The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, October 07, 1914, Image 1

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f4D T*trtnvr J
Aft. TA
tH4mA-4 W' yr*. r W m * •
STTPy* V<>L. 76- NO. '<r7
Selection o? Place for
Next. Meeting Left to
tee, >sith Preference
Expressed for Ere or
Ailentown—W */.
WuriAcf. an Off cial
of tile A vaocia 1 ioo.
Scored Tor Injecting
Politic? in Beha f A
LnterUiwment of V s
itin# LadCies W il Be
in Fall .Swing This
livening by V. hrh
Time Thousands '/.-ill
have \rrived —The
T went y-O n r "' or k.
Companies Coning
4fm 9«»lf f<r 4#l#a to* i«if
' »«•»*« «| # fcrofMMf b» f.
*4+ Null • ' Ih' Mf ?U.
Hi'* (MM nfkii m **!»-
* p+n bftNM «l N Mir M«mm *. 'I M <•
•w* M#»mm tiffflt. '»r % tMit Mi • re
i **«•,
l :»ll ft !*#•' Mf Il<n»# r I nm
*.•*» » M# « If* f»r* M f m«f»
t v.* rnntrri* f -llf, % . i*l «•• »-
ft. %**•*#»* >up lit fin M«4
< fm+m »> h« «
Mm|| f« / r,l rlrll? H> < <hw -
f»MM m' W "«l», *,fft r«* mm*
Imtr + n Mir*** •
.1* f. «(—<#rM4 M'M4 #' I
• r* M.-mvp'im *M «»«f 14* »<IM*I«
• f« *»lff J*« /-{«.«<<f at* ,<»• «r4
df fl»* prlMf'fWl wi II »»nrr»
'*• r flly MIII r|,i»r Ml I • k.
i # w*ffllhlr »#»M!M l»»- n»»f-#»f
--9 ftre #•*>#nftMnt m mf fit* • urih rl
:»»rrW« fli MM<I • h ♦»mii
* •«"# i«, M'i Mnrtilng mm 4 f l»f)<H)fl.
I r r » «f(S fMfMM mil rif l»t it»»* -
I n. il" mi (■ ll*r# • ««lft I •» S«IH-
I h..>m I»» fh- IVrM *1 fMr Ml Ml '»m -
| f«««, MMll f k'MfMMf
■„ _^
M, , % *t> JV jiising* **
♦j > .1.; 9 it *• nf « fterftinm^
* »' ♦ 11' tPt\ fi» r»#» t*•
fi #r ##f * »•»t#»r« *»»11»»n it«
•" sii #iw* f Ttif t «rt of th*-
! ({Nfi f.of i tiit. y •* n
M flß'
**■ Mp S '1 1. '
'"4Bs jP.
mA« -JP^aK
»"«lUn fi-» 3f Hf. Btci«4 H«< ,tr d
Vic# Vt uViani o' St xt« ,"t*v«litlon
Utlllitf (I »t nl '►». k a'.J
•rt.n'lrrH *«l i)»i * Ih r»< urit'
Oil 4f11.1t 1 |I|»H
Th»> «f f!ir
t'rwn* tn
bui «Hi« mofn nfr, i« ul«> l ;«*
fl, V>« 11. II for
f U'e • hi»f »-f l'rtt« run unof
y f »,rc wfirnt, *■ "' I'hill j'i
</f Ml. # »rm 'I,
4 fOh'i v< • |irA«rt#f , J.thn K
fliuj.f, .If, Ci fhi*l fit I !«•«• fitn.
Till'') *i * •rrti<l#nt< 'l. "I »r«, .If.
<#f H»i thuri M/i >,
K« li ip'» ~/<■« icnl, «Vi I«m 'io ,
** , "f hi/ity.
,tn Hfi't-J HetMury, V W. W nittf,
ill {f»tUti'[
•ifi rr'i'r t uttilim, f - »*<l Ma/, rf
H" mnl fin
ywMni'i*! *wf tuiy, Vr tip X, Her*t,
tif I'M f,<l»l| I* »
Trm mtrr A L. lit.ri Alum, of Al
l«f I'lW ».
lia 'ltIM, tUr 111 * /•# nn.} I
of V. k.
