
cleanly to use.
W. H. Kennedy's Drug Store is sell
ing a large package of Hokura for 25c.
| i
i" v
To-night, 'Fay Foster (Burlesque.)
To morrow afternoon and evening.
My ißest <iirl.''
Monday, matinee ami night, Octo- I
lier 12, ''Every Woman,"
Tuesday evening and Wednesday
afternoon and evening, GflDfcer
13-14, "The Traffic."
Thursday, October 15, "Help j
Friday, afternoon and evening, Octo
ber 16, Burlesque.
Saturday, afternoon and evening.
October 17, "Seven Keys to Bald
pate. "
Every afternoon and eveuing, high
class vaudeville.
Daily continuous .'audeville and pic
«- i
The Fay Foster Company
At the Majestic this afternoon and j
evening Harry LeClair, I .ester Allen,
Harry W. Fields, Ed-ward 'Boyd, Roy !
Sears, Ella IVan, Mile. Veola and IMar- i
tha Horton and a chorus of twenty girls I
will appear in the two rollicking bur- |
lesques of the Fay Foster company, i
This i* a real big sfhow and the man-1
agem-fcnt has displayed unusual tact, iu
the selection of his company, carefully |
those whose peculiar abilities to i
portray the characters assigned. Scores
of tihe world s series opening game will j
be read between the a.:ts. Adv.
"My Best Girl"
Tf "My 'Best Oirl" is t.hing more
than another it is d'wtinidtive. The lilt -
iug musical comedy contains all of the.
ingredients t'hat go to make up a super
fine musical play, but these are put to
gether iu a fashion that nmkes the play
different, as weM as 'better, than most
of its ilk. In t'he first place "Miy Best
Girl" lias a plot. Not the mere threat!
of a story but a consistent, 'Well-con
structed, entertaining plot. The musical
numbers of Which there are twenty a-e
refreshingly now and include many
haunting melodies. A few of frlie gems
aro "1 IDo Like Your 'Eyes." "There's
a Cottage in t'he Country," "My Fairy
Prince" and ''One Little Girl," while
the comedy songs which are supreme are
"If the Morning After Were the Night
'Before," ami "C. O. il)." Besides
these there are military marches, en
sembles, quartets anil trios galore. " My
Best <3irl" c<*ujes to the Majestic to
morrow afternoon and evening. Victor
Morley will be seen iu the principal
role. Adv.
' 'Everywoman"
"If I were to name tihe play wthieh
has most impressed me duriug my the
atregoing davs in many icities and eoun
| tries," savs a writer in the "National
j Magazine,'' "1 should say " Every -
j woman.'' Walter Browne,, t'he au
| t'hor, who died on the very day of the
first performance of the play, was a
j journalist in the true sense of the
| word, and his incisive intuition, his
keen humor and su'btlo analyses are re
pealed in every line of "Everywom
an.'' Many confirmed theatresroers may
not realize how much a little previous
reading at the public library may add
J to their enjoyment of "Everywoman"
■ when it is 'presented at the Majesti
theatre Miondav afternoon and even ■
An example of the library's resour.
upon the subject of "Everywoman" is
; given in the following appended list
I which will be especially valur.! . >
students and teachers who intend ;. see
j the remarkable play: "'Scenes from
''Everywoman,'" Canadian Magaziue,
I July and September, 1911; "Moral
j Consciousness of 'Everywoman,' " Cur
j rent 'Literature, May, 1911; " 'Every
woman' Criticism," 'Bookman. April,
1911: " 'Everywoman,' by Walter
j Browne," Hampton's Magazine, May
1911; •• K-'-imate of ' Everywoman,' by
WiKiam Winter," Harper's Weekly,
March 2">. 1911; "New Plays and 'the
Vow Theatre," Independent, Mar.h
I Way Moralized," Literary ,Digest,
March 11. 1914; "The Stage Lassies
' Its Own Sins," Munsey's, May, 1911;
"A Modern Morality Play," Na
tional Magazine, March, 1911; " Com
! ment on 'Everywoman,'" Outlook,
March, 1911; "'Everywoman' Criti
cism," 20th Century 'Magazine, Sep
tember, 1911; " 'Everywoman' Reald,
' by H. F. Pierce," World To-day, May,
11911; '•Production of 'Everywoman'
Int. Herald Square theatre, New York,"
Theatre Magazine," September, 1911;
|" A Plav Entitling Both Author and
Producer to "Knighthood in the Amer
; iean Order of Merit," 'National Maga
zine, March, 1911. Adv.
