The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, November 08, 1871, Image 2

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Mie Agitator.
P. C. VO GELDER. t.ditor and; Proprietor.
W4,ll.4borottgli, "rk
Wednesday, Nov. 8, 1871
--\- - -14r.4 0 141 A -is-140111141- 14) 11014
p until death [ahem it front
tot !,ithikiit to t he apppintment
(2 . L hE
the fief,
her, La
:1 I .„ :tg ro , ted on the 3lttt,
( /41 arced with hseing . funds be-'
11,•ten .Tosephene Mans
tiehi \Ono noting hi :t fidtiviary ctijme
itly for a at lady.
TIo; return of the vote in
I'voinsylvania gluey 111Tandless, Dem.,
2t,',l,;ttU, a nil Stall ton, Rep., 283.999 ; ma
him; Siam •Ws majority 14,490. Barr
had :;,173, and Wheeler 3,01:2.
v he temperance candidates.
F„ t r „ co n v t -atimi, 332,2.31 ; Against a
-I•ooventiosk. %•.2,072. , .; majority for a COll
ell( iOll, 2.(i0,1,i ( i
(ha 1N i l il be interested by the
nuneoncetneut t!iat certain changes in
? Ike .thti management Of The
A v ,,qme I,,i:t6ll•!itnent Lake plat's;
eu the tit's( Ilf Jantia7 next. At that
time, A. F. It.trni:E4, Esq., of Bath, IN.
1 , I. expectod to heeolne the managing joint ' proprietor of the jour
wil, in eonneeti , in with the undersign
ed Mr Blirte.4 t not without expeti-
rued in newspaper management; and
wo trust his ar(ltious labors will be folly
appreciated our numerous readers.
‘A.'O shall, 11-1 - 11elvtolore, have charge of
tht roechabieal and business depart
nit•nts of the office, MO render sonna
;et (\ice in the t:litorial fine. ft will ha
the con,,Mot endeavor of the new firm
1.) make tio• :.ilarc of The Agitator wor
thy of its react, lid to deserve a contin-
U-11Re Of the ,t,eneroussupport the jour- Lai now tvcci‘ e 3 in Tioga county.
Ihr will enter upon the
w Year with a new dress of clear
:4o. type, and Itq make•np will be oo
el,aril..;ed f..-ntler its columns more
attiaelive to all. These material itn
poiVentellbi wilt, 16 is hoped, us
(CI i.:!Verpt , /t3 reading matter, anti at the
flauto titno better • accommodate our
growing adverts patronage.
Wo ask our friends to assist us in ex
tending 'ow . patronage. If cads ono
will speak " rt word in season" to some
treightropr - otrr - ho thereby
strengthened to make other itnprove
ments in hay p tper. „Whatever the el
t,•l t of fro•nds in this behalf, we
)))) lu iI)s) ) e them alt. We intend
..tgih,to, tor IS% shall be. a s•oonti
liel)11 , :Iv, local ncicb?aper, worth
twin:, , i 1,144 t to thq reader.
1 ~ C. VAN (1):1,1)FP.
D1)11111% U. LAW JUDGE.
`,\' ikon is Feud to Late le
, :11 tic tiptionitinent Additional
Judgv, vie•• Judge \VI II i in ,
ri''ignatlon takes play° next De
his appointment will eon
t 'le oni .1 toe next (do - Alin], when, if
r t kk : 14. not in the Mean time re
l., -111. , . twill he supplied at the
hi , X r ‘Vilson is a good law
:, ei \Vt. entertain no doubt of his le
iltialitiestioni to till the oftlee. We
ne,•er did etiter!ain one. We raise no
thetivalitleatirmof any of the
idace. Ouropposit'n to
i- ti..: put upon personal grounds.
Wik,,o is abundantly able to
lotto rite ill/ties of his appointment,
I doubt!,.' Nt ill, with honor to
111111 fl , lO/1(%. to an. •
~+hil.. ne find no fault with the
t c pointnieni, e have complained, and
complain, of the law itself. if
g e ne,(1,:(1, then we will Heartily suss
t a m it ; for i eiieving and knowing it
i.c, oppose it. That is our
thin. \V.; believe it to helhe opinion
ui nine old of t-very ten voters in the
di-trict. They are not penurious, they
arc not niggardly ; they are willing to
pay liberally for any office the public
inn rest demands ; but they are not
II) sustain an office when the rea
t„ii for its creation has passed away,
and it has practically become a sine-
There may have been reason for the
crvatiOn or this office, in the then state
of health of the President Judge of this
dist' i et. The President Judge elect is
abliutiantly able, in health, abilities
and willingness, to perform the whole
duty of the office. Twenty weeks in the
:ear will do it. This being the case,
ti e s ti, we reiterate our former opinion,
thai\the creation or existence of an ad
ditiol office, with the same pay, to
perfortnthe. same duties, is not needed,
is not aske for, is inexpedient and un
just. The p .sent law is against the
wishes of the znkass of the people, and
ought to be repealed, to- end with the
termination of thiappointrnOt. We
:`hall continue to clutiand thi4. It Is
L-ito ply justice, and thtitcau injure no
one. It simply asks for" 1, just , econo
my in the administration ol\affairs, and
no party can safely 'disregard' tt,
The measures inaugurated under t lo
kiiklux bill may not have the etroet (4` i
fj,anto ,, diately restoring order at .t h e
l 4 ontli, hat they are pretty efreetually
. li-provitur the theory that diet e are no
I; Niltix E Inns, or that tho;e are unim
portant in numbers, and mainly ()Tan
lied to ple:lerve rather than 'obvert or . -
, w ,p ens io» of the ,habeas
4.:orpus in a portion - of South Carolina,
with tlw al.reA of a large number'of
Koklux, has caused intense eitement
at the: , outli, with threats of- resistance.
taut Ihe most significant Ttrt of the
dramh, is Iho way in which the action
ui th government stampeded the lead
ing f litiklux. Hundreds of them fled
the state ; other hundreds are ".lying
out,'; vatting fora (quince to ;get clear
without arrest.