\ltK#%|rll ft# fi'ff.
inn e If ft ffcon « »«'
'it*i*rrrt** %.*** tnttn* ft >* rbe tint
lot. f'#f if*# M!/-»(♦ i i So fount
«f!«'» *f» tbHf I » n (|rr<» tlifff
•S ll ft i M r|„n< in ,f| i
®he Star- Jtifapctitont
lb - - - - ——. -.
S 1 1-1 K
il mM _ < m#
» jwßlayM^B|B|i
1" -bof r. Htr r 'x- rtr.-n.". n of H .•.•••*' mm-luno »hop nn-l '.'ansf tin* <t|>iro of tl<* Kv»npelic»l rhtmrk.
- -inr itj »n. h<( b ./» »t it -I'll aai) i i tbp rigii' t;:c bon-r- «f " v r*t>. *hicfc !:etisv«d but dim
s.,r , ilmitrt -» Ikt w >' L< LIcM nbt-fvr aad !hr ci FertM* 1: Th* lack i»f water is
"" rr < 'f » '•■" «jr. baf jf thf -«1 ■' tV • !att?- plat* fell »K*n by !h»' sir? at tb? saial< «tream
. «k* « tW 'il'f » :*ft tk i.muai in. i'o Ij» otrent right tai b* itft frvna Uc bo* id the forrjrrouad.
*ftl< mi •»» »■ a, trt )•* n » to'
tlr <•«>' atit f« n•!*. via i th • »,(>«»»«•
of '.a» !>!.> int tg pt* * hv » r"t>
l»* fo I i>- i l" .'fl!i"ll #f 1 I ll*t 'J
tn« rairaiitt' .
Ireiran . rmi -ji by Oomptntas
W no* th» KiiMiiion
a* 11' n .otlog f*.r *h*u '* )
♦•»,» f ,n'lid kot« of a * c»»-
;»'>>«■#. mm n • a !>*n | in«> **u f i• i^
arri>«l .n I•• 'rt* aa I <»nt ?»»
!/..•! tn »«ai< tar |it>i « rail
;t i»irr»f aft "Willi.
<">1) • roulH io» ira a nwnof t ii» aft
rrnoo i in th« tma:ara •»t>on of th»
rit" rithoo r >•< <•( into a int <i, ■*»»
ol for*' .»»» #*r ;<;nraf « brtiijt
ia .rn {<• t» iju-t' 1 *a o' al» at » »;itnpn
• < a milfr» on i - *iv fo (he itt'wn.
T>» f-iirtOKj oni|i«nioa
iipt',*! hiv itf itt' ' f nr tr fh 'ir A"
•mu«r« thi* ni-rn a; "or tl>a rr. oriioo
o. initivn a i t r ti» • rvemas thou- |
- m»i« f' olun o*"» fto i it •'* |«rt cf,
Prunif-rinU »j I ■ I** r<aai«aiM
Irorn ilor i; • il !•« -rr'«l
Moat of Th« if *ho *• V nartifi afr j
in In mar 'i a'tH* will a nv# » thai
.-ity ii f»*r •!«'-- ••« •»•*• ia thm men I
»i, the in, I >4« t i trti>* i» mv ,
•i«* in inz the V- • mualt
»' t rotv onr i.«r>rt*a»»*«. B«it ta. okh
•r i li ri.lual r< it| an •» *tl' arrive to
tot. «r n.ornmf. * »• t e .-ot nut
te' intfi" f the Y®f* <lelr^a
C<ml. mn Po iuc» to AaaortM on
A'li «ai« teifr-i "a |M>aiirniu* tt
ttrnpl To .ntriiHiie jK»litir« at» »te
!<tat Fit fron '* \<«o»iation » 40
H■•:;■ o. fhr a»«o il >ia, thronf 1 thr .1*
■ f mo ofii.'ial 'hi ition, to | romrtr the
[fli'l i i> liter**-, of a i-a'..liilair f<»
the offir >f I r »l Mtate* f«rr.aUif"|
wit i-onneinneil a reanltit*on unani
tiii>'«!. «ilo|>tei' .• ih:a m< rn n; < •«
aion o' fne it "ttlna.
Tr, r. uilution »a« jifeaente l Hv f*rr«l
K l» «">•. a W ft.Nißgton partv ran li
•I* if for . ait atale l *U»: if
Aj'rii 2f, 1914. lette' iraa «e'it un
■e' p,<4tnmrk of li ato a *tir. 1
oer nf r rniiiera » " he a**o-iation,
•!g eil n rh thi me of ff \V. W> «■ 1
rei-ii'lina >r .t.-, f t i mu. «1
r <:, ri'iii iing >r rtrt'i tin !>• »i
tatiOh. ii whir 1 rn» w» •* 1 h»
tan. "gruitv .at "sete,l in I r wni
ra' on jnd tho f n'ira of thr Ho.
