The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, November 15, 1871, Image 1

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    i I •
100 22 T E '
,L , ~i ltrx, zvEnt wzDzSDLS 11013X110 ST '
\ ' I
I). ( . \ r a n G elder.
it hb 01' StIVRIPTION isvAnIABLy IN ArinNei,
dt.orif tlo u3(t 4-,Yoar) , 3.2,00.
Jiar• *'
. . .
~,..,,,.., \SIMON OIL LESS, isIKEZ o:us. 34050.1.
...,,,,,,.........."'"../........./. _______
I 1 In I 8 Ins I 4 Ina I 3 3los 1 0 3loe 11 Ys 1 4 RAILWAY TIME TABLES.
1 ,1,00 i .52.00 Ir 2 iso I $5,00 I $7,00 I f 12 .00 i' ellsboro ~„.Hotel, ... ___...........„............_____,
- , , n - 11 3 1 00 I 4,00 I 8,00 1 12,00 1 18,00
i _ 17,0 i 15Go 13.7,00 1 22 , 03 1 8003 I g i mp b r , f; OR. MAIN ST. & THE AVENUE, SWIRREEMARN
1 2-----r --- 17 IT, 23,65 I bO,OO I 46,00 1 00,00 1 icro,oc , L.. , WELLSBORO, PA.
1 - , • 'ERIE RAILWAY.
--- , 16r line EdttorialOr
..,. c i ,1,1 Aces cents pc, , ---
' - s' cents por lino. .OL. BUNNEL, YROP*H. AnSTitede or Pont Trim, Anorrsnlon liita, 1671.
" j i uyr sta for In advance
.t.„( ~P.tstis ng 5S b, , 3 - ,k ......„,..,,„____. NEW and IMPROVED bnewzNo novo and
, • „ t ,,- ; Montt, Constable tilauks,Deedsplndr '.l bi is popular Hotel lately kept by B. B. SLEEPING COACHES, combinin g all Modern Improve.
f ?I ~ Cortl2cates,S.c ,on band.
„,, N., a r - Holiday. Thc Proprietor will spare no pains to t z t .z ipt:, i s i tre rim through on all Trains between Iltursio,
„.„............ make it first-class house. All the stager at- na il and re I ::'YVIC I , Pe "I”
ridge, Clot eland, Clothe.
, r-5.....-...... -
- -- ----
rii o and epartirom this house. A good hostler
k t, r Nri,:sl - 4 ifDA.I3,7DS. In attend nco. fl rLivery attached. Westward.
- Jan 1, 18 1
-.. -....---....- .. . T. -ly •
--- --
Ailtellell & Cameron,
Marble Works. .-.......... 1 ..... ,„„_..1....____. ......e.
N. 'York L've 900 a m 11 00am
1 yAEIS & COViNSELLOBS AT LAWS /FIRE .ndersigned is now prepared to axe- j e • , e'seOP In 'LOOP=
ersey it)." 915 a n. 15 ~ 5.46 " 7.20 "
•'', • L -. 1 Intirtneo Agents. Officel Rel'S i cute all orders for' omb Stones and Wan- Newark .. 11.05 " 6:40 "
`' 11 11-boro Pa Nov. 1, 1871. manta of either Paterson " 12.00 In 0.26'"
11 C ' ' Turners "1043 " 1.86 din 7A6 sep 9.10 sup
ITALIAN OR RUTLAND MARBLE, new is h .. 11,40 am 6,80 pm
J. I. I .IIIEIIIIIIST & co., iof thelatest style and approved workmanship pt gervie, Arr. 11 55 " 185 " 9.2) u 10.80 p m
Dingleton " 359 pm 917 " 2.21 a m 8.13 a m
Ls.NI.C.E.XiS and wil dispatch. -, Ow go '• 488 10.10 " 3.12 " 6.b8 u
He ke pit constantly on hand bothkinds of eta erly ‘ 847 : 10.58 4.02 448
U gft:, • 8 ° " 4 - 40 " 5,15 t,
Marble a d will be able to suit all who may fa- tn ir ith a g
,•,4lt 1 I '4l 1228 aln 6.28 . 665 "
vor him ith their orders, on as reasonableterms
111.1.1.A.N1.). PA Hot nelsvga" 738 Sop 200 " 7.00 bfe. 7.12 bit.
„‘ i i xn_llndl• 1
as can beobtatnedlnthecountry, obtained in the country. Rochester " 1027 " 255az0 '
, k IT i SO 1
FRANK ADAMS'. Buffalo . 1 1060 " 11.20 "
I 1,71-oul.' Tioga len. 1,1871-if. Meg Palls" 11 30 " 12.14 P Zit
Pud.Dridgau 1185 " 12.90 1
Caton " 1140 " 12.25 1, 1
- --
--- D.otior. ~ 130 a in 12 58 - 1
T me:tavola .. , 1'25 ~ 220 din
101ent eland il I . 550 " i 7.20 pre
.'llaTton " 11280 pro 4.05 a m
Cincinnati' " i 216 (1 G m IS
!;eetkv, Coates
Tioget, Couuty,
.retie money on deposit, diacount notes,
: d erU drafts on Nety York City, Collect
protnytly 0tat10, 7 .-Jan 1,1871-y
.0:ID COATS, •
(}F.O, W. .11ERILICK,
toe in Smith and Thiarea's Blo3lc,ttoroga ball
. 4 Agitator 011icei 'stittri; [soound floor ! )
;ellaburo I'a, Jan. 4, 1871-Iy.
WlMain A.' Rota. -
rney aul Couusalor at Law, first door abovo
uverse S Oagood'a store, ou fain street.
11$1“.ro, January 1, ISTI y
.Ino._ A.datas,
(11.3 y and COUUte/Or ut LRW,Munafield,Tioga
.vvy, Oollzctlons promptly attended
. Jan. 1, 1611—y
\i'ilsol.l 'SRO,
anus and Counselors at Law. Will attend
rnoptly to buliinces ontrusted to thoir carp in
e dOtuttiOs ut Tioga and Patter. Office cin
Nvenue. Jan: 1, 1671 y
r WitsoN.) jJ.l3.NttEtt,
Jotui W. Guerm cf f
ruey and tluunsolyi at Law. All budlrlo2s
traits.• , l to htna will be promptly attended to.
20z, LOUtly of if aziott'a Hotel, Tioact,
County, 1871.
Wm. D. Smith,
I:,ion, bounty and Inviranco Agent. Com•
auctic-itio us ;out to tbc above address will re-
Nice prompt attention. Terms moderato,
isoevi!lo, I'a.—Jan. 1, IS7I.
Seymour & Horton,
rueyi and Conneelore at law, Tioga Pa.
I bJetr.e9s antrustad theiecara Dili receive
miq attention,
ii.SrvJOvLt J. C. lionTott..
Lln I. ISTI y
k1113TP. 0 : 1 1;
. ArmAroitg 8i Linn,
I,ltll y
It D. 'falie.ll & t 24)., 1 •
uto.,,v 1ua 1 ...6:12., anti dealers in Wall Paper,
erv.i0n0.!....1_4,5, Win .low (class, Perfumery,
l ints, clik, ,i,.., z . , -, , —Coroing,'N.Y. Jan.l'7l.
1). liacou, 11. D. )
4u.3 3urgeQn,lst. door ea2tof Laugher
he,.-Matti Strout. Will atteud promptly to
311 i. r.-7.
A, 31. Ingham, 1. 1
, evn „nirt, WACO at 111.3 11eaid..;!(1.;41 ,(1
itC,l3.—J4i, 1, 13;71.
S.mth, l'roT)riclor. Morita in
L 3 .3, tLI.tL.,. travvlibig
qopertor mar.ner.—Jan. I, 1871.