The simple truth is—and every intel
ligent man at the South knows it—that
the " Kultlux Klan," ".Order of Pale
Faces," " Invisible Empire," or what
ever name may be adopted by this law
le,,s organizationy comprises the greater
portion of the disbanded rebel army,
which, beaten in open war', resorts to
secret organizatiOn, terrorism and 'mur
der. That is the gist of the matter, and
the government must meet and defeat
this new form of treason, ere there can
be any true peace or freedom at the
• Our iitnly ext'intit . .l,-, arr. ienglity and
, ale:nine:tilt on t his ott,•t ;It Torten( rikatie
o f A oo . l ionn atfaitn, anti perhaps wt
; cannot ?...hAllloor read Is a (dearer idea
of tilt , z•ittottn•t, Ottett . 1.,, , giving a few
leN t rat•t:-• It4lli pa lo - 1,• i• id idea in widely
1 ditl'elehl I.)caliiie-=, ;Ind' , differing in
1 efitirat and politit•ni lt , :t••ti; hut agree-
itII:, ;L , ,t.liilile wen :11 ways agree, on
i i prnvol anti estaldisliett ftl'tH. \VC quote
) f ir ,t fr,n) thk• \Vit-ant,:..dill Chionieln:
\''lt; i.'ll:cry:Tm - tc•• rr - rtfrr.. , - /o:trirlf-; I'n nn
et.nnt , I tt..\d...,h.,.“11.. 1,t10,-- 1";`1,11Ity made' 01 . 1
Cult 111 ItorAltt'., it g•N n (11Ii• Cit Congrees, and
11..4.111i1t , r, r 1,1 Is:1,-1.• 04 • t • t l e
t-tte l et.9 of that
( liitTiAL :o oll• IioPA gL A
Clzbirtter. and
a LIN .11•liog tee', lit 11 , 1 %
Wen. n u nr ti e lo_
itt•7 f ihlf .e:1 , 1 . 4.1". t it I , t i \ 11 , AVrtint Brown.
hot •.111 1 11 .: 'Li' . 1r1• l' . 1 . %•n t') ha ;tale,l that.
or ti.. ....n, C. 1.:‘,..,.. 1.a..1 a :l. • i, ~,fi' j t. ) of f u l t ..phood
in IA: -1.•,. L:: 7.-,,•t•ttt tTh•t 'l3tllllT7, when ho
raid tl,t It. tilt I- , hithinx it Ir•rtnesilee, ho was
.3,11. " 111, 11 i y ;tit 11 X (WWI. including two of
Go\ ettptc 1:: - .)w... t.t.ti..• otpi f4llod senseless-to
th e ear th ,tth ,t heavy p.tit.rk iiut for the ipterr
ferenve of Judge Carey, ho '1,0111 , 1 have sheen
killed. We have mentioned tit' l •tto facts before,
butt filo Tribune contains for th firstfitne an au ,
thehne account of the °Otago.' -
"soon after this attempt to
man for an honest and bold
opinions, Coveruor llrow,n pun
a Mob he repehted Aatemen
know of any 3Cuhlu.: in 'Penne.
Prosser in round terms as a '
skank,' :ra'tifieil the assault nt
up by ea ) tog : ' The fact that
tt.i he it has bees permitted to'
conclusive et idenoe of dev.olun
in this cetutuunit3: -
" A ccosr.t, Oct. 26 --td.
county, South Caroling, where
has been ruspentied, ptate that
made .tad ti,ep.trtiesJodgod
Numh-r.. f non are leavin OA
:4,1.11 . 4,:- 1114' siifferio l d
kind, is tumpoode , l. Ir . ia repot
111 the I.lle of Cliesti
leaving the %lowest and child
In Spartansturg: nod c
pede and sutrring it Vet' tie
and Cociter 4 utiniteib, ant.: it
the.teriar and excitement
The i'rem says :
" now brie from "!
my picture of political
is quite evident that the In ,
thoroughly organized in thatl
cent triumph ernholdens to
erease of lawless outrage and
peeled. Prominent Repuhliaa i
tendon of removing their fain ,
ities, arid those who were then
derons !,ummer at' lifts, belitA
months will tie wrozio thin the
A few of thteotttrages
fol tote'
" Febiti. , r) I —A;1r,2,1 Whi
v,hipped lilt be proulieeti te . r
ticket. ....deg' hie back
' , Ambit! '
4 , February "A. 4— An old 01 4 ,0 1
gutteu, \vas beaten till he mad
44 February 10,4—Jack Dup
tdera of it ftqubllcan club, a
1,e,1 be it of ug SD
the wood •,[anti•heateu tilt 14 01
Tit tteroi.•l in ~LumAn t
' froth ll,reat to 3tra , l4(le,' uLd
end inteatineo.
4 4 Mr Earmnr„ teat:ll4-r et 11
Verdy abippett Lind .Jldfireti tt
' Abr.l,a4n \Vaud)
cher, telten out by titty I.r rig
Aprll I- --Tete Ilortitlefg I
flow ti,dlA) by (Lit ty ifII
liody riddled with tlh) .
" April 4.- -Peier
t,h1,0v.:1 to witnesb) whipp
der It lebee rud, lill he prunii
tun, t,ol<er "
\\'c g l " -. lit""'
Weil illil.:i. 'file iIIISII6
..- '
pioved L . eltete the,:itplt.
mit et= i'N ( el)111 4 to tot”iy
coil merit cannot 14? net,
The Republican part
Ipon itslieces.ision tf.rpo
the govpinioent throng i the most for
niidahi( danger it_ever encountered.—
It Dot only saved the Union, but re
foundation of
iliad only dared
I;ractiee. It has
establiblimi it upon al
olunlity [hut wt. tiefore
tO f,r(!ft*-4, but hot tO
sinee nuirninistyryd the
the Intl- re,t of Penh.,
theta of the most thr
eigti tillestiotH ; anti
the public tleht and a s
tinetion of taxation al
without preveden
These be great aehiev i
of a grPrit_parly, and th
forget it. Some timid s.
eel Idint the Republican
its_Aork and was tlisin
Thp recent elealon
and show not only a
Eitre'ngth, but an inerea
in the ability , and lute
publican pajly to govel
with goPeess, honor all
deed, jt has tt new and
to tto,—to purge its poll
nality and corruption t
x l i
The Democratic part , by frauds the
most startling and eno mous upon the
purity of the ballot bo ,and corruption
in office unparalleled a d unblushing,
gained, and has held for some years,
political possession of t e State of New
York. Tammany. its leading spirit,
ernboluened hy this s e cess, has pro•
claimed its ability,nfte the next Presi
dential election, to dictate its policy
from the White 114? use,
How has it ruled Ne
Legislature of the Stet(
(so called by courtesy;
words and in fact, Mr.'
lature. As a member,
controlling and evil api it; By manip-'
ulating this debauche body, be ob
tained corrupt legislation for the city of
New York, which vita ally placed the
treasury and even the 'oroperty of thal t
great city itt•t i lic mercy of a Cabal, corn
posedof himself and a few satellites.—
They flocked like vu 'Urns to their prey.