"The Traffic"
"The Traffic,'' which has s.'ored
nothing less than a sensation in Chi-
I cago. will he presented at the Majes
! tic theatre next Tuesday and Wednes
i day with Wednesday matinee. At first
j the critics of 'Chicago, admitting the
| power and truth of "The Traffic,"
doubted its sincerity of 'purpose aud of
! its author, Miss Marshall, a young
i woman who has spent tihe greater por
| tion of her life heading reform move
i ments, and whose investigation of the
terrible conditions attendant upon the
white slave traffic were responsible for
her writing "The Traffic" in an effort
| to open the eves of the general public
j to the conditions that exist and flourish
■ in many of the largest American ici'ties.
It has succeeded in arousing the peo
ple of Chicago and has beeu highly en
dorsed hv (Lieutenant Governor o*Hara,
of Illinois, and a number of earnest re
formers. who, while admitting that it is
rather frank and severe, nevertheless
endorse it as a powerful lesson and
warning to all voting women. Adv.
At the Orpheum
Notwithstanding the fac that Irene
Franklin and 'Milton and the Delxing
, Sinters occupy probably t'he most im
portant places on this week's bill at
the Orpheum, there is also a tram
known a«'- Touey and 'Nerman in a
! mighty clever comedy offering that is
certainly worthy of special mention
also. Tone.v and Norman are the names
of an attractive young woman aud
j very slim comedian, who is as funny as
|he is slim. The male portion of the
team appears in a dress suit, so tight
| that it would seem he slipped into it
via the shoe horn route, and he lands
. many an original laiifph over his' own
leanness. However he sings a little
ditty over his pity for the fat man,
cause "nobody loves a fat man" and
he seems otherwise perfectly satisfied
i Ladies' Hand Bags
The Tango is the very
latest. Prices
SI.OO to $5.00
Rain Proof Umbrella, 98c
REGAL UMBRELLA CO., Sec °wahHit S ts.
Fay Foster Burlesquers
Willi IIAHKV I.el I. 4I It
PRICKS I So. UTio. Mv, ftOe and 75c
Full Returnn of Worlil'd (tlvrn UurlnK the Sliou
My Best Girl J!€!LE!!!L
I'RK KS— Mat., «o #l.«IOI SEAT >«W
Matinee and Night, Monday, October 12
1.%4» People—% Symphonv OrchcNlrn. Tliin h nut a "Number Two" or Roari
Com pan y. II Ifi ll»«* only M Everywoniaa" Company In America.
MIGHT, 2Tiv to 91.n0. >1 VT.. 2T»e In #I.OO. SK Vl' S\l.K NOW OIMON
Tuesday & Wednesday, Oct 13 !!VVCkij\km\»;>
PRHES—MAT. 2.*«<-, 80c. 7tV<-l EVE.. Of. ."•«<•. T.")<-. *I.OO
V '
r ~
Surrounded Ry n Hlk VHiideville No Long Feature i
Shou r» • f
Kull Hrhirn. of World's Srrlr* IIEIJINMM. TO-IIAV
(ilvrn HiirliiK llie SHmm THE KIMI <>!•' A SHOW llil I,IKE
V — 1
2 P, M
that lie i?« loan nnd, therefore, attractive
to the ladies
The fpinalo half of tho team is pretty
an<! she wears several changes of inter
esting gowns, including a troubadour
sort of costume t'hat she wears for their
little final dar. 'e. This is a black and
white creation, consisting of a black,
velvet coat and black and white strijKjd |
satin ankle length bloomers. The j
coinedv of the team is original and'
cleveriv handled and they are scoring]
a solid hit. on the current offering. Miss
Franklin continues to attract as t'nej
week's unusual headline)*. The bill
throughout deserves capacity audiences
for each performance. Adv.
At tlie Colonial
While not pretentious in the numbor
of pl.tvers embraced, vet. the new offer
ing that came to the Colonial yesterday j
is rich in talent, in fact far superior,
to attractions usually seen in theatres'
where the prices are as cheap as those
at the Colonial. There is a pleasing com
edy skit, a pair of sidewalk come
dians, and a dainty singing comedienne
and the roster pleaseifvesterdav's audi
ences immensely. A program of first
run licensed films Shown in the city,
with si complete daily change in the
program, will be the moving picture en j
tertainment to be provided for the re-1
mainder of the wee*k. Adv.