Fanners' l'onperance Hotel,
\DIN E, hiving 'parchaseti this h0u0,,,
! L I coe•luct is tittara KS in the past, strictly
o tsmpara ace - principals. 13 very accotnuan
ntioa_ror an..l beast. Charges reason.
fantilry 1, IS7il
ruion gold.
d. \ - ,th elorn; Proprietor, tVethilioro,
iu tvU.O tsantly located, and has all
to conveniences for man and beast. Charges
, larate,—Jan 1, IS7I-Iy.
w. IV. WELCH, 11. 1.3. 5
Physician, and Surgeon,
. •
inc,...._0 1 ,„n g out uf Hastings Jr, Coles
iSt.ra —mar. 1,1571.
Farm for Sale
'VIE HUNDRED ACIVS with eighty
J urea itnorovbd. snot Situated near An
Adtatti Road, 83uth of :klatastirg. This al.
'l, contains a comfurtahle lions°, two good
trcs and ninety fruit trees. It is well adapted
itirylug and agrioul tare. Terms 'env. In
re of the subacrlhor at Mainrlyarg, Pa. -
lilac 14, 1671-tf, J. A. BOYCE.
ew Jewelry Store.
QE , :•ilsp3atfully ea:it to
the eltizans wol.,'n ,ro p.a.' vicinity,' that
has opened a
Jewelry Store
%the building reoontly occupied by 0. L. Will,
a Ills clock clutprise9 a full assortment of
ooKS, 7".1T011f,", 1121VkL23;1
571,1 7 ER AND I'LATED- Pi,:
A ;CI:IN F.: ,Z; c, 4.1 • : I .1/ en
NArther n ttt ,, ,D , l to tLe °
itl:P.klß I N(1 orWATCIIE-5
1'1,0c1(..i Lo.
r the skillful bc.,vcliteert
;Jaz' ,7.11 tt.perionec is sufa , ...ic.r..t guarantee.
• • S. 1 ; : .
oot, Shoe, Leather• au ll
Finding Starr. -
ottlitt soN,
C,), r",y, (7, .
• , ~.,
. .„
.. ~,1.
1 t,„t Its t
I,ei r frier.Js
111 •!o-tocnern th At Oonv aro 1•;log it level
`1 " 1, 11'0 , : 4.l•irier , i On tVullil . 'aro ntreot, op
l'l' the tat •3 Stl;il h 11 , )tei I' hey keep boots of
' Fitiis, , lnd $.11 , 04, t , ) 3.1, t everybody, both for
-,.. tt mei goofs ; oleo any kind o? children's
'tt D rop i n and ?et)
Its 7 , 1971 tt
11 V o11~f:
A. L L , h;(I - • accut:Lo portaloing to the
baline!.4 Dr,RDY, are in tho
It It ' or th , , , tut)Forii,er nal leatian, and ning
.titha ho male.
OEO. O. La:lOY.
Wellebol%) Oct 25, 1571-3 t.
team engine and boiler,
I lith saw mill machinery, for sale cheap by
of Weight di Bailey. Nov 1 '7l at
3EI. Claixerisr„
EEPS oonstantly on Land, ELGIN
•t • 14 Mirka, AlartaA Calendar: CLOCKS,
- .
iLlirEllt SPOONS,
Plated S Dons and Forks; Table, Butter and
Fruit 'Knives; Cups, Castors and Cake Baskets;
Napkin PAny3; Cream Salt Sugar and Mustard
Spoons; Fine Gold and Agate Rings; Gold Pens
and Pencils; Solid Gold Sets;
Pearl Fancy and
Hated Buttons; Watch Gnards and Cimino, &a.,
A larges(oek of SPECTACLES, GLASSEB,4nd
Colored Glasses, all at redden - Or-Lem
Natobes and Jewelry neatly ifipatred.
March 1, 1871.
N. 8.-
la '
lonia DENTIST.
c,lto C , Howe Wollaboro, Pa. All
a neatly and carefully performed. Sat.
guaranteed at 'live and let live prices.'
1871 tf
Offiro op.
Fob 22
i 1
Ell 2
And hitv
being my
their sail
four thou
figures f
The Eilh
sold or,
Sold over
ing Ma i
Sold one
chine I
Solt/ ove,
Sold ovc
Sold ove
:Ilan It;
.. f o.,
, the Grover & faker
4 Machine Co., 70,431 do
the Howe Machine Co., 52,117 7 do
il the Wheeler & Wileon
(rehiring Co., . .
all IA which is mainly ui-. - ;..g to the popularly ,
k ,
of what a known as (ho "NE 1 1 4
w :31ILY SB7lllO
MAC= ," which is now fast finding 'its way
eve 3 , well regulated household.—For Cir.
Calera gl i ing full particulars of Machines, their
Folding eases of many varieties of wood and
finish, their Attachments for numerous kinds of
work, which, till recently, it was thought that
agora Woo° could perform, as well as
portico] re about all articles need by their Ma
chines, s ch as Twist, Linen Thread, Spool Cot
ton, Oil, Ac., AC., apply to any of their Author
ised Age ts, or to , .
455 roadway, New York. Philadelphia
Office 11 0 Chestnut St.
March 22, 1871-tr. ,
, .-4.7,1_.r4.1-3A,,0,
CAr ~ '; : :1 ' ::: r k .:. ). 7 ' . '".:
1. ',. _
_i - V . V ; e7i , ;•l7 - :`> 9 7 ::- ;; . ' - ' ; " M .
!InlW - ':4 s 'Falti , ;:V ' AZ;;"':?: '...: ...ii . " ::
- ,-;t ' ~,;71P i 77 . '---"."'" 6(i'ars?*t. ,
0 ,I , 1
n ri . 41 `)‘ I '.. ' '''' N
- (5 . .) '
• I ,e 4 ,7-_.%---
kL-- -' -
y J ul
P 1
target t a
Ilan a th
la of Instruments bought or taken in
and to let. All orders for ro
d promptly attended•!.o.
3 'W. NIcINT43SII, Agent."
Marub 8, 1611
All Lein
eachang ,
pairing a,
A, J
Juqo 2
• VII ti
Hlollea fro
acres, s
some lOW
parqa fu
a (I, CV
A` Iln
tt l ines
fi.lins ed
nearly ev
For air ,
tams of
log, so.,
. •
- -- -- -
1.- , ,
:-..--..........•-- - -•,: ~1 .•,,, %.-------
.: :. - , .-• :,- •i .
.; .:- • r•-- 1 4 4,- , 4 r c . ~:,, • , •
, . .
_,,.,,.....,- .i. , „ , 1,,,- , ' I ( ' 1 :
~,„,,,,,t4 ; , 4 1 ,. 4 • -:, , -,---' '
.„,- ( r ;;- ,: •:• r . ~,.., i ,:,, i , ~._ g. • c ~.- ~. ~i.:„..:::, ••,-. •• -,•-. -..-.- - ' "".' L
.H , 1 1 , f i 1 ,-, --. ' , ' . ‘
' 1
I \ ' : lit I
, .
. . ' Bolki,li
,! , -
. va t
..,.. 1 1• i ll i...:1
I ~ , _.,.
~i • , .
, ) _ i I, i: . 1
1 ,
, 1
, , t
~,i , ..,1 1), . I I , . ,
1 1
(......_i . x..k,,,,....:„....... . , la well gleaned
. : . 2 ( . 1
, . I , ‘ .
.) ate aH ails of
. - \&___ -., . 1
. : .
~. -
.. . .
• • '',' , i •,- . - . '• • .', - :,'”: , :i . s -,..:. -,--.. ' ;'' --... ' -,1 - 1, '
‘ - r . 4 , I 1.1 ~ ... • • . . ,
',..... 4 ,-, ,- „. . , ' , l'd 4,i 1 iCZ -..,../ ••• .....3. Ai __ dliPir.-- :-. , . . , Latgditniio
. .