Their enormous, forged and repeated
bills for imaginary materials and work
never done, drained theltreasury, which
was again and again fitted by 'repeated
taxation, and the et dlt of the .city
pledged for fabulous at mounts, paid' out
, upon base accounts, y these leeches
Nliose appetites grew
i y what they red
upo4k. They and thar creatures sud
denlyp.ave evidence f great wealth;
they - lftlereil in diem >rid- • t1:-
- - y g--
chased vas.. estates ;
stone and marble mat sions, and rode
in glittering c4rriages ; rioted in luxu
ry, and flu ted 'their agnificence he . -
fore the pudic.,' It pr yoked inquiry.
The pray exposed tli
,proofs of their
akounding c robberles. 'uspicion ripen
ed into certainty. Th .p . i..ess continued
to pour in its daily bro dsiae of figures,
—ghastly proof of the 'prodigious ras
cality at' this Clang of ' hieves. ', Thirty
Millions is thought to he an under' sti
mate ! i t.
The heart of the,gre4 city throbbed:
with indignation at astounding ex
hibit. The idea bf iamp-post justice ,
arose in men's hearts; but better coun
sels prevailed. The 'people met in mass
meeting; * scathink Alebriciation '3aid .
open the black reEbrd: The 'coterie of
criminals thought the r innocence In
jured.! then grew dell lit, Aid talked
bravado. The Citizens Committee of
Seventy was appoint d; injunctions
followed ; , the - rogues' ell out 'among,
themselves,—the foul sirit of corrup ,
tion turned and rent Its If. A N.'York
judge was found who d red to vindicate
the offended law ; and Justice at last
f- lifted her' avenging hat I against the
i b:t red ed - eonapi rat OM ',...= -11 1 ,0 i^i:Nr.fherency
crumbled;—the Ring Was broken L.—
At least so men hoped anti truitto:
Butevitjutia many lives : its results live
long after its eansu . r ilaty . - gone:::! So the
oPganized frattd,of ,tbla;Vlllaityttitijgang
wasibruised—like thege4ent i kbotelied,
but not killed. Evidence of Its power
was immediately felt;_ itcontrolledihe
vention ; Its creatures were placed iff
nomina ion i the better men of the ..
partY , WCi
iiiiWtitTekt,To — lffiiiitibt - /ti- - -;
lied the -Great Mogul-, of Tammany
throivs down the gauntlet to ail his foes
combined. .
But the infamous ebterielmuot:fall ;
the courts are letting daylight into their
dark deeds, from they must not
escape. They have robbed the people'
as they neVer haforeAvere robbed ; 'they
have raised themselv_es ro desperate
light of infamy; Political gamblers,
they have " stacked . and: cut" Legisla
tures, as they a pack of cards;
they have kwiluted the ballot box:, and
trampled.the very: foundations of free
institutions into the mire;, their crimes
are hideous;—their fate - should be as
sigital as theft...offenses have been mon-
Hiroo's. -.
murder a loyal
xpression of 11T
i3lied a card, ii
that bo did not
.sec, abused. Co9l
'arpet-bagger and.
ion hint, winding
'uch a miscreant
remain here, is
to law and order
vices from York
ho habeas corlpus
melds have been
New York, at this writing (Nov. 7,)
votes upon the 'qUestion of the 'ascend
ency or endencliorthis tremendous and
alarming combtnatiqn:of lawle4 rot
tenness. Some o l f the trest men:of the
sane party, shocked at such bestial deg
rafiation, have joined - the ftepublicans
In a o td nail - effort to depose these
Wretches from ppyver., Such. Incarnate
devils must he fought with fire, and all
good men must join in it. Tweed, the
head and front of this offending, arres
tedsand held to'hail in two million dol
tars, (which he easily" furnished,) still
snaps his fingers in - the face of law and
justice. His lev,lty is' disgusting; he
has 9nly the form of Manhood, and but
little of that ; ho has ne. conscience.—
Ho is reported as saying of the Com
mittee of Se.renty, these gentle
men are willing to spend two millions
to my - -one, they may take my boots
off;" which. interpreted, means, " If
these gentlenien-can spend two mill
ions to my one, then rwill go under 0 1
if not, then I Will et:intim:to to rule."
Innepey is - oinntptetelit, then 'xi*
this Entuirandthis milltorts be altrWet 'ecr
regarded.' , Btitart Bribery buy or the
trusted representstiveaof .outraged Jus
tice who are now pressing this gang of
Thieves to disgorgethe people's Money?
We shalt see what,:wa 'shall see'. - Let ,
us await the end trill —hi for the
punishment of he uni
versal ascend( pirdes.
tko county jail.
l o county and their
IBueiness of all
lied that one-half
ler county has left,
en unprotected.—
tnnties the atm
:Liar than in York
impossible to con
that prevails."
, eras give a gide-
Thew declare it
Isible Empires is
State. Their m
otion, and an in
-I.ersecution is ex;
na express an in•
Ilies to other local
luring the mu
e that the next ten
)roved were as
1 chi (colored) was
to tho Democratic
which was badly
ed man, name for
the tame promise.
co (colored) Pres
s dragged from his
en five miles into
WBll near dearl.-x.;
en cat him open
took out his heart
,c v lbred school, se
'? Icavo his school.
le, n colored prea
iy mashed men and
1 r (colored) dragged
'arty Kuklux, and
I :celered; - lest name
with hie nook un
od vote the Do.
Complete Lit
the Legislature.
Below we, present n complete list of
the members eleked,to the nest Legis
lature. The newly_elected,.petito
are mailed with 'a star (*). . Flank D.
.Collins, D., has recelyeLl.tpe certificate
of election hy,the grOisest ; ,frapile, and
we presume hialseat4lll be contested.
lerely as
. speei-
Ir of such eases
•tigating Com
-I►otulreds, and
ila !elphia—Firlt district; Itiibert P. De.
abort, D.; Scoond divtriot, E. W. Dail., R.O;
Third district, David A. Nagle, D.; Fourth • dis
trict, Coo. Connoll,
, inunediately
er, maintained
Chester, Delaware anal Montgomery—Henry
S. Evans, R,; 11, Jones Brooke .
Backs—Jesse W. Knight. D.