Members of Association Named to
Serve for Ensuing Year
Committees of the State Firemen s
Association have been appointed as fol
Executive Committee —Charles H. j
Cohn, Allentown; W. H. Sharah, Brad-!
dock; Dr. G. W. Berntheisel, Columbia;
Charles S. Salin, Ridley Park; Thorn !
as E. .tones, Pittsburgh; A. I<. Lacy,!
Philadelphia; George 8. Croll, York,
and Samuel S. Smith, Norriutown.
Law Committee-—George N'allinger, |
Philadelphia, chairman; Jacob 10.
Weaver, York; Charles F. Smith, Nor
ristown; Oliver T. Weaver, Allentown,
and H. 1.. Angloch, Pittsburgh.
Credential Committee —Fred W.l
Zeiser, Shamokin, chairman; Frauk i
1). Grim, Franklin, and John R. Mils-]
ser. Barnesboro.
Account Committee —R. B. Keller,
Stroudsburg, chairman; Thomas P. j
Ricker, Easton, and Charles K. Clark,!
Topics Committee—W. B. Long, |
Hanover; Oliver D. Earnest, Harris-1
burg, and Russell K. Crawford, Nor !
Publication Confimittee—Aaron J.
Henry* Allentown, chairman; Alexan- J
der V». Morrow, Catasauqua, and John
Young, Philadelphia.
Exhibits Committee —-.lames C. Bax
ter, Philadelphia, chairman; Gilbert
Green berg, Huntingdon, and George
8. Weir, Sharpsburg.
Memorial Committee —William H.
Murphv, Philadelphia, and George W.l
King. I
Thirty Shots Fired and New York East
Side Terrorized
New York, Oct. i) .— — A big black bull
broke out of a pen in a Sulzberger
packing house yesterday and ran liku
mad from Forty fifth street and First
avenue to Seventy-fifth street and Ave
nue A before one of the thirty shots
fired by policemen laid him low. There
were eight automobiles in the cham
after the bull, ten policemen and a doz
en cattle herders, while hundreds of
persons scampered out of the animal's
way and two were bowled over in tlii
Patrolman Thomas Kelly, who was
helping school children to cross Fir r.
avenue, commandeerd an automobi e
and started in pursuit as the bull won.',
past him. Other patrolmen joined the
chase in commandeered cars. Patrol
man Warren F. Keating, at Fifty-sixth
; street and First avenue, took up tho
chase in a car belonging to a well
dressed woman, who took great delight
in the adventure.
At tiic Fifty-ninth street entrance to
the Bridge the bull charged
for the public market. Men shouted an 1
women screamed. This frightened tho
bull and he changed his course up
First avenue again, where, passing un
der the bridge approach at Sixtieth
street, he knocked down a young mail
who rolled half way across the street.
At Seventy-first street a pushcart laden
with fruit and a woman were knocked
down. At Seventy fifth street the pur
suing machines caught up with the ani
mal. Patrolman Keating led the jolice
men in firing at the animal. One bul
let found its way to the bulls 'brum
and he fell dead.
It Sure Is!
Isn't it strange that with a world
full of perfect babies there are no
perfect men and women? Woman's
Home Companion.
Don't Scratch
All Night!
Let Zemo Stop All That Itching
and Burning Immediately So
You Can Sleep Like a
Child Again
Semi for Krci> Trinl Until*.
There arc no sleepless nights of tor
turing. I tch inn and burning where
jfemo is user], because this clean, non
greasy liquid brings sklti comfort al
most the moment it touches the skin.
You'll lie surprised at how quickly and
positively Zemo works.
Our llles contain thousands of let
ters telling of 7.emn cures of eczema,
pimples, dandruff and other skin trou
Don't confuse Zemo with any of the
advertised salves, etc. They are not
like Zemo—nothing is like Zemo! It
can be depended upon to do the work,
and do It quickly. You'll see the truth
of this just as soon as you try it.
Buy a 25c bottle from your druggist
to-day, or send 4c (for actual postage)
to K. W. Rose Co. laboratories, Dept.
35, St. Louis, Mo., for free trial bottle
In nlaln wrapper.
Zemn is sold and guaranteed by
druggists everywhere, and in Harrls
burg by Golden Seal Drug Store, K. Z.
Gross, Kennedy's Medicine Store, Croll
Keller. W. T. Thompson, C. M. Kornev,
and T. Prowell. Steelton, Pa., J. Nel
son Clark Drug Co.