Manufacturing Company,
titnteil by the homes of the people—
ivod the Groat Award of the
o left all rivals - far behind theta, for they
SOLD IN 1840
re than forty thousand in advance of
8 of the previous year, and overforty
and more than the sales of any other
for 1870, as show,n by the following
om SWOR returns of the sales of
'ger Manu oturing Company
r the Flore.ce Sewing
Co 110.173 /31aghines
the Wilcox if; Gibbs Sep- •
:chine Co., 98,943 do.
I ,
the ..WcZi.d.Weloo9 - 46. : i. Q•:
82,931 do.
Music Store I
EENEWS new Improved Iron Frame
Soft Pedal
. 9
Doler in all kinds of
and ,Mnsical 'Merchandise,
d best-molootion o biUBlO In this foo l .
Country. /lands warranted Tor 20
. •
ans - and Cabinet . Organif •
ti Uroener's Patent Foot Pedal
egata, new, loather top Muggy ; one
open buggy, dearly new; Ono two
wdgon . ; a good Anglo bhrnese. -
WRIGHT & 1)&1'1:EY. -
- 1
, Ib7l te
I f 0 r Sale.
Atbperibor offers enr sale his farm, situt
in the town of Dolu3ar; some eight
n Wollaboro. Said 'farm, contains 75
rue 30 of which is improVed; good
.n 30x42, and a good log house, and
t trees thereon. Said farm is unour
fertility of soil in this sot te_.a. For
s inquire of the subsesibor at the aloe
Merrick, Esq., Wellsboro Pa.
li9, 1871—ff. , . A. REDFIEL.D.
titutton to kepare young men for Bus.
.. 'The graduates of this College are
. wanding and ' lucrative 'positions in
/ , ry city in the Union.
!Cars, containing full partieulars, Spec
iVriting, Collage Bank Bills, Pen Draw
nclose ten cents, and address
A. J. WARNER, Principal
Elmira, N. Y:
9.1% a m
0.20 a m 11.20 ‘i
7.05 ' 12.14 p m
7.10 12.90 a
7.15 ".. 1128. 4
75.0 1203 a
-0:21) 2.20 On .
p m • 7.20. P m
7,26 " 4.05 a on
ildao ,
Additional.Local_Traine Westward
-6.00 a, in. — exospt Stindayire from Owner
8.00 a. t 6., dally, from Suannahana.. .
9.00 a. m daCy, from Snaquebana. . •
12.15 p.i:a.'ezeopt Sundays, from itusquiLiali; '
1 0 15 p m ezoopt Sundays, ?rota Xlizara: Stopping if
Big Fiats 180, Corning 2 00, ,- 1418104 poet 205, att4
thrlaCe, via Asein, to Bnifolo, arriving at 8 85 pm.
B,oop al except- Stlntiari.ttotti )3foghtittitirn. . • „
_ .
STATION O. - N 0.12-? N0.44..1
C1n0.... 0,15prn... , kra»! 1 , 16 pna
Payton ~2 M 4 4au(' I . s'aXift,' 323 ",.,,"
Cleveland.. " 7'25 "- ' - ' - 5 86p - 03110 - 00 ." -
Meadville.. " ;11 Fa Din .- ........... --0 10 Sup c 186'.1•5f.7,
Dmiltlik.... " ' 125 p tw,., ,,P.Plfir ' 4e.'4‘
Clifton " 180 "i 5 80 p sullo 00 " , .4) 00- 0 '•
Bus. Bridge " 135 " ".„''',s 85 "'llO 05 a' ' t 0 05' a -
Niagara 'falls 141 ,. "-1, 045 -"- 1 10,12 a i 015 "
Hugel° ".2 Ol.a , !:(125 a t 1110;" 1 700 "
Rocbester " 4 00 ", , ,,i DO ',.-" y... ;:.,...1 663 a
nortielleville , .04:43 Suptlo ;9 -,,,-1 - *RI Amt 948 '
Corning... "`i7 23 p mlll 43 •_ ”. i' 4.25 ~:' " 1065 l '''
Bimini " ! ' - 'l3 /0 a - 12268 mi•ls'l74‘• o 'llBO a
Waverly.» " 8'47 " 100 " 1 588 1o: 11243-p
0w5g0...... " 925 " . 140 _".. :_.8.391—"-42-441. !it_
Bluponiton 19 08 " 2, 20 " i•-7,00 - ,;" 1 12`2 4
Port Jervis ar 263 040411 , e '-' 0- 0 ril l 4 I 626 a
hilli(dletoten " ass ".: ii 800 l '. . 6 . 1 , ..tre , ,,u..i.i. , '-v.l.•+;-4
N0043.8h " - ~.11140 am -..-..,;j 2 1 , ..." ISo -43 .
Turners... ' a . ... .. .».•.:...! 9 05-11fti 113 Mit ' *Zap;
Paterson.- " 060." ' ' lO 15 aMY229 vs •7'31319r0'
Newark... " TOO-' "" i 205 p nil 515 " ..............•
Jersey City " 689 a ilo 69 a nit 255'"t0 12 • "-
11ler York " 7Od a 'talll 10 .6 i 810 p m i:6,66:op *
- . Additional Local Trains Eastward. . :
5;40a m., daily from•Hornelsvals. - ' - ,: •
546 a ni„ sundays excepted. from uoinellsvllle,
' 6,00 a in- except Sundays, from 'Owego. •
7160 a m., except Sundays, from Elmira. ' ' ' • •
VA p. m.. except S undays , Palliated Post; "
tlO p. in., except El undayi, from Llcrrnallirell le. •. 1
' ° Pally. . ' 7 Mondays excepted. .
'L. Tr. RUCKER, • Wit L IL DARR, , 1
Gong Supt, Peril Pass.Ag't.'
Direct 'Rout° North and South,
On and after Monday. August 7th, 1821; Tratne will
depart from Troy, Da., as follower. , .
Expre3B,B.o3 A. M. Buffalo Espress,ll.4o P.M
W'inssort Accom. 7.08.
E t rptese Mail, 9.26 P. M. Elmira Accra. 962 A. M
General Superintendent
As Gong 1..34'f
Wellsboro _ez Lawrenceville B. B.
Time Table No. 1.
'Nests ierter Ilonnat, 821 . 12305.41124,11171.
Going north r arrive at Corning, 5:80 p m. 10:40 a m.
I!. • "!: • Lawrrocevillo;446o pnt,9,119 am,
,"lepartficim Dunning, 4:19 p in, 9:20 a m.
Lathrop, 4118 p m, 9:15 a m.
Bear Creek, 8;67 pm, 9:02 am
' " , Tioga, 8:51 pm, 8;56 a m
llamtaond, 8:88 p In, 8:88 am
. .4 Hill Creek, 8;20 p m, 8:25 - am
• • .• pm, &18 a m
1171ddieb'y, 8:04p m, 8:08 a in
Niles Talley, 2:66 p m, 8:90 a RI
" Marsh Creek, 2;42p. In, 7;47 a in
arrive at Wellseoro. 2;60 p 7 ; 4 0 Ana.
oolng south, depart from Co rni n g , _ 8;80 a O, :45 • D r a
4." . Let terenorrille, 9:45a In, 7:48 pm
di " punning, 9:65, a in, 7:57 p m
• " Lathrop, 10:00 a m, 8:02 p m
" Bear Creek, 10:14'a an; 111:14'pm
" Ti0ge,,10:23 a m, 8:18 p m
" Hammond, 10:40 4 in, 8:83p m
" eek, 10:68 a M, 8:44 pm,
Holliday's, 10:59 a in, 6:48 p
Middlebury, a in, 8:50 pm
" Mlles 'Valley, 11:17 a m, 9:08 pm
31arsh Creek, 11130 s in, 1k1.4 p m
4• arrive at Wellaboro, 11;87 a in, 9,20 p
Oct. i. 4, 1871 " A. 11. 110111VN. 29:0.