Lehigh and Northampton— r -Ediiln, Allbrlght,
Betke—S. Denny Dayli, D.
Schuylkill—Wm. M. Randall, D. • .
Carbon, Monroe, Pike and Wayne—Albert G.
Broadhead, D.
Luzerne Monroe and Pike—F. b. Collins, Di.
Bradford Susquehanna, Wayne and Wyoming
—L. F. Fitch, R,ot
government in
)y the arbitra
atening of for-
I le payment of
t - nultaneous re
-6,. astonishingly
le world's hie-
Cameron, Dl'litan, Putter and Tioga—B. B.
Strang, R. O • "
Lycoming, Union and Sn3d•r--Andrew 8.
Dill, D. •
Northumberland, Mot:dour, Columbia anTSul
livan,—Chas R.
---panphiri:andvLabitiort l2 -:Davld MuMma, R.
Vanbaater--:Esataa. 13illingfelt, R., Jno. B.
Warfel. -
Cumberland - and. Weakley,
meats, worthy
people do not
Olds have fear
party had done
tegrating. Not
I of the so-called
lipato' this fear,
York and Adams— Wm. MoSherry, Da
Somereet, Bedford and Fulton—Hiram Fin
dley, D
Blair, Iluntingdoa, Centre, Mifflin and Perry
Bruno Potrikin, D; David M Crawford, D
Indiana and Westmoreland—Harry White, B.*
Clinton, Cambria, Clearfield and Elk--W A
Wallace, Di"
Ling confidence
tion of the Re
ri the country
integrity. In
nnediate work
ical rival of ve
tat stagger the
Westmoreland, Fayette, and Greene-
Parman, D
Alleghany—Jas. L Graham, R•p Niles El.
Humphreys, R*
Washington and Beaver--Jfie El Rutan, R
' Mercer, Venan go and . Whrren—Rarrison
Allen, R
Crawford and Erie—Goo D. Dolamater, R
11,11, - eans . .. ... 17
Democrats 16
- Philadelphia—First distrftiti Gil Smith, R ;
Second, Geo,M'Clowen, D ;•Tnird, Samuel,Tos
eptis, D ; Fourtb, piaElliott, It;, Fifth, 0 11
Douglerty,' D: Sixth, Charles A 'Porter; R;
Seventh; Howard .Y Potts, R j Eighth, Samuel
Daniels, It; Ninth, Wm. H Dodges, R;
Tenth, Samuel D . Eleventh, J B
Hancock, B; Twelfth, George "W
-Fox, R;
Thirteen, S D Smock, it -- ; Fourteenth, John
Lemon R; Fifteenth, AdartrAlbright; B,; Six
teenth, A D Levering, R ; Seventeenth, G
Griffin, 11; Eighteenth, James N Marks, It
Adams—lsaac Renter, D •
Franklin--Thaddeus M Mahon, it •
I •
, iv York ? The
of New York
) has been, in
Tweed's Legis-
Armstrong—? K Bowman, R
Beaver, Butler and Washington--D M Leath.
erman, W Fleeger, and Wlf Mickey, - ; Dr.
JCseph Lusk, D
Bedford and Fulton—J W Dickerson, D
Berke—John A Conrad,.A T C Keffer and H
H Schwartz, D
Blair—B L Hewitt, R
Bradford—B S Dant and P if Book, R
Bucke- r -Samuel Datrah, D and S C Parson, R
Cambria—Samael Hem, R -
Potter and M'lttiap—Luelas Rogan, R
4rtion and Mentonl4tioltard B Staples', D
1 ` 1 484 2 0 0- 44 10011 0711:4711 Rdirudf;loltn -
Giltlllan i N Whits, II J W Ballast.
fine end Alexander iller, R
Chester—Joseph 0 Irintob,\nnd Levi Pricer, B
Centre—P Gray - Meek, D
Clearfield—John Latta', D
e has set as its
- Clarion and Forest--J B Langan, D
Clinton, Lycoming and Sullivan=A 0 Noyes
and Samuel Wilson ' ID \
Columbia-LOltaaß Broekway,D \
. Crawford-J IL Gray and Wm B Gleason, R
Cumbirland--J Bomberger, It
Dauphin and Perry--Andrew K Black, s l S
Sa:Onkel , and Joseph,Sohuler, R -,
Delaware-Thos V Cooper, It
Erie-Oeorgo W Star and 0 P Rogers, R
. Elk, Cameron and Jeffetiob-A I Wilcox, It
- Fayotto-Samnel H Smith, D
Huntingdon-F. H. Lanai it
Indiana-T rdllullin, It'
Juniata and Mifflin-Geo V Mitohell, D
Lancaster-D K Burkholder, J C Gatohell
and C L Hunsicker, R ,
Lawrence-A P Moore, It
Lebanon-Anthony S Ely, R
Lehigh-Adam • Woolevor and ,Herman Al
Fetter, D
Luzerne-Richard Williams R ' P Quigley'f'
..r. , i ,
•DeLang; and DI, Koons, D
• Montgomery-John J Harvey and Oliver G
Morris, D . , .
Mercer-Nathan Morford, It
Nortlimnpton-Samuel 0 Fabar and C E
Pelsert, D
Northumberland and Montour-Denis lil
Bright, R., I B Hawbaker, Ind.
Pike and Wayne-4 Howard Beach, D
Schuylkill-Wallace Ones, R'; , Chas FKing
and W - . 0 Uhler, D- • . - •
Snyder and Union-? William G Herold,,,R
Susquehanna and Wyoming-Martin Brings,
and E W Heard/Ilse; It v •
`TiogaJ I Allteltell,S: i {.:
,Yertango-'J D M'Jankin; R -
- ' Warren -'-W H Short 3 ll ,
. Westmorelands-Jolur Litte'and A' Greena.
.vtalt,:D ' ~•- : . •,-..0!-- - .• _ D
~ t
York,-Le nel Rom ,and Fonk .TMagee,
GreOne—R A redrawn, 1$ '.
Some - fief-WI( Satinet, R - -
.oey pur-
Ved in brown
Republican itsjcsiity on 'Joint ballot 27.
• Lust year the Reputylleatillid'itz majority in
the: House and only fire majority op joint ballot.