Itoi i. T'enroae t 'h ' a-trd Mat'*
Kenate. .ad pc it»d e. I Ihr Hrna j
tor'* "riTrit* 1 h»»ir of .rg I
binehiij! tt the * i*>i*i..''
Vne -rani tici.i * * p:r 1 proa I*m
•«*t " t'n action tW, A". W in.|» tr.
• i/g II 1 lit e tn f'» fhrr th ll'imtn
»'•: promote thr in-ti a- of M. «
I »iro«» 1* nrreb; *reral> . aal awl
*« ,« air oui and r \*r .m . aMI
•atifii. "
A rrtiilution pr' fated by J#a . nng.
• t Hanover, g thr . >n< tion «.f
'MI nurd on Mrimlb fm «.
IffVIN IMMNL X' *-'0 jfc S~\ tVENtN&\
».« t I 11 / PARADE W*S NCH\
A «{'i>Mik r»» iimu .«•»< "V X /*- ' 3i / J1
on inu »* <'itn rp .j i» •..» * ~ " . V-j Li / j J
/ \ — - r.BrniN ; #
c.r ► «nv r ' >•« » • •»•""•• •»» «n.».i t 0 lfclll \ ,>ii>i«so«xic -
»l UM'«WN H#H ••• •■, >ia**ild, ~, ~„ ~L , ~ «»»* <■»««. fcu" bHOC
_ *•# J \ T Mf COOHN(.LKtRS rtt lO mam* rtX
'.UK' 4fll •Nfi»fjT.M<, •><.%*•••■% j jp'A
r l * * *
Con* 1* Approved for Docorattng asd
B jtiitif* the State Bolldtn;
•t the Exposition
i .
«Ki.e'«ot nil'", a* )*aai'le«l .»i" »*e
Penn vlvaaia I'lmma Phnli.-
lion orwniuion. to lav ap;irove-{ ««i
--tracl for tae ilerorativo ail i<fiutUr
Han '"ranr'ieo
Tc Ulnar I T'iimt>ull. of l**?*«li«ir£h.
*a« iwtrili-.l the contract for two
erontivr mural
'Pe n't Trent* With the la-ltaß<"
ami "Meel InduMrien of Peaa«yi> a
nia,' roapertivelv. Ijih of these
|otin inf« will be IT feet. < ;n.-he» hifa
and I* fre! lonn »n l will Bl.'»<>o.
Tt ' harle# .1. Taylor. Pitt*l>urjh.
wan awardal the -ontrart for denjsa
•ng 1 a<l painting eevea pane!* ia I mil
mi i 1 the rei-epron with Coioniat
lan l> ap«* for the pr.-e of fl^OO.
Ti OuiMppe [>onato, I'hiiadelpaia.
*ai awcrileil the .-oiiirart for foat
term nai buata with (le-iestai*. at the
ftrin of »3.00i>.
1' .Hue K. Watwn. *a»
aurai.Se<l the rontrart for m meliejt
fou» panel* at t'ie pr rt of
T< Ail)(ufl teller*. Pittsburgh. m<
**.•l led the •-ontrart for and
hui inK four oraaftiratal urw* al th'
prin of lI.MO.
Trine Sitcid* of Banii Tetter Follow
Lng Ninroiii Breakdown
R a.liiiu. Pa.. iVt. 7.-—The of
Joe th I. Halm, age I S5 ipir*. a we?
• no' ii rill/en an.l teller of a
loeal flnannal iTiatrtatton, w» foua-l ■
on t ielMt. P'nn boulevard la-!ii.
II • ha I urnt a huile; thr<ij(A hts
hra . He WM uhligeH to give an hi*
em orment a year mf.t of a
im iii* hreaadoww ||r .r« a f am
That !* Kate at wnish Tbey Will Be
Trad On Slecuon Day
If there are any assessors in Dau
pit i itty 1 V.»f toeafeioas liiat
art tkeni a financial ioi-ome of
15 It. $S « even !J. thev will work
on e'e.; ia*. Novem*>" 3, at a
finanrtal loss. liiflf iarome to be litni:-
to $1 and their rNatrr's 3»ol
Tte one iollara-day rate for asses
<er< . the pro* ir-l in ley-'
.»ia: .>» is Jaly. IS3S. and in
view of the :aet that there •« no other
es'-t ns tao prantms a larger ailow
aa e. the County ( ommtstioncrs were
to d«y toforrre-l by their i.'ja' a ir'sfr
tha' ! aey .anaot giant aa in rease.