Blossburg & Corning /4 floga
DEPAIIT 'ROM TIOGA.-40ma (Saint. f' -
No 1-10.04 a m No p m " No 5-4.04 al '
No 7-0.10 a in No 0-12.20 pm' , No 11-1.15 p
No 111-4.33 p m No 16-0.80 p m Nol7-10.16 a m
' •
DEPART 113011 TlOgA—Oonio Noma.
No 2-4.07 p m rfo 4-9.13 a m No 6-0.40 a in
No 6?-7.60 m Nolo-11.18 am No 12-6.04 a to
No 14- 6.30 y m No 16-10.16 to" No 14-.0 1 110 . p m
No 1341.12 p m No 1641.10 na
Bupt 11. 117 1 1 . iSupt,Tioo A. IL
1 - 01
& ;
7 ''.
who has long been ()stab
1 ,*‘:• MJewelryll) ed in the Jewelry bud
/,:il . '01%4
, , e . s .- , nese in Wellsboro;has al.
x ,,„, ways on . sale,:, : various
11.h.....: : :' , -9 hinds and prices of ,"'
With ID2OBi, other articles usually kept u each
establishment, which is sold low for
Repairing done neatly, and promptly, and : on
January 1,1871—y,
T o io r,zb g E c c ie ri s te e r a s b t i r c !l v l i tr a e g r a
p fo t
o r p
e s r a t l y s,
1 11 1 1 4, 3 a f i (ii a l . -
boro. 20 town lots situated on State street, 80
lots on Charleston street—(the Erasttie Fellows
Farm,) and the boner and lot of Charles Will
iams. These lots are well situated and will be
sold on reasonable terms.
August 28, 1871—tt
THE undersigned, proprsetor,ot
this line takes this method of in
flaming the public, that the abort) Stage runs
daily (Sundays excepted,) between the two Oa.
degas follows: 1
Leaves Wellsboro at 8 a. tn., sad arrives at
liitaastield at 10.80 a. 1:12.
Leaves Ma afield at 8.80 p. nt., and arrives at
Welleboo at 6 p.m. jarTatosl,2s.,
,Tin 4 VW wit liN &VAN NORM .
.. •
:- r
Northern Central.
&e„ ,&c
C A S H.
- THE Comfuonwealth of Pennsyl
. •
I(' • • • counvtyar,aoiretootinthge; Sheriff
..` :1 S t a We command you, that yea at
-1 taohlohn 0. Brown, Ira A. Ward,
1 William G. Ward, John Ward, Jr.,
'Charier/M. Ward; Presoott Hall Ward, adored
fa- Thompson and Cornelia Pennoyer,whe sur
vived john Dykens, byall and !singuitir 'their
gocida and eirattels, lands and 'tenements, in
w4se hands or possession soever the entire may
be, so that they be and appea r before our Court
ofCommon•Pleas to be hOldenLatVellaboro, in
and for said county, on thelast Monday of Nov.
next, there to answer Jatzlei Lowrey - and B. F.
Wilson of a plea o f debt, and also that you sum
mewthe person, or persons,and every of them
in Whose hands the goods or effects or every of
them of the said John C.' Brown t, al may' be'
found, so that they he and appear before our.
said Court, at the day and place aforesaid, to'
answer what Isbell be objected to them, and abide
the judgment of the Court in the preimisei: 'And
have you thin and there this writ. .
Wit:uses the lion. R. G:Whitei President J adge
of our said Court. Sept. 21, 1871., •
' J. W. DONALDSON;Dep'y Proth'y.
•• • , •
By virtue of the annexed Writer Paulen At•
taahment, l'have 044414 the folltaring derail
ed lot of land, situated in the township of Blom
bounded and describetl ; as: followa: o,outainlog,
three hundred and fifti.tWo and sores iifseated'
lands a the . Defendantit,,'en_2lreaf{anl;
warrantees-Teitnated in
Bloss township, Tioga!:(l.oo4lti I,l l 44l,llttetet: of•
Pennsylvania; alio 11,87,Andi cores of }placated.'
lands on Warrant '24.49ll7`,L,Nicielin4,iGriffitn,
warrantees—situa(ed Blass t9enqhlp afore
said; also 26Aereittf Witt tialandreit *artist,
No. 809„ Franklin Voltage .warrantee, In Blois
township aforesald'i ahro;-the following desorib
ed hot bt land in Bless,tosinskiß aforesalt—be
ginning at a post-/84' Wad 440 south'
18 degree; east, from a fallen, Lynn, the North
West senior of warrentlrose-L4- iII - t !Unite of
)14111in A Gefilth warrantees; thence, sontlx2 _
&peer west 192 4-10 twteihelt to tiVeet, thence'
wait 182 6-10 perches, thence north Ye degrees
_east 8.6 perches to s post, thence north 44/ - dot
Vies West 142.7 pereites ton forked pipe, tbence
seittli'l39i - degrees tvesl l lBr.7 . ' Pirehott fo'a post,
:thlinee north 8 1} clogreeceset b 0 perobei, thence
Ill ; north ll : degrees' west 18 parches, north 8 •
,glees west 15 perches, north 27 degrees seeet z a
`Poolles, norttr,l3 degrees west 26 perches the
P 1 l of c beginolitg4e,dairtiilag'4o6 egret of laud
or !thereat:teats. -
-18114.618 . 8 ff.
ICORGE, WAGltalie`-heiritiat retelved a,
superb apsoritnenSof al : , kinds of
' ,for gentlemen's -
and is prepared to manta - adjure In ttie 120882'
STYLE, and 'oir the slicirtesOlotice. Persons
Wanting Clothing will please drop in and see
My Rock. Good Firs -and the
. hest of wor,
- guaranteed, • • 0 ; ' t
Oct. 17, I'B7l. GEO. WAGNER.
C tnibined ClO , ter Thieithei3
and Separator.
Ti HIS machine is run by l eight
_horses with
apparent ease, and requires but tow hands
to work it.. It has no complioated parts,..hence.,
no breakages and consequent delays and aspen.-
see. No Irian can feed h fasterthan its ability-,
to thresh; separate,
bi,jl2kted,,..oleau 1,204.4.
thorgagh mariner. For_atile of finish and
fuliappearanee it hatrao . equal: It threshes OOP
balls from the straw, separates the strawltloni
thd.ohaff. hulls the seed from pit
theseed foi'ulaikot allfat n.heeperatien. Aiapit
citY from 20 to ed busirelS'ef seed per day._
Company, South ilenlloadiasta.: , %Ver. ftirtiser!
parttaulters,-seititici the m udhf~6tarei4
ag4nt.for the'Cfliiesr Loaf, a- t•alisi- whio4 - 001i
full x),lrtfoulars'itt regard,te, - ,thik, 'M'aitilo9,-. 44,
bas m'aii7 f ;ytiltiable ,suggestleti r elattie to,thes
raising erthe'olo*of grog,. , Llzov,
lilotith:of Mill Creek, Tioga ;
•••• '5,1
THE- GREAT... 0111 SE
OP •
lIITIVIAN .' I\II.I.SEAY • . . - -
Just Published, in a SeakiEavdope.. Price six ants.