This is a wonderful chinge,mhen we remember
that the Democrats gerrymandered the State to
Ault themselves. ' 1
T.., •
uttlicap. mpAprit,
, ~ ~.Stkerllroo Sales. ...
i 3 •,. •
VVIItTUiroC Wirth rirtltiret Iferi faelat;Lo.
earl Yacias and Venditioni filyipusts. Issued out
of the Court of Common Ph as of Tiega 'county, and to
me directed. I will Mt poi() to public sale,. to the highest
and best bidder, ut the Court House in Wellsboro, on
Monday. the 27th, day of Nov's', IBM at one o'clock
P. If , the followlAg dear . ribed property:, . .
One lot of land hi Biaartiurg on tits west side of the
Williamson read:-1,0%,1i0 2 ill block. NO. , I upon Wisp
of said village, With a the story frame building, known
e l the Academy of Music, al, feet front, and 81 feet
deep, with out buildings 'thereon. To ha sold as the
property of Valetititie Lord, suit of P Nittrower et al.
ALSO—a lot aiand in Clymer tow mad p, bounded o
the north bp A 11 Tiawbridge and Rufus Scott, on the
east by--tiro -Harbor „estate and 81 Ileack; on the
nth brJaili)k . Ttlitina The StroititilfirSetrit2lltinla
on the wot- by. the Sniuttal _Hirer estate rind din ar
Vrowhrldgti,plontaidins 170 nor's more (*less, with
150 'writs trartrotbd; -With and frame house,' 3 frame
barns and apple orchards and other fruit trees thereon.
77615iford'as ffirtir — fifieirty of Patrick Oanitiy,,ot
li RPent. , "enl'
ALSO—a lot 01 labollti Ward township, boupdsd on
the north by lands of 1L Lyons, ou tho east by Juno
Rice, Curtis Cleveland, A Johnson and Daniel Hagar;
on the south by Daub:4.ll4;er and filsneou ; on
the west by Day td Ames, Wm Fletcher and 'lsaac
Smith, containing UT acres moil os less o ahont 80
h les Improved, with frame • barn , log house, frame
o se, apple orchard and other fryit trecis thereon
To be sold as tho property of Leroy Ayres and A S
suit of Pomeroy Brothers.--
ALSO-- a lot of laud In Mansfield on wait sldo of
Williamson road, corner of Wellshoro street and south
side of same, 46 feet on Wllliatasoe street, 80 feet on
Wellehoro street, bounded on the south by 'Pitts A Bro,
On the west by Pitte & Welber, on the Worth by Wells
boro street, and on the east by the Williamson road.—
To he sold as the property of L Cummings, suit of
Murdaugh, Pittia Co; _
ALSO—a lot of tand - id Osceola township, bounded
on the north by the public highway, on the west by
Clark Kimball, on the south by the said Clark Kim
ball, on the east by Hoyt, Tubbs, Fridley & Co., be.
log 25 foot front and 70, feet deep, with a two story
!done store thereon. To be sold as the property of
at A Bulkley; suit of Newton Bulkley.
• ALSO—a lot of land In Osceola townebip, bounded
-on the north by lands of 0 1) Roomy, ou the west by
'Levi Skinner, on the south by lloyt Tubbs and pub
lic or private alloy, on the oast by the public high
way, containing one half acre or thereabonte, all Im
proved, Immo bowie, frame baru, outbuildings and
fruit. trees theroota To be sold as tho property of Coo
W Newman, suit of C D Keener.
ALSO—a lot of land in Chatham township, bounded
on'the north byiands - of Rhonaldo Taylor, on the moat
by David ChurchilLon the south and east by 'wetland
Oscar Westmiller,centainieg 50 acres, 20 acres improi
ed; frame house, frame blacksmith shop, log barn, sp.
t plo orchard and other fruit trees thereon. To be sold
as the propekty Of LeivilL Carr, suit of J 1. Wood and
, r L.. 8400118. • • • . •
ALSO—ta lot of lend in Malnsburg Doro,.bounded
north by Main street, east by Geo Stauffer, south and
west by J B Strong, containing about one Aare, frame
house, frame steam and water Orbit MW, frame *bed,
frame borne stable, but buildings IWO fruit tree there
on; together, with aintilince and dam tattached, bean
dad on the north-east by Goo Stauffer highway, John
Hoe, GI D Maine, Baldwin Parkhurst,Peleg Dond, Seth
Ramsey, Henry and D Dewey and J ll'Austin. on the
south and west by John 13 Strong at al. To be sold as
the property of N ECalkins, snit of Pomeroy Brothers.
' ALSO—a lot of god In Delmar township, bounded
on the north and east by lands of A Gleason, on the
south by lands of Robert Steele, on the west by Win
Harding and A Gleasou, containing two acres more or
less, frame house,: frame barn, oat but/dings, apple
orchard and other fruit trees thereon. To be sold as
the property oil:Marla' Gleason, snit of 0 L Wilcon. .
ALSO—a lotf land In Westfield Borough and town
ship; bounded 'on the north by Franche Mescho and
Peter Edgcomb, on thesouth byCotratteleneriver and
Tall Race to 0 Phillips Saw Mill, and on she east by A
D 7 61db:rand Wm S Colbatti and S DiPhilllps, contain
ing 100 acres, 70 acres improved. Rime house, frame
barn _ outbuildings, apple orchard and other fruit
Also—one house andlot inWesilleld Boiviugb,bottn
ded on the north and west by the Ccoregampa
,u• river,
on th e roam by Main street, and o the sail b y is
4 /Kruben, containing thretafourthit, an lege, frame
:lieges; outbuildings anti fryli Mime ,Ilinfison. To be
sold as the propettrig_BBo Iscifif .
~ Auk eti D [bps
lips for use ofJoel WeNt8111111: • •
ALSO—a lot 01141'4bn Mansfield Hireough, bounded
on the north By Henry Allen, on Se peat by v A Al
len, on tb6 lonb i y'Remieloly ATiantar on-the west
by prospect or St. amessL, being 105 ft. onlismlnary
'Avenue and BO feet on Prospoct or St. JaMes street,
friths tiro story house, out buildings, ornamental and
fruit trees thereon. To be sold as the property of P
Newell and 11 S Maine, suit of Daniel Redneck,
ALSO—a lot of land in Bikini:ld Borough, bounded
on the north , bY the 0 eWaneeque River, on the west
androontli by Jettl'Parkbarst, On this east by the pub
lic highway, containing about tweaneres, all improv
ed, frame house, frame steam tannery, frame shed,
out buildings end fruit trees thereon- Po be sold as
the property of Wing Tabor, butt of Doranee & Dnn.