I'ntil the «wi|t |>haiarir< it had
been t>e rustum ;i tiis and pra'ticj!
I' a:' jtier - ai: e= of the B:*te to
pay assessois j<> a fay for the
se'vtres they render the eleet ion
b"»rls. WHea 'ountv subtait
t(4 to the State it,« ekiw for the
(•■ ».« ■• eie* • on—tsat e:ertion .ar
• .'t on a: the expense of the State,
the .-piiatiei iieanij the etpen«e only
of general eleetions —-the Auditor Gen
eral at M«ed IBe assessors" pay at the
rate of )l a day.
Vt tie s=ai- tia»e ?tate olfinais de
sM are to sit only
at'iec."nJ el*rtio«a and tee matter of
S Ig at is optional with
th» However the rountv
»-«« re i for assessors sitting at
•he pr.sar : e*. A*-cofvlingiy the asses
sor* aere aid $1 ea-h n April and
•bey • l! r* rve the same amount for
• as a* the geueral election in Xo
» ember.
Oolcctl Foaad Dead In Bed
Hf P^»i.
U- t. 7. I.SI P
•*:ant ''--•rel Sir Will-ism Henry P.
"<eeper of His Mawstv "s
prtv* pcrv sis r l?"h. w»« fovcj deed
in t*i/ meet); r|t. He was bora in
i ,
Fill Mil IS
Forecaster Demain Pre
dicts Clear Skies for
Big Firemen's Parade
Temperature To morrow Will Be a Lit.
tie High for Comfortable Marcliiag.
but the Smoke-eaters Are Well
' 1 Ksir t«-rigbt and to-morrow. Con- I
tinueJ mild temperature."
With that forecast issued at S
oVtoek t£is moraing by officials in
' of tiie k»cai office of the
Weather H- reau. according to
the of the bureau is a forecast
until S o>ic«i to-morrow evening, van-
I lshei fears of toe thousands of fire
i men. esger for good weatiier for the
j pars ie to-morrow.
Many had hoped for a drop of about j
' ten degrees b tcccperatiire to make an
ies x,ar. j.iag .-.ay. It" anything, there
"vid }>e a slight -increase in temjiera
t«?re. uite to a spell of sunshine. There
will very few kickers in the mult:-!
tuues of nuuvhers or sj.e- ;a'.ors on this
pros)>e. t, however.
No }>er®ons were more surprise.! at !
the sipht of tun this morning than
iowi weather forecasters. The rain was
not the result of a well-defined depres
sion, bwt came on tiie heels of one that
was far off the Jersey coast. The rain. {
it was believed, was induced by winds '
from the and now" it is believe.l
Tfiat those same winds, which have
shifted slightly to the southeast, will
bring brijrht wearner to morrow.
VCTiat Mr. Demain Says
The rain was mostly local an.' but
few ; lares east of the Mississippi val
30} showe.i any before S
o'cioek this niorning. It is this tnai
leads the local weathe- men to hand out
the encouraging weather report, for to 1
morrow. In speak r£ of the aitoa-tion 1
.his mcmijg E. B. Dentin, forevaster >
ia charge of the Hamsborg office, said : !
"It is altogether likely that it will ■
become generally cloudy late this after- i
noon or to-night (this is a weather bu
reau way of indicating the breaking of
the solid bank of clouds) and there is
.% possible hance that there may lie J
some sunshine this afternoon. This!
morning's ra;a occurred ia a uniformly :
C«N»rl «*» Srrnl Pas*.
Provost Smith Speaks for School Which
Existed Before the U. S.
Ttie Harrishurg branch of the Univwr
satv of Pe«niisylvan''a h».l its formal
o)<enng at Technical Hjgih sc-hool audi
torium las* night. In the audience 1
were Tie newly-enrolled students, num
bering 19f* young men ad young wom
en. witii their friends, and on the plat
form were members of the University
faculty and men of this vity who hn\e
neea active in the organization of the
local svhoo l .