'CoA. Ler/tura on tjuOlatuie; %treatment uud Radius.)
rn of Bernina' Weakness, or opermatorresma, induced
by 13 eltabrise, Involuntary Emissions, Impotency, Nor.
vom; Debility,-andlmpedimen to to Marriage generally
Coqsumptlon, Epilupay,:and Film:lMS tarand Physical
incapacity, &c —B . J.R013-4,-.lNLyArjAvvitt,, .Ird . D.,
author of the oillisatilksolt- t o-&c.-- '--
The WorloPectowned uutberod This kill:nimble Lto•
tors, clearly_ preens from'. his Cat; f4P9Sience that the
awrattbnilequanofit'of" BislflAht(se' tally . - be effec tinily
renioired Nrlihont medicine, and - tiltkotit. dangerous
rarglcal oratatloik;•,bouglek instruments, . risige,, or
cordials, pointing out a mode of cure at once certain
and wilicheveryseaffarer,J*Maitir What
his; conditiot- may . be, Inky oa r s himself cheaply,
grfeately; and , radihally: ' nay kettle 'will prose a
!Welts to thousands and thousand,.
~,13jittimhdar seal,: iti a Philp - einyelope,to any. ad dreili;
- _ . en rcelpt of six Canto, or taro pCslags stamps, by . ;_ad: ,
' dog tbliplab n r ber ' ••• "' -' .' •' - ' '..,
, •
• Q
C, it:MILVERIVErtIe, " 4 4 r ,
Ch li ,
*, priceld Ult.:: lddfSetrtheltblishers,:; ' ''
' lnitil.l. o,Kaliza COG. •.
tlt?* br'eadaai,lifw'Yerk;Pcat-Oletßox
.8 pt.27.,1.1171.-y.,,- • • , ,
vlwq - gLoanon. SALE:7
Tllliatilascrihir IS: now 7 .-Offineing-v fling e lot
for sale in the western part of the village
tin Seasonable terms. Said 1.45 are large and
.nlosAy situated.
,(:.41so, about 160,000 feet of pine; lumber for
sali, at Truman & Itcrvran'a Wallsboro.
Sept 0,.1811. A. OROWL.
Planing and Matching
D ONE with neatrieh and dispatch. Mao
math from inch lumber. ,Can liana 24 inches
wide. At Hamilton's steam mill, on Hammond
oreek, in Jackson township, Tioga county.
Jackson, June 0671 tf - .
• -
. .
• LAM' hod.w*as thiMirensend House
f€ and for fe dm.' occupied' by 'P.`
U day, has hasp Atioronghly refitted, repair
ed and opened by
who Rllf be happy to accommodate the old
Wends of thehonso at very reasonable rates.
Ain. 30, 1871-Iy. M. R. OTONNPR.
Administrator's _Notice.
been granted tolhokundersigned on the es
tate of Dewit 0. hold** i dedeesed, late of Mans
field, Tloga 0o..,•PA:; : s11 person. Indebted to the
said estate and those having claims against it
will settle with SARAH HOLDEN,
Oct. 18, 1811. Bw. Admr's.
Real lEstate For Sale..
ONE HOUSE AND LOT. on State stied, en
tirely new,
finished nicely throughout
Cottage style. Terms easy.
One lot on State street, upon Is Each a louse
is being built.
Ten lots on Meade street.
Four hundred acres of timber land in Delmar.
Also, a splendid dairy farm in Delmar, con
taining 375 acres. Inquire of
June 21, 1 71 tf WRIGHT A' BAILEY.
Orphans' Court Sale.
IN pursuance of an order of the Orphans'
Court of Tioga county, dated the Bth day of
September, /871, the undersigned, Adminietra•-
tor of the estate of John Rowland, diceaeed,
late of Tioga county, will, on Wednesday, the
29th day of November, 1871, at one o'clock 'P.
M., at the Court Rouse in Welleboro, sell at pub
lic sale the following described lands, situated
Deeraeld township, Tioga county :
Bounded on the north by lands of Joseph and
henry foghorn and lands of S. X. Billings, on
tbe east by lands of Emily G: Knox and lands
of the heirs of Samuel 11. Prloe, deceased, on
the south by lands of the heirs of Samuel 13.
Price deceased, by the Cowanesque 'river, by
lands of Eddy 'lowland and /ands of Jas Knox,
and on the west by land's of Eddy Rowland and
James Knox; containing 03 acres. Terms cash.
rov.l, 1871 8w ' Atuer.
• • ,
- • ,
. ,
A' f 4 ininther. tir slater bq naked' and doetititte
a 11 7;ftiod, and dim of you say unto them, De.
p in pasts°, beltiwarmed and filled, notwith,
standing yit - siltre Thorns not,those things whioh
ate iteedfill to the body, who doth it profit ?"-4-
Jannis ii, l5, 18.
AN Old lady sat in her old arm-chair,
With wrinkled visage and disheveled hair,
And hunger-worn features;
For days and for weeks her only fare, -
As she sat in ber old arm-chair,
Had been potatoes.
But now they were gone ; of bad or good
'Nat one was loft for the old lady's food
Of thoia potatoes.
And she sighed and said : "What shall Ido ?
Where.shall frond; and to whom shall I go
For more potatoes?"
And she thought of the deacon over the way,
Thip deacon so ready to worship and pray,
Whose cellar was fall of potatoes.
,Bho said: "I will send for the deacon to come;
110 9 11 not Much mind to give t he some
Of such a store of potatoes,"
.#1:0 the deacon came over as fast as ho could,
Thinking to do the old lady some good, •
IBut novel. ihronce of pOtatoes.
- 4e%seked her at once what was her chief want:
Arkl she, simplossoulrexpeotlng-a grant,
• Immediately answered i (Potatoes"
Oat thedeacoets•roligion didn't lie that way;
INwei Mare tp.csoustosuad to l preadlrand prey
, 1 Tharko zike2llS - hoarded pewee*. •; ,: ,
fie,inbt beeitis,;ef *tee; whatthlic4 tab 4 r itd,
t);roitti to prai with ' uncovered head ; • ~
But she only thought of potatoes:
4eip,rikie4 AT pationce,,icoducts, and gtaco;
lint - whop.titio prayed, "Lord give her peace,",
, 1 She itiatliiiilsye4,:itaivi,poi4ititc" •'.
41 i 10 .ilkOjj'0 4 ,ttienO14riiier,w1i106 ho sold
Bo s t liiterker thought belieaTd, in jte'etead
I # - ii 1 4.titt.,.44)i40, iotiitc44, . - .•
•••4 , r,. , !;w ''''' , - t fi: t,' r.r ",•:::,i. 4 .;:z :::11.- - . i. _
De mon wits" awed; knew-nottwhae to do;
:i twiff!tetZ 4 1, 1 L **l: 6 , - Sike - lit»l' 4l0 I'ity,
, AitiVout those eattiat potatoes. ^- '
101 ancIP4IIILI pro; hi• a teitted"ki,hol4; *--',.,,:
' 7 " 5 4 0 .1 7 30 ) . 1 )P044; 'itel.litml, a de.P..ievarii
tro rri,
i ;Ptie4iVtilerthehtitimpetetoiel"'"
i :
'i....-.'i... • , . , ',..:,•:•:,...• :..-'
II 410 0 0, 41.61 _ 11 VP 116441 4140!'kfitilisy:kop;O:
iit•;tieillidat of the night it haunted his room; .-
i PO, give to the hungry, potatoes I" '
Jfe iould,bear it no )onger ; arosa.and.dressod,
Ti`ritan - hia tiotiiiWed collar taking in beige • .
• '''',khagot"..itis hes t potatoes. ": , • ,', . -
.. .
Again ho Sent to the widow's lone but.
Iler'sleepleas eyes She had not yet shut ; , '
Ba there the sat in the old arm*hair,
:With-,thn iittio Wan features, sense wan air. f iniViit ;log in he poured ontho door ,
.A y§ u _ or more from his goodly store " -
Of choicest potitees.
The Widow's heart leaped up for joy,
Het face was polo and haggard no more.
.fiNnw," said the deacon, "shall we prai?"