1 latana, & al. - ~ • ..• •-, , . 1
ALSO—Tho 'following described lots of land In.
Wellsboro : One bounded on the southeast by Pearl
street, sdutharest. by Lincoln street, northwest by lot
-in possession of Jacob Stick/in, and northeast by Jae.
Bluer; being 180,by 190,feet; all linprcnopl;
Also—One bounded on the southeast by, the above
Mescribed lot, southwest. by Lincoln street; northwest
by Main street, and northeast by John Riser; being
160 feet on Main street. and 60 feet on Lincoln street,
with a two story frame dwelling house, a three" story
frame cabinet and chair manufactory operated by
steam power, outbuildings and fruit trees thereon; all
improved ;
Atso.:-Onelot.nAnnded on the north by ti private
alley and Samuel Herzog and other*, east by the pub
lic highway, south' bYAnn Strait and and west
by John Buehler; Containing 1 . % acres, all Improved,
w ith a frame house, frame bare, outbuildings, and
apple and other fruit trees thereon;
Also—One lot bounded on the north by David Peak,
Johu Fishier and John Dengel, east by Ann Strait,
eolith by Robert Kelsey, and - welt by jobb Dengel ;
containing 2M acres, more or less, all improved, with
apple and otbrr fruit tree, theretin; , •
Ateo—One lot boa ided . on the north by a private
alley and Samuel Ilosti•g, on - the easel* Simon Flans,
south by Ann Strait, end west by . David Peak* con
taining half an nerd, more'or less, with frame ' house
and fruit trees thereon, To be sold as the property of
J S Sticklin, John Buehler and Shion •B/aire suit of
'Charles Ebereni for use of Robert Campbell. 7 '
ALSO—A lot of land In Brookfield township; 'boun
ded on the north by the State line, treat be Lester
Fisk, south by the public highway; and east by lands
nrgur.ahetla Oilky; containing six acres, alt improved,
with fruit trees thereon. To be sold as the property
of William G. Gilky, snit of E. P. Murdoch, for • lase of
Byron Sanford. , - -
ALSO.-4 lot o f land in Wellsbote; bounded north
westerly by Main etrect, northeasterly by lands of 'B'
T Van Horn, southeasterly by Pearl street, end &oath-.
westerly by land In • possession of A B Eastman; con
taining one-third of, an acre,, more or lees, alllroprovect,
with a two story house, occupied and Used as a board
lig and dwelling house, frame bard outbuildings and
fruit trees thereon. To be sold as the property of
David Hart, suit 'of D. 0 .. Stevens.
oted to
ALSO—A lot of land in Westfield township; boun.
dod on the west ,by the' west line of 'Doge county, on
the north by tenth; of John Little, cast by lan of
Stephen Potter Jr., and *oath by lands of Stephen
Potter, Jr.; containing two acme, alt improved„ with
frame water law mill, two board shanties and one slab
shanty thereon, together with a right of way across
said Stephen 'Potter's lands for mill race to.eald mill.
TO be sold as thevropeitr of L. E. Antler, snits at
H. E. Hand 'and -;
-A A
ALSO—A lot'of land in Covington fc*nsbip ; kiwi, :
dad ': . rt thd north by the highway leading' frOne Cov
ington to Frost settlement, west by lands' of Edwin
Satterly, and south and east by the estate Of 13 II Ger
oulds ; contaluilocthree-fourths of an acre, wtth a
two story frame house, outbuildings and fruit trees
thereon. To be sold as the property of James L. Kilt,
spit of Simon Green.
ALSO—A. let'of land In iiiiktand borough; bounded
On the north,by.the'COwaneatine river, West studnth
by Joel Parkhurst; and east' by, the public high ay ;
containiftg about two acres ; all improved; with ft me
house, frame pteem Winery, frame shed,- outbpil up
aj ,
and frult•tritei thereon,' To be Sold as the property of
Wing Tebor,lmlts or Dorrance&Dunbu r John Dark
' habit & Co.,,Johu Parkharet, I' .A.l3aster, , 0 5- Harri
son , Joel 0. Parkhurst, Robertffrtver sad 3 W Shoff.
ALBo.—Aqot of laud in the, borough: of-Manillelit
boanded en the north by. Henry Allen,
_saw by p A
Allen, *oath by fierabiary larenne, and. Wart - by 'Pro*.
pact or St. James street; being 105 feet Ott k Bomb:airy
avenue and 80 feet on Prospect or . .fit James street,
with a two story ftafne bum. ontbuifflitip, iiindoitav,
mental and fruit trees thereon.. To bi Sold ise , the pro-,
pert, of P. Newell, lath of Daniel Ear took and Chas
P Veit. ': . - ,
We are now receiving onx
Secondt SiWik
Fall and Winter
\ ,
\ \
•Q S 9
' and are ' eelling them at their ueual
; \
.4...1(19VW \\PLEArtegg.
- -
Just call' and see what e l good assortment we .
Nov. 08t1.
Applications for Charters.
ivoiToE Is hereby given - , thni.tbe,, following
applications for °barters of inoorporation
Name been' filed in my Moe, sn&wilLt tre preinit•
teA to the Court of Common Pleas 'of 'flog&
conntyjMonday, November 27,18 n :
Application ofJohn 'M. Barden, Samuel .W.
Shermat;t3teptetk H. Woid, and •otberi, under
the name of. the , " Baptist Church of ,Rutland."
JOHN r. potrAtipsps, Tercey
troy 8, ' 1871' , .
E. A. FISH, Sheriff.
• •
If you Irant - to goo a mica asdortwent of
Fall & Winter Goods
'irOG A, PA
If you want Dress Goods of all kinds,
call at •BALI)WIN'S Shanty
If you, want Bl'k Alpaca, call for the
Grand Dutchess, .
at BALDWIN'S Shanty.
If you want an Ottoman Shawl,
dill at BALDWIN'S Shanty.
If yon want Ladies (V - Gents' under
call at BALDWIN'S S4anty.
If you want notions and titnmings,
call at BALDWIN'S Shanty.
If you want Furs,
call at BALDWIN'S Shanty.
If 37 . ( in want knit G'QQAtii;
• call _at __BA.LXY.W . I'S ',Shanty,
If you want Hittd and 0413,'
. call at 'BALDWIN'S Shanty.
If you want:Boots and Shoos; , ),'
call at 13 ALpW IN'S Shanty.