Provost 'Dr. Etlgar Palis Smith, of:
the Cnaversity, :mpiewd ujxiu She new
students the fact that the university j
which they are entering has played a
big part in the history of this State.
He told how the university was estab
lished an i was doing effeetive work be j
fonvlbe United .States fame into being. 1
or brfSw the tommonwealth of Penn
sylvan its republican form
of govTernTTT^S.
The other of the evening
were State LebrarSo Dr. Thomas Lynch
Montgomery. Sipen,-eh O. Gilbert, Wil
liam B. McCaleb, I>r. Roswell 0. Mo :
Crea. Dr. Pierson and C. H*rrv Katn. j
1210 111 WILL
Head of the Line Will:
Start Down Second
Street Promptly at,
1.30 O'clock
Arrangements Made Whereby Streets
in Route of Procession Will Be j
Free From All Obstructions— j
Chief Marshal's Last Orders
The head of the parade will form
at Second and Varoeke streets and
move over the following route, mov
ing promptly at 1.30 o'clock to
morrow afternoon:
Second to M-rket, to Fourth, to
the Mulberry street viaduct, to Der
rj, to Seventeenth, to Market, to
Fourth, to Sixth, to Woodbine, to
New Fourth, to Reily, to Third, to
North, to Second, to otate, to Front,
to Chestnut, to Second, to Maiket
Square, dismiss.
With final instructions given to the:
\ar;ous division marshal? this morning,:
Howard O. Holstein, chief marshal, is
completing arrangements to day for the
monster firemen s parade of to-morrow.
He is being assisted by the Police De
partment, which will police the entire i
route ot parade, and the Harrisburg
Railways ( ompany, whose officials haw
I arranged a schedule so that the cars
will not interfere with the movement
of the marchers.
In til 11.30 o'clock tomorrow morn
ing thief Marshal Holstein will have
his headquarters at 42(1 Market street.
After that he will lie at I I'd Verbeke
street, personally directing the forma
tion of the parade. The head of the
fine will move from Second and Ver
bekc streets ilown Second street, the
: various divisions falling in from the
, side streets as the head moves along.
All divisions have been ordered to
ConHfiuril on >rcond Pjir?,
Berlin, Oct. 7, Via Amsterdam and •
London 11 -5,» A. M.—The following
. official communication was given out by
the-headquarters staff of the German
army thi evening of October G:
"Continuous French outflanking
movements against our right wing have
extended the battle front until it is
| now north ot Arras. West of Lille and
west of I.»ens (nine miles northeast of
\rras) our advance guards arc in
touch with the enemy 's cavalry.
"No decision yet has been reached
in our counter attacks along the line
between Arras. Albert, and Roye.
"The situation remains unchanged
along the battle front between tiie Oise
and the Meusp in the vicinity of Ver
I dun and in Alsace-LorTSine.
"There is no news from Antwerp.
"In the eastern theatre of the wa.'
the Russians advancing against Ha*:
I Prussia through the province of Suwal
ki have been checked. We have been
successful in our attack against the
near the town of Suwalki. This
movement began yesterday.
"In Russian Poland our troops on
October 4 dislodged a Russian brigade
of tiie Garde Fusiliers from an en
: trenched position between Opatow ami
i Ostrowleck. The Russians lost 3,000
| prisoners and several machine guns.
".'There was an engagement October
a in the vicinity of Radon- between
our forces and t*o divisions and a half
o-f -fiajssian cavalry, together with por
ti<y!« of the Ivangerod reserves. The
enemy was repulsed and driven back on
; 1 vangerod.''
The reference to Radom in the fore
! going dispatch shows military activity
I in a region that has not figured as a
field of operations for some time. j.
; Radom is about 60 miles south of War- j
! saw and 50 miles west of Lublin. The
province of Radom borders on Gnlicia.
Ivangerod (Demblin) is on ih<- Vistula i
river 30 miles northeast of Radom.
Pekin. Oct. 7, 7.45 P. M. Accord
ing to a German news agency dispatch ;
•Japanese forces have occupied the is
land of Yap. the most important island
in the Caroline group, or new Philip
pines, in the Pacific ocean.
The Caroline Islands are east of the
Philippines. The group is very ex
tended, and comprises about 680 small
islands. Yap is about 1,000 miles
from the island of .Mindanao, one of
the Philippine group. The Caroline is
lands were sold by Spain to Germany
in 1899.