.".Yes,". said the widow, " now you may."
VW he knelt him:down on the sanded floor,
:Where be Lad poured out his goodly store,
Al4'snch arprayor the - deacon prayed
As never httforehis liKessayed.
No!longer,6Mbarrissed, biitfree and full,
HoPourteiont the voice of:a liberal soul;
.4nd the widow responded a loud " omen !"
1 But said no
- more of pOtatoes.
. .
iAti,sieult you hear this simple tale,
1 1 1 , 0 1. yfor,the pocrimad praying prevail ?
.h ti prelim) your prayer with alms and goad
r -..•=f 1 ;_' doetlei _ -
Bearess < ii4trte poor, shetr . vrantimud needs ; -
Pray for their peace and grace, spiritual food,
Pot wisdom and guidanoe—all these are good ;
But don't forget the potatoes.
[From the Golden Age.] •
The Mesonlar Argument Answered•
, 3Y QEO. W. MERRIFK. • •
it Woman . .
. m Suffrage Implracticable,"
by Edward Bellamy, in a iecent,nitin
ber of the Golden Age, hes` been truly
called a clear and able statement of- an
objection, not heretofore generally Pr
geti against woman suffrage. But clear
anti able las the statement undOubtedly
, le,
,the position taken: is &Hellions, Wn- -'s moral or legal.ciaim to suffrage
is net raised,. The argument contests
Ite,Practicability : alone ; and Solely' on
. . .
the ground of the physleal - triferforltY .
. of women-to men. ." The criterion -of;
the right to enact, is the : ability to en.:'
force.” , I ,
~ ,
- Whit: theti'Z', , Does . tight:lie in the
right strong arnal i rliiielcalalitlity..hiii;
lug. titeleriterion,, this:May, not , lie*
ProPii. 04,1' OttOniedihe: Mitieular. lir.; 1
gument, , and posseseres-tindeolably one! i
eort of'strengtti. ißut lilt a true,:teatt: I
Trace it p4t,logie lly, and -whither . - w3kl I
it leadne:f E . :If..t . hi;l e lement of force he
easential"to the : enactment Otlawk'anst.
~ , . ~ . - . ~.
w omen he-excluded ' on the:, grOund of.
inferior etrength;.wtiSt!e Wilt &ice drab*;
the hetween'the 'eatables icoLt t.iif4'.
incatilibleiC:ltot. betWeiiii. , ihez: , ',sexelitii
for 4k4P , P. 2. ,t'A 9!,4.00( 6 0!.01 1-s ii4 ;04' ii*:.!
tweeit.; States ) for It-IS not a • stu'eatitin :or.
1 ocielitlQ-.4' 1 .1 5 t ., ', hi (*Weil' Pail:one, l'Oi-ii,4:
nota tpesti,trq oti;tat!pplpitriApsiti et
ply' ti: iltilifithiii i - I :lit4iMpeilkt ‘ r:i Ilitii'd*.
strOg** - 0 4 00010 21 ' - TO; ki;e0014 , . 1 ;
tion - in' eelf,:gcnnarrunerit. -- • - - , 1,1-- r
Tlie'yethig Man,lhen ;of el encitirPhY;',..
steal endowmantii,-Who,perhaps,‘lo the':
culture : Of:his tnind,rhas neglecteil that
of his lagdy,_tipola attaining hie_miejorF
tyand offering : his ballot,-;will be. LOW
that he iioo 0 - ,qt fill the regnirement,"-+:,,
The old man of years and eAperiencet,
with faculties situate, '. but, "with'Wiming.
health; Will also "be told' that lielntitit,
give up hie . right,:--iniving. outlived:hie'
physical. 'usefulness:, The strong AO: :
robust - Citizen, crediWr to L is govern
ment f44.10ng and signal services,: Who" !
may be Crippled by untimely :aecidettt,,:
or weakened
~,,by disease, ' twill tie,.ield
that be too Must surrender his right to
vote—being no longer " Millis muscle."
And thus, at one fell blow;, may expe
rience, Culture and public service-be
swept-by the board.
But ptirsue the - principle contended
for to its t farth,er and legitimate results.
Not only must the Individual weaker
than his neighbor surrender his rights
to the former, but weaker c3rninuulties
mustgo down before the stronger, leaser
states before the larger, feebler nations,
before' the stronger, weaker peoples' he..
fore the ore powerful, until the ulti
mately srongest, if any should be left
after sett ling the question, would swal
low those who in their turn had swal
lowed thOse beneath them. 'And if the
contlicts,between the ultimate factions
did not result in a final combat between
individual surviving giants, a compro
mise might be made by agreeltig
. Upon
the talle tend strongest cue remaining,
as a representative of sovereign power,
and to be obeyed as such, _until a rival'
[ with better credentials of personal-pow
er and proWess demanded his resigna
tion and renunciation: To this corn,
plexiOn might it come at last; if " the
criterion of the right to 'enact is the
power to enforce." If- human societies
are really incapable of establishing
Odd government by peaceful, personal
choice, -then they, must depend upon
accident and force. - '
Undeniably, any government must
have sufficient power somewhere for .
Self-preservation and the administra
tion of its laws. ! But being free, its
laws are simply the wishes of a major
ity of its members—the people. How
will that power be'affetsted by the ad
mission of women to the right of suf
frage? Will it be lessened?
Grant, for the sake of the argunt,
that women are deficient in bodily
gor, and are non-combatantts ; how 11 .
votes, 'distributed on both sides of I
queetions by the secret ballot, alterthe
relative strength of majorities? If no
Strength be added, none will be taken
away.' A small majority among male
voters does - not certainly , possess greater
physical power than Its corresponding
minority. The difference in, members
my, , be counted upon a hand; yet how
in Cqnetitly, in any government by
th l i r
ballot„ do,minorities, however large,
ietile artni to reverse the finding of
the . majority: . Are thoseiawe the less
generally enforced and obeyed, as a
rule,' Which past . ; by a close vote' of the
[ legislature? The decision of the ma-
Itirlty must be taken as- the decision of
the w.hele#-no other rale Is consistent
with any form of liberal government.
I l i homajority beinglemall does not les
sen the force of the principle. A pin--
0101e_ of right in a free governMent
I sbetild he .pilmary to brute force; oth
eilfrisaliO.deirree of intelligence is ne
fie y i ti:l qualify a people , for, Olf-gov-
Ct m utt.' The,. law-abiding Citizen
o ye a laci linjiast and repugtiant to
4 1: ri ghts`-defend : hill''b-etiitlnt he
H iePil e ae* l tl e ' n 'Pa d nn s d4. a tiih w iec i h i:i n: n i g ";
'-ha tiloltienferiernent, no one of the
in *means 'of its repeal,- and to this
,ite , will add peaceful agitation and die
iinistion. 'Mut by the law-dellanS, a good
.la* is more likely, to be opposed. than a
baiinne; and_indeed any and all will
be l , that run counter to their personal
and selfish interests. Where this class
-Predominate, no enlightened govern
ment of law is possible, whether politi
cal Power be exercised by one sex or
both; pnder . this view, the question
w uld em to resolve itself into one of
iii elligence. Where, there is sufficient
m rid and intellectual advancement to
rightfully point out and pursue the best
interest of the largest number, there all
classes of citizens -may safely be put
upon, an equality of rights. Every ad
dition of moral and intellectual power
must strengthen, not weaken the, polit
ical structure. Its physical strength Is
not.tbereby lessened, and the natural
result would be a constantly increasing
demand for the exercise of for c e .
Hence the exercise by women of their
righte as citizens, will be found to - be
no more impracticable than their ad
miesiohto membership in the church
es; and their 'predominance in such
membership is strong-presumptive evi
dence that politica would ,be Strength
ened, purified and -eleyated by their
participation. Right is the strongest
power; justice injures no one.