If you want-a--set
call, at BALIiIV,IN'g Sharity.
If you:want good - Teas and Groeer.
iea fresh, -
call at BALDWIN'S Shanty.
If I you want a ready made suit of
call at BALDWIN'S Shanty.
If you want a suit of Clothes leave
your measure
at BALDWIN'S Shanty.
If you want Over Coate,
.i . 0314034441*61%8hanii:
p*rou.,want Bliffalcritobes,
call at RAIDWIN'S,Shanty.
If you want prices that cant be beat,
call at tiALtoWIN'S Shanty.
Thats whats- the Matter.
We are anxious to sell these goods
before we leave the Shanty.
T. L. 13ALT)WipT
Nov :1,1871.
AGENTS WANTED I f ; l o i r i th u e g fa a s t n ee t t
moat popular book—with , 60 Illustrations, likenesses
of all the Presidents—beautifully bound, and printed
on tinted paper.
Its Rulers and Institutions.
Itothing like It. Strikes everybody as Just the book
they need. It Is an Eneyeloptedia of the Government.
Single pages !alit, arc of themselves worth the price
of the book. Over 600 pages and only $2,60. A Rid
Harvest for Cenvassors--ladies and gentlemen— far
mers, teachers and atudente. One agent took 76 orders
r2 f ra d d a arcl u n i t e c t r fe ul" a r alone
l i o n n flartreertr the boo k
a line ral ai
ones for Circular. and information. NEW WORLD
PUBLISHING CO.. Cor. 7th and Market Eitreote,Phll
adalphis.—Noir 111371-ly
For a Book that will Sell.
This is an originaVintereeting,Und instructiie work
foil of rare fun and humor, being an account of tke
triclui and feats', with laughable incidents and adren•
tures as &Magician, Necromancy, and Ventriloquist.
Illuetrattod With
16 Full Page Engravings.
kesidesthe'Antkor's PUrtralt on eteel, and numerous
small ants.
''She volume 1s free from any oh,lectionable matter
being high-toned and moral In its cbaractar, and will
be read with deep Interest, both by old and young. It
gives the moat graphio and thrilling accounts of the
effects of his wonderful feats and magical tricks, camo
ing the most uncontrollable merriment and laughter.
Circulars, Terms, &c, with full information Bent
free on application to
• Oct. 18, 1811.-dm
s: No - lice.
AOTWE is hereb given'that the Executors
and Adminis store named below have
flied their accounts the Register's office for
Tio4s - enunty ; and that said acdhunts will be
presentedlo the Orphans' Court for said county,
ate session of said court to be held at Wellsbo
won Monday. the 27th day of November, 1871,
at 2 0/eleek. P.M., , for. alleWance and confirms+
Aimount of Dyer • Limbo and D. 0.. Madison,
Administrators of the estate of Rath Lincoln,
late of Lawrence township, deceased. •
. Account of John L Mitchell, Executor of the
last will and testament of Edsell Mitchell, late
of Middlebury, township, deceased.
%Partial account of li:retitle% Executor of the
last will and testament of Cornelius Vandyke,
late of Chatham township, deceased.
D. L. DEANE, Register.
Wellsboro, Oct 28,1871 ov 1 4w
Office at We!Moro,
Win. Eager.
401u 4bit ee l lre i r7 ItY:
'Mud Brening.l • -
Wain Edward Bo 6 4
Jgines •
Wm: Boaz; •
aciaPh crooks; • •
P. Omar,
CB.rk, Clark,
U la
Freak Dlatenkopper,
Prink Delano,
Nelson Davie,
Allen Eddy,
Junes Faasell,
Julia Fishier, •
Florence Furman,
In calling for any of t
•irerticed. G.
i. TION. ' Whereas, the Ron. Robert G, White
President Judge for the 4th Judicialistriot
of Pennsylvania, and R. T. Bently an C. F.
Veil, Esq's, Associate Judges in Tioga onnty,
have leaned their precept, bearing date e 7th
day of Nov. 1871, and to me directed, , or the
holding of Orphan's Court, Court of Cflinimon
'Pleas, General Quarter Session's arid Oyer and
Terminer, at Wellsboro, for the County of Tioga,,
on the 4th Monday of Nov's, (being, t he 2 7th,
day,) 1871, and to continue two *wake:
Notice is therefore hereby, given,,to the Coro
ner, Justices of the Peace, and Constables in and
for thircounty of Tioga, to appear in their own
proper persons, with their records, inquisititins,
•examinations and remembrances,
to do those
things which of their offices and in their behalf
appertain io be tone, and all witnesses and oth
er persons prosecuting in behalf of the Common.
"wealth against Any person 'or persons, are re- I I
quired to be then and there attending, .and not.
to depart at their peril. Jurors are requested to
be pattetnal4n - their ettendaneelittbaiappointeds
timei agreeably to notice., ,
Given under my' hand lind seal 'Retie Sheriff's ' l
office, in .Wellaboro, -the 6th day of Nov.
inithe Yalu. of our Lord one thousand eight'
hundred and seventy-one.
E. A. FISH, Sheriff.
F2.0P1 the subscriber in Picketing, on
sudsy tbp,litth of Cctober 11811, tbreebead
Of cattle tlescribed -, as follows,,, vis., Slap;
year old heifer, red, line back, some white on
belly and eyes • one yoke of yearling steers, one
roan steer, an d red steer. Any person giv
ing information where these cattle can ba found,
will be liberally paid. Birs..B. HALLBNBEC
Mansfield, or A. B. mcooruggix,Easi Charles
ton. Nov. 8,1871.102 w;
711 Satusom St. Pholads
remaining In the Poet
November 1,1871..
Patriek Garton,
Pattiek Gleason,
raut Solt d,
TVs Itrat z46— '
John Leonard.
Addle Hellion,
A. 0. Steen,
C. H. Rifenbery,
A. Rapelee,
Robert Richttrdeon,
Robepea Rbanoc,
Mae.' regnlesn,
Resolto Warding,
o above, please flay Ad
liew.Millinery Goods!.
MRS. C. P. OMR, has just reoelved a large
jn:'and fashionable assortment of
Fancy,.Goods, Parasols, Gloves,
which she is soolling • t very low , prices. Drop
In and sea the new go
;Oct. 11, 1871—tf.
A. -C. WINTERS, A. M., Principal.
Mrs. S. HART, Procoptrese.