A Sudden Advance of
the German and Aus
trian Forces in Rus
sian Poland
Report From Lemberg, Galicia, State;
That Przemysl, the Strong Fortress
of the Atistrians, Is Being Bombard
ed by Russian Heavy Artillery
Vienna, Oct. 7, via Amsterdam anc
London, I p. m.—The following of
ficial statement signed by General Voi
Hoefer, deputy chief of the genera!
start, wa3 given out in this city to
'Oct. a—The sudden advance ol
Uto German and Austrian forces in Rus
sian Poland seems to have completc'j
surprised the Russians. Although they
moved strong forces from Galicia to the
north they wero repulsed and driver,
back across t*ie Vistula by tne allies
while an eftort to cross the
river in the direction of Opatow.
"Our troops capturad a bridge he'd
by the Russians near Saadomtr. In
Galicia we are anv.T. -ing in accordance
with our plans. In the vicinity oi
Tarnovezeg we. routed a division oi
Russian infantry.''
London. Oct. 7 I.e. P. ',l.—Tt in of
ficially announced from K'iszt,, r'.ar
marous county, that Austrian forces
have been heavily engaged v.l- !i fh:.-,.
Finns since Monday, at a point nan
Trcso. telegrr.pha the Amsterdam corro
spondeat of Router':', Tslcv'-n cr v
pany. The Russian."- rstrratsd. Tho int.-
'.Jo came to an near Kricfl'alva v:tb
complete victory for the Austrian".
Ttofo is about twenty miies sout.i
east of Husst on the railroad and
Kricsfnlva is .ib ur U:o same dr'-.-nve
oa.-t of Htiuzt. Marnaros county is in
tlw extreme cast of Hungary, betwesu
Galicia and Transylvania.
Paris. Oct. 7. U.«» P. M.—A Havas
Agency dispr.tch from Petroprad says
that a report from Lr berg, Galicia,
states that Prremys!, the strong fort
ress of tbo Austria lit, iifty-one miles
west of Lemberg is being bombarded
by Russian heavy artillitry
Ttae damage is conrid-.-iablo, "iot;r,ei
being set on fro by bursting shrapnel
All otlo r ts cf t'io A"stris;i fiild piejss
to assist t.h3 lev 1 \ rv." : I>\\ tins-tcccss
ful and t•:-«•.3 !t;s .-,»t rctreatad to
T-'- o. Oct. 7, 5.30 I'. M. T'.e he
liet ivj. expressed at the War Otfi-o
fo-ila.v that ti>»' ''erman cruiser ( ormor
an and two other German gunboat ' had
been sunk in Kiao-( how hav.
The Japanese army has occupied the
•""hun Tung raii. 'ad as far vnt as Ghi-
Pekin, China. Oct. 7. Ac.-oi-.ling io
aihiic.i eivc.i here, the r-.ilroad sta
tion" n: i hi-Naii, in Mlian-Tung province,
west of Kiao-i'how, has been occupied
by thirty Japanese soldiers. One
hundred and fifty more are expected to
A dispatch received here by the \g
sociated Press from < h; Nan says no
trains were running over the Shan-
Tung railroad. The lolling stock has
been collected mostly at. I hi Nail.
Germans from all along the line, includ
ing women and children, have taken
refuge in I'M Nan.
The Japanese legation lieie ays that
siege guns an now read* for au at
tack on Tsing Tin. The (ierman gar
rison, the legation continues, will lie
summoned to surrender and opportunity
will bo given non-coiiiliatantj to come
out. The Ame; ian legation in Pe
kin has sent instructions to W. K. 'Peck,
the American consul at Tsing Tau, to
come out when this opportunity is of
The Japanese have released the em
ployes of the Shan Tung railroad pie
viously h*ld by them.
London, Oct. 7, 3.13 P. M.—The
"< entral News'' has announced that
a British Submarine has sunk a Ger
man torpedo boat destroyer off the Kins
London, Oct. 7. 2.10 P. M.—A dis
patch received from Amsterdam says
that a German torpedo boat destroyer
is reported to have been sunk by a
mine off Ihe estuary of the ri\er Kins,
between the Netherlands and Kast
Friesland in the North sea.
Whether this German torpedo boat
destroyer was sunk by a mine or a
British suhmariue has not vet become
known in London. Advices clearing up
this uncertainty are expected shortly