• But under no government does the
voting strength embrace the
. whole
power, offensive an d defensive. A
'large and ,the best portion of every vol
unteer; army, is composed of young
men between the ages of eighteen and
twenty-one years. The ability to en
foteit, in this case, is nit- the criterion
-of, the right to enact, it would seem.—
Clergymen are excused from military
duty, yet this - has never been urged as
a: reason for their exclusion from the % '
ballot, The great body of laborers, ar
tisans, seamen, farmers and mechanics
constitute as real an element of milita
ry strength as the army itself. It could
not exist, indeed, but for them. And
when the public danger demands it,
the full power of the state may be call
ed;into requisition, both men and wo
lien. The sexes are mutually depend
mt. ; neither could carry on alone a pro
tracted contest. To repair the effect of
,blowils'as essential as to strike them.
Ta nerve the Arai that strikes, to supt
.111 y, night and day, at the loom, in the
*op, on the farm, and wherever the
hands of toil can labor, the waste
emateriel, the-care of the wounded,
- add the organization and care of hos
pitals, the interior garrison duty, the.
:oats - of the supplies, the quartermaster
aoiiiiisary departments, the
, . ,
, home, end that moral support,
1 1 :perneating al thousand channels, and
!;eOl essential fo 'the. fighting , force as
oixiaer and lead,: are - duties as 'needful,
4tnd'itiqqhiting',aslarge . 'a, force In the
: pubite defense, as fightit4 in the field,
~and - these duties can be performed by
i 4Orrien.v.: On ,the ground;,: then, of the
:'1iii0,546 - oilo - en Why should they not
l'hOiii,th4,:tight:tdetitiet?r • '
t 2 or(ght . net to b'evotieldered - as atm
tilm,,that the ballot proceeded from, or
lode pzi rik rII dip - faded upon, the idea
ofd physical 'strength possessed by the
-voter.' 'it entirely confounds the idea
if tree gOvernMent. It is the assertion
•t‘t Might makes Right. The truth is,
'llie:;l3allot'.:originated from, and has
anstained by, an 'enlightened pub-
II G` seeking to break down
s, rary and despotic distinctions of
right.: And now we desire to infuse a
witch needed addition of conscience in
to, the body politic, by extending suf
frage to wome p .
. We believe the senti
ment of the golden rule to be wise, safe
and practicable.
[Curreepondenee of the Agitator.]
SPimorna.lP,-(Dakota,) Nov. 2, 1871.
Agitator :--When I left Tioga county,
it was my intention to keep your read
ers posted in regard to affairs i i the .
Greast West, but a press "of business
has delayed me, until now. I gave you
something of e. description of die coun
try and towns during my trip last sum
mer, and a reiteration would be tedious
to the reader; , but while passing I
might say that the town of Springfield .
—then only a year old--Lae grown to
more than double its proportionsln Ju
ly last, and some really fine buildings
are being erected, both of wood and
chalk rock, that indicate a permanency
and future prosperity ; the only• draw
beak being a want of railroads fur apse
dy tonnnunication andforexports and
Wheel that 'waut 141 b al I be
supplied, this Territory will Snob de
'Nielop itself into a State, and rank ,with
the_foremost in, agricultural' . produc 7
MIN. New as it now is, the eiperk
mentthus far has , proved highly
cessful, and the farmers are already
sending their surplus grain and stock
into the States to market. • We expect
the greatlire in Chicago will delay our
railrod projects for a year, at least, as
ite wee looking to capitalists there for
a port on of the funds for construction,
as we , as the stamina to open up a new,
and ndeveloped country to the Ingress'
of ci ilization. One of the great bin-
dran es, heretofore, has been a fear of
the I diens, who, until within the last
three or four years, roathed at will over
the entire Territory,but are now con
fined almost entirely to reservations,
set mart by the general government
for their own use, where they are learn
ing to farm, and, to some extent, raise
their own living; and now the lives
and property of the whites are as se
cure here from their depredations as in
any of the States; and what was but a
few years ago a vast and uncultivated,)
wilderness, from the Mississippi to the
Western Slope, tenanted only by the
Indian and buffalo, Is dotted here and
therewith the cabin of the white set
tler, and no Territory now in our bor
ders but what has a voice and represen
tation in our national councils; and a
decade hence will witness many more
Stites' admitted or asking admission
into the 'Union. It is said by those who
have surveyed the country and traced
its latitude and longitude, that we are
in a direct isothermal line with Balti
more as to temperature, and my expe-,
rience has_ far proved the theory a
correct one. The atmosphere is as pure'
and braelv as might be expected from
thls au e, and an unbroken and
treeless, pra.le, as far as the vision ex
tends, In al direetions, but none of that
keen andli dug wind that one expert . -
I ,'
enCes at-th East, .which accounts for
the absence of bronchial and pulmona
ry diseases. Sohool hOuaes and chur
ches are springing np in all directions ;
aud•with a section of land set apart for
school Ptirposes in every)townshlp; the
means - for a liberal education are alrea
dy at Our command. - With these ad-
Vantages, 'no class of people will long
remain in ignorance; and with know•
ledge,,comes thrift and industry, with a
free, virtuous and happy people. Could
our already overburdened and over
crowded cities send their surplus popu
lation to occupy and till the thousands
of vacant acres • waiting for the bus.
bandman, how much of Misery and
want, starvation add death would be
saved to the human 'race. How much
better would it be for benevolent socie
ties to appropriate the funds annually
paid to help the penniless through. a
cold and inclement winter in our Eas
tern cities, to procure a free passage for
all, who would Migrate to the cheap
lands of the West. Thousands upon
thousands of the poorer class in Chica
go, whose all consisted of the misers
hie hovel in which they lived upon the
outskirts of the city, are dependent on
the charities of a selfish world for their
winter's support, while their fate may
be that of thousands of others ere ano
ther spring time shall come. Here is a
work of true benevolence for our home
missionaries; and by thus casting their
bread Upon the waters, it would return
with interest after many days. "Time
wings his ceaseless flight," and we care.
less morttils plot •on regardless of all
save self. The le •sons of the , hour are
portentous of the future, and he who
neglects 1 the'e fling may ere long 'be
caught in th hiripool from which
f .
there is Ino r .s. e. The accumulated
wealth Of "centu ies is snatched from
our fellow main in one Bit hour, anti
the millionaire of yesterdayis the reet
beggar of to day. The great fires that
have devastated so much of the West,
in the burning of Chicago and the prai
rie,. fires of Wisconsin and Michigan,
admonish us that riches wilt take unto
themselves wings and fly away, and
that the wail of despair may come from
the palace as well as the hut.' But we
are told there is a land in the far, far
away, where fires never burn and
thieves never steal, where no lullaby
sings the wearied one to rest, nor death
etalks.through field of carnage, strife
and blood. Prophetic visions of the
future may steal over our senses in-the
still hours of night; but •with return
ing light, they vanish as the inorning'S
mist, and we toil on heedless of the 1
warning:. "The tornado sweeps over the
plain, leveling,all in its track; the flood
sweeps dosin 'from mountain bight,
boiling, foaming, andkstrryiog destruc
tiou and wideaptead devastation in its
wake; the lighthing—God's swift mes
senger of. destruction—rends the stout
est ship;L. and yet all these are but le
eons of
,a 4lay ,
) forgotten ere the chasm
is clawed, r rehearsed . as a tale of the
long ago. These are the kalends of
mini'ir bleier:SP ; the Mile stones along
life's pathway, notched in time's dial
by 'the hand' of Omnipotence; endu
riog ' monupents of His greatness—
Mock ing- the 'greatest efforts of puny
mortals.. Let, vislearn lessons from the
pasti - and garner.,up a storehouse of
knoWiedge for the unknown future!
l ow the Day, (Philadelphia.)