T. 11. EDWARDS, B. B.
B. C. WHEELER, B. E. '
Miss H. I. DARTT,-111. E.
CHAS. 0. THOMPSON, Prof. of Drawing
Miss 11. W. TODD, Inst. and Vocal Music.
(Free to nil residents of the Borough.)
Common Engllah $5,00. Higher $7,00
French, German, Latin, Each, $l,OO.
Italian, $2,00, Instrumental Mu5i0,...510,00.
Dratkipg,in elastics, $3,00, private,,oo.
Oilp.pintindi r ....... ' ' " $lO,OO.
Fall term opens September 11, 1871.
.1140. I. MITCHELL, Seo'y.
Welisboro Aug. 16, 1871.
Lecture. Course---1871-'72..•
THE following lecturers have been engaged
for the normal° Lecture Course for the en
suing season:
GEbltillt WILLIAM CURTIS Peb.l2. 1872.
7. ANNA E. DIOKINSON March 4,1872.
J. H. BOBARD, See'37.
Sept 27, 1871 tf Managers,
BOUT 110 acres of land Intown as t h e Wm.
11. );C. Pdltobill farm atllltotiolrs °reek, 'ho
p Co.,'Pa4 with three dwelling houses, atiteam
Sim Mill and Barns and other buildings—one
of the best locations for a lumbering or other
manufacturing establishment on the Tioga Rail
road. \ •
Also, adjoining a lot of about 185 acres, a
bout 30 acr e s in pasture. Would make a good
farm—timber, enough on it for fuel, lumber,
posts,Ao., to pay for it.
Also about 750 acres of timber lands with
some improvements, about a mile east of the
above described lands—valuable or Hemlock
Bark, timber and farming lands.
'Also two lots of land'of one sore each, situs
ted at Hollidaytown, in the towns pof Middle
'bury—on which there is a store, b rn, do.
- Those desiring to purchase en ire of Mrs.
.Jane Mitchell on the premises t Mitchell's
Creek. 'C. 11. B YMOUR;
October 18, 1871.-0. Tioga, Pa.
Gen'l Insurance Agency
Life, Fire, and Accidental.
Assets over 24,000,000.
Ins. Co. of North A morica, Pa $3,050,535 60
Frank/in Firelns. Co. of Phi's, Pa, 3,087,452 35
Republic Ins. Co. of N. Y., Capital, $750,000
Andes Inc Co. of Cincinnati, " $1,000.000
Niagara Fire Ins. Co .o f N. Y 1,000,000
Farmers Mut. Fire Ins. Co., York, Pa. 909,889 15
Phamix Mut. Life Ins. Co. of Hart
ford, Conn 5,081,970 50
Ponn'a'Cattlo Ins. Co. of Pottsville. 600,000 00
-$24,228,847 84
Insurance promptly effected by mail or other
wise, tin - all kind of Property. losses
promptly, adjusted and paid. Live stock infirm.
ed against death, fire or theft.
I am also agent for the Andes Fire Ins. Co
of Cincinnati: - Capital, $1,500,000.
All communications ptciniPtly attendedjo
Office on ,Mill Street, 2d door from Main at .
Knoxville, - Pa. WM. B.
Aprll2s, 1871—tf. Agent.
. , Dole'. sUBSO IBE
until yon gee a opy of
The best Family Paper in icy
The Fin cat Engravings,
The beet Original Sepriee,
The most carefully selected matt e r ,
The chcapcat and finest priiitccC
And offering the Largest and Finest
TATION CEROMO to every Subse
lished monthly at
One Dollar and Fifty Cents
a year; and the Chromo could not be purohised
ists,that amount; •
We return - to the OLD PASHION.ED PLAN
of Yearly Subscriptions,- because Pa can thus
spend the maim - int usually paid to News Age:tits,
in adding to the and elegance of our pa
It COSTS ?Ili sunscatneas Lass aid they got
a more valuable paper.
Other publishers say we' can't afford it. We
say wo do afford it, ,aud shall eoutinue to, .until
.we have the largest - iubscriptiOn list in thelroun
try. Then we shell.stop and increase our price
for the paper atone. ' ' -
Send ton 'cents for satnple copy, beforerlon
subscribe for any other paper. Addreld
26 Allen St , Buffalo, N. Y.
AGENTS WANTED ( Ladies 'preferred) in
every city, town and village in the United States
ansl_Canadaa, and liberal terms aro offered.
ov 1,1871.-2 m
Mra. C. P. SMITH.
' 4 3ei
o 0
, E
cP . s t
P• El k
P-4 413
5t2 . 4 PA .0 - -44
pal W 1 D..
H o
P-1 '0
fiber:. Pub
$10,600 i -orth
- f sale cheap at] 4A
Boots and Shoe
A full line uf
Flannels, Blankets and Rob
A fall line of new and desirable styles of
Dress Goods Departm
- •
` will
be found very attractive, as it comprises many nem
ble styles of Goods at &ices that cannot fail to suit.
The public are invited . to call anti gxaniinQ my stet
Wellsboro, Oet., 18, 1871.
1"JOw C/rooclos art T_JoN7‘r
J. A. Parsons
Dry Goods, Boots it S
Heavy Sheeting% 10, 11, and 12i.
New Prints 6i, 10; 12i.
Bleached M uslin, fine, 12si„- 16, 18, 20.
- flannels, all kinds at less than value
Cloths and Caashneroa, •
Handsome Dress G00d5,25 and 310.
New Satteena, extra graNty, 75c.
Blaelr Alpaca 31, 37-1, 44, 500.
Hoop; Skirts and Corsets, cheaper than ever.
Waterproofs, all I Styles,
Shawls, in Great Va
Men's 2-Sole and Tap Fine Kip Boots,
Tap Sole,' A. H. Calf Boots, -
‘.‘ Tap Sole French Calf Boots, -
l a 2-Sole and Tap French Kip Boots,"
Boy ' half Double Sole Kip Boots, -
" 2-Sple and Tap Fine Kip Boots,
Youtn . Kip Boots, - - • _ ,
This Entire Line
Women's Calf Vi_utip, Balmoral 'Shoes, -
Vamp Polish Sho
Mimes land. Childr 1. 'a Work equally elrea l
j Our °nitro line of LADIES'
We haw an immense stick of our regular makes, and exert ours
'growing: -= We do not Intend i telake - the black track a t
, this late day, b
do as we advertise in all oases, making no - olaims that we cannot carry
Ooh 18, /891.
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