The Retention of enterprising men 11
turning tow rd the subject of a new
railway line rotp the cities of the Esst
to the great Test, to pass through the,.
northern tier of counties of this Comr.
monwealth. 1 To the uninitiated such
an enterprise may seem foqlhardy ; but!
it is a prettyiWell established fact that
railways depend for success upon the
carrying trade If a line pass through ,
a country full of mineral wealth, and
which is also highly productive in the
staples which the world must have,be
cause it cannot do without them, itA
success is only a matter of time., It is
certain, bicause a railway brings the
country hrough which it passes into
market.: Men will produce if they can
sell, anti with a market open, and con
ven - lent, the prodncer can sell all he
can produce of any great staple.
The new line cannot be said to be
projected, yet It is being discussed with
much earnestness and force. Starting
in at the eastern boundary of the State,
the line would cross the Lehigh Valley
road at Towanda, the Northern Central
at Troy, the Wellsboro and Lawrence
vine road at Wellsboro, the Buffalo and
Washington road at Port Allegheny,
the Bradford road at Stnethport, and
the' Philadelphia and Erie at Warren.
it would thu4' forin a great trunk line,
from witieh eeven great thoroughfares
would stretch on either hand within
Such a J ilt() would
of the rifted mlnlti
NO. 46
min -s of coal now opening. Thence
pass ng west, it would touoh the Tiogit
coal Fields near Mainsburg, as well as
the l new flagstone quarries in Sullivan
tow i ship; Tioga county, said to be in 4
finest exh ustlble, and the 7
known.- 1
The co it would pass westward, cross
ing the Corning and ,Blossburgrallroad
and apping the Bless coal fields, which
last 'ear sent nearly a million tons of
superior coal to market. At Welleboro
it weuld coOtect with the WINO/a
Cree - of Antrim mines.of bituminoui
coal, Just opened, and affording the li
nest I uality of, that valuable_staple.--
Passing west from that point, the road
wonl I pierce the Pine Creek pine re
gion; the' largest and finest body of pine;
tiu3btr east of southern Michigan, and
abou ding in coal, gypsum, iron, pot
ter's f eatly, lead and copper. Leaving
Couhersport, it would enter the coal'
andil regions of Mill ‘ ean county ; and
TreatW rren It would connect with the
reat oil region itself. v
Th se considerations are very great. ,
But t ese do not cover the whole grated.
A large proportion of the country thro'
which such a road would, pass, is the
fines grazing and crop-raising. country
in th middle States. The butter and
°bee o produced in Bradford and Tioga
coup les command the highest price in
the larket. Northern Pennsylvania
butter sells as readily and at as high a
price* the famous Orange county arti
cle.n fact, whoever buys the latter
in th eastern markets,, is as likely to
buy orthe Pennsylvania butter as
Oran e enure y. There is no difference
In th; artici . The cheese factories of
Tiog count turn out tin artiola fully
equa to' the famous " Old Herkimer,"
and 1 large quantities. Nobetter wheat
is grs
in th
so bo
and t
Wt have written in view of the dis
cussion now going on _in the newspa
pers Of khe Northern - Tier tonchltig the
feasibility of the_ enterPrioe. llt May
be miuy years before such a road will
be ettruoted, or it may never be con
- true ed ; but taking In to consideration
thevast i resources it would develop,
there is reason in the discussion. Tho'
a mountainous country In the main',
the p,ades would bolnioderate and rock
rapid, but of equable fall; and .
thouhsuch a road could not be ccin
iitrue ed on the shortest line between
any tjwo distant-points, as a rule, the
deviklons from such a line would not,
be se(ono, all . things considered.
CA • didly speaking, there are more
insiu eme
nts to build this road than
( 1 1
there ' were,to build the Erie. The cost
would be Much less; and as for the re
sourciesl of.4.he -country, they are treble,
and ;ven uadruplol those along the
line f flie l Erle road. From the first,
Northern Pennsylvania has pot been
in communication with Philadelphia,
but With New York. The Northern
Central brdke through the icy reserve
which the north maintained toward
Philadelphia. l The Philadelphia and
k•_lrite • road followed,. ~ 'ltli good • results
They .'"orthern Pennsylvania road ha
turned the attention of Bradford coun
ty this way.' Tioga and Potter sti,i
looks to New York as a market. The
send their butter and cheese to thatch
- 1
as a general thing.. That ought not to
be. c The trade centers of the• north
ought, to respond to. Philadelphia busi
ness, I iind every county ought to have
reasonably easy communication . with
IVhether this . desired end can be
' a at present, remains for capital
ray. ".. We hope something good
q:liti e nut of the earnest di cussion.
r A GOOD PORTRAIT.- t one of
:ighbors' houses was alstery bright
zirl. Tt chanced once that they
guest a minister, and i an esteem
end. Little Annie watched him
closely, and finally sat -down be
dm and began to draw on her
" What are you doing, Annie?"
the clergyman. ,‘.‘ I'se
Jieture," said the child. So the
roan Oat.very still, and she work-
Nly earnestly for awhile. Then
c,ppet.l and compared her work
he original, and shook her little
I, don't like it much," shesaid.
tit a good deal like you ; I des" I
:ail to it, and call it a dog.''-Ad.
fists ti
irt ay
our n:
had a
ed fri
put a !
ikewise cross one
lumber and kg.
ob _ Printing Hous
with Presses and Types to e*
Job Work with neatness an
, of all the late styles of ty,
havo beet' added to thlidepartment.
tton--•Bowen qt. Cone,e Block, 2d Floer
tural regions in the world. It
d tap the anthracite folds of the
dud the semi•bituminous mines
iron mines of Sullivan county. 7
, Owanda it would tap the Barclay
mines, which last year) sent about
= hundred thousand tons to mar;
At Troi, it would touch the new
wu Diu the State than is produced
I I se counties, and few acres yield
ntifully as theirs. , Nearly every
• I r can profitably raise his own
stuff. The country is elevated
er i growing season short, but the
seldom fails notwlt4staading
A Columbia (S. C.) letter, dated
ay, says - that,atrai re are•improve-
that section. The Kukinx_ are
y paulc•strieken, and many :are
, In and voluntarily giving them
up.. Thirty men have went into
nborg already and 'surrendered,,
,iany more are expected. 'Thel
chief of that region is one 3.;
• Lyle, one of the Democratic
ers of the present Legislature.—
ttk no doubt that the organization
s into every county , in the State,
ie United States Government
ot "let up'' for a moment. 4ur
fety la JD the stern determlna
the_Government to put a stop to
r •UtrageB.—Pre,9s. .
,e new saw deseribed below is
I f tt
claimed for It by the .7ribune, ft
rates anew era in wood-cutting:
tuber of persons witnessed, last night,
of a new dross cut saw on exhibition. in
, inery department of the American In•
i he saw is the invention of E. M. Boyn
e operatid by two men, and is applics.
• cutting of forest timber. A piece of
timber,, ton inches in cifa Mar, was out
strokes the saw in five seconds. and
cord of woad was cut in 4/ rpinuten. 7
.r of the saist is due to th peculiar con
of the toe 14 which wi h eaoh stroke
• the wood i contrary di ections."
"A it
the trial
the mac
ten. It 1
hie to the
with five
rho pow,
in," said a poor m9l to his 90D,
ade my will to-day. "Ah !"
olin,' "you were liberal to me,
t."Y i es, John, I came down
nee. I've w lied you the whole
Virginia— n make a living In,
r privilege f going elsewhere
~an do bette ."
" Jo
" I've
no dou
Stitto 0
with ti
if you
t and Shott fought a duel. The
Was that they bhanged condi
11Knelt was shot, and Shott was
was better to be Shott than
